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  • Developer: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Download the WWE app to access WWE Network and stream every live pay-per-view and thousands of hours of video on demand including: • Every WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-view in history • Exclusive weekly in-ring shows • Original series and documentaries • Every episode of Raw, SmackDown and NXT In addition, get the latest WWE news, announcements and results, and get behind-the-scenes access to your favorite WWE Superstars and Legends.

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  • Used to be great 5/5

    By Sewerat1978
    wwe shop keeps charging me $25 for a “mystery” t shirt that I never ordered. TWO times within the past few weeks. I’ve spent way too much valuable time on the phone with wwe customer service. If I am charged again for this shirt I will have no choice but to report it to the Better Business Bureau. I am thoroughly disgusted by WWE shop.
  • Is Great but update 5/5

    By Xavierxme
    What i got WWE network on my iPad it was got but they need to fix bc it keep like a bug of something but yeah it’s need to fix it
  • Unbelievable low tech video app used. 1/5

    By betterthanmayweather
    Unbelievable no pip iPad app.
  • Ur $9.99 goes to Trump 1/5

    By Bayareaman4life
    Congratulations!!! Your $9.99 will help Trump win another 4 years!! He will continue to separate families.. put mother in one camp, father in another, children in another. Streets will be full of Nazis, white supremacists harassing none whites and looting Their communities.. don’t even read the fbi’s report where it states that hate crime has been the highest in years!! Your $9.99 will make all of this possible. Now grab some popcorn and sit back and enjoy some wrestling as Trump turns us against each other!!
  • Didn’t Download 1/5

    By LululoA
    This app showed up on my phone even though I never downloaded it or have even looked at it. Sketchy!
  • To wwe 5/5

    By shvmebfc
    I live this app so much but when I got to watch ppv in my computer it is like 3 minutes later and when I check on my phone either the person won and I wanna see it at it is in my phone
  • it's awesome 5/5

    By lilznvrfailz
    the add is absolutely awesome you everything you need without commercials . And it is awesome bcs everybody in the wwe is in it you get tge olides and the new ones it's just a great way to use wwe.
  • WWe is trash 1/5

    By dephtones69
    WWE is awful. Even from a few years back their new content is complete garbage. Stop watching them and watch other companies.
  • Ads...really? And still payback issues 2/5

    By NBT001
    I love the accessibility of the network and being able to look back through the years that made this company so great. But it’s hard to do that when the content you watch stops and buffers every 2 minutes...literally. Then after a time will just quit on you with errors. It is one of the cheaper streaming services, but thats no excuse to have so many glitches. Also, maybe I missed but I’m a paying customer of the network; have been since the the early inception and before the release of this free version. So if I’m paying a monthly fee; why am I now seeing ads before videos play. Shouldn’t that be something reserved for viewers that choose not to pay for the service? Just saying.
  • Good but.... 5/5

    By oreocrem
    I love the wwe app but if you skip 10 seconds multiple times the sound glitches other then that is great and I love this app and it is so fun!
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By ATK_02
    I’m trying to watch shows on the app and it won’t even work so maybe you can actually fix it and I can enjoy it once again BTW I AM USING AN IPHONE 11 AND IT STILL WON’T WORK SO FIX OR ILLEGAL I CAN SUE YOU BC YOU TOOK MY MONEY WHEN YOU WON’T LET ME ON THE APP
  • WWE app cons 3/5

    By just seyin
    WWE app is a great app but how com you can only watch smack down from most recents only from a month ago the heck am I going to do with smack down from one month ago I dislike that so much I really do hope you guys fix that pronto.
  • Glitches 2/5

    By yougin.davina_im cute
    Look i had dis app for like 2 years now and it haven’t been glitching how it is today so yall need to fix dis cause im tryna watch raw and its glitching.
  • You could do better 3/5

    Well I purchased my subscription so I could watch raw,nxt,smackdown live every week only to find out they don’t stream live an they release episodes 3 weeks apart from when they aired except their undesirable reality shows total Bellas an miz and mrs but they have some good documentaries like the undertaker last ride trilogy an they keep giving him more and then there’s all the old episodes from the attitude era which is nice I’ve gone back an watch some classics if your looking to watch your favorite brand every week this isn’t the place an I only know of Hulu releases it the day after other then actually getting cable also I forgot that this is the only place to properly watch ppvs which is nice the only thing I believe to deserve three stars
  • Charter Member 5/5

