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Xfinity App

The Xfinity app is the easiest way to activate your Internet service, get online in minutes, and set up your home network — no technician needed. Never miss a moment with tools to improve your connection like speed test, troubleshooting, and more. Check network status, view your plan details, and even pay your bill, all from the palm of your hand. And get always-on support with 24/7 real-time help and support right from the app with Xfinity Assistant. Plus, customers with an xFi Gateway get a powerful, more secure connection for your home with exclusive xFi features included in the app: • Protect your network. Help keep your loved ones safer online with Advanced Security, included at no extra cost. • Enjoy the ultimate control. Create your own WiFi name and password, assign user profiles, and view and control connected devices. • Have peace of mind. Pause WiFi for family time, set kid-safe browsing and much more with powerful parental controls. • Help improve WiFi coverage. Assess the strength of your WiFi and even order an xFi Pod, right from the app. Getting started is simple. All you need is your Xfinity ID and the password you set up when you signed up for Xfinity Internet. Need help signing in? - If you don't have an Xfinity ID yet, create one here: - Look up your existing Xfinity ID: - Or reset your Xfinity password: Learn more about your options related to 'California Civil Code §1798.135: Do Not Sell My Info' at

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Xfinity app reviews

  • App. Too Complicated 3/5

    By Sandy B K
    I cannot get a message left on my landline without going to my iPad, signing in and then it is probably not setup properly as there are so many things on the app. And buttons to play with I cannot hear my message. What is Comcast doing? Making customers pay for aggravation. STINKING awful app. Sandy b K
  • Peacock App 1/5

    By sunny_Barb
    Error. This app is down. Why am I paying extra for Paramount and Yellowstone is moved to an app that can’t handle the volume?
  • Best App 5/5

    By Schuyler Oppenheimer
    This is the best app in the world.
  • Won’t let me sign in using my home network? 1/5

    By Flygirl7780
    I’m trying to install this app on my iPad but it won’t let me unless I connect to the xfinity network which warns me they will see and share my information. When I chose cancel I can’t sign in!! I have my own wireless xfinity home network I want to use but can’t. Very frustrating!
  • Lacking notifications 1/5

    By anber gardener
    It is supposed to notify It is not always under my control We should know if a device was blocked by other users
  • WiFi 1/5

    By Anonumays
    Very slow
  • Half As*** service 1/5

    By ozmmmmm
    The speed is spotty and if you pay for 1000 mbps you will be lucky to regularly get 300. At times you get 30.
  • Completely frustrating 1/5

    By Mass 1234
    The Help is non existent. They are delusional if they think they have good customer service. I hate their bots. What a rip off.
  • Unreliable service so far 2/5

    By ODU/VCU
    Had the internet/phone/cable service a little more than 30 days. Every week there’s an issue with one or both. I truly miss Verizon since relocating.
  • Comcast internet is terrible 2/5

    By dfredhji
    Never been even close to advertised speeds
  • Lose Internet 2-4 times a month. 1/5

    By Loganitarita
    I have to call Xfinity 2 to sometimes 4 or more times a month to have them reset and connect the internet. Was promised new equipment twice and it never came. Customer service is always kind and helpful, though despite their pleasantness I still don’t wish to speak with them every few weeks. I hear good reviews from people I know but my experience has been a pretty MASSIVE bummer. If this third try to get new equipment doesn’t happen we are definitely switching providers.
  • Disruption of service 1/5

    By really?internet
    For the last two months I have experienced disruption of my internet and land live phone services. These problems seem to occur at the same time or nearly the same time daily. The problem is rarely attributed to an outage. It generally happens a time or two on the morning and then again mid-afternoon or early evening. I am weary of this especially when working or banking. I have upgraded my speed, had a technician out on the poke as well as in my house. The problem with the connectivity continues and I am looking into service through some other carrier. I am past trying to work with this.
  • Poor 2/5

