Yahoo Mail - Organized Email

Yahoo Mail - Organized Email

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 7.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Yahoo
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
3,102,614 Ratings
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Yahoo Mail - Organized Email App

It's time to get stuff done with the Yahoo Mail app. Just add your Gmail, Outlook, AOL or Yahoo Mail to get going. We automatically organize all the things life throws at you, like receipts and attachments, so you can find what you need fast. Plus, we've got your back with other convenient features like one-tap unsubscribe, free trial expiration alerts and package tracking. Favorite features: • One-tap unsubscribe from pushy promos Skip the tiny unsubscribe links at the end of long emails. We organize all your mailing lists in one spot, so it’s easy to unsubscribe from noisy newsletters and promos with a quick tap. • Organize and navigate your inbox with ease Find what you need fast with inbox filters that sort your emails by attachments, starred, unread, and more. Stay organized and clear out the junk by deleting or moving up to 10,000 emails at once from a particular sender or category. • Quickly spot receipts & package delivery updates See all your receipts organized in one place so you can easily find the one you're looking for. Plus, see the status of all your upcoming deliveries at a glance. Top-of-inbox package tracking alerts means you'll never miss a delivery. • Pull up the best deals from your inbox No more searching through countless promotional emails to find those savings. This view organizes your inbox around your favorite stores and the categories you shop. Now, find all your favorite deals—without the clutter. • Keep tabs on your free trials Get reminders before free trials expire—so you can update your subscription plan or cancel before the subscription trial ends. • Customize your notifications Choose which notifications you really need and say bye-bye to the ones you don't. You can turn on alerts for emails from people, bills & receipts, deals, travel, reminders or general messages. • Connect your other accounts Bring your Gmail, AOL, or Microsoft accounts and take advantage of extra features. Set your own swipe actions, change up the sounds or swap in your favorite color. (We like purple) • Accessibility Making sure our products are accessible is a priority. Yahoo Mail has high contrast themes, dynamic text resizing and VoiceOver screen reader compatibility. Plus, folders at the bottom of the inbox allow assistive technology users to navigate with less effort. • 1,000GB free storage That's 985 more than some other inboxes, just sayin. ;) Download the app and enjoy a more spacious inbox. • Yahoo Mail Plus Get ad-free mail, extra organization and privacy features, plus 24/7 tech support across your iOS mobile devices. + Available as an in-app purchase at $1.99/month charged to your iTunes account + Subscription will auto-renew each month within 24 hours of your renewal date + Manage or cancel your subscription via Account Settings Terms of service: Privacy policy: How are we doing? For questions or feedback please contact [email protected]

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Yahoo Mail - Organized Email app reviews

  • How do I turn off push notification. 1/5

    By JoeBuck 1229
    Help me
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By kojo daCosta
    If am paying for the service, why am I still getting unsolicited advertisement in my inbox? Am very disappointed.
  • Great seafood with ocean view 5/5

    By NDima3
    My wife and I stopped at Tom’s Lighthouse on Friday night. We only had an hour or so before our play at Civic theater and we’re worried about time. But the service was quick and the food was excellent. We even had time for dessert. We had a corner table with the great view at the bay and downtown. Our server from Croatia was just great! He explained the menu, recommended the wine and stopped by offer to check on us. Many thanks for the great dinner!
  • Spam 1/5

    By p-456
    Spam Spam Spam
  • Video 1/5

    By ollehybrood
    Video is way too long. Lost interest.
  • Unhappy With the Spam Filters 3/5

    By Unhappy Owl 37649
    Yahoo doesn’t do a good enough job of filtering out unwanted and usually dangerous emails. I want certain senders and subjects never to reach my in-box. I would like to be able to filter out emails with certain key words in the title. I receive emails from phishers that are sometimes racist and offensive. You can’t even block the address - they just add a new one. You don’t even have to open the email - once you delete it and mark it as spam, they just send another from another hidden address. I’m constantly afraid I’ll accidentally click on one of these. It’s unacceptable to have to leave these emails in your box forever.
  • Buenísima app me encanta 5/5

