Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass

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  • Current Version: 2011.104.1207
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Xbox Game Pass App

Get unlimited access to play over 100 great games, including highly-anticipated Xbox exclusives, for one low monthly price.* Play a wide variety of games from every genre from blockbusters to critically-acclaimed indie titles. You’ll always have something new to play, and you have the freedom to discover and play games you’ve always wanted to play, or revisit favorites that you’ve been missing. Download the Xbox Game Pass app to search, browse, and download new games to your console when you’re on your mobile device. How does Xbox Game Pass work? - Join and play over 100 great games including new award-winning Xbox exclusives the same day they’re released - Use the Xbox Game Pass app to browse and download games to your Xbox One so they are ready to play when you are. Set your console to “Instant-On” to allow game downloads when you’re away. Find this in the Power & Startup menu in Settings - Receive notifications about new games coming to Xbox Game Pass, and start playing the moment your game is available when you pre-download it to your Xbox One. - Save up to 20% on Xbox One game purchases from the existing Xbox Game Pass catalog, plus 10% off any Xbox One game add-ons For help, please visit *Game catalog varies over time. Discount offers exclude titles within 30 days of launch; discounts based on Microsoft Store price. Some discounts not available with select titles.

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Xbox Game Pass app reviews

  • Ehh update it 2/5

    By ganzelus
    It was a great app at first but now every time I get into the app it tells me to enter my password so I do then it constantly pops up and it gets annoying so I deleted it
  • Not on iPad 1/5

    By qeoroucj
    I can’t play ):
  • Cant login 1/5

    By DruewSkiiiiiii
    Keeps asking over and over to login with password or use Authenticator app...
  • Bug 2/5

    By gxngshxt21
    Idk what’s going on but I know I’m typing in the right password and when I do it’ll just keep popping up the sign in thing it doesnt even say it’s wrong it’s just keeps making me put it in
  • Login Loop 1/5

    By PhantomPlanet
    Have had this issue before with two step authentication no matter what options I select for login it does a continuous loop of having to login and never logs me in even with correct info and two step verification.
  • 2FA is broken when logging in via the app 2/5

    By Comrade Spud
    Cannot log in to app any longer. It fails to accept the 2fa credentials. This isn’t an issue on Android
  • App is awful 1/5

    By NovaCody383
    Keeps asking me to sign in. Reset password multiple times still won’t work. App is awful, and looks like now I will have to re-enter passwords on my PC. Not worth the hassle
  • Broke and useless 1/5

    By hi, Im Allen
    This app is broken and useless, every time I try to open it no matter if I click the icon itself in my library or open it through a notification. It’s a non stop loop of of Microsoft Authenticator or asking me for my password. I’ve tried both routes multiple times and still it puts me in a loop.
  • Not letting me sign in 3/5

    By Heather Freitag
    I have the Microsoft Authenticator and it acts like it takes it and then pops up with another one. So I tried using my password instead. Still it won’t take it. I have had no problems before this but this is frustrating. A new glitch?
  • Doesn’t work anymore 2/5

    By ArmandWelsh
    It requires you sign in with your Authenticator app, or password authentication. Password authentication keeps asking for password, and Authenticator app doesn’t work because switching to the app to authorize the connection. Then back to this app causes this app to reload and start over. Useless authentication system.
  • Cant even sign in 1/5

    By fuuian
    2 factor authentication is broken. It keeps asking me to verify, even though I already verified.
  • Won’t let me install games to Xbox Series S 1/5

    By Zyklonic Bee
    I went to pre-install The Medium, which requires Xbox Series S/X. The app keeps giving me an error stating that I need to set up my console (Series S) for Remote Play. I have followed the steps verbatim and the app still does not recognize my new console. It won’t let me install it from my app. I tried other Game Pass games and the app still only recognizes my old Xbox One X (Which has been reset and removed from my MS account). Please fix. The Xbox app recognizes my new console just fine, FYI.
  • Uninstall and reinstall to fix login 3/5

