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XFINITY Connect App

Stay connected on the go with Xfinity Connect! The Xfinity Connect app extends your Xfinity services onto your mobile devices. Key Features: • Access your email. • Never miss a phone call. Answer calls made to your Xfinity Voice home phone. • With Voice2GoSM you can make outbound calls from your Xfinity Voice phone numbers. • Access your home phone voicemails, voicemail transcripts, call logs, and call forwarding settings. • Send and receive free text messages to more than 40 countries. You can even send text messages from your iPad® and iPod Touch® over WiFi. • Manage your Xfinity contacts. • View Caller ID (only available on specific devices). • Manage your Xfinity Connect account. Requirements: • An active subscription to Xfinity Voice or Xfinity Internet. • An Xfinity login or a email address. • Voice2GoSM requires an Xfinity Voice Residential Unlimited subscription. • Text Messaging requires an Xfinity Voice Residential Unlimited subscription. Get Help Signing In: • Create an Xfinity username and password: • Look up your existing Xfinity username: • Reset your Xfinity password: Terms and Conditions: • Xfinity Connect is not available in all areas. • Terms, conditions, and restrictions apply. • Standard mobile data charges apply. Please check with your phone carrier for details.


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XFINITY Connect app reviews

  • Poor 1/5

    By BeachKoala
    Haven’t been able to sync email since aug 13...even with latest update which indicates improved sync capability.
  • Voice notifications still dint work at all 1/5

    By Professor Media
    User forums gave up complaining. Incoming calls get no notification. App has to be the open active app for Connect to get the call. Reinstalling rebooting etc, do not help. This actually broke with the last release where you write that the app didn’t like to be in the background. Go back to work - app no longer works to receive calls AT ALL,
  • Crappy update 1/5

    By Big Daddy 5/28
    Since this update can’t access emails from Iphone - you guys really screwed this one up
  • Still no iPhone X screen support? 2/5

    By jonchmura
    How does this app STILL not have iPhone X support... I assumed the most recent update would have it, but no. It’s been nearly a year and all other apps optimized for the iPhone X screen. I just don’t understand how Xfinity hasn’t done this yet.
  • Used to work fine... 1/5

    By Comcast1234567
    But recently it locks up and does not work at all. The only fix that I have found is the delete and then re-download the app. When you do this the app will work fine a time or two before it locks up again and has to be deleted and reinstalled.
  • Useful app but not so much for email 4/5

    By MT in PA
    I’m old school with a landline phone mostly for folks we don’t know. Once upon a time the app would push out a caller id notification all the time. In recent years it will only do that with the app open. Seems silly. Be great if the app pushed out caller id regardless if the app is open or not.
  • Fix It! 2/5

    By Heatherp 62
    Been using this app for years. Then the past 3-4 months, unable to get email. I need to constantly turn my phone off and on to get new emails. Or, I get them and they won’t open. The latest update did nothing to correct this. Today is July 30th. Now it doesn’t show who’s calling my home phone (my xfinity landline) via the app. This worked till the latest upgrade. What is going on? This is an important feature. It was wonderful when we had no service after a tornado in May. August 16: another update. Was feature for showing calls coming to my landline fixed?
  • App is total Garbage 1/5

    By katrog545
    Used to be mediocre but usable. Now it is worthless. Locks up. Doesn’t update email. Have deleted and reinstalled countless times and whenever I try to use it a second time it doesn’t recognize my account. Has gone to hell since the even more mediocre web based update. They are stuck in the last century. Deserves a zero star rating.
  • App Updated today 😡😡 1/5

    By Angie0682
    So since this new update.... My mailbox is frozen. Will not do anything! Just frozen, like a popsicle!
  • App opening 2/5

    By sef.51
    After the update to app today, I now have wait 30 to 40 seconds for it to open to my email. Can I undo the update? Disappointed with that he change
  • Unstable 1/5

    By ibbarney
    Just got an update and now it freezes for 30 seconds after starting. This app keeps getting worse not better. Somebody needs to do some QA before they put this App out. It needs a lot of work. You keep hoping that it is going to get better, but it just keeps getting worse 8/16/18. Got a new update yesterday and it is still going the wrong way. There is not hope for this app. It used to be great but every time they update they make it worse.
  • Can't use over tmobile lte 1/5

