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Wyze App

The Wyze app is the home for all your Wyze devices. Use your Wyze Cam or Wyze Cam Pan to live stream 1080p full HD video day or night, listen and talk through the built-in speaker and microphone, be notified when motion or sound is detected, capture videos directly to your phone, or add a microSD card to continuously record and capture time lapses. Check out Event Videos, 12-second clips triggered by motion or sound, in the Events page. These videos are securely stored in the cloud for 14-days with no extra charge. You can also discover featured videos captured by the Wyze community or shop for Wyze products directly within the app. Use Wyze to: - View 1080p full HD live stream from anywhere in the world - Record videos on SD card and view later - Hear and talk through 2-Way Audio - Get notified when motion or sound is detected - Review Event Videos with 14 day free rolling cloud storage - See in the dark with Night Vision - Capture time lapses with an SD card - Get custom notifications when Smoke or CO alarms are detected - Shop Wyze products - Discover videos captured by the Wyze community - Turn on or off device notifications - Set advanced schedules to only record the moments that matter - Share devices with friends and family - Customize detection zones and sensitivity

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  • Still waiting on dark mode 2/5

    By NickofSpades
    Not sure why the designers (are there designers?) at Wyze haven’t figured out how bad of an idea it is to put a video on a white background. I have to chose whether I want to up the brightness to see the video and blind myself on the white background or miss most of the detail in the video and mute that horribly white background. Make the app dark, it’s common sense.
  • Love the LED on/off for night vision 5/5

    By irivert
    Thanks for listening to customer requests!
  • Please read 3/5

    By F£lix-01
    I would like to be able to program actions in the camera automatically, for example: at night, the camera is not good, I would like the camera to turn off at night or have a winter mode, at a scheduled time and that it automatically turns on the morning. The motion sensor is easily activated, it does not distinguish between people or shadows, the changes of illusion in the ground by sunlight activate the motion sensor. (please improve) Another problem with the motion sensor is when it detects moving, it registers only 12 seconds, then it registers nothing even if it has movement (fatal problem). The camera should continue recording while detecting movement, at least several videos of 12 seconds. the movement stop area I would like to be able to draw it with my finger in order to adapt the area to my needs.
  • Great! 4/5

    By frankieb258
    I love the cameras and the app is pretty intuitive! I WOULD like the ability to schedule notifications for specific days as opposed to all the time. If I'm home on weekends, I get alerts when movement is sensed and I have to mute them, rather than scheduling it by day.
  • Best cameras ever. 5/5

    By TJ122694
    For the price you can’t beat these cameras. Great clear pictures. I would highly recommend these to everyone.
  • Wow. A company that listens 5/5

    By Prying-i
    What a concept. A company that reads reviews and takes those suggestions to heart. Bravo!!! Turning off/on the iR LED is a small victory but allows for external illuminates. Every update seems to address a user suggestion or complaint. A sing of a company that wants to stick around for a while. Highly recommended.
  • Much better than its price suggests 4/5

    By godsgreatestgift
    If you’re on the fence about Wyze, trust me when I say it’s worth it! It works well enough with Alexa, though not great. Still, it's fantastic with IFTTT! The quality and auto-night vision are also better than you’d expect. I can only give the app 4 stars because, while it is good for watching a live stream, it’s missing a few features. You can change the quality from 720p to 360p but even the lowest setting the video is still very watchable if you don’t need to zoom in too much. There are several automations to play with; more than enough for any smart homes. The camera load time is adequate at 3-4 seconds, just a tad bit slower than my Nest (which is a lot more expensive). All this being said, watching a playback of previously recorded video is so difficult to use. The way you have to FF and RW is not even close to being helpful in finding a certain event. It would be great if the developers added a “Skip 15 seconds” feature or whatever period of time. It would make life so much easier than trying to use only the little slider in the current app.
  • Update changed iPad mini aspect ratio 1/5

