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Wyze App

The Wyze app is the home for all your Wyze devices. Use your Wyze Cam or Wyze Cam Pan to live stream 1080p full HD video day or night, listen and talk through the built-in speaker and microphone, be notified when motion or sound is detected, capture videos directly to your phone, or add a microSD card to continuously record and capture time lapses. Check out Event Videos, 12-second clips triggered by motion or sound, in the Events page. These videos are securely stored in the cloud for 14-days with no extra charge. You can also discover featured videos captured by the Wyze community or shop for Wyze products directly within the app. Use Wyze to: - View 1080p full HD live stream from anywhere in the world - Record videos on SD card and view later - Hear and talk through 2-Way Audio - Get notified when motion or sound is detected - Review Event Videos with 14 day free rolling cloud storage - See in the dark with Night Vision - Capture time lapses with an SD card - Get custom notifications when Smoke or CO alarms are detected - Shop Wyze products - Discover videos captured by the Wyze community - Turn on or off device notifications - Set advanced schedules to only record the moments that matter - Share devices with friends and family - Customize detection zones and sensitivity

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  • Does what it says. 4/5

    By Eogarcia3
    Great price , great product 👍
  • Great Camera...App full of bugs 2/5

    By Ksay123
    For the price you won’t find a better camera or sensors. It’s unfortunate that the app is full of quirks and bugs. I’ve written to support and it often times takes them weeks to reply. The support team is not well versed in their product and doesn’t pay attention to details. Do not expect the app to perform as you would think it “should.” I’m hopeful it will improve. Unless Wyze intends to add some recurring revenue model I will be shocked to see a fully working app or good support. At the price point for the hardware it is reasonable for them to charge some monthly fees that people would be happy to pay for premium services like fully working app and customer support that is knowledgeable and responds on time.
  • Pretty Okay.. 3/5

    By JemmaSpooner
    There is nothing bad that I can say about the cameras so far, but the app that accompanies them leaves a little to be desired. For one; there is no option for a landscape view on the iPad. Which leaves you either awkwardly tilting your head or having to flip your iPad, which in my case has a keyboard attached. Secondly the interface isn’t quite as refined as something like the Arlo, which makes it much more intuitive to “arm and disarm” your cameras when you leave. Over all good product, but if the app develops in time it will be great!
  • Doesn’t get less secure 1/5

    By altalk
    Unbelievable. Do not buy this solution. If your internet drops (and they all do) the camera stays off line until you physically unplug it and plug it in. Absolutely any solution is better than this.
  • Great app, products, and company 5/5

    By -Jeff007-
    To be honest I wish I could work for this company. I follow their forums and they are very in touch with their users/customers unlike anything I have experienced before. They are always innovating to create new things for their existing high value product line at such a great “accessible” price point and they actually listen to their customers by demonstrating this in doing what the customers ask for as much as possible. It is going to be interesting to see how they disrupt Ring and Nest’s market share once they start getting more mainstream and releasing similar outdoor products. Kudos to the people at Wyze for making a high value product that is always getting better, keep doing what you are doing!!! 😀😀😀
  • Please add support for HomeKit secure video 5/5

    By b-lake624
    Thanks for the awesome app, and all of the updates so far.
  • Use to be great 3/5

    By nbull30
    I have two cameras. They worked great for the first few months, now all I get is “offline” Camera keeps loosing connection to WiFi but yet everything else in the house on WiFi keeps connected. This issue needs to be resolved!
  • Started with 1 camera now I have 5 5/5

    By Capt Awesome
    These cameras are AMAZING as is the company. The cameras are clear as a bell, they have night vision and two way communication. You can record upon motion and/or all day, as well, with notifications sent to your phone. The only feature that I wish they had was the ability to monitor multiple camera feeds at once. I have a couple of 3D printers and would like to just check in with them without having to switch back and forth. Overall, that is not a big deal, I’m just lazy like that. :)
  • Great Cam & App 5/5

    By Freyja-Ann
    A terrific security cam and very clear images! I use without night vision since it shows up way better at night without it. With the night vision I can barely see. Second... Since the person detection has been added I have had to disable it repeatedly because it does not show people! Only the motion detection works for me.
  • Good as a Baby Monitor 2/5

