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XFINITY Mobile App

XFINITY Mobile is here. Introducing a new kind of network that lets you stay connected no matter what, and access more data for less money. With the XFINITY Mobile App, you can manage your XFINITY Mobile Account from anywhere. · Check how much data you’ve used · Switch your data option · View your bill and update your payment info · Manage account settings · Contact XFINITY Mobile Specialists for support


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  • Stuck in login loop 1/5

    By A2JMerc
    The app is stuck in login loop. Keeps taking me to login as ”my email address” page over and over again. What us this mess!?!
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By sadxxxxxxx
    Feeling so frustrated with this service the sales person I talked to m set up my service with said I would be getting $400 gift card for getting the unlimited plan and getting a new iPhone when it the phone came in the other representative tell me they don’t combine offers n I will be getting only 200...they gave fliers n stuff that day the $400 but I guess they don’t do it so I would say false advertising. Like the phone just HATE the run around and hoops I have to jump through to MAYBE GET WHAT I WAS PROMISED
  • Limited functionality 2/5

    By Nanashi 1
    This app lacks useful features. For example it should provide ability to use text function for those traveling in foreign countries who may lack cellular connection but have access to WiFi.
  • Very upset with this app 😡 1/5

    By Tristan Jones 02
    I don’t like that you can’t suspend your phone from the app like you can on Verizon you have to call and suspend a line what if you only have a computer and you can’t call because your phone has been lost/stolen and you can only have one card on the account you can’t have more than one like you can on Verizon you can only pay with a debt or credit card you can’t go to a store and pay cash you can only pay the bill on the due date say your bill it due on July 5 you can’t pay on july 4 or July 6th you can only pay on the 5 of every month and you always have auto payment on you can’t shut that off you only have 12 days to pay after your due date to avoid suspension I feel you don’t have as much control as you would on Verizon and if you bring your own phone you can’t have their insurance on your phone they need some major updates on this app!😡
  • Not up to date 1/5

    By nigk34572
    No real time call log
  • Great app 4/5

    By jasondavisp
    Had some trouble logging in originally but the customer service was great and resolved my problem. I would recommend it to everyone.
  • Does not work on iPad 2/5

    By bobM3
    Tried to make additional payment on new iPad Pro and the app won’t let me
  • Was good. 1/5

    By Sarcastaman
    I can’t even sign in to my app. This is great can’t wait to get charged extra thanks.
  • Can you feel the betrayal or my own stupidity 1/5

    By LeoBreaker90
    Lesson Learned! When the company first came out with the phone I got excited. I swapped from T-Mobile and thought hey this would be good for me and my family. Whelp!! I have a screenshot of the conversation I had with a customer service rep who informed me that I can purchase two mobile devices and apply insurance or whatnot later (within a 14 day period). I could have waited to purchase the phone when I had a little more money but I get excited, excuse for me wanting a newer phone. Well I got the phones in, bought power cases for them and literally within 2 days I went to purchase the insurance. Well a two hour phone convo later they said no, they don’t do that only needs to be purchased with the phone AT PURCHASE. I even sent over the screenshot and they said NOPE MAYBE THEY ARE NEW, MAYBE THEY DIDNT UNDERSTAND AND MAYBE YOU SHOULD PURCHASE APPLECARE. I asked if I can return the phones to get the insurance around this time and they said, of course after we remove half of your payments you get like $75. As a refund? For two phones I had for two days? That’s insane. I’m still with them now because well, I don’t really know. I just try to avoid it like every other company who screws you over.
  • Please help me 1/5

    By Tru-Legend
    I can’t see my bill statement the app always takes me to the main xfinity website when it tells me to sign in. I can’t see my bill statement how many gigs I’ve used or anything please fix this
  • Needs a little more. 4/5

    By Barrow007
    The app is pretty basic. It needs some extra features for example; the ability to make advanced manual payments, additional info about data usage like hot spot usage and maybe the ability to shop for new phones and upgrades through the app.
  • To many quirks 1/5

    By preshpreshangelbug
    I was excited when I switched over to Xfinity mobile...the excitement didn’t last long. This company has no clue what they are doing. Due to there error I was suspended because the system didn’t generate and take out the automatic payment even though it showed that it had on there app. So, 2 months later they suspended for a payment that showed on there end that it had been paid. Next I was told by an in store rep that I would be eligible for up to 5 lines but when I called to add the other 2 lines that my family needed I was told no that I was not eligible, so I switched from a company that I had 4 lines under false pretenses. I was also told that my phone number could be ported over but they lost my number, a number that I had, had for a long time and that children all knew. This company is by far the worst and now I’m stuck with them!
  • This is irritating 1/5

