Xfinity My Account

Xfinity My Account

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  • Current Version: 1.35.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Comcast
  • Compatibility: Android
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Xfinity My Account App

The hassle-free way to manage your Xfinity account anywhere, anytime – with no call needed. It’s easy and fast to access and personalize your WiFi name and password, check for service outages, troubleshoot or refresh your equipment, view and pay your bill, find out your tech’s arrival time, view your channel lineup and update your account whenever and wherever you want. Billing · Check your balance, view your bill history, and pay your bill using a bank account, credit card or Apple Pay · Sign up for paperless billing with EcoBill to receive monthly statements to your email inbox instead of your mailbox Manage Your Account Information · View your channel lineup · View and edit your account information, such as your contact phone number, password and email address · Look up or change your Xfinity username and password · View information about your internet usage · View your Comcast Digital Voice number Setup and Troubleshooting: · View or personalize your WiFi name and password · Refresh your X1 TV box and troubleshoot your Xfinity devices · Check the connection status of your devices and get updates on service outages · Use the Xfinity assistant to ask questions and get help · Set up your remote to control all of your entertainment Appointments · Check the status, reschedule or cancel your service appointment · Find out your tech’s estimated time of arrival Contact Us · Request a call back from an Xfinity representative · Find the nearest Comcast Service Center

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Xfinity My Account app reviews

  • Good but needs to be consolidated 4/5

    By acemanawc
    Update 10/15/18: App was just updated and still not optimized for the iPad display? Come on Comcast, please get with the program. Please make use of full screen real estate for the iPad. I’m running the 12.9” iPad Pro. Thank you. Update: still giving you a 4 as the app has not been optimized for the iPhone 6 Plus screen. Please optimize as the keyboard and layout real estate is too big. I like the features of this app, so I'll give it a 4. But come on Comcast,you need to consolidate these features into either the Xfinity Connect and/or Xfinity TV remote apps. Having so many apps available is really starting to confuse me.
  • One Way...just like Comcast ! 1/5

    By Hixxey36
    If you want to add channels and make your bill go can do that with this app. However, if you want to cut channels to make your bill go can’t do that with this app, you’ll have to call their make-believe “customer service” and deal with their BS.
  • Missing Service/maintenance alerts 2/5

    By mojodean
    It might seem rough to downvote an app so heavily, but the fact remains that they can send me push notifications on a service technician visit but can’t preemptively notify me that they are doing maintenance on my node and I’ll lose service. That’s a big customer service disappointment.
  • Excellent. 5/5

    By Technical Granddad
    I hate when people write a trashy review on an app that they just don’t understand. All of the Xfinity apps are outstanding. If you use them for their intended purposes, they cover most everything you could wish for. If you haven’t taken the time to work through them and don’t fully understand how they work, it’s your fault, not the Company’s.
  • Broken — again 1/5

    By kram160
    Can’t log in. Totally useless.
  • Easy! 5/5

    By Tayboogie
    Very user friendly.
  • My account 3/5

    By GamerGirlBegin
    It’s despicable I sign in every time with thumbprint, but I can’t sign into any Xfinity app BEcause someone has changed the password & now it’s a Security & Fraud issue, but Hey! Comcast always fixes everything except for their apps. NEED IMPROVEMENT ON SECURITY ISSUES- major PROBLEM! Disappointed in Xfinity!!! But still a Loyal Paying customer!!! I give the app 3⭐️⭐️⭐️. I will update in 14 days. Thank you.
  • No payment info in app other than amount 2/5

    By metoo22
    You can’t even see what day your payment was submitted and processed.
  • Where is the CONNECT TO INTERNET LINK!? 1/5

    By Jjcifnfjci
    Can’t even figure out how to pay my bill!!! The WORST Company in the US, rite next to Walmart!
  • Keypad Issues 1/5

    By Big Wimp
    The App is fine until you try to reach a live agent. It says press 1 but the keypad doesn’t understand your response. They need to update or use voice detection as well.
  • Cindi Perry 1/5