    By Tampeña
    Me encanta Yahoo Mail buenísima APP
  • Paperless 1/5

    By BB 13211208
    I did not sign up for paperless I don’t understand why you all said I completed the signing up. I want to continue and receive my statements
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ber9iceee
    User friendly and easy to navigate
  • Yahoo mail 3/5

    By Potatotw
    Too many spam mails.
  • Yahoo mail is spot on! 5/5

    By isasarrow
    Yahoo mail is user friendly, reliable and secure. I have an account for years and have no complaints.
  • Yahoo for ever 5/5

    By Thepinkroom
    Love my yahoo
  • Email failure to send. 2/5

    By fontanelle8888
    Most of my emails fail to go through and I don’t get notifications to alert me that email failed to send. This has happened to me several times. I never know if my email was delivered or not. Sometimes I get lucky and the intended receiver calls me back to request of me to send the email that I have actually sent already sent but never got delivered.
  • Getting tired of my sites saying the certificate is invalid 1/5

    By what gives you the right
    I try to view news and current events only to find they are blocked by you saying the certificate is invalid and it may be impersonated. I could see it on one or two but you’ve blocked thousands of sites. Your censorship of information is astounding. You are blocking freedom of speech.
  • Spam is out of control very 1/5

    By 6?;)$(78&
    Spam filter doesn’t work at all
  • Email 5/5

    By Windlock
    Good stuff
  • Round and round we go 3/5

    By Gerald-Dean
    I have difficulty relocating emails I have previously read. The search option is not always helpful.
  • Poor service! 1/5

    By ThisSomeB.S.
    Keeps shutting off unexpectedly after seconds of opening app.
  • Older and Wiser 5/5

    By Frank#1334
    Don’t forget. These people were around during Y2K. And now, some of us, are still on point.
  • Version 6.62.1 (58525) Crashes 2/5

    By Just an Analog Man
    Right click in left pane (list) instantly crashes the program as of today. Haven't observed this previously so may be related to latest MacOS update to Monterey 12.6 (21G115) on M1.
  • Slow service 1/5

    By glight78
    I like this company not anymore very slow service customer service is not very helpful not like what it used to be NEGATIVE ZERO
  • Too much spam! 1/5

    By D2D2013
    I can’t believe how much garbage spam yahoo is letting through! I’m sick of getting enlarge your manhood type disgusting emails! Lots of other crappy spam. You limit the number of email addresses I can block to 1000! This needs to be unlimited blocked emails! Very disappointed in the crap you let through!
  • “Contacts” Functionality is Horrible 1/5

    By DonnieGon
    Overall the yahoo contacts functionality is just wretched. It’s buggy, sometimes it won’t except new contacts, not easy to add a new contact from an email, and the “Lists” functionality is just a continuation of horrible. I’ve wasted so much researching remedies for these issues it ridiculous. it doesn’t matter whether it’s the desktop version, iPad version etc. Its just horrible. It’s 2022 for god sake‘s. Fix your program Yahoo.
  • I am paying for something that does not work 1/5

    By Wad-medani
    It is disappointing to pay extra for an option that does not work. It does not filter spam and junk mail no matter how hard I tried to. I am not renewing my annual subscription to the paid version.
  • Thieves 1/5

    By Tezrac
    I never ordered Yahoo plus , why am I being charged for it?
  • Terrible spam filter 1/5

    By Jaha10
    Yahoo mail used to be fine. Rarely did spam make it to the inbox, now in the last year(2022) it has just got awful. I’m easily getting 40-50 spam emails per day. And there so obviously spam, any basic filter should catch it. They seem time deaf if you bring it to their attention, replying with basic information like make sure you mark them as spam to make their filter better. Well it’s not working.
  • Rubbish 1/5

