WWE Champions 2019

WWE Champions 2019

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  • Current Version: 0.411
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Scopely
  • Compatibility: Android
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WWE Champions 2019 App

Join over 35 million fans in the #1 downloaded WWE game. Play WWE Champions 2019! Enjoy features like PvP Showdowns, enhanced graphics, and faster-than-ever in-ring action. Battle your way to the top with hundreds of the newest Superstars & all-time greats. Compete worldwide in mens, womens, and mixed tournaments. Play solo or join a Faction. Battle in puzzle RPG combat to climb leaderboards. Compete on the Road to WrestleMania and feel the excitement of the WWE Universe! **WINNER! 2018 Webby People's Voice Award (Sports Games)** ===GAME FEATURES== NEW CUSTOM TITLES WITH ABILITIES & BUFFS * Collect straps and medals to craft specialized Titles. * Equip Superstars before the start of every match to gain a competitive edge. * Customize and upgrade each Title. Thousands of different combinations. PVP SHOWDOWNS * PvP WWE battles with enhanced worldwide multiplayer matchmaking. * Showdown Shop store delivers exclusive rewards & prizes. * Simultaneous tournaments for men’s, women’s, and mixed tag teams. NEW WWE SUPERSTARS AND 100+ ALL-TIME GREATS * Get the latest Superstars & gear including Becky Lynch, NWO Randy Savage and Wolfpac Sting. * Download now to start with The Rock, Roman Reigns, Alexa Bliss, and John Cena. * Recruit Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and all of today’s top Superstars * Choose The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and all-time Attitude Era icons. * Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, Asuka and top Women’s Superstars compete in their own division. * The NWO, New Day, DX, and all the greatest factions are here. WWE ROLE-PLAYING GAME ACTION * Use RPG skills to earn XP in this unique RPG Puzzle Battle Game. * Win matches to customize moves and upgrade your team. * Epic RPG gameplay lets you combine a variety of skills. * Hire Trainers to boost your Superstars’ abilities. * Strategize! Pick the best Class to beat opponents. Choose from Technicians, Strikers, and more. WWE EVENTS & CONTESTS * Join the WWE Universe in new weekly bouts and fighting game events * WWE Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live themed battles * From WrestleMania to SummerSlam, play events inspired by the Pay-Per-View events * Enter monthly title events and recruit up-and-coming WWE Superstars * Travel The Road from NXT to arenas around the world * In-game Contests update every week to match on-air and Pay-Per-View schedules MATCH 3 GAME. WWE MOVES * Match 3 gems to obliterate rivals * Use signature WWE Superstar moves * Upgrade to use the Rock Bottom, Attitude Adjustment, Styles Clash and more. * Puzzle RPG combos and finishing moves FACTIONS & ALLIANCES, WWE STYLE * Join a Faction to play with friends and to heal and help teammates * Strategize with Faction members in your own Headquarters * Exclusive Faction Missions earn rewards and loot VIP MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTIONS * Subscribe to WWE Champions exclusive memberships * Play as Triple H - King of Kings, DX Triple H, or DX Shawn Michaels * Access to exclusive content, contests and special rewards Free trials will convert to a recurring subscription after 7 days (if applicable). The payment shown in the price and payment schedule at time of sign up for the tier selected will be charged to your account when the subscription begins, and it will auto-renew as described unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of a subscription period. Renewal payments will be charged within 24 hours before the end of a subscription period on the same price and payment schedule you selected . Unused portions of free trials will be forfeited upon purchase of a subscription. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewals in your device account settings. Terms of Service: http://scopely.com/tos/ Privacy Policy: http://scopely.com/privacy/ Additional Information, Rights, and Choices Available to California Players: https://scopely.com/privacy/#additionalinfo-california.

