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Wyze App

The Wyze app is the home for all your Wyze devices. Use your Wyze Cam or Wyze Cam Pan to live stream 1080p full HD video day or night, listen and talk through the built-in speaker and microphone, be notified when motion or sound is detected, capture videos directly to your phone, or add a microSD card to continuously record and capture time lapses. Check out Event Videos, 12-second clips triggered by motion or sound, in the Events page. These videos are securely stored in the cloud for 14-days with no extra charge. You can also discover featured videos captured by the Wyze community or shop for Wyze products directly within the app. Use Wyze to: - View 1080p full HD live stream from anywhere in the world - Record videos on SD card and view later - Hear and talk through 2-Way Audio - Get notified when motion or sound is detected - Review Event Videos with 14 day free rolling cloud storage - See in the dark with Night Vision - Capture time lapses with an SD card - Get custom notifications when Smoke or CO alarms are detected - Shop Wyze products - Discover videos captured by the Wyze community - Turn on or off device notifications - Set advanced schedules to only record the moments that matter - Share devices with friends and family - Customize detection zones and sensitivity

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Wyze app reviews

  • New Version won't start! 1/5

    By App userer
    New version 2.0.21 doesn't work with my iPHONE. Wasted a lot of money on these cameras.
  • Good Camera But Not Great Flexibility 1/5

    By Pbar34
    The camera is good and the setup is a breeze compared to other IP cameras. However, there are few major problems/limitations with this app for my use and apparently many others now that I’m searching on the issues. With my old Foscam cameras and app, I could monitor all of my cameras, real-time. Wyze only lets you see one real-time camera stream at a time. This is a major oversight in the development, in my opinion. People who monitor their cameras would typically like to see all of their cameras at once and then decide if they need to focus on a single camera. The second problem I’ve encountered is that I am using an older iPad 2, which does have the iOS required (9.0+) by Wyze, but the latest app (2.0) says it is incompatible with this ipad. If you are going to use an iOS device as a baby monitor or for home security monitor, you most likely do not want to use your new iPad and leave the app running all the time, relegating your new iPad to only being used as a monitor. This is the perfect role for an older iPad, freeing up your new equipment for other things. Again, I’m running iOS version higher than required in the Wyze literature but apparently Wyze app will not run on the iPad 2, which all other camera monitoring apps download and run fine on (Foscam, FoscamPro, TinyCam, etc.). Again, I think this is an oversight in this young company’s plan. The app would have 5 stars from me if these two issues were resolved.
  • Playback is super buggy 3/5

    By Leopd1
    Viewing recorded videos is quite difficult and unreliable. It sometimes plays the wrong video or nothing at all. You must check the timestamps carefully to know what you're actually looking at. Panning through the timeline is also super awkward. Still lots of great functionality.
  • You get what You pay for 2/5

    By VEE71
    Doesn’t connect half the time. When it does connect it takes forever. Would be nice if they could fix.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By 183737838282$2
    It works good in spirts. Currently, the only way to turn the cameras off is to unplug them. I’ve restarted and I’m already tired of deleting and adding them back. IF you can get them to turn off, they do not display as off. Yesterday I tried to reset my password more than 6 times and the code shows up after the 30 minute expiration. I think I need to just go the more expensive professional route. I’m think it’s update time Wyze
  • New version is nonfunctional 1/5

    By Eoverline
    After the update, I can no longer connect to any of my cameras, it sits on authenticating step one and never connects. Now I have a dozen useless cameras. Emailed tech support with no response for days.
  • On Off Not Working on Camera 1/5

    By Gate106
    I received my first Wyze camera on Monday. I shortly realized that the On Off commands didn't work for the camera from my IPhone. The current version of the firmware is I also noticed that the On Off issue was corrected in the prior version of Looks like something got backed out. Like I said, this is my first Wyze camera, I hope I can buy a second and maybe a third.
  • Good & Bad 1/5

