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  • Current Version: 5.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Comcast
  • Compatibility: Android
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Xfinity Stream App

Only Xfinity gives you more to stream on any screen. Watch live TV and Xfinity On Demand on any device at home or on the go. If you're an X1 or Instant TV Cloud DVR customer, you can also stream or download your Cloud DVR recordings to your device and watch anywhere. This app is included with your Xfinity X1 service. Key Features: - Filter by Available Out of Home to watch more than 200 channels of Live TV on the go from any available WiFi or cellular connection in the U.S. - Choose from tens of thousands of TV shows and movies available for streaming On Demand. Filter by Available for Download to see programs available for offline viewing. - X1 and Instant TV Cloud DVR customers can watch saved recordings from anywhere in the U.S. with an internet connection. Once downloaded, videos can be viewed offline—anytime, anywhere (including planes, trains, and automobiles). - Favorites on X1 now sync with the Xfinity Stream app. Easily track the channels, TV shows, movies, & sports teams you love. - If you have previously made a movie purchase On Demand, you can take these purchases with you wherever you go, right from the app! - Trying to find a show or movie? Use the search function to see if it is available On Demand or airing soon. Exclusive In-Home Features: - Watch live TV streams from your entire channel lineup when on your in-home Xfinity network. - Choose from Xfinity’s full Video On Demand library, filtered to show only the content included in your subscription at no extra charge. - Stream rented TV shows and movies right to the app during the rental period. Requirements: - Reliable WiFi or cellular internet connection for video streaming and downloading. - Xfinity service with a subscription to one or more eligible channels to watch live or On Demand video. - Xfinity username and password. Forget your username or need to create one? See the help links directly below! Get Help Signing In: - Create an Xfinity username and password: - Look up your existing Xfinity username: - Reset your Xfinity password: Questions: - Help and support page:

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    By New Jersey 737
    1/18/19 - HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!! Another update and we still cannot record programs. It’s not that this feature was never available and now the public is requesting it the first time. NO...,WE HAD THE RECORD FEATURE AND COMCAST REMOVED IT!!! WHY WOULD COMCAST REMOVE SUCH A POPULAR FEATURE IS THE QUESTION???? YET OUR BILLS CONTINUE TO INCREASE!!! 12/18/18- ZERO STARS! Where is the Siri short cut to set recordings? We had this function and Comcast took it away and never explained why. Bad customer service. For all the money we pay we deserve to have the record function on this app. HERE IS A GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE TIP: NEVER TAKE AWAY A POPULAR FEATURE FROM AN APP. Also you have now removed the space percentage from recordings, BRING THIS BACK WITH THE RECORD FUNCTION. 10/19/18 - This update states good news, not good news!!!!!’ BRING BACK THE RECORD FEATURE BACK ! WHY WOULD YOU REMOVE SUCH A GOOD FEATURE? You have never explained that to your customers. 9/13/18 - ANOTHER UPDATE AND THE RECORD FUNCTION IS STILL MISSING!!! Also, the space percentage is missing from recordings... Comcast what is going on??? 5/31/18 - Comcast why are you not listening, YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT THE RECORD FEATURE RESTORED ASAP. It had been missing for to long. Why was it removed in the first place? You should read the reviews, your customers are not happy. Yet our bills are continually rising. If I could give zero stars I would. 3/16/17 - Another update and the RECORD FUNCTION IS STILL MISSING! WHY????? 1/28/18 - These updates don’t mean a thing if you cannot set a recording when away from your TV. Comcast why would you remove such a helpful feature??? Yet, your prices keep increasing, please listen to your customs and bring back the record function.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By 199tfd
    Watch half a episode, and the app stops working.
  • Live TV filter missing 1/5

    By ThomasAloysius
    I have an older version of this app on another iPad that allows me to watch all of my “in home” channels. I have a newer iPad and downloaded the app but it does not allow me to watch my “in home” channels. When I go into the “Filter” while in “Live TV”, “All Channels”, the “Available Out of Home” filter is no longer in the list of filters. Therefore, no longer allowing you to watch your “in home” channels through the app. Rendering it useless for my needs. Please have the app engineers fix this problem!
  • What’s the point?? 1/5

