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Your #1 finance destination to track the markets and the economy. Follow the stocks you care about most and get personalized news and alerts. Access real-time stock information and investment updates to stay on top of the market. Favorite features: • Track the performance of your personal portfolio. • Add stocks to watchlists to get real-time stock quotes and personalized news • Find all the financial information you need with sleek, intuitive navigation • Go beyond stocks and track currencies, bonds, commodities, equities, world indices, futures, and more • Compare stocks with interactive full screen charts • Sign in to view and edit your Web portfolio on the go • Track holdings performance Helpful tips • Follow all the stocks you care about by searching for the ticker and tapping the star icon. • Turn your device sideways to interact with full-screen charts • Sync your portfolios across devices

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Yahoo Finance app reviews

  • Getting worse 1/5

    By Taipei Taipei
    Earlier problems with instability (below) have resurfaced, and there is a new bug today. When I hit the “View more data “ tab for AT&T the app went to the Yahoo! Taiwan home page instead of the more data page. Both iPad and iPhone apps did this, and it did not happen with other tickers. Seriously not cool. Previous: Am tracking four portfolios through this app, and all was fine until suddenly in the middle of the market today a few stocks in each portfolio would show the number of shares and the cost basis, but no daily or total change and no value. Result is that the market value of those stocks is also not included in the portfolio value. I am just tracking values, so this is a big irritation. If I had this set up to actually trade my accounts through this app, I would have completely lost faith. With this experience, you can be sure I will not be linking my accounts in the future.
  • Best app 5/5

    By 26567016
    So Good
  • Overall good 4/5

    By 7auvage
    Overall good but room to grow, sometimes buggish
  • The best 5/5

    By Hldsct
    Up to the minute data that’s accurate to the penny. No 20 minute delay. No BS just what you want when you want it
  • Lack of customization 3/5

    By huggubanbs
    If u add a wrong ticker, u can’t remove it. No option to show % instead of price
  • rita nersesian 5/5

    By rita nersesyan
  • Normally great 4/5

    By cheme75
    Normally this is a great app. Been using the portfolio page on yahoo finance forever. The app was in perfect sync. Oddly just today it having problems. I assume the glitches will be fixed soon. I generally use the website to edit my portfolios and watchlist since it’s easier on a large monitor where I can more easily view multiple tabs. But for quick checks on market trends and checking portfolio performance, the app is handy.
  • news 4/5

    By Robert elfont
    yahoo very good way to keep up with stocks and mutual funds as they trade
  • Good before ads were part of the “update improvements”. 2/5

    By nonamenickname14
    This was an enjoyable and useful app prior to the proliferation of ads that every fourth or fifth “news item” now is. Disappointed this wasn’t shared as update was advertised as “improvements”. Maybe for Yahoo. Not us.
  • Easy to use and read 5/5

    By explorer2_00
    Very easy site to view and search
  • Part time player 5/5

    By tko8898
    Up to the minute and easy to read and manage
  • Good app 5/5

    By Ben_Bertett
    Good way to track my money with the charts and get some good advice with the videos. Good app.
  • Informative App 5/5

    By EyeDoc2000
    Provides important info with a simple interface
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Robyn guitar girl
    Great source for everything I need to know and confirm. Thank you so much for this app!!!
  • It’s so funny 5/5

    By red moona
    No see again
  • Notifications are screwed, no portfolio 2/5

    By BecauseItsHard
    I have notifications within the app itself that I am unable to turn off. There’s simply no options for notifications anymore, even to remove them. Gone is the ability to input your shares and track your portfolios’ value. I don’t know why they chose to hamstring Yahoo Finance - maybe hey want to lose this business for tax write offs?
  • Great. My financial advisor uses it. 5/5

    By fjpoblam
    I used Motley Fool (way back when it was free) and Stockwatch (before it went downhill). I’m biased against Yahoo as a company for various reasons, but this app must be held out as an exception to the rule. I use a different app for widget-watching (quick look) but Yahoo Finance gives me the occasional detailed peek I prefer a couple times a day. Plus Yahoo Finance has timely links to relevant news, and informative trending graphs. Very helpful.
  • Great update! 5/5

    By Futuresgeorge
    Good update for markets when traveling or in need of news affects on market movers.
  • Very Good App 5/5

    By SerScott
    On the Watchlist that appears when the app is launched could you add a line that shows when the price was last updated. It would help with mutual funds. Thank you.
  • Condensed Reporting 5/5

    By datamacfini
    This gives me an excellent snapshot of what’s going on right now in the financial market
  • Breach of Privacy 1/5

    By Joshua T. Kinney
    Our family is on family sharing plan which shouldn’t allow the following and I am not saying that is the reason but it’s the only thing I can think of. I have the Yahoo Finance App and finally talked my dad into downloading it. He did. He didn’t sign in but clicked “get started” it automatically signed him in with MY account. This information wasn’t in his keychain. I am curious as to how this happened.
  • Charts incorrect 2/5

    By forplayy
    Charting incorrect as related to dates and the further out in time then date in Other language than english appears
  • Yahoo Finance review 5/5

    By Wfcap1
    Great resource for accurate and timely news in the economy and stocks.
  • Day trader 5/5

    By Doublemumbles
    An absolute timing tool. Wouldn’t leave home without it.
  • Love it 5/5

    By RJcubed
    I have counted on the Yahoo finance app and web page for years. Good for quick monitoring of my lists and occasional deeper research.
  • Charts do not load / work. 1/5

