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Yahoo Finance App

Your #1 finance destination to track the markets and the economy. Follow the stocks you care about most and get personalized news and alerts. Access real-time stock information and investment updates to stay on top of the market. Favorite features: • Track the performance of your personal portfolio. • Add stocks to watchlists to get real-time stock quotes and personalized news • Find all the financial information you need with sleek, intuitive navigation • Go beyond stocks and track currencies, bonds, commodities, equities, world indices, futures, and more • Compare stocks with interactive full screen charts • Sign in to view and edit your Web portfolio on the go • Track holdings performance Helpful tips • Follow all the stocks you care about by searching for the ticker and tapping the star icon. • Turn your device sideways to interact with full-screen charts • Sync your portfolios across devices

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Yahoo Finance app reviews

  • 1 Star Until they add Bitcoin SV 1/5

    By Gusta77
    After they do, 5 star review
  • Great app 5/5

    By Dhingrar
    Shows all the important financial parameters for Stock picking in easy to view format
  • Why does the chart not load up anymore? 4/5

    By Jc787877
    When I click on the chart to enlarge it and see it closer, it doesn’t load up anymore...any idea why????
  • Yahoo stock market app 5/5

    By larbucks
    This Yahoo app has all the info you need to navigate the stock market on a daily basis.
  • Lit 5/5

    By Sirmatrix
    App is amazing - Sirmatrixyt
  • Again 1/5

    By Noitsbillnotnick
    Best week in the market in 6 months and absolutely no celebration on Yahoo Finance. This kind of thing just doesn’t fit their negative Leftist narrative. Instead, they have nothing much to say or it’s all about liberal political propaganda and just any negative tidbit they can scrounge up. When things were bad in December it was like they were going to soil themselves with excitement. Now, you get the sense they’re all in the break room drinking gin at noon. I am done with Yahoo Finance. It’s not a financial outlet, it’s a political outlet. Just know that going in.
  • New release killed real-time quotes 2/5

    By 10secondmistake
    Used to love this app, used it constantly. Since the latest update there is at least a 10 second delay in price display. Very annoying. Please fix. Now shopping around for a different stock app. Todd
  • Newsfeed with illegible type 3/5

    By Sheddybird
    One of the high priority jobs of the Yahoo Finance app is to enable users to quickly consume information. This recent update replaced the ‘book’ weight font (one designed for reading, mind you) with a bold/black weight font (one designed for ‘display’ use, signage and short blurbs) — HORRIBLE for reading. To compensate, a bunch of arbitrary white space has been added, thereby increasing the high of each table cell (article unit in feed). So, as an additional cost, there are fewer table cells per viewport screen. No way this was user tested before it shipped. BAD TRADE OFFS Roll back this last set of edits 🙏. Renders the app virtually unusable for its no.1 use case.
  • Good but not great 3/5

    By lee-52
    The old google finance was Excellent But it was changed to a very watered down and very little info page Now this , yahoo finance , is used as a quick reference
  • Got worse 1/5

    By PJM07
    The changes made recently are poor. The news was much easier to read but now its all bold with no preview and the picture is off the the side and tiny. It was so much better the old way. There are way too many ads (im ok with making money but its way too much). Also, now there is a 2-3 second pause between each click....its just a slow app now. Time to switch to another finance app.
  • Yahoo Finance 5/5

    By Capitalism and Freedom
    Yahoo Finance is a great app for following stocks closely on a daily basis and for quarterly earnings. Most people don't know this, but Yahoo Finance is also a great stock screener. I use Yahoo Finance for learning about new companies to invest in. The best part about Yahoo Finance is the morning briefing that gives investors a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly outlook of what's going on with the market. I like Yahoo Finance better than other stock screeners because it has fewer ads, and is also less political than other websites I have seen.
  • I think I like it. 4/5

    By 4 IU
    I’m still learning . I often got aggravated with aol daily finance and the inability to access it . Then, after returning from an overseas trip ,I found that it had been shut down. Hopefully this is a new beginning.
  • Slow 1/5

    The app is too slow and won’t let me view the graph chart.
  • App appears to spy on your phone to sell ads 1/5

    By mcnbmcnb
    Updated: Response from Yahoo Finance was evasive and did not answer whether or not the app is collecting info from my phone (list of apps installed) and using it to target ads. Original post: I recently deleted Facebook and only since then am getting a lot of video ads in the Yahoo Finance app from Facebook encouraging me to download the Facebook app. I would like to know if Yahoo Finance is checking to see what other apps are installed and if YF is using and selling this info to target ads. This is an invasion of privacy. I’d like the facts and have deleted the YF until I know the answer.
  • No portfolio? 1/5

    By jabbermo
    Where is my portfolios?
  • Stock Portfolio Tracker 5/5

    By southcoastlacrosse
    The best stock market ticker tracker there is.
  • Not Worthy 2/5

    By GoldDogVodka
    I like the internet page. This app is woefully inadequate and offers no comparison. No news stories links for the stock I'm reviewing and too much scrolling to find a meaningful story. Keep the web page dump this app. Update: the app is a little improved but the company news pages don't fully load on IPad 4th gen. I must rotate the iPad several times to pickup additional pieces of the stories. It seems that the loading process quits before sending all data leaving a blank white screen.
  • Doesn’t add cash from a synced fidelity account 1/5