    By GAFJ40Jeff
    If I have to be connected to my in home WiFi to watch shows then what is the point of having the app? I might as well just watch my TV... I am pretty disappointed... I understand why but again what is the point of having the app if I have to be home to watch the shows I want... anyways hopefully an update will solve this problem but until then 1 star...
  • It wont let you watch 1/5

    By ro$e20
    It always tells me i need to turn on my location but my location is on already i have rebooted my phone 4 times
  • Apple TV 1/5

    By Howiechicago
    Still no Apple TV app? I get 4k sports from Fubo. Cable box is 20th century tech. Get with the times please.
  • Outstanding App 5/5

    By ConclusiveFlashback
    I broke my elbow, had surgery and am inpatient rehab. They have Dish without local NBC and not many channels I watch on my Comcast. With Xfinity stream I can watch all my channels live plus all the recordings that I automatically record. I had no idea that I would go to a party and not return for weeks! This has truly been a blessing.
  • What is this BS 1/5

    By dhkdgn
    You can’t watch anything... Xfinity is so expensive, the least they could do is having an app that actually works.
  • Out of home? 1/5

    By Truthx16x
    Can we please fix this app already? Says I’m out of home but I’m on my home WiFi. This is terrible.
  • Arreglen este problema, por favor! 3/5

    By Jennifer M.H
    Me gusta esta aplicación, pero estoy viendo una novela y muchos de los episodios están saltados (por ejemplo del capítulo 44 hasta el capítulo 49 y así muchos capítulos que no están. Por favor podrían arreglar esto, sería muy bueno que estuvieran todos los episodios.
  • Paying more and getting less 2/5

    By 1954Stratocaster
    Instead of paying what would be a very nominal licensure fee to TiVo after they lost a patent lawsuit, they decided to disable the remote record and change options. Plus you can only stream a max of 60 hours — though we usually can’t see anywhere near even 60 hours on the app — so there is a lot of stuff on the home DVR (which is supposed to hold up to 300 hours, but we have never maxed that out) that we can’t watch remotely. I agree with other reviewers that it is idiotic to expect one to have access to home Wi-Fi to view many channels, including OTA. Hey, WE’RE NOT HOME, which is why we are watching on mobile devices. If I am home where my home Wi-Fi is, I’m going to watch it on my UHD TV, not on my iPad. Not that there is any actual UHD content from Comcast yet. There is a reason why Comcast regularly makes the top (?) 10 lists for worst customer service. Time to have the Justice Department break up this monopoly.
  • ABSOLUTE failure 1/5

    By JLdog
    Key example: Trying to watch Va - VaTech on 1/15: 1. Search by team - game shows up pre-game 2. Game disappears after start 3. Find game another way on ACC Network 4. ERROR 7002 5. Uninstall and reinstall 6. repeat 1-4 - ERROR 7002 7. Try another device 8. Determine have to go to the exact channel 9. Finally works Elapsed time: 12 minutes. To watch a simple $*&#&** game. Made in philly. Uh huh. So was a gang and random gun shootings.
  • Short on Helpful 1/5

    By Matt-again
    Once you took away the ability to set up recordings on my in-house DVR from the app, you took away one half of the usefulness of the app. Pay the fine for using someone else’s coding and pay for the future use.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Doinme101
    Seems as though the latest update added the issue that it was supposed to resolve
  • Service not available in your area? 1/5

    By adorablebadass
    Literally, what the actual hell? You’re telling me I pay over $100 a month to be able to watch TV on the go and when I travel only to be told service isn’t available? I can’t wait to end my contract with y’all and just switch to Sling or Hulu Live. at least theyre truly mobile and understand their customers don’t just watch TV at home and they don’t limit their customers’ ability to use the service they pay for because they’re out of the “service” area. Ok but you tout the ability to use your service on the go and then follow through? Wack.Do better. I’m genuinely switching as soon as possible. Y’all might not even get a payment from me seeing as I can’t even use the service I pay for. And I literally only travel within the same four states where you HAVE service.
  • Trash 2/5

    By Hey.lilmama
    This app is just trash and it’s so upsetting. It doesn’t matter how many updates you do, the app hardly ever works and I’m so sick of it.
  • Now I can’t access it at all!!! Way to go!! 1/5