    By JoelMan0126
    When I logged in. It stopped showing my billing info and everything. Not just app but the website as well. This is the worst ever! Please fix this. I can’t view how much my bill is! All it keeps telling is: “Something’s not Right. Please try again later.”
  • Not a happy camper 2/5

    By omg i cant stand it anymore
    Hello, so I’m trying to long into my xfinity mobile account to check the data on one of the lines I have. First it keeps telling me that my password is wrong (witch I know it’s not) so I say ok and go ahead and change it. That part was successful. Now once I’m in instead of getting the home screen for the xfinity mobile online it keeps redirecting me to Manage My WiFi screen (witch has nothing to do with xfinity mobile.) So I say ok let me chat with someone to get the issue resolved. The first person I explained the problem to just left the chat after telling him I changed my password. Then I get someone else and she say “ I’m so sorry about what happened to the last agent and I’m here to pick up they left off.” I say ok then once again I’m telling her the problem and boom she gone and another agent comes in and I wasn’t going through the story again. So moral of the story is with all of this that I just had to do I still never got an answer as to way I can’t get to the xfinity mobile main page to check my data usage for one of my devices. Not a happy camper right now. Please fix this problem.
  • Won’t show me the mobile info 1/5

    By SharpSeventh
    The App keeps taking me to Xfinity WiFi and will not take me to the mobile dashboard and there’s no option for it at all. Horrible Xperience
  • Incompetent customer service 1/5

    By JPhilk
    While the individual CS reps I’ve spoken with try to be helpful, the support team constantly drops the ball. I have contacted CS by phone 4 times in the past 2 weeks about frequent dropped calls. As a result of the first call they sent a new SIM card (presumably to cure the issue) but it was shipped to my billing address (in DE) which is different from my home address (NJ). I called again 3 additional times to get the shipment sent to my home address, and twice again the shipments were sent to the billing address. Why in the world is such a simple task so difficult for them?
  • Total Incompetence 1/5

    By DJ-Harry-1000
    I’m a long time Comcast/xFinity customer and have almost no complaints with their internet, voice, cable or home services, but their new mobile service has been one of the worst experiences of my life. I’ve encountered nothing but incompetence with the dozens of Associates, Supervisors and store personnel that I’ve dealt with; the warehouse personnel who shipped and received my phones; and the IT department who can’t seem fix the website and App issues. I ordered my phones in December and I’m still having issues - I don’t have protection insurance (because they screwed it up), the App and website don’t match, and I can’t see my billing info on the App. One recommendation, if you decide to go with them- do it in an xFinity store - DO NOT ORDER ONLINE!!!!
  • Useless App 1/5

    By Andrew Rowe
    One star is too much for this app, everything you try to do results in “Something went wrong, please try again later”.
  • Awesome 4/5

    By PastorREN
    So far bill looks to be 1/3 of Verizon bill... Will update and add more stars next month if that proves true.... Great service so far.
  • Pay system 2/5

    By Dewey212
    It would nice to be able to pay your phone bill right away rather than wait for your bill to be automatically paid a MONTH AND A HALF later. Every other bill I have has the option to be paid right then and there. But instead you got to make sure you don’t accidentally spend too much on your other personal items before the due please if possible can you please fix this or you know change it?
  • It’s a good app, but please fix 3/5

    By ALateef
    The Update Card feature redirects you to a Xfinity WiFi page. So there is no way to pay your bill besides calling.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Ms. Fogle
    I am unable to use this app at all. It does not work on my device after I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I am logged out as soon as I log in to the main page of the app. It’s so frustrating I hate it.
  • Good app! 4/5

    By Joef313
    So far so good! Great Mobile service with BYOD, Hoyspot, Wifi Calling and VOLTE.
  • No problems thus far. Very helpful app 5/5

    By Padupple
    Like the rest of Xfinity apps, I am liking this one. Found my log in info automatically and started working without difficulty.
  • Payments 2/5

    By Jpete56
    There needs to be a way to be able to pay your bill earlier than the due date on here. Not everyone has the funds in there account on that exact day. I would have better piece of mind if I could pay my bill early and not have to worry if I’ll have enough money in my account that day.
  • Payment 3/5

    By DownAirman
    Waiting for payment to come out before my service get shut down. Contacted customer service and they said it would be taken out of my account (verified correct payment information). Need a means to manually force a deduction out of my account. my bill online myself. Please don’t allow the cell service to be like your cable division!!!
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By danieladickey
    I hate how it rounds data usage up. On day one it says everyone has used .1 gig. Even though you get 100 Mb free. Super annoying and inaccurate. Customer support options aren't great either. Other than these gross the app is pretty good and is useful and easy to navigate etc.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Rm3819294859
    Love the app. Cool design, works great. Good service.
  • Beats Verizon & all others!!! 5/5

