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WWE SuperCard App

Get ready for the largest and most anticipated season yet of WWE SuperCard, the card battle game downloaded by over 15 million players worldwide! WWE SuperCard Season 4 has finally arrived, and delivers 3 brand-new, powerful card tiers with over 250 cards featuring current WWE and NXT Superstars, Legends and WWE Hall of Famers. Season 4 also features highly competitive Player vs Player (PVP) leagues, a unified PVP leaderboard system, slick new environments including new Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, and NXT arenas, the new Elimination Chamber PVP mode, and a whole lot more. Prepare your card deck, step into the ring, and prove you’re the best in the world! WWE SuperCard Season 4 includes: 3 NEW CARD TIERS WWE SuperCard Season 4 introduces 250 new cards, featuring WWE Superstars like John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Stone Cold Steve Austin! Three new tiers–Beast, Monster and Titan–showcase more powerful cards, with unique card frames and brand-new WWE Superstar images. Season 4 also includes the debut of NXT’s Eric Young, Adam Cole, and more! PVP LEAGUES AND MOMENTUM Become the top ranked SuperCard player in the world! See where you rank in WWE SuperCard’s new unified leaderboard and league system for PVP game modes. Earn Competitive Points for every PVP match you win, earn even more based on your rank in your weekly league, and get even better rewards by ranking on the global leaderboard. Then, use Competitive Points in the CP store to get new cards, cardbacks, and packs! Plus, get a head start on the competition through the new Momentum system. Earn Momentum while you play to unlock powerful boosts for the next league. NEW GAME MODE - ELIMINATION CHAMBER A brand-new mode joins ‘War’ (formerly Ranked) and ‘Royal Rumble’ in the PVP rotation, and is the first mode to feature an all-female Superstar deck! Prove you are a true wrestling technician in head-to-head, deck-elimination gameplay. KING OF THE RING 2.0 The ever-popular ‘King of the Ring’ mode gets a sleek overhaul this season, with an all-new bracket structure and more rewards! Now, battle head-to-head in groups of eight during the 32-player tournament, and earn awesome rewards for each stage you advance. OPEN CHALLENGES Earn tickets each day by completing new daily and event-based challenges while you play. Redeem your tickets for powerful rewards! NEW CARD ART & ANIMATIONS Get ready for an all-new look to WWE SuperCard! Season 4 features a sleeker and more streamlined look and feel with a refreshed user interface, new animations for Money in the Bank mode and Support cards, and electrifying environments that reflect WWE’s flagship programs such as Raw, SmackDown Live, and NXT. ***Update requires OS 9.0+ WILL NOT RUN ON ANY EARLIER OS***

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WWE SuperCard app reviews

  • Fix it 2/5

    By dean anborse fan
    Please fix it it won’t let me play it.. if u did fix it I will put it back to 5 stars
  • Great but 4/5

    By QJ457777
    This game is great I like it a lot, but there are minor issues. I noticed that the waiting on network happens very frequently, it’s hard to get more better male cards, and you may have the same tier level but they still have better cards than you and you lose a lot. Other than that and having to pay for cards a lot because the free cards don’t really give you anyone I’m good. I’ve had the same guy titan for some time now and I need a better guy. My females, I get better cards easily, it’s the males I don’t.
  • Gave me health problems 1/5

    By DakotaIsHere
    I don't want to waste your time so I'll keep this short and sweet. When someone leave my team I go through a month of minor depression when it's major member. And,I can't quick BC I'll go through huge depression. So if this company would go out of business it would be great for me? Other then that great game. But if you're depressed do NOT download. So I'm gonna go now. Thanks for reading
  • GOOD GAME 5/5

    By luke dilisio
  • Money in the bank 5/5

    By theres a problem 💵💵
    Please make it easier and lower the contracts
  • TRASH 1/5

    By Dragsnez
    I played for a long time stopped gave it another try and it still trash you vs people with so much better cards than you
  • Fun but got boring 4/5

    By TralAcrobat308 on xbox
    Game is good at first but later on you can’t do much besides money in the bank.
  • One thing about it 5/5

    By BigE 1109
    It will not let me get any more cards and I do not have my card limit
  • WWE SuperCard challenge rewards 5/5

