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XFINITY Stream App

Only XFINITY gives you more to stream on any screen. Watch live TV and XFINITY On Demand on any device at home or on the go. If you're an X1 or Instant TV Cloud DVR customer, you can also stream or download your Cloud DVR recordings to your device and watch anywhere. This app is included with your Xfinity X1 service. Key Features: - Filter by Available Out of Home to watch more than 200 channels of Live TV on the go from any available WiFi or cellular connection in the U.S. - Choose from tens of thousands of TV shows and movies available for streaming On Demand. Filter by Available for Download to see programs available for offline viewing. - X1 and Instant TV Cloud DVR customers can watch saved recordings from anywhere in the U.S. with an internet connection. Once downloaded, videos can be viewed offline—anytime, anywhere (including planes, trains, and automobiles). - Favorites on X1 now sync with the XFINITY Stream app. Easily track the channels, TV shows, movies, & sports teams you love. - If you have previously made a movie purchase On Demand, you can take these purchases with you wherever you go, right from the app! - Trying to find a show or movie? Use the search function to see if it is available On Demand or airing soon. Exclusive In-Home Features: - Watch live TV streams from your entire channel lineup when on your in-home XFINITY network. - Choose from XFINITY’s full Video On Demand library, filtered to show only the content included in your subscription at no extra charge. - Stream rented TV shows and movies right to the app during the rental period. Requirements: - Reliable WiFi or cellular internet connection for video streaming and downloading. - XFINITY service with a subscription to one or more eligible channels to watch live or On Demand video. - XFINITY username and password. Forget your username or need to create one? See the help links directly below! Get Help Signing In: - Create an XFINITY username and password: - Look up your existing XFINITY username: - Reset your XFINITY password: Questions: - Help and support page:


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XFINITY Stream app reviews

  • Mixed emotions 3/5

    By Mirevaz
    I got xfinity for the price and the amount of channels available. Lately the internet and tv keep freezing constantly kicking u off the internet have to keep restarting your modem like everyday. The app while your watching a show or movie it kicks going forward like it skips pieces hasn't been fixed and u can only watch certain stuff on the app if your outside your home, and being able to set up recordings are no longer available. Whats the use of having an app on the go if your restricted. Im disappointed just waiting for my contract to expire thinking of changing companies if no improvements are made.
  • Works well 3/5

    By siifg
    Works well and does what it says but still disappointing no Apple TV app. Canceled the instant tv service. I had bought a Roku cause I really liked the Instant Tv service with cloud DVR. However,switching back and forth got old just to watch DVR recordings. From favorite feature is the DVR. If they add support for the Apple TV so you watch cloud dvr recordings I would sign up again for Comcast’s instant tv service.
  • Can’t cast from phone 1/5

    By MalicusxMaximus
    Can’t cast to my TV from my phone? Have to buy a Roku to get it to play on my TV? Useless App then why bother, no one wants to huddle around their phone screen and app cannot cast to Smart Tv or Chromecast ? Why is this even an app
  • So many commercials! 3/5

    By mangosteel678
    I loved this app until I got bombarded with soooo many commercials! And it’s the same commercials so it gets nerve racking.
  • If you like spending way too much money get xfinity 1/5

    By jdigitydogg
    Comcast better wake up because people are waking up to the fact that there are cheaper options that do same thing. They are way overprice
  • Not compatible with firestick 2/5

    By ****79
    I was so excited to subscribe to XFINITY Stream. I was sadly disappointed to try and download the app onto my firestick to realize that I couldn’t. I will have to cancel service. What is the point if there isn’t an ability to get app on your device?
  • Xfinity Stream 5/5

    By Steven24.
    Xfinity Stream is great,they have movies and TV shows that you can watch for free and other stuff.:) please check it out if you have an account with you’re TV provider after that you’re good to go and Cheers.
  • Costly service 2/5