    By AZJK00
    The most recent update now causes the screen to have black bars above and below the camera image causing a smaller image on screen and wasted space
  • Love Wyze cams 5/5

    By Toekneevu
    I love the quality, price and how easy it is to access the cameras. My only suggestion is for them to update the playback so when you slide it through you can still see what is happening so you can find what your looking for. I’m always trying to monitor what my dogs are doing and it’s very difficult to find exactly when and where they might have done something. Or a fast playback throughout the day would be nice!
  • Good 4/5

    By Groundman
    Would like a better way to scroll through play back like 10x speed etc
  • firmware update broke it 3/5

    By Andiepod24
    the most recent firmware update caused our camera to disconnect. had no issues before this. then it stopped working so I disconnected it and now it won’t reconnect. tried all the troubleshooting suggestions on the website.
  • Camera is Great, App Could Use Some Help 3/5

    By @nickpeer
    I love this camera. It works great, the video quality is amazing, and it has some really nice features. My biggest annoyance with the app is, if the Internet is down, as in my phone cannot get online, and I open the app it acts as if I am logged out. Even once the Internet connection is restored I still have to log in again. It is mostly annoying because I have set a secure password that I have to go fish out of a password manager app. It would be hugely helpful if the app could use TouchID or FaceID and save my password.
  • Wyze cam! Very good! 5/5

    By AbsolutePhenom
    So far so good- best wifi cam I've used to date! No lights no noises from the cam unless you use the mic & speak from wherever you are. Our pets can't figure it out tho- it's quite funny- yet seems to reassure them in our absence. Great little camera! *****+++
  • Can’t sign up 1/5

    By Simon O S
    The app does not respond to the verification code I typed in during signup. It does display a loading circle every time I tap on Sign Up, but it simply disappears without any message
  • 5 Stars!! 5/5

    By GolfCartBobby
    Love this little camera & the app!!!! The motion / sound detection with notifications is my favorite feature!!! Everyone needs one & for the price I am getting multiple cameras to add to our home security. Thank you for a great product!!!
  • Doesn’t record much motion 2/5

    By bigtunabadfish
    Although I love how inexpensive the camera is and how easy the app is to use, the camera does not do a good job sensing and recording motion. I feel like it records less than 50% of the time
  • App just got worse 1/5

    By Homínido
    It used to work well but now the app is really slow and is getting worse. When using ‘view playback’ it freezes and does not show the green sections (when movement was detected) but you can see video stored in the time line just by chance if you keep trying to find something. The audio does not line up with the video on events and time line. Hope this is fixed soon.
  • Great cameras but needs some extra features 3/5

    By krataurus
    Great cameras and very affordable. Nothing can beat those prices. However the app is still missing some features. The ones I wish to see from the top of my list is - simultaneously viewing all cameras - Update thumbnails every time I see the list of cameras without me going through each camera for it to manually update. Allow web access from a browser in case am on the computer.
  • Save to Camera Roll Removed? 5/5

    By SZeto
    Can’t complain as there are a a lot of features but before I could save an event to my camera roll. Now this is removed and I can only save to iCloud. Can we get this back? Thanks!
  • Good enough, but can definitely be better 4/5

    By Normanylai
    I was in the market for a indoor camera because I get very paranoid when I don’t have an eye on my belongings. I didn’t want to spend a lot since I was going to be moving at least 3 times before actually settling in one location. In comes Wyze. This is great for its price, actually better than I thought it would be and with the free storage! Super easy to set up, app is super easy to use. The reason I give it a 4 stars is because of the audio delay it has. When I watch it live, it does have some audio delay (about 1-2 seconds). At first I thought it could have been my WiFi connection, but I have one in my living room (right by the router) and it still has the lag. But the biggest reason from the audio delay is when you play it back and need to record it and save it. The audio delay is about 1-2 minutes delay. Or actually not a delay but it’s 1-2 minutes ahead of the video play. This makes me have to record a minute or two extra (if I need to show it to someone and takes up more memory than I need to. Please take a look and see if there is any update to the firmware that can fix this issue. I know there are many people experiencing this as well. Overall, I still recommend this to many people because it’s great for its price. But I do have friends that would rather use other services even if they have to pay more to make sure it’s all smooth
  • A Fine Cam 5/5

