WW (Weight Watchers)

WW (Weight Watchers)

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 7.5.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Weight Watchers International, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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WW (Weight Watchers) App

With the updated WW app, you’ll have access to our easy-to-use food and fitness tracker, thousands of delicious recipes, and the support you need to lose weight and build healthy habits for life. FOOD & FITNESS TRACKING Easily track what you eat by using the Barcode Scanner or searching our database of over 250,000 foods. Backed by nutritional science, the SmartPoints® system will help guide you toward a healthier diet which may include more fruits, vegetables, and protein. Monitor your fitness goals with the activity tracker. We’ll show you how to sync your fitness device (including Apple Health) and covert your daily moves into FitPoints®, our measurement for activity. RECIPES With over 4,000 Weight Watchers recipes, deciding what to eat is easy. Browse by selecting categories such as “Quick & Easy” to find delicious meals to satisfy any taste. Build and save dishes you love, to make staying on track even more simple. COMMUNITY Get your daily dose of inspiration and support on the WW members-only social network, Connect. It is filled with people like you from around the world, all working toward becoming their best selves. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS If you choose a Weight Watchers Online subscription in the app, you will be charged through your iTunes account. For auto-renewing subscription plans, your iTunes account will be charged at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, at the previously selected rate. Your payment will continue to automatically renew unless you turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours prior to your next renewal date. Your Weight Watchers Online subscription can be managed or cancelled in your Apple ID Account Settings. The auto-renewing subscription plan is billed monthly and gives you access to our Weight Watchers Online subscription. For non-renewing subscription plans, your iTunes account will be charged once at the time of purchase. The non-renewing subscription plan gives you access to our Weight Watchers Online subscription for 1 year. The Weight Watchers Online subscription includes our food tracking feature, 24/7 online chat support, access to our online community and more. Privacy Policy: https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/privacy/policy Terms of Service: https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/termsandconditions/onlineplus-coaching

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WW (Weight Watchers) app reviews

  • Bad app and the program isn’t that great 1/5

    By RosieKyhula
    I had so much trouble with this app and the company. Very difficult to work with and I ultimately gave up then they wouldn’t give my account a credit. I cancelled and will never go back. The program really isn’t that great anyhow. Funny how there are no recent reviews...
  • Water 4/5

    By GoBayern!!!
    Why isn’t there a way to track glasses of water? An easy tap a water drop icon ever time you drink so you can make sure you are meeting that goal !!
  • Love it 5/5

    By ghood1960
    Great app,,,
  • Love love this app 5/5

    By holdnon02
    I’m addicted to this app. I scan everything. I’ve put more food back after it tells me how many points and not healthy. Love love it!!
  • Makes tracking super easy! 4/5

    By RevHiD
    Would give it 5 stars if it had complications for the info graph watch faces on my Apple Watch. It also makes me login on my phone occasionally which sort of defeats the purpose of a Watch app.
  • Paid and doesn’t work 1/5

    By Sofia the Dancer
    I renewed my membership through the App Store and the app states I don’t have a membership even though the money came out. Can’t get any help from calling customer service. This company is big enough it should have better customer service.
  • Logging in 1/5

    By cashous320
    Had an existing login, signed up for a monthly plan that processed but every time I login it still says I don’t have an active plan even though there is a monthly charge on my bank statement.. please help
  • Sync with Apple Health 1/5

    By Marcwpa1911
    Apple health will not sync with iPhone XR. I tried to find instructions on the website but they are old and don’t match the current version of the WW app.
  • Restaurant filtering 4/5

    By TayOR02
    Would be nice if in the restaurant points portions you could sort by low to high.
  • Nope 1/5

    By Shoultz2016
    Nothing but “connection errors” when trying to view recipes. Just signed up today but now I have to go through hoops to cancel this $20 a month useless app.
  • Cancellation. 5/5

