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Xfinity Stream

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  • Current Version: 7.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Comcast
  • Compatibility: Android
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Xfinity Stream App

Turn any screen into a TV with the Xfinity Stream app––included with your Xfinity service. You never have to miss must-watch TV. Stream top networks, live sports and news, plus thousands of On Demand shows and movies on any device. Top Features: • Watch up to 250+ channels of live TV on the go and your entire channel line-up at home • Schedule DVR recordings from any device • Access thousands of shows and movies to stream On Demand • Download your recordings and movie library to watch offline • Start watching right after order, and get your full set of channels and features as soon as your services are activated in your home Help & Support: • Features may vary based on level of service. • Additional information on the Xfinity Stream app minimum system requirements: • Look up your existing Xfinity ID (email, mobile phone, or username) or reset your password: • Learn more about 'Do Not Sell My Personal Information' options at • Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.

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Xfinity Stream app reviews

  • Great App Minus the DVR 4/5

    By Comcast G
    I really love this app! Being able to watch tv not on the tv is very convenient, especially with 2 little ones in the house. I use it on my phone, iPad, and Roku and the quality is the same across all platforms. My only gripe is regarding the DVR within the app. One, I can only view a handful of the shows I have recorded on the app vs what I actually have recorded. And Two, I’ve run into certain recordings that will reset back to the beginning when they hit a certain minute mark. This has happened infrequently so it’s unclear what may be causing the issue. Outside of the DVR issue, I would highly recommend using if you are a Comcast customer.
  • Just stopped working 1/5

    By Ja rasta
    I have Roku’s for my two other tv’s so I don’t have to pay for two other cable boxes. We have been using the stream app on Roku for years with little to no issues. The past few days it just stopped working and the app will also not work on my phone either. No updates available but there is definitely something not right. Please fix asap!
  • FAIL with iOS 1/5

    By Disappointed in Xfinity
    This app will not work with any of my iOS devices. It used to work great. Then it would not play downloads for last 6 months. Now it won’t work at all. Tried to delete and reload and can’t even get past sign in.
  • Randomly stops working 1/5

    By PaperStreetSoap
    This app can work fine for years and suddenly just stop working for no rhyme or reason.
  • Still not on the apple tv 1/5

    By Amrcndj
    Junk get with the program and put your app on apple tv already
  • Bad App for Customers 1/5

    By willywonka86
    App freezes or gives an error code constantly. Can’t watch DVR while recording is in process, must wait until it is over. Have had other providers with much better app experiences.
  • Big problems when trying to resume or fast forward. 2/5

    By TrickyDick101
    Video Freezes when trying to resume, fast forward 30 seconds at a time or after dragging the time location indicator. It has become unusable when watching recorded videos. Please fix this problem. This Happens on iPhone or iPad.

    By Doubleneck412
    Keeps crashing. You probably have to buy a wifi booster from this amateur company to make this useless app work.
  • Apple TV App PLEASE! 2/5

    By louisguy
    Please add an Apple TV version of this app!!!
  • Airplay doesn’t work/won’t screen mirror either. 1/5

    By xfinityuser711
    Airplay doesn’t work/won’t screen mirror either. Xfinity needs to get this together. What a joke
  • Nice App 5/5

    By Page_95
    Crashing recently.
  • Freezing 1/5

    By Alexis Justine
    Every time I try and watch a show it freezes. There’s auto, but get frozen on a random part. It’s so freaking ANNOYING!!! Please fix this.
  • Frozen Picture or No Audio 1/5

    By Meggie & Izzie1234
    It’s so frustrating to be watching a recorded show & then the picture freezes. Which will end the show for me. Or the audio stops completely for the rest of the program. A current on going problem is I’ll watch a show while the audio cuts in & out. I’ve called customer service numerous times to troubleshoot this issue & have gone in person to an xfinity store. I’d think that with the amount of money xfinity has & with the advanced technology available today, this problem shouldn’t exist. We pay a ridiculous amount of money for xfinity & my husband freaks out every time the bill comes. PLEASE fix this problem!
  • Recordings don't show 1/5

    By gfhfhjty ugh
    I record things so I can watch when I want on my phone or at home and on this app my recordings have sound and the picture stays paused, and the whole you have to connected to home wi fi to watch stuff on my phone when im somewhere else makes no sense! Why would I watch on my phone when im home I'll watch on my tv! It's really annoying and I pay a lot for this service! Maybe it's time to change!
  • Horrible sound & video 1/5

    By A.J.AJ
    I do not understand why Xfinity will not fix this app. There are several complaints about the same issues.
  • Dateline never finishes, freezes up and never plays! 1/5