    By Ol' Texas Rocker
    App works perfectly as does the mobile service! I had been getting robbed of hard earned dollars by Verizon for years but due to the great cellular service & coverage I hung in there. I was skeptical of Xfinity mobile until I discovered they use Verizon’s network! My contract ran out with Verizon & I jumped to make the switch!!! Couldn’t be happier with my decision!
  • Great Service - Poor Company 1/5

    By JJfan2448
    I can never log in to view my bill, I always have to call to get anything changed and they always tell me it will update at 5 am the next day and never does. Bill was an insane $200 for this month and I can’t even see my account for what charged it!! Feels like a scam and T-Mobile looks nicer and nicer.
  • Good idea but no 1/5

    By Numero_uni
    Ir was a good idea to combine LTE with WiFi hotspots but it’s very slow, both. I live in the middle of the city and I get very slow speeds on both, inside buildings forget it, barely any or none. Switching to T-Mobile
  • NO, Comcast 1/5

    By SweetBabyCheeses
    I updated the app tonight, and then deleted it. Why? Because it asked me to sign in to something called, so they could share my information. Hahahahaha, no. Privacy is precious. I’m not giving mine away, especially since I’m buying my phone, I’m paying for the service. Comcast, I appreciate you, but I don’t need my info spread around to various advertisers.
  • Need to work out kinks 1/5

    By Owesar
    I really want to love this service but for their past week the mobile app is saying I’m not a customer. I spent over and hour on the phone, and when that didn’t work, went in to a store. Both times being assured it was fixed and i just needed to give it up to 48 hours. Both times, not fixed. I cannot monitor my usage and view my bill - and I’m sure while they are saying I’m not a customer, they will have no issue continuing to bill me.
  • I wouldn’t give any star 1/5

    By Ugandha
    Worst service not recommend to buy this service.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Grometri
    It claims I'm not a customer but I most certainly am. Comcast themselves suggested I get this app, but it does nothing.
  • Horrible App and Customer Service 1/5

    By kingwillfl
    App is horrible and so is customer service. Made complaint to BBB as Xfinity is billing me for 3 devices that were returned along time ago. Too bad no lower rating than 1 star.
  • Horrible customer 3/5

    By Katrell May
    So when my bill was due XFINITY did not take out their payment I tried to update the card information and they wouldn’t allow me to. I called customer service and he told me no worries they’re are going to automatically withdrawal the funds on the 20th so I say ok fine. The 20th comes and once again they did not take the money out but disconnected my service. I call again and I’ve been on hold for nearly an hour. While holding I used my work to home to try and update my payment information. I had to put another card in and then put my original card in. As soon as that happened I got an email saying thank you for your payment you’re all paid up. But ... my phone still isn’t back on I use the chat feature and it took her 10 minutes for her to tell me to call the number that I’ve already been on hold with for nearly an hour and she said this is the only way. This is ridiculous I expected better from them. All if this just to pay my bill
  • Crashes 5/5

    By drgeli48
    Since last update app will not open Edited-the very latest update fixed the crashes. Very pleased with cell service with Xfinity!!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Jon in MN
    The cell service has been fantastic. The app is good as well. Had some troubles after an update but developers fixed it within one day.
  • App now works with iPhone X 4/5

    By Sheezzee
    The app now works with iPhone X. Thank you for the fast turnaround. I would give it a 5 star however most of the times I am unable to pull up current charges or previous statements, and am given a “something went wrong...” message.
  • Update fixed crashes 5/5

    By Mjtb23
    Thanks for your promptness on fixing the issue. The app works perfect now!
  • App crashes on opening 100% of the time 4/5

    By Phillie boy
    On my iPhone 7 with the latest iOS, every time I open the app it crashes on launch. Until this is fixed it’s unusable. Why was it even released?
  • Quick fix! 5/5

    By Slim2169
    New update causes the app to crash as soon as it’s launched. Update 12/8: quick fix on the crashing issue, it’s working great again!
  • App crashes after latest update 4/5

    By Artistp79
    Version 1.7.1 works now on my iPhone X thanks for the fix
  • Great app !!! 5/5

    By Boogster1
    Latest update fixes crashes thank you for your development of a great app!!
  • Problemas de entrar 1/5

    By Emacy
    Acabo de bajar la nueva versión y cuando quiero abrir la aplicación se apaga y me manda al la página principal (Home). Borre la aplicación y la descargue nueva mente. Lo mismo . Apague el celular y lo volví a encender y lo mismo. Asta un hard reset probé y nada Necesito ayuda con la aplicación
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Tooshoop
    Crashes instantly on 8+
  • Crash... 1/5

    By G-money1717
    Guess they didn’t test this with iPhone X. Instant crash, didn’t even launch.
  • Crash on launch 1/5

    By kkelez
    Get better developers
  • App won’t open. 1/5

    By Workloverxx
    I just updated to the latest version and now the app won’t open.

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