    By carson8255
    Next update with challenge pack and grand challenge pack you show put throwback packs in the packs cat daddy
  • Really needs work 1/5

    By Ember901
    This game keeps crashing I love the game but it really needs server work don’t know what else to do. I have emailed them it hasn’t helped.
  • One problem 4/5

    By Khxlefa
    Keeps lagging a lot each time i wanna play a match every thing goes well then i start the second one lags completely
  • Oh yeah 5/5

    By jrjejeyeghhsieownz-:3,🧐🧐🧐😔
    This game is the bomb 😛😛😛
  • Download now 5/5

    By Meltongirl84
    Download it you won’t regret it!! Best card game ever!! My fiancé got me to try it and I have fell in love I even got up to a monster tier in no time!!!
  • Good game 4/5

    By ajdog79
    Need to make it easier to get tickets in money in the bank and make it faster to get picks but other than that overall a good Game
  • Too much maintenance 4/5

    By tictactyler
    I love this game but it’s super to hard to rank up and get credits also every day it’s always maintenance I just want it fixed it’s cost me a titan card and a hall of fame pack for the monthly login and how come Curtis axel and bo Dallas aren’t compatible?
  • NEED HELP PLEASE!!!! 1/5

    By fiathoonigan
    I don’t know how to get ahold of the developers of this game but your servers are not working. I can’t play ring dominator or load ads for free card packs or more bouts. Please help
  • Unless you like spending lots of money and too much time. 1/5

    By Padf
    I’ve invested a lot of time in this game, spent plenty of coins. Rewards are always minimum. I buy the big packs I get the least valued rewards. I earn packs in rewards on PVP, I get the least valued rewards. So if I spend money or time I’m forced to play a unhealthy amount to hope for a drop. I understand you won’t draw that many out of the deck. But, when I’m gunning to be in the top 5 in my league and then go get rewards with currency and/or packs. It’s more of a waste than not.
  • 👍 4/5

    By juice 2006
    It’s a okay game it’s fun to collect the cards more than the game it’s self
  • Last man standing 4/5

    By davanthony
    I love this game however during last man standing event it claims that u will receive the card that is shown at the end of the event ur rank determines the cards power. But I have not gotten the card a don’t know why and have no idea how to contact the maker or admin for the game
  • Changing names 5/5

    By LoveSosa408
    This game is fun but it could be better if we could change our usernames
  • Awesome 5/5

    By chloewalter101.5
    Best game ever so addictive
  • Rewards Bug 1/5

    By This made me rage
    After the last man standing it didn’t sent the rewards in my mailbox
  • Dudu game 1/5

    By someonetolearnfrom
    So I open the gift that you was supposed to get a summer slam 18 tier card and guess what I didn’t even receive it only thing I got was the credit and the battle points
  • One suggestion 3/5

    By TheCalmBro
    I love this game and play it when I can but I have a suggestion. You should add trades! Ok it sounds crazy but It would be AWESOME!!! My username in SuperCard is JacobMC by the way. So please try to answer this suggestion. But I would give it 5 stars if I could get to actually play this. It just won’t let me play the wild, war, etc. Please help!!!
  • Fun 5/5

    By Hsbsbam a
    I love this game, but what you should try to do is make people be able to trade cards in this game with others. I think that would be awesome
  • Pretty good game but... 3/5

    By Beastmode 101
    It won’t give me my battle points! If only gives me 10% of it or so! I have been grinding with my team but I’m still making no progress with the battle points!
  • jhdkdkjd my account 5/5

    By Gamer4life!!
    ILove this game it’s the best GET IT AND RATE 5 stars NOW I LOBE IT
  • Amazing game but tired of maintenance 4/5

    By Rampaigerqueen
    This game is really fun to play. It’s easy to get coins. I’m a titan and I haven’t spent a penny on this game. It is sometimes annoying though when I pick literally the same person every time. I literally have like 20 Charlotte Flairs in my deck overall. And I don’t even like her so I feel like y’all are purposely trolling me or something lol. But on a serious note, sometimes King of the Ring gets totally messed up. My deck in KOTR is a Monster deck but the other day when I went to start it it changed my rank from Monster to Rare. I’m not sure why. It was an easy win sure, but because I was in the rare league I only got the rare pack even though I should have been in the monster pack! Also, the game is constantly searching for network or is down for maintenance and it really does become extremely annoying. But other than those things the game is really fun to play especially if you are on a good team.
  • Fun game, but... 4/5

