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WW / WeightWatchers

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WW / WeightWatchers App

WeightWatchers® is for people who want more from weight loss. We’re for eating what you love with the people you love. We’re for keeping the fun and losing the weight. We’re for happy hours and healthy habits. We’re for weight loss that lasts. Ranked the #1 best diet for weight loss 12 years in a row by U.S. News & World Report, we've updated our program to make it easier to follow and find success. Lose weight and keep it off with the science, support, simplicity, and sustainability of our award-winning program. Our customized plans are like a nutritionist in your pocket. Unlike some other weight-loss programs, we take a beyond-calorie approach, guiding you toward the most nutritious foods and healthier patterns of eating. How WeightWatchers Works Quick fixes don’t last. WeightWatchers does. Our nutrition and behavior change experts have designed a program that ensures: Nutrition with no guesswork. We take into account a food’s complex nutritional data—like calories, added sugars, fiber, and protein, as well as saturated fats vs. unsaturated fats—to create a single number: the Points® value. ⁣ Total livability. When you sign up, you’ll get a customized nutrition plan, which includes a number of Points to spend (and track) each day. There are no rules, restrictions, or red-flag foods—just learning how to eat and get to your goals. A strong support system. A private members-only social community, 24/7 live coach chat, 5-Minute Coaching audios—we've got it all. Motivation to get moving. More activity means more weight loss. Ease into exercise with fun on-demand classes from obé Fitness and simple ways to move more (housework counts!). Plus, you can sync your fitness tracker and Apple Health. Better sleep. Science shows people who get consistently less sleep are hungrier throughout the day. Learn to get better shut-eye, track your sleep, relax with Breethe meditations, and get 5-Minute Coaching audios to help you de-stress. Get the results you want with easy-to-use features on your mobile phone. - Customized food plan and Points Budget - Food, activity, water, sleep, and weight trackers - Barcode scanner for packaged foods, recipe database, and restaurant finder - Meditations and all-level workouts - Progress reports - 24/7 live coach chat - 12,000+ recipes - Blood sugar tracker (with the WeightWatchers Diabetes-Tailored Plan) Download the WW app now and get a free trial today! After your free trial, your plan auto-renews monthly unless you cancel before the trial ends. MEMBERSHIP TERMS For auto-renewing membership plans, your iTunes account will be charged at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the previously selected rate. Your payment will continue to automatically renew unless you turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours prior to your next renewal date. Your WeightWatchers Core membership can be managed or canceled in your Apple ID account settings. The auto-renewing membership plan is billed monthly and gives you access to our digital tools. For non-renewing membership plans, your iTunes account will be charged once at the time of purchase and will give you access to a WeightWatchers Core membership for one year. Privacy Policy: https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/privacy/policy Terms of Service: https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/termsandconditions/onlineplus-coaching

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WW / WeightWatchers app reviews

  • The best! 5/5

    By bellagirl 21
    Love the application😻 You decide what your favorite foods that you enjoy, as long as you limit your intakes! DON’T CHANGE A THING!
  • Weight Watchers 5/5

    By Skxdknfah
    It's easy, fast and makes tracking fun it also has a wealth of info close at hand!
  • You’ll love it, just use it! 5/5

    By Key&Key5273
    I love using this app. I feel I have control when I have an unplanned event. I am able to scan all my foods I eat most often mark them in my favorites & when it's time to track I go straight to the items. Also it stores all scanned items which is most helpful. I always have my phone with me so tracking is made easier especially for moments of distraction. Thank you weight watchers. :)
  • Owner 5/5

    By Goldenlover1
    I am a 💜WW lifer since 1972 and this tracking and barcode tracking and activities keeps me accountable and healthy with my ups and downs but it’s my journey with my male yellow Labrador Boomer rescue and me a senior widow female 👍🥰🐶💜
  • Love the app 5/5