    By Love History
    I have basic internet and am happy with that. When I paid my monthly bill there was a section that said I had this app as part of my services. As you can imagine, I was surprised that it was included. I downloaded the app and began browsing the shows. There is a lot of content and became worried that is was a pay per view. I contacted their customer service to verify it was something I was already paying for. As I expected, there is a monthly charge for the service and it’s more than Netflix or Amazon. I chose not to pay for it. Honestly that is not my issue here... My issue... Never a once in the bill, in the downloading of the app or during the browsing did it say this is a 30 days free trail. When I contact their customer service I was informed of the charge. That is a pretty sneaky way to get money out of existing customers. I am glad I called as I would have had a big surprise on my next bill. I am glad I don’t have anything more that basic internet from them. Too sneaky of a company...
  • Let me cast 3/5

    By Gooch muncher
    Please put in the ability to cast to my tv or chrome cast, no one wants to watch shows on a tiny screen when their at a friends house
  • NO RECORDING??? 2/5

    By comcastisthedevil
    Holy Hell Comcast...
  • Need Apple TV App 4/5

    By Marcus0987654331
    I need to be able to watch my TV on the Apple TV App. I don’t want to switch back and forth between my Apple TV and my cable box. When are you going to support this? Are you planning on making the app available to the Apple TV?
  • Use to be 2/5

    By AshCash315
    This app use to be really great when it gave the option to record from anywhere but now they took it away 👎🏾 please bring it back
  • Cuts recordings short, only on app 1/5

    By Crashes, crashes, crashes
    The shows will record in full on the DVR but will show up cut off on the app (ie, 11 mins of a 30 min show will be available). This makes the app useless. Happening more and more since the last update. Please fix this!!!
  • Recordings 2/5

    By -Dark_Dragon-
    My recordings aren’t starting from the beginning. They usually start in the middle of the show and right after a commercial break has ended giving the impression it’s the beginning of it. This recently started happening before that the app performed really good. Fix this issue and I’ll give more starts.
  • Why?! 2/5

    By ScoatedEvil81
    Why does my Dvr recordings on my box not match what’s shows up on the app? I refresh and refresh yet some shows that are recorded don’t show up on the app! So frustrating!! And what happened to the record option?! Please fix!
  • Drags stops etc😩 1/5

    By ccshjfh
    This app was working great with all my recordings on the Dvr, but lately it freezes sometimes for just a couple minutes to several minutes, the voices are not matching up with the picture. I don’t understand what happened but I really wish they would correct it.
  • Can’t change channels 1/5

    By Kylewat
    I can’t go up and down channels anymore. Really terrible update.
  • This service is garbage. 1/5

    By Karavicious
    Ignore the fact that you can’t watch it on an actual television. Even trying to watch live stream on the app is nearly impossible. I constantly get error messages, or better yet- sometimes it won’t load any channels. Pure garbage.
  • Sooooooo frustrating! 1/5

    By Bamafan66
    Problems: 1. Can’t set recordings from app any more. 2. Often get “Cannot create download” when trying to download recorded shows onto phone. 3. Watching live TV from app in home is spotty. Often pauses to buffer, especially CNN for some reason. 4. Sometimes downloads skip a few seconds or occasionally big chunks - like 2 minutes or more. The other night a 60 minute show on my DVR only had 38 minutes when downloaded onto my phone. Just chunks missing. Where did it go? 5. Here’s the really weird part: the service is the worst in my home network. My home internet is really fast. (80mbs+) Netflix, Amazon video and YouTube play just fine with no buffering. But not Xfinity stream. Unless I’m at my office, where the internet is slower. (40mbs or so). There it works fine. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t the app work best in my home network? Like I said, sooooooo frustrating!!! Update.... Recorded another show. 1 hour. Added 5 mins at the end. 65 mins total. And on the DVR, that’s what there is: 65 minutes worth. The whole show. Downloaded the show onto my phone, which apparently comes from the DVR cloud. Says download is complete. Start playing... there are 23 minutes on my phone. It starts 20 minutes or so in and skips here and there for some mish-mash of 23 minutes out of a 65 minute recording. Returned show. Downloaded again at work. Same 23 mins, which I assume means the recording is just ‘bad’ on the DVR cloud. So sad.
  • Please add more TV Go Stations! 4/5

