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Yahoo Fantasy Football & more App

The best in Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Tourney Pick'em and Daily Fantasy. Yahoo Fantasy has you covered every day, year-round. Voted the Best Fantasy Sports Mobile App and Best Commissioner Mobile App by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association 5 years in a row! Easily switch between games and focus on what really matters: drafting your team, setting your lineup, and winning! Favorite features: Manage your roster - pick up players and make trades in the app. Draft anywhere - you never need to miss a draft again now that you can draft your team from your phone Instant updates - be at the top of your game with instant scoring updates and breaking player news. Expert Analysis - edge out the competition with Yahoo Fantasy and Rotoworld experts, now accessible in the app. Fantasy Messenger - trash talk your leaguemates right from the app with gifs and other rich media Daily Fantasy Sports - draft a new roster every day for a chance to win money. Enter free contests or put cash on the line. Pro tips: - Use the bottom menu to move between fantasy home, your season-long teams, daily fantasy, and messenger. - The top menu allows you to move to different screens within home, season-long teams and daily fantasy. - Play in a free daily fantasy sports contest to learn the ropes at no cost. Please send feedback to [email protected]


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Yahoo Fantasy Football & more app reviews

  • Double Hitters 4/5

    By mqbruinfan
    Should be able to change players if the don’t play in 2nd game
  • Ok 2/5

    Good when it’s really working but I haven’t been able to play for a couple months because of the stupid updates
  • Fails at critical moments 1/5

    By Too Many Failures
    App freezes. Does not open at times. Uninstalling and reinstalling does not help any.
  • I like it but... 3/5

    By drazk911
    I know apps are improving over the years and this one has really made strides, but the one thing I would really like to see is being able to set up the pre-draft on the mobile app. I really like the batting order thing that you guys recently added.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Raiders_0731
    Great app
  • Works well but please fix... 4/5

    By dah123
    The baseball “my team” page is really clumsy when scrolling back to the top. Please fix this then the app will be 5 stars
  • Grey Screen of Death 5/5

    By Sirrus Blue
    Up until now, this app has worked great. Great design. Functional everything. I bought a new phone today (iPhone X) and now I can’t get the app to work at all. Grey screen of death. I try restarting the phone, the app, nothing. The app goes to a blank grey screen. Dead. Update: tried reinstalling the app a second time. This time it worked.
  • Super easy to use for someone who knows nothing! 4/5

    By Nguyeners Never Lai
    I love football! However, fantasy is not my thing. I love to play anyway! I somehow always win by sheer, dumb luck and everyone gets so mad! This app is super easy to use for someone like me who gets confused a lot. Ha! I was in multiple leagues and it worked well for that too! Overall, I’ve used a number of different apps for my fantasy leagues and this is by far my favorite!
  • Best 5/5

    By JonRome
    Great app!!!😍
  • Where is Dynasty? 3/5

    By Trovatoa10
    Love the app, use it for all of my leagues (in about 6 a year), but where is yahoos support for dynasty? Anyone who wants a true dynasty experience is forced to go use other platforms. It makes no sense that yahoo, one of the leading sites for fantasy, just completely ignored the need for customizable dynasty leagues. PLEASE work on this. So many people would instantly switch to you guys if you cleanly pull it off.
  • Apple Watch 2/5

    By Adam747-8
    What happened to the Apple Watch version. That was one of my favorite features.
  • No rotation of the screen 3/5

    By Jungaro07
    Right now it is a good app. But it is troublesome to rotate your iPad in order to use it in portrait mode. The iPhone app is portrait and we are used to that way. I’ll change my rate as soon as this is is added.
  • Not working... 1/5

    By Drew485
    Since the last update fix it
  • Thumbs down 1/5

    By Dio21
    If you’re into server error this is for you.
  • Ronald Acuña 5/5

    By Junksta77
    Can we add a picture for him already? 😊
  • Disappointing for such a great website 1/5

    By MichioBKK
    The most frustrating part of the app is when you log in for fantasy baseball it takes you to the last day of the season in September and you have to manually scroll up to the actual date to see your teams stats. It’s every single time too. It’s been 2 months you’re Yahoo it’s not a hard bug to fix - our league is so frustrated we may leave. GAFBBL 💪🏽
  • A++ 5/5

    By bigblue-2011
    our league tried several FF apps and all agree this offers the most features and is the most responsive
  • No longer displays my team 1/5

    By Vsundown
    Used to work fine. Current version worthless.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By bncjdjdjud
    Constant server errors, will be taking all my fantasy leagues to ESPN for now on.
  • Horrible app. 1/5

    By Billykxx
    Don’t understand the good reviews. Too many times I go into app to check results and I get the message “server is down”. I wish my league would use ESPN instead.
  • Freezing 1/5

