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  • Current Version: 2103.317.2023
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Xbox App

The all new Xbox app keeps you connected to the fun with your friends, games, and console from your phone or tablet while on the go. Easily share game clips and screenshots from your console to favorite gaming & social networks. Friends and parties follow you with voice and text chat, even if they’re on console or PC. Get notifications for new game invites, messages, and more. Plus, now play games from your console straight to your phone over the internet. The free Xbox app is the best way to stay in the game—wherever you like to play. -Download the new Xbox app and stay connected to friends & games -Easily share game clips & screenshots to your favorite social networks -Use integrated voice and text chat with friends on console or PC -Play games from your console straight to your phone over the internet* -Get notifications for new game invites, party chat messages and more *Requires supported phones or tablets (mobile data charges may apply) and supported Bluetooth controller, with supported games. Xbox One or Xbox Series X must be turned on or in Instant-On mode. Learn more at Online console multiplayer (including via Xbox remote play) requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold, memberships sold separately. XBOX APP AGREEMENT The following terms supplement any software license terms that accompany the Xbox App. Please refer to Microsoft’s EULA for Terms of Service for Microsoft’s gaming applications on iOS. By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions: FEEDBACK. If you give feedback about the Xbox App to Microsoft, you give to Microsoft, without charge, the right to use, share and commercialize your feedback in any way and for any purpose. You also give to third parties, without charge, any patent rights needed for their products, technologies and services to use or interface with any specific parts of a Microsoft software or service that includes the feedback. You will not give feedback that is subject to a license that requires Microsoft to license its software or documentation to third parties because we include your feedback in them. These rights survive this agreement.

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Xbox app reviews

  • I love this app 5/5

    By trell savo
    Ik just love how things are
  • Xbox is the best 5/5

    By yeaboiiSway
    Xbox is a great gaming console so you can play with your best friends and add your favorite youtubers.
  • Still can’t compare achievements with friends!!! 1/5

    By Mr. Bergle
    Microsoft - you removed this capability before the latest app refresh and haven’t brought it back yet (at least I can see my own achievements now... 🙄). Seriously?! Comparing achievements with friends is the whole point in having achievements in the first place! Oh, you’ve been spending time on the icon, I get it... 🤦‍♂️
  • This really helps when I am on iPad 5/5

    By harrisonmattnew
    I can finally see all my friends that play on Xbox and we usually play together and if we can’t play because it’s too late outside we use this and use voice chat this really helps a lot
  • App chat not working 1/5

    By juan pedro de guadalupe
    As stated above, before update everything was good. After update the app just forecloses and doesn’t let you do anything. Please fix and i may download it again
  • Xbox App Captures 4/5

    By OnlyFoxyMan22
    I play a lot of games on my Xbox. Especially Fortnite and I usually will clip the last 15 seconds of it, but when I go the the app it shows a frowny face :( in my captures.
  • Xs 1/5

    By Kyletime44
    Get more consoles in stock
  • Make voice chats bettterr 3/5

    By Itz_Gamer
    Pls make voice chats better ther so laggy when i try to play w my friends sometimes i cant even here them otherwise i think its a good app
  • Used To Be The Best Now Trash 1/5

    By Card gamer45
    The only problems i ever had was the foreclosing problem. Now that the foreclosing problem is gone more have surfaced over the last year. 1. The refresh and sync info. The refresh isnt consistent you have to restart the app to correctly see whos on and offline or whos in a party and who isnt. 2. Whenever i capture a clip n upload. I get the frowny face all the time and cant send vids to my friends thru the app or watch them thru the app. I can download it but it downloads corrupt when the frowny face appears. You can clear your xbox live storage and the problem still persists. 3. These problems have been going on for at least the wholeeeeee pandemic n more.
  • The switch 5/5

    By 007hugg
    Made the switch from PS finally and best decision I’ve made. Remote play and game pass. Amazing. Please make game pass available to iOS when you can and you will have my 110% satisfaction.

    By hpg4488
    you brought back the achievements page and progress. bless you!
  • Useful and fun but.. 4/5

    By YaAlreadyKnoLiv
    This is a really cool app to stay up-to-date on your Achievements and your friends posts on the Xbox. I’ve been using this app for years and it’s really useful. It’s like having your Xbox in your pocket! But I’m giving this app only 4 stars because after one of the recent updates, you are barely able to edit anything on your profile ! This includes your username, bio, character, etc. I’m not sure if this applies for all of the devices that have this app available, but it does apply for mobile (phones / iPads). You can only change your profile picture, message others, view achievements, and view posts you or others have made. I’d really appreciate it if you were able to edit other features of your profile, just like how it is when you are playing the Xbox ! Thank you for your time, and I hope next update will be great and up to my expectations!
  • Not better then playstation 2/5

    By RaeRaeDeh1
    Playstation app you got all the game you can see/buy in one app, redeem codes on and many other things Xbox app just boring with no pictures hardly
  • Party app 1/5

    By l4stbreed
    Terrible cuts off when I’m on my phone can’t hear more then one friend in a party of 4
  • Broken parties 2/5

