Yahoo News: Live, Breaking, US

Yahoo News: Live, Breaking, US

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Yahoo News: Live, Breaking, US App

Focus on what’s important with the newest version of the Yahoo News app. Now you can customize your news with your favorite topics and publishers, while our expert editors curate top stories from trusted sources. It’s time to reframe your newsfeed around what matters to you. • Trusted sources - News from The New York Times, USA Today, TIME, Politico, the AP, Fox News and more. • Customize topics and sources - Personalize your newsfeed like never before. • Search across all news sources - Easily find what you’re looking for. • The 360 - See all sides of important topics with a variety of viewpoints. • Exclusive and live video - Watch trending news, press conferences, the day's soundbites and more. • Expert editors - Get curated top stories of the day and premium content like our Skullduggery podcast, highlighting scandals and investigations in the Trump era. • Breaking news alerts - Never miss an important story. • 2020 election - Coverage from across the political spectrum.

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Yahoo News: Live, Breaking, US app reviews

  • Lack any integrity 1/5

    By True-Patriot
    Yahoo News is put together by hacks, liars, dishonest and diluted troglodytes. The true bigots and racists and oppressors are the ones who put this garbage that are trying to be passed as news. This will never be news, only fake news.
  • Tired of the race baiting, biased media! 1/5

    By kaw271
    The media has done more to damage race relations in the last few years than anyone other entity. Enough is enough! I’m done with reading yahoo news and am deleting the app. America needs to come together and start being one nation!
  • Yahoo news 2/5

    By oldfridayrider
    More than half of the stories that I click on are advertisement for non drug miracle cures. Taking yahoo news off my reading list.
  • Too far to the left. 1/5

    By hemi64
    Too much liberal leaning left opinionated “news”. Not really any quality journalism.
  • Display adjustments?? 1/5

    By supernsa
    Is there any way to change the font size (Yes I have the font increased already in basic iOS settings)? I like the app but the font text is so small I’m ready to go see the eye doctor. Ugh
  • Iffy 2/5

    By sonomadeegan
    Sometimes links for further information on a particular subject doesn’t work. At all. Frustrating.
  • News 4/5

    By Jack from cape
    The news is updated but not full details
  • Uhb 5/5

    By hnn no
    Bb bb in in nbbb
  • Fail 1/5

    By Frank & Earnest
    Frustrating format. In one Hard to find stories that I’m interested in.
  • Click bait 1/5

    By Ankerman
    Too much click bait.
  • streaming video 3/5

    By outofnamestotry
    streaming video links to a different news story than the article. this is a bait and switch scam. hate it
  • Works very well! 5/5

    By Erviana
    Thanks for these amazing job!
  • Advertisements 3/5

    By HeadTinkler
    The plethora/placement of Advertisements make reading your articles very difficult to read and enjoy ! As a result; I don’t spend very much time On your site. Tell your webmaster to pay more attention To how the articles are laid out -rather than just shoving everything into a SALAD that The reader had to work @ just to read its content!
  • NICELY DONE. Gets to the point 4/5

    By Lnsots29
    Usually news is boring😩! Yet somehow YAHOO keeps it fresh. I like the set up with the columns laid out brilliantly and eye catching. Interesting is another adjective I would use😜!
  • Yahoo! News rating 4/5

    By DennywayneAL
    I have no TV service except what is streaming on the internet. At 58 years of age news has dramatically changed because the character of the average American (within all classes) has declined, including government and media. Public presentations in whatever form is to garner attention, believing that will lead to increased financial revenues. The problem with that is while hollow, superficial claims of products and services rely on getting dollars first while falling short of being able to deliver the consumer’s implied belief of what the product or service may do for them. In the end the news is just another form of entertainment rather than truth. With that regard I would advise Americans to see media (whether a “news report,” commercial, drama, or health infomercial) as entertainment because no one knows who appears objective when what is being reported is true. If I want to know if it’s raining, I look outside. If I want to know if it’s going to rain, I make plans to enjoy my next day within my family/community, regardless of the weather outcome. If I see someone in distress or rejoicing because of success I encourage them so as to give a good gift without receiving anything in return. In fact, encouraging or rejoicing with others has a reward in itself. Media has in the last 30-40 years focused on sex, drugs, and violence to captivate attention and thereby the American dollar. I believe that if we do not move in a direction to feed the spirit (which is part of the human condition) we will and are moving away from the intent framed within Our US Constitution—the healthy and reasonable “pursuit of happiness.” The “pursuit” is a physical action of what we can see. “Happiness” is an individual’s feeling that only they know and others intuit. However, as many people experienced friends, relatives, acquaintances, and coworkers surprisingly choosing suicide or homicide, they were oblivious to the signs. All parts of governmental administration believe they can execute a solution relative to gun control or metal detectors or TSA security checkpoints, I offer that the solution is simpler than that. We have to be trustworthy individuals, know our neighbors and family members and begin with giving good gifts selflessly from the heart. Freedom without goodness is confusion and squelches even the pursuit of happiness. Yahoo! News has an opportunity to demonstrate such goodness by reporting acts of goodness on the local, state, and national levels. I encourage them to do so by developing a format where such reports might come from the citizenry at the same levels and cooperation across those levels. Keep up the Good work, Yahoo! News.
  • Enable RSS feeds option, and “turn off politics” option would be nice 2/5

    By GabeMiami
    I have a bunch of RSS feeds that give me more information than the choices / parameters set by the yahoo news app, and that’s why I’m considering deleting the app, and going with an rss aggregator. Otherwise, it’s a nice app.
  • Iiiiiiii 5/5

    By never again, buying from China
    I’m sorry but I don’t have a a lot to say about it it because because I’m so Iioiiii
  • Less BS 5/5

