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XFINITY Connect App

Stay connected on the go with the XFINITY Connect. Check your email, send and receive text messages, make and receive Voice calls and check your XFINITY voicemail all in one place. Answer your home phone calls and forward calls from your home phone to your iPhone. This app is included with your Xfinity Voice and/or Xfinity Internet service. FEATURES - Voice2Go* - Now make unlimited voice calls from XFINITY Connect app using your XFINITY Voice numbers. - Never miss a phone call : Answer all your home phone calls from XFINITY Connect App. - Send and receive free unlimited text messages to the U.S., Canada, Mexico and over 40 other countries using your home phone number – no texting plan required! Even text from your iPad® or iPod touch®. * Included for XFINITY VOICE Residential Unlimited customers. Terms & conditions apply. REQUIREMENTS - XFINITY Internet or XFINITY Voice subscription - Comcast ID or email address (Need your Comcast ID? go to -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Free texting requires subscription to XFINITY Voice Unlimited service. Standard data charges apply. Check with your carrier. Discussion forum - please visit - --------------------------------------------------------------------------


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XFINITY Connect app reviews

  • Horrible 1/5

    By Steil333
    Takes 3-4 days before I can see what emails I have, but they never open. This is true on my iPhone 7plus & IPad Pro.
  • Don’t play well together 1/5

    By Rcfrcfrcf
    Lots of glitches in last few weeks, including body’s of emails disappearing, or getting added to different senders’ emails. Restarts seem to fix it...until the next glitch. Also uploads from xfinity server no longer come w/o reboot of iPad. Changing review from two stars to one star. 05/20/2018. Have given up and permanently uninstalled app.
  • Needs a lot of help 1/5

    By jkruse302
    This app is very poor. It keeps crashing, and saying there is a network error. Have to uninstall and reinstall just to check new email. I thought xfinity would put out a better product.
  • Please fix this problem 1/5

    By K.A. eeL
    This app is definitely getting worse. I have to log out and log in every time I open the app just to refresh and then the emails don't always open. I saw that there was an update May 10, but I think it made the problem worse.
  • AWFUL - what the ..... 1/5

    By MimiVictoria
    I have to delete and reinstall this app about 6 times a day due to the inadequacy!!! Fix it; in fact this is the ONLY app that just does not work well anymore. Doesn’t look like I’m the only one who thinks so either!
  • Worthless since last major update. 1/5

    By SteveZ59
    This app used to work flawlessly. With the last major update it has become a complete piece of garbage. I have to force close it every time I go to check my email because it will say it can’t connect. Now it has taken to not even correctly showing new messages on the icon. I can’t fathom how this version was ever released to production. It’s like they didn’t even bother testing it.
  • Crashes two times everyday.... 1/5

    By Bobbie🤔
    I am refreshing constantly! Then if I silence notifications... IT CRASHES IN MINUTES... I have emailed and called and have had professional Tech advisors check it out. They have said the problems are from Comcast overloading their apps abilities and not backing up their own software ... i’m pretty sure it all boils down to what they can get away with at the least amount cost to them... It is obviously not a priority to them
  • Too many flaws 1/5

    By tketcham
    Can not attach any type of document, only a photo. Useless for anything else. Also sends random error messages that it cannot connect or there is no service when there is plenty. Takes forever to load new emails even on fast WiFi service. Could be great if they would listen to these reviews and fix the problems.
  • Frustrated with app 1/5

    By Martha Mars
    The app consistently freezes and does not update automatically. Most of the time I have to reboot my iPhone in order for the app to update and work properly. It’s very frustrating.
  • Works good for me! 5/5

    By 0ne timer
    I have noticed a few people commenting that this app. isn’t up to snuff. For me it seems to be working just fine, it had a burp last week but just signed out and back in and now it’s running fine.
  • Bug fixes?! 1/5

    By Malice Rose
    You mean they are better bugs now.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By TODtpf
    This app is the worst. Can not rely on the app to send emails accurately.
  • App Continues to Get Worse 1/5

    By help11111
    What ever has happened with the Xfinity Connect App it continues to degrade in delivery of acceptable service. Comcast needs a complete overhaul as the app is quickly becoming unusable.
  • Error message upon opening app to vie email. 2/5