    By DarthAutismus
    I’ve used this app for a long time, as it’s an efficient alternative to texting other Xbox players, and the parties come in handy if you don’t have a headset available. But recently those parties have been everything but convenient. Every time I join one, it starts to overheat my phone, and that’s the part I can live with. The part that irks me beyond comprehension is the fact that the parties are disconnected for up to 80% of the time you’re in one. Your friends can hear you and you can see from the ring around their pfp that they’re talking, but you can’t hear a word they say. It’s as if they’re mute when they’re not. This makes competitive and even casual games difficult to play with friends. Imagine playing a PVP game such as Apex or R6 and your teammates makes a callout that could save you. But the party was disconnected so you miss the callout and you die. It’s a frustrating experience, and it is more common than not. I don’t know what causes this, and I know it’s not connection issues because those come with alerts, and I have relatively decent connection to begin with. Whatever this issue is, it needs to be addressed if the app is going to continue to function properly.
  • captures 1/5

    By mari's TWD Cafe
    Ever since i got the app none of my captures goto my app they stay all on xbox live
  • I love Microsoft 5/5

    By Eyemem
    Hire me
  • Getting way better 3/5

    By chris johnsen 6996
    The new update fixed a lot of issues but I still get the random connection messages when the connection is fine and the voice chat is way better but still glitches from time to time
  • Lorna work no work 5/5

    It’s perfect whenever your headset breaks so then you can call him on your phone using the app is ingenious whoever made this like he should I go run Microsoft like dude that’s how smart they are like dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude brother compadre
  • I’m not able to join a party 1/5

    By J O C Y
    Every time I try to join a party it won’t let me it kicks me out the app and when I try to join back it seems like my account joined but later it leaves but when I try to join again it kicks me out the app
  • Xbox one app review 4/5

    By Midnighttoker98
    Hello just wanted to say that this app is great works well on iPhones good job
  • Love it 5/5

    By jj mf
    The app is so good the app is not for gaming it’s just supposed stuff and share your stuff like. Instagram or you can post on YouTube or message
  • It is great 5/5

    By nathvsndnd
    It is great
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By viglhlhkgxk
    They need to improve the way to connect remotely play and I would give it 5 stars
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Karel Stewart
    It can use some work!!! The look can get old but I ain’t going no where ❌GANG
  • Not letting me sign in 3/5

    By marine 2467
    It won’t let me sign in I’ve tried restarting my phone deleting and reinstalling the app but nothing works if you could fix this that would be awesome
  • Captures 1/5

    By 0121justin
    can the captures be fixed? almost every clip has a frown face ":(" and i cant save them with sound
  • Party chat not working correctly 1/5

    By buutar24
    Voices cut in and out and you can’t hear anyone all the time, you fixed this issue back in the summer but then the app overhaul broke it again
  • Party’s 1/5

    By 898988888384
    Dose not work half the time. It takes about 30 minutes for to hear everyone. Like it will cute out every one once and a while then about 30 minutes later it stops it pretty annoying sometimes
  • Xbox review 5/5

    By sean kasprzyk
    Xbox is really fun and the game controls are awesome
  • xbox party 2/5

    By jasebelle6
    it’s always cutting out while i’m on my phone and i usually miss 75% of what’s being said in the party over console
  • Clips 1/5

    By Nelly Enid
    Clip sharing and downloading needs more fix.
  • FeedBack 3/5

    By Guwxp
    Hearing could be way better and mic
  • Can’t make group posts 1/5

    By READ THOS EA!!!!!
    The main thing I liked about it was that while on the go I could make group posts and join my friends parties. I can join parties but no longer can make my group posts.
  • Too many issues 1/5

    By LastDisciple9
    A few months ago, they improved the look of the app dramatically and now it looks great. However, none of the actual issues are fixed. The app runs VERY slow, I can’t watch my captures half the time, and my biggest concern is parties. I can join a party, and then my app will crash. But wait, if I’m lucky enough to actually stay in a party, I can’t hear anyone for some unknown and unfixable reason. These have been issues for well over a year now...
  • A 5/5

    By Rhyz ronquillo
    I just use this to mess with my cousins by pressing on the controls.
  • Go back to the original 1/5

    By Kenyon06
    Is this app ever going to go back to how it used to be. I dread having to use this app now and it has been a hassle navigating through it
  • It’s cutting out... badly 3/5

    By jjdndndj
    I’m trying to talk to my friend on xbox app and play on my xbox but it’s keep cutting out like every 5 seconds and it lasts for lik 2 minutes plz fix
  • Yassss 5/5

    By AryaJustice
    I just love it so much. No complaints here
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By SkoShawn
    Love the app so convenient easy to use also keep up the great work
  • Sooo- 4/5

    By KenzieSummers
    I was trying to sign in when i come to a screen that it wont let me get off of. Please fix this. But good app overall
  • Good, but updates made it bad 2/5

    By theytruth
    The main features I used it for was to see achievements and hours played. While they have announced bringing back achievements, I don’t know if they will bring the rest back. This new movement to make your Xbox mobile has failed.
  • No looking for group 1/5

    By totaleduck0
    You can’t go on looking for groups anymore
  • It so good 5/5

    By dhhddhhxbd
  • Very nice 5/5

    By $$0()
    Can you guys add an option to add a comment or label or flag each capture. Thanks
  • Great app 5/5

    By Dombom1234
    It’s really good for talking to your friends if you don’t have a mic or if it is broken.And you can make clips on it and post on a platform to show off on.So overall this app is great!:)
  • X box app 5/5

    By LAMBERGINI54672
    Love it
  • Xbox app 3/5

    By Semaj Washington
    I can’t share my game captures videos to my friends on Instagram. I recorded videos off of my series X they pop up on my app and it won’t share. Hello the Xbox app still won’t let me share any of my recent game captures videos that I’ve recorded. It’s just showing my older game capture videos
  • Glitches 1/5

    By caidenshannon
    It’s trash my clips don’t even show up it kicks me out like it’s horrible