    By Bnwcrw
    We bought this to use when we are away from home so we can check on the dogs. It works great and has a great picture on our phones as long as we are home and connected to the same WiFi. Once we leave the house, our phones will not connect to the camera. Very disappointed. Will be sending back.
  • UI is not simple. Xnor.ai not as expected. Cameras can become a brick. 2/5

    By New York +30
    Update: —- THIS APP NEEDS REDEDIGN. IMPOSSIBLE to properly access the millions of video files on local storage!!! Why do you developers end the recording at 1:00 minute and create 10000000s of files and 100000s of folders ????? 1. When the internet is down, the Wyze cam becomes a totally useless brick. Why not record events on the local storage and allow access via the app to cameras and stored videos when we are on the same WiFi?? 2. When the internet is down, we cannot turn on and off our Wyze Smart Bulbs!!!!!!! Because the app shows them offline!! Even though WiFi is up, and the phone is on the same WiFi, the Wyze app can not connect to allow us to turn on and control the lights!! Come on, Wyze developers!! Why? Xnor is not living up its promise. Other things get flagged as human, humans do not get flagged always. Even if this works properly, app does not allow setting triggers to record events only for humans. After adding the face detection service the bandwidth requirements went to the roof, video lags, cannot watch anything, can not hear anything. I have over 20Mbps and cannot get 20Kbps through the camera. Keeps asking to switch to 360p. —>>>>> After I installed xNor.ai , playback of locally recorded videos does not work, videos do not play at all! Sometimes. The app UI remains too convoluted. Controls are spread to Too many screens. Playing back local-card videos is not easy (when this works). If they fix the lagging and the playback, fix the UI and remove internet dependency it is a 4 to 5 star app.
  • Worthless app and camera 2/5

    By Priya612
    Sure it is cheap - but disconnects a lot and sound keeps muting automatically.
  • Poor person detection 2/5

    By BorakOphama
    Camera is great but the new “person detection” setting is a huge fail. Tested multiple times walking past the alert zone and works 1:5 times... this could be an intruder! Also, I made a home and away mode, but no way to tell which is active!
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Foxxy's
    Crap doesn’t find network
  • Person Detection 3/5

    By The Irishmen
    So I’d give this 4 stars maybe 5 if the “person detection” worked. So when the person detection first started it was great. Now it’s saying everything is a person. My cameras can see some cars. So a car will drive by and it says person is detected. I notifications setup for that. Well, I’ve gotten 10 notifications saying there’s a person and it’s a car. Please fix this. I don’t know what changed from when you first implemented it before. Waiting for a response...
  • Love the cameras the app is pretty good 5/5

    By Jjc5773
    I have 3 Wyze cams, 2 pan cams and 1 stationary. The pictures are great even at night. Never had any connection issues. I replaced my old router with a Tenda WiFi mesh system. Works great with it. Second best thing I did, the first was buying the Wyze cams. The pan cams work as baby monitors in the two twins rooms. Wonderful for keeping an eye out when they are sleeping and at night. The only issue I have is having to use two iPhones or iPads in order to hear sound in both rooms at the same time. This is annoying. I wish there was a cheaper way around this. I have old iPads that won’t work due to needing IOS 9.0 or higher. The grouping ability is nice but sound from only one Wyze device at a time is an issue. I still give it 5 stars. You won’t regret it.
  • Love the Cameras! 4/5

    By Gliderjockey
    I would give Wyze an enthusiastic 5 stars if its sensors integrated with Alexa. But you can’t beat the price of the cameras, and they work outdoors!
  • Weekdays only monitoring 4/5

    By levendlee
    Dear developers, can you add weekdays only monitoring functionality? It is easy but every useful.
  • Not ready for real use 1/5

    By Mr. O 🐢
    12 second video clips to AWS cloud are useless. Reviewing video clip events recorded on to the SD card is frustrating and not intuitive at all. No way to skim through the recorded footage. The event screen should jump to the SD recorded video clip rather than having to select a camera then you have to select “View Playback” and hope you can find the segment of the recording. Absolutely useless! I guess I have to keep my nestcams for the time being. You get what you pay for with these wyze cams. Not ready for prime time.
  • Bad audio 5/5

