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Xfinity Mobile My Account

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Xfinity Mobile My Account App

Want to manage your Xfinity Mobile service on the go? With the Xfinity Mobile app, you can: · Check how much data you’ve used · Switch between Unlimited and By the Gig data options · View your bill and update payment info · Manage account settings · View order information · Contact Xfinity Mobile for support If you want to manage other services such as Xfinity X1, Xfinity Home, or Xfinity xFi, check out those apps instead.

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  • Billing 2/5

    By Kikstar Krysta Lol
    Signed up in Oct 2018 to get my boyfriend a Galaxy 8. Went with the per gig plan cause on his other plan her never went over 6 gigs and they don't charge you per gig until your over 6. First bill was $132! That's more than I pay for 2 Iphone 8's with unlimited everything the uh Sprint! Of course they said her went over 6 gigs. I've never gotten a bill yet either as it's not mailed to you or even combined with your other Xfinity billings. Second bill $132. I switched it to unlimited for $45/mo. Its still $90 cause instead of giving u the whole month unlimited like they should they start from the day you called & charged me $12 per gig for the 1st 3 gigs even though i was specifically told told its one price for the first 6 gigs then over 6 is per gig. The rep in the phone lied and said NO we dont bill that way! Then theyre charging for a protection plan that I never signed up for! They charge whatever they want at anytime and through in any other charges they think they can get away with. I was also supposed to get a $200 visa card for signing up and never got that! It says 12-15 weeks for processing & its been over 15 weeks! My dad bought my iphone at the same time through Sprint and got all his promotional visa cards! Dont trust Xfinity!!! Thats why they've already been fined by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau millions of dollars a few years back for charging customers for things never ordered but I guess they don't learn! I will never get anything from them again!
  • Recent updates broke the app 1/5

    By Mr.JoeyMCBOB
    Used to work fine but now it sits on the loading screen permanently. Can not longer use it to check my monthly data usage. Very disappointed.
  • This app is great...when it works. 1/5

    By super70ez
    Personally experience, the app worked fine, no issues whatsoever. As soon as I moved the app won’t even let me access anything. I hate the fact that you can’t do anything with your mobile plan without using the app. It would be nice if you could at least access the mobile side of xfinity on the website, like you can with the internet, cable and voice.
  • Deceptive App 1/5

    By WCD2700
    The app states that it updates data usage every 20 minutes. For iPhone users this is not true. The data usage will read “100 MB” when data usage is less than 100 MB. In other words, if your data usage is less than 100 MB you cannot get an accurate data usage reading. I have attempted to use the (what-is-supposed-to-be) convenient text message option to interact with an Xfinity representative, to wildly varying degrees of success. If you get a professional person on the phone, I can get my exact data usage in under two minutes. If you get one that wants to antagonize you, you will never get the information requested and they will play games with you, doing everything from ignoring your text messages completely, to ignoring your text messages but responding as if you are not sending text messages. Example: Me: “Hello, I’d like to get my exact data usage please.” After providing the information needed to access my account, they will then say, “Are you there?” It seems that they are either poorly trained or just not monitored at all. Many times I will be told that my request cannot be completed because they are unable to provide an exact data usage reading, when I have gotten that information many times before. I hate to jump to such a conclusion but it seems that there is a pervasive problem with xenophobia. It feels discriminatory. This could all be avoided if the app performed as it claims to. Allow iPhone users to get an exact data usage with the app.
  • Ok 2/5

    Needs to show more detail about the ammount of data u used.
  • Billing 3/5

    By sjz761117
    Please update the app & website so I am able to view the billing history please!
  • Needs functionality 2/5

    By KellerBrauer
    This app works well and seems to have all the information at your fingertips. However, it lacks functionality. For example, I would like the app to give me an alert when I have used “X” amount of my data plan. It doesn’t do that. I contacted tech support and they basically said “thanks, bye”. So, two stars for crap tech support and functionless app.
  • App has defects and no way to report them 2/5

    By Softballsouthpaw
    The main activity screen shows my billing for Feb. My Jan billing hasn't been payed yet so it seems premature to show Feb. Either way, the price shown is missing taxes and fees and at this point, they should know what that will be. Clicking on View Billing shows Next Payment and Current Cycle. Current Cycle shows same as Activity for Feb, but states "This includes data usage, device payments, and other fees for the current billing cycle." The value shown does not include taxes and fees. Clicking on View Current Cycle shows the same value (at least they were consistent on this one), but again no taxes and fees. Going back to Billing, the Next Payment section is where it is completely wrong. The main billing page and the view details page show a $45 difference. The email I received from Xfinity Mobile matches the main billing page. I think the view details page is missing a credit I was supposed to get, but I have no way to know since the email just directs me to the website. The most annoying part about all of this is Xfinity has no way for me to provide screenshots or report a defect on the website/mobile app or request enhancements. The app only allows texting and that is annoying because some of the texts show the html from copying and pasting so the message is very cluttered. Add a method to report enhancements and defects to the app. This should allow the user to attach screenshots. Add messaging to the app for reporting defects. Provide your agents a way to provide information without html included.
  • WOW wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow owo owo wow wow 5/5

