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WYFF News 4 - Greenville

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  • Current Version: 5.13.801
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WYFF News 4 - Greenville App

Take the WYFF News 4 app with you everywhere you go and be the first to know of breaking news happening in Greenville and the surrounding area. Always stay up to date with the latest local news, national, sports, traffic, political, entertainment stories and much more. Download the WYFF News 4 app for free today. Our Local News, Weather and Sports App Features Include: - Greenville breaking news alerts with push notifications - Live streaming breaking news updates from our WYFF News 4 reporters when it happens, where it happens - Local news submission area for breaking news, news tips and the ability to email your news photos and videos right to our newsroom to be featured on air - Up to date, current local weather conditions, hourly Greenville weather updates, and 7 day forecasts - An interactive radar that lets you zoom in and out to street level and watch storms as they approach. Move the map around to see major weather activity - Share stories via email or your social media pages - Greenville weather alerts and updates, WYFF News 4 weather team videocasts and more

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WYFF News 4 - Greenville app reviews

  • Chris Justice 5/5

    By Inman Sc weather guy
    Chris and Brad panovich (nbc Charlotte) are the best tv weather guys anywhere. I watch both daily and especially enjoy their look at future weather trends. They make it easy to understand for weather novices.
  • Formatting is poor 1/5

    By WillP680
    I understand that selling advertising space is what allows the app to be free. I am frustrated that the ends of each paragraph of each story is covered by the ad panes. I am unable to find any setting that allows me to format the font to try and eliminate this. Other local news station apps don’t have this issue. Deleting WYFF and using them.
  • Can’t read entire articles! 3/5

    By thebachan
    As I read the article it stops in mid sentence by a advertisement! Why is that? Very irritating! Put the ads at the end of the article!
  • Options Needed 3/5

    By Nothingsvailable
    I like the app but agree that I don’t like the ads. But my biggest problem is that I can’t open a story to read quickly. I can’t always play a video to hear the news. Just want the info and be able to quickly review it quietly. Having the option to read vs listen would be great!
  • Dysfunctional App 2/5

    By dujvd
    Unusable. Incomplete stories because in the middle of a sentence there will be an ad and the words don’t wrap around the ad, they just disappear and the middle of the next sentence or paragraph starts below the ad.
  • WYFF 5/5

    By mcsq60
    I love having WYFF app on my telephone at my fingertips and I watch it every night too
  • Video 3/5

    I hate that ads start to play without me wanting it too😡
  • WYFF APP 5/5

    By Mema737
    Appreciate your making it available. THANK YOU🌟🌟🌟
  • Blank screen! 5/5

    By Onelest
    Just need to know if my iPad is the only one that will get a blank or black screen when opening this app!Horse with no name.
  • Thoughts 5/5

    By RR 1 Pelzer, SC
    I will always miss John, and will soon miss Dale...I love Justin! I’m a rural mail carrier in Pelzer, SC, so knowing what’s going on with the weather is very important to me! I don’t always get to see the weather forecast, because I go to work too early, and get off too late, the app is a huge help! Thanks Chris and News channel 4! Keep up the good work!
  • Ads 2/5

    By Hardron17
    I understand ads are important to your business, but I get tired of wanting to look at videos and watching ads first. Better coverage of high school sports, not just football during its season. Why does bad news always lead off? In today’s world would it not be better to lead with some good news once in a while. Why do you need 2 1/2 hours of news in the afternoon? Especially when it is the same stories told over and over. Also part of the stories on the app are missing because of the ads placed in the story. Heading need to be more specific to the area that it is about.
  • WYFF 5/5

    By Hoyett
    The channel that brings us the most and best news as it’s happening.
  • Commercials 3/5

    By jtjones10
    Do not like having to listen to a commercial every time I open the app to read a news notifications.
  • WYFF app rating 3/5

    By VWC3
    Serviceable but could use some upgrades. Specifically it would be great if Reader View was available when viewing articles. It would also be better if you could tap to enlarge pictures. I think this would be wonderful especially when ‘wanted’ pictures accompany an article. The pictures can be small and grainy so being able to pinch and zoom would be great. Hope this helps.
  • Forced to watch commercials 2/5