    By bkackert
    When I first downloaded the app it worked great. After the update about 8 months ago or so it’s become more and more difficult to open email. Please revert back to the previous update and figure out your fixes then. Our service shouldn’t suffer just because you haven’t come up with a fix yet.
  • Buggy & increasingly useless 1/5

    By MotoAdventures
    The interface is decent but the app frequently fails to connect despite a perfectly good wifi or cellular connection. Also, annoyingly, there's no Search function within the email interface, so the only email you can read is what you've received in the last day or two.
  • Great!!! 5/5

    By joy christo
    Can’t lice without Xfinity! That’s my summation of it! I drive to and from work everyday. It is nice to be able to listen/watch TV and movies on my way home when traffic is bad. Also nice to be able to see my Mom and Caregivers on Camera where ever I am, whenever I please. And the phone... i can use it anywhere..thank you Xfinity
  • Can't get into my email 2/5

    By Cherribomb69
    Could you please fix this app. It logs me in but then I get an error authorization failure message that won’t leave the screen. So I can get into the App, but I can’t read my email because it won’t load because of the error message.
  • Almost unusable 1/5

    By tacantey
    This app has become more and more glitchy, to the point of being unusable. You have to completely close out of the app or it won’t download messages. Error messages pop up, the app crashes, etc. etc. etc. if there’s anything an app can fail at, this app finds a way. And totally unresponsive for updates. This has been going on for over a month. Typical Comcast. This’s app is about as responsive as the company is.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By awilliams123
    This app was good when I had it on my Android but since I have switched to iPhone this is the worst app I have ever seen. You will open the app and wait for your email to load and come back 3 days later and it’s still trying to load. And every time there is an update date it always claims bug fixes. This is more than just bugs, it’s an infestation.
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By Bozothec
    Updated twice still can't get mail. Still a problem. Much worse in past month!!!!!
  • I can read mail maybe 10% of the time 1/5

    By fmkpa
    You’d think getting email working would be a priority...
  • Always fails 1/5

    By b_a_j_9
    You constantly have to force quit the app to check your email. It’s always asking me to log in again and it’s terrible at updating when email is present. Just bad at everything
  • Either crashes when opened or does not load 2/5

    By exhaustedbyemail
    A lot of issues with this app, but nothing like what has been going on lately. The app does not load new email, deleted emails show up again in inbox next time it’s opened, or it simply crashes. I tried logging in again and after it opened and loaded once as of this morning it keeps repeating that there is an error with authorization and that I should try logging out and in again. Who has time to constantly repeat the login? I can no longer depend on mail delivery and must guess and remember to go to the app and check for new email if it loads new ones. Definitely a big issue!!! Let me summarize: mail does not load, app crashes, mail gets delivered later, deleted email returns to inbox, and also the search feature does not work-unable to locate email with correct keywords.
  • Latest update not good 1/5

    By astro.dave
    I keep getting pop ups about authorization issues while trying to listen to voicemail, but I can still access voicemail...
  • Emails won't refresh 1/5

    By Spaceman487
    "We are unable to process your request. Please try again." I have wifi connection and I'm getting this error. Fix now!
  • Negative Stars 1/5

    By movie2
    This company and App is a complete joke. Every “update” makes the app even more useless. Sad day when your internet provider cannot even provide a simple and reliable email app. Come on Comcast get your act together.
  • Xfinity connect app 1/5

    By carmichael paul
    This app has gone bananas lately. At first I had to reboot several times a day to get my email. Now it doesn’t work at all. Deleting and reinstalling the app doesn’t work. I can get my emails only by going to the website where they show up fine but what a hassle. Paul A, Sacramento CA
  • Worse Than Useless 1/5

    By Wallbanger53
    I’ve written about this for years across multiple iOS versions and 3 different iPhone including 4, 6 & 7+. The same problem had never been solved!!!! Which is a recurring error message about authorization. The only reason I even had the app loaded was for the land line ringing my iPhone concurrently and free text. No more, it is being removed from my phone now and forever.
  • Poor service 1/5

    By randynbonnie
    What’s up with this app? I get 5 sometime 6 errors pop up one after another telling me authorization error failed please try again-it gets worse everyday. You have to swipe down to refresh to get your mail? Even then I don’t always get it, seriously going to find a new mail app this weekend way too important that I get my mail and this app does t work anymore sadly
  • I hate this app it doesn’t open your emails it just spins I have any app and it opens right away 1/5

