Xfinity My Account

Xfinity My Account

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  • Current Version: 1.40.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Comcast
  • Compatibility: Android
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Xfinity My Account App

The hassle-free way to manage your Xfinity account anywhere, anytime – with no call needed. It’s easy and fast to access and personalize your WiFi name and password, check for service outages, troubleshoot or refresh your equipment, view and pay your bill, find out your tech’s arrival time, view your channel lineup and update your account whenever and wherever you want. Billing · Check your balance, view your bill history, and pay your bill using a bank account, credit card or Apple Pay · Sign up for paperless billing with EcoBill to receive monthly statements to your email inbox instead of your mailbox Manage Your Account Information · View your channel lineup · View and edit your account information, such as your contact phone number, password and email address · Look up or change your Xfinity username and password · View information about your internet usage · View your Comcast Digital Voice number Setup and Troubleshooting: · View or personalize your WiFi name and password · Refresh your X1 TV box and troubleshoot your Xfinity devices · Check the connection status of your devices and get updates on service outages · Use the Xfinity assistant to ask questions and get help · Set up your remote to control all of your entertainment Appointments · Check the status, reschedule or cancel your service appointment · Find out your tech’s estimated time of arrival Contact Us · Request a call back from an Xfinity representative · Find the nearest Comcast Service Center

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Xfinity My Account app reviews

  • Not helpful 1/5

    By 804liz
    I am unable to fix problems or find answers even after having personal help onsite. Not impressed. Live stream skips every 5 seconds and refreshes every 60 seconds. Impossible to enjoy and apparently impossible to diagnose.
  • All-in-one app 1/5

    By JA115
    Why the need for three apps? This app can be inclusive in one of the others, and get rid of it!
  • Full of crap 1/5

    By Dopebrazilian
    Xfinity sells you one thing at the store and a month later you have to change your plan because they hired people just to sell. Lies to The customer. I got the faster plan with them And guess what? a month later they said that I didn’t have unlimited internet!!! That’s not what the person at the store sold me. When you call them they told there’s nothing they can’t do, is very common problem the store sells you one thing but it’s the other. Watch out ask question!
  • Worst app 2/5

    By cahrrc
    This is good example of how to design worst app ever. Any changes made in settings are never reflected.
  • Cannot see internet service status 1/5

    By ChumpyZhang
    Can only view TV status. I can no longer see my internet service status. You guys fxxxed up this time
  • Get it together 1/5

    By Willow 72
    Says my email is preferred, but keeps coming up the Comcast email, which hasn’t been used in years !!!!
  • What happened to modem status?????? 1/5

    By kram160
    You used to be able to see your modem’s status (connected or not), and restart it if it was down. That was a great feature. But it bo linger is available. PLEASE RESTORE THIS FEATURE. Otherwise, the app is basically useless.
  • No Problems! 5/5

    I love this app. Keep up the great work. Thank you, Xfinity!
  • Really lacking 1/5

    By pothrick
    If you like bots, you’ll enjoy the “service”. Can’t seem to get most of the features to work consistently. Sometimes the app just does not work at all.
  • New xfinity app 1/5

    By Calypsoss
    I cannot open the app to pay my bill unless I allow them to use my personal information to share with others . This is ridiculous !!!!
  • Mobile app 1/5

    By Kiara615
    Where is the Developer of this app??? All these reviews and no fix. Im been trying to get in this app for a while now and i still cant get in. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and nothing. Someone needs to fix this app
  • We pay for speed and I don’t have it 1/5

    By Stevepma
    Almost everyday we check the speed, I pay for 150 mb/s the most it reach is 59.7 download and 5.55 upload.... is this serious????? Until when we going to live fighting for what we pay... do you want me recommended????? Fix ittttt nowwwww
  • Good Luck! 1/5

    By Coupon Crisy
    This app doesn’t fix a single thing. It’s morelije running around in circles ♾ it should easily connect you with a service representative but it’s NOT EASY. I have spent 1 hour going through the routine checks and still cannot find an area for a service call. My channels will no longer open up since we just had service via phone for the other TV (apparently dead) bug now our good TV is not able to connect to the channels we pay for 😡😡. App is not worth downloading NOT HELPFUL!
  • Most useless dysfunctional app EVER 1/5

    By Powerful Software
    Your site is nearly worthless - provides little to no useful information - difficult to navigate - doesn’t allow basic account changes, eg Update to preferred email address. Requires multiple sign in’s
  • Biggest piece of CRAP app. 1/5