    By refuse commercials
    I refuse to watch commercials when I do not have an option to skip it so sorry too bad Uhh.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Kckeeper
    I love this app! It keeps me well informed on news and weather!
  • Terrible User Interface 1/5

    By -:•¦•:- Apple ßyte -:•¦•:-
    Outdated tabs; poorly written articles are filled with annoying ads. A waste of time as most of the news info is either incorrect or incomplete. An embarrassment for Greenville, SC.
  • HDMI adapter problems 3/5

    By electromek
    iPhone SE, latest iOS, genuine lightning to HDMI adapter. Video will lock up on commercials, jump into zoom mode when broadcast resumes. Has not been addressed in last 6 updates.
  • Sentences cutoff mid-sentence 2/5

    By Turtle Man 2
    I love the local news, but it is frustrating when sentences are cutoff mid-sentence. Important information is often missing from the news stories I read.
  • Proofreading 4/5

    By LeighPReese
    The only reason I don’t offer a five star rating is only because I wish the stories were proofread better
  • Always an ad!! 2/5

    By SimpsonvilleGuy
    It seems like there’s always a loud ad in front of every story! Please use a “Skip Ad” button to help with this annoyance.
  • Horrible grammar and video 1/5

    By Greenville Resident
    You would think a TV station could figure out how to make videos full screen. If I was an advertiser I would cancel! My ad can’t be seen when the video player is not full screen. I am not a grammar person at all. In fact I have really bad grammar. However this app and the people who write for a living make me look like a grammar teacher! You might get new stories about 3 times a week. This market is large!!!! Only two stories happen a day. I believe you should fire your anchors since they have no new news to report! Hearst is the worst! If you don’t believe what I wrong hear, try the app. I speak only the truth! Download channel 7!!!
  • wyff 5/5

    By Lady_Pendragon
    the best news app all round local and world. news and weather. its the only one I need!!!
  • Review 5/5

    By graciegf
    Great app!
  • Screaming ads 3/5

    By Ar5316dc
    I doubt if News 4 needs to put the screaming and annoying ads before every story. First thing I do is turn off volume and just read it.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By NDL Anderson
    The best news ever. Only station I watch news. Love it & appreciate all the well informed announcers. Keep it up💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🙏😍🎶😀😀😀. Nancy Lewis. Anderson SCl Thanks All
  • App review 1/5

    By frustratedwiththispricesd
    WYFF 4 app has many problems. 1.) it is so annoying how after reading a story and I go back to the main page it goes all the way to the top and I have to scroll to get back to where I was. 2.) I’m so tired of the same news being on the site for months. 3.). Then a little while ago you decreased the news even more. 4.) Often I’m reading and the whole app just closes. Please get more news and new news. There are billions of things going on both locally and nationally and you only have 6 or 7 new stories a day.
  • Clunky Format 2/5

    By GeorgeAvakian
    Always been difficult to navigate, and old news stays on it for a long time.
  • Inhabitable 5/5

    By Chocol8Gold
    Cessarich we will miss you and we love you dearly. My dog even watches him. By the way she need a good home as Private Dennis are being evicted for nonpayment for the issues that renain at our apartment home in Eagle Trace apartments. The voice of the I heard is here they are taking advantage and discriminatory. If I could bottle this smell.
  • A little clunky 3/5

    By Brentbman1
    There are excessive advertisements on the site. EVERY time you choose a video you experience LONG ads. If you look at more than one video, you are likely to see the same LONG ad multiple times. VERY annoying. Also, the videos will not go full screen (at least not for me). I love the site content and local news reporting, but based on my concerns stated above, using the app is not a positive overall experience.
  • Annoying! 1/5

    By T7a7m
    When Greenville South Carolina gets RAIN they cut in on your shows! BUT, when the 4:00 news comes on, all of a sudden the weather is not so important! COME ON!! We get tired of here the same weather report for “30” min.. Nothing new.. not even a tornado.. BUT, this weather group seems that their rain report takes priority! Ridiculous!
  • Texted news feed 3/5