    By Ross Bobbo
  • Crashing 2/5

    By Sms md
    I like this app, but ever since the most recent update it keeps crashing. IOS 12.2
  • My go-to Stock news outlet 5/5

    By stephnatechris
    M1 Finance + Yahoo Finance =’s my portfolio
  • What is wrong with you? 1/5

    By bboczeng
    Update : Every “add to favorite” functionality is broken. Each tab is frozen without response today (Mar 8 2019). The explore tab says “something went wrong, try again”. The news tab is empty. The home tab is loading forever. Only thing that shows a thing is markets tab. Showing 3 basic stocks. What’s wrong with the app? Is your servers all down?
  • Sophisticated app 5/5

    By Iamsanjay7
    One stop shop
  • Cannabis stock suggestions , stop it. 1/5

    By Conrad1995
    Don’t give me an Explore home page on cannabis stocks suggestions every time I open it. It’s just ridiculous.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Cris_
    Yahoo is irresponsible in the oversight of their message boards. The board is littered with inappropriate and offensive posts. If they do take action, it’s usually days after the post has already insulted or offended someone. The fact that many of these posts remain on the board is unacceptable.
  • Getting Better 4/5

    By nac7590
    Overall this app has gotten much more powerful with time, but is not quite at the place where I’d like it to be. First, while new features were added to make the app have all the content as its desktop counterpart, some small UI tweaks are needed to make the financials data and other in-depth sections easier to view on mobile devices because of the smaller screen and massive amount of information. And I would like to see a better news feed that incorporates a more varied amount of sources. Also, I’d like to see the font switched to the native iOS font as I think it is more appealing, and switch the advertisement system to have less intrusive banner ads instead of the way the ads are currently presented. Other than that, this app is an essential for keeping track of the market.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By tarun roy
    Great site
  • Effective 5/5

    By Preston Media Group
    Head and shoulders above Google Finance. Period!
  • Needs Price Charts! 4/5

    By Reptileskin124
    Great app, only market app without price charts.
  • Smart Move 5/5

    By Mustang71506
    Great way to review your holdings and easy to revise your listings.
  • Not a great app 2/5

    By Mattjhhg
    This app constantly changes the order of how you get to the page you need. It also very randomly decides to not let you post comments in the conversation boards. The system is too wonky. It will probably be a pretty good app when they work all those bugs out, but this app has been around for years and years. It’s a mystery to me why an app like this would still be a piece of junk after so much time. It appears Yahoo is completely out of money. Or at least they certainly don’t put any of it into this app. Why waste your time?
  • Information 5/5

    By Hopeful-Always
    Please instruct me or the public on: How do I read the chart to determine when is a good time to buy a stock. Can I receive weekly list of potential IPOs.
  • Stocks for kids 5/5

    By Uknduit
    I’m not sure if it’s an oversight on my behave or haven’t found the way to do it . I would like to have an option of placing my watchlist of stocks in Alphabetical order or have the stock in a order of my choice energy, gold oil , automotive stocks ect. followed by the date I started Monitoring the stock. Also I like to mention I often spend time with my kids and grandkids trying to inspire them in learning the market as we know the Market has a host of subjects that they study in school math , Economics and so on. So add an option were they can have some play money ‘’family fun’’
  • Update 4/5

    By Noitsbillnotnick
    Of all the criticism I’ve given Yahoo Finance..., I suppose it’s also appropriate to give credit where it’s due if they’re seemingly now making the effort to come more toward “the middle” in their reporting, at least in some respects. So, kudos to Seana Smith, Jackie DeAngelis, Jared Blikre, Scott Gamm, Brian Sozzi, and Alexis Christoforous (and maybe a couple of others) for just keeping things professional and focused on what we actually come to Yahoo Finance for, and not injecting any personal political agenda into everything as some of the others so obviously always do. The aforementioned staffers keep it intelligent, mature, professionally groomed and attired, on-point as to what we’re actually here for, and politically tolerable. Kudos & Thank You.
  • Once great app has fallen greatly 1/5

    By WaynoP22345
    Used to love this app, now there are so many bugs and glitches I don’t know where to begin. For an index fund I own, it shows that it is down over 17 trillion percent. I am not exaggerating and have a pic to prove it. Still can’t continue scrolling through news stories from earlier in the day. There is a great opportunity for somebody to compete with this app. Zero stars.
  • Notifications are very annoying 1/5

    By Sanjay715
    They keep repeating the same notification again and again every second, too annoying
  • my go-to app 5/5

    By scottsvillian
    I explored a few other apps and this one I settled on as it gives me complete info about my investments. Been using Yahoo now for several months without complaint.
  • Charts not working 3/1/1019 1/5

    By jacksgotyourback
    I’m not even sure what’s with the updates anymore. This update crashed the charts completely. It doesn’t even show price movements during market hours.
  • Iffy response 4/5

    By cmount101
    Sometimes with the online version it guesses at what you want. For example you enter GDXJ and it returns GD instead. I like that I can leave a tab up and the price updates without having to reopen the tab.
  • Does not update 3/5

    By Belle7771
    Balance is way off doesn’t update accurately at all
  • Love free Yahoo Finance Live 5/5

    By jayd2053
    Free live market news, great for me who only buys streaming tv for sports in the fall. Hard to get good finance content on basic streaming packages. Also, YF live content much better than cheddar. Highly recommend. Also love the feature (using it currently) for live tv to run in the background while using other apps.
  • Yahoo Finance 3/5

    By Apple Plantation
    Desperately need to improve the general and watchlist news feeds. Miss many big stories and list many immaterial items.

Yahoo Finance app comments

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