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Xbox App

The Xbox app brings together your friends, games, and accomplishments from across your devices. Stay connected to your gaming community on the go, control your Xbox One from the app, and buy new games from the store. With your gaming life all in one place, the Xbox app keeps you connected to the games and gamers that matter most. On the go: • Share game captures with friends and across social networks • Join Xbox Live Clubs to interact with like-minded gamers • Use Looking for Group (LFG) to find a party to play a game • Stay connected with multi-user conversations in Group Messaging • See what friends are up to on Xbox Live • Post updates and game clips to Activity Feed • Watch and interact with game content • Buy games from the store With an Xbox One: • Use the app to navigate using your device’s keyboard and touch • Use the app as a media controller for your Xbox One (play, pause, etc)

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Xbox app reviews

  • Literally unusable 1/5

    By kdysirkd
    This app doesn’t receive enough attention from the devs thus making it this mess of trash and useless information you can’t be on the app for more than 1 one minute without running into a problem
  • gamer pic 4/5

    By MeanStingray04
    add the personal gamer pic change feature back
  • Can’t upload profile picture for profile 1/5

    By Gus1213
    I’ve tried my pc, my phone and my safari to change it put it says “Sorry we can’t upload the picture right now. Try again in a little while.” A week straight I’ve tried logging out of my profile and logging in. Even uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if it would work.
  • Profile picture bug 1/5

    By Malachi.P
    i can't change my profile picture to a custom one
  • Can u fix this bug 4/5

    By jack's falls
    I’m not trying to mean but it won’t let me change my pic
  • Basura! 1/5

    By Macho26
    App needs a overhaul. Party Chat is terrible if you can even use it.
  • Fix the party chat!!! 1/5

    By Adnama zurc
    Every time I’m in a party with my friends I can’t hear them. And then the next moment I can. The circle lights up when they talk but you can’t hear anything. And this has been going on for a while now. And even though I have it set to receive notifications when people message me or invite to parties etc I never get the notifications. So fix this and then I’ll give a better star rating.
  • Picture 5/5

    By origan28
    It won’t let change my gamer picture at all and every time I do it saids try again in a little while .
  • To Xbox 1/5

    By llllllllllolllolllllll
    Fix your garbage app all it does is crash everything 5 seconds.
  • Xbox lit 5/5

    By Tttttttttrtttttt
    Need to fix gamer picture customization can’t upload a custom picture it always asks me to try again later plz fix ASAP
  • Less and less freedom 1/5

    By Licensedrock4
    Can’t even change my profile picture now just because a rotten bunch used inappropriate pictures... so just get actual people to check the profile pictures every now and again, don’t be lazy and take away all of our freedom.
  • Good app some problems and misunderstandings 4/5

    By ilove.jaywhy
    Only problem is picking a profile picture is not working for me and i put innocent pictures and you guys ban me for supposebly having an innappropiat picture but thats a while ago but i dont understand why putting a profile picture hasnt been working
  • Smh 1/5

    By idekyiamdt
    It keeps saying we can only change your profile picture try again later but I keep trying and that’s all it says and never changes my picture
  • FIX THIS 1/5

    By kuzika ll/ hxneyboox
    YALL NEED TO FIX THE PFP ITS BEEN ALMOST 2 months with this “error “ try again later”
  • Profile Picture Bug 1/5

    By Legobatman
    Xbox app will not let me upload a custom image as my profile picture. The picture follows all Xbox guidelines, yet every time I try to upload it, an “error; try again later message” pops up. My friend is experiencing this issue aswell; please fix.

    By bsuaua
    Cant talk without it cutting off or not being able to hear my friends. This has been happening since the most recent update
  • For the past week or two 3/5

    By Stubbornsnowflake
    Haven’t Ben able to update my gamer picture, is there a bug that needs to be fixed?
  • Problem 3/5

    By cloudedlungs92
    For the Xbox Microsoft points you should bring back the ten dollar redeem I used that the most
  • Please fix amazing app other than this one part 2/5

    By Snipez.
    Fix the app I can’t even join parties I’m invited to and it’s getting quite annoying I should be able to join a party and not have to worry about inviting my friends to mine just because your app won’t work it’s ridiculous
  • Has a lot of bugs 1/5

