WWE Champions 2019

WWE Champions 2019

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WWE Champions 2019 App

Join over 35 million fans in the #1 downloaded WWE game. Play WWE Champions 2019! Enjoy features like PvP Showdowns, enhanced graphics, and faster-than-ever in-ring action. Battle your way to the top with hundreds of the newest Superstars & all-time greats. Compete worldwide in mens, womens, and mixed tournaments. Play solo or join a Faction. Battle in puzzle RPG combat to climb leaderboards. Compete on the Road to WrestleMania and feel the excitement of the WWE Universe! **WINNER! 2018 Webby People's Voice Award (Sports Games)** ===GAME FEATURES== NEW CUSTOM TITLES WITH ABILITIES & BUFFS * Collect straps and and medals to craft specialized Titles. * Equip Superstars before the start of every match to gain a competitive edge. * Customize and upgrade each Title. Thousands of different combinations. PVP SHOWDOWNS * PvP WWE battles with enhanced worldwide multiplayer matchmaking. * Showdown Shop store delivers exclusive rewards & prizes. * Simultaneous tournaments for men’s, women’s, and mixed tag teams. NEW WWE SUPERSTARS AND 100+ ALL-TIME GREATS * Get the latest Superstars & gear including Becky Lynch, NWO Randy Savage and Wolfpac Sting. * Download now to start with The Rock, Roman Reigns, Alexa Bliss, and John Cena. * Recruit Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and all of today’s top Superstars * Choose The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and all-time Attitude Era icons. * Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, Asuka and top Women’s Superstars compete in their own division. * The NWO, New Day, DX, and all the greatest factions are here. WWE ROLE-PLAYING GAME ACTION * Use RPG skills to earn XP in this unique RPG Puzzle Battle Game. * Win matches to customize moves and upgrade your team. * Epic RPG gameplay lets you combine a variety of skills. * Hire Trainers to boost your Superstars’ abilities. * Strategize! Pick the best Class to beat opponents. Choose from Technicians, Strikers, and more. WWE EVENTS & CONTESTS * Join the WWE Universe in new weekly bouts and fighting game events * WWE Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live themed battles * From WrestleMania to SummerSlam, play events inspired by the Pay-Per-View events * Enter monthly title events and recruit up-and-coming WWE Superstars * Travel The Road from NXT to arenas around the world * In-game Contests update every week to match on-air and Pay-Per-View schedules MATCH 3 GAME. WWE MOVES * Match 3 gems to obliterate rivals * Use signature WWE Superstar moves * Upgrade to use the Rock Bottom, Attitude Adjustment, Styles Clash and more. * Puzzle RPG combos and finishing moves FACTIONS & ALLIANCES, WWE STYLE * Join a Faction to play with friends and to heal and help teammates * Strategize with Faction members in your own Headquarters * Exclusive Faction Missions earn rewards and loot VIP MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTIONS * Subscribe to WWE Champions exclusive memberships * Play as Triple H - King of Kings, DX Triple H, or DX Shawn Michaels * Access to exclusive content, contests and special rewards Free trials will convert to a recurring subscription after 7 days (if applicable). The payment shown in the price and payment schedule at time of sign up for the tier selected will be charged to your account when the subscription begins, and it will auto-renew as described unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of a subscription period. Renewal payments will be charged within 24 hours before the end of a subscription period on the same price and payment schedule you selected . Unused portions of free trials will be forfeited upon purchase of a subscription. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewals in your device account settings. Terms of Service: http://scopely.com/tos/ Privacy Policy: http://scopely.com/privacy/

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WWE Champions 2019 app reviews

  • Too many crashes... 1/5

    By Subzter1
    It’s about several months now that I’ve been back & forth with scopely about this problem. They used to be quick in fixing problems but now they’re not at all. At first it was the tag team matches, I mentioned it in the “Help Tab” and in emails-though they reimbursed me with health packs the problem just got worse, Now it’s the singles matches too. They ask if everything is currently updated, my iOS, if my cache has been cleared I even deleted the game and reinstalled it but the crashes are still there. I mentioned it to them here and they referred me to their customer help email with a code (which I noticed it’s something they tell everyone) they simply can’t fix this problem. It’s obvious that it’s happening to many people. All they do is update their game with NEW challenges but ignore your problem. Now the game is completely unplayable because there is no problem solving on their part.
  • So sick of them taking my money and not receiving my items 1/5