    By Number Hana Fan
    I got the WWE Network on February 24th of whatever year that was. I’ve seen every change from the get go. The network came in on my computer and I had to string HDMI cable to my TV. But it worked. I truly believe the WWE has ironed out about all the bugs. I have been watching WWE wrestling ever since it was called the WWWF. It was great then and it’s great now. And that’s all I have to say about that.
  • Phenomenal App BUT — 4/5

    By Robert W Rogers
    Look, The app is wonderful all-around and has so much content in it that it never gets boring and there’s always something fresh within it and for everybody. However, I never thought I could say this but the app is too large! I think it would be better off if it were broken apart some. The WWE network apart from the WWE app itself. Make them two apps and keep the streaming service separate from the actual app. It’s too large and it would be so much easier to navigate and it would not drag and lag so much if the app was separated into 2 distinct apps. •The WWE app and •The WWE streaming service. Please consider this! This app is too heavy. Other than that the service is great and I love all the wonderful content that is offered and as far as a streaming service goes, you cannot be 10 bucks! The library is massive and it never gets old. I love going through the attitude era and re-watching classic Monday night raw episodes, as well as SmackDown. All the ppvs and all the specials and originals it’s wonderful.
  • WWE 1/5

    By Review Specialist91
    Please add LIGHT mode
  • Is there a way to pay for a sub with iTunes? 4/5

    By Daniel3160
    Is there a way to pay with iTunes?
  • Great app but something are removed 4/5

    By Nuchie13
    I like this app I really do but I know they removed all mention of Benoit but something normal as the Boogeyman saying London bridges it’s removed for no reason at all But great app overall
  • Horrible 1/5

    By zachfromor
    Impossible to navigate on Apple TV. And why would you sign me out in the middle of me watching something?? FFS are you trying to get me to unsubscribe?!
  • Download option? 4/5

    By Mikes jello
    What can I say. It’s WWE. If you love it, we’ll then you love it. And I do. I especially am appreciative of the really old school stuff I grew up with. And this is so much better than the $40 or $50 for just a PPV we used to pay. Way better with all the older PPV and programs to boot!!!! The app is a little glitchy sometimes but most streaming apps are. I would love the option to be able to download shows to my device with in the app so I can watch WWE programming on my lunch breaks in which I do not have access to WiFi.
  • Yeah, I’m gonna cancel... 2/5

    The fact that I can’t sign into my account from my smartphone is indefensible. This is 2020. Typing out a password with an Amazon Fire Stick remote is just not gonna cut it.
  • eh 1/5

    By #RiddleTheRapist
    app is glitchy but the worst part is wwe still employing matt the rapist riddle
  • WHY ADS 1/5

    By RickNoa3
    I PAY a monthly subscription fee, why am I paying to see ads? If this keeps up for another week I’m unsubscribing. Hope your ads bring you more money than your monthly subscribers do.
  • Problem rewind 1/5

    By i love her 😭😭😭😭
    I really wish that wwe would get us caught up to the current dates for that certain day, I’m still stuck in September and it’s October 22 today. I’m really hoping that they can fix this issue! Please fix this
  • App needs fixing 1/5

    By jason42292
    I watch the classics on my iPad when I’m traveling on the road and I can’t enjoy it because on top of the screen i see the time and date on the screen during streaming and it’s annoying I can’t deal with this please update the app and fix that problem it’s been a year I been dealing with this problem I contacted wwe directly and they send me here because they say it’s the App Store that deals with this problem
  • Video Playback Ends when I’m watching the next pay-per-view 1/5

    By Naaki AA
    I’m watching a replay of WrestleMania then I want to watch 33, guess what it immediately ended then straight on to 34. I hope they have a better update and not have any other worst updates that are useless. PLZ!
  • Yes 5/5

    By Online dating reports ~~
  • Fast forward doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Albert Lawson
    The content is good, glad to see some indie stuff in there. But the fast-forward (on AppleTV) doesn’t work at all. Seriously, if you can’t get one of the most basic functions of any video app to work properly, that somehow works on literally every other video app in existence, you don’t deserve even one star.
  • T 4/5