    By Skahlon
    Video is great audio is OK, during live video play you cannot hear much if the person is more than 15 feet away. Video is great, i was going to buy ring cameras, going to buy more of these. Hoping they will have their own security plans.
  • HAD HIGH HOPES BUT....... 3/5

    By 420BatmanReviews
    The new A.I person detection works when it wants to. The regular motion detection works when it wants to. I get some notifications for motion, but there are times when I know someone walked past my camera then upon checking the app I see nothing. It’s an ok product and they tried hard, but now I see why it’s only $20 you get what you pay for.

    By nopatleft
    I love my Wyze Cam. It gives a great picture, has many features for such an inexpensive camera, and it’s so affordable for people even on fixed or limited budgets. And all of the people I’ve had contact with in customer support are so friendly and helpful. I LOVE WYZE CAM!!!!!!
  • Contact Sensors DO NOT WORK 1/5

    By CamaroSSRS
    Terrible product , issued sensors prematurely. Tons of people with problems which go unresolved. Don’t believe me, buy it sucker.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Alycja
    Stopped working can’t connect
  • Good but could be a tad better. 4/5

    By linewifelife
    So far I love the ease of use this app and cameras have. One suggestion I would recommended is when it is set to record clips I wish you could select how long you wanted it to record. The default is 12 seconds and I wish I could select longer. I don’t want it to record continuously however 30 second or 1 min motion detected recording would be great.
  • Not IPad Friendly 3/5

    By ViperVette
    Though it fits an iPad screen: 90% if the app’s functionality can only be done in portrait orientation.
  • What’s up with the time lapse limit? 4/5

    By Jwarstyle
    Everything works great out of the box. I just don’t get why there should a limit to the time lapse. I want to run a picture every 4 hours when does it have to end on August 20?
  • Best camera for the cost! 5/5

    By DDC2579
    I am a working mom with two small children being cared for by their au pair. I wanted to have cameras throughout my house and these were recommended by an associate at the Amazon store! I’m so grateful she recommended these cameras. Not only are they easy to install, reliable, you can zoom in and not lose quality and you can even speak through the camera. These cameras gave this working the peace of mind she needed. Thank you Wyze team!
  • Very frustrating 1/5

    By kw2999
    Bought this camera so we could check on our cat while on vacation, stupid camera will not connect to my network I’ve tried over and over and watched so many videos and nothing is helping. So far this was just a waste of money
  • Missing videos 2/5

    By trondu
    Camera tends to miss events. Today fire truck and Ambo came by and did not record. This tends to happen a lot.
  • Sync 1/5

    By Aka john
    It won’t recognize my internet. So I can’t get it set up. Right now it is a waste of money.
  • iPad landscape 2/5

    By ash2a
    No landscape mode for iPad. Badge icon does not work.
  • App hogged all my data, no support 1/5

    By digitaliano
    App sucked down all my data on my cell plan. Appears to be a regular problem based on the forums. I’m under warranty and no response to a service ticket 30 hours in. The camera is cool but there’s room for some competitor to come in and build a better mouse trap. Data is money and I got hosed
  • Great Camera 4/5

    By natiAnabec
    I really like the quality of the video even at night, the ability to set a detection area, the live feed, the fire alarm detection definitely puts me at ease and now they even have a face detection which i have yet to try. However, I have issues with the length of recordings as it only records for 12 seconds and won’t record again until after 5 mins after the last recording. I find that pretty much all activity is cut off at a very disadvantageous moment. I’d really like to see more without having it on continuous recording. Otherwise a great camera and with the memory card you do have the option to continually record then go back and shuffle through to find anything specific.
  • Please, do your job better 3/5

    By tabaks
    The fact you did not spend time to properly format the iPad app is just infuriating. WHY should I have to rotate the iPad back and forth just because your programmers can’t be bothered to properly layout the Landscape UI for your landing page (which is the MAIN rotational positon iPad is used in 75% of the time)? Also, WHY don’t rotating cameras remember their position so they can return to it after the power outage? Come on, thinking can’t be THAT difficult!
  • Suspicion 1/5