    By just how stupid
  • Can’t search and find specific emails 1/5

    By Shellazar
    Yahoo doesn’t make it easy to search for certain emails. I am always lost when looking for stuff, I wish I had never used yahoo. I am slowly moving my stuff to a different company that works better!
  • Installing a sink by Harts 1/5

    By Dont Hire!!
    Harts came out to give me an estimate to install one kitchen sink and wanted to charge me $4600.00. After the ridiculous amount that was being quoted to me, they ended up charging me $42 for just coming out to talk. DO NOT HIRE HARTS !!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By GER!!1978
    I have used yahoo mail for many years and it has worked great for me. Thank you
  • News 5/5

    By BJ CRUZ
  • Glitch 1/5

    By Using the internet
    Very glitchy especially with notifications i do not recommend
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By Oksmix
    You can’t sign in bc you get no keyboard to do so
  • Vcvcvccgvbb 1/5

    By ccvvhfxbnn
    Getting pretty tired of the biased stories sent to me by Yodel and other Yahoo emails.
  • Yahoo Mail 5/5

    By DMan2353
    Awesome way to get your email. It has everything you need.
  • Ohh wait 5/5

    By PantiesPending
    You closed our businesses, because of trumps handling of your virus… ti which you already had a vaccine for? And impoverished us ti save billionaires And we trusted cnn? Wow okay fake news Anyways? Which side of the line will you be on? Yahoo cached news stories reviews rn Das it No trouble, works pretty well. Sometimes there is a splash of lag. But it would seem that it’s almost for an intended purpose. Other than that, it’s good.
  • Your Livestly Vaseline Toothpaste Ads are disgusting and obscene 1/5

    By Ginger Boy 87
    I have told you Yahoo I dislike this Livestly ad but you continue to flash it in my inbox. Yahoo this is known as harassment. Rather then cease and desist… your f’d up business model chooses to sadistically continue flashing this pornographic garbage ad to my email. Please stop shiwing me this gross ad now.

  • Junk mail!! 1/5

    By VulcanRider2
    Why out of the blue a couple months ago am I getting OBVIOUS junk mail by the dozens EVERY DAY??? So sick of this garbage!!!!!
  • Big disappointment 2/5

    By scottierippin
    Who still uses this in 20222? There is clearly lack of vision in the leadership department. Remember in late 2008 when yahoo was competitive with Google? Straight down hill ever since
  • Love It 5/5

    By Beautiful Trina Jordan
    Been having My account for over 25yrs…
  • Owner 5/5

    By mario cheesy pizza
    Yahoo make my life more easy

    By satisfied customer #2348
    Yahoo locked me out of my account and wants me to pay to get back in. Please don’t use yahoo because they will scam you.
  • Do not like your mail app 1/5

    By Do not like Yahoo
    Yahoo has taken over my email. I used to be advertisement free. Now I have ads everywhere. I did not give you permission to take over.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By D(h)3
    Yesterday I noticed my email wasn’t updating. Force closes and now I’m just stuck with a login screen. Reinstalled. Still nothing. I log in and it takes me back to the login screen endlessly. I suspect this is due to having a adress which never seems to operate smoothly. Whatever it is, this app is now useless. Browser works fine.
  • Spam 1/5

    By arrrggghhhhh!!
    Constant spam and the spam filters don't work at all, ever.
  • Too Spam 1/5

    By AArches
    I’m going to close this account.
  • What a pain! 1/5

    By Rev3D
    Setting up was a major pain. I don’t want or need a Yahoo account, so I used a gmail account. After multiple attempts, Yahoo final sent a setup code and added my account. Then, I tried multiple times to add another account, which requires logging into the account you’re already logged into. All it did was …. Well, nothing. I was unable to add another account. Nothing should be that complicated. And they want me to buy a subscription? Get real, Yahoo.
  • What happened?? 3/5

    By jessnf79
    Loved until recently when it won’t let me connect my att email.
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