    By Radiogirl1027
    I hate this I want email first
  • Not very functional 1/5

    By Green211
    App is just status driven with no effective means of getting issues resolved! The chat with an agent is even more useless as they don’t answer your questions, but instead seem to follow script answers that are vague in hopes you will go away!
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Oaklandz
    I recently had experienced a connection failure due to a broken cable wire. I used the app to contact customer service and it was wonderful. The rapid response and attention to detail was superior to past experiences. I would receive frequent updates on the status. Thumbs up to Comcast . In the past , the customer service seemed mixed but based on my current experience , I think Comcast has come a long way in providing excellent service especially when you have a problem with your internet or cable service.
  • Issues paying 1/5

    By PPP,LLC
    I guess i can’t pay my bill it says there issues with my stored payment method and won’t allow me to update or even view it.
  • On-line + No-line 1/5

    By Dr. BJH
    Have made several attempts to add NHL Hockey to my package. Every time the process results in an error message informing me that I have to call. I just want to make a simple addition!
  • Great mobile app 4/5

    By Smittyfb25
    Everything is at your finger tips only with I could upgrade my cable package through the app but even without this is still a great app
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By 75-old
    It’s very frustrating when all you want is to see if your payment has posted to the account. Didn’t find a place which shows if your payment has reached the company, only the statement for the month. Not a user friendly app.
  • One of the BEST apps!!! 5/5

    By SugarCaneMACHETE
    I’m not sure why this app doesn’t have 5 stars. I absolutely love this app. It breaks down everything about my bill, and it also shows me what amount is due. Another cool feature is that I’m able to troubleshoot my equipment and set up a time for a representative to contact me, so I won’t have to wait on hold which is awesome ☺️.
  • Hard to get bill details 1/5

    By Mohamed Nasser1
    Like extra charges for ppv and why you double charge me
  • No sirve 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 1/5

    By Darwin 503
    Este servicio no sirve ni siquiera el servicio al cliente desde k lo puse empecé a tener problemas y no resuelven nada x eso no les doy ninguna estrella This service is not working properly when I have it first time just working for a week then start giving a lot issues with the signal and customer services to and I still have the problem but don’t care they worry just for the bill that’s all with Comcast
  • Late Payment 1/5

    By lnf1278
    I always pay my bill on time. This month I paid my bill with a remaining balance of $0. The amount never deducted from my checking account. Went to go check my app to make sure the payment was made and it still showed $0 balance with a processing payment. Then today I received a notice about a service interruption for not paring a bill. Get it together xfinity!
  • Didn’t even want to give 1 star 1/5

    By satinsnob
    The app offer things it can’t support
  • Worst customer service ever 1/5

    By comcast is terrible.
    Had issue accessing channel while streaming. Spent day from 9am to 3.30pm talking to service people: 1) 4 - 1st level tech support; 2) 2 - billing department; 3) 1 - engineering department 4) 2 - advanced tech support; 5) 1 password rest support. Each tech needed the situation explained to them as though it were a new issue. The problem is still not solved. Comcast has a reputation as being the worst and has truly lived up to their reputation. Sad day.
  • Absolutely garbage 1/5

    By smokiecowboy
    Just like Comcast, doesn’t work more then half the time, won’t connect or do anything most of the time, and after sitting on hold for a hour you get a costumer service rep that has NO desire to help or fix your issues,...I wouldn’t recommend Comcast to a single person, my ONLY wish is that there were more options so that Comcast would actually care Junk garbage 👎🏻
  • Useless 1/5

    By Jayems001
    This app allows me to do NOTHING! I select manage my account & it asks me to log in again. Will not allow me to see package details, NOTHING!
  • App is useless and inaccurate 1/5

    By Nandrz
    The app has many features that look to be appealing. However in application, Comcast as usual does not follow through.
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By hayagreeva
    Touch ID does not work
  • Limited app features 3/5

    By Justsayinnnn
    I would like to be able to upgrade via The app
  • No support 1/5

    By Shawshank67921
    While the app is nice and convenient for doing simple things like paying your bill, support of any kind is practically non existent here.
  • Face recognition 4/5

    By Ritchrock
    Why doesn’t the face recognition not work when I try to unarm my home alarm? It works when I open the app.
  • Very Good App 4/5

    By Guener Jensen
    I haven’t had any issues with the app on billing or payments at all. It does inform me that an outage has been reported but not proactively. Much of the negativity about the app is driven by policies of Comcast, and I don’t disagree with that.
  • App not working properly 1/5