    By tall gray haired lady
    Someone needs to proof read text and advertisements before releasing. An advertisement will reduce the news text and leave you wondering where,when. You then go to another stations news feed to get all the information
  • Borderline harassment 1/5

    By Jason572
    99% of news alerts are trash, too much noise to be useful.
  • Rating 4/5

    By Blest2bHis
    Overall I love the app. Keeps me up to date locally and world wide. Don’t like the adds covering up information I’m trying to read especially local roads incidents. I don’t mind adds, but it would be better if they were better positioned. Thanks for all your hard work!🙂
  • Poor app performance 2/5

    By Handyman Fred
    More often than not, stories have missing lines of text. This usually happens in the first paragraph. A line will get cut off, an ad is shown and the second paragraph begins.
  • A friend 5/5

    By Digging Roots
    Thanks for doing a great job of keeping us informed quickly about the latest news.
  • Too Many Ads 1/5

    By shamefully grateful!
    Too many repetitive ads when you want the news. Really, how many times do I have to watch the same ad before I can see the video?
  • Poor App Format 2/5

    By Krinkemama
    Many news apps offer a way to make the print larger or at least allow it to go landscape for easier reading. Why has WYFF not done this? The other problem I have with the app is that the radar covers too long a time. When you’re trying to see the direction of storm is taking, we do not have to review the last several hours to figure out what’s about to go on in our area. Lastly as a comment about reporting. I do not think the reporting covers subjects adequately. A lot of information is confusing or completely left out. I can understand that some information about a crime must be kept out for the sake of the investigation, but there are many pertinent points that are completely on addressed, and many of them could be addressed in your articles. I believe you have gotten a little bit better at typographical error‘s and grammar mistakes. Please continue correcting that. You are a news organization and are held to a higher standard.
  • I used to be pleased.... 1/5

    By Momx2sweeties
    I have been disappointed lately with this app. It is frustrating to read an article when the text is partially covered with an ad picture. If the text picked up where it left off after the ad, that would be fine, but it doesn’t. I sent an email on the “Contact Us” from the app, no one responded.
  • Useless 1/5

    By creativeasylum
    When we try to stream through our TV, the commercials come through at the beginning just fine, but then it glitches out every time. We like WYFF 4, but the app is garbage.
  • Was loving this until... 1/5

    By 3Retrievers
    It opens up an ad as soon as I open the app and often wakes my husband before he is ready to get up. It’s too hard to stop the ad quickly.

    By DingedDragon
    I used to love this app, but now every time I open it those stupid ads start auto playing. Before I could use the app at night, but now I’m afraid to open it for fear of waking everyone in the house up! Please fix this issue so your app can be enjoyable again.
  • Missing text & extra ads 1/5

    By 0101101z
    This app shows mainly ads. What story text is there, is frequently covered up mid sentence by a photo - sometimes the wrong one - or yet another ad. It’s as if no one at the station ever actually looks at this.
  • Review 3/5

    By mirginger
    It would be nice if you updated your information more often. There’s very little to no change during the weekend and I notice in your entertainment you recycle old news
  • Enoughwithads 2/5

    By fix_annoyed
    I have the app just to avoid annoying commercials. The ads on here are ridiculous!!! I have stopped trying to close and reopen the app to avoid the ads that come up before you can think to read the first story headliner. It’s too much!!! Way too many, too often and too annoying to even attempt to read any news from this news station!!!
  • Over the road trucker. 4/5

    By Ni'Flah
    Thank you for the option to use the app. I Need info on various subjects. You all keep up with it all , good and bad news very well thank you.
  • No paper 5/5

    By mrfrog32
    Go to Jacksonville FI a good bit to and love it
  • App issues 3/5

    By donnieff12
    Overall a good app but it will often notify you of breaking news but when you open the app there is no story. The other recent issue is when you open a story a paragraph will be missing. It looks like the advertisement covers it up.
  • Review 3/5

    By Momdadandthekids123
    So many ads are very annoying. The hourly and daily weather buttons don’t appear to work. You have to scroll down to access them which isn’t a problem. Just put buttons that don’t work.

WYFF News 4 - Greenville app comments

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