WWE Champions 2019

WWE Champions 2019

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  • Current Version: 0.377
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Scopely
  • Compatibility: Android
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WWE Champions 2019 App

Play the NEW WWE Champions 2019. Join over 35 million fans in the #1 downloaded WWE game. Enjoy NEW features like new PvP Showdowns, enhanced graphics, and faster-than-ever in-ring action. Battle your way to the top with hundreds of the newest Superstars & all-time greats. Compete worldwide in mens, womens, and mixed tournaments. Play solo or join a Faction. Battle in puzzle RPG combat to climb leaderboards. Compete on the Road to Wrestlemania and feel the excitement of the WWE Universe! **WINNER! 2018 Webby People's Voice Award (Sports Games)** ===GAME FEATURES=== NEW WWE CHAMPIONS 2019 UPDATES * NEW PvP Showdowns * NEW PvP Showdown Shop * Enhanced graphics & animations! * Faster than ever action with no load times! * New Superstars & Legends every month NEW! PVP SHOWDOWNS * Multiplayer VS. update with more ways to compete & win * New Showdown Shop store delivers exclusive rewards & prizes * PvP WWE battles with enhanced worldwide matchmaking * New simultaneous tournaments for men, women, and mixed tag teams. NEW WWE SUPERSTARS AND 100+ ALL-TIME GREATS * NEW Superstars & gear include Becky Lynch, NWO Randy Savage and Wolfpac Sting * Download now to start with The Rock, Roman Reigns, Alexa Bliss, and John Cena * Recruit Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and all of today’s top Superstars * Choose The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and all-time Attitude Era icons. * Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, Asuka and top Women’s Superstars compete in their own division. * The NWO, New Day, DX, and all the greatest factions are here. WWE ROLE-PLAYING GAME ACTION * Use RPG skills to earn XP in this unique RPG Puzzle Battle Game. * Win matches to customize moves and upgrade your team. * Epic RPG gameplay lets you combine a variety of skills. * Hire Trainers to boost your Superstars’ abilities. * Strategize! Pick the best Class to beat opponents. Choose from Technicians, Strikers, and more. WWE EVENTS & CONTESTS * Join the WWE Universe in new weekly bouts and fighting game events * WWE Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live themed battles * From WrestleMania to SummerSlam, play events inspired by the Pay-Per-View events * Enter monthly title events and recruit up-and-coming WWE Superstars * Travel The Road from NXT to arenas around the world * In-game Contests update every week to match on-air and Pay-Per-View schedules MATCH 3 GAME. WWE MOVES * Match 3 gems to obliterate rivals * Use signature WWE Superstar moves * Upgrade to use the Rock Bottom, Attitude Adjustment, Styles Clash and more. * Puzzle RPG combos and finishing moves FACTIONS & ALLIANCES, WWE STYLE * Join a Faction to play with friends and to heal and help teammates * Strategize with Faction members in your own Headquarters * Exclusive Faction Missions earn rewards and loot VIP MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTIONS * Subscribe to WWE Champions exclusive memberships * Play as Triple H - King of Kings, DX Triple H, or DX Shawn Michaels * Access to exclusive content, contests and special rewards Free trials will convert to a recurring subscription after 7 days (if applicable). The payment shown in the price and payment schedule at time of sign up for the tier selected will be charged to your account when the subscription begins, and it will auto-renew as described unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of a subscription period. Renewal payments will be charged within 24 hours before the end of a subscription period on the same price and payment schedule you selected . Unused portions of free trials will be forfeited upon purchase of a subscription. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewals in your device account settings. Terms of Service: http://scopely.com/tos/ Privacy Policy: http://scopely.com/privacy/

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WWE Champions 2019 app reviews

  • The reward announcement won’t go away. 2/5

    By cometpark
    To the WWE Champions crew, WWE Champions is a good game. On my IPhone not so much. There is this thing with the reward announcement. Once I press the claim button and the display slides right it slides left back on my screen. So I press it again and it slides back on to the screen. I haven’t played WWE Champions on my IPHONE in a long time. Please fix this problem Thanks
  • Delete this game immediately 1/5