    By Gridbound
    The app is great for a cell phone screen but when it comes to using the app on my iPad, it will not adjust to Landscape view, so I have to look at it sideways all the time. Can you make a program/software change to accommodate the Landscape view? By the way, my screen is Unlocked.
  • Comcast Xfininity 1/5

    By Gtverg1
    App is useless all it lets you do is make a payment if you try to view service requests manage your account or even view your stations all you do is get an error message. I’ve been on numerous phone calls with support as well as numerous chats all with no results. So sad when you pay so much for Comcast service to get such poor customer service!!!
  • Doesn’t even work 1/5

    By Aubrey Sterling
    Crashes constantly and won’t login to account. Worst account management app I’ve ever experienced.
  • Absolutely hate this app 1/5

    By EXtremePACMAN
    This app is awful. For an internet company that is basically a monopoly could get a decent software team to make an app. Come on Comcast...
  • Bill 1/5

    By Pasha6120
    Is any one else get their bill increased all of a sudden. I hate this company!
  • 2 Address’s on Account 2/5

    By FB-ron
    I can’t view my second address on my account on the Xfinity App. Makes it difficult when it only views my old address
  • Billing history 1/5

    By Cyntowin
    Tried to access my billing history and it couldn’t. Not a good app for what I needed!
  • Really Really Average 2/5

    By 1badboy55
    This app seems to be a revenue oriented app. I downloaded it hoping to block some unwanted phone solicitations like you can on the full website but you need a second app to show history. You can pay your bill on this app or order new services if you need help doing that. You can also get a cool blue dot that indicates your phone, internet and television services are working properly. You can also see your balance owed and pay your bill. You can see what model of phone is plugged into your land line. You can pick the channel to receive your bill(email, paper, autopay, twitter). You can manage your plan or your channels but like other poorly designed apps you need to re-enter your password as you change screens for different functionality. You can also read some great FAQ’s like Optimizing Your WFI Network that explains why WiFi doesn't work very well on the Xfinity gateway. You can pay your bill on this app. An semi-functional app that offers little customer service and makes sure you can pay what you owe...a lot like Comcast the company.
  • Displeased and annoyed 1/5

    By MaidOfBlood
    The app takes you in circles. The tips are not helpful. Trying to reset a password requires logging in several times, and it’s still not the correct password I want to change.
  • Needs to support multiple accounts 3/5

    By Mike DelGiorno
    I have a seasonal residence and this app only lets me see the details of my primary account, not my second account.
  • Can’t ever reach an agent 1/5

    By Bbbmilll
    You are supposed to be able to schedule a call, but it always says it is down. Trying to get through to a person is an hour wait. For the rates I pay, I expect more!!!!
  • Autistic Son loves remote 5/5

    By CSX Trains
    I do wish my bill was a pinch lighter, (but) we aren’t going anywhere! I am absolutely in love with the voice feature on the remote! My autistic son can say one word, and he feels so very much in control when it navigates for him. The glow on his face is worth it! I don’t know the soul(s) that created that feature, but BRAVO!! #grateful
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Bertie70
    Unable to view my bill in detail, hopeless
  • Xfinity App 1/5

    By Netranger77
    Great app but it will not work on my IPhone X it crashes and the app just will not work. The touch is totally not working so the app is useless please fix
  • Once you get past the bot you’re a liar 1/5

    By ( The Benja )
    I had a service outage during a bad thunderstorm and as I was trying to report it the support staff all but called me a liar. Then extorting your data in exchange for support? Not remotely cool. As soon as I can jump ship from this repugnant company and its lack of ethics I am.
  • wow 1/5

    By Imaveriq
    the first thing that pops up is a “Get Started” button but there is no where to sign in. As soon as you press it takes you to a different screen to SIGN IN?! I’ve done it multiple times and all it says it that it wants to use OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! anyone else???
  • Lovin Xfinity!! 5/5

    By Micahkane
    Thank you god for Xfinity
  • Comcast make a tiny effort please 1/5

    By Ripoffasses
    I’m so fed up with over paying for really crappy service. I told you I couldn’t afford the price to go up but you up & up it for worse & worse service. Nobody in big business gives a crap about service

Xfinity My Account app comments

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