    By nannville2
    It needs work on asp
  • Now what have you done? 1/5

    By MagsM18
    Have to keep closing to get new emails. Can’t delete email from my iPad without opening the email. Everything was fine until you took away the ability to check multiple accounts. Now it seems like there is some new problem every week. Really tired of it.
  • This app needs a lot of improvement. 2/5

    By Barber7742
    The app seems to get worse every update. How t constantly crashes on the iPhone and iPad. There are constant errors such as log out and log back in. It is better to access your email through a browsers versus this app. A two rating is being nice
  • Xfinity. 2/5

    By amginfre
    I have a lot of difficulty trying to get into my email. Needs improvement.
  • Perenial Unable to Connect to Server Error 2/5

    For years App was pretty reliable. But in the last 6 months unable to connect to server error is a weekly occurrence. And this occurs on two different iPads. Yet in windows the error is never seen. Obviously an IOS problem.
  • DOA 1/5

    By DrChu
    Latest version is dead. Email doesn’t update (keeps ‘updating for hours’). If you lose network connection, error window stays open even after reconnecting. Comcast needs to hire the jerks responsible for screwing up a OKish app in previous versions.
  • Needs some love. 2/5

    By Kougr2013
    Too many crashes, network errors, and email body not loading.
  • The Worst!! 1/5

    By RHTrio
    Totally unreliable! Text messages always out of order, phone rings on app randomly on and off and always miss calls, voice calls have interference , callers cannot hear , have to call back to make a voice call connection! Tech support is incompetent! You would think a company with such a huge monopoly on cable and internet would have a handle on technology in the 21st century!!!!!
  • Poor performance 1/5

    By Entertained in PA
    The app freezes when attempting to open an email causing you to close the app completely and re-open. Now recently will be unable to connect to Xfinity network to access mail displaying error message. This app is awful.
  • Big regression 1/5

    By Dap68
    I can no longer set notifications for phone calls. I have to close the app to get new emails. Why does this not support call blocking?
  • Lousy app 1/5

    By kimjb1004
    Constantly need to close app and reopen to be able to open emails. Frustrating when you are trying to look at incoming email.
  • Emails will not download 2/5

    By 136pop
    When I first turn my phone or iPad on all emails will update and download fine. As the day progresses the emails will come in the mailbox but will only show the header information and will not download the body of the email. If I turn off my phone or iPad and turn back on the body of the email will download and be readable. I have reloaded the app several times but the reloading is only good for the one time and the next day I have the same problem again.
  • Almost non-functional 2/5

    By Jennerses
    For several months now has been pretty bad. Every time I open the app, I’ll either get some sort of error message or it will say “loading” indefinitely while trying to open a message. I have to force close and reopen each time I want to use the app. Now today, that isn’t even working. Keeps saying “authorization failure,” so will try uninstalling and reinstalling, but based on all the other negative reviews, it looks like this is happening to most others as well, and this probably won’t fix the issue. Sad that it’s so bad. Nearly non-functional.
  • Getting worse 1/5

    By unhappy xfinity user
    This app is getting worse instead of improving
  • Still hanging 1/5

    By JNJNJN11xfinity
    Even with the last update, the app is good for one check of email. It hangs the next time and the app has to be restarted. Each time I want to read emails I have to restart the app.
  • Every update makes this app worse! 2/5

    By DrDreInBoca
    Every update makes this app worse! When I fin an reading email I have to force close the app because otherwise when I use it again next time my email won’t update. I have signed in, signed out, deleted, reinstalled, rebooted with no success. Please explain why it’s happening and what the difficult is that makes this app not work...
  • Terrible 1/5

    By G-Texan
    Both the phone & pad apps are just awful - won’t update, slow, keeps giving authentication errors - FIX THE PROBLEMS!! as much as we all pay for cable service, this app shouldn’t be as wonky as it is!!!
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Jenna777
    I’m not sure how this app passes apple’s muster. I have to delete it and reload it 4/5 times I open the app. All I want to do is read email. How is that so hard?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By atlvol96
    I have to delete and reinstall the app every other time I use it to get it to work.
  • Call forwarding doesn’t work 1/5

    By OleMike
    This app never lets me know when I have a call on my home phone. That functionality is listed as a feature, but it just does not work.
  • Loose 3/5

    By Meet the beat
    It is a feature that serves those who relies on it.

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