    By Matthew Hajjar-Betters
    So far, I do like the Xfinity Stream app on iOS, but I feel like a few more TV Go stations for the app should be made available, such as CBS, ABC, FOX, Cartoon Network, etc. If an update comes out soon to add such TV Go channels, I would be really happy about it!
  • Once was good 1/5

    By Rip182
    Just like their remote app it has been ruined beyond usability. First it started to fail while downloading to device ( which I need because I have no internet at work, to watch on lunch break). Then when I download to device, it says it can’t play it “ please watch on demand” which I can’t 🤯. First you take away my ability to manage all my DVR recordings from remote app now you make this app useless. Progress is surely moving backwards. If the programs are “on my device” why can’t I watch them? No wonder everyone is switching to Netflix they allow downloading to device. We all don’t have access to internet 24/7. Instead of relaxing and watching my shows at lunch. I sit here typing a horrible review for a lousy app.
  • Too many glitches 3/5

    By Akieno
    It served it’s purpose at the beginning but the fact they haven’t brought back the recording option is bulls**t. Buffering is iffy sometimes, it does a LOT of skipping, lagging and sound without the actual show running. As much a we pay for the service you need to read these reviews and get you S**t together. In a nutshell your trash now.
  • Issues Continue to Grow 1/5

    By zdenver303
    When I first downloaded this app it was leagues better then what it currently is. In addition to the major complaints most people have (removed ability to “record from anywhere” which is how they advertised the app and limited viewing capacity unless connected to your Comcast WiFi), the issues keep on coming. The most frustrating: having your recordings show but only part of the actual video is on your phone. Example: show records for 62 minutes (full 62 minutes shows on tv and even in the app). You go to watch but it only has 48 minutes of footage. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to reach the climax of a show and for it to say the recording is ended?? If you try and download recordings so you can avoid their annoying WiFi requirement, even if the whole show is there it cuts and skips. And of course, just like with their Xfinity services, there is no easy way to troubleshoot or submit an issue (such as the missing endings to the recordings). Instead your option is to call and don’t be surprised to wait on the phone for 2 hours and have them tell you “they’re not sure what’s going on”. I will limit my issues to just the app but Comcast.... ugh.
  • Show keeps buffering 1/5

    By Complain1843
    I literally can’t watch the shows I recorded on this app, it buffers so much it makes them impossible to watch. Garbage.
  • Frustrating update 2/5

    By xfinity is bad
    The new change took away ability to input the channel number by eliminating that option. Changing channels while watching live television is now unnecessarily frustrating. Bring the keypad back.
  • Not good remote 2/5

    By Mike Woodrow
    Tried to watch the Warriors game tonight, said could not see, only at home. Said try tv go. Tried App Store, but nothing there. Very frustrating. If going to advertise using anywhere need to work with NBA.
  • Still unusable! 1/5

    By Shadow o8
    It seemed like it was fixed but once again, whenever I go to watch a recorded show it cuts a big chunk of it out. A 1 hour long show, 40 something minutes.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Lost brain cells
    Took away the record option and now I can only see a few shows that are recorded on my home DVR. It seems to pick and choose randomly which ones it will let me watch. Please fix this app as it is now basically useless
  • DVR option 3/5

    By justlou87
    The app is very user friendly and can basically allow you to watch any channel or TV show based off of your cable package, the only issue i have is the DVR, it doesn’t allow you to put a movie or TV show to record if you have forgot to do so while at home. Adding the record option to Xfinity stream would do wonders
  • This app is worthless 1/5

    By Dr-Who-7
    I give this app 5 Stars for being worthless. All it does is buffer, buffer, buffer, and if it’s not buffering the video hangs while the sound continues. Whoever wrote this app should be fired.
  • Why don’t these feedback issues matter? 1/5

    By Britta99
    When we review the app and talk about a feature of this app that has been disappeared, and we ask why did you remove it? was a good feature.??... why doesn’t xfinity say anything? What’s the point in bothering to rate????
  • Freezes 1/5

    By cfor01
    I can’t even watch my recordings any longer. The app freezes every few seconds.
  • New update has messed it up 1/5

    By Baby618
    I used this app about an hour and a half a day on my commute to and from work. I would download shows and watch them. Then it keep freezing in the middle of the shows and I have restart the app. I’m 19 mins into a show and this has happened 4 times! Worked perfect before the update.
  • Stupid update 2/5