    By PLH GA
    Love the cameras. I have 1 pan and 2 V2. All worked great with Echo Show.... 1 time and never again.... Motion detection has never worked. App needs help as does the skill.
  • Happy, but seems to have become unstable last few month 3/5

    By Paarl111
    Happy with quality and price. But seems software & connection have become unstable over last few months.
  • Recent update 5/5

    By amythebirder
    Did you guys change something with the recent update? I can’t even get my camera to turn on now it just gets stuck in a loop trying to activate. I haven’t done anything different, I’ve tried restarting camera, etc to no avail. I will update review when this is resolved, right now it’s unusable.
  • Software needs improvement 3/5

    By vvebsta
    The camera is great but the scrubbing through playback is painful. Could you please make the timeline bigger or something... it’s REALLY hard to rewind and fast forward through the footage in the playback section. That’s the part of the experience I feel would make this a really great product!
  • Power controls failure 3/5

    By Yidddi
    When attempting to shut off my cam thru the app, the command keeps failing. Pls fix.
  • Wyze & IFTTT automation broken 1/5

    By tabaks
    Since 16 January 2019, shortcut automation of this app is broken. The quality of it is constantly sliding backwards while we are fed unneeded UI updates. Get your priorities straight! The latest redesign makes it almost impossible to delete events unless you have a few minutes to spend browsing around to find all the buttons and menus to press. What were you thinking?! Are you FINALLY planning to fix the image distortion which happens on iPad in lanscape mode? Please, do NOT attach your "support" boilerplate response, it means nothing! Instead, spend that time working on fixing GLARING PROBLEMS with your app!
  • 1/15/19 - Firmware/App Update Broke 1/5

    By Kil7witch84
    The most recent update makes it impossible to power a camera on OR off.
  • speak option 4/5

    By sleeper6478
    product is great for price. anyone have issue with speaking through app to someone near camera? mine worked but not it states -denied access. I can’t figure out where the setting is for speak option. thanks in advance
  • Love the new update 5/5

    By rooster_1969
    I really like the way you’ve added home and away buttons to automatically set the cameras. Fantastic feature! If I could make one small recommendation to somehow show which button is currently active?
  • So close 4/5

    By Boiler_Up14
    Everything works great! I’ve had no problems with the app. The only thing I want is to be able to fast forward through the playback. If you add that feature I’d be happy to give a 5 star rating. I realize the time lapse feature is there, but I don’t want to schedule that consistently
  • App needs work 2/5

    By Steve4721
    The camera is great. The functionality included in the app is mostly what I wanted. But the app looks like it was designed by mobile developers without a user interface person to guide them. The app is difficult to use with functionality hard to find. For example, typically, light colors for menu items are used to denote that something is off. But in this app, light colors indicate that the function is on. It would be much better if it had slide switches as opposed to changing colors. When the power goes out briefly, the camera turns itself back on and begins panning (my default). Which means I need to manually go in and turn it off when I’m at home and don’t want it on. There really needs to be some sort of ability to turn the camera on between certain hours and have it downloaded to the camera. The app could access all sorts of GMT clocks on the Internet for current time. I just upgraded the firmware and now the app won’t turn the camera off. Which disgruntled me enough to write this review.
  • Did work !!! 1/5

    By Mimi barb
    Worked for about a week and then wouldn’t connect! I used the reset button on the bottom. Tried to restart. Nothing!! Bummer!!
  • App is only way to turn off cam, and it doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Heofenum
    There is no power button on the Wyze pan cam itself, so you have to use the app to power off the camera. So first you have to wait (sometimes a couple minutes) to establish a connection between your phone and the cam, then select ‘power off’ from the menu. Nearly 100% of the time, this results in the app ‘thinking’ about it (again, often for a minute or more) before finally saying “Operation Failed”! What operation? Kill the power. Plain and simple. I have no problem pointing and zooming the camera from the app, so clearly there is a connection. Other menu items work. Why is ‘power off’ suddenly such a complex “operation”. I just updated to the latest firmware this morning, hopeful that this would address the issue, but no. I have to physically unplug the camera to shut it down every time. How stupid and lame that it can’t perform this simple task.
  • Needs significant work 1/5