    By scam ripoff
    Worst app I’ve ever used!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Layyyluhhh
    Constantly have playback issues from my DVR on this app. I can watch 10 minutes then the video freezes and the sound continues.
  • Too too many bugs! 1/5

    By LeticiaBurks
    I have this app on my iPad, HP computer and Roku TV and the app NEVER can make it through one streaming episode or movie. Either double plays 2 of the same streams at the same time, goes black but the sound plays or just stalls and unable to continue, its extremely frustrating especially when my xfinity bundle is over $400 a month.
  • Please fix 2/5

    By pisiff
    Always kicks me out
  • Stream app problem 1/5

    By americangirl1952
    Please fix this app! Record button is no longer available in the app on the IPhone and the IPad. Can only record if I go into Series Info.
  • I am angry and wanna quit 1/5

    By Kiyeba
    Why do you guys put movies for free them make them rent or buy? I’m so angry and I wanna know why, don’t expect me to be any more better? Fix it now!!!
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Fullofsecrets
    The app works great on my phone. I am having issues streaming on my Samsung Tv. I cannot watch tv without the buffering. Twice in one week the app crashed. I had to set it up from scratch. I am frustrated and annoyed. I should have kept the boxes. Xfinity is a big company. I expected better from them. This app is horrible. I downloaded it because the Xfinity employees convinced me to do it. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Only sporadically works with my Netgear cable modem router 1/5

    By Suspoedward
    So frustrating as the app only allows me to stream on my home Wi-Fi sporadically. I can go to Starbucks and use public Wi-Fi consistently but not in my home which affects my ability to cast shoes to my second TV. Please address
  • Awful! 1/5

    By sborner
    Can’t keep up when bouncing between shows and locks iphone up constantly when going from PIP to guide! PIA
  • Junk 1/5

    By Cordcutter^%#
    Can’t login to account because keyboard will not activate
  • Freezing 2/5

    By Marybeme
    I hate when I record something and it records it but the frames are frozen so you can’t watch it you can just listen. Also I have noticed that when something tapes it will cut out so you don’t hear any sound will last maybe 30 seconds to a minute on something you have recorded. Dies not seem they fix this program as this has been a problem for awhile . Hope the soon fix this bug
  • Nothing good 1/5

    By olmmmahduwkskdbd
    Nothing good bout any of these channels
  • worthless 1/5

    By RayAllDay
    the service is great but the app is trash. sometimes your downloads will decide anything past a certain time code will only play the audio while the video will remain locked on the last frame you saw or the first frame of the download if you’re resuming. this is in addition to the deliberate choice to force the user to turn on captioning every session no matter what. one star forever.
  • How has this app managed to get worse and worse?? 1/5

    By Colinhf
    In classic Comcast fashion, this app has gotten worse and worse with each update. It has more glitches than ever. The stream fails to resume from commercial breaks. Sometimes the sound will resume but not video. Sometimes nothing resumes at all. If you minimize the video to open another app or respond to a text, when you try to resume full screen, the stream will freeze. These problems occur regardless of if you are in WiFi or cellular data and on multiple devices. Get it together!
  • Known global issues that don’t get fixed 2/5

    By Rewardless User
    The app is fair if you want to stream live programming. The majority of the time that function works fine. The big issue and drawback is problematic playback of DVR recordings. One look at the support site shows that many users, myself included, encounter constant issues that prevent proper playback. When playing back recordings the picture often freezes while the audio portion continues on. This happens with recordings from multiple channels and is happening for many users. Even though this has been going on for months, I’ve yet to see Comcast provide a fix for the problem. Worse, if you read the responses in the Support area, every person that’s reporting this is being treated as if it’s an isolated issue that only they are having and support personnel who are responding to the threads keep suggesting the same fixes over and over even though people continue to report at those fixes do not work.
  • Meh 2/5

    By bears girl
    This app is fine when it works. More times than not, the sound cuts in and out on live tv and when I watch something from my dvr. Nothing like trying to check the weather and only hearing every third or fourth word 🙄 Additionally, the channels I actually want to watch being unavailable outside of my house makes the app fairly useless when traveling. Great concept, execution meh.
  • Streaming not working on iPhone 13 Pro MAX 1/5

    By jb15820
    Samsung 10+ had no issues Live Streaming. Upgraded to iPhone 13 Pro MAX and cannot get Live Streaming to work.
  • Quirky performance 2/5

    By Mr. EJ
    There are too many audio breaks. The screen constantly freezes. My fix has been to reboot my device but I am not sure if it’s the best fix. Just wish xfinity was more responsive to issues. It’s enough that the Internet is unstable. But that’s another review.
  • App freezes 2/5

