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Yahoo Fantasy Football & more

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Yahoo Fantasy Football & more App

The best in Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Tourney Pick'em and Daily Fantasy. Yahoo Fantasy has you covered every day, year-round. Voted the Best Fantasy Sports Mobile App and Best Commissioner Mobile App by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association 5 years in a row! Easily switch between games and focus on what really matters: drafting your team, setting your lineup, and winning! Favorite features: Manage your roster - pick up players and make trades in the app. Draft anywhere - you never need to miss a draft again now that you can draft your team from your phone Instant updates - be at the top of your game with instant scoring updates and breaking player news. Expert Analysis - edge out the competition with Yahoo Fantasy and Rotoworld experts, now accessible in the app. Fantasy Messenger - trash talk your leaguemates right from the app with gifs and other rich media Daily Fantasy Sports - draft a new roster every day for a chance to win money. Enter free contests or put cash on the line. Pro tips: - Use the bottom menu to move between fantasy home, your season-long teams, daily fantasy, and messenger. - The top menu allows you to move to different screens within home, season-long teams and daily fantasy. - Play in a free daily fantasy sports contest to learn the ropes at no cost. Please send feedback to [email protected]

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Yahoo Fantasy Football & more app reviews

  • Fantasy Basketball 3/5

    By BballOran
    Last night fantasy basketball had projections for the week, today that feature was removed. How come football has h2h weekly projection totals with win probability but basketball does not? Seems like an easy feature to have. Especially since it was there last night 12/5/2018
  • App updates 5/5

    By BCB070768
    This is a great app and a fantastic free service, so, I really can’t complain. I am just wondering why the app can’t just simply notify us that an update is necessary, rather than make us fight with it to get it started up, with just an ambiguous message that it cannot connect to the server. It’s happened enough that by now I have enough experience to finally realize, after a few tries, that it means I just need to update it. I can’t help but wonder how many others don’t figure that out...? Most other good apps tell us when an update is necessary. I’m sure it can’t be that hard to implement.
  • Better than ALL‼️ 5/5

    By Busyokadunkadunk
    There is no reason to say anything more ‼️
  • Complete junk. Nonfunctional 1/5

    By wjllope
    See title
  • Where did my matchups go? 2/5

    By Mnsterpt
    12/1/18 I originally wrote this a few weeks and actually received a response from the developers saying there would be a correction the next week. That time has come and gone. Where’s the matchup tab?! With this latest update, we lost the ability to see all league matchups in one place. Please bring that back!
  • No chat notifications 3/5

    By Real r3wier
    Does not provide notifications for new league chat postings.
  • Needs annoying fix 3/5

    By sekani08
    It’s a decent app but frustratingly only works horizontally on the iPad. I wish the developers would fix this.
  • Too many alerts for ads 3/5

    Turn off the ads and I will add 2 stars
  • Having a ball 5/5

    By Redskindad51
    Second year using this app, having a ball. Football, basketball, baseball and hockey.

    By Wisker123
    The app keeps crashing when I go to my fantasy basketball team’s player tab!! I don’t know why I have tried restarting and reinstalling and nothing is working. I love this app and I have been using it for 4 years. HELP!!!
  • Needs more sorting ability 4/5

    By Wolfleader001
    The app is good and functions well but there needs to be a way to search players by the team that they are on not just name
  • New update is laggy 3/5

    By bokehbro
    App lags and doesn’t refresh when you pull down. Glitches when trying to view and change waiver claims...still a solid 3 star because I like yahoo format and UI but the updates could come more frequently.
  • bad app 1/5

    By Mitchell3520
    i have had trouble with this app and it hasn’t been fixed
  • Why can’t I see matchups anymore? 2/5

    After recent update I can no longer track daily fantasy lineups and can not go to matchup view! What happened?!
  • Update 2/5

    By Tiiiiipppp
    Recent update took away the ability to view “all matchups” under the menu in the lower left. It was very helpful to have a place to flip between multiple leagues, why was it removed?
  • Yahoo fantasy 5/5

    By Mauiguyss#10
    Great app
  • Fantasy Basketball auto-lineup 4/5

    By Listen to the GOAT
    How come whenever I have yahoo set my lineups for the week in fantasy basketball, they always put the best players on the bench when the lineup is full. It is no coincidence as it happens every time all of my players have a game scheduled for the same day
  • Great 5/5

    By Paul Shaffer
    This app has helped me to do fantasy football very, very well. I now do 3 cash leagues, 1 friend league, and 1 league where all the teams are managed by me. Speaking of which, I now manage 10 teams, at age 10. Because of Yahoo!, I am in 1st place in an $120 family fantasy football league. Yahoo! is great!
  • Amateur programming 2/5

    By disgusted app user..,
    Why can’t I add a player when I have an open slot? Add still makes me pick someone to drop.
  • Was great now not so much 1/5

    By 07437362
    Why take away the matchups feature at the end of the season... if it’s not broke don’t fix it.
  • Always A Yahoot 5/5

    By Squirrel558
    Keep It Going - Signed SunnyvaleRat
  • Update: Work in Progress, but continuously improving. 3/5

    By The Texas Rattlesnake
    The app is fun and easy to navigate. The update was a nice touch and continues to improve on a positive note. There are good trends for this application. However, I would say that one part of the new update that seemed unnecessary was the player updates getting its own tab. I get it, you click it once and see the entire roster's worth of notes in one place. But what happened to the matchup grades and seeing the notes after each week? I enjoyed that segment every Tuesday when the results were in. Please bring this back.
  • Update screwed up scoring 2/5

