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Xfinity Stream

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  • Current Version: 6.11
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Comcast
  • Compatibility: Android
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Xfinity Stream App

Turn any screen into a TV with the Xfinity Stream app––included with your Xfinity service. You never have to miss must-watch TV. Stream top networks, live sports and news, plus thousands of On Demand shows and movies on any device. Top Features: • Watch up to 250+ channels of live TV on the go and your entire channel line-up at home • Schedule DVR recordings from any device • Access thousands of shows and movies to stream On Demand • Download your recordings and movie library to watch offline • Start watching right after order, and get your full set of channels and features as soon as your services are activated in your home Help & Support: • Features may vary based on level of service. • Additional information on the Xfinity Stream app minimum system requirements: • Look up your existing Xfinity ID (email, mobile phone, or username) or reset your password: • Learn more about 'Do Not Sell My Personal Information' options at • Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.

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Xfinity Stream app reviews

  • Doesn’t work in my house! 1/5

    By 19me91
    Sometimes I want to watch TV on my phone in a room without a TV. Can’t get the damned thing to play! It just spins it’s wheels. Strong wifi and everything! Close the app and try again still spins it’s wheels. Also they dropped the original Will & Grace from Free On Demand!
  • ESPN channels don’t work since IOS 15 update!!! 2/5

    By Lyric 76
    This app worked fine before iOS 15. I installed the IOS 15 on my iPad Air 4. I get the notification “TVAPP-00252 Video Not Available: No live events are currently airing on this channel. Please select another channel.” I still have iOS 14 installed on my iPhone and the xfinity app and espn channels streams fine with notifications. The only workaround is to login to your xfinity app through your web browser and watch. ESPN will play fine without any issues. I’m using the latest xfinity stream update and this issue still continues. All the other channels stream fine with no issues. It’s just the ESPN channels. This app works great when all the channels work.
  • No sound 90% of the time 1/5

    By Heather K Powell
    Since the new update, 90% of my shows have no sound. The commercials prior to the show have sound and then it cuts to nothing. When they do have sound it is so delayed. It’s about 10 seconds after their lips move saying whatever is being heard. It’s so frustrating. I can’t use the app at all now.
  • Audio/video breakdown 1/5

    By Play It Grand
    I am one of many who are having unpredictable problems with watching show saved to my DVR on my iPad using this app while on my home WiFi network. Sometimes the sound with disappear, or the video will freeze while the sound keeps going. You can restart the app, your iPad, jump around within the recording, close all your other apps, and none of if makes a difference. But the recording is FINE on your DVR. I use my iPad like a 2nd tv, and this glitch has got to be fixed. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  • Useless App since update, 1/5

    By KnitterAnn
    The app worked great until it was updated. Now it’s useless. It won’t even load the channel listing! The update created more bugs than it fixed!
  • TERRIBLE . Constantly freezing 1/5

    By xuxusbwkxc
    TERRIBLE the app constantly freezes while watching live tv making it extremely infuriating. And I'm not the only one with this problem. But apparently the app NEVER freezes during an ad. Funny right? Tried to watch the last 1:30 of the basketball game and i think it froze about 4-5-6 times before the app just crashed. This is utterly pathetic and a waste of time. Please if your reading this just skip this hunk of garbage all together its not worth it.
  • TV Shows freeze from dark 2/5

    By Mlpenni
    Since the last update when I watch shows on my iPad the video will suddenly stop but the audio continues and I can’t recover. I have restarted the iPad and the app and still the same thing. Please update so the app can be useful again.
  • Frankly embaressing 1/5

    By dissapointed in QA
    Comcast made 103 billion dollars in revenue in 2020. The fact that they have a separate app for streaming, that absolutely does not work, is so embarrassing. Honestly its amazing that this has any positive reviews at all, almost too amazing. The cast functionality, something that has been a critical function of every streaming app since 2014, works maybe 10% of the time. The buffering and stuttering is horrible. Often shows refuse to load in any capacity. Now dearest reader, I know what you’re thinking, “this guy must just have bad wifi”. No I pay Comcast like $130 a month for great internet, this is a problem of cutting corners with app development. Just pony up a couple million dollar salaries and poach a team from any dozen successful streaming app to fix your crap.
  • What??!! 1/5