    By Karenistark
    I’ve tried to cancel this subscription twice and I’m still being charged. Please stop drafting my account.
  • It needs more 2/5

    By m45jak61
    I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to log the exercise I’ve done. I realize every exercise can’t be listed so can you add a write-in blank or add something general like : light exercise-non aerobic , and moderate exercise, aerobic
  • Miss the old everything about Weight Watchers 1/5

    By Bronx bird
    Let’s start with the stuff you can fix...both my wife and I have WW memberships. I took the time to put all of our recipes in Weight Watchers when I was a member years ago. The fact that I cannot share my recipes with her is totally mind boggling and frankly very annoying. You want us to work with others. That would be an easy way to do so. Now the stuff you can’t fix, this new system is horrible. I lost 25 pounds and kept it off until I stopped paying and stopped tracking under Points Plus. Points Plus allowed me to eat as I wished and was successful in keeping the weight off. This new system is way too restrictive. We, as members, should have an option of which system. Points Plus worked for me and I enjoyed the experience. I have not enjoyed this so far and may bail out fairly quickly as I am not happy.
  • I paid for a subscription but it’s not taking it 1/5

    By Megan5451
    So I signed up for my subscription through Apple Pay it took it from my bank account, it says I’m subscribed but In the app it says I don’t have a subscription...so what now I’m out $20???? Is there like a number I can call? I was really looking forward to trying it but now I’m going to cancel and call my bank....update I found a number and called they have no payment in there end and asked me to call back tomorrow however I have proof that it took it out of my bank I have proof that it says I have an active subscription through my Apple Pay...guess I’ll have to call my bank and get my money back...I was really looking forward to giving this a try but now I just think I am getting scammed...poor customer service I just wanted to know why it’s saying that and tech support told me they don’t know and I can pay for it again...$40 yeah no thanks
  • App review 3/5

    By BTinBln
    Please update app so that when I open it, the app automatically refreshes to the current day. I cannot day how many mornings I’ve opened the app, start tracking my breakfast only to find that it was applied to the previous day 🙁☹️
  • Update is awful 1/5

    By pianogeekfromky
    Ever since they have went to the 6.0 version I have actually gained weight. In addition the new 2.0 fit points is even worse. If there was anyway I could turn this back and use the previous version I would do so. I did so much better with it. I wish weight watchers would quit messing around with their product and stick to something.
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    Yea just try to stop the auto pay not easy
  • Slow & Buggy 1/5

    By cmh_2018
    This app is VERY slow and buggy at times. It makes simple things like tracking and searching for things difficult as a result. Those are key to this program and it -should- be easy. Love WW and I’ve had success with it but the app is a pain in its current state.
  • Beware 1/5

    By nineplusthree
    No matter how long you sign up, they will keep billing you!
  • Needs to default to generic food 2/5

    By Terryfic3d
    I made a bunch of turkey broth but when I type it in to track it, I only get canned broths and the like. How much space does one entry “turkey broth” at the top take? I wonder if Trader Joe’s is paying for product placement. This is one reason I’m turned off from tracking.
  • help 3/5

    By 💜Blu
    I understand what people are saying. I am stuck in a WW apt that has to do with recipes, exercises, and couches. It tells me to join or checkout the continuing interesting things about this thing they want u to join. I can’t get out of it. I can’t get back to where I track food. I even downloaded the WW apt again but when it was downloaded it went right back to joining this whatever. I have tried everything. I did not finish logging my points last night and nothing today. I called support but no resolutions. If I can’t get out of this i am quitting WW and joining something else. Also tried turning my phone completely off but did not help.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By BBmoviegoers
    Call one #, they want you to call another #. Call that #, they want you to call the first one you called. Get a process for helping your customers! I have called customer service a total of 27 times. I joined 5 days ago. Sometimes you get a person, sometimes they just hang up. The customer service rep is unable to communicate in English so I'm guessing you are outsourcing your call center. The app worked a total of 1 day. WW is a huge corporation, no reason for this kind of incompetence. Get some people who know how to fix your app & understand software.
  • Bugs 3/5