    By Bill737128
    This is one of my favorite games to play on my phone, and I spend a decent amount of money on this app. The problem is that a lot of the purchases I make, either I don’t receive my items and it takes my money right away or it takes me a couple of days contacting Scopely to fix their mistake. Not cool.
  • Daily login rewards 😡 2/5

    By #disneylife
    Three times now I have played everyday and when I get to day 28 for my daily login it resets on me and I don’t get to collect the player that’s there. I am stopping my membership that I currently have. I refuse to pay money for something that isn’t even working correctly.
  • Could be great 3/5

    By Arlistic
    Way too many tutorials. Games should be simple and fun. It seems like that the tutorials are never ending. There are way too many elements to this bejeweled style game. Make it simpler, make it fun and keep it simple. K.I.S.S.
  • Horrible, don’t do it! I wish I could give it ZERO stars! 1/5

    By ItsJDbeoches
    It’s glitches, crashes, it’s almost impossible to get anywhere worth while without spending money. And the offers that they charge you for could be considered robbery. The “help” center literally just copy’s and pastes reply’s (google it, there are times they forgot to fill them out correctly) and they do not care about helping the players at all. With that said it is a fun game, but don’t spend any money and don’t expect to be able to do everything in the game. I really don’t not stress how bad the customer service is tho.
  • Fix it!!! 1/5

    By guest7857
    Every time I try and open the app. It glitches and closes it. Please fix this problem.
  • Waste 1/5

    By Can't catch a break
    After playing and spending quite a bit of money playing the game I was just never able to get anywhere. So I quit playing for a while. My friends asked me to come back and give it another shot but when I downloaded it on my new phone I made a small error and instead of being understanding and helpful they demand info most people would have forgotten after a few days let line several months. I even provided screen shots of the last purchases and they’re still not helpful. They just want more money and really it’s not worth the time and effort. Game always has some sort of glitch, if you purchases something and take a screenshot of your purchases because many times they won’t give you all you paid for and then try to say that the package you bought want what you bought.
  • Not good 5/5

    By wwwwwwwwww.com
    Not good this five stars is this game to get a five star rating
  • For 3 years worth of work not much effort has been done. 1/5

    By DOOM2147
    Well this game has been out for quite some time. Now I understand the idea of making money off a free to download game. However for what they offer in this game is very little and I’m not speaking on the currencies or how much there is to buy. If you want a fun free-to-play WWE game on app this could be it if they actually would add in a lot more events, change the rate of coins needed to be used in leveling up characters, drop/summon rates of characters need to be fixed and balanced because you are rarely going to summon anything more then a bronze 2 star without overly paying for it. Coins could certainly be easier to obtain, Cash could be slightly more abundant. Maybe even tone down how quickly opponents ramp up in overall score. The difficulty is fine but how quickly it goes from zero to sixty is unpleasant and unless you’ve spent a year to a year and a half or over $1,000 then you aren’t going to be able to go much of anywhere. So ultimately it needs a lot of fixing in the F2P aspect and even the money aspect. It’s like gambling in a casino fully organized by the mob and if you want to obtain anything prepare to be beaten half to death with Louisville sluggers.
  • Constantly Crashes 1/5

    By aaron .g
    Seems like it would be a great game except it constantly crashes. I mean I can’t play more then 5 minutes without it crashing!
  • GREAT GAME 5/5

    By Ruthye
  • The Worst=Trash 1/5

    By Fifamobilepro
    The game doesn’t even load. Trash...
  • Great game but 2/5

    By uyt gamer
    I like this game but the problem is you have to spend a lot of money for enjoyed and also doesn’t have online and the system of upgrade is horrible if I want to play campaign you need do you have this wrestler and do you get this wrestler you have to open or buy a pack for expensive price or you have got something to open this pack and to gat this you have to riot. I feel this game made to steal your money not for you enjoyed, I wish this game was a Price not a free. I hope it see this game in console device but without micro transactions
  • Smack down time 5/5