    By Bop40
    I can’t even get it to open anymore. It will open, sit there and then go back to my main screen. It’s OK though, I wouldn’t expect anything more from Xfinity crap service. That’s why I have left Xfinity and gone with AT&T fiber Internet and Google TV. Piss off Xfinity piece of garbage app.
  • Limited utility 1/5

    By Sapperlight
    The app continues to disappoint. The website has far more information and utility and is much easier to navigate. The “assistant” is useless, giving responses that have nothing to do with the question asked. I see no point in having this app.
  • Legit does not work 1/5

    By jerryyrob
    No matter how many times I re downloaded this app. I always get the message with the storm cloud. “ You are logged in but we are unable to access your account details. Would you like to try again?” I tap the try again button... literally nothing. Don’t wast your time on this useless app. Just access your account via web search. Trash...
  • Bad access 1/5

    By carolcpa
    My password does not work so I cannot see my incoming call history
  • PLEASE FIX!! 1/5

    By kellykel13
    This app has always been my favorite Xfinity app and now no matter what I do it won’t let me sign in it just goes right back to the sign in over and over ! I’m not doing anything wrong so it’s the app!! Please fix! It’s broken!
  • Worst app on my phone. 1/5

    By Rjscott220
    Can even do something as simple as sign in. It’s always down for maintenance. And when I go online to try and pay my bill all it does is give me a loading signal for forever.
  • Support chat disconnects when app switch 1/5

    By dantali0n
    If you switch iphone apps in the middle of talking to Technical Support in this app, it will close and not restore the chat session .
  • Horrible 1/5

    By comcastvictim
    I wish we had other options! Lose service even when sun is shining. Good luck getting ANY response from a request on the app. The app will tell you everything is fine when you have no phone, tv or internet. Their solution is to tighten all your connections, what a joke! Eventually, most times several hours or all day, service will come back on but strangely there is never a reduction in your bill for loss of service.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By ttgjbo
    It lies about the troubleshoot, I’m currently unable to use both cable and internet yet when I run the troubleshoot on the app it’s saying that everything is just fine.
  • This app falls short 1/5

    By JCP433
    Why on earth doesn’t this app allow someone who has moved to an area without Comcast service (like Prescott, AZ) to just end service and upon returning the equipment, to get their refund? Why can’t I plainly inform Comcast I no longer live or own the home where they refer as “the service address,” as if I’m still connected there? Why does Comcast continue to play games with my refund, as if I were to magically reappear in one of their service areas? I think two months is far too long to wait for a refund. Hello? Just who is in charge there? My suggestion: Just say no to Comcast, Xfinity, or whatever they call themselves in the next iteration!
  • Designed to get you in the store 1/5

    By GDaddy$
    Complete AI. Will not allow LIVE chat. Designed to make you go to the store.🤬🤯🤬
  • App approved 5/5

    By zambowallits
    Makes everything so much simpler, great easy app to use. Highly recommended
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By Kuze Shadows
    I can never check my account everything is always unresponsive. Now I can’t even access my account to see my pay or pay my bill. This app was supposed to be helpful instead it’s just giving me more of a headache.
  • Very basic 3/5

    By Skogsblomma
    The iPad version has a very basic format. Sign out option hard to find. The whole app is irritating, nothing easy to find.
  • Why 1/5

    By Bill from the zoo
    Why I have an app that doesn’t work or do what you want to do what’s the point why waste your time redirect you when you want to check on your account to go and put your date all over again what’s the point why just like Comcast to come up with something loops you in that does nothing
  • Chat 2/5

    By @thebeast
    Can you please enable a live chat system? This automated thing is useless.
  • It makes no sense 1/5

    By Myharbor
    If you have an issue and tried to fixed thru the app doesn’t work, there is no real person to help, and in the end you will need a technician. Don’t wast space on your phone or time.
  • Costing me more than what I asked for 1/5

    By xEsmeralda
    I removed a bank account for autopay through the app. It was supposedly removed and they continuously withdrawal from it. I called to get it removed by a rep. The app still shows said bank account as the default one to withdrawal from. More than what my bill is being withdrawal from my bank account.
  • Xfinity 1/5