    By buttbouy676
    I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. If you wanna play a good wrestling game on mobile, play wrestling revolution 3D, and forget this one exists. Don’t spend money on this game, and don’t play it. Go make a sandwich and forget this game exists
  • Game ain’t loading 3/5

    By flamigoyt
    Pls fix it I want to play the game
  • Needs work 2/5

    By trahan6.9
    Game needs work. Keeps closing before matches and that takes lives away from players so you have to use health pack everytme without even being able to play match
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Dukes1979
    The game crashes constantly especially if you’re doing good in a match. I’ve contacted the developers for help and they ignore me and tell me that it’s my device. My iPod is up to date with all the latest updates and software versions. Unless you are a pay to play individual, then they will help you. I’m not the only one, others have told me the same thing about them. Don’t waste your time on this game, it’s not worth the headache!
  • Yo Check this out 5/5

    By Hursk Dogg
    This game is very good
  • Awesome game give it a download. 3/5

    By xXJoe13Xx
    Ok I re-downloaded this game after a break. I see that you guys are offering a free Becky Lynch so I put the game back on my phone and no Becky Lynch. What’s up with that? Where’s my free Becky Lynch?
  • Bugs 3/5

    By El dorado breeze
    Game keeps crashing on me. Shows a red, green, and blue color like when you smash a screen.
  • Horrible, don’t do it! I wish I could give it ZERO stars! 1/5

    By ItsJDbeoches
    It’s glitches, crashes, it’s almost impossible to get anywhere worth while without spending money. And the offers that they charge you for could be considered robbery. The “help” center literally just copy’s and pastes reply’s (google it, there are times they forgot to fill them out correctly) and they do not care about helping the players at all.
  • Used to be fun, not anymore 2/5

    By NewToReview2
    Game is alright. It continuously crashes and now it freezes within 30 seconds of opening it. Right now it is completely unplayable. Support gives the same scripted response, “they’re looking into it.”
  • Lagging and buggy 2/5

    By The game is amazing but..
    Game has been lagging horribly as of recently. It keeps closing mid match which is annoying because my superstars lose a lot of health. Please fix this because the game is very frustrating to play at the moment
  • Crashing turns into freezing? 1/5

    By MIKEL01837473
    How is this any better? I’ve lost buying Austin, wasted Showdown coins on a Nia Jax upgrade and endless packs of health from crashing in the middle of it. Now, after re-downloading it four times so far in the last 30 minutes, it’s frozen. Waste of time and money after playing to so much.
  • Garbage. Cant even play and I’ve spent $200 1/5

    By Jeff DB
    Every time I open the game it rewards me VIP points but doesn’t stop giving me the notification. I’ve put a ton of money into the game and haven't been able to play for months. Supports been a joke from the get. Forget about this trash.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Padillakid
    Come play this with all your friends and know how to rank up in this game… Come learn how to play for rookies and grown-ups are like you will love it
  • Used to be the best wrestling game...not anymore 2/5

    By Killaray31
    Used to be my favorite game but WWE Universe has taken that title. Don’t get me wrong I love the game but....they could really make it a little less expensive to get new characters unlocked. EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME COSTS ALOT OF MONEY! It’s just too much! You spend and wind up getting characters that you already have. You never and I mean NEVER get the guys your trying to get and it’s set up to make it that way to take your money. This game has become too greedy and I really don’t play it much anymore. It’s become boring to me and WWE universe is just a better game with a lot more ATTAINABLE characters.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By G-S-P
    Unless you want to spend a lot of money to do anything in this game, don’t waste your time downloading it
  • Really good 5/5

    By traetrar
    Best game ever my buddy on the game ones a mansion
  • Heartbroken 1/5