    By RainForestOne
    I ordered a Wyzecam V2 and am pleased with the quality and versatility of this very affordable cam for my home!
  • Last update 2/5

    By Wild Spirit
    This recent update caused my V2 camera to stop connecting to app.
  • App just doesn’t stay set on settings 1/5

    By nugget-tn
    App just doesn’t stay set on settings for example the event recording you go in and set it and the next day sometimes even that day you have to turn it back on the notifications I have plans to buy crap ton more of these but the app isn’t ready!
  • Awesome product. AWESOME company. 5/5

    By sinfulpny5
    Very pleased with three of my Wyze Cam Pan’s I have installed inside my home. No hiccups, glitches and filled with options, at a fraction of the price of other competitors. Thanks guys
  • Best ever 5/5

    By Slimmers Nyee
    I love my Wyze cams they are very reliable and affordable just wish when u click on the camera to see what’s happening it loads quicker otherwise I love it!
  • Breat camera ever 5/5

    By Ciangi
    I bought 5 cameras for the house and going to add more. They beat my arlo pro system
  • So glitchy 1/5

    By Ikmowitstrue
    Love the concept but dang the video recording, or two way mic functionality is pretty horrible.. it’s always saying access denied when I try to speak through the can and save failed when I try to save video... please prioritize those fixes cause those features are unusable
  • Awesome and affordable. 5/5

    By MaybachKing
    Sooo happy I decided to give these a try. Purchased two cameras and after setting them up for a few days, I’m going to purchase 3 more! The app works great for the motion and sound detection. Very clear HD pictures and videos. Highly recommend Wyze!
  • Great product 4/5

    By 18_Speed
    We recently decided to use this for a baby monitor as our previous baby monitor broke. Great price ($25) and the night vision and clear shot is perfect for what we were needing. Since we have purchased another and will most likely add a 3rd and 4th for our home. So easy to setup and no fuss. Would love to see a way that the cameras would all be streaming in real time from the main menu. Currently, unless I’m not doing something right, it will just show the last shot of that camera unless you click on it to view the current feed. Other than this, we are very pleased. Thanks WyzeCam for a great product.
  • iPad landscape 4/5

    By ash2a
    Please add landscape mode for iPad. The previous app icon was much better than the current one. Wish you kept it.
  • App Just keeps getting worse 1/5

    By VT-Renegade
    Fix your app when you update firmware you need to update the app. Right now I have to open and close the app to connect to each camera and by the time the connection actually happens whatever I wanted to see is over! FIX THE APP!!!
  • Unreliable! 2/5

    By helloandey
    The camera is great. Great image quality and easy to set up. The app is garbage. I use this as a baby monitor and the app gives an error message more than half the time. What good is a great, easy to use camera if you can’t access the video feed? We are constantly force closing the app, restarting our phones, rebooting the camera, and it still won’t work half the time. It’s so frustrating. We got this camera because it seemed so much better than the expensive video monitor we already had. And it IS better, when it works. It’s a shame that it’s so unreliable.
  • Connectivity problems 1/5

    By Woody Maples
    Inconsistent and unreliable. Nice concept, poor execution.
  • Can’t even create an account 1/5

    By Solaryoung
    Have been trying many times but just can’t create account. Tried both from app and website, neither works. This makes my purchase of the cam totally useless.
  • Firmware update failed and camera cant connect anymore 4/5

    By Burgundine
    Having a hard time trying to get it to connect after the update failed. :( —— Ok I got it to work after re-doing the setup. I do find the Wyze cam obnoxiously loud when setting it up. —— The app background color is too bright with white text and the logo text isn’t very legible. I highly recommend updating the UI.
  • Won’t connect 1/5