    By paparcc
    Constant problems keeping internet, WiFi and telephone working
  • Worst internet provider ever 1/5

    By comcastsucks!
    For the last two years I have spent countless hours trying to fix my internet speed issues. I pay for 100 meg service but rarely ever get that currently I receive 9 meg. I have called customer service multiple times and get the same rundown. Reset your box let me check the line..... they get it working for a few days and then back to slow speeds once again! They have no problem charging you for a service that they cannot provide, but they do have a problem fixing any issues. If you have other options for internet i would advise anyone not to use Comcast! Worst company I have ever used
  • Full Control 5/5

    By Godlovestevenson
  • Horrible connection 1/5

    By bssrwswyu
    Expensive terrible service
  • Guide 1/5

    By Snapper/grouper02
    Trying to watch a little Saturday afternoon football. Your channel guide is completely screwed up on what channel certain games are on. I’m paying $200/month for this type of service ? Terrible
  • Pleasant UI, useless app 1/5

    By TravelPC
    The main purpose of the app seems to be for activating the modem. Which seems extremely dumb that I need to download an app to do this. Why can’t I do this on the web browser instead of downloading another stupid app. It doesn’t let me see any Wi-Fi spots around, it continues to log me out every other time, it keeps asking for second authentication passwords. Overall a very useless app
  • All Lies 1/5

    By AMSBlue
    My bill has always gone up no matter how many times I’m promised it won’t. “Good for 2-3 yrs”....nope went up $9.50 in 2 months after signing their contract.
  • Time limit stopped working 3/5

    By swkoehler91
    From You, Xfinity app no longer calculates time online or locks internet for kids that defined exceed limit, yet I still get notifications that they exceeded their limit?
  • Basically useless 1/5

    By Nskinner90
    You really can’t use this app for anything. When you do use it, everything just directs you out of the app into the website. I try to use the chat system to get answers and it just gives stuff to click on that once again direct you to the website. It was helpful one time throughout the time I had it, and that’s not worth it to me.
  • Slooooow AND inconsistent 1/5

    By SonOfAPreacherMan
    I purchased SIX pods, and still can’t get consistent service around my home. Half the time 3 of the 6 are offline. I am disappointed.
  • It’s okay when it works. 2/5

    By BossToneDude
    The network goes down a lot more often than my old one. I paid for gigabit speed; however, my actual speed is a lot slower I get about 600 Mbps download and a miserable 20 to 50 meg upload.
  • No good 1/5

    By GW Dancer
    The app is as bad as their service 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
  • Just never works 1/5

    By tired cmcsa subscriber
    Slowsky like dsl and i pay for 1 Gbps and have their speedy gateway. No devices connected too just prime time 5-8pm.
  • Very good 5/5

    By curl foot
    Very very good
  • Xfinity it’s what 2020 is all about 1/5

    By Professor McDaniel
    Just an unbelievably awful experience. Been without stable Internet for weeks. Have had service people come out four times now. Customer service has made multiple phone appointments with me that they have not kept. All the wire to my house has been replaced and I still can’t get a stable connection. Worked fine before I switch to their higher speed and their router. It is greatly affected my job and my children’s education as we are all working from home. I had the administrators at my job sitting in on a meeting to review me and my service went out. That’s been just one of the many frustrating stories.
  • Poor internet. 2/5

    By Bad decision 1337
    Upgraded to new modem/router paid for an upgrade in service and overall performance is spotty at best ! Disappointing .
  • Speed Test and Speed to Gateway do not work 1/5

    By Do your job comvast
    A hurricane 4 weeks ago left me without internet for three days. After getting service back, my speed test to my iPhone 10 always errors out and has the message “Oops something went wrong’ . Would be nice but I understand with the virus everyone is on break for the next 6 months. Pathetic!
  • Won’t let me cancel Netflix or talk to live chat 1/5