    By KYgirl813
    Super helpful in tracking points and making healthier choices, especially when eating out.
  • ❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Deg2275
    Awesome, fabulous, amazing app EVER!!!! Love it
  • WW Lost Focus 1/5

    By No TV Stations?
    Closed our meeting location the week after investing millions in a drug company. Then said go virtual, but for the same price. Dropping to digital only doesn’t make since bcs they’re very expensive compared to other tracking apps. And the WW app is a poorly built app.
  • Love the app 4/5

    By Debjlo
    Everything I need at my fingertips for a fun weight loss journey.
  • WW easiest App 5/5

    By Anni G D
    Love how easy it is to track your meals, your weight and learn more about WW. Love the latest changes.
  • WW app 5/5

    By DD6007
    I just love the app. I can look anything up regarding points, even restaurants so I can stay on track. It’s also easy to track your points anytime on your phone.
  • It’s a life change not a diet! 5/5

    By Mahogany57
    I am so glad I joined and stuck with it this time around. It has really helped me take my health and eating habits to a whole new level.
  • WW app 5/5

    By Mleg20
    I do love this app the ease of keeping a check on what I eat is so easy and convenient
  • Candy Sand 5/5

    By Candy Sand
    Love the Aop
  • Useful tool for tracking my Weight Watchers points! 5/5

    By LeeseyP
    Love it.
  • So Easy. So Informative. 5/5

    By marbrow
    Love the catalog of recipes. The opportunities to earn wellness and activity points encourage consistent tracking. The progress tracking log is informative. And, the online community is encouraging.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Retry hgjg
    Tracking my meals is the only way for me to be accountable and successful! I love the bar code scanner and the recipes!
  • WW ap 5/5

    By Zanzarbar
    If I remember to enter the food I intend to eat and shop using the bar code scanner before I purchase, I have a governor on my emotional food choices much the way a golf cart will check the speed descending a steep hill.
  • Love It!!!! 5/5

    By Lifetime Back at It
    The App is so user friendly, packed with information and if I’m struggling, I can connect to someone for help instantly.
  • Best tool 5/5

    By ReneeB818
    The WW app is the best tool I have in my weight loss journey!
  • On the go 5/5

    By LaurelSB
    WW mobile helps me shop for food and make good choices. It allows me to buy only things I'm willing to spend points on. I check it ALL day to keep me focused
  • Weight watchers mobile 5/5

    By Libra113
    Tracking made simple. I have never been consistent on tracking or keeping a food journal until now. WW mobile tracker is so user friendly and we always have our phone with us. It has been very helpful keeping me on maintenance and I use it consistently. Great app
  • WW App so Easy 5/5

    By micromaxie
    I love the WW app. It is very user friendly and there is so much information in it. Easy to follow recipes are a breeze to make and so delicious! I love that I can pair with my Fitbit so that my sleep and exercise is logged automatically. Great tool!
  • App review 5/5

    By 2020allisgood
    Love the bar coding and recipe calculator.
  • New to Weight Watchers 5/5

    By Nannurse1
    I'm enjoying scanning and tracking my food!! The app is easy to use and makes me more mindful of what I'm eating.
  • Love 5/5

    By mkmlw
  • Beyond needed 5/5

    By Don’t Diet—Live It!
    I LOVE this app So much better than the one WW had back seven years ago when I first attended meetings. Very user friendly even for a senior! Don’t have to ask my grandkids for their assistance! Use it so you can lose it!!!
  • Keeps me honest 5/5

    By Peterdilts
    Although I don’t follow the plan strictly it gives me guidelines regarding planning at the grocery store. I have changed my eating habits and cut back on items that were not as healthy
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Pink a teer
    Love this app - very helpful!
  • Review 5/5

    By Not Joking 124
    Great program to follow!!
  • I Love WW 5/5

    By Barbie2548
    I left the program for a short while but I’m certainly glad to be back. Now I am ready to take this new journey by the horns and start having a healthier lifestyle.
  • Great tool 5/5