    By andrew-mi
    $20 paperweight with cheap made in china plastic. Won’t connect at all after working for maybe once. Web site kept a BS ‘update’ about ‘fixes’. Credit card dispute filed.
  • 😍 5/5

    By Want gems
  • App is not working 1/5

    By Mmmlhjkfhvu
    Have deleted and reinstalled app many times on my iphone. Still not working.
  • Delay between motion detection 3/5

    By sle67
    There is one issue that prevents me from giving a 5 star rating. If your camera defects motion, it will not detect motion again for 5 minutes. Too much can happen in 5 minutes.
  • Good app but missing an important function 3/5

    By homecam
    The app is good but would definitely be very useful if it has the capability to schedule different day and time for recording.
  • Remote access problems 1/5

    By romsbeezy23
    I have been having remote access problems for 2 days and today will be the 3rd day. I have done all the trouble shooting indicated. But I can’t get access to my camera remotely using my cellular data service. I can only access it remotely if I am connected to WiFi. OR I use my iPad as a mobile hotspot and then access it through my phone. I sent an email Monday the 25th and still have not heard back. This is ridiculous!!
  • Multi cam view 3/5

    By ArabBootstrap
    Why isn’t there an option for multi cam view on the same screen… Or even swipe from one camera to the next. Also it would be nice if it can automatically update without having to shut down the camera for a few minutes… Other than that cameras are well worth the money and highly recommended
  • Notification sound 3/5

    By nopatleft
    The notifications sound is not very attention grabbing and easily not heard. Need more sound options for alerts
  • Junk 1/5

    By irrate consumer jim
    Returning tomorrow when I find out how many hoops I need to jump thru to do so before calling credit card company regarding the crap I purchased that does NOT work at all
  • great 5/5

    By 🤦🏽‍♀️🥰❤️
    this works great i really recommend it
  • Love the cameras 4/5

    By Jguzz87
    I have purchased 3 cameras and I love them. They are small and fit anywhere with some imagination. I have referred these cameras to lots of coworkers and clients alike. On to the four star, there are lots of good suggestions about the features that I agree on but one feature that I expected to find, wasn’t available. I don’t understand why a simple reverse, play, pause, fast forward, x2, x3,x4 isn’t available ⏪▶️⏸⏭. Also when playing back to see timeline there isn’t a thumbnail to visually show you where the sound/motion happened. Having to play the video second after second is a bit annoying and time consuming. Thank you and keep up the good work team!
  • Pls FIX THE UI. And a few more. 2/5

    By New York +30
    IMPOSSIBLE to view the videos stored locally in a memory card. Hard to navigate and many errors. The worst UI ever! Lowering from 3 to 2 stars. .... The User Interface needs redesign. Too many taps and taps and taps to do things. Also.. Try to view videos on the Memory card. Hard, very hard. And clarify where are my videos stored. Why is the camera connecting to IPs outside the US? Also, why limit to 12 seconds of video? It should allow more if actions continuous and retrigger immediately. I want to have the option to pay for more storage.
  • I do love this camera. 4/5

    By Deena0427
    I love the Wyze camera. I have it set up so I can view the street, front door and my car... it gives me a piece of mind because I live in a not so great neighborhood. However, I do the time lapse feature everyday while I’m not home to keep my eye out on the house. When I review it, I try to pause to get a look to see who is outside and it doesn’t let me pause it in time or rewind it. It only lets me pause where the camera is ready to pause (I hope I’m making sense) It’s frustrating because the whole point is for me to see who’s out front of my house. I hope you guys can tweak this feature because I would love to buy more cameras for my house!
  • Good camera, only two issues 3/5

    By Fashionpolisa
    I really like this camera, I think it’s great quality for the price. My only issues is that I’ve had issues with the notifications (not getting them when I walk directly pass the camera), and the app will log me out if I don’t regularly check it (which I may not because of the issue with notifications). The camera itself is wonderful, I just need a few improvements and it’ll be perfect.

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