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Xbox Game Pass

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  • Current Version: 2009.238.1006
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Xbox Game Pass App

Get unlimited access to play over 100 great games, including highly-anticipated Xbox exclusives, for one low monthly price.* Play a wide variety of games from every genre from blockbusters to critically-acclaimed indie titles. You’ll always have something new to play, and you have the freedom to discover and play games you’ve always wanted to play, or revisit favorites that you’ve been missing. Download the Xbox Game Pass app to search, browse, and download new games to your console when you’re on your mobile device. How does Xbox Game Pass work? - Join and play over 100 great games including new award-winning Xbox exclusives the same day they’re released - Use the Xbox Game Pass app to browse and download games to your Xbox One so they are ready to play when you are. Set your console to “Instant-On” to allow game downloads when you’re away. Find this in the Power & Startup menu in Settings - Receive notifications about new games coming to Xbox Game Pass, and start playing the moment your game is available when you pre-download it to your Xbox One. - Save up to 20% on Xbox One game purchases from the existing Xbox Game Pass catalog, plus 10% off any Xbox One game add-ons For help, please visit *Game catalog varies over time. Discount offers exclude titles within 30 days of launch; discounts based on Microsoft Store price. Some discounts not available with select titles.

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Xbox Game Pass app reviews

  • Uninstalled. 1/5

    By Stpf
    I realize that apple is a really bad company, but come on. I can’t even stream the games from my own system in my own house? Xbox should have seen this coming and not have released this app without some solution or workaround. It’s literally just an app for managing games atm.
  • Please add! 1/5

    By YoungWaveJay
    This would be great if I can view my 360 games on here. What I already have on my hard drive should be seen.
  • Crashes instantly 1/5

    By TannerL97
    Can’t use at all.
  • Great, but needs newer games 5/5

    By killerCaldwell
    I love the service but is lacking on new titles.
  • Can’t edit my account 1/5

    By Hu Caers
    Title says it all
  • App 3/5

    By bsnk86
    Can this not work with iPhone 11?
  • Can’t install any game 2/5

    By bro broke
    Can’t play any games because my brother games shares with me I can download o my Xbox but not on my phone plz fix
  • Overheats phone 2/5

    By Soggygoldfish
    Using the app makes the phone heat up insanely fast and gets crazy hot
  • I thought you could get apps on your phone 1/5

    By Mr LongHead
    What I just said
  • Xbox is the defacto way to play 5/5

    By Zubi Palace
    And this makes checking out new games and managing the incredibly huge (and clearly growing) catalog of games Game Pass has to offer. Way to go team. Can't wait for XCloud integration 😁
  • Xbox 4/5

    By ty23y
    Does anyone know why it says update party to join random people’s party
  • Love Game Pass, this garbage! 1/5

    By jammallnyte73
    The app only force closes. Reboot my iPad, uninstalled and reinstalled, every “Support recommendation” you could think of and nothing. The app immediately force closes upon opening. Is it me??
  • I wish we could play our games on iphone 4/5

    By Blakcke
    I like the app the only thing i want is for us to play our games on our iPhones like android can idk if it would be hard to because we can just Bluetooth our controllers to our phones and play
  • No iOS games 1/5

    By sramirez0578
    Shame on you Apple from depriving gamers from playing Xbox games. The Arcade service is horrible and does not compare to Xbox. Stop being greedy and give us access before many like me switch to Android.
  • Why 1/5

    By captin halp
    It’s horrible I can’t even buy the pass to play. It’s a waste I should get a better app...
  • Help 1/5

    By xX_Zen_Meteor_Xx
    I have installed my games, yet I am unable to play any, it doesn’t tell you how and I have no clue what to do. Please help.
  • Xbox pass beta 5/5

    By martinez_77
    We need Xbox game pass beta including Xbox beta also google play we need it what we have.
  • Actualizar mi ipad o comprar una tablet 5/5