    By Łøš
    This app lately been one of the worst with giving updates and providing can't even change lineups on time ... Hopefully they get it together soon!!!😡
  • Latest Update 1/5

    By Bp_89
    Stats aren't up to date, stopped updating about mid day Thursday.
  • What a joke (Updated Again) 2/5

    By Veritasnhollyweird
    Stars back down to two. Limiting ALL the message sizes? Seriously? Message boards have been massively reduced in size and even the email size to the league is constrained. The EMAIL size?!? Seriously? I realize yahoo is a joke of a company with a CEO who basically ripped you all off and then jump off the boat but come on, someone somewhere must ACTUALLY be doing some work. Stop screwing things up that aren’t broken! The old review is below. They must have been listening because they added a lot of features on this last update. Thanks. I've moved my stars up. It's not too bad now. So the old app was decent. It still lacked a ton a features but it wasn't horrible. This new app is a total JOKE. It's all designed to try to get you to play for money. Whoever designed it is a HACK. There are SERIOUS problems with it but allow me to present one really basic one that shows how PATHETIC these looser designers are: You are not able to read messages posted on the app on a desktop and you are not able to read messages posted on a desktop on the app. I mean seriously? You guys actually get paid for this? I'd love a job where I can do a sorry job and still get paid. UPDATE: The last update wasn’t bad. There are some things I’d change but let’s see how 2018 goes. BUT please, please, PLEASE stop limiting the number of characters one and use in the postings. Why in the world would you all change that. We now have to do our updates, draft letters, etc in a dozen posts. It COMPLETELY ruins the experience. I would 1000% have left this season had we not already been with yahoo. If it doesn’t change however I’ll be taking ALL my leagues away. What a beyond stupid idea to have that limited.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Big wiener999
    My scores are not updating at all. Also would like more in depth player news updates.
  • Baseball: update the play news icon 1/5

    By Fantasy_mrg
    Nick Senzel’s news blurb is 10 days old, but the icon is still yellow for “breaking news”. It quotes a red’s manager who’s been since replaced. If this were Football the streets would be burning for this outdated post.
  • Update. 5/5

    By Man0204
    Love the update today. Only need dark theme back now.
  • Baseball portion 3/5

    By Jcross0977
    It remains extremely aggravating when you make a transaction in baseball and the app removes all future lineup adjustments you’ve made that don’t involve the transaction players/positions. Please address this issue.
  • Money’s worth 1/5

    By Cromano115
    Only good thing is it’s free. Need better player news and greater history of stats
  • player search 4/5

    By skippr33
    The player search function is not working, even when i type in the full name. This works fine on the web page. NEVER MIND, helps when you spell the guys name right.
  • I like the app 5/5

    By bam mul
    It works never had a problem
  • Does just about everything I can think of 4/5

    By llauzon
    Works great for a fantasy baseball league and hav been using it for more than six years. Many improvements over that time but my favorite was the addition of max innings and games. The only ask at this point is to make navigation on the daily roster/team page both backwards and forwards easier to use. The arrows on the left and right of the date are tiny to hit and sometimes take several tries. Maybe shrink the top border some and use that create larger arrows??
  • StatTracker for App Please!!! 1/5

    By minichemist
    Please please please integrate the computer based StatTracker feature into the app! ESPN fantasy has already had this feature in there app for years. No one has time to sit at their computer and use this feature. Everyone uses a smartphone nowadays. This feature is great for real time updates to league standing. So please add this to the app version. This app would be 5 stars easily if it had this excellent feature
  • Back button doesn’t always respond. 4/5

    By Don Holt
    Back button doesn’t always respond.
  • The worst fantasy app 1/5

    By MD
    Unrivaled stupidity
  • Fix your servers!!! 1/5

    By Baima yo
    Error 999!!! What the hell is that? Happens everyday. Can’t make any changes to my lineup
  • Works ok 1/5

    By OneidJack7
    This app works ok most days but this last week I have struggled to get into my baseball team and today once again not happening. Says could not reach server. So how in the heck are you supposed to play fantasy if this thing doesn't work. I've restarted my phone multiple times and deleted and reinstalled the app and now it won't even let me sign in what the heck! Guess going back to ESPN these are just as bad but at least they let you in the app.
  • Still horrible performance 1/5

    By PlayuhHaytuh
    I would have thought Y!Sports would have put their energy into fixing the app's crashing bugs considering all the negative reviews of last year's app.
  • Autoplaying videos 5/5

    By thcottay
    Autoplaying videos on the player info screens is a bad idea. I go there for stats and player details. The vids chew up cellular data. Consider having them play on touch of the thumbnail/play button. Sometimes they don’t even have real game footage. Would prefer more player data not included from the website like player age and draft history.
  • WARNING APP CAUSED ME TO TRADE NUMBER ONE PICK😖😖😖😖😖caused me to trade my #1 pick Warning!!!! 1/5