    By kidrock58
    WHERE IS ALL THE LIVE CHANNELS. I’m on my home wifi with my iphone and the guide will not show all my channels. TIME TO FIX THIS APP !! FOR THE KIND OF $$$$ I PAY FOR CABLE !! Bottom line is your app is broken it is not working properly at all please fix this app. Thanks
  • Program grid failure 1/5

    By RustyMe
    The program grid for iOS and android now do not show the red dot(s) showing a program is scheduled to record. X1 set top boxes and stream beta app on Roku show the red dot(s) icon.
  • Login Issues 1/5

    By h ig go blvxkbxlhckh b
    App will not let me login. Keeps saying a unexpected error happened. Please fix
  • No longer usable 1/5

    By Ms. Callie
    Recordings want play. Can’t see downloaded shows.
  • WARNING - DON’T UPDATE!!!! 1/5

    By Nanette3333
    The latest update is terrible. You can’t stream on your phone any longer. You can’t even see what’s on tv. This is the worst update EVER!! Why would Xfinity do this? They are suggesting I download all the channel apps individually.
  • horrible 1/5

    By can039
    recorded programs always frozen. sound on live TV cuts out after 5 seconds, never returns. if downloads work, still glitches. needs to be updated and upgraded asap
  • App Update Awful 1/5

    By iMark1978
    The most recent update to the app has basically broken it. The app will barely play video of DVR shows on my iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro. Video freezes and sound continues. Random freezes and crashes, full reboot required every time.
  • App not loading channels 1/5

    By totaltotal22
    This app only has 3 channels and 11 music channels loaded when opening all channels or tv go channels for streaming.
  • Ios15 1/5

    By Ihatesnapchat2015
    Latest update and iOS 15 not getting along with this app. Let’s be completely transparent here. Xfinity software developers get paid a good chunk of money and yet can’t get the job done… xfinity look into hiring new people. We pay we demand it works.
  • Broken totally unusable app 1/5

    By Tech queen5
    What the heck?! Updated the app and now nothing works. All my favorites, live tv channels, setting the dvr- everything is gone! This app is now useless. All that shows up is about 10 Stingray channels. Please fix it and restore it the way it was. I used the app extensively daily, and maybe I need to find other options then Xfinity.
  • Lost browse ability and “All Channels” empty 1/5

    By AuroraTim
    10/13/2021 lost all ability to select channel by browsing and All Channels and Favorites are empty. Only way I can access a channel is by using the search for a specific network. Makes this app 90% useless.
  • Poor 1/5

    By Postman637
    I used to be able to watch any channel I wanted to on any WiFi on my iPad or iPhone. Now I can only watch anything while I’m connected to my in home WiFi. Used to use this app all the time. Won’t be anymore. Needs to fix that.
  • App Broken Since Last Update 1/5

    By MattK1227
    This app used to work great, but since the last update it’s no longer working. Please read ALL OF THESE reviews and fix the problem.
  • Xfinity App Problems 1/5

    By wlbjr3
    After the download unable to access the live app. Very troublesome for something I’m paying for
  • Serious Problems 2/5

    By Izzybelle23
    I regularly have to delete this app and then reinstall it. It will forget to record programs and freezes a lot. Now for some reason I can only get sky TV and a few others. It says I don’t have any channels in my account. So I’m deleting it again, second time today, and try to fix this.
  • Your update has locked me out 1/5

    By Maestrolabore
    Not really happy. The update has now removed all the channels from the app. I only have access to music channels.
  • Update 1/5

    By sjt023
    Don’t know what you guys did but ever since I updated I can’t get itto work on either my Apple or android devices. Please fix. Would give it a 5 star otherwise.
  • Suddenly it doesn’t … 2/5

    By feralmonk
    … Today the app quit working… won’t let the user select a program to live stream… doesn't even populate the TV Go list…instead, one must go to the search function, type in the wanted network, then hope that one of the offered links works.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Langlois24
    The latest update broke this app. The only thing you can view are recordings, live tv doesn’t work.
  • No Channels on Ipad 6gen 1/5

    By Minnesota304
    Today I could no longer get my channels to shown up on my Ipad. I updated the app, uninstalled, reinstalled the app still no go. I put in a service ticket and was told this ongoing issue shouldn’t have impacted Ipads as the rep was well aware that it was impacting Ruku and streaming services. I just received an automated text saying the issue is now resolved. NOT! at all I still have this problem. I replied No my issue still continues via text and is awaiting a call from a Xfinity rep.
  • Channels no longer available after update 1/5

