XFINITY WiFi Hotspots

XFINITY WiFi Hotspots

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  • Current Version: 5.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Comcast Cable Communications
  • Compatibility: Android
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XFINITY WiFi Hotspots App

The XFINITY WiFi Hotspots app for iOS is available exclusively for XFINITY Internet customers and contains WiFi security features to improve your safety and privacy while using certain XFINITY WiFi hotspots around town. The app also automatically connects you to XFINITY WiFi hotspots when in range. It makes it easy to find XFINITY WiFi hotspots with enhanced search tools and directions. Features: • Automatically connect to XFINITY WiFi, including secure hotspots where available • "Near Me" locates all nearby XFINITY WiFi hotspots • View maps and lists of hotspots, with walking and driving directions • Create and save your favorite hotspots for easy reference later • View the business name of hotspot locations and filter by business category • Find hotspots when not connected, using offline data sets Requirements: • A WiFi enabled device running iOS 8.0 and up • XFINITY Internet service (25Mbps and above) • XFINITY username and password XFINITY Internet customers: Don’t know your username? Forgot your password? Comcast Business Internet customers: Don’t know your username? Forgot your password? XFINITY WiFi Hotspots XFINITY WiFi is the largest, fastest WiFi network in the nation, so there is always a hotspot where you need it most. XFINITY WiFi is included with XFINITY Internet service (25 Mbps and above) for no additional charge. Stream what you love around town. Save on your mobile data plan. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life. The XFINITY WiFi Hotspots app is optimized to stop GPS use automatically when you are stationary. To disable GPS in the XFINITY WiFi Hotspots app: On your device go to iOS Settings / XFINITY WiFi / Location and select ‘While Using the App’. Some functionality in the app may no longer be available.


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XFINITY WiFi Hotspots app reviews

  • Good idea, poor execution 1/5

    By jmac93427
    When driving around connected to to LTE networking, all is fine. Then when you near a WiFi spot the signal drops when connected. Whenever I’m in a restaurant that had poor reception to the LTE network, I try Xfinity or “CalbleWiFi” (same thing) and even though I connect, I get EXTREMELY POOR quality reception. I find that I’m better off with one bar of LTE than with a strong WiFi connection. I don’t know if the routers intentionally downgrade connectivity to the lowest possible performance or what, but it’s generally not worth even using. I go to the settings an make sure that “connect automatically is DISABLED. This is not a feature - it is a buggy add on. Please fix it. You have a great network backbone, but the mobile hotspot feature is crap!
  • This suuucks! 1/5

    By Foodies99
    App NEVER works! What a joke just like all Xfinity services. Sure you can see hotspots...but can you actually connect?? NOOO! They should be ashamed. Don't buy Xfi.
  • Great App For Finding WiFi 5/5

    By HotInEER
    I'm really not sure why they're so many negative reviews. It works well. It automatically signs me in to the Xfinity locations without a problem. I don't lose connection going from LTE to WiFi or back and forth. Works great on my iPhone X.
  • Have Xfinity internet 1/5

    By Marcin.97
    Can’t login to even use the hotspot locator, says my login is not good for this app yet I can login to online account. Total crap app.
  • Not good 1/5

    The Hotspots doesn't even work in my area anymore. When are you going to fix this issue Comcast? How about updating and changing the cables in our area with new ones you lazy corporate conglomerates.
  • WORST APP EVER !!!! 1/5

    Keeps disconnecting from the Hotspot ! Worst app -- of course it's by Comcast !!!
  • Xinfinity internet get away 1/5

    By mggpaggy
    Not working at all when you see WiFi in the area it suppose to connect but it doesn’t. Fix please.
  • Best hot spot ever 5/5

    By Rico257
    Best hoy spot ever Rico
  • Don't work for me. 1/5

    By eddie 116
    Wasted time downloading. Does not really work. Tried a hundred times. Sorry!😩
  • Generally good, but... 2/5

    By ShammySmalls
    I am literally sitting outside of the Comcast head quarters in my county and there isn’t a hotspot available. I find this to be entirely absurd. Most of the time, I find this to be an incredibly useful app. But right now I’m a little miffed.
  • Find hotspots but never connected to anything useful 1/5

    By Bob Van Ess
    Are useless app I have yet to find a hot spot that actually connected to the Internet
  • Update problems 2/5

    By Unique Nicknames?(&^*
    I find the app useful, except that the app crashes during updates. It says downloading 2 updates, usually installing the first then hanging on the second update. After force quit, it doesn't require the update, but then I found it to be 4 months out of date (fixed with delete and reinstall, but why the extra step?). It would be nice if the "Don't connect to xfinitywifi" were easier to find.
  • a must for comcast customers 5/5

    By rosscjr
    if you are an xfinity customer you need this app. it’s free and it protects you while on public wifi. it’s a must have.
  • Not working now 2/5

    By Ibevagirl
    Loved this at first... Now it’s not working
  • Super 5/5

    By zottozot
  • Useless. 1/5

    By Jacqieee~
    How am I supposed to even connect to a hotspot? It doesn’t give me the option to.
  • So unreliable and waste of time and money 1/5

    By F U Xfinity
    I downloaded this app so i can express how horrible xfinity wifi is!!! I paid for the week pass witch was 20 dollars to do internet research and all week the browser would barely load! Video would never f**king stream. And when i called customer service all they said was: ( oh yea there’s was probably a lot of people using the hot spot). All week????? If the “Hot spot” if saturated or it can handle the poeple. Then dont f**king sell these stupid expensive passes. “Buy at your on risk” is wat i would say about this dumd internet.
  • Not as good 3/5