    By hdick ivib
    Wow wow wow ow owo cool cool cool cool aswome awesome
  • Can’t use WiFi to login 2/5

    By ariesonapple
    My home uses xfinity internet and xfinity mobile. On my phone while on WiFi , it can’t login this app, but if I disable WiFi the it can login. This should be fixed! My WiFi works fine with other apps on my phone by the way.
  • Very bad customer support 1/5

    By Grace xiao
    I’ve been talking to the customer support team for over 10 times in the past 4 months. They messed up my accounts in the beginning when setting up. Every time I talked to somebody on the line and went over the problem, They just forward to another person. I was on hold for almost a n hour a few times. The next time I have to start from the beginning again. Usually they apologized about their system migration and they lost their notes, or they have no clue about their tie 2 support. Today I called again, and found out although we talked so many times, they never really opened a case. This was among the worst customer support I’ve ever seen. I highly suggest people stay away with Xfinity mobile. They don’t know what they are doing.
  • Glitchy app. 3/5

    By Jessmom1418
    I love their service, I love my phone. I am not liking the update to the apps. Who ever wrote the update needs to go back and check for bugs. It’s too glitchy, and won’t load half the time. Please either check for bugs or let us have the option to go to the previous update for the apps.
  • Great service 5/5

    By Riptidez85
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  • Recent app updates are awful 1/5

    By merileighe
    I had recently switched to by the gig as I noticed my data use was worth trying it for a month - then the app and billing systems updated and suddenly my gig usage seemed to skyrocket. I was still within my cycle and tried to go back to unlimited (one of their big selling points) so I could save money and it wouldn’t let me switch through the app. I called customer service, was bounced around departments and was assured it would be taken care of on their end that day/within 24 hours. It’s been 2 weeks and their app, website, and customer service have all still failed to update me back to unlimited data. Prior to their software changes I would’ve happily given them 5 stars, but absolutely not anymore.
  • Working app?? 1/5

    By AshleyBerggren
    Are we ever going to have a working app again?
  • Great Rebates 5/5

    By TJonKeyz
    Awesome service since Aug 1 2018! Looking forward to this continuing great service!
  • Won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By Jpmarting
    Total failure. 27 years a customer and the app won’t let me sign in.
  • Xfinity speed up with customer care 1/5

    By Sri47
    I would give 0 stars for the mobile customer care. I raised an issue a month back and it’s still open with out any fix. To check my case status only way is to call and wait for tier2 , which is more than 30 to 50 min waiting over phone. Horrible customer service .
  • So happy with our switch from V 5/5

    By kelleyrae79
    Wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did. I was even more excited to get our Visa Debit reward in the mail (for bringing our phones with us) when I least expected it! My old carrier did nothing but raise my costs as reward for being a long term customer. Never once had an issue with coverage or Data. Thank you so much for making the switch easy. 🙏🙏
  • Works great .. incredible price 5/5

    By Dhwell
    Love it! app works fine. My son and I don’t use much data. Our bill this month. $24 plus tax! can’t beat that!😊
  • The app isn’t as robust as it should be 3/5

    By Losing my love
    I would have given Infinity Mobile a 4 or maybe even a 5 were it not for the app. It’s not easy to navigate and almost everything you want to do: change payment info, view device sales, checkout available accessories; all are outside the app. It takes you to their site but then you’re starting from scratch and completing the transaction there—the only useful part of the app is seeing your usage, but I’m on unlimited so it doesn’t matter. The mobile service is great. I’ve never been without coverage since switching from TMobile, but the app could really use an update to 2018.
  • If I could leave negative stars I would 1/5

    By Thin Lizzyy
    I just started as an X Finity mobile customer two months ago, coming from years of t-mobile. I am sorely tempted to go back with T-Mobile. Everything was seamless with them. I have had nothing but trouble with this company and particularly the app. It has not worked in over a month. So if I am away from home and can check my computer I have no way of seeing my usage which must be closely monitored unless you want to pay for unlimited which I don’t because I don’t need it. Save yourself the trouble, no amount of savings is worth the terrible customer service and glitchy technology.
  • Love the service 4/5

    By dreadz1960
    Been with Xfinity Mobile now for about 3 months after dumping AT&T. I was shelling out $300 + for 2 lines and unlimited data. Now I pay less than half that amount. Only reason I ga e 4 stars and not 5 is because Xfinity does not support Apple Watch which I’m hoping you guys will in the near future.
  • 12 per gig is Great BUT !!!! 2/5

