Yahoo Fantasy Football & more

Yahoo Fantasy Football & more

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  • Current Version: 10.20.6
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Yahoo Fantasy Football & more App

Yahoo Fantasy Sports is the #1 rated fantasy sports app to play Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Daily Fantasy, Tourney Pick’em and more. Voted the Best Fantasy Sports App, Best Season Long Fantasy Sports Game, and the Best Daily Fantasy Sports Game by the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, Yahoo Fantasy Sports has you covered every day, year-round. The Yahoo Fantasy Sports App is your one place stop to play and manage all of your fantasy leagues and contests. Whether it’s season-long, daily, free, or paid, we have it all right here on the Yahoo Fantasy Sports App Easily switch between fantasy games and focus on what really matters: drafting your team, setting your lineup, and winning your fantasy contests! Get all of the live scores and player news whenever and wherever you want. Sign up now to play Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Daily Fantasy, and more! 3 reasons you’ll love Yahoo Fantasy Sports: 1. Fantasy sports right at your fingertips - Manage your fantasy teams, leagues, and commissioner settings right from the app 2. Get live updates that work for you - Set alerts for your favorite sports and get instant updates on fantasy scoring updates and trending player news 3. You’re always in the loop - Live updates and stats mean that you will be on top of your fantasy games and contests no matter where you are Simply sign in with your Yahoo account to get the best experience across all devices. Whether you want to play Fantasy Football or Daily Fantasy - check out everything Yahoo Fantasy Sports has to offer: • Fantasy Home Access all the different fantasy sports and games from the fantasy home page. Sign up for your choice in fantasy sport and easily view the latest updates in your fantasy leagues and games. • Manage Set your roster, pick up and drop players, and make trades right in the app. Visit our players' tab to see the latest in transaction trends and the top available players in your league. • Draft Mock draft and actually draft right from your phone. Whether it be your Fantasy Football, Baseball, or Basketball league, you never need to miss a draft again as you can draft your whole team from the app. • Alerts Be at the top of your game with instant scoring updates and player news. Set alerts for your fantasy leagues and get live updates on every scoring play, roster changes, player injuries, and much more. • Play Daily Fantasy Sports Not interested in playing season-long fantasy? Check out Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports and draft a new roster every day for a chance to win money. Enter free contests or put some cash on the line. Check out the Quickmatch function to get started or join a Yahoo Cup to test your knowledge. • Expert Analysis Edge out the competition with our Yahoo Fantasy experts, now accessible in the app. Read rankings, recommendations, and reactions from our experts on the latest news to help you make your next fantasy decision. • Fantasy Messenger Smack talk your league-mates, friends, and competition in the fantasy messenger available in the Yahoo Fantasy App. Send them gifs, images, and emojis and let the trash talking begin. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information. Please send feedback to [email protected]

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Yahoo Fantasy Football & more app reviews

  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Mannyito
    Best fantasy app in the game. Yahoo developers brought back the group chat option for players, awesome!
  • Not working in IOS14 1/5

    By liqdfzn
    Oddly not working in new update. Tells me to keep refreshing browser. Please fix....
  • Added notifications for add/drops 1/5

    By Peggle42
    Added notifications for add/drops that can’t be turned off
  • Notifications 1/5

    By Liz Gladney
    I do not need a push notification every time someone else in my fantasy league makes a transaction. What I do need, however, is a way to turn those notifications off without turning every notification off. How is that not an option?!
  • Fantasy Forecast Video 1/5

    By I_follow_Him
    Love the app. However it seems every time I view a forecast video I can never exit out of the video back to the app. I have to close the app just to get back in. Happens on iPhone of iPad. Running iPhone X iOS 14 and iPad Pro 1st gen iPadOS 14. Thanks.
  • Push Notification for Opponents team roster changes 3/5

    By Mr Barteleby
    It doesn’t let you stop those notifications, which is really annoying. I don’t need to know when someone drop-add a player from their team. Please let us have an option to stop it or remove that notification
  • Player updates problem 2/5

    By Splash1973
    App is good, platform is solid. Two stars because having the same player updates even after reading them is annoying. Once read they should not show as new updates. And... Message function on player info is a hassle and waste of time with a lot of garbage responses and everything else you would expect from a message forum.
  • Fantasy football 5/5

    By cole091
    Very professional platform with up to date information on player updates. Very fun, I highly suggest for other people to use this app.
  • Too much 2/5