    By Ey3zDaBul
    Smh...that’s it smh
  • Xfinitywifi hot spots never work! 2/5

    By tr83ca
    This app works fine for finding xfinity hotspots. However, the hotspots themselves never work!!! I'm able to connect to the hotspots, but then no websites or apps can load. I always end up turning off my wifi and just using my cell phone data plan. Why don’t any of the hotspots actually work? What’s the use if I can connect to them, but then connection performance is nonexistent?
  • Can’t use it if you need data while driving through town 2/5

    By Gaunner
    I like the idea of the app, and it works fine for me. It connects immediately and on its own in the background. The problem is that while driving it is constantly connecting to signals that will be weak within seconds. My streaming music etc hangs up constantly.
  • Xfinity Hotspots are terrible! 1/5

    By hoorayberet00
    They do not give a consistent connection. The app is pointless. And I really want to love it. But I’m just not able to.
  • Unstable version 2/5

    By HerbAS
    Version 5.1.3 crashes on startup.
  • Totally Useless 1/5

    By AA Trout
    Even worse than xfinity capabilities in my home. Will never connect regardless of signal strength. Third World and a waste of time.
  • (Cr)app 1/5

    By Dissatisfieddddddd
    Yup. I said it.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Sheupe
    This app has crashed constantly when I open up the app
  • Crashes on startup 1/5

    By veacomp
  • Updated it!!! 2/5

    By Phils fan
    It has to be updated!!!!
  • Crash and Burn 1/5

    By Red Dawn
    The app crashes at startup. Does not work.
  • WiFi won’t log in! 1/5

    By zabadu
    I cannot get internet with this program anymore! It used to work good
  • Connects ok but download speed is terrible 2/5

    By disappointedindirectv
    I have to turn off Wi-Fi all the time. It connects and shows full bars but won’t download.
  • Works Great 4/5

    By Page_95
    How do I stop automatic connecting. Concerned about security.
  • Mrs. 4/5

    By GregsMa22
    Seems to work ok,we are in walking distance of 5 or 6 different hotspot signals but still have some network
  • Never works 1/5

    By joepaulfred
    I have nothing but problems
  • Does it even work?? 1/5

    By Wang80
    What does this even do, it certainly does not reconnect to secure XFINITY wifi when it is close by. It use to automatically reconnect now it is just a fizzle 💩💩💩💩 four poop emojis out of five for a steaming pile award
  • Great 5/5

    By Herc the jerk
    Works awesome
  • why do you need this app 1/5

    By tacoburn70
    what I don't understand is why do you need this app?? if you go in settings, general, profile, you'll see an entry for Xfinity WIFI listed. when it's there, your phone will automatically Connect to any xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot when in range..... basically to any xfinity internet customer, so what's this app for? I don't get it
  • App running in background without my knowledge 1/5

    By God Pop
    Yesterday I found this app listed as using 3% of my battery. I have not used this app in over a year, so I deleted it. My concern is that the app showed up on the battery usage list at all. The app was NOT authorized to run in the background. Comcast: what are you doing with this app that we don’t know about?
  • Turns on WiFi when WiFi is off 1/5

    By Digger69
    Explain to me why your app turns on my WiFi when I have it turned off in my settings on Android
  • ATT 1/5

    By Totts2
    Got hacked while using this !
  • Problems and a question. 3/5

    By TN787
    The app connects to WiFi hotspots when I’m driving down the road. This causes my streaming music to pause and freak out. There should be an option to disable the app when you’re connected to specific Bluetooth devices. Then I could tell the app to back off when I’m connected to the car. Does using hotspots count against my 1TB of data I get every month? I understand that people who connect to my router using the xfinity hotspot doesn’t count against my allotment. I want to know if I go somewhere and download a large file if it will take away from my allotment at home. I’ve searched through your website and all of the FAQ’s and can not find an answer to this question.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By fsnoles1
    Don’t waste the time it takes to download. That will be time you can not get back.
  • I can see the hotspot. Just can't use them. 2/5

    By MD18
    I can see the hotspot. Just can't use them. Must keep signing into my account to use an open hotspot. Some are slower than others. Nothing is the same. I also use the AT&T hotspots and never had a problem. Everything runs at the same speed ( using, and I don't have to keep signing in as much. AT&T has better coverage. It's a good thing I'm not using Xfinity (Comcast ) communications phone with sparse coverage. Most of these hotspots are using a second channel for private wifi modems. It's not. Commercial hotspot. This must be why I must sign in all the time and the speeds aren't the same. I'm removing this app for a while. To me it's a waste of time. If you are in an area where the coverage is great, then it might be worth using it. Not now. Remember most of these hotspots are running from private wifi modems. I own my own modem, thus I'm not part of Comcast sharing program.
  • Lots of hotspots, never a connection 1/5

    By Clintonrebel
    I don't see the point. It never connects. Never works. Waste of my time. Do they never read these reviews? They are all terrible.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Run run52
    Wow! This help me out a lot!
  • $60 a month wifi. Pass. 1/5

    By Joseph Z @ VA
    If you're not a Comcast member, it's $60 on top of your current plan. Nope. Nope. Nope.
  • Network error... 1/5

    By JPhil75
    Network error? It’s good to see the competent folks at Comcast put functionality dead last on their list of priorities. I suppose the bright side here is that I didn’t have to rethink my opinions about Xfinity. Fix your roadkill app, you overstuffed monkeys.
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    The app won’t even let me login....I get an error message to contact customer service....trash app
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Iron lorn
    I love it is much
  • WiFi app 5/5

    By desirae2231
    Kinda confusing but I figured it out now I think
  • 10% success 1/5

    By Khinman
    One time in 10 I can connect. The other times this interferes with a perfectly good LTE connection. I curse Comcast daily for this.

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