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  • Current Version: 5.10.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Comcast
  • Compatibility: Android
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Xfinity Stream App

Only Xfinity gives you more to stream on any screen. Watch live TV and Xfinity On Demand on any device at home or on the go. If you're an X1 or Instant TV Cloud DVR customer, you can also stream or download your Cloud DVR recordings to your device and watch anywhere. This app is included with your Xfinity X1 service. Key Features: - Filter by Available Out of Home to watch more than 200 channels of Live TV on the go from any available WiFi or cellular connection in the U.S. - Choose from tens of thousands of TV shows and movies available for streaming On Demand. Filter by Available for Download to see programs available for offline viewing. - X1 and Instant TV Cloud DVR customers can watch saved recordings from anywhere in the U.S. with an internet connection. Once downloaded, videos can be viewed offline—anytime, anywhere (including planes, trains, and automobiles). - Favorites on X1 now sync with the Xfinity Stream app. Easily track the channels, TV shows, movies, & sports teams you love. - If you have previously made a movie purchase On Demand, you can take these purchases with you wherever you go, right from the app! - Trying to find a show or movie? Use the search function to see if it is available On Demand or airing soon. Exclusive In-Home Features: - Watch live TV streams from your entire channel lineup when on your in-home Xfinity network. - Choose from Xfinity’s full Video On Demand library, filtered to show only the content included in your subscription at no extra charge. - Stream rented TV shows and movies right to the app during the rental period. Requirements: - Reliable WiFi or cellular internet connection for video streaming and downloading. - Xfinity service with a subscription to one or more eligible channels to watch live or On Demand video. - Xfinity username and password. Forget your username or need to create one? See the help links directly below! Get Help Signing In: - Create an Xfinity username and password: - Look up your existing Xfinity username: - Reset your Xfinity password: Questions: - Help and support page:

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Xfinity Stream app reviews

  • Latest Update is HORRIBLE! 2/5

    By Floydieroo
    Latest update is HORRIBLE! What happened to “Recently Watched Channels”? Sometimes it’s there with channels I’ve never watched but most of the time it’s not there at all! Not all the shows that are recorded on my DVR are accessible on the app! And when are you going to bring the keypad back to change channels when I’m watching live tv? To change channel on live tv you need to scroll through 100’s of channels.
  • Good App but wanted it to Five-Star 4/5

    By ElonMD
    I really like the app it’s good but it could’ve been great. Honestly I like it because I can go on trips and I’m still able to watch movies or TV Shows by just the click of a button. The only problem I have with it is that I’ve recorded a basketball team for scheduled recordings from about two years ago and I don’t want to watch the team anymore and I can’t change that because there’s no way I can change that setting it doesn’t allow to change what I want to be recorded so if the developers were able to fix that that’d make this a great app for me.
  • Bleghhhh 1/5

    By iamlori19
    Works great on my android but doesn’t at all on my tablet (apple) definitely needs a lot of work
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By jake8894
    The main reason I downloaded the app was to watch Pokémon,it worked for two days but now won’t even load a show
  • Something wrong 1/5

    By Marybeme
    I have been using this app for years, have not been able to download but that been ok. Until yesterday now it will not show me the guide also unable to watch it. When I tried to re download it now it's not compatible with the I pad that I have been using it for years .
  • No se ve 1/5

    By I like Lol!!
    No se miran las imágenes solo se escuchan
  • Screen issues 3/5

    By In need of a solution
    I recently started having issues with my screen adjusting to the larger view. Before now I’ve never had an issue.
  • “Recent channels” not working 2/5

    By The original pmac
    I’m not sure which updated caused this but “recent channels” is not working but it used to. It’s usually empty no matter how many channels I go to. The occasional time that it isn’t empty isn’t even a channel I was watching.
  • Crap 1/5

    By nurse2k
    This “free stream” is not worth the download. You only have access to one channel. The episodes for specific series are limited to 1 or two episodes that are likely not in the same season! Not comparable to other streaming service available in the market. Xfinity, try harder if you want the business... #fakestreaming

    By OscarOrtiz
    Please fix the screen mirroring to tv.
  • “Recent Channels” cache not working 2/5

    By mortalgroove
    When I open “recent channels” the previous two channels I viewed are not listed nor is the channel I am currently watching. And more often than not, the channels that show up on the “recent” list are ones I have not watched. Please fix this issue. Other than that the app works well.
  • Biggs galore! 1/5