    By Greenlightheaven
    No entiendo porque Apple limitan a sus usuarios de iOS y no les permite usar game Pass en la nube, quería comprar un iPad Pro, pero si no siguiera puedo usar fornite o game pass en el no da mucho incentivo para inclinarse por la compra de un ipad sino por una tablet Samsung o huawei, los usurarios podemos ser muy fieles, pero también nos decantamos por quien nos ofrece mejor producto y también mejor servicio. Y en la actualidad no ofrecen muy buenos servicios. Por el momento compraré una tablet Samsung para poder disfrutar de game pass
  • Xbox 1/5

    By Moniquetypical
    Not understanding this app. I thought that the purpose of this app was that you could play xbox one games when your away from the xbox.
  • Like the Service, not the app 2/5

    By ryanirvine7
    I can’t remove Rocket League from my Play Later list because it got removed from the service. Support just told me that was the default behavior... huh?
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 5/5

    By ggfhbhffj
  • No xcloud on iOS 3/5

    By hahaddsahes
    Xcloud needs to be on iOS
  • Got a free movie 5/5

    By skiwinsto
    Not much to say just got the last witch hunter by downloading it so 5 star from me
  • Crashes 1/5

    By pcarman
    Updated and now the app won’t even run under iOS 14
  • No streaming 1/5

    By Kdukey
    Seriously? You allow this on the appstore without even having the option to stream. Makes no sense at all what gives?
  • Love it butttt 5/5

    By Ethan_M_Boyd
    I really like what y’all are doing with this app it’s a threat experience which is why I gave it a five star rating. I love an app where the experience is clean and nice and this checks both, but what I would like to see is iPhones getting the beta for playing the game we own. Over all still a really great app thanks so much for it 🙃
  • Excelente 5/5

    By IfaOri
    Me encantaría poder disfrutar de todo su potencial
  • Why can’t I play off the cloud 1/5

    By lgame breadl
    My brother has a plus one phone and he can play games off the cloud I have an iPhone 11 and I can’t what’s up with that my phone cost more then his this is trash
  • Bug 4/5

    By NumbxLotus
    The sign in button doesn’t work at all it’s like it’s an overlay
  • Can’t redeem my stuff on here. 3/5

    By AnsonMah
    I cannot redeem my stuff on here. Why is this? It would be very easy to implement the feature to redeem items on the app. So why don’t you add that feature?
  • Amazing but... 5/5

    By BredWasTaken
    I really do love the app and the game pass in general being able to get plenty of free games with the only limit being my 500GB console, but i was hoping you might be able to buy the memberships like gold and game pass on the apps and not just the console if this could be taken into consideration that would mean allot thanks!
  • PC side could be way better & no XCloud! 1/5

    By not tomo
    The PC gaming is problematic for GamePass on Windows 10 when using this app. 90% of the time downloads fail. They install to the wrong drive folder time and time again after resetting the install location time and time again. Some installs workout on the pc but the app still sees it in queue. Sometimes an installed game which was supposed to get an update gets installed twice thus forcing an unintentional uninstall upon canceling. The app doesn’t know what’s on your PC. Why for the life of Microsoft will Minecraft for Windows 10 not launch. Why can’t you guys get it right? You are Microsoft. You hold the keys to both Xbox and Windows why can’t you get you [email protected] together for PC? XCloud now has Destiny 2 but it totally lacks the DLC Shadowkeep and Forsaken that console has. PC GamePass doesn’t get Destiny at all! What am I to do? Buy a $300 Series S that has a 512GB drive for a 110GB game? Spend $230 to add expandable storage? Buy an android phone to play XCloud? Yeah PC XCloud is coming but I expect hell to freeze over first. Just like how got crossplay support for Minecraft Dungeons for PC? Ok I can download Bluestacks for PC install GamePass on a Android Emulator. It kinda works. Except that there is no way to add console dlc to GamePass games so Destiny 2 is a no for playing with friends. Can’t way to see how bad EAPlay is going to work out next. Please fix everything else before that.
  • xcloud!! 4/5