    By CsCos
    Ever since updates I can’t even get app to stay on long enough to even open to menu let alone work!! This is bs!!! All the money I spend a month for this service and my app won’t even open!! Comcast and Xfinity are nothing but a disappointment!!
  • Worst App Ever!!!! 1/5

    By Velozme
    I have been a customer for more than 8 years and to know have to deal with an app that does not work with iPhone or android phone correctly and can not stream anything because I keep getting an error code is ridiculous and yet my issue is still not resolved. What is the point of an app that you have to be at home to watch your shows instead of being and on the go and watch anywhere. I think it’s time to change cable company.
  • Works well with some minor bugs 4/5

    By gstan 22
    I use this app mostly for air travel. The downloads are working well and had only a couple of downloads not play. Overall a good app. The biggest issue I have had is that when I return the downloads they do not get returned so I cannot delete them from my DVR unless I return them all. It would be great if I could choose to delete the recording without being on my WiFi at home. Overall I do recommend it, great way to keep up with all the shows on the road.
  • Removing features is frustrating 1/5

    By Cubanwitchdoctor
    They removed ability to set DVR recordings from app making it useless.
  • Crappy App 2/5

    By former comcast subscriber
    I’m the same issue that many other have mentioned. I can’t watch certain channels due to some “licensing agreement”. The ads are ridiculously long and my videos often skip to random parts that I’ve already seen or haven’t gotten to yet. The only reason i keep it is to watch literally one or two shows that I’m afforded. Bottom line, this apps pretty bad and i plan on deleting it and cutting all ties with Comcast/Xfinity in the near future.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By PierceCountyRep
    This app lets you watch movies on the go it is awesome for my kids in the car because it has almost every move there is and it is an awesome thing to have to pass the time
  • Terrible 1/5

    By zoranmi
    I can’t believe I’m paying still Comcast. God I wish there was more competition where I live.
  • Good but 2/5

    By VictoriaIsabella🦋✝️✝️🦄
    It is a good app but, I don’t like how you can not record shows/movies on it. Very disappointed
  • useless 1/5

    when i first got this app i thought it was amazing however you can only watch tv on mobile devices if you are connected to your home WIFI... who is going to watch on a mobile device if it’s only available at HOME? pointless and stupid.
  • Works for 5-10 minutes then stops 1/5

    By Mainframehacker
    Every time I use it it craps out after 10 minutes. So stupid.
  • Record Option 1/5

    By Zarmy19
    Very disappointed that they took away the record option on the app. I would use it all the time to record a game or a show. Very sad. And I feel like I was loed too.
  • Necesito solución 1/5

    By fernandez didiel
    Fui victima de estafa por un señor trabajador de Xfinity,recibí una llamada diciéndome que se me habian agregado mas beneficios que los que tenia por el mismo precio que estoy pagando y resulta que la factura la recibí con un aumento de mas del triple del precio,contacto al servicio al cliente y me dicen que tengo que pagar lo que vino en la factura porque ellos quieren que asi sea.Da pena que sean tan bajos engañando a sus clientes
  • Completely useless!! 1/5

    By FB4iphonesucks
    No record option. It is a “streaming” app, but you can’t stream almost any of the major networks unless you’re connected to your WiFi at home, which completely defeats the purpose. If I was at home I would just watch my TV instead of a 6 inch phone screen. Comcast does NOTHING right so I shouldn’t be surprised this app is completely garbage. Switching to U-verse soon.
  • Straight Garbage!!! 1/5

    By DBee24
    This app used to be a very stable and awesome way to watch tv on your mobile device. Now all it does is crash. If I want to change the channel, it crashes. If I want to look through the guide, it crashes. What is the point of providing this feature if most of the time it doesn’t work?!?
  • Streaming Nightmare 1/5

    By Jadbeach
    I have been streaming on my iPhone and my iPad mini forever. My husband bought me a iPad 6th generation for Christmas, since than I have not been able to stream live TV on my new device. Numerous calls to Xfinity and visits to the stores the issue is still not fixed. The only service I get is To Go streaming in my home. To top it off on 1/11/19 the incompetence of a foreign representative who pushed a signal to my account has now taken away the ability to stream live on my phone and mini iPad. I have been a loyal customer for numerous years and every time my husband wants to cancel or change I refuse but this has pushed me to rethink my service.
  • Worst app and service ever! 1/5