    By fivkof
    Why you need my data? Are you spy? If you sold camera let me control it without emailing, addressing, etc. to unknown It looks it is spam. I cannot trust you.
  • Don’t hesitate when buying this camera 5/5

    By Lazanoodles7198
    Wyze cam has saved my life. It has restored my faith in humanity. An excellent resolution camera for an extremely reasonable price, deal breaker. You can see the video clearly, I can hear people talking crystal clear, and the app is such a life saver!! Buy it now !!
  • Great camera and app 5/5

    By RuralCam
    I purchased 3 cameras and mounted one facing my driveway, one on a covered back porch and one in a shed. The setup was straight forward and all 3 cameras connected immediately. Thus far I have had no connection issues. For the price point, the image quality is well worth it. I like being able to set the detection zone and to only get notifications when people are detected. I installed SD cards which record full videos during motion detection. The only issue I’ve had so far was when I tried to connect my shed camera to a WiFi extender to strengthen my signal, I was unable to. Even though my signal is not as strong as I’d like in my shed, I’ve never lost connectivity. (I’m still looking for a solution to the WiFi extender issue). Great product!! Keep up the good work! I’ve already recommended them to several of my friends.
  • Wyze works well...until you need to update 3/5

    By update dreader
    I have had Wyze for eight months now and, when it works, it works really well. I can position it anywhere in my house and see and hear what is going on even when I’m out and about. I am even currently using it as a baby monitor when I’m in the house, since I can also speak into it to let the baby know I’m on my way. BUT it is a major hassle whenever a new update comes along, because the new version no longer recognizes my camera and I then have to then reinstall. If the updates allowed for a seamless transition, this rating would be five star.
  • WOW!!!! 5/5

    By South park 211
    All I can say is WOW!! For the price is a super deal! Works great and the picture quality and sound work awesome! Range is great , only had it a few days but I am buying another one or two soon!
  • Camera generally works 3/5

    By MadDownpour
    A good camera at a good price if you want a general sense of security. However, the motion detection and notifications baffle me. 75% of the time I get a motion notification because the shadow of trees are moving around. The new person detection also does not work at all. I’ve had it on for three days and never received a notification, despite there being a recording of the mail man walking up to my porch.
  • Camera won’t recognize WYZE BRAND MEMORY CHIP! 1/5

    By Yoyo yota sucka
    My camera says there’s no chip Installed it’s your brand camera your brand chip! What gives?! Please release an update to fix this I love your camera but this is a glitch I’ve tried 2 chips then bought your brand and a short google tells me everyone else has this problem?! Take care of your customers please!
  • Delayed Notifications 2/5

    By MyReviews2.0
    Notifications for events have been coming in very delayed or sometimes even not at all. Kind of disappointing.
  • STILL Not iPad friendly 2/5

    By thebmrust
    Works fine on a phone but not iPad friendly. No split screen and not landscape friendly. Several updates and this still doesnt work.7/2019
  • Can’t login! 5/5

    By bgeorgejr
    Since last update, can’t login on iOS! Message “It appears you are offline.”
  • Best Value ANYWHERE! 5/5

    By Lbucsfan
    I had logitech 500 alert forever but one broke and for cams that arent being made for over a decade they r expensive. Tried the waze, and bought 5 all together. They r awesome. Gotta mess with settings until u r happy with notices and such but the ai person feature is a step in right direction. They r constantly workg to improve what is all ready well beyond 25$. THANK U for giving me more for my money!! Ive talked two into buying them and they bought 9 all together.. our next step is the bulbs and sensors.
  • Great camera 5/5

    By devanzbltz
    I bought 2 cameras, and one more is on the way and they are working great. I tried several brands and find out Wyze is one of the best. I hope they can create application so I can monitor multiple cameras in one display.
  • Notification 3/5

    By blaba Amara
    Late notification, when used on a window detects from behind the cam false alarm is activated
  • So sick of “service” fees. 3/5

    By Geez, nickname already.
    Was just about to give a glowing 5-star review until they started talking about the new paid “services” they’re planning. Hey wyze, the best thing about you is not your “$20 camera” which actually costs way more than $20. It was the fact that you weren’t constantly begging for subscription fees.

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