    By DBnumberIV
    I just want to come and play FF. I don’t need the app to get me to do extra carp and yahoo games. It’s like a needy child/dog/gf/bf/wife/husband that is nagging or trying to get you to do other things when you only have one task on your mind. ESPN and Sleepers are better. NFL FF is only a little better than this one.
  • Bring Back The Player Chat Logs 2/5

    By Kivani
    This is such a great feature and a awesome way for everyone to discuss sports. You ruined a good app by taking stuff away. Please bring it back.
  • Getting error msg when trying to log in 1/5

    By dcballaz123
    Using iPhone X plus, I whenever I try to log into the app I get an error I message “unable to add account” check your connection and try again. I’m clearly connected to the internet since I was able to download the app. Please FIX ASAP!!
  • Declining 1/5

    By JFPepe
    Yahoo’s fantasy football has been my preferred for years, but the obtrusive ads on the app will likely see me switch platforms next year.
  • Shocker. Not loading 1/5

    By Urc Yodaevil
    Been doing this for years now, maybe 10? And every start to the season the app doesn’t work. Either no load, never ending load or just quits and shuts off. I’m sure by week 3 it’ll be fixed, by common yahoo, you lost to google. Your ffb is what you’re known for. Lose that and you’ll be the next lycos. And yes it is a head to head league. Yes I rebooted my phone. All the basic stuff. Still only loads 10% of the time
  • Can’t get your money 1/5

    By jatarr457212
    Really not a terrible app overall, more like a 3 than a 1, but if you play for cash the only way to get it sent to you when you win is via paypal
  • No chat feature 3/5

    By UncleSasquatch57
    All of a sudden the chat feature has disappeared and I can’t seem to find it again. Will fix if figured out EDIT: has been temporarily disabled, it was my favorite thing in the app so 3 stars
  • Waiver Edit Does Not Work 1/5

    By Swany1980
    I can’t seem to be able to edit my waiver priority.
  • Yahoo Fantasy Baseball 2/5

    By fuggdtcsevjuchvd
    The format is user friendly and easy to use. I’ve enjoyed the simplicity of this app in years past, but this is the first year (I’ve been using this app for 3 years) that I’ve considered never using Yahoo again: -constant late player updates- several times this year, a player listed as starting, would have a status change sometimes as early as 10 mins before the start of games -Crashing- This app would constantly crash when attempting to add/compare players and whenever I tried viewing my chat page -Where are the fantasy owner discussions section?!- I would constantly communicate with various users about trade, starter, and practical advice on my players discussion pages. But now they’re are no more discussion pages!
  • Very good App 4/5

    By GODFATHER1212
    First year playing fantasy football and the yahoo app has held up well. It’s easy to navigate through the app and I like how updates and anything that happens in your league is displayed. However there are 2 things that definitely need to be changed for it to be near perfect. 1) the discussion section for players needs to be permanent. It’s a great resource for players across all leagues to ask questions and have conversations about players they share. Idk if it’s only present during pre-season or if they took it off. Regardless it needs to be permanent. 2) Team photos need to be bigger. The guys in my fantasy league pride our selves with coming up with hilarious team names and use photoshop to make hilarious photos for our teams. But the circle for photos is so small it’s too hard to see them. They need to enlarge the size of the circle for team photos. With these two changes the app would go from amazing to near perfect in my opinion. And I feel like these are easy changes so hopefully the developers see this review!
  • Yahoo fantasy app 5/5

    By Fortunate
    Best fantasy app by far.
  • Love it just a bit buggy 4/5

    By XxDisBeasyxX
    I love football and fantasy is really fun. There’s just this one problem that’s getting me frustrated. I can’t switch my roster around and I was able to do it before, but now it’s broken. Please fix then it will be 5 stars
  • Won’t let me use unless I’m on WiFi 2/5

    By biggerboss69
    yea idk what is goin on but if this is permanent than that is very annoying.