    By BlackSteel2023
    Obviously the app is having some issues right now. The only fix I’ve found for the login problem is to uninstall and then reinstall the app. Unfortunately you’ll have to do this ever couple of days.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By kaonsll
    This app won’t let me past the enter password screen. I will enter correct pass and it takes me back to the screen. I have changed my password just to try and get past the screen, but still no luck. I know my password is correct.
  • I love this app it’s so good 5/5

    By piranhaplays1
    I like this game but I wish you guys can add cloud on iOS for I can play with my friends I give this game a 5 star great app
  • “Please login again and again and again and a-“ 1/5

    By AilMad
    I can’t get into my account as the app constantly requires me to login for my “sensitive information” every five seconds.
  • App Issues 1/5

    By HentaiSniper
    Everting I sign in I put in my password and then it loads then the login screen pops up this has happened repeatedly
  • Good but recent glitch is driving me UP THE WALL 3/5

    By Xbox guy 8
    Overall I play Xbox a lot and this game really helps me mobile download if I wanna find a game or really just anything else but the recent glitch is… Very annoying. So whenever I open up the app it asked me for my password (which is normal because I changed it) I entering the right password I press the screen and then it asks for my password again I type it in and then the process repeats and it is so unbearable that I can’t do anything. Other than that 10/10
  • Please fix! 1/5

    By furrydaddybear
    Never had any issues logging in but now it consistently wants me too put my Microsoft password in and when I do it takes me back to re-enter it constantly...please look into this matter..Thank you
  • new update wont allow me to log in 1/5

    By scumsod
    keep getting stuck on a microsoft pop up to re-enter my password for security and it knows when i get my password wrong, but everytime i enter my correct password to sign in it goes down then pops right back up... the app has glitched on me before but that was while i was actually able to get in the app.
  • Help, anti cheat 3/5

    By wklmnop
    For halo, how do I enable the easy anti cheat thing? It doesn’t let me play with people unless I have that on
  • A must companion for game pass 4/5

    By Rob.S.78
    I love my series s with game pass! I highly recommend getting the app to browse through the game catalog and download directly into the console. I don’t give it 5 stars just because I think they still need to display the downloading game file size. This is very needed with series s where space is limited.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Ry-Pie
    Changed my password, now it won’t let me login. Just cycles back to the enter password screen. I guess it’s their way of keeping people from getting daily quests done?
  • Lacking functionality. 3/5

    By Quicksilver7716
    This app only lets you browse and install games to your console or PC that are on Mac connected to the internet. The streaming functionality that is offered on Android platforms does not exist. Useful but not worthwhile.
  • I guess if it worked 2/5

    By PookieT973
    If this app functioned in the way it was intended but I left at missing out on everything I can access thatI’m basically paying for monthly through the Xbox. Freebies and all the other awesome I WAS able to access is no more just because this app try’s to make me change my password EVERYTIME I change my password I quit trying after 5 new passwords
  • Literally Unplayable 1/5

    By Rojamahorse
    Game Pass App: “How would you like to sign in?” Me: “Use Authenticator App” Game Pass App: “use this number to approve in Authenticator App” Me: Goes to Authenticator App and uses “this number” Authenticator App: “Approved” Game Pass App: “Approved, Signing in!” ... ... Game Pass App: “How would you like to sign in?” ...repeat...repeat..repeat Would be nice to see what this app actually does. 🤬
  • Xbox is back on top 5/5

    By Tanner Jorgenson
    I’d choose Xbox Game Pass over The Last Of Us and Spider-Man any day. Xbox Game Pass is the streaming service I didn’t think was possible, with new interesting games every month, day-one titles available, and EA Play... Netflix is $18.00 a month. All you get is Netflix. Xbox Game Pass at $15 includes Xbox Gold which is $5 a month, Disney+ I believe (I already have it so I’m not sure) but regardless, you could say Xbox Game Pass is a “bundle” of joy. 😁
  • Cant log in 1/5

    By brittrc1213
    Used to use this all the time till it logged me out, wont let me lot back in. Tried over and over and over and it keeps going right back to the sign in screen.
  • Broken app 1/5

    By Efeooseecai
    This app is bad, it doesn’t work and it won’t accept my password even though I’ve already changed it a few times just trying to log in and see what the app is about. Terrible
  • Login broken 1/5

