XFINITY My Account

XFINITY My Account

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  • Current Version: 1.31.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Comcast
  • Compatibility: Android
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XFINITY My Account App

The hassle-free way to manage your XFINITY account anywhere, anytime – with no call needed. It’s easy and fast to access and personalize your WiFi name and password, check for service outages, troubleshoot or refresh your equipment, view and pay your bill, find out your tech’s arrival time, view your channel lineup and update your account whenever and wherever you want. Billing · Check your balance, view your bill history, and pay your bill using a bank account, credit card or Apple Pay · Sign up for paperless billing with EcoBill to receive monthly statements to your email inbox instead of your mailbox Manage Your Account Information · View your channel lineup · View and edit your account information, such as your contact phone number, password and email address · Look up or change your XFINITY username and password · View information about your internet usage · View your Comcast Digital Voice number Setup and Troubleshooting: · View or personalize your WiFi name and password · Refresh your X1 TV box and troubleshoot your XFINITY devices · Check the connection status of your devices and get updates on service outages · Use the XFINITY assistant to ask questions and get help · Set up your remote to control all of your entertainment Appointments · Check the status, reschedule or cancel your service appointment · Find out your tech’s estimated time of arrival Contact Us · Request a call back from an XFINITY representative · Find the nearest Comcast Service Center


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XFINITY My Account app reviews

  • Xfinity lie 1/5

    By Salami saliva
    Nothing works as it should. The only thing that’s consistent is my frustration trying to watch tv that never responds to commands giving only if your patient enough to tolerate a trouble screen CONSTANTLY. And you only got one star because otherwise my opinion doesn’t count. I couldn’t give you no stars!!!
  • Hot garbage 1/5

    By Cuddle party
    Not a native app experience or well thought out at all. Feels like there is no product owner, it’s a shame being that this is he ONLY app product from Comcast for managing your account/devices.
  • USED TO be useful 1/5

    By lmkhayone
    Best part of this app was that you could pay your bills. And you USED TO be able to restart your modem with the click of a button but that function does not work anymore. And not to mention XFinity changed the speed of my plan without my prior authorization. Call to solve the problem? Good luck trying to get someone on the phone. Got someone on the phone? Good luck trying to understand them. Will be looking into AT&T and will tell all bajillion of my family and friends to do the same.
  • EGP 5/5

    By East Garfield Park
    I have always been able to navigate through the app with no problem, even away from home. I’m very particular about quality services and customer service and thus far I have no complaints. Only 1 thing is Xfinity/Comcast is very costly.
  • Good when it works 2/5

    By jfjfkdkskr
    Apps is very helpful but lately i cannot reset my router from the app which is one of the reasons i have the app in the first place.
  • Recent version does not work 1/5

    By edejoie
    Most recent version does not allow me to restart my device anymore. APP also hangs occasionally. I don’t think they actually test the apps before they release them.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Homer707
    It’s gotten better
  • Great app! 1/5

    By Christ&Waves
    Great app but has some bugs from time to time it won’t let me restart my device thru the app.
  • Functions aren’t working right 2/5

    By Hipcat2244
    I just started services and tried to set up Auto-Pay. I entered all the info and clicked Submit but the screen refreshes with no confirmation message or error screen. I can’t tell whether I am signed up for Auto Pay or not. The app seems like it could be very useful but my first impression is that the functions which it was designed for don’t work right. Hope they fix it.
  • What’s the point 1/5

    By Sgtslim
    What’s the Point of having an app if it only uses Safari to do anything!!!!!!!!
  • Not very intuitive 2/5

    By MrsMue
    The billing portion of this app is terrible. Why can’t I see my recent payments?
  • New version App does not work 1/5

    By Like Anybody Cares
    Do you guys actually test this thing before you release it?
  • Does what it needs todo 5/5

    By Grendel556
    The app is solid, I have never had an issue with it. A few things were a little unintuitive, but it works with their call center well. I had to transfer service because of a move and after I made an appointment the call center called me promptly. Billing and services are easy to track. Comcast/Xfinity have stepped up their game since I had their services 5 years ago.
  • Can't restart device, it's always empty 1/5

    By Bxhwjsbnxjenendn
    - Sometimes nearly can't restart device, every time I choose restart, it's always empty with the white background, very uncomfortable !!! Please fix that problem, so bad

    By 2A41314229
    Streaming is awful
  • Buggy 1/5

    By NicknameInUseByAnother
    I use to love this app for the ability to reset the modem without calling customer service. Currently this feature sends me to a blank screen without sending the reset signal. I’ve updated the app, and did a delete/reinstall but no luck. Without this feature, I have no use for this app. I’ve reported the problem to Comcast. We’ll see.
  • Customer 1/5

    By mackapl
    PDF ‘s do not open. I already pay online. It would be nice to be able to verify my payments if I have a question! argh!!
  • So user friendly! 5/5

    By athrock27
    So easy to use!
  • Smh 1/5

    I've had the app a few months but avoided because, if the app is even close to the service you get when you call it's pointless. So I actually try to use it and it tells me cannot submit payment try again later. So fifty tries later still unable to pay my bill, so I call and reps couldn't process it either. So now I'm forced to drive 6-7 miles to pay my bill. Xfinity needs to overhaul customer service in general
  • so bad 1/5

    By erd-s
    restart modem is busted, only reason to download this app is to use that because yall took it off the website.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Liviapaolla
    No option to upgrade/manage plan. What is the point of the app if I still have to call?
  • Lacking 1/5

    By Vader hop
    I call support, and those foreigners tell me to get on the app to update me credit card. I get on the app and that doesn’t work. Sick of companies doing crap to save money at my expense. Done with Comcast.
  • They need to add an outage map 3/5