    By topshott90
    When i go to my matchup it won’t show the current fantasy scores each player has. PLEASE HELP. I already tried deleting the app and downloading it again. Smh
  • Projections are stupid. I had 90% to win. 1/5

    By nonono7786
  • Great app to have fun and make some bets on 5/5

    By Hammytheman1234657
    Great app to play fantasy sports on - free to play or bet money. Easy interface to use and cool theme.
  • Having so much fun 5/5

    By Frovate
    Bey happy with my team
  • Every year, the same problems 1/5

    By justinzamm
    On the first Sunday of the year, every year, this app goes bonkers and just doesn’t load. Our league is heading to ESPN next year for sure.
  • Toes 4/5

    By bob. th freing
  • Disappointing! 2/5

    By zz..zz..
    Played FFB on yahoo for years before a hiatus. Came back to yahoo and really disappointing. I can manage my team and pick up players fine but no matchups are visible. Scoring for the league is not available so I have no way of seeing our leagues scoring in one place as in any other app I’ve used. Seems it puts more into promoting other fantasy games and other yahoo services than being a usable platform for a fantasy league.
  • Watching games 5/5

    By jonathan_thomson_13
    You should be able to watch games it would be so much better.
  • Bring chat back please! 2/5

    By steverinobenjamin
    Great feature and boosted engagement between players. It really created a new avenue to get feedback and ask questions.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Jeffrey-James
    Garbage, can’t sign into work fantasy league
  • Bring back player conversations 1/5

    By ffoorrrreesstt
    Bring back player conversations you cowards!
  • Bring back player comment/discussion 4/5

    By Yusef Saad-Eldin
    Bring back player comment/discussion
  • Player comments removed 3/5

    By Cpt.Jesse310
    Why were the comments removed from individual players?We like checking everyone’s notes about players availabilities, questions whether or not to start/drop, etc. Please update the app and bring this feature back.
  • Player chat 5/5

    By Cj moist
    Absolutely superior to ESPN! The player chat feature was very handy and wish it would go throughout the season. Another helpful feature would be to see the prior year stats of a player. Best fantasy app, keep up the good work 👍🏻
  • Why’d they remove user comments from players? 1/5

    By mapterwkh234389478
    Put it back.
  • Discussion 3/5

    By Evan Dacosta
    This app is great but all of a sudden the player discussion feature just disappeared today, I was liking that little feature and was wondering what happened to it?
  • Where did the comments go? 1/5

    By sjg8157
    They removed the comments for each player! 1 star until it comes back!

    By Darth invade-her
    im going to convince my whole league and everyone else i know to dump this app and switch to espn if you don’t put back individual player discussion chats. that was the best feature of this app why would you take it off??? put it back now!
  • Discussion tab 4/5

    By JonerBams07
    Love the app. We’ve been using it for several years for fantasy football. There was a new option. In the app each player had a thread with people chatting about them. The tab was there now It’s gone. Anyone know why?
  • Never loads 1/5

    By yahoo is the worst
    Unfortunately my fantasy league uses this app and refuses to change. I constantly have problems with load times and it always crashes when I absolutely need to change a lineup or even just to simply check my scores. I also use fantasy and it’s much much much much more better, not even close, don’t use this app, it’s trash.
  • Dark Mode 4/5

    By Luke5696
    If you change it to dark mode, the “live updates” for fantasy football are still white when there is a touchdown. This makes them hard to read. Please fix this.
  • One, Main Issue - Easy Fix 1/5

    By PaceyPace
    We host a league that doesn’t have head to head play (it’s strictly total points weekly). The one major complaint of our entire league is that in a total points scoring format there’s no live scoring in the ‘league’ view; you must click on every individual team in order to see live points/scoring. Live score viewing is available in head to head play/league’s also available when you click on each individual teams, so why not make it available in this format as well? Hoping this rating brings attention to the issue. Should be an easy fix and will gladly update the review when someone acknowledges the problem. Thanks.
  • Thank y’all 5/5

    By cleewins18
    My dad won’t pay for sports so I have no way to watch any of it so when ever I was playing fantasy and it had all every game on to watch I know the app was the best
  • Cannot verify identity 1/5

    By Stevari
    Won’t allow me to join a pro league. I provided my identity info but they are pushing me to enter my soc. security. I’ll refrain from telling you what I think about yahoo requesting that. Deuces Yahoo. Was fun for the last 17years.
  • Pick em 4/5

    By Mikey Scraps
    I love the pick em option for football, is there one of those we can do for hockey? It seems football is the only one that has it, does it not show up until right before the season starts?
  • Needs to add the "evaluate trade" 3/5

    By TuneJunez
    Evaluate trade needs to be an option. How it's an option on a CPU but not a cell phone the last 5+ years continues to escape me.
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By Shmmitty
    I’ve tried three times now to try and log in but each time it tells me to turn on my cookies. My cookies are on. I have tried redownloading the app multiple times but keep having the same issue.
  • Easy to negotiate 5/5

    By mauimon1
    Championship app, love it 😷 Hopefully it will help me dominate my League!

Yahoo Fantasy Football & more app comments

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