    By ugfyvs
    Xfinity worst provider
  • Great 5/5

    By Sui Bik San
    Easy to use
  • Reporting outages would be nice 4/5

    By Yaooozil
    Overall the app is useful, but it would be nice if you could report outages. I don’t need to troubleshoot- the internet, phone, and TV all died at the same moment. It’s you, not me. And just to note- when I have to use MY data to tell you your internet is out, that’s frustrating. And yeah, I COULD stream the TV while the service is down, but again- shouldn’t have to pay my wireless provider to view content I already paid for.
  • Useless 2/5

    By this for 100/monyh
    Aside from identifying outages, the app is useless. You can scroll through a FAQ online. Computer based support isn’t any better. Even after running multiple modem resets it will not out you through to a representative. This would be more effective if what trouble shooting you do through the app is logged to your account so when you contact customer support you do not have to repeat the same steps. If you have to do that anyways, there is no point in the customer doing in the first place.
  • App is not working for me 1/5

    By Moon Yarson
    Does not give current updates on my account. When I make payment through the app, it does not go through the system.
  • My channels are set up for English but playing in Spanish 1/5

    By jtlace
    After two weeks of listening to TV in Spanish when I speak only English I finally got a human on the phone who had no clue how to help me. She put me on hold to ask for assistance but actually hung up. I have yet to hear from anyone and cannot get a human on a call. Worst experience ever!!!!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Jonbroly
    Xfinity always tries charge you more. ALWAYS. If you sign up for $30 you’re paying $50, more and more forever. Non native English speaking people for customer service. All they care about is profit. Stay away.
  • Pay your developers more 1/5

    By Consumer00013234
    For a company that has a near-complete monopoly on internet In a lot of areas, there’s no excuse for how bad this app functions. I’ve used apps made by independent developers that work without error 99% of the time, but somehow even accessing the bill-pay section of the app (one of the only things I use it for) fails nearly 90% of the time. It would actually be easier to pay my bill through the mail than do it through this app, which is pretty pathetic. Cough up some of your undeserved assets and spend it on this, before I wheel out the guillotine 👅
  • Another biased Comcast app 2/5

    By Nuguy12
    Re-formatted to fit Comcast’s Damage Control philosophy. As a long time customer, the more things change the more they remain the same. The customer always causes problems so they need to prevent the customer from reporting outages or finding detailed info. Everything provided is either self-evident or of limited value. PAY YOUR BILL, update your contact info so YOUR BILLING is maintained. Chat with a bot, chat with a rep that uses the Bot’s answer tree. Check your BILL and don’t forget to PAY YOUR BILL!!! Read the FAQs so you don’t make unnecessary contact.
  • Cannot even log in to my account 1/5

    By MeBig1993
    Opened app, like the representatives told me to on the phone about a million times. However, I am caught in an endless loop of signing in, authorizing, and then being asked to sign in again. I cannot access any of the app’s functionality.
  • No way to report outages 2/5

    By Chunda2
    The app is seriously lacking in a clear button to push to submit an outage report. That should be pretty basic. App NEVER works if I’m connected to WiFi - I have to use my data plan in order to get it to work.
  • Pitiful. 2/5

    By musicbackwriter
    This app is full of bugs. It is showing that cable boxes two of our cable boxes are not working when that is not the case. Sending the “name” of the cable box from the app to the tv, even after double checking the serial numbers of each box. managing does not work. I’ve tried it numerous times. The only good thing about the app is it tells me what time the technician is going to show up to the house.
  • SW 5/5

    By Meeeeeeme
    I’m happy with the service as of today. I’ve never had any problems with the channels. Two outages in a year
  • Can’t reboot modem anymore from the app 2/5

    By Want to be a Fan2
    Our modem needs to be rebooted regularly for the internet to work and there was an option to do so within the app which made it simple. Today I go to the app to reboot only to find that’s no longer an option. WHY?!?!?
  • Speed of a turtle. 1/5

    By 1bornloser
    I purchased HD performance with up to 150mbs. I am lucky to get 25 and It keeps dropping my connection even if my wifi connection is 4 bars. Not reliable. Don’t get me going on upload speed. If you get 6mbs you are lucky.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Brightblack70
    Just good for paying a bill..Other than that it's pretty lame..Always says I'm disconnected when I'm not, inaccurate outtage reports, etc., Finally got a hold of Xfinity support and they even admitted they couldn't fix it..
  • Cookies 1/5

    By Wile e. fox
    Tired of paying my bill on time, but you all send my cookies to other companies such as Walmart. I’ll tell ya, I DONT want anything to do with some blocker add . So please take me off the list !!!!!!!

Xfinity My Account app comments

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