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WWE Champions 2019 app reviews

  • New update 1/5

    Every since the update the game lags, constantly loading or working, and freezes. Since this was an update, I was expecting a new roster update, gem and game board update, and front page update. I was also looking forward to more road tours being introduced especially since they are incorporating NXT. This should have been a complete overhaul of the game. With the in-game purchase amounts being ridiculously high, I was waiting for something more exciting.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Bearthewarchief
    Don’t spend a dime on this game you will lose!!!! It is obvious after a year of playing You will lose!
  • Fun but crashing. 3/5

    By PimpByRelation
    Keeps crashing, but it’s fun when it works.
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By gbuerge
    If I could give this a zero star review I would. What was once a great app that I very much enjoyed playing has become unplayable. What was once a minor nuisance of a problem has progressed to making the game a major waste of time. A problem has existed for as long as I can remember and no once has shown any inclination of being even remotely interested in fixing it. Anytime the app crashes (and it crashes all the time now) any wrestler(s) you are using instantly lose all of their health points. Now, the app crashes so frequently, I only bother to log in every day to get my bonus points. Why would I ever try to play if the app crashes all the time and the wrestlers lose their health down to zero all the time?
  • Stars 3/5

    By 😒😒😁😄😄🤣
    Fun but needs to let you choice the superstars
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Ohh Noo Nott
    Everything about this game is amazing, keep up the great job. I’m in the middle of some tough times in my life and this game helps with making me feel better and also with my love of WWE.....w ell in short THANKs
  • Redeem 5/5

    By HaStHu16
    You need to add a redeem function in to the iOS version
  • Awesome at the start, not so much now! 2/5

    By J.m2770
    The game would b awesome if not for all the glitches in gameplay and money grab events by scopely! The game is being ruined by adding unnecessary items and continuous money grab to get to the goals! It’s really a shame because the original concept was fair and fun not to mention competitive!
  • Would rate lower if i could 1/5

    By Djwoxjd
    The game has become a complete joke sadly. If you aren’t willing to spending thousands of dollars, don’t download this.
  • Trash 1/5

    By zMrMcNasty
    I’ve been playing this game since day 1. I’ve probably spent at least 1k in real money on the game to get some of the top guys and all I’ve gotten is duplicates of stars I don’t use. They have tours that you need these special characters to do but don’t have. Only the top 5 factions stand a chance because they are constantly getting them. Not a knock at the grinders just how unbalanced the game is and your low odds of getting stars. Used to be fun now you have to take out a loan to be competitive. I would give this review zero stars if I could.
  • Absolute Trash 1/5

    By Glacious99
    Overall a fairly pointless game that requires you to spend real money to get ahead. Not enjoyable as when you start off you get the trashiest card possible and all you can do is play the same level over and over and over to grind for coin to hopefully one day level you card up so you can spend another month on the next level doing the same. Unless you want to put up for the 4.99-99.99 price point packs, which allow you to proceed. Support will tell you to join a faction as you can get rewards thru expedition which can help you but no faction in the world will waste its breath with a low level beginner. So yeah go ahead and give it a shot if you want but be warned that the game revolves around taking your money. And since they DO NOT give you odds concerning the rate of the cards you might pull if you do decide to spend real money on this game, you can pull and get nothing worthy at all. Not sure but I was under the impression all games had to give rates when it came to pulling or buying things so the player could see what they were not going to get.
  • Please change the shards in to money to buy the characters 5/5

    By okbuddy7987
    Love this but please change the shards in money to buy characters
  • Dumb 1/5

    By Bailey stark
    Just know you get one turn while the AI gets 7 in a row and you don’t get a chance..... 👎
  • To many crashes 1/5

    By kcksoutlaw
    Can’t even get in game today, crashed every time & support tells you to uninstall & reinstall after 3 times not worth it
  • Wrestle and Match in a Fight! 5/5

    By Clean Curt
    If your not a true WWE fan, then this particular colored gem matching game will not keep you interested as long as maybe Candy Crush. With that said it’s a fantastic game overall and the graphics for the wrestlers make you happy and remind me at least of the WWE: All -Stars Game that was released for Xbox 360/ONE. It’s worth giving a shot whether you smell what the rock is cooking or NOT!?$
  • Bugs from update ruin game 1/5

    By New updates cause crashes
    Pretty good game that cannot be played after latest update. Major bugs, especially around internet connection
  • Horrible 1/5

    By AppleNicknameIsIgnorant
    This game cud be sooooo much better, but the developers are atrocious. App constantly has server issues. Gameplay is inconsistent. Pulls to try and get better wrestlers are awful. Takes forever to level someone up
  • Update 1/5

