XOXO - Chat & Make New Friends

XOXO - Chat & Make New Friends

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 4.10.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Eizio Services Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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XOXO - Chat & Make New Friends App

XOXO, THE GAME-DATING APP INCLUSIVE & PERSONALITY-BASED This inclusive dating app for open-minded people left behind the suffocating gender-age-sexuality-body type filters for a gamified experience of getting to know others through their personalities. A social network and a game as much as a dating app, XOXO is about meeting not just who YOU thought you would like but who WE think you might like. Look deep into your mind and heart through a quiz. Discover yourself through a cute virtual totem that helps people see you from new angles. Use our estimate of your mental age as a different way to describe yourself. Get to know people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, and appearances that you connect on another level with. Customize and take care of your totem. Become a part of the community in chats assembled by personality type. Play through our challenges, show off your achievements. Build new experiences at the intersection of romance, sex, friendship, and camaraderie. NO FILTERS We do not intend filtration settings for your feed by gender, sexuality, age, or otherwise, so you could meet more people that we think you might like. TOTEMS A cute avatar suggested by our quiz represents your personality type, letting other people get to know you from new angles. Your totem’s health is fueled by your swiping, messaging, and liking activity on the app. NO AGE LINE We ballpark your “mental age” as part of the quiz—don’t you think that could be an interesting description point? NO REJECT BUTTON There is no traditional button for rejecting people—as we could all do with a little bit less explicit negativity in our lives. TASKS, XP, AND BADGES A track of individual tasks rewarded with XP gains and badges helps you familiarize yourself with both the community and the environment. QUIZ Our “totally scientific” onboarding quiz looks deep into your mind and heart so you could discover yourself and meet more people like you. TOTEM-BASED GROUP CHATS Spaces of acceptance and understanding for folks with similar temperaments and personalities. XOXO’s Privacy Policy: https://www.xoxo-app.com/pp.html XOXO’s Terms of Use: https://www.xoxo-app.com/terms.html

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XOXO - Chat & Make New Friends app reviews

  • There’s a problem 3/5

    By chubbykoalaz
    There’s a lot of minors on the app I seen kids as young looking as 9 or 10 years old and they really are annoying please ask to verify cause it’s not safe
  • Deleted in less than 10 minutes 1/5

    By liljaywthebigd
    Once I downloaded this app it only took 20 seconds before they asked me what “pronoun” I wanted to be called. Umm.. human? Completely ridiculous. Stop talking about pronouns
  • Sugarmommas I don’t Want YOU 1/5

    By KhemKitty
    If you are looking to be in this sort of relationship this may be the app for you because the only two likes I had was two sugarmommas asking me to be their baby..🫤
  • Ok app. Could use improvements 3/5

    So when a users profile isn’t available after you try to open the chat, you basically have to force quit it for it to work properly, also I really like everything else 🤣
  • Full of bots 3/5

    By TGEs29
    The app seems full of bots looking for the same thing or asking for the same thing. Also I did like the totem deal minus the fact my totem won’t go past level three despite having reached all the requirements
  • Glitch 1/5

    By Unooriginal
    The app keeps glitching and making me retake verification photo.
  • How is it a dating app?? 2/5

    By cassiecat101
    This is like a live video chat app, kinda like bigo or whatever.. I don’t feel it’s safe, and maybe just not the app for me.
  • No flitters…. 1/5

    By jav1991
    How the heck can I find someone in MY STATE if can’t apply filter?
  • Fix your App 1/5

    By broskull54
    I like that you made your app very inclusive but it is too flawed. I noticed that there’s a lot of predatory and fraudulent behavior. That’s what makes this app unfathomable and sickening.
  • Cannot log back in 1/5

    By Forever baking
    I made an account yesterday and was excited to start using it and did for a few hours but then the app glitched somehow and logged me out, and I cant log back in. despite having gotten my email verified they dont seem to recognize it. I thought maybe it was a me issue and made another account with a different email and logged out and what do you know, i cant log back in and they don’t recognize the email again. Ive emailed support twice and even asked the help bot on the app and i haven’t gotten a single response anywhere.
  • Needs help 3/5

    By CaliStar1997
    Way too many underaged kids on the app. Even saw what looked like to be a kid no older than 6. If y’all need a moderator lmk I’m willing and ready. It’s definitely a cool concept, but you should be able to filter by age or at least limit the ages available to contact you.
  • No filters 1/5