    By anjaan
    What is the use of the app if it only works on wifi? App doesn't work if i am not on wifi. I even figured out that issue is with app not able to work when device is on ipv6. Called in customer support few times and they say issue is getting worked on i am hearing this for so many months
  • Worse every day. 1/5

    By Jenfgg
    I agree that this app used to be OK. Then it started getting wonky. Now I practically have to delete/re-download every time I want to open it.
  • Lastest update-a failure for me 1/5

    By bginfla33418
    Opened and it froze on my iPad. Restarted, rebooted... no success. Back to the drawing board. Will keep old version on my phone!
  • Update 3/5

    By webfoot01
    Thanks for updating this app. It was getting very unreliable, slow to update!
  • Why update??? 1/5

    By Criminal58369
    Update released 2 hours ago... So I update... Why not update for the new iPhone X before releasing??? Stupid... Phones been out for a long time now... Update the icon & stuff but not compatibility with the newest iPhone... I hate when apps do this... That’s why 1 Star... maybe I’ll update after they fix this...
  • Update for iPhone X screen 2/5

    By Andy E.
    It’s been almost a year
  • Working fine now 4/5

    By PhazeDelta1
    The new update seems to have fixed an issue where I had to force close the app to receive email notifications after it went i into the background. Now the only thing that needs to happen is update it for the iPhone X.
  • What just happened 1/5

    By Utrustme2
    This app used to work flawlessly on my iPad. It is now useless. Since a few weeks ago it now often freezes. It only shows old mail and you have to pull the screen down to update it which often causes it to freeze up. And most of the time it won’t open. I log in and the circle go’s round and round but it never opens. As if I needed another excuse to hate Comcast because they nickel and dime me with extra made up fees and my Comcast bill is way to high for channels I don’t want. Well guess what....I now have another excuse. How can such a huge tech company get it so wrong. Please fix the app or give me back the old version. And remember, test any version completely before you release it.
  • Missing Emails 2/5

    By Xfinity336
    I have several different folders that I use every single day. The problem started the first week of July. Every email I directed to move to the proper folder never made it with this app. They just disappeared. When I investigated on the xfinity dot com site. The lost email were in their correct folder. Just not on the xfinity connect app. So now when my emails mysteriously disappear, I have to delete the app and reinstall. I also have the same problem another app subscriber phone indicates I have a new voice message...which is never there. They told me it’s my phone. So I purchased a new phone and the app still said I had a new voice message, however the new phone notified me my subscriber (Comcast)has a new voice message for me. I never use the phone recorder, I only use Xfinity to record voice messages. So I took the phone back for a refund. I have had to uninstall the app and reinstall several times. Very annoying. This app needs major updating with all these bugs. Back to the drawing board xfinity. Please fix these issues.
  • Very slow 5/5

    By gauthim
    I cannot open my email or check my messages.
  • Xfinity never connect 1/5

    By Xfin never
    Keeps getting worse
  • Yep 5/5

    By This Is Our Music
    Best email app on my phone
  • Please fix!!! 2/5

    By ACMII
    It is troubling that Comcast fails to try and fix this app. It is frustrating to have turn off the phone just to be able to reset the app so it can fully down load the message. Also I have to type in address to forward a message. Art
  • App has been failing for weeks and no fix from Xfinity 1/5

    By punkinbits
    For the past 2 weeks the Xfinity app has not worked on my iPhone and iPad. It will not Refresh and freezes upon opening on both devices. I have deleted and downloaded twice on both devices to no avail. This was my go to for checking my email. Now I have to use the computer and access through the website.
  • Recently terrible 1/5

    The app used to work just fine, but I have been having the worst experience using the app in the last few months. Emails that I know should be there disappear, emails hardly ever load and it’s been increasingly difficult to send an email from the app.
  • Hang time 1/5

    By pfs0101
    The Xfinity Connect app opens quickly but then next thing it the “hang time”. The app will lock up 9 out 10 times once opened on my iPad. The app has always been sluggish, but now freezes. Even after shutting down the app it will still freeze over and over. Just trying to check email is frustrating with this app. Needs to get fixed!
  • Can’t access email thru app 1/5

    By PB-Maxx
    The app used to be okay but in the last month or so it seems to not work. I can’t pull in emails from my iPhone on the app but it’s usually okay on my iPad. This defeats the purpose of having email on the go if you can’t refresh to see news ones. Disappointed...please fix this as I’d still like to use this app.
  • Please work on your app! 2/5