    By JD7111
    My app updated last night and now I’m unable to watch any live tv on the app. I’m still able to view dvr recordings, but nothing else. Please fix!!!
  • Took a perfectly good app and messed it up. 1/5

    By newsGoose
    Have been using the stream app for years and now it’s painful and time consuming to find common channels and takes for ever to select and turn on.
  • With.. 2/5

    By Magick1972
    What happened to all the channels after this last update. Everything but TVgo is gone. Can’t sort on anything anymore.
  • Lost All “Live TV” Channels 1/5

    By S.Kay
    Lost everything. No more live channels. I’m dropping this commie-trash company.
  • App quit working 1/5

    By MJT127200
    Fix asap please.
  • Useless after last update 1/5

    By MDA54
    The most recent update has made this app useless on iPad. Only TV Go channels are accessible. All Channels is no longer accessible. I am in my home on my home network.
  • Can’t see any cable channels 1/5

    By GinaMichelle1111
    I’ve called, logged out, restarted my phone and nothing worked to fix it so I can stream the very expensive cable channels I pay for. Nothing is being done to fix this.
  • App doesn’t work on iPad 1/5

    By User123467
    I wanted to watch some of my dark recordings. They all fail, try to switch to on demand and fail again. Same app seems to work ok on iPhone.
  • Good app until today’s update. 1/5

    By TJ000679
    As of the update today, the capabilities of this app are very limited. I’m able to “watch” only 12 channels and most of those are music only. Not at all impressed.
  • Never loads 1/5

    By you sti m
    Ever since purchasing my new Chromecast the xfinity app will not load and when it does can’t connect to my Chromecast. Everything else syncs to Chromecast from my phone except this app used to work great now not worth the effort
  • Stealing my money again 1/5

    By Steven014
    They didn’t mail me a bill they’re trying to ruin my credit OK they won’t listen to me now they put all my channels in Spanish what a dirty little company
  • Live Channel does not work 1/5

    By Leinadon
    Live Channel does not work.
  • Chromecast “Ready to Cast” 1/5

    By RockPa54
    The app no longer casts to Chromecast gen 3. I believe this is true with other Chromecast generations including Chromecast w/Google TV. I have logged approximately 6 hours of troubleshooting & have narrowed the problem down to Xfinity Stream app. I have eliminated my home network, Xfi Router, all 4 home TV’s and the environment in my RV (which is why I bought the Chromecast). Everything now points to this app, probably since the last upgrade. It worked perfectly on both Chromecast devices in my RV until the weekend of October 2, 2021.
  • Really poor app 1/5

    By BBAWL
    App is incredibly inconsistent and will randomly refuse to connect to tv via Bluetooth. Sometimes it will, sometimes it wont, guess is all yours, just as their service provided goes! 10/10 would not recommend this app.
  • Freezing up 2/5

    By Alyssa's mom403
    Just recently, whenever I’m playing a show using the app on my phone or my tv, the picture freezes frequently and I have to close the app, then get back into it to unfreeze it. This makes trying to watch shows using the app quite annoying. Definitely need this bug fixed.
  • App is useless now 1/5

    By Willyt80v
    App worked fine for quite awhile, but is now useless. All I can get now is “Stingray” and nothing else will open. Can’t even find all my channels from Xfinity TV. If could give zero stars, I would. PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!!
  • Live channels 1/5

    By sunnynmissy
    Why can’t I get all live channels now on my iPad?
  • App keeps losing channels 1/5

    By PeeCeeModem
    App was working this morning but now shows very few channels available. Same thing happened a couple weeks ago but I was able to correct that by deleting the app and downloading again. That doesn’t work this time.
  • New update 1/5

    By unsatify user
    I love this app but the new update today took away all my live tv channels. 😭😭
  • Download if you have Xfinity 4/5

    By Jigsaw2990
    This is a great app that lets you take your tv package and on demand anywhere. Highly recommended! Would have given 5 stars but it’s finicky with On Demand. Episodes can restart after the commercials randomly and you have to fast forward to figure out where you were and rewatch the commercial breaks. Also, after the last update the casting function doesn’t work at all. Please fix
  • Great if you want to watch 10% 1/5

    By p1#
    Not worth it