    By DP-flyb0y
    The last update must have messed something up because my match up didn't update after Monday. I scored 40 points to beat my opponent and it's showing I lost and the total score never changed. I added all my points up and the final is easy off. Same goes for everyone in my league.
  • Fantasy Football Point Error/Glitch 4/5

    By djjamer03
    Good app, but in my fantasy league, me and others in the league won in dominating fashion, like I had over 150 points, but then I wake up this morning and it says I only scored 63 and lost, and I look at my players and all their points are still correct. Mahomes at 55, Woods at 13, etc. Please fix this soon, it’s almost playoff time and this is effecting me and others in the league badly!
  • Week 11 Scoring 1/5

    By _checks
    Idk what on earth happened this week but the scores in both my leagues are all messed up. Some people who lost are listed as the winners and the point totals are all wrong for every single matchup. Standings are now inaccurate because of this, must be fixed.
  • Football 1/5

    By uoset player 1965
    The player score do not add to be the total. After last night MNF game I had a score of 114 today it says I have a score of 96. When I add all the player scores it adds to 114x this shows that I lost. This will keep me out of our fantasy football play offs. Yahoo why have you done this. On week 2 my defense had 5 more points then the next day it was taken away costing me the win. Why can’t we get accurate information. Can you correct this error? If not we are done.
  • Scoring issues 1/5

    By Biggie Harps
    Week 11 Monday night game points weren’t added to the week 11 matchups and now the standings are all incorrect! I realize it was a high-scoring game but that shouldn’t break the app LOL. Seriously though, it’s well into the next day and the issue it’s not fixed yet!
  • Week 11 1/5

    By Jmbfootball
    Monday’s players points are not reflected in the weeks totals which is giving the wrong teams a win in week 11!! Please fix
  • The app didn’t add up all my points!! 1/5

    By Spike201
    Please fix the problem I’m losing points in my leagues because all the points are not added in my leagues and my records are being affected.
  • Week 11 1/5

    By PabloX212335678
    I outscored my opponent, by 20+ and the app gave me a L. Please fix bug.
  • Scoring problem 2/5

    By Brp43712!
    Game does not have right scores after last nights and my leagues have the wrong ranking a now fix it please
  • Bugs 4/5

    By Jblickwede2002
    Please fix bugs! Says I lost this weekend when I actually won.
  • Get the score correct please 1/5

    By EddieJ4
    Yahoo isn’t adding my QB points from Mahomes and showing I lost yesterday! Come on guys, gotta fix that!
  • Yahoo not registering points 1/5

    By mhenz
    Stays 1 star until my Monday night points register and the leauge says I won instead of me losing
  • Why Lord, why? 3/5

    By wduhe
    You updated the App and it’s all messed up. My score shows 93 and you can clearly see the total is wrong. The whole thing is a mess. Half of us have the wrong totals which screws up the standings. ARE YOU GOING TO UPDATE THE UPDATE??????
  • App broke 3/5

    By Addicting game!!!!
    Unable to update my lineup and last nights points from the Chiefs/Rams game we’re taken out of my score total. Incorrect score, incorrect record. Love the app but it needs to be fixed
  • Glitch 3/5

    By Pats3champs
    Hopefully it will be fixed but a seeming glitch caused the Monday night game stats from 11/19/18 to not count towards a win. Overall not a bad app.
  • Glitch 2/5

    By dlady13
    I clearly beat my matchup in week 11 after the Rams beating Chiefs, I added up all my points and got 130.2 the app is claiming I scored only 102.5 and gave the win to the other manager!! Bs! Fix this.. you’re messing with my playoff chances!!!
  • Fantasy football 3/5

    By Gdsyhejej
    My main competitor only had 60 points when he scored well over 100. I expect this to be fix. Pls and thx
  • Final scores from the weekend are incorrect 1/5

    By I_follow_Him
    The incorrect final scores also affected the standing. Come on guys
  • Rigged 1/5

    By Maryland Crab balls
    It’s sad when Fantasy Football is rigged just like the NFL. This pass week the site said I lost only scoring 69.1 points but let me tell you My roster consisted of Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelse, Phillip Lindsey, and Kenny Goladay. Just these 4 players each scored over 20pts, with Mahomes scoring almost 40 himself. What my total points should of been 131.9 completely destroying my opponent. Yahoo sports is worse fantasy site on the web.
  • Week 11 Score updates did not refresh 2/5

    By samYP2
    What happened to the scoring updates for Week 11? It is affecting the current standings because of the non update of scoring.
  • The wrong score 1/5

    By yahoo Fantasy can't count
    They can’t even add the scores right..I lost and game that I actually won.
  • Doesn’t add scores up 1/5

    By Come on13
    The scores aren’t adding up correctly so it’s giving the wrong records and positions in your league.
  • Incorrect Scoring Changing Playoffs 1/5

    By Billem17
    The app incorrectly scored multiple games last weekend which resulted in major changes to the leaderboard and playoff qualification. There doesn’t appear to be an easy fix (ie commissioner override).
  • Huge problem😡😡 1/5

    By Pawsox Gabriel
    I’ve always used yahoo and I love it, but last night on my fantasy team I had Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill and they got me over 100 points, but it says I lost and made me 7-3 and not 8-2
  • It’s Come a Long Way 4/5

    By uSymbiote
    This application has come a long way. Far more stable than when I used it a few years ago. I love you UI far better than the CBS fantasy sports app.
  • Bugs 3/5

    By Kellham31
    Yahoo app worked great till the most recent update. This week it did not add up my points correctly and gave me a loss when I won. Can this be fixed?
  • Getting worse 3/5

    By SliderM1
    Used to be dependable last year. Got it again this year and every time I have it open on of the functions fails or times out. Many times many of the functions don’t work. Disappointing

Yahoo Fantasy Football & more app comments

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