    By quítame
    Bruh why can’t I not watch smack down or raw live?
  • Great just missing PiP 4/5

    By Mike103078
    Great app...a lot of old school shows that is missing today. Only complaint I have is please put Picture in Picture feature in.
  • iOS 14 4/5

    By Ffggfggggg
    Still no Picture in Picture
  • 2 features 4/5

    By GarryPerkins
    It would be nice if we could watch raw smack down and next live from the app instead of waiting for it to be uploaded and if we was able to search certain matches with wrestlers by typing in their name example if I type Roman Reigns vs Triple H every match they’ve been in will show up
  • Wwe 5/5

    By red creeper 35
    I love wwe since 1 year old my favorite is undertaker you can watch stuff free I like stone one of my favorites as well butterbean hulk hogan sgt slaughter by
  • Feature you should add 4/5

    By rmm41486
    Please at PIP support. (Picture in Picture) thanks.
  • Autoplay. 3/5

    By Sunthebun1
    The app is good but there are issues with the autoplay feature. When it goes to the next episode of any show the autoplay skips the very beginning of them. Also some early episodes of shows are not playing in the correct order and these shows are Mid-South Wrestling episodes from 1981 through 1983 as well as WWE NXT from 2010/2011.
  • It was great 1/5

    By jodiejoe23
    When you guys updated it a changed everything it ruined the app I used to be able to just watch wrestling all day not it kicks me out for no reason and it takes forever to load thanks guys
  • Logs out daily 2/5

    By Parker (Sunshine Pumper)
    Really tired of this app logging me out literally every single day. This was supposed to have been fixed several updates ago. It’s only gotten worse. Considering cancelling, and I’ve had this app since Day One Is H.
  • Update Issues 2/5

    By Meggylynn24
    I’ve had the network for some time. But since the update, every time I try to watch certain things like NXT UK it says only for people subscribed which I am and have been for years. It’s frustrating.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Picktor
    Android TV, Android, iOS... All of these app versions are horrific. Nothing is more annoying than being randomly signed out of this app and having it literally not accept my actual password the first time I attempt to... I kid you not... I have to submit my login twice to sign in successfully... So after my first attempt, I automatically assume I have the wrong password (I have a lot of different accounts with unique passwords). This app is horrible. Also, please get new content. NXT is boring now. All their best talent kids plucked to the main roster and then burried. Cant watch Raw or Smackdown episodes for a month. I’m about to cancel...
  • It crashes 2/5

    By hdidbdhdj
    It crashes all the time but I guess good app to watch wwe
  • Chelsea 5/5

    By chelsea doucette
    Can you put wwe wrestling on Facebook or google or spectrum thank you
  • App keeps crashing 2/5

    By Christopher Phiouthong
    Don’t know why the app keeps crashing. Reset my phone and it still doesn’t work.
  • Cures boredom 5/5

    By ajstylesfan111
    When I’m bored I just go back and watch a royal rumble or something, there’s pretty much always something on here to watch, that being said if wwe and aew even though they most likely won’t make a network where you can watch matches from both companies so help me god take my 10 dollars.
  • Shows not up to date 1/5

    By MexicanoSwagg
    Shows are a month behind , connection problems , app always crashes , service should be free with all these problems
  • There are a few wrestlers not on the rosters 3/5

    By Ezrah B
    There are a few people missing like Austin Theory and Kacy Catanzaro
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By mbumb
    To paraphrase Jeff Jarrett (that's J-E-double F, J-A-Double R-E-Double T), this app is crap. And so is their customer service.
  • Love the app and I love wrestling 5/5

    By JermHerm
    The app is awesome, I love being able to watch every match. Whether it be today’s matches, or especially matches I didn’t get to see growing up. If you’re a wrestling fan, you need this app. I’m a lifelong fan and I’ll be subscribed for the rest of my life. However the streaming buffers a lot. I have near perfect internet and every match I watch skips...like every 3 seconds it buffers. I pause it and let it load for 10 minutes and the match plays perfectly for a little bit then starts buffering again. It is irritating but like I said I’m a lifelong fan and I’ll be subscribed no matter what. I just want the app to run smoothly. P.S. I’m rating 5 stars just because I love the organization and the “critics” make me irate
  • Stream live 5/5

    By huhhyv
    I think that they should stream shows live from the wwe network.

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