    By Missyxkad
    The game is great .It has all my fav wrestlers .make more wrestling games Sincerely Silas castle
  • Crashes Every 3 Minutes 1/5

    By RealEmerald1
    The title of the review says everything that needs to be said. Every time I open the game, it crashes no more than 3 minutes later. Please fix this issue, I really enjoy the game and would hate for it to be ruined by crashes that make it impossible to play.
  • Worst App Ever Huge Scam!!! 1/5

    By Bearthewarchief
    Worst app ever! The developers will not fix the issues they know about. Children can make better apps!!! Crashing issues are non-stop. Haven’t been able to play this game one time without it crashing yet. The company will not fix it and it’s an embarrassment to WWE!!!!
  • Worst game ever 1/5

    By Could be a good game but
    The whole game is pay to play Nothing works correctly everyday. Scopely is the worst game developer out there if you want to get robbed of your money then download Plain and simple stay away from any game scopely makes
  • Used to be great! 2/5

    By Miguelwvu
    This game had a great start and was well on its way to changing the way we game for wrestling type of games. Then came Welcomed change that added great motivation to keep playing. However over the last yr many updates have come but with it the game continues to crash either at startup, when your getting ready to battle and the more infuriating in the middle of a match. I’m beyond tired of having to constantly go through a crash to the heal my superstar for it to then crash again. This game was fun but now it’s hitting the cyber trash.
  • Great game 5/5

    By tjywksk
    This game is so awesome because you get to be WWE superstars and it’s so cool if you download this app you will not regret it so and it doesn’t give that much ads it’s not a bad app it is a really good app really is
  • Bug filled mess! 1/5

    By Ancientsagz
    Whenever something new is added, something that has been there for a longer period gets messed up. Showdown matches can drain your superstars of MASSIVE amounts of health for no reason! I have had that happen close to 10+ times in the past month The ‘odds’ for loot pulls makes the lottery look easy to win as their is so much bloat and useless shards in them Lastly, if it is something that doesn’t make Scopely money, it takes FOREVER to fix! If there was a 0 star rating, I’d give it for this... This game makes Fallout 76 look like a masterpiece!
  • User since day one...no more 1/5

    By Red Bird 7878
    They keep making this game more complicated instead of just improving features the game already has. They’re customer support is THE WORST I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. Why add straps??? REALLY? You lost me with that one. Saved me lots of money too.
  • Keeps crashing! 3/5

    By righter 12234567890
    I love this game but It keeps crashing on my iOS 12. Please fix this I really want to play this!
  • Crash crazy 3/5

    By Cmont5907
    I’ve been playing this game from the start and it’s fun but it crashes like crazy and development team doesn’t fix it. Also if you want good superstars be prepared to spend money
  • Fun game, flawed and horrible support 1/5

    By Slot guy1978
    The game itself is fun for a bit, Until you encounter a problem. Support will be less than helpful and help drive you away from playing/spending any time or money on this mouse trap. For good puzzle quest gaming I'd recommend trying the Magic the Gathering or Marvel versions. Both support teams timeliness and quality of responses is superior.
  • Don’t give this a chance at all 1/5

    By MBX97
    I started playing this game for the last few years and let me tell you it’s ridiculous don’t delete the game or you’ll likely lose everything no matter if you’re signed into a Facebook and the creators won’t do a thing about it it’s just like every mobile game but doesn’t reward you unless you pay large amounts of cash basically over 20$ - 100$ or more in order to get the star you want and you’ll have to upgrade them specially now i can go on about the factions and events but at this star of the game it isn’t worth mentioning it’s a pay to win game at this point you starting out and even paying the average v.i.p for a year and throw in tons of cash is already too late at this point for you. But another thing I’ll like to add is the looting system is absolutely trash even if you pay tons of cash you’ll likely lose all your loot items due to a rigged system when trying to get new or old stars you’ll be lucky to get a Seth Rollins,Finn Balor,lesnar,Kane etc etc but it’s all gonna come down to the game wanting you to pay at every turn and receive a 30/70 chance at getting even a decent superstar and upgrade system is ridiculous at time even with v.i.p you’ll get decent stuff you should get for just playing the game but no they want you to cough up to some cash in order to get a fraction and events you should already get But greed is the best thing on their minds(the devs) don’t give this a chance if you’re not fortunate enough to have loads of cash dropping hundreds every new update (basically each one month) then you’ll never get what you need no matter how hard you grind and even farm but it’ll take months in stead of days to get what you need to be so screw this game.
  • I cannot open my game. 2/5