    By itsghostrider
    So it’s a dating app. But you can’t filter Gender, age, language, or distance. It’s completely useless if you’re trying to find someone of the opposite sex in your area
  • five stars 5/5

    By Jahmiere Pittwayvc
    great that you don't have to pay extra to roll people back if you changed your mind about them!! but my mental age does not match my real age at all haha
  • great community, no instagram integration yet 5/5

    By Damianna McQuiltyfc
    It may sound weird but... I just feel so safe here. like I don't feel like there would be creeps or scammers or catfishers in this community. great vibe. but insta integration when?
  • really fun concept 5/5

    By Rhonesha Restonqr
    omg such a great app i really want it to be the next big thing!! the totems... i'm honestly obsessed. wish it was location based because like hello all the cuties are on the other coast?
  • cool app 5/5

    By Sarin Stoutby
    fun idea, great features, i think i already made some great friends there
  • a bit silly but okay 5/5

    By Dalhia Hayezp
    first I didn't understand who's the real target audience for this but it definitely grows on you. i especially like that you can swipe back if you missed them or wanna give them another look and they'll be there. the whole totems thing is a bit too much, no? overall i recommend though
  • great people, seems like everyone is open for a chat 5/5

    By Cheylynn Biernatpv
    great crowd. i seriously like that when you REALLY like someone, you can message them before you match, no creep haha. the only thing is I wish I could change change my totem now that I've had it for a week.
  • like nothing you've ever seen 5/5

    By Dahna Yuryichevkb
    If you thought you never wanted to be a two-tailed cat picking up a dragon online, you were WRONG. this is THE app. I live for this stuff.
  • very engaging experience, nice people 5/5

    By Amina Meininkinglk
    this app is pretty much addictive! so well made that you just spend hours. the obvious pro for is a really diverse community. the pricing for customization items for your totem is questionable i must say
  • forget what you thought you new about dating 5/5

    By Angelic Sandercroftqc
    i just wanna say this is such a rad thing i don't even wanna spoil it for anyone... but i want to see spotify integration asap
  • five stars 5/5

    By Alveretta Poveleyerc
    great that you don't have to pay extra to roll people back if you changed your mind about them!! but my mental age does not match my real age at all haha
  • Truly refreshing 5/5

    By Astra Wesoneo
    I think this should be a rehabilitation tool for everyone with dating fatigue. This has a refreshing vibe to it. You match with people, you have a wee bit of banter, you maybe take it somewhere else... Headline issue: Instagram and Spotify integration doesn't work yet
  • Interesting set of features but maybe more could be done in the future 5/5

    By Markaylah Twizellzo
    This app is a bit of a curveball at every step. Totems? Mental age? Tasks? Group chats? Somehow, it still does make a lot of sense... I like it now but I think making it location based would have improved the experience a lot! Looking forward to updates.
  • first dating app I'm having a bit of a craic on 5/5

    By Camryn Reucastleus
    I enjoy the vibe but ux is sometimes confusing. the tabs/sections could use a critical look
  • solid thing but the group chats part is a tad bit forced 5/5

    By Demonica Giraudouzy
    you'll either love it or hate it, put me in the first pile hahaha. do we really need the group chats though? who's to say
  • i like the concept but... geolocation when?? 5/5

    By Clever Broodix
    the totems, the group chats, the badges, i get it. fun concept blabla. but living in oz you feel a bit silly because there's no one from where you live
  • cool idea, some really unexpected features but ux is not ideal 5/5

    By Shinaya Wombwellig
    i have very specific hobbies (don't ask haha) and SOMEHOW they're all among the suggestions for interest tags? i was impressed. don't like the vertical swiping pattern though
  • this slaaaays 5/5

    By Victorria De Hooghrc
    they have a Doja Cat reference in the customisation section DEADDD I HAVE TO GIVE IT FIVE STARS
  • amazing people to talk to 5/5

    By Loraine Cafferyef
    I see a lot of potential in this. I already met some solid people to chat with here. the personality angle is chefs kiss also just seems like people here are.. nice! also i have an idea: a separate name for your totem
  • can't help smiling using this 5/5

    By Alvernia Sudworthpd
    hot girl summer is cancelled it's hot lally summer now
  • personality angle really gives it an interesting flavor 5/5