    By Seba000
    Xfinity is very limited on everything. This app doesn’t even allow you to airplay!
  • Free space Reminder 1/5

    By Scan guy
    I have asked time and time again to bring back the green bar at the top of the screen where the recording’s are. It used to tell you how much free space you have left for additional recording’s but now for some unknown reason it was taken off. Please fix it thank you
  • This app🤦🏽‍♀️ 1/5

    By ttyttttttyyy
    The app would be cool if you could hook it up to watch stuff on t.v and not just you phone I’m uninstalling this app
  • Still horrible...again 1/5

    By Mr. EJ
    Really? Still not working? Again? Can't you find someone that has the skills to build a reliable app? You certainly get paid enough. I don't have to cut my're doing it for me.
  • Stupid. 1/5

    By nubia ds
    It won’t allow me to watch tv on my phone because screen recording is enable but I turned it off and I still can’t watch it.
  • FixIt 1/5

    By DJT727
    This app used to be excellent. Now you don’t know if it’s going to work. You should spend your money on fixing problems instead of buying FOX.
  • So bad.... 1/5

    By T cokley
    This app is one of the worst... I’ve been with xfinity forever and love the advancements made with TV and box options ... internet XFi etc but this app needs some lovin’.... it’s slow! So slow I often have to close and reopen several times to get the functions to work... search functions take multiple tries, clicking on a show icon takes forever to load... just very slow!
  • Loved this app, till it no longer worked. 1/5

    By britanyx95
    Used this app everyday as when my kids go to bed i could finally have some time to myself and watch my shows with headphones. Though as of yesterday it no longer lets me use it. It’s stuck on the get started page idk why it even popped up, i click on it takes me to another page to sign in and then that page crashes. I’ve tried uninstalling reinstalling everything, nothing fixes it. Very disappointed now . Update: i can now get into the app but now can only watch purchased movies i no longer have access to live stream or on demand from my phone. Very disappointed
  • Annoying 2/5

    By TMcGPA
    Every time I click on my app, it opens and tells me to download the new app, so I click that and it takes me to the app I already have, where I click “open,” and the app opens. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Whyyyy? Does the app know something you don’t? Is it like a puzzle I’m supposed to solve to make it to OT level IV? Why is this a thing?
  • Recording 1/5

    By SyndeeCapri
    Took away option to record a shoe from the app.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Sillyguy48
    Reduced functionality to practically none. No more channel browsing with this. You have to go back each time you want to change a channel to the main guide. Real pain in the butt. No more record either but they took that ages ago. It’s Comcast. They don’t care so don’t be shocked. Also, this used to have more functionality. Now the search options are less as well. All around, exactly what you would expect from the folks at Comcast.
  • Fails to register my iPhone XS 1/5

    By lexembes
    This app keep saying back office provision error and it’s like I’m paying a whole Lot of money for xfinity and this is how I get treated. But they don’t care they making millions
  • Can’t access xfinity stream on any of my devices 1/5

    By Zo408
    I have spent hours trying to resolve the issue but the customer service (based in India) is zero help. They take my money every month but can’t help in activating a service I pay for. Don’t waste your time or money with xFinity.
  • Don’t download the update 1/5

    By Ricch199
    They killed the mini screen feature. Gone. If you push the iPad home button it closes the channel completely. For me it was the best feature.
  • Bring back the ability to set recordings 2/5

    By minson86
    PLEASE bring back the ability to record from the application! This was the best thing about the convenience and it was taken away for no reason.
  • Unable to download...continue to get error messages 1/5

    By tvender
    Too bad...will continue to try
  • Record option 1/5

    By Hauserkeith
    Why would you take away the ability to set recordings from the app?
  • Let’s see if they can read 1/5

    By The Forever Machine
    Horribly built app to begin with, but saddest of all, no Chromecast support — 1 star. ‘Nuff said. No one wants to watch on a small phone screen. give your customers the ability push the video playback to something, and you’ll earn another star. Then you can start to tackle the rest of this dumpster fire. Also, you have the time to write cringy changelogs, but not fix glaring issues. Lol.

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