    By ptsmiley
    The WW app is a great tool. I participated in the WW program many moons ago. Being able to use this app makes working the program much more easier to adhere to it. Thank you, Pamela Smiley 😊
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Suzette7056
    Full of very helpful info
  • Makes a difference 5/5

    By millob
    I’ve been doing some form of Weight Watchers since I was 15. High school chubbiness, freshman 15 in college, Marriage, kids, career and now retirement. From goals to lifetime membership, weight watchers has been in my bucket list of “to do and must do” as long as I can remember. With that said none of the past programs, none or support compare to this new points system with real scientific research and credibility behind it. I just love it. Of course with age comes wisdom and this 64 year old brain and body knows when its time to get the bucket out and join again. It’s now my lifestyle and it’s all about learning what skinny know instinctively. Im not a fast loser just slow and steady. I am thrilled with the app, thrilled with the amount of detail and support provided, including the meditation, the articles, activity section, meetings and recipes. My only disappointment - is Connect because there are too many posts of barely clothed members who feel everyone needs to see them almost naked. Success or not - it is just gross. Photography 101 is definitely needed too. Not tasteful to me but I have the choice to not look, so to each his own. But even with that unsightly negative... connect has good points. It is useful and spirit lifting when the posts are appropriate. Yes I sneak a peek now again hoping not to see inappropriate photos but to get inspired when having a bad day, week or crisis. So thank you for your work and effort and for making these awesome changes to the program. I look back over the years and I know my makeup has changed with age, my clothing and attitudes have matured and also changed with age and my old friend weight watchers has changed too. I love it. Deb
  • Best app 5/5

    By great-granny 6
    I love this app!! I’ve been in WW for going on 5 years and I use the app more on this program.I access so many of the app. I’ve Learned so much and I love the different coaches! I feel this helps me do so much. I absolutely love it!! I do the sleep tracking and Aaptiv’s . I read the emails every morning. There’s so much knowledge here. Thank you!! Josie Hunter
  • Weight Watcher App very accessible 5/5

    By aggy66
    The Weight Watcher app is very user friendly in comparison to other nutrition or fitness apps. Very easy to navigate, record and look up recipes.
  • Great new app 5/5

    By GretchenHayes
    Easy to maneuver, easy to determine point values.
  • Thanks! 5/5

    By rakowsj
  • WW App 5/5

    By Sharonk153
    I love this app as it helps me to make an informed decision about the foods I will eat each day.
  • Love the recipes but wish I could organize them better 4/5

    By Nsnale
    I have found so many delicious recipes in the app … too many 😬 I wish there was a way to organize "saved" recipes into groups/folders like I can do in Pinterest! The filter option in WW is OK but if I’m looking for my saved Breakfast recipes, I wish I could go to my “Breakfast” folder and see them all at a glance.
  • Tracking 5/5

    By Rat cakes
    I love using the app. It keeps me accountable and on track.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By laurarein
    I love it
  • WW app 5/5

    By ihanvenoname
    This app makes weight loss much easier as well as maintaining good nutrition
  • Update 5/5

    By Jah121151
    Wonderful app now. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I use it many times a day and it encourages me to stay on task. I love how easy it is to change what I ate if I put the wrong food
  • Great tool for health and weight loss 5/5

    By Bernthill
    This app helps me realize what I am eating and how much I am eating. I have been successful loosing weight almost effortlessly. There is a lot of support and information all in this one app.
  • Eileen 5/5

    By Hermit Street Bullies
    Love my App & new price
  • Hoping to get a routine 5/5

    By chrissyg58
    Excellent & very helpful.
  • Awesome! 4/5

    By the real Chunk Dangalow
    Love my WW app, great that I can have it where ever I go!
  • Weight watcher app 5/5

    By mernsky
    The app keeps me accountable, which helps me keep in my safe zone
  • WW 5/5

    By rhondabjkgrl
    It’s awesome! It helps me stay on track!