    By Whiskey1973
    I get frequent operation failed notifications on my app. This has occurred with the previous firmware and the current updated version. Do not purchase this camera until the stability is greatly improved.
  • Issues with No help.... 2/5

    By magdiel1975
    I notice I am not getting some of the event notifications when motion is detected... but if I go into “View Playback”, they are all there...why am I not getting notified on all of the motion events? I have called the customer support number several times and every time I get “no agent is available” no matter which prompt I select. I have also sent an email with my issue a few days ago...still havent heard from anyone
  • Unexpected Use 5/5

    By Hendo935
    I got this camera as a gift for Christmas, two weeks later my 3 month old was diagnosed with Epilepsy. We just got home last night, and I decided to try to utilize the motion and sound recording to catch any suspected seizures. Look. I can’t decide what is and isn’t a medical grade device, so don’t sue me if this doesn’t work for you, but I am blown away at how well the motion and sound recording worked last night. I am buying more of these. This will be a fantastic tool in helping us record any events for further help in diagnosis, and peace of mind during the night.
  • Everything Good 5/5

    By SZeto
    Thought the latest firmware update caused issues but it’s fine now. Thanks!
  • Works great! Needs minor adjustments 5/5

    By Rosinski65
    Bought four cams and one pan scan cam. Easy setup just took less than six minutes for all five cams. Would like to see the (<) button as a real button. Big fingers for such a tiny spot. Notifications could be faster but for $20 a cam. It’s fine. This app woulda flawless on the iPad. But my android tablet could use a bug fix on the motion tracking. I keeping the five stars for iPad. 3 1/2 for Android.
  • B+ 4/5

    By (NicknameTaken)
    Camera is great, app is solid. It would be great if there was a way to set days of the week in addition to time ranges for motion alerts. When I’m home on the weekends during weekday work hours, I don’t need to know (and it’s annoying to be told) every time I walk by the camera!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Rayjeanpaul
    So easy to setup.
  • Having tech issues 2/5

    By Steveoirish
    I only gave it a two star review because it is very glitchy I received this as a Christmas present and have been using it to tell my dogs to stay off my couch which is super convenient however it seems to have the hardest time catching up after I use the speak button or the microphone whatever you wanna call it Also every time I check if it goes through a bunch of trying to connect or establish connection otherwise this is an absolutely great little system for the money you pay the picture quality is in sane and sound is really solid the whole thing all in all it is really great minus my two previous complaints
  • Notifications don’t work on iOS 4/5

    By JNC23x
    I like the cameras but the app seemed inconsistent. The notifications used to work and my problem is they were too sensitive at the least sensitive position and I used to get way too many. Now that problem is somewhat solved by having no notifications at all even though the events keep being logged in the app! I only knew about them afterwards when I manually checked them. Even disabling and re-enabling notifications did not work. I found out afterwards that the account has a separate means of turning off notifications but the app does not tell the user that info when trying to configure those notifications in the camera settings. It makes sense when sharing cameras but not when there is only one user.
  • Decent app. Good cameras. 4/5

    By Mahalia Fan
    Please add Siri Shortcuts capability to the app. I have a Cam at my front door and it’s a bit tedious to have to open the app, then click on the camera and wait for it to connect before I can finally see who’s at the door. A shortcut to the camera will save some steps (and time).
  • Pretty Darn Good 4/5

    By ags0014
    This app/camera is very good. There is a few features I really hope they add though. The first being the ability to set specific days and times to record/notify of detection. We have one by our back door, so we don’t want to be recorded every time we go in and out. It’d be great to be able to set this to monitor while we are at work and asleep, but not during times we are home and moving around. So far you can set one block of time to record, but it’s only for one block of time and for every day (no way to change settings for weekends). Secondly it would be nice to be able to disable the microphone somehow. You can choose not to record sound though so I guess it’s not a huge deal.
  • I wished they would actually work.... 1/5