    By elephantwalker
    The app no longer keeps track of last channels played, but puts up a random list of channels.
  • Crashed for no reason 1/5

    By omegatalon
    It just stopped working for no apparent reason; the more they try to improve, the more problems appear which makes it worthless.
  • Comcast can’t get it right! 1/5

    By Jtresor
    Go figure, you pretty much have to use it. It doesn’t have a feedback button when something is going wrong to report it ...why? Because they don’t care,. They are known for having the attitude of “ just shut up and give us the money” I can’t wait til there is more competition. They could have an amazing product but no ...just throw out the puke and expect us to keep using it. Someday this will change!
  • I love it💖 5/5

    By Sophia Teel
    I love this app! Its so cool to watch your shows on the go! I don’t know what else to say but this app is the 💣! I LOVEEEE ITTT
  • “Recent Channels” is broken 3/5

    By Saxonotes
    Current version no longer caches my recent channels properly. Randomized results have no discernible pattern, but they’re all over the place and not what I’m watching. Please fix this, as I used that interface by default most of the time. Otherwise, it’s a very handy app for watching tv on iPad.
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By Angel537
    I can’t watch anything when am away from home everything needs WiFi cause of license agreement bs am canceling this 10 bucks a month crap
  • Huge issues 2/5

    By Qhbebejebhayqvsjemei
    App refuses to stream content. Not sure what has happened or why. Never had an issue in the past and now am forced to use another streaming service vs catching up on my shows. Not happy at all 😡.
  • Missing features 3/5

    By KRKapple
    Why can I not schedule a DVR from this app? If I can watch DVR recordings and view my in home TV schedule - what's the problem that we cannot set a recording? Why can I not access my account from the app? If I wanted to upgrade, see my channel list, my bill... You know logical things 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Why do I have to be home to use the app??? 1/5

    By Writteninthestarss
    How useless is that. I have to be home to use it. Why would I be using my phone to watch tv when I’m home?? You guys have to do better. There’s Netflix for crying out loud. Imagine if you could only Netflix from at your house.....
  • Messed up 1/5

    By Dsambill
    Since the last update 2 weeks ago, the app is totally messed up. It shows channels I never watched as recently watched (FOX News) while not showing the channels I did watch. It sometimes just shuts down as well. Who ever is responsible for the update did a pretty bad job.
  • Where did my Fox News go? 1/5

    By Sturm
    My Foxnews channel 1110 is gone from my app. It’s still on my TV, but not on my app. What’s up?
  • Crashes Often - Other Live Stream no issues same time Xfinity app says no connection 1/5

    By Mollycoddled
    Just as crappy as Comcast internet and customer service. Loading issues, says no internet when other internet apps work, app crashes several times during 30 min periods. I have business speed x-fi internet but speeds are below 20. If only there was a competitor.
  • No good 1/5

    By Luminitam
    Used to work but no longer, cannot watch any channels on 5Ge network, get Error Code 3505. Has been happening for months now, Xfinity knows about it. There are multiple complaints. No one cares, they have not fixed the problem. Zero stars for this app. And Xfinity.
  • App won’t move past 4 intro screens 1/5

    By Touch of Whimsy
    As of today the app won’t move past the 4 intro screens. Formerly the app worked very well for me.
  • Recent Channels 3/5

    By MermaidHalo
    This latest update took away the recent channels I was watching and now it’s just random channels. Can’t go back to last channel watched. Annoyed this feature was lost. Now I have to go back to al channels to find most recent watched.
  • Freezes up! 2/5

    By Jmama22
    For the past week the app on my iPad freezes up for 30sec-2min., every 3-5min. It is getting quite irritating! Not sure what is going on? All other devices are working properly, so I don’t think its a connection issue. Good ol’ technology...
  • Recent Chanels 3/5

    By Khhbtt3
    It no longer with update refreshes and updates recent Chanels. It has very few and not the ones you were watching immediately previously.
  • Picture in picture not working on some app 1/5

    By T0N11
    After an update a few weeks ago, picture in picture stop working with some other app for example I used to be able to minimize xfinity app to a small screen while I’m playing a game on my iPad. Now the xfinity app close as soon as I load the game. Please fix it.
  • Does Not Work 1/5

    By AppleChucker
    It used to work. Now updates killed it. It has not worked for quite a while now. MANY have complained. NOBODY seems to care.
  • Crap 1/5