    By BlackStormy26
  • Ughhhhhhhu 4/5

    By Xhaan2
    This game has sooooo much network errors
  • Logging in 3/5

    By johnnyg3361
    Cat daddy I’m so tired of the game is down for maintenance it’s very annoying it almost wants to make me delete SuperCard
  • One problem 3/5

    By (•.•)HI
    This game is a really fun game but the problem is the game doesn’t have good connection. I feel like the game always has a maintenance every time I log on! I got this game the week it came out and seems to have gotten much easier! I think a player from the common tier can easily get to a hardened tier by grinding for one day!
  • This game won’t load 5/5

    By Joker irksome
    I’ve been trying to load my game for the last hour now, and it is not working. I don’t know why it is doing this crap. You don’t know how frustrated I am.
  • Mejoras 2/5

    By Jeisonjor
    Deberían ponerlo que Pueda Actualizarlo sin wifi en IPhone que lo pueda actualizar con los datos Móviles hay les daría las 5 estrellas

    By itsyebroadnan
    First of all this game is one of the best I don’t want people to dislike it. Please remove the DLC problem because it is one of the most annoying problem. Now I am not able to play this game at the present. Please fix this problem and maybe after this, this game would get a boost in the downloads.
  • Freaking awesome 5/5

    By Kittyrulesyou
    Awesome game,,,,
  • Season 1 1/5

    By crusty reviewer
    The matchmaking is broken I’m in beast ++ and I’m playing pro titans, Goliaths, and wrestlemania 34’s
  • Tooooooooo lllllllooooooonnnnnnnggggggg to get in 1/5

    By kingvick9
    It takes long to get in the freaking game step you skills up 😡😡😡😡😡.
  • Maintenance..... 2/5

    By tapoutteazy
    Very fun game, but over the last month maintenance has gotten ridiculous. Constant server crashes and weekly “extended maintenance periods” have made me lose interest.
  • Maintenance 3/5

    By Nelson-Ator
    You guys constantly do maintenance breaks. And in order to beat these challenges like Road to glory it requires you to be on the app every time you have a bout. And you guys do maintenance breaks for hours! So I can never earn all 3 players from road to glory even though I’m on constantly. Instead of always doing maintenance breaks fix the whole game and just make it a bug fix update instead of keeping everyone from getting rewards it’s unfair. My name on the game is Nelsonyte if you want to go ahead and mail me some beast cards since I’m not able to earn them because of hours of maintenance keeping me off the game.
  • Bout to delete 2/5

    By taj1995577
    I am getting annoyed with this game. It’s taking forever to load and I am trying to collect my daily reward. I have tried deleting it and tried downloading it again and it still does the same thing.
  • Love it except 5/5

    By jonmckay
    I’ve been playing it for a while and now it won’t even load
  • D 4/5

    By Imateacher123
  • Unfair 4/5

    By Hbk021
    The draft board picks are infuriating especially since your in the plus version of your tier my profile is monster++ yet I still get hardened tier and below picks which is not cool so my point is that when you get a pick that resets the board it should be equal to or higher than your tier
  • Waiting and waiting....... 1/5

    By RussDaBen
    The Waiting for Network is absolutely ridiculous!!!!!! I’ve lost matches and draft picks due to it. I have been known to spend money on games but I will never spend a penny on this game until you fix this issue. I think it has actually only gotten worse over the last few months. I like the game, it’s a real pity
  • SuperCard 5/5

    By crisse41 15
    This game is very good for the people who are fans of wwe so it’s a good a game the only thing I don’t like is they do network on mantis but it’s a good game
  • Fun 5/5

    By Evol GoodBandit
    Just is a fun game to play on the go
  • Help 3/5

    By callmefou
    This game is so cool. But after a few days of playing when I want to play any game in there it tells me you reached your enhancement limit and no more can be reached at this time What can i do to fix it?
  • Creatorssuck 1/5

    By granola//
    Why is this game so confusing and have such stupid rules? It won’t let me play any of the featured battles and never explains how to upgrade and combine cards. Such a waste of time.
  • Fun 4/5

    By Skeety420
    Kinda pay to win

WWE SuperCard app comments

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