    By review of a person
    There has been time in this app where it never works it is complete crap
  • Mad buggy 2/5

    By Zoovey
    I can’t even watch my clips without the entire video skipping the whole time. It’s been like this for a minute smh. Now every time I want to change my gamer pic it tells me it’s unavailable and try later but it does it all the time. Fix this garbage.
  • Garbage Party Chat 1/5

    By astronautcolt
    Xbox, I love you. The countless hours I’ve spent hanging out with my friends online are pretty swell. Xbox App, I hate you. I cannot for the love of my life, connect to any parties after uninstalling and restarting the app multiple times. For someone that doesn’t have a headset anymore, this is the only way I can talk to more than one person at a time. But it is straight garbage. Getting disconnected once every 20-30 minutes is an ABSOLUTE given. Not even being able to join your friends parties is also something that may happen!! You never know! Fix the app, a multi billion dollar TECH company can’t figure out a way to copy and paste party chat from one platform to the other?
  • There’s a bug 4/5

    By Jose Nieto Castro
    When I want to go and change my profile picture it says try again later then I try again after a couple hours and it still says that pls fix this.
  • 04/09/2020 Update shut users out of the app 3/5

    By GalofGalaxies
    I can no longer access the Xbox app after the most recent update.
  • It’s decent 3/5

    By ShesRadiant
    App is very buggy. Somedays it works and other days it doesn’t. Past 2 weeks haven’t been able to update profile picture, message pops up to try again later but even after trying later it still doesn’t work and get the same message. Mainly just use it for messages due to the inconsistency everywhere else in the app.
  • The app is great but there are some annoying bugs 1/5

    By Brooke803
    So for the past month or so, there has been this bug where every time I join a party, it cuts in and out. This is seriously annoying because I have to constantly ask the person what they said over and over. I tried to talk on different devices and even get some new mic but it still cuts in and out. Now, I can’t change my profile picture. Every time I try it says there was an error and try again later. I’ve even reinstalled the app but it still doesn’t work. Please fix these bugs very soon.
  • Great but a minor problem 4/5

    By Dominik MG
    I’ve been trying to change my profile picture for the past couple of days, but I get the same message of “Sorry, we can’t upload this picture right now. Try again in a little while.” I’m not sure if this is happening to anyone else but it’s just something that should probably fixed.
  • Constant Crashes on every platform. iPhone/iPad 2/5

    By Kamillio89
    It takes me about 3 times to create a party/join a party because it ALWAYS CRASHES. Always crashes at some point and kicks everyone out the party as well. PLEASE FIX THIS. It’s been happening for over a year.
  • profile picture 4/5

    By abrianna curnell
    i love the app , works really good but whenever i try to change my profile picture . It will not change . it’s basically saying there’s an issue.. can you fix ?
  • Nice 4/5

    By bennyfarmer
    Easy to use and maneuver but right now I can’t change my pfp by uploading which is pissing me off
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By livingstondevices
    This app is horrible to use, can’t even join a party now that my headset broke. When it finally works it tends to kick me out without me knowing can’t hear anyone in my party’s. Playing Xbox has become a hassle with this app. It’s horrible if you wanna talk to your friends with out a head set get discord they won’t put you through the same bs.
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By hdhbdhdd
    Never lets me join party and mic cuts out a lot
  • Clips take forever 2/5

    By KameronTII
    I have the app mainly for clips, but they take so long to load and are so choppy and pause every 2 seconds. Has been like this for a long time
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Erica1116Savage
    I love the Xbox app so I can talk to my friends on the go. Or when I don’t have access to my Xbox. But recently I’ve had a problem with changing my profile picture. It says it wait later so I do and it still doesn’t work. Me and a couple other of my friends have experienced this issue. The only profile pic we could set it to was. The default profile pictures Xbox provides.
  • Gamerpic 1/5

    By xstendos
    Won’t let me change pic
  • Can’t change profile picture 1/5

    By jay so bs
    I can’t change my profile picture and I’ve had this problem for like a month now I thought you guys would’ve fixed it by now & also I cant join peoples parties when they invite me to a party I checked to make sure I wasn’t banned and I’m not I just can’t join cause it says I need to update the app but it doesn’t need an update
  • Please fix this issue 1/5