    By bunkdiggity
    Trying to watch a game live while being recorded and it keeps rewinding and won’t let me fast forward. It use to be awesome until they changed things up. Not impressed!
  • Hmmmm 2/5

    By Snapdrag26
    App is no good. I can only use it at home. I have a tv so this app is useless if I can not use it on the go. Also the app does not work on my ROKU.
  • Missing DVR recordings on app 1/5

    By Jadedems
    More than 1/2 the shows I record do not show up on my app!!! Plenty of storage space as I erase things after watching them, so that is not the issue. Had no trouble with this until about a month ago, called tech support and they have NO IDEA what is wrong or how to fix it. After removing the mobile record and now this, I am rethinking switching cable providers. Cable services are not cheap and I expect to be able to use the services they advertise. /grrrr
  • Comcast is evil 1/5

    By Chumbucket Jerkface
    Really Comcast? We can no longer fast forward through commercials as part of the on demand portion.... haven’t your paying customers forked over enough money to not have to have commercials. That was the whole point of PAYING for a premium service. No wonder people are fleeing for streaming services like Netflix.
  • Support for Apple digital AV Adapter please 2/5

    By Krusecom
    Please add the support for apples lightning digital av adapter. Thanks you. When I watch home recordings on the app it automatically fast forwards the screen periodically. Please fix this soon
  • DVR playback on iPad malfunctions 1/5

    By Mercer Apple
    DVR works when using my cable box, but in last few days DVR playback on iPad app is not working on many recordings. I reinstalled the app on iPad, rebooted cable box, all to no avail. Please fix! Also bring back record option in the App. Why did you remove this feature.
  • Bad login 1/5

    By Dberry98
    Every time I attempt to login I am redirected.
  • New updates ruined the app 1/5

    By veiga87
    You need to bring back the ability to browse the tv go channels without interrupting the live feed. This little change almost makes me stop using the app all together. It’s extremely frustrating that the show I’m currently watching stops playing so I need to reload it if I don’t see something else to watch. I don’t see how this change made it past any type of beta testing who would like an update to inconvenience them

    By Stupid3333
    Why not have the closed-caption an option to turn off instead of having tomturn it off everytime you change a channel? Seems so obvious...
  • Terrible - Never Works 1/5

    By robotzombiegal
    This app used to be great. Now you can’t record, when you actually can get anything to load/stream it skips, and even previously recorded stuff won’t play on my home WiFi. This app is useless.
  • Great App, but update took away features 4/5

    By rs505
    I use this app all the time. It’s a great way to watch live TV in rooms without a cable box. But why did you take away the on-screen touch pad to manually enter the channel you want to watch? The UI is now bad. Please bring the keypad back.
  • Update fail 1/5

    By ZER0K00L
    App worked great until the most resent update. Now it’s garbage. It skips around when watching shows, buffers, fast forward and rewind take FOREVER! Another Comcast epic victory...for themselves.
  • TNT not working 1/5

    By youngmoe305
    The app no longer allows me to watch TNT
  • Works whenever 2/5

    By bkilla78
    Some days the app works fine some days it doesn’t. Been watching nba playoffs for the last few days, not TNT is giving an error message for some reason. Who knows what the issue could be but not surprising though. Direct TV app was alot better!
  • The way a wonderful feature 2/5

    By SRD 27
    Loved being able to record something when I was at work on my DVR at home. Can’t do that now ! Ridiculous
  • record from anywhere 1/5

    By chachris1
    They took away the ability to record from anywhere. To me that was the most valuable function of the app....separate but related issue: The “B” button on the remote used to control the picture-in-picture(PIP) functionality while searching through the guide has been disabled. Please either bring the functionality back, or make PIP automatic.
  • Taking away features will not help customer retention! 1/5

    By Fahmous
    When first released, I could set up a recording when away from home, which was a great feature when I forgot to set it up before traveling. Someone decided that was too much control to give a customer and took it away?? Comcast will keep losing customers as long as the focus on customer ease of access / control keeps going down. Retention is all about customer value, especially at these prices!

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