    By Pimp6926
    Just did the update it made me do, and now game won’t open, just comes up black screen and shuts down. WTH????
  • Horrible customer service, and false benefits 1/5

    By Antcorleone24
    This used to be a great game!! But with there incompetent and horrible customer service, and monitored cash wall, this game is in rapid decline!! Scopley will watch to see if you spend money, and what you spend it on, and that his how they “reward” you with the elite superstars!! They rig events so that you can only make a certain amount of resources so in turn you feel like you have to spend money with no guarantees that you will even receive what it is you need or are seeking!! Scopley will refresh your points that you already gained from certain events and never properly restore your points, and not even explain what happened!! Then they will take your account with no explanation, and ask you for personal information, (that you provide) all while giving you the run around and not restoring your account!! Good game, horrible company!!
  • Game not working properly 2/5

    By dan5150duggan
    The game was working just fine for me this morning and now I can’t even play anymore because I am getting a different language and the game itself won’t load
  • Games having major issues 5/5

    By danger cm bunk
    This needs to be addressed lost my chance to play with my subscription canceled it earlier
  • Good But... 4/5

    By lilconquer3019
    Jon Moxley and Y2J Are in AEW and still in your game LOL
  • Loss of content 1/5

    By xxKoberxx19
    Fun game up until you log in with facebook. Lost King of King’s pass and about 15 2 star bronze and and above superstars and all Hall of Fame tokens
  • Don’t spent your money 1/5

    By MDB198765
    Spent a lot of money on this game and never once have I ever got the wrestlers that are advertised in the weekly special packs. Don’t wast your money.
  • WWE 5/5

    By Jaydiek
    I like it I bet one day I will be like John cena or randy ortografía there my fans
  • Great game 5/5

    By dave bot 2000
    Have had this game for forever and I am still obsessed with it!!!!!!!!!
  • Good 5/5

    By auwhdyfndyrnxgfkdydnrhciaofyd
    It’s good but make it easy
  • Terrible glitches 1/5

    By Nmg318
    I am literally unable to get past the tutorial because it keeps freezing. I restarted my phone, installed then reinstalled the app, yet it continues to glitch and freeze. I'm done.
  • It takes my money but doesn’t give me the rewards that I was trying to buy 1/5

    By Ricky 404
    I just purchased a pack on there for $19.99 it took my money but didn’t give me my rewards!!!!!! I had trouble last time I tried to purchase something also!!! 😡
  • Crash-glitch every time 1/5

    By Subzter1
    If you see 5 stars for this game it’s a sham. It’s probably their employees writing them. Pay (ALOT OF REAL MONEY) to play & to win matches. I UNsubscribed the DX part of it. CRASH CRASH & MORE CRASHES. What’s the sense in even opening the game? If you tell them about it-they say they’ll fix it, here I am waiting 5 months later & it’s still crashing.
  • Don’t waste your time or money 1/5

    By Lionsslappy
    This used to be a fun game but now the only way to play is if you spend tons of real money. They promise characters that are impossible to get. It’s a big joke.
  • Free is misleading. 3/5

    By RGaddie
    While yes you CAN play for free, in order to cométete and win the best prizes, like the brand new Hogan character, it is set up so only those willing and able to spend $100s of USD at a time are able to revive them. This has led to the creation of the top 10 factions that everybody knows will win the top prizes and the rest of us are left with scraps. I do enjoy the game for what it is, I don’t expect to ever be the top in any aspect of the game because I am a F2P person. It is candy crush on steroids. Play it that way and don’t get sucked into the events that cause you to work new superstars that are worthless at the end of the day. Play who you like and find a good faction. RumbleNDJungleNXT is where I call home, come join me there.
  • Constant freezes, Too high points for rewards 2/5

    By Dmax1978
    I love this game!!! However today I'm playing and the game freezes. Two times today the game has froze on me, one causing me to lose health on one of the superstars. The points for The contests are ridiculous unless a person spends money to get to a certain point. And there are new wrestlers introduced as part of these contests which a person can't get because they don't have the right component for it.
  • Ho Ho Ho not working 2/5

    By The game is amazing but..
    The vault crashed and took all 50 of my tokens
  • Don’t waste your time !!! 1/5