    By Erednimais
    I will not give them any more stars than two because you will find that if you want to send a photo to a family member or friend you have to turn on cellular data to do it. I suffer from more dropped calls as well as my partner due to poor WiFi and I make calls to Xfinity at least once per month and it is always same or should say different story with each person you speak with. I was just told recently that what you pay for in speed is not what you get you get half the number you pay for. Then it was you don’t have enough WiFi I have been told I have enough WiFi speed to run 7 devices so who do you believe? My connection should be able to push my partners and I calls no problem. I also downloaded Ookla at their technicians request and my speeds are perfect so why do I have to turn CELLULAR DATA on to send a picture to use more data which in turn costs me more money to a company that is the highest combined bill between TV, WiFi, and mobile service in my household and; my partner does not use them for service. I have a plan for my tv that is basically nothing spectacular that’s for sure so I am not spending anymore money to Xfinity. I’ll deal with the service until I can move on and move on I will.
  • Just trash 1/5

    By Keaton8706
    Comcast/Xfinity whatever name the want to use doesn’t change the fact that they have the worst customer service people working for them they hire people that don’t have a clue as to tech and or how operations work I’ve had the same issue for 3 months now and have contacted them totaling 25 times and have spent almost 30 hours dealing with this issue all because I moved to a new home.
  • App not responding to new update. 1/5

    By Mas222
    What a frustrating experience and still not fixed. Basically , since the system update our family can not view the app to view our usage . This includes the account information what our billing is for the month. We called several times and at times on the phone for hours. Still no App. I’m really thinking going back to our old phone carrier. People warned me not to jump carriers and I wish I listened. Terrible service for a company charging hundreds of dollars a month. Therefore , I can only give a one star. Get your act together Xfinity.
  • Bad app 3/5

    By mamma peg
    I have been with xfinity mobile for over a year! I love the price and most of the time the service, but this app is just ridiculous since the update. Before that it was great and worked perfectly, I have talked with several customer service and still not resolved, I can’t see how my data is doing, I don’t receive emails how much I am being charged, I can’t see what promotions you are offering for new phones! I can’t do anything and they say you can look through the regular my xfinity account and no you can’t! I wish they would fix this issue sooner than later! It’s been about a month without that app! And that’s why no 5 stars
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By BobFS
    Terrible cell service. Was dropping calls left and right. Apple recommended changing SIM card which Xfinity mobile did but ended up canceling my service. It took almost a week to get back on. I ended up canceling service once it was online again and lost all my credits and Apple care protection because of this. Now months later they are trying to charge me for a phone I paid for in full. I ended up calling the Better Business Bureau on them trying to resolve this. What a terrible company to work with.
  • New update 1/5

    By LoisAKassem
    I don’t like the new update bc all the old data was lost on the app. Now, You have to log into an online browser to see any billing info.
  • Call Log 3/5

    By mobile cl
    Why did the call logs disappear?
  • Very Good Service/Price if you need only 1 line 4/5

    By Kimye all the way!
    I was paying Sprint $80-$90 per month for and refurbished Iphone 6 and unlimited data but I really didn’t use hardly any data. I purchased a brand new iPhone 8 and paid like $80 for the tax and first month $25 payment. My first bill was $36! Yes $36 that included my $25 payment for my new phone and $12 for the one gig of data I used (free calls and texts) I ordered my phone at the end September and paid the first bill in November and received my $300 visa credit about five days ago! The only reason why I don’t give them 5 stars is because porting my # took about two days and 10 calls to customer service also it seems like it’s very hard to add additional lines. I was told I could add up to 5 lines but I tried to add another one for my daughter for Christmas and I was declined. Not sure why I have decent credit and have been an xfinity customer for over 6 years! I know you have to be an xfinity customer to get the mobile plans this is honestly the main reason why I stay with them for cable I know there are a lot of better deals but the cell phone deal makes it worth while I just hope I can add my daughters line soon!
  • BitterSweet 1/5

    By Sds2294
    Don’t get my wrong, I love my service and glad I switched from sprint. But for the past month I have not even able to access my account on the app. It’s becoming frustrating because I do everything online or through apps. This problem needs to be handled, soon
  • Phone 4/5

    By i do not one
    I wish you would put our phone bill with are Xfinity bill instead of having to bills thank you Dale Butler
  • App still doesn’t work 1/5

    By thecheapseats
    I would’ve given this Zero Stars but you can’t. App thinks I haven’t activated yet I have been for 10+ days. I pay “by the gig” yet the app doesn’t show my use. Customer “Service” says be patient they’re working out bugs. Eff that. If you don’t have basic functionality you do not put a new system into production. Reminds me of Comcast ~15 years ago. They don’t seem to particularly care about the end user experience. There are pockets of good support people but they’re behind the scenes and you have to go through an inordinate amount of time and pain to find them.
  • WOW didn't realize I could control my bill now 5/5