    By Klimkujnjijnwssd
    Doesn’t work
  • The worse internet service 1/5

    By katia magalhaes
    I was suposto to have the best internet possible 600 mg . I always have a I drop signal, when a call the customer service say that they going to resolve the problem but it’s never gets better and with my 2 years commitment there is not that I can do . Unfortunately I still have a year and a half to deal with this horrible service😡
  • iPad Pro 1/5

    By jesquib
    Does not switch to landscape mode. Quite annoying but i can do without. As far as a large corporation goes, this should have been integrated in their apps as well as they should have developed an app for the iPad OS. I love xfinity though lol
  • Claims modem is offline all the time 1/5

    By Tuxmentat
    App worked great until one day it decided my modem is offline, even though it is not. Rebooting did not help. Since then it became completely unusable.
  • Internet issues 1/5

    By want faster internet
    Very slow internet
  • Bill 3/5

    By Madello
    I want to know why my bill was increased and I have tried to call but I can’t talk to an agent. If I can’t get an answer I am going to look into another service. I have been a customer for many years and you raise my bill with no notice and I have so much difficulty trying to get an answer
  • Not Consistent 1/5

    By AmBam86
    I’m currently working from home because of the pandemic. I’m the only one on my home WiFi through Xfinity and everyday I have to reset my brand new router! It’s frustrating bc I have a daily quota to meet and it’s hard to do so with finicky service!
  • great but 4/5

    By Bill *8888
    great but pricey
  • Never opens 1/5

    By Firethemall
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Unhappy & dissatisfied
    Camera & associated equipment is unreliable! I spend more time & effort trying to get my equipment up and running 🤨
  • It’s great 5/5

    By Path to Life
    I like the app
  • Could not even log in. 1/5

    By cb19283746
    The app is useless if you can’t log in... tried everything, and still received an error message. Incredibly frustrating.
  • App doesn’t recognize cameras! 3/5

    By Gawlfer
    My 3 Xfinity cameras won’t connect anymore to my app. The 3 cameras show up on theXfinity Stand alone screen monitor but keep trying to connect to the cameras and never do.
  • Great service 5/5

    By military gent
    Really like the service
  • This company only exists because of a monopoly 1/5

    By Marsh-daddy
    Unleash the bots to leave more 5 star reviews to balance out the average
  • Service was excellent until xfinity did work on my street 1/5

    By tbonejr
    We had great service for years. Then we had about a month of xfinity where they said they were working to improve the lines on our street. Since that bey day when they worked past our hone, service has been terrible. Our speed has dropped to less than half and we drop our connection several times a week and server also times a day. I have not had the urge to change my service until now. So disappointing.
  • Always down 1/5

    By Felipe vc
    When you pay about $130 for WIFI, you would expect it to work all the time, right?
  • My bill 1/5

    By 77spongebob
    My bill went up 46$ and I called was on the phone for over 40 min and still don’t understand why and can’t afford the new amount so feelingFrustrated I lost my job I bagged customer service to help me out thank your a different plan well got nowhere I’m seriously just wanna go with another service I’ve been a long-time customer I’ve always paid my bill on time feeling helpless
  • Terrible Connection 1/5

    By JessB_Me
    App needs fixed. Internet connection needs fixed. It ALL needs fixed. Trying to pay my bill and can’t connect. Has been like this every month for the past few months. Fix it!!!
  • U have my admiration!!!! 5/5

    By memeebj
    I Love the customer service at Comcast Dash Xfinity. I’ve been with you since 1999 and you will have to throw me out because I will never leave. I left now because when I have a problem and may mention it to them I find that the gremlins work all night and when I wake up the problem has been fixed. They are better than Santas helpers and I love each and everyone of them. Next line I will always be a lifetime customer. Thank you guys for all you do for this 77year-old lady who probably drives you crazy!!!💋❤️ The nickname Memee tells me it has been taken that’s because that’s me last time I had to change it I had to add the BJ on the end. Hehe