    By William216
    I’m sorry. Bought 2. Worked for a day. Unplugged to move camera and will not reconnect now. No real support.
  • Room for lots of improvements 2/5

    By one of the boys
    Testing two cameras side by side- each reacts differently to the same input. Cannot turn cameras off via app even with strong WiFi signal Have one month to test but the way it’s going so far, cameras get returned and app gets deleted. Disappointed
  • nothing More to Ask for 5/5

    By Dragoseance
    Thank you for the dedication and time spent making and designing a 21st century product on a 21st century budget. This has provided my family a little more security without all the bs out there. Sit back and enjoy what ever your team enjoys, you guys all deserve it.
  • STILL no way to quickly switch between multiple cameras 1/5

    By Ike Leland
    STILL no way to quickly swipe between multiple cameras. This lack of functionality to easily/quickly switch between multiple cameras is maddening.
  • Can not login 1/5

    By '!!!!!!
    No response when press login
  • Great! 5/5

    By Edwin8484
    The camera is amazing. A+ for the price. The app has some issues. I have not updated the last 2 updates as of 1/10/19 because of other reviews of people having issues with them. Please fix issues so that we can have a great way to monitor our belongings and our love ones. Thank you
  • Motion detection is unreliable 1/5

    By cromo647
    Useless. I use the cam to monitor my common living space in an Airbnb-shared apartment. Guests are aware and had no issues so far. That one time I was gone and my guests turned the cam away and it didn't record it. Yet it manages to activate and record gazillions of flies passing by. Completely unreliable.
  • Simple fixes could make it great 3/5

    By Jegipson
    Good cameras and good app. Needs landscape mode for iPad. Needs motion search for SD video.
  • iPad 1/5

    By ash2a
    No landscape mode for iPad. When you use Live Stream, the video’s aspect ratio is wrong. The video looks squeezed. The new update has an ugly icon and the discover and shop tabs are annoying junk.
  • Could be the best with a few changes 3/5

    By At653mj
    We need the following capabilities: 1 - we need the option to change the alert tone. The current one is the standard iOS system tone and does not help to distinguish Wyze alerts. This is an urgent need. 2 - Apple TV App is needed - along with HomeKit capability. 3. A less bland looking interface.
  • Amazing Camera 4/5

    By Max get chromecast
    Love the quality and the Amazon Alexa integration. One thing that I would love to see is integration with Alex routines to turn the camera on via Alexa when it’s powered off.
  • Add fast forward option on playback now! 3/5

    By Fdiaz78
    The cams are an amazing value but the app needs fast forward option! Watching footage for hours finding a quick non event clip is a huge PITA! Guys this is standard on most NVR apps. This should have been in version 1.0 of the app. Make it happen please and I will buy more cams!
  • Frequently unable to access camera when not on home network 3/5

    By AC418
    Unable to authenticate when accessing from outside networks. Happens frequently
  • Waiting for Google Assistant and SIRI support 4/5

    By Haftydoesit
    Love this camera, about to buy the Pan too. Please add Google Assistant integration in your next major update. Really need it!
  • Headphone Audio 1/5

    By ted08
    When you use the app it plays the sound on my actual iPhone and not through my Bluetooth headphones. So every time I open the app it knocks my Bluetooth headphones off and I have to turn Bluetooth off and then back on to reconnect them before I switch back to whatever I was listening to. Otherwise the sound will continue to play through my iPhone and not my headphones.
  • Great cam 5/5

    By caddo brave
    Have 3 and they are great. Purchased additional 2 for another home. Love the quality and full of great features
  • Impressive! 4/5

    By Wallix
    Could we get some Widgets up in here?? Would love to just quickly Record, Photo, etc.
  • Not optimized for iPad 1/5

    By inkkling
    I like to be able to monitor my security camera without having to rotate my iPad when I first load in. Right now all menus are locked in portrait. If this were optimized to have the choice to run in landscape while the app is open that would be ideal.

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