    By Clickink
    My television and Internet are down. The app says everything is connected which isn’t true. The app is smart enough to know that it can’t reset my device because of connectivity problems. Clearly there’s an outage in my area. I wish I could get some status about the outage from this app. Only then will it be truly useful.
  • comcast restart device 1/5

    By yio watho
    this app have the option restar my device what comcast support said that will help me but the app doesnt let me restart my device this app doesnt work at all
  • Arg 1/5

    By Rgrabinska
    Every time I try to do something in this app it takes forever to figure out where it is. Like pay a bill. I don’t think you can pay your bill with the app.
  • Not sure which is worse the app or the company itself! 1/5

    By Pourq1977
    3months of phone calls my app still says I have $100 disconnect fee from my transfer of service to a new state.. multiple hour long phone calls wasting my days off to be transferred to 7-9 different people last call today 1hr 37mins 54sec 9 transfers 2 different regions and still my app doesn’t work correctly still on an account from 4months ago! Just garbage!!!! Useless I can’t use the app if I wanted to it’s to the wrong CLOSED account!!!!! 1star is too many!!
  • No Respect 1/5

    By Disa P. Pointed
    It’s sad that they don’t have enough respect for their customers to tell them what’s included in an update with detail so we know what we’re downloading.
  • Useless 1/5

    By jjp2617
    Online message says you can easily reboot router by using My Account app. I’m in the app and have searched in vain for any reference to rebooting router. App also asks what I am trying to do, with a drop-down menu of choices. But menu doesn’t open. Typical useless Xfinity product. ATT here I come.
  • Totally Worthless 1/5

    By auntdebbles
    I would give it a zero if it was possible!
  • Xfinity Connect Not Working Properly 2/5

    By MLmsolomon
    This site provides no way to get Xfinity’s attention to the very poor performance of the Connect app. When will Xfinity fix that app so we do not have to constantly log out and then log back in to get our emails????
  • Bill pay 1/5

    By weerts987654321
    Only works half the time. You would think they would want your money.
  • Meh 3/5

    By ricksanchez88
    It’s an ok app. Used to be able to refresh your cable box straight from the app but they seemed to have taken that away recently. It’s good if you want to pay you bills and stuff but any kind of troubleshooting or maintenance almost always ends up in calling Comcast directly. Which defeats the purpose. All these features that don’t really do nothing so you have to call them so they can try and rope you into an even more expensive plan. Gimmicks, evil empire crap. Meh
  • Weak App for Weaker Provider 2/5

    By Marcus D
    The Xfinity app sure does live up to Xfinity level of service... not good. The only thing you can successfully do is give them your hard earned money. Given that this is the land of freedom and opportunity - why are we still forced to be bullied by one option for cable and internet?
  • very poor technician 1/5

    By Aung Ye Lat
    I grab blast tier package 1 monyh ago, serious problem now. When the technician come for service to other house, they change my port always. I dont understan why they want to change. If not enough port they should be install new port but they dont.
  • Can’t see my TV List any more 1/5

    By Eggnwag
    Something happened to this app. I only have access to WiFi and voice. I no longer see my TV list. Why. Please fix this !!!!
  • App not displaying correctly 2/5

    By wildbillthetoolman
    I made changes to my account. I have no table top boxes . The app shows I have one with an issue. I don’t have phone service anymore it shows I do. You can log in at different times and it shows different amounts for my future bills.
  • Very Disappointed in this app and Xfinity services 1/5

    By Waderooneyville
    What good is an app that continually tells you that “everything looks good” when there is no internet connection? If Comcast really wants to improve this app, the will include a feature that allows the user to record every time their service is interrupted. The internet service goes down almost daily; the Home service rarely works at all; Cable service is frequently pixelated or missing channels; yet the app still reports “that everything looks good.” Dig a little deeper, and force the app to check the connection, and it acknowledges there is no connection. Try to troubleshoot it, and “everything looks good.” Like crap it does!
  • Excellent!!! 5/5

    By Waitlady43
    I love this app this is great way to pay my bill as easy as 1-2-3 done also I can check if having any issues with tv phone or internet with one tap tells me right away..
  • Restarting the modem never works 1/5

    By B Gatz
    The app is never able to restart the modem. It just goes to a blank screen and nothing happens.
  • Router-Restart page no longer loads... 1/5

    By hLVE
    Not sure what happened, but I’m unable to access the page to restart my router. This was working a few weeks back. Will update my review if this gets fixed.
  • Works well 4/5

    By Northeners
    I find this app to be useful and easy to manage my account without having to call in for support.
  • Useless app and worse service - 3 outages just today and at least one every other day 1/5

    By home_business-owner
    I believe it has something to do with the contractors they use to do normal maintenance such as connecting service etc. I have noticed when one of these dipshits are messing with the box, my internet 9/10 times goes out about 20 min later for 1-3 hours
  • My problem 3/5

    By oscarmro
    Always a problem to sign in
  • Bad navigation 1/5

    By mjckrpdg
    It’s like trying to use an old road map
  • No longer works 1/5

    By Chumparoo
    Can't reset device anymore
  • Account login 1/5

    By Mkjkkklk
    Haven’t been able to log into any of my account with xfinity since the switch over.
  • Xfinity customer 1/5

    By mutananda
    I don’t like the fact that they share your information with other entities😠
  • Does not support FaceID! 1/5

    By Unhappy340
    Have to logon every time.
  • Works, but doesn’t do anything. 1/5

    By Just us cats
    For any changes you are taken to the equally useless website.
  • Updates much? 3/5

    By Blackrose1111
    I like the app. Nothing wrong with it in general. What I don’t like is every time I go to open it I have to do an update to it. About ever 1-2 weeks. Can we get all the updates once and only do necessary updates from there?

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