    By Ispxlshgreens1
    For like the past week I been trying to change my profile pic and it says sorry try in little bit so Xbox can you please fix that
  • Love it but has bugs 3/5

    By 🤠yee hee
    I really like the Xbox app but the one main issue I have with it is that it just stopped letting me change my profile picture and it’s like that with most of my friends too it just says try later and it’s been like that for awhile now and it’s really annoying so please fix that but other than that it’s a great app
  • 🙂🤩🥳 4/5

    By 👑Fresh👑
    I LOVEXBOX,Why Microsoft Why are you Doug this to us a company that was and the completely go down the drain,I used to love Microsoft but because of Covid-19 I’m starting to think twice.Getting mad won’t change the situation I now I’m understanding that this is happening because of covid-19, Microsoft it shouldn’t have to take a month to fix something so little.All I want is to change my gamer pic one more time just one more time I will love Microsoft,I still love Microsoft regardless but I will be really happy if you the app up and running again like the old days this Covid-19 stuff is really something else but Microsoft if you see this review it would mean a lot me and we make feel like you guys care about us gamers and I’m sorry for all the mean things I said about this app this is really good from now I won’t be mad because I know Microsoft is gonna blow our minds away we just have to wait and I know that there also working on Xbox series x so that might be another thing that could be slowing down the process once again if you’re reading this review I am very sorry for the hurtful comment I said I just didn’t really take the time acknowledging what was happening I love Microsoft from the bottom of my heart XBOX😁
  • Good but 3/5

    By danny3220
    Gamerpic upload does not work.
  • Xbox 4/5

    By Fortnite sniper
    It’s great but there’s a bug that I can’t change my profile picture
  • Custom Profile Image Not Working 2/5

    By ChanseEroo
    As of the most recent 2003.326.129 update (released on April 2nd, 2020), I am still unable to upload a custom image to my Xbox One profile. I have been experiencing this issue since 3/26/2020. When I attempt to upload a picture from my photo album on my iPhone 7+, I am given the prompt, "Sorry, we can't upload the picture right now. Try again in a little while." ALSO!!!!... Even on my actual Xbox, when I attempt to use a sample picture that I saved to my drive from Microsoft Edge, I am unable to do that as well!! So it isn't just the Xbox app messing up, it's the entire action of uploading ANY custom picture from any saves or storage device. This needs to be fixed, as I am not the only person to come across this issue. Now, with these complaints, I have done my part to try resolving this issue. I have made sure my phone and Xbox was connected to the internet, made sure the app was up to current date, used a white image to make sure that my custom photo wasn't going against profiling restrictions and regulations (while using many other random photos as a test), I have signed in and out of my profile, deleted and redownloaded the app from the Appstore, checked my privacy Microsoft settings, and have basically done everything there is to do. But what really rubs my nose in the dirt is that I can still change my profile picture but only if I use the big list of the original images that everyone is offered and can used... but not a custom image. - I also have problems with Creation Clubs on this Xbox App and party chats sounding like the stuff that usually goes in the toilet.
  • “Something went wrong” 1/5

    By EeXxTtRrEeMmEexXDuCk;)
    Every time I try to log in it just directs me to a page that says “Something went wrong”. I logged into my account on a browser like it said and it still didn’t resolve the issue. I just want to be able to talk to my Xbox Live friends on the app. Microsoft please fix this issue, it’s starting to get really annoying. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled this app many times and nothing works!
  • V 2/5

    By grandwok
    Keeps giving me bugs telling me to upgrade meanwhile I see nothing!
  • Can’t change gamerpic 1/5

    By MeggedByDJ
    Release a new update, I can’t change my GamerPic
  • Fix the Xbox app 3/5

    By magic_nick12
    Xbox won’t let me change my gamer pic even though I don’t have a warning
  • Can’t update gamer pic 2/5

    By Emma Whale
    The whole point of the app for me is to change my gamer pic and to check if friends are online. With the latest update I can’t even do the former of these 2 simple things. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the app, as well as turning my phone on and off, but functionality seems to be faulty. Please fix this!
  • Won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By good nut not good
    So whenever I try to sign in it says something went wrong so I try again and it just repeats.
  • Help 5/5

    By CribMan543
    It won’t make my gamer pic change to what I want help pls Microsoft PLS!!!!!

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