    By Tierre Proudlockyt
    I feel like I'm the biggest fan already. the quiz in the beginning is so simple but it somehow got my personality type and age soooo close. now people can sorta know me even before we match, love that
  • worth a try, some cool features are there 5/5

    By Toshiye Bembrickge
    love the colors and the layout. the group chats don't really work for me. idk, i guess it's fine overall
  • fun app to play around with 5/5

    By Banana Boozienxpf
    my totem is Slolu and he's a big mood.
  • Sleek design, silly good concept, five stars 5/5

    By Jenan Bangiardcfhwy
    my biggest fear now should be that I won't unlock all the personalities before I find my soulmate here. it's also so well made, are you kidding me
  • super accurate personality readings, you won't believe it 5/5

    By Bayan Robeluvdko
    ngl i was not ready to be read like that by my quiz results.... but also the description of my perfect match hits close to home, so good job xoxo. hate that i can't connect my insta
  • i want to marry this app 5/5

    By Collier Birdzlpeu
    this is just my type of thing. if you like Myers-Briggs or astrology or any kinds of placement tests you will love it too. wish i could upload more pics to my profile
  • cute app with a really curious avatar thing 5/5

    By Maggottagbd
    I like the totems part so much!!! it's something you never knew you needed. not ready to pay for customization though
  • great community, no instagram integration yet 5/5

    By PozziElizabeth14smz
    It may sound weird but... I just feel so safe here. like I don't feel like there would be creeps or scammers or catfishers in this community. great vibe. but insta integration when
  • pleasant distraction 5/5

    By MaryyDarkHorsekno
    i hate talking to people on dating apps but here it's like well this dude is a turtle, we have to chat. maybe the tags where you put your interests should be editable?
  • i think everyone should try it 5/5

    By 10flavianaLilylel
    this is a banger. why didn't they make it 16 personlaities though?
  • really fun concept 5/5

    By Kinte Spaightuo
    omg such a great app i really want it to be the next big thing!! the totems... i'm honestly obsessed. wish it was location based because like hello all the cuties are on the other coast?
  • very engaging experience, nice people 5/5

    By Cindyann Fronksfeyiz
    this app is pretty much addictive! so well made that you just spend hours. the obvious pro for is a really diverse community. the pricing for customization items for your totem is questionable i must say
  • amazing new dating app 5/5

    By Josefina Eitemiixl
    a great find for people obesessed with astrology and Myers-Briggs (like I am). really cute that they suggest a type that should be your perfect match. i really wish i could edit the interest tags in my profile though.
  • Creepy 1/5

    By brett huish
    App doesn’t display age anywhere. If you don’t see a problem with that then there’s something seriously wrong. This is an app where literal children can interact with 50+ year old men. It’s not a dating site it’s a grooming site
  • Don’t let your kids get this!!! 1/5

    By andoverct
    I found out that my 10 year just got this. Looks like a kids app. It is not!!! There was 40 year old men trying to talk to her. I contacted support and tell them multiple times and nothing. Worse app in the world. I made her delete it right away but what about other kids on this???
  • Worst experience EVER 1/5

    By 23starlee
    I have never felt the need to leave a critical review on anything, and then this app came along. I wish I could give 0 stars, tbh. For one, the whole idea of the app seems cool but I feel like it was carried out in the worst way. The information is so basic that I didn’t even feel the need to read more than two of the ‘personality types’- when that is usually my favorite sort of thing. But that was manageable. Then, I started noticing the overwhelming amount of fake accounts and minors and I thought “Wow, this is really unregulated.” AND THEN- they deleted one of my pictures because it was ‘unrecognizable’ of me. The image was of me with a sunglasses filter, and other than that, there was no problem that I could understand as to why my picture was deleted. In the message, they said if I believed there was an error, to let them know. So I did. And I got left on read. From a help chat. (After I said something about being left on read, the double check mark MAGICALLY became one ) Nice to know it was a priority to take down my picture instead of dealing with the fake accounts and minors.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Xander DuBuque
    I like this app very much
  • Getting banned for no reason 1/5

    By kskgdmgxkg
    Got banned even though I didn’t do anything wrong if at anything it was cuz I’m 17 n on the App Store it says 17+ n I will be 18 soon so there should be no reason why I got banned
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