    By av8rtango
    App works with everything except my Fitbit. Since the latest update, I keep having to disconnect and reconnect my Fitbit with the app in order for it to sync with my Fitbit. This is getting annoying! Please fix it.
  • Missing One Feature 5/5

    By Merberrie
    The WW app is so close to perfection but it’s missing one thing- a section for tracking water intake! Definitely a feature I’d love to see.
  • Requirement to log in every time I open ap! 1/5

    I have had to log in every time I open the ap. I’ve emailed you for assistance and haven’t heard any response.
  • Mostly user friendly 4/5

    By Adamsfam18
    I like the App except for the way to enter food and not being able to edit it more. Example some servings are too large there’s no way to enter half a serving. Also no way to enter multiple servings, you have to enter it twice etc. There’s no way to adjust the recipe if I add or subtract items that effects the points. This would make it more user friendly instead of having to find work arounds. Also sometimes the App loses connectivity but my internet is working so it’s the App. Otherwise I love this system and it’s working so far for me! Thanks
  • Extremely limited 1/5

    By Geronomo III
    Nice app but worthless as the food choices are extremely limited. This coupled with the exorbitant cost / fees renders this app as nothing more than a worthless rip-off. Suffice it to say it has been deleted and my subscription cancelled!
  • Fail recognition 1/5

    By matheusgedeon
    The app doesn’t not recognize my either my username or my email. I can’t have access
  • App doesn’t even work for me. 1/5

    By Kastendike
    Super unimpressed. The app continues to give me a “oops something went wrong” message when I attempt to enter in foods. And then 2 out of the 3 customer service agents hung up on me!
  • Your connection better be AMAZING 3/5

    I think it’s ridiculous that this has been designed for “on the go” yet if I’m not in an INCREDIBLE service spot the App completely craps out. For something that’s meant to give freedom and options it feels pretty silly. Makes shopping pretty hard.
  • WW APP 3/5

    By Lsestabrooke
    Love the program...... dislike the app. Trying to track weight is impossible, it crashes every time. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE and you will get 5 stars 😉
  • DONT USE 1/5

    By sheellymendoza1
    They make you pay for something you don’t want not even allow you to have a trial . They have their own REFUND policy you can have your money back within 5 days and they tell you they can’t refund money !!!!
  • Very nice and keeps improving 5/5

    By kuens018
    Very nice and keeps improving with new features
  • No “international” here 1/5

    By Teleurgesteld78
    I am unable to log in with my German WW account. German tech support says I should switch the region and language on my phone. This is not a solution for me because I have a US phone and iTunes account and don’t want to change it to German. I’m able to log in on my Android device (app is English, recipes and Community are in German), and it’s great to be able to use it localized. Please update the iOS version to work internationally.
  • Great app…needs some work! 3/5

    By Cathod11
    First of all, I LOVE the WW program!! Having used free apps that are similar, this one needs some work! The scan feature is great! In fact that is the ONLY way to find foods sometimes. I can type in the exact title of a food and it doesn’t find it, but it shows up if I scan it. I wish you could see the entire name of a food, also. For example, it will say “On the Border Mexican Grill and Cantina Chicken Fajita Salad (no dr...)” So…just no dressing or is it no dressing, shell or cheese…🤷🏽‍♀️ Even when you click the item it doesn’t tell you!! That seems like it would be easy to fix :) I also wish I could search foods other people have created (they only show up if you scan an item…). Also an easy fix. An option to share created recipes with friends would be great! AND…if there were a multi add feature when tracking food…that would be fantastic!
  • Planner 2/5