    By Nic./
    Can you support xcloud for us
  • Xbox game pass awesome 4/5

    By TrueMasterOni
    The only way for the Gamepass to be better, would be if Apple didn’t strong arm competition to their upcoming Apple Arcade. It’s a streaming service for games. All features available everywhere EXCEPT IOS. Again, Apple’s greed is interfering with customers. I am glad they have an antitrust lawsuit against them.
  • Console Stream 1/5

    By AntohPR
    If you are having issues with Microsoft with streaming games from the cloud at least let us stream our consoles like you let PlayStation with their PS Remote App, it’s unfair in some way
  • Why? 1/5

    By Thee.TNT
    I’m confused as to why this app exists on the Apple App Store. The whole point is to play games remotely on your device. If I want to play on my PC or Xbox, then I’ll just go use those devices. Not go to my iPad or iPhone just to tell the app to download a game to my Xbox or PC... am i just misunderstanding?
  • Useless without streaming 1/5

    By TurboSaturn
    This app is really only for cloud gaming and that doesn’t work for iOS, fix this Apple!
  • Do Something Like This For The Xbox App So We Can Play Games We Own That Aren’t On GamePass 4/5

    By ~ThePrince~
    This is a really great app tbh but it would be nice to be able to play games we already own instead of just GamePass games.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Michaeljsninja
    Great but can you play on apple phone or tablet.
  • It’s amazing 5/5

    I love the app it’s just good I could download games just in two clicks it’s good
  • New Games 5/5

    By Rakeem Clayton
    I would really like it if Xbox made all the NCAA football games available for Xbox one and put them on game pass and never take them away!!!!!!
  • Crippled by the almighty Apple. 5/5

    By Jeffropaige
    On android you can actually play your games on game pass remotely.... on your phone...Not on iOS. My next phone upgrade will be android.
  • I love game pass butt... 1/5

    By viguvgvgj jhg
    Why would I get this. I can just get it on XBOX! I thought I could play some games on my mobile device. But then it said to get ultimate. I DON’T KNOW THEN IF I COULD ACTUALLY PLAY. So Xbox, can you make it so I can play mobile?
  • Great Collection of games! Worth it! 5/5

    By unicornareponies
    Love this app and the games offered. I’m waiting for Xcloud on iPhone. I might switch to Android to play xcloud!
  • Xcloud 1/5

    By xhhdhjdhbs
    Well let me start off with the app is great but I’m just annoyed that I can’t stream games on my phone form my Xbox instead it just says download on Xbox. Now I did get an update but it was just bug fixes and had nothing to do with Xcloud so Microsoft if you reading this ask Apple to add Xbox streaming to the App Store or make it so that there is a mode that can switch to gaming mode which is where you stream your game but other than that the app is great. Oh and before you say you have to register I tried to do that but it just kept saying buy game pass when I already have game pass unlimeted so ya... please fix this.
  • Greedy Apple 5/5

    By Victor1138
    Deeply disappointed with Apple and their take on Microsoft’s Game Pass. Not allowing IOS users access to apps like this will only drive them away. I’m not going to purchase a subscription to Apple Arcade, those games are garbage. Nevertheless, five stars only because Microsoft is being pushed into a corner. If I could easily swap my IOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) infrastructure for Samsung, I’d do it in a heartbeat.
  • Great app! 5/5

    Keeps me updated on my gamerpoints which gives me cooler deals! Outstanding!!!!
  • Cloud gaming 2/5

    By Andar2433
    Will give a higher rating when streaming is available for iOS
  • Game pass is great, but... 4/5

    By Jacob Ruelas
    I love Xbox game pass and would definitely continue paying for it as long as I have the money for it. However I hate that we can’t play on mobile because IOS is excluded and android isn’t. I know it’s apples fault and not Xbox, but it’s still frustrating.

Xbox Game Pass app comments

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