    By bebygonzi
    I cannot open my game I dont know why. Just click in the app, looks like its going to star and come out..
  • Crashes constantly. 2/5

    By Chuck5829375
    Crashes constantly and your wrestlers health drops to 0. I’ve literally used over 30 health packs on this app crashing.
  • Do not download this game 1/5

    By hwhabsbd
    This game is so bad I don’t even know where to start. First off let’s start with an obvious one....the rigged gem boards. Alright so I’m in a match I’m about to beat him and he’s a two Star bronze guy and I’m a three star bronze guy and he does a combo worth 33 thousand! I literally couldn’t believe it, and that wasn’t the only instance that occurred, one time I was playing a match I was trying to beat on the road and I kept on trying to beat it and my Arn Anderson had all of his purple and red moves lit, if you play the game you know why that’s a big deal, and it’s his turn and he just does a combo that puts me in danger and the stupidest part is that it was a huge combo... and he still didn’t pin me! I was in danger and all he had to do was do one gem break and I lost. Not just that but I’ve been playing this game since it first came out and i find the home screen to be very confusing, the old screen I got used to really fast, but this one is just straight up stupid! Especially for new users. I highly recommend to play another game that interests you. I would rather play Roblox Fortnite than play this garbage game for another minute.
  • What’s Up? 3/5

    By Kev1618
    Love playing the game but ever since I did the most recent update the game crashes every few seconds. I barely get the daily login before it crashes. I can understand an occasional crash, this game has a lot going on. But I can’t even get to a match much less play a match. Really frustrating!
  • Game crashes constantly, runaround solution 1/5

    By OkieSlinger
    Game was great to begin with, very entertaining. Then they did an update and now my game crashes almost every time I try to enter a match. It will crash 100% of the time when I try to enter a tag team match, blitz, or showdown. Every time the game crashes after clicking “battle” my superstars drop to 1 health point. I have spent hundreds of health packs to basically lose them again when trying to battle. Scopely’s solution was to give me 20 health packs and to keep playing. It ridiculous, always get the run around with no solution. I urge anyone who starts playing the game to not waste your money!! Do not pay a cent I the game or you will regret it!!
  • Wwe Championships 2019 5/5

    By TaeyeonBae08
    It is so fun and so cool to play with my friend or me I can play the game for a while but it has to come out with new characters but it is a fun game to play
  • Infuriating 1/5

    By Me to the 9th
    You keep adding these pointless new features and still haven’t fixed the old problems yet. The rewards are VERY unsatisfying. You have the worst customer support I’ve ever dealt with. I used to have two memberships. I’ve cancelled them both and I will NEVER spend another cent on this game. It’s almost impressive how it comes across that you have done everything you can think of to change this from an enjoyable game/community for wrestling fans, to literally the worst wwe related gaming experience ever. Graphic errors, power scaling issues, features launched then forgotten about, the most blatant pay-to-win setup I’ve ever seen, a completely underwhelming reward system, and the WORST SUPPORT TEAM IN GAMING. At least WWE Universe tries to act like its interested in being better. This game is just a digital middle finger. I wish I could give negative stars.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By ramond42300
    This game seemed like it was good at first but I just checked like two minutes ago and now I can’t go through any of the road to grand whatever it is. Everything is locked and I can’t do anything about it. Btw THIS IS A REAL REVIEW!!! Don’t play this game
  • Used to be fun 1/5

    By Martymakk
    Slowly destroying the game because of their greed. Straps were the last straw. Will play casually and never spend again.
  • Problems with the game 4/5

    By patriotsx5
    It let’s me play 2 to 3 matches then it kicks me out. Takes all my to from my wrestlers. It is starting to get me very upset. I might stop playing this game. Does this happen to anyone else?
  • I would give zero star posts are funny 1/5

    By Scopely Guy
    But yea the new add ons are atrocious do not start playing this game or spend money on it. You will regret it.
  • Money Hungry 2/5