    By zaz12344
    It’s ok but sometimes your be watching something and the audio will just stop or the visuals will freeze but the audio will keep going. I wish they would fix that. It doesn’t matter if you restart it or wait it will continue to do that every time.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By yogachix77
    Recorded programming doesn't work on Xfinity Stream. The show picture freezes anywhere between 6 1/2 minutes to halfway through the show. Then, the only way to complete the programming is to go to a television with the cable box. I'm very much disappointed that I don't have the functionality just dream Xfinity shows away from my TV. This is not why I pay for cable, to be tied to tbe cord.
  • Huh? 1/5

    By Kkaller2001
    What am I paying for? You Can’t filter anything to what is free to you, it overlays over the the regular filters of the app, most times you can’t pick either, or all you can do is back out and look at things you can’t watch…I just spent an hour looking at things I couldn’t watch and I pay for everything, finally I didn’t care and went back to my other steaming services: netflix, Hulu, prime, Disney and most likely Ones I pay every month for and: know what a service should be, expect what service should be, to not pay for steaming service from xfinity….yet they run and setup peacock, due to them making you do ads to pay for what you should at least get from them for free! FYI: things change and people get tired of being taken advantage of, satellite was fi is coming for cheaper for your service
  • No longer works on iPad. 1/5

    By annoyed23409
    Up until five or 10 days ago it worked well (iPad). No longer works at all (on iPad). I updated to the latest operating system and deleted and reinstalled the app, but it won’t let me log in … it just freezes !!
  • Need Apple TV!!! 1/5

    By Eatingyourapathy
    Why don’t you have this available for Apple TV!?!?
  • Give us the old version back 1/5

    By homeshoppin
    I use this app more than my tv so the fact that it hasn’t been working at all lately is very disappointing. I noticed that in the settings it was trying to “manage devices”. So I think they have put something in place to limit users on one account, but it has made it so no one can use the app at all. Please give us back the old app until you figure out your stuff Xfinity!!!
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By mrspghknockout
    This app is garbage! Half the shows the video doesn’t play you can just listen or you can just watch an no sound if it’s not one thing it’s another the service is garbage all around there’s always an outage somewhere I hate it I can’t wait to switch
  • How many bad reviews does it take? 1/5

    By kalexis5
    All the recent reviews complain about the same issues. Why have they not been fixed yet? I can’t even get it to play today. It just gets worse. Please fix the app!
  • Stopped working for no reason. 1/5

    By HdudivbxhbkceanilSv
    I use this app several times a week. Today it’s not streaming at all. No problems with my home internet. The “24/7” help bot is not helpful at all. I don’t know how to report this issue besides a review of the app.
  • So Glitchy 2/5

    By Tiffylaine
    This app is so glitchy! I never know whether it will work or not. I will start a show and get a quarter of the way the leans then it freezes the video. Sound will still come through. But the video doesn’t change. So frustrating!!
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By corrine0401
    Works about 50% of the time. Very unreliable
  • Terrible service and execution—EPIC FAIL 1/5

    By xfinityisnotgood
    The App doesn’t work all the time. Most shows will cut off half way though and lose signal causing you to reboot the App. Xfinity is grossly overpriced to begin with, but to not have an App that functions properly makes it even more not worth the money. There’s no appeal or differentiating service to make it better than other TV viewing options. Heck the cable set top boxes lose signal constantly as well. ‘D’ level software engineering and execution in all aspects. They try to make good functioning products but constantly fail. Poor company with poor leadership and engineers is obvious, and it shows in their subpar products and services.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By lacra1
    Great job guys. You took a decent app and turned it into a piece of cr#p. I’ve even tried deleting the app and and reinstalling and that didn’t work. Do your job and fix it.
  • DVR Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By PTC940
    My issues are the same as all of those previously sent. I use the DVR to record Morning Joe and Deadline Whitehorse so I can watch them when it’s convenient on my devices. Right now I’m getting the sound on Morning Joe but no picture. It also just keeps shutting off and “Resume” doesn’t work. I quit using the MSNBC App on my Apple TV a year ago because it was worthless — constant errors, buffering, and shutting down with errors. This used to be a great app and now it is the worst streaming app I have.
  • Will not let me sign in! 2/5

    By metalchick9
    I got a new iphone and transferred everything. I knew I’d have to re-login to each app. However, despite repeatedly signing on and entering one time codes, it ALWAYS brings me right back to the login screen! I can’t use this app because it will not let me log in. Worthless!
  • Doesn’t work on ipad any more 1/5

    By Jb5423
    This app has always been glitchy, but now it simply won’t work on my relatively new iPad Pro. Very disappointing, particularly considering how much I pay xfinity every month.