    By simdeer
    I use to love this game. I’ve been playing it for well over 2 and a half years. I’ve had great nights playing with my wife and meeting new people from around the world through discord. I’ve sadly spent thousands of dollars on this game that I once enjoyed. I’ve had the honor of getting to play with some of the best in the game at the top level. This is my first time writing out a big review so I’ll do the best I can. The gameplay is great, has a massive level of potential and the community is good and is what truly keeps you playing. If it wasn’t for the community of people who have bonded over the years, this game would be dead. It’s truly pay to win so if you’re looking for a possible long term game and don’t like to spend money give this game a PASS!!! The game is littered with bugs and constant problems. They expect you to be on the game 24/7 to actually get ahead in the game, that or TONS of money. They over kill everything and are not player friendly at all! They add things to the game that no one likes and even after player feedback they don’t change anything. My thoughts are they are trying to kill the game quietly while they continue to make money. They continue to make things even harder and then continue to pump out trash like perks. (That so many have asked to be removed or not used as much) I don’t have a problem with spend events because a company needs to make money to keep going, however Scopely continues making it impossible unless you spend money. They’ve gotten into a habit of giving unachievable milestones even if you spend money. Be very very careful with this game company because they’re a prime example of why someone with a College degree isn’t always the best qualified person for the job because whoever makes the decisions for this game and the people that should be fixing the bugs got their degree out of the bottom of a crackerjack box!! I truly think if they closed the game down for an hour or two for maintenance like so many other games...it would run so much better. I wish this game company to die a thousand deaths!!!!!!
  • It’s great but 5/5

    Okay so it’s a awesome gam but every time I try to do the tutorial it glitches and I can’t get pass I play on iPad
  • Amazing but one problem 4/5

    By KJDJSD1
    This game is amazing i love but one problem, for the road circuit it’s loading to my match but for some reason it just takes me back to my home screen and won’t let me do the match can y’all fix that please so I can finish the circuit
  • One of the best 5/5

    By ripper1026
    Best game
  • Where’s Alexa bliss? 1/5

    By latinnick
    Downloaded game and did not get Alexa bliss like it said would give me if I downloaded game.lies
  • It’s a scam 1/5

    I’ve never written a review but felt this was worth it. DONT get this app. It’s a total scam for your money. If you are a millionaire it might be worth it but if you work hard for your money they are thief’s. There is no variety and they say they listen to feedback but don’t change a thing. If I could give it zero stars I would. Save your money and don’t get ripped off with this app. Please.
  • Freezing 2/5

    By Airattack8111
    Game been freezing bad, real bad lately and it’s not getting better and the chances of getting other superstars is too low
  • Game 3/5

    By BigMac1243
    It shuts off and go to my home screen and then it keeps doing that
  • App is poor quality 1/5

    By TFenne8492
    App crashes too many times especially before your match and your wrestlers loses health.

  • CM PUNK 5/5

    By RichyRichMr1916
    Why isn’t the greatest into the world in here?
  • Game is fun but emphasizes spending $$$ 3/5

    By Deeodub
    I just downloaded the game, but from what I learned they used to give out redemption codes for items/wrestlers and they’ve done away with that it seems. I’m stuck on a few different event campaigns because I need certain wrestlers that r close to impossible to get without paying (even then the wrestlers u get r random, not guaranteed) so I can’t advance. If u could upgrade/get new wrestlers by actually grinding away playing the game as easily, or at least close to as easily as u could by spending money like they want u to the game would be great! Shame because the game is actually fun, but if this keeps up I’m really debating just uninstalling 😤
  • Request 4/5

    By Penguin24021
    More Females!
  • Love and hate 3/5

    By sosokxks
    I love the game but I spent money on it and it kicked me from the app and took my money, I want my money back now! And I’m furious!
  • Number one game 5/5

    By SeekersVision
    Best graphics.Best history playing game,this game helps keep my memories fresh.
  • Cash grab!! 2/5

    By marsiesmoon
    If you want a free game find something else if you have money to spend it’s a good game!!
  • Poor gameplay 1/5