    By AnnaC1129
    I was paying a bit more when I selected the "Unlimited" plan and I thought....I can't afford this anymore. Then I called into Customer Service and when speaking with a rep I realized that my bill was much cheaper. I thought it was huge mistake. So when I called and found out that I can change it when I decided and that my bill would ACTUALLY reflect that AND that my bill could be cheaper...I hopped on it. Well just this billing period alone I've already saved more money because I am using WiFi more. I swear if this keeps up like I think it will yelling it at the rooftops 🙌🏽. I lost my job this month with the airline and this couldn't have come at a better time. Please be true 🙏🏽
  • Please add a widget 4/5

    By mmitchell⚾️
    Please add a widget for quick viewing GB use. Other than that the app is great.

    By .luvshop
    I deleted the app and redownload it , thinking maybe it was glitch. But, the app isn’t updating nor showing me my information ?!
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By AdamRN2013
    Long time xfinity customer. Decided to leave Verizon for xfinity mobile. At first it was good. Could even use this app. Then 2 months ago it hasn’t let me log in. Called to support at least 20 times. Still nothing. So this app is useless. I can log into the website ok. So it’s just this app and cfinity mobile apparently couldn’t care less or are somehow unable to help (take your’s basically the same)
  • New changes are awful 2/5

    By fattyMcDonut
    Since they changed to the new system, there is never anything in the devices section nor can I get any detailed info on how much data used. Other items are broken as well. Not even available on the web. Go back to the old version until this is fixed. Shame on you for rolling out a broken system and claiming that you are “working the bugs out”
  • Never work 1/5

    By SyumanG
    Can’t access any data after login. This issue has been there since last month. Not sure what is this app for. Update: Still not working after weeks.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By X_"valued"_customer_X
    The app doesn’t even work. I get the “sorry about this” page on every screen. It tells me to try again later but it hasn’t worked in weeks. Tried deleting and reinstalling and it doesn’t work. It’s really irritating when this is my way of seeing my account and I can’t see anything on it. You think they would take the time to fix it but they just don’t care.
  • Losing sight 1/5

    By againIdareu2
    Some people writing reviews are reviewing the SERVICE and not the app. Since the most recent update basically NONE of the usual functions on the app work correctly. I get “sorry we can’t access this page” on everything except billing and support. In a review I read the developer said these issues were not widespread, however they are the exact same issues I am having. The phone service is decent. The new app is horrible at best and a serious disappointment after how well it functioned in past versions.
  • Senior Citizen here 5/5

    By Ps. Corliss
    I had been a customer of Ver***n (no name no blame) for many years and was ignorantly ok with their service...until...a friend of mine was telling me what their phone/cable carrier charges were every month and it got me thinking. I investigated xfinity and the long and short of it is I switched my service to Xfinity for cable/phone/WiFi and pay almost a third of what I was paying between cable and phone separately. THANK YOU!! As a VERY senior citizen, I’m not able to go out and get moonlighting jobs to ease things financially so every nickle and dime matters!! Thank you again!!
  • Call log 5/5

    By carmendixon28
    I love Xfinity mobile! I have no problem with it. Except with the new update now i cant see the call log or text log. Once i go to billing and click on my number it says 0 calls and 0 messages. & i was able to check my call and text log before the update
  • App used work 2/5

    By JPW510
    This app did work at one time, but Comcast made changes and now it doesn’t work.
  • The app needs fixing asap 1/5

    By Oniel23
    Service is great, price is good. App was fine until last update . I can't even pay my bill or see anything about my account . "trouble retrieving my info" messages.
  • Poor customer service and bill is not clear 1/5

    By 🐸Froggystyle 🐸
    If you don’t need to see details about your data usage this is the plan for you. If you want to see details good luck because no one can answer your question about daily data usage I always have my phone on WiFi at work and at home as well as on the go I very seldom use data on the go since I’m the one driving. Yet my data is high. If you choose to go to unlimited from pay by the gig you are immediately charged 45.00 it is deducted the moment you switch and again charged 45.00 on that months bill ... you will never get a paper copy of your bill !!!! Infuriating
  • Xfinity Mobile is great service but app still needs work 3/5

    By iTech1995
    I’ve been with Xfinity Mobile for a year now, and ther service is up there with the best. Always reliable phone calls, text and data. Never had a problem on the service end since being a customer. The recent app update is still not working as it should. Ever since the update, I can’t see the amount of data I’m using in the current billing cycle. And I can’t view the devices section, to check remaining phone balance or to make additional payments on my DPP. Please continue working on the app to ensure it returns to its stable state it was in before the big November update. Keep up the great cellular service.
  • Recent update 1/5

    By Rubikahn
    Since the last update the app is broken. Please fix!!!!

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