    By Caz Retrop
    Every time I log into my account, it immediately brings the login screen back up. Even went to reset my password and get verified, and that didn’t fix it. App was good before this issue, but it is unusable currently.
  • iPhone 12 pro. Doesn’t stay signed in 1/5

    By robholden
    Forces resign in every couple of seconds
  • Won’t allow access 3/5

    By Marvel manieacks
    The app has and always was pretty decent until today, in which case the app won’t even let me in. It keeps on showing a pop up asking for my password and I give it and then it shows the pop up again. It doesn’t stop, no matter how many times I try to fix it. Please help fix this
  • Thank you for listening 3/5

    By Dogganger
    Thank you for listening to us and bringing back the profile pic option. Have to give 3 stars still. The app is not allowing me to log in, after putting in the correct password it continues to request the password again on an endless loop not allowing me to access the app at all. Please address this issue, thank you!
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By JeremyB08
    This app was fine until I couldn’t log in anymore.
  • Great! 5/5

    By 🍅🍍🍒🥑🥒
    Such an easy way to remotely download games to your console or pc!
  • Login issues 1/5

    By thebaconofbacon
    This makes me feel so bad to give a one star review but I cant log in to the app because it keeps kicking me back to the login screen whenever i log in.
  • Plz save my captures 2/5

    By TheyoungDODO
    My captures are really short when I record what happened and I try to show my friends I can’t because the part I wanted to show was not there
  • Worst update every 1/5

    By HomerunAnt
    I can not login to my old Xbox app account on my phone and on my iPad it make me sign in to my account every 10 seconds.It made me make a new account and had me use the same email for both accounts and I can not connect my Xbox’s to my account the app made me make when trying to sign into my already exiting account. Also I wish you never did the last update for the app it was the worst thing you have every done for your apps and made it for I can not talk to my friends on my phone to each other through the Xbox app. Can you just make it for all of the users can use the app before the update even happened because this latest update was the worst update every. I used to like the app but now I hate the app
  • Won’t download games 2/5

    By Frosty98
    I try to download games to my Xbox one but it won’t needs an update or something
  • Really good, yet currently flawed. 3/5

    By Ripclaw789
    I would love to give the Game Pass app 5 stars, because it’s usually freakin awesome, But the latest update has made running it on my Chromebook impossible. As it crashes just before a game can load up. Very disappointing. One of the main reasons I got Game Pass Ultimate is to be able to play on my Chromebook, when not at home. With that and having the $15 a month package I’m missing part of what I pay for, which really isn’t cool. Feels like I’m getting cheated. Please fix this bug or glitch, or whatever soon, Microsoft. Then I’ll change my review to 5 stars. Thank you.
  • Login 1/5

    By fenrir581
    Won’t let me log in to my account.
  • Keeps making me log in 1/5

    By NotRiightMeow
    Can’t actually use app put in my login and password over and over. Can’t use app
  • Crap after last update 1/5

    By Aaron19852004
    I don’t know what you goobers did but can’t login to game pass on either of my phones. Please fix this crap. It’s been 2 weeks now.
  • Cloud games 1/5

    By NsvyMonk45
    I switched Over to apple of android and before on android I was able to play cloud games and now That I’m on apple I can’t play cloud games I don’t get it
  • Can’t sign in so worthless. 1/5

    By DurdeeBurger
    I’ve used this app before as a quick way to check on my phone if a game I like is on game pass. For the past week I have not been able to sign in so the app is now worthless till this bug gets resolved. A window pops up asking me to sign in, I have tried both password and using Authenticator app. My login attempts are technically successful in that I don’t get an error message and the sign in window goes away but within a few seconds it returns asking game to sign in again.
  • Fix 2/5

    By kyle.i
    I cannot access cloud games anymore on gamepads please fix (iPhone 12 Max pro) Otherwise 5 stars
  • Needs a better update 1/5

    By Heavin92
    Very glitchy with installing games in the background my Xbox is set to always on and remote downloads are enabled but it constantly says no console found
  • Won’t even connect to XBX 1/5

    By zombiehead23
    Big disappointment, buggy, won’t connect to my new XBX, randomly crashes.
  • App is Broken 1/5

    By Garr240
    Just keeps asking for your password over and over again