    By Elitwin
    Would rate this higher if the game would stop freezing every 5 minutes or when switching apps. New features are spectacular but means nothing if game can’t operate properly.
  • Love the game but it’s not fair 3/5

    By Captain POJOE
    I have been playing this game on and off since it came out and I loved it for the longest time. But after the start of the game you realize real fast unless you get a 3 star character you are stuck. I have spent a lot of money on this game (at less for me) and I got cool characters but no 3 stars. I know the game devs got to make money but I just wish I could play more of the campaign but I can’t because none of my characters are high enough level to play. Other than that this game is really great.
  • Love the game, but.... 4/5

    By GaBoy73
    I love to play the game, when I can. My problem with it is the fact that it crashes. It used to crash after two or three rounds of playing. Now when I play, it will crash right in the middle of a game. The crashes are quite frustrating, especially when you’re using a top superstar, and loose a full health meter.
  • Money grab 1/5

    By wwechamps say no
    They only do events where you have to pay to play. It’s pretty terrible considering it is set up to be awesome. Should follow other formats like marvel
  • Love the game but 3/5

    By kb121184
    It keeps crashing on me when I go to do a match most of the time and cost me health packs and time to fix it other then that it a really good game hope this is something that gets fixed soon
  • Kicks me out 1/5

    By soccerfan_luis
    Every time it try to play a match it kicks me out of the game and my character loses all of its health. How can I play the game if the game won’t let me play. Please fix this!
  • Wwe 5/5

    By i'm a selena fan
    I like this game I just want to play it over and over and over and over you can’t do it it’s just my candy crush but you just have to make sure they fight each other
  • Improve game 4/5

    By Killerdaddyo
    Like the game but hate it takes so long to build up wrestlers & I refuse to use pay pal to do it.
  • Need improvement 1/5

    By Paly hulk
    The game is fun but need a lot of work. You can never get 4 star wrestlers unless you spend money. You get the same wrestlers nothing is going to get fix it’s another pay to play style game.
  • Fix please 2/5

    By tiffaney1984
    The game is good but the app keeps closing costing me tons of health just wasted
  • Good Game; Needs MAJOR improvements 3/5

    By Ejose98
    My issue with this game is that every way to get a new character is left at random. There should be a feature to achieve enough cash (V.C.) to earn the superstar we Want. For Example if I want Sami Zayn, I should be allowed to work up enough vc for Sami Zayn. Next- We Need a bigger variety in characters We have 4 different Seth Rollins, 3 Different John Cenas and 3-5 different Undertakers. I want more favorites such as Christian (peep show) Ruthless aggression era or (Captain Charisma) Modern Era. Or how about Matt Hardy (I will not die) ruthless aggression or Xavier woods (who’s the man) NXT or Tyler Breeze Lastly - New attack motions / Better fitting attack motions Maybe it’s a lot to ask that attack motions for certain character types better (ie Goldberg no longer doing a drop kick and instead doing a big boot) but I do feel this game can get some new attack motions. It would make the game more refreshing. Everyone has the exact same motions and it gets monotonous and repetitive. Why can’t Roman reigns throw an uppercut and Jericho throw a different kind of punch? Overall good game, this is what I think needs work
  • Freeze up 4/5

    By tahir003
    It during the moves or games play it freezes up so many times.One membership prices should decrease too.
  • Apple users 2/5

    By qorbxbdb
    Be ready to restart on any new event it never updates for me on my iPhone X
  • Blitz glitch 2/5

    By duaneth123456789
    Really the blitz is glitching out on health once again thanks for not fixing something correctly again here we go can you ever get the bugs out woven blitz glitch my entire faction at once
  • Enjoy the game 2/5

    By not the man the dude
    But it’s a money pit like everyone else states
  • Game survey 2/5

    By a f smash
    Freezes a lot also always end up with a lot of duplicates of things and never anything new and I have a lot of extra stuff that is just sitting in my game and can’t use any of it

WWE Champions 2019 app comments

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