    By RobertoMatiass
    Doesn’t work It’ll keep giving you the error message TVAPP-00206 and it’s a known ongoing issue since March.
  • I’ll give it the extra star 2/5

    By Michael042589
    App used to run smoothly now I go to watch a recording and there’s an error with the recording. Oh, but you can watch it on demand and be forced to watch the ads. I recorded it to skip through the ads. Also, what’s up with trying to watch the blacklist season 6, but the first couple episodes are to buy?? I can go watch movies from the early 00’s some in the 90’s. But I can’t go back to watch the blacklist?? Haven’t tried any other show but I’ll just wait for it to come out on Netflix where I watched the first five seasons. If I was paying for the service I’d have canceled. Don’t even get me started on the internet cutting in and out three to four times a week
  • Limited funtionality 1/5

    By Ordessa
    You Do Not “get what you paid for” with Comcast Xfinity
  • Tv stream could be a lot better 3/5

    By Silkyc32
    Bring back the option to record from the app. Also the ability to watch tv from the app to the big screen would enhance the product tremendously. Come on Xfinity it’s 2019....
  • Update ruined this app 2/5

    By 2starreview
    Used to love this app but since the update the app is annoying. Also, you used to be able to record shows when away from home. Don’t seem able to do that anymore.

    By keke kk dry
    I love the fact that I can pick up my phone and watch TV off my phone and on the change the channel if I loose my remote ALL I CAN SAY IS BEST APP EVERR
  • Ads 1/5

    By Phils fan
    Ads are the main problem get rid of the them!! Get this app get rid of it! The main issue is the ads on all of the movies! Shouldn’t be even allowed. Thsts not right!
  • Recent update the worst! 2/5

    By 777Law777
    What happened to the display of most recently watched channels on the start screen?? The most useful tool you had. Most of the items displayed are totally irrelevant. Please bring back this listing!
  • No stars 1/5

    By mr. a.soto
    Can’t watch live streaming sports even though I’m paying for the triple package at home or any live broadcast . I haven’t been able to log in to the app for about 3 weeks now.
  • Please fix a bug 3/5

    By felix da best
    I found a bug which won’t allow me to save recent channels and they get deleted when I play something with sound
  • Completely ruined my viewing experience 1/5

    By doesnt work 4 me
    I accepted this update on my other phone and it obliterated my recent channels. My “recent channels “ on that phone have not one of the channels that I frequently watch. Very disappointing update.
  • Forget live TV 1/5

    By Inland Martini
    If you think you were going to watch live TV while out of town, forget it. Do you have to be connected to your home Wi-Fi. What is the point?
  • WORST APP EVER!!!! 1/5

    By Daddyiceman 10
    It won’t do anything!!!! I even deleted and downloaded it again and still nothing!! It just freezes!!!! I permanently deleted this time!!! It is making me leave a 1 star review!🤬 It deserves a negative 1!!!🤬🤬🤬
  • Recently Watched is broken 2/5

    By TomSzyd
    The last update broke the Recently Watched feature. Please fix it.
  • Apple TV app 3/5

    By Jfl188
    Still waiting for comcast to make a Apple TV application so we hen family is recording I can switch to Apple TV to watch on the big screen
  • Need to fix sound now!!! 1/5

    By tianafl
    Y’all need to fix this app ASAP I use to love it but now my sound plays for 2 minutes then just goes away😡😡😡😡
  • Terrible low sound during news broadcasting 1/5

    By kabooby1
    App was ok till recently, normal tv broadcasting has volume level terribly low. But during commercials it blaring extremely loud without any changes on volume. Commercials are crazy loud but not normal non commercial viewing. Fix please ASAP This happens after deleting and reloading new app on all mobile devices, iPhone and iPad. So it’s common unfixable currently issue.
  • Recently viewed is know broken 2/5

    By channel flipper
    Recently viewed is know broken since last update. It list channels/shows that I have not watched, when I have watched new channels they do not add to the drop down list and this is a feature I have used in the past.
  • In Home WiFi Error 1/5

    I use the iPad App. It works okay for some shows live but others say you need “In Home WiFi” but I am on home WiFi. There is no instructions on how to fix this problem. No settings that I can find. No information that I can find easily. “Info” is stupid because it just says use in Home WiFi.

Xfinity Stream app comments

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