    By Tony S0pran0
    Been playing for almost 3 years. And unless you are going to put literally 4 to 6 grand of real money at the LEAST, there is no point in playing this game. It’s a HUGE cash cow pay to win game. I am in a top 30 faction, Bc of longtime play and sad to say it but a lot of real $$, but it would be impossible for someone new to play the game and catch up to join a place like that. It’s just an overall bad game that the company took the fun completely out of. As for the company, Scopley. You will never find a company that treats its customers so poorly. They have a common tendency to make mistakes and screw up your account on their end, and then refuse to acknowledge or fix the issue. You will wait at least a week before a response which will be an automated message, and then another week for a real message. Never seen a customer support system, or customer service so bad in my life. And not just in gaming but in all aspects of customer service. One example, Recently I bought my son a new iPad, and they refuse to put his account on that and decided to move his account to my phone and my account to the iPad for no reason at all. They don’t want to respond to my issue and for weeks continue to ignore it. Constant bugs, glitches, etc. They are quick to take your money, but never to fix any of their screw ups, some that have been there for years. They need to bring in a new team of employees or at the least, get a training program that a 2 year old can understand. A group of 2 yr olds working customer support would actually be a huge upgrade to the bums they have now. So again just stay away. You want to blow money and have a good time, go to a casino or play another game. Marvel Strike Force is a great option. Unlike this cash cow, joke of a game, you don’t have to spend, and they actually acknowledge their players. Game is a joke. Giving them 1 star is a gift.
  • Money Hungry 1/5

    By VaibhavMasterShifu
    This is not for f2p players... this game is only for people who want to spend money.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Ls0804
    Horrible product. You certainly don’t get what you pay for. $copeley only cares about one thing lately. And that’s your money. They charge you crazy amounts of money for everything. I would steer clear of this one.
  • Trash 1/5

    By loservilletrolley
  • Wanna blow money? 3/5

    By OriginalSteihl
    Great game but it takes years if logging in and defeating every day challenge to make it anywhere. It’s a huge real money grab.
  • Horrible App Stability 1/5

    By Bobboberson
    Honestly believe you paid for these random 5 star reviews... the app crashes before every match and at this point I’m unwilling to play it anymore... I would tell you to stick to console games but this game is just as much if not more hot garbage than 2k20. Improve all the random crashes and improve app stability or remain the embarrassment of all gaming franchises. You should be ashamed
  • Way too many micro transactions 1/5

    By Psycoice
    It cost a way to much to play and advance in this game it’s just a cash grab
  • Random Reset 1/5

    By Mattbeast718
    Whenever I play this game sometimes during a match while it’s loading the game will reset and when I go back to it which ever superstar I was going to be in the match with will lose all of his health. Therefore which ever health packs are used prior to the match to get the superstar to full health I’ll lose that as well. It gets me super frustrated sometimes, if they fixed that the gameplay would be so much better because it happens often in my opinion.
  • wwe champions 5/5

    By Mnicole82
    This is awwwwwwwwwwwssssssssssooooooooommmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee
  • New game/profile issues 4/5

    By CapKidd1878
    Good game but I’m trying to start a new game or at the very least change my account name but can’t.
  • Myles 5/5

    By InfiniteRefrain
    It is the best game ever
  • MONEY GRAB 2/5

    By DCLegendsBat
    This game is all about money money money you have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to even have a slight chance at a rare or better card dups after dups cards. This game also needs a league ladder for example it is nearly impossible to compete with the top teams to win prizes same team wins first second and third ALL THE TIME not fair really to other teams that don’t spend a house mortgage on players that’s why they need like a division ladder of teams depending on your factions strength
  • Wwe champions 5/5

    By john Seabass
    The best wwe game on the App Store
  • Horrible game 1/5

    By Movie groupie
    To be competitive you have to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars or play 24/7 for a year. This game is all about getting your money. Many have spent 10k easy and the big spenders have spent over 50k. It is complete insanity.
  • Money Grab 1/5

    By Jon197191
    All this game cares about is the Whales who spend thousands a week in a mobile game. Do yourself a favor and find another game. This company is not worth your money

WWE Champions 2019 app comments

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