    By yrtsnikcm
    The app keeps freezing on my phone and I have to delete it and reinstall every time. What a pain!!! It would be nice if Xfinity would hire someone to fix and/or update their app. It is really frustrating!!!!!
  • Getting worse not better 1/5

    By Obie44
    It used to be decent. But now doesn’t update and get mail from the servers. So it just stares at me lonely with old emails. It is really hit or miss. In the past it wasn’t bad. Echo some of the other statements, it wouldn’t take much for Comcast to make this an average much less decent a decent app. A smidge more and it could be good. But they must be putting their money elsewhere.....
  • Was decent 1/5

    By timeforanewapp
    But latest update causes it to lock on iphone6. I have to delete and reinstall constantly.
  • Needs improvements 1/5

    By Notvryhappy
    This app is terrible! Every time I want to read any new emails, I have to restart the app. So frustrating! To answer any incoming calls also never works. Boo!!!!!
  • App constantly locks up 1/5

    By todngjhrtundkgln
    The last update has been this worse. To access email on my iPad I have to delete and reload. That is tiresome and unacceptable.
  • So buggy 1/5

    By Mentzc
    App used to work regularly. Now just stalls constantly. I shouldn’t have to delete and reinstall an app every two weeks to use it!!!
  • Too many restarts 3/5

    By Puppyooo
    Keeps asking me to login or rate the app. Just let me check my email.
  • Not bad and convenient but 2/5

    By Verna's_Daughter
    08/13/18 Update - constantly crashing and will not download new emails on iPad. Please fix this... Thanks you. I would like to see some additional features: the ability to flag a message for follow up in the mobile app and the web app, better message sorting capabilities, the ability to change the display name on the outgoing messages (have tried to figure out how to change this, it is not intuitive), the ability to get a notification icons without sound. It is nice however to be able to manage the mail messages from the mobile app though. Saves a ton of time...
  • Comcast Mail 3/5

    By ily bear
    It worked fine at beginning when I transferred to iPad then it was useless for almost a year with many frustrating calls to Xfinity tech support. Since late July, fingers crossed, Xfinity Connect is still working as of mid-August!!
  • App is horrible 1/5

    By skehl
    You have to constantly sign Out and sign in. And most times that doesn’t even work anymore you can see it’s trying to load it just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning. Please do something I have written so many reviews over the past year.
  • Not sure what’s happened it keeps freezing 1/5

    By JoJo1454
    Keeps freezing
  • Locks up on Opening 3/5

    By tired of updates that break
    Downloaded the new iOS and the app locks was OK before but needs to fixed now.
  • Freezes! 1/5

    By Mingteach
    Cannot open my email because it constantly freezes up. Drives me mad!
  • iPad problem 2/5

    By Petey123zzz
    The mailbox’s do not refresh. If I send a email reply and then go to sent the messages are not there even after I refresh the mailboxes
  • For a “tech” company they have a long way to go 1/5

    By Yomanjm
    I continuously have to close the app, re-load it to read incoming email. This is very frustrating for me. They need to really improve this annoying glitch, as in, fix it.
  • Finally a little better 4/5

    By Jim468
    I no longer have to close the app and reopen to check my mail. Seems to be working better so I’m upgrading from one to 4 stars. Took way too long to get that bug worked out.
  • Locked up on all my mobile devices. 1/5

    By Lord Spain
    This app has locked up on both my iPhones and both my iPads. I can get it working only by deleting the app from the device and reinstalling it. It only lasts about ten minutes before it freezes again. I need to get my email on my mobile devices and this is no longer reliable. Looking for alternatives now.
  • Satisfied 5/5

    By Tom Cruciani
    The app is clear and does what I need.
  • So bad 1/5

    By RissaRose_
    This app has gotten worse and worse over time. C’mon Xfinity - do a better job like we know you can!
  • Awful! 1/5

    By alemaPeuS
    Constantly have to reboot my iPhone 8 to get ap to connect to WiFi/internet. Removed ap several times and reinstalled. Works awhile then starts same crap all over again.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Lablover21
    Now unusable. Freezes and crashes. Embarrassing for Comcast but profiles the quality of their overall service.
  • Better 3/5

    By ruhlhearn
    I just downloaded again and so far it’s good. It’s a pain logging on to my account to read my account info without it. Glad it’s improved.

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