    By MicheleFredrickson
    App should incorporate a meal planner and grocery list. It is so inconvenient to have to use a separate app for this. Especially because WW doesn’t cooperate with the planning apps, and the recipes have to be manually entered. It can’t be that hard, there are tons of other apps with menu and grocery planners. Partner with one of them!
  • Doesn’t stay open 2/5

    By bydesignmn
    If I accidentally close the app, I have to go to the App Store, search for it, then open it again. The icon isn’t on my iPhone.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Smileyshelby
    Cannot use app without signing up and paying for a subscription. Don’t bother downloading.
  • Waste of money and time 1/5

    By eureka76
    I followed WW to the letter but GAINED 5 lbs!!! Was hungry ALL THE TIME!
  • Problem with my connection. 1/5

    By kam.pearson
    The app isn’t working for my phone. It keeps popping up saying that there is a problem with my connection. Nothing will load and I can’t search for anything. Please help me fix this, I want to be able to use my subscription. I’ve already logged in and out and turned it off and on and erased and reinstalled it.
  • WW IS AWESOME!!!! 5/5

    By Libby530
    I’m 14 years old and I’ve lost 15 pounds on ww! I started January 2018. I lovvvveeee everything about it. It’s so welcoming and so enjoying. I love their recipes and connect. Everyone on connect is inviting and so incredibly nice. I’ve hit my goal and now I am just focusing on maintaining and building strength.
  • OK, could be better. 3/5

    By Bowlingfam
    It’s a bit clunky. It’d be nice if there was a water and vitamin tracker too. Like the scanning option and sync with fitness tracker.
  • Love But Needs more info 3/5

    By MistyDE
    I do love the app however I think they need to upgrade the nutritional information part. They need to include any ADDED sugar grams and if any other sugars were used. Example Erythritol. I know the name change is no longer Weight Watchers but Wellness that Works (or Wins). Some of us have medical needs that need to calculate the added sugars in foods. Without it being listed in your nutritional value would be very helpful. Also some people don’t need to lose weight but want to have a healthy lifestyle. In that case they still could track points to either help them maintain or possibly gain weight if they so choose. With more nutritional values that are posted in the app would help everyone. Please consider this in your next update to the app, it would be much much appreciated. 1/12/19
  • Lost over 50lbs...WAY BETTER than Noom. 5/5

    By Tommyish
    After losing over 50lbs and maintaining it while still being able to enjoy food, it’s fair to say this program works. I had tried Noom and thought it was kinda a joke especially their “coaching” component. Noom wasn’t worth the cost. WW is worth every penny.
  • Apple Fitness Sync Issues 3/5

    By Crashpunk
    I love the app in general, but for some reason, it’s not pulling ANY of the data about workouts from Apple Health. It pulls steps, but I do Peloton workouts and use the Wahoo Fitness app to track cadence, but none of that data is reflected in my activity in the WW app. Fix this and it’s easily 5 stars.
  • Latest update 1/5

    By adhsaa
    Weight tracker will not work at all. Have deleted / reinstalled several times. VERY FRUSTRATED!!!! App is useless if we cannot track our weight. 😤😤😤😤😤
  • App should be more user friendly! 1/5

    By Flutered
    I have been very frustrated with this app. It needs to be more friendly user. When my 3 months subscription is up I will be cancelling!
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By jds0581
    While the app it’s self works mostly right and can help you to count and stick to the weight watchers program, the worst part is when you no longer want to subscribe. I have tried 3 times to cancel my account and finally asked to speak to a supervisor. Guess what after 3 phone calls I still have never spoke to one, I don’t even think they had them I was either hung up on or transferred to a full mailbox. It was ridiculous and I will never do business with them again because after all this why would I?
  • Improvements would be helpful 4/5

    By Carly8826
    It would be really helpful if this app could take all of the nutrition facts from the foods we track & put them in to some sort of chart or graph. If this were possible it would be easier to see our trends when we gain/lose/maintain so we are able to more easily identify where we need to make changes. Just a thought.

WW (Weight Watchers) app comments

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