    By Erich f
    Your trade review section the yes and no buttons are right next to each other and any slight movement in public transport will cause havoc as it did in min. Warning to all paying customers don’t use this app for trades!!!!!
  • Pretty crappy for an IT company! 1/5

    By Asdfqwerzxcb
    Doesn’t come close to mirroring the full site. Cost me a big time error in a cash league. Yahoo, being who they are, wouldn’t even consider helping. Avoid this ap. In fact, you might take a pass on yahoo, period if you have the choice. Don’t fall for the “we’re here to help” line. I paid for a pro league. This app SHAFTED me - dropped the #5 player in the league! There’s no phone support and no one would answer their Chat support. I emailed within minutes of their app’s error. All I got was canned responses and they REFUSED to fix THEIR error. And they still haven’t fixed the app! If you’re serious about your fantasy sports, AVOID this app at all costs. Until it mirrors the actions of their web site, it’s WORSE than horrible. Might as well light those $100 bills on fire! It’s faster and much less frustrating! Again, they don’t listen, so they can’t understand the issue. YES, you ask the user to confirm they want to drop a player. BUT THATS FROM THE WATCH LIST, NOT THE TEAM. When you look at your watch list on the app, there’s no “star” present so there’s no way to remove someone from your list. The drop and confirm option IN THE WATCH LIST leads you to believe you’re dropping a player from your list NOT YOUR TEAM. Why IN THE WORLD would a manager drop the #5 player AND NOT EVEN PICK UP ANOTHER?! That makes ZERO sense. Customer care means TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS!! You don’t understand anything about that phrase! You are unavailable and then unwilling to help. You wouldn’t fix my team OR THE PROBLEM WITH YOUR APP! Like I said, I’ll finish this season then I and the leagues I run are OUT! Now stop responding on here leading people to believe you’re trying to help!!! You have my contact information. Try CONTACTING me! (I hope you potential users are getting the point. Help yourselves, avoid this app!) Finally, 4.6/5? Really? Scroll through and read the reviews. Not quite adding up. You guys using Facebook math?
  • Horrific 1/5

    By elittle75
    Every night I get error 999 and can’t load my teams.
  • Scroll much? 1/5

    By Lilpig987
    I have an iPhone 8 that I use for 99% of my time with Yahoo leagues. Primarily a fantasy baseball guy and with this app 7 players on the screen at any one time. Having 22 guys on a roster, that means a lot of scrolling. Problem is, the scrolling is jacked up. Scrolling down is fine but scroll back up and anywhere near the top and my screen has a stutter fest. I don't know if it's the total scoring box or the ad space but it needs to be fixed and needs to be done pronto. This is ridiculous.
  • DL not working for Fantasy Baseball 1/5

    By JohnnySwagK
    I put a player on the DL but can add another, says I must drop. Online app lets me do it though, seems to be some weird bugs for Baseball.
  • Developers respond to problems 4/5

    By Jabronski4
    Had a problem with a stat crash. Developers fixed and the app works fine. Thanks for the response
  • Unreliable, poorly organized 1/5

    By CM9924
    This is an astonishing buggy app. One out of five times or so I have to restart my phone to get it to function. It is also poorly structured.
  • Bench players locking 4/5

    By Boston37
    Players on bench are unable to be moved to dl or n/a if their team player (on the app). Logging in through website allows bench players to be moved regardless if their team has played yet
  • Above average Fantasy App 4/5

    By Navyyyyyyyy
    This is a great app for all Fantasy interests. The app allows you to get tons of great info and allows you to play fantasy freely. The one complaint I have about this app is when I hit a feature in Fantasy Baseball, called “Start Active Players”, it put in the players that were on the DL. This could possibly cost me a win in this weeks matchup. Fantasy, please fix this! Other than that, I have no complaints. This is by far my favorite fantasy app to use. I highly recommend it for all fantasy sports! Great app!!
  • App seems glitchy and not updating 4/5

    By Strokin my Ditka
    So I know it’s only one day into fantasy Baseball but what gives with not being able to see matchup scores? I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app with no luck. Frustrated I can see how I’m doing or other teams for that matter... please fix ASAP! Update: the APP is working now and I’ll reserve the 5th star for continued improvements!
  • Glitches Frustrate 2/5

    By Thisguybuda
    When scrolling back up to the top of your roster, page will glitch when loading ads (among other glitchy issues); needs a big fix. Different functions between desktop and app versions, which is also not great.
  • App is glitchy 3/5

    By TheronHD
    Jitters in the app. Players are not showing that they are playing or sitting out. Iphone 7plus. iOS update to latest as well and on verizon. Wifi is connected and full bars.

Yahoo Fantasy Football & more app comments


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