    By gman104064
    It didn’t add the value of my synced fidelity account properly so I logged into my fidelity account and realized that it doesn’t sync cash or bonds correctly, only stocks. So I had to create a new portfolio to plug the difference between what the yahoo portfolio showed and what my actual fidelity portfolio is. What a waste. The old AOL portfolios was wayyyyy better. It did everything correctly.
  • Ads Ads Ads 2/5

    By syuraj
    Too many ads Worse, they look like news Misleading
  • Best finance app 5/5

    By Stev.2
    This is great!
  • Used to be great They ruin it 1/5

    By Anupadaka
    UPDATE Getting worse! the new stupid chart sideways does not even load!! This app used to be great with the sideways and 5 day chart the same style as the main screen Now they force a load of a complex chart which ruins the experience Please bring back the old version and leave it alone! (fire the developers send them to work on something new, not ruin good things)
  • Messages deleted 1/5

    By rick2730
    I would rate as a zero
  • Focused on ads now 2/5

    By Hyeronymos
    Used to enjoy the layout on news related to my stocks, a 5 star app overall. Now the news section is flooded with “sponsored” articles (ads). They make it hard to tell between the real, relevant articles and the ads now, this is shady. Too bad!
  • Beet apt I ever found 5/5

    By jet core
    So informative na best one
  • Up to date 5/5

    By WildVivi
    Yahoo Finance keeps me abreast of what’s going on in the economy and the market.
  • Yahoo Finance 1/5

    By Dusty$13
    Total account is massively incorrect.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Josephmartino
  • Auto Refresh for candlestick graphs broken 1/5

    By Ckdnnhl
    Since past couple of months auto refresh for candlestick graph is not working. Have to switch to web version to see that activity. App serves no purpose to me anymore. They need to fix this issue!
  • Research is amazing 5/5

    By Jrab6134
    I don’t see how you do it!!!
  • A good service 5/5

    By options learn
    The information is very good and the price is right
  • Idioma 5/5

    By Felipetrader
    Me encanta que las noticias se puedan leer en mi idioma. Felicitaciones por eso!
  • Very pleased 5/5

    By Packereight
    This is a complete package. And in real time!
  • Latest update pimping ads 1/5

    By SSR767
    Hate the latest update which is desperately pimping ads for all it’s worth. It’s hard to read articles as you can’t easily tell which ones are ads. I would pay for an option to remove ads. Are you listening Yahoo/Oath/Verizon?!
  • Good app 4/5

    By DasSledgeHamma
    Good app, but to many annoying Motley Fool clickbait adds.
  • Political trash detracts from content 1/5

    By CentralTexasLife
    Political trash detracts from content
  • Thanks for continued updates. 4/5

    By VerleW
  • refresh very slow 2/5

    By uichen
    Each time to refresh, will take a while even with wifi @ 25M
  • Keep up the great work 5/5

    By Joe08550
    Every night I view your international market section of Asian markets; every morning, I view your premarket of US indexes. You are my go to places of market insights. Thank you!! Changing ownership from Yahoo to Verizon has not affect your timely updates and stories. Thank you!
  • Yahoo finance 5/5

    By karlsq
    More information available and very intuitive than most .when using other sites I had to come back to Yahoo finance to get complete picture
  • Excellent 5/5

    By sportorivero
    Easy to handle and to customize
  • Yahoo Finance 5/5

    By 23Dragoon
    Good app. Enjoying the app. Good information. Better than the apple stock app.
  • Can't hardly finish any given article being read 2/5

    By learjetguynak
    It must be the app, but almost every single article that I begin to read is abruptly cut off, followed by an expanse of blank space.
  • Popups make reading impossible. 1/5

    By Orca57
    Sites like The Street should look at who they accept for online ads.
  • Yahoo. Finance. Is an invaluable tool. 5/5

    By Luis SouthAmerican
    Yahoo Finance app is an invaluable tool for people who like to stay informed as far as the US Economy and the US Stock Market is concerned. It Is an Excellent supplement to the Apple. Stocks. App. It provides Excellent articles and. In depth information on the US Economy. In addition it provides Excellent charts. going back many many years and. interviews with. Important people ALL for FREE. Excellent App. Highly Recommend it.
  • Still glitchy several months later 1/5

    By WaynoP22345
    Used to love this app, been very glitchy as of the last several months. Will not let me continue scrolling through news stories from my watchlist. I see about 10 stories, with about four of those being ads. Will not let me see older stories. Filled out several reports but nothing has been done to correct it. Was contacted by the developer, and I followed all the steps they gave me (making sure I had the latest update, delete and reinstall)
  • Too many changes. 3/5

    By Too bad 12345
    After years of very satisfactory use, My watch list disappeared...pity Instead of making changes and asking how they went, Warn us you’re going to make a change. I’m not a techie, don’t want to be a tacky, just want to follow my Stocks and make a few trades. Your disruptions without warning’s our typical, the reason I’m giving you three stars instead of less.
  • Confused and disappointed 1/5

    By mtm5025
    Not at all happy after migrating my portfolio from AOL. I followed the instructions , and now I can’t find my data, and there is no link to my broker.
  • AOL ended ,love Yahoo finance 5/5

    By wecotton62
    AOL ended and found something much better. Took a bit of figuring out but got it and love it.
  • Functionality 5/5

    By Wax38
    Graph functionality, I’m looking for basics. I’d like to type 2 dates in the past and find out exactly what the return was on various exchanges between those dates. Basic functionality like this would be great.

Yahoo Finance app comments

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