    By Slash-LN
    As someone who started playing this game well before there was VIP and tokens it’s incredibly annoying to see what it has become. There’s so much focus on getting people to spend money that it makes the events boring. Since you need specific wrestlers and some require tokens to improve them you get stuck. I have two wrestlers that can’t evolve now.
  • Game Keeps Getting Worse 1/5

    By jlee3485
    Been a constant player for two years or so. And I certainly spend money on this game. However, with every new update that comes out, this game becomes more and more of a cash grab. Between perks and these new straps and medals, it’s gotten quite ridiculous. Not to mention farming TP has gotten to be next to impossible and expeditions are no longer giving HPs, TP, and tokens. My wallet is closed going forward until Scopely stops screwing its player base.
  • Use to be fun 1/5

    By Chief Dutch
    The concept of wrestling with gem breaking is good and fun. Over the years it has evolved with the introduction of what feels like a million events and rewards or prizes that can increase your roster size and strength. There constant additions to both rewards and contests slow the progress to a slow grind. The straps and stuff were my last straw. That drove the last nail in the fun coffin for me. If you like an insanely slow grind in your games this is the game for you.
  • Strap n medal update 1/5

    By VengefulH
    Made this game horrible. Ruined everything thinking of quitting after 2 years
  • Bugs, crashes, poor support, misleading/deceptive communicatons 1/5

    By Arkyngl
    The game used to be enjoyable despite having horrible support and requiring $ to make any real progress. Now, so many bugs have been introduced, there is constant crashing, loss of health packs, and introduction of useless new “features” that weren’t requested, created more crash/freeze scenarios, and an overall miserable game experience. Want to smash gems- go elsewhere, this game has become a joke.
  • New feature Straps is worst idea 1/5

    By CaseyPlatinum
    This has probably ruined the game. The straps and medallions makes the game too much of a money grab now. Their perks keep disappearing too.
  • They just killed the game 1/5

    By firpo killed champions
    You can no longer be free to play. You must pay to stand any chance at attaining anything. Firpo is an idiot. I loved this game, been in it since the start. They killed the ability to grind resources and for that I have deleted the game.
  • I can’t play it 1/5

    By Julieshales
    It’s nonsense how can I download a game and all I can see is ASSET ERROR I’m disappointed
  • Impossible to play if just starting 1/5

    By Sal Zurica
    This game is almost impossible to play(without spending money) after 2 years, I wouldn’t even download it if you were just starting today
  • Bust your wallet out 1/5

    By chia chump
    The game has become strictly pay to play. It’s recommended to not waste your time downloading this game if you haven’t yet.
  • Great community, terrible company. 2/5

    By VMorr3
    Ive been playing this game for a year and a half, and can honestly say that the game has gotten worse and worse with every day on multiple levels. 1. Although you can play and have fun f2p, its a very much p2p game if you want to attain the new top characters released every month. Characters have only become harder and more expensive to attain. 2. Constant game play glitches and errors. With every new release of an event, there are game play issues like clockwork. Things that Scopely does not make a priority because it does not affect their bottom line. Dont expect support to be helpful, youll just get the run around. 3. When things do affect Scopely’s bottom line, they will fix and repair the issues within moments. They also reserve the right to be totalitarian in their power to remove characters and revert gameplay that benefit the community and adversely affect them. If youre looking to casually break gems and have fun with some of the current superstars and freebie characters. Have at it. However, if youre looking for a game to have some nostalgic moments with. To collect some of the classic characters and use them. As well as join one of the top factions, expect to pay for it.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By wasa wasu
    I liked when Andre was added to the game but I think u should add more wristbands that come out but this game is amazing and u should give out free guys every week also my dad plays and thinks it’s amazing!
  • Save yourself- do not download 1/5

    By MeanGene19
    The only thing worse than the mechanics of this game is the customer service and false advertising of “equal odds” to pull a new character. This game has by far the WORST customer service support from any business, organization or group. Well done Scopely- others that have played the game for two to three years will certainly agree with my review. If you’re a new player, read up about the game on discord and reddit and you’ll see what I am talking about

WWE Champions 2019 app comments

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