    By Pathrep
    Less BS than other news outlets News that gets to the point
  • Feedback 5/5

    By LDA745
    Yahoo News is the only news app that gives reader’s the opportunity to react and respond to news reports.
  • Informative News Every Day 5/5

    By I'm awesome!(:
    There are updated news stories every day. This is one of the various places where I stay informed of the world around me. Kudos to Yahoo for convenient and easily accessible news.
  • Absolutely clickbait 1/5

    By anon673546
    “News” articles are simply a link to a twitter feed Or some other garbage. Report news or reclassify yourself with a click-bait title.
  • Leftist propaganda 2/5

    By hughman66
    Always good for a laugh. Best part is the comments section. You can get a real feel for where the hate comes from.
  • Who is in charge? 1/5

    By The Deeja
    Well, the only thing worse than the app is the normal version. So many changes that have made the site slower, less friendly and simply not working properly. Over censoring words that are not offensive in any way shape or form. Yahoo only seems to care about who pays them money, not who uses their service and for that reason yahoo has fallen behind and keeps falling.
  • Yahoo comments jiggly when trying to enlarge 3/5

    By fraustypawz
    When you try to pinch to enlarge the comments, it moves around too much and eventually goes back to the original viewing. Yes, my font selection was set on an increased scale but it most often is easy enough to read email and such without having to pinch to enlarge. It’s ok for other apps too. I get that you need to show ads. I don’t mind how they come out most of the time on YouTube subscribed feeds. I’ve even opted to watch some that I had not seen before. Others I’ve skipped. Usually because same ones keep playing, if I’m watching more than one of the same subscriber feeds but different topic.
  • Keeps getting worse 2/5

    By Awildturkey
    This use to be a fun app to read, write, and receive comments on current news stories. At this point the app no longer allows you to interact with prior comments. It is a real shame, user interaction on current events was in many cases was more engaging then the news stories itself. I use this app less and less.
  • Yahoo news is just propaganda foe the leftists 1/5

    By dputydog
    I only review and comment on news in an attempt to undo the brainwashing by liberal educators...
  • Good information 5/5

    By Lgw1210
    Good news stories and I like the comment section.
  • What the World and America Needs NOW. 3/5

    By Help US.
    In today’s world it’s very difficult to put faith in what is reported . I’m a father to a 3 year old boy and right vs wrong and fact from fiction is no longer clear. America and Americans deserve better than lies, special interest and party loyalist. The Average person is nothing but a pawn and treated like a sucker. We demand transparency with full and balanced reporting.
  • Critisize 2/5

    By omidghotbzadeh
    You can improve your app frame...
  • Race baiting articles 2/5

    By imyoteacher
    There’s too many race baiting articles designed for clicks and rude commenters. I avoid them at all costs.
  • Nice app but not happy about the format 3/5

    By ninja raj
    It was a nice improvement since last year they had different format but I like this format a lot. One thing is the font size is so small I can’t increase any help is appreciated here Also if you can add more category in news it will really nice
  • Must be run by 15 year-old 1/5

    By YoungSinister
    The liberal propaganda aside, this app looks HORRIBLE on iPad. Images are cut in half. On top of that, half of your comments won’t even get posted. Garbage.
  • Subjects interesting. Writing very poor and disappointing. 2/5

    By ProfJourn
    Wow. I see some interesting subjects, but the grammar, diction and structure of these articles is woefully below standard. Who is writing these articles?
  • What the heck 1/5

    By Kahc
    I click on one story and another store plays. Frustrating!!
  • Nevermind 5/5

    By EdBoy63
    I got the flu. Igo[clearance limit]s hump over left or right? Madder snot? Matt earn ewe. This eyes... Hey, Drew! Doctor may say... Ebonics — Plague! Digame. Ed Mons Stir Get your head outta my gutters play, Searcy. Ark Anne’s Awesome Saucery in downtown Searcy, Arkansas!... Siri? Now what am I going to do with that hanging in the living room like a white elephant who finally did the right thing and took matters into it’s. Aha! OWN IT. In other words... Oh, knit.
  • Great!,,, 5/5

    By Shalomccs
    Good app , videos , and news media excellent!,,,
  • Just another liberal hack site 1/5

    By gizmo a momo
    Just another liberal anti American troll site !
  • Piss poor Journalism 2/5

    By Willy5577
    Terrible reporting by Yahoo so called journalists. No facts only their political opinions. Need more facts for both parties. Only have a liberal slant, that only NY & Ca cares about. Example: Kavanaugh / Biden..... Kavanaugh’s accuser all assumptions. Biden’s accuser all facts. Bret- a Circus a media blitz. Joe- Nothing, Nada , media MIA. Too much double standard.
  • naaaah and I didnt try it yet 1/5

    By irreleventbushit
    alot of the news is fake just like the cell towers . this is the parasite in technology I can fo it but not you american exceptionalism pigs / narks
  • Make ads look like articles 1/5

    By MR SD ME
    App small-fonts the ‘ad’ label. Represents advertisements as news articles.
  • Freedom of speech 3/5

    By JjJj-JjJj-Awesome
    When one observes her/his peaceful freedom of speech, who gives you the right to block his/her words of courage to be heard?!
  • Fake news 1/5

    By name taken bs
    Another fake news company only publishing left wing hate propaganda instead of factual journalism
  • Where is my diversity? 1/5

    By Mesndblues679
    How come there are like 20 newsfeeds that are all leftists news outlets and the only one that isn’t is a thing called national review which is some seriously thin gruel? How bout you add some other news that isn’t just a front for the democrats that want to rule YOUR weak little minds. Or not. ...Makes no difference to me. I’ve learned to learn the truth despite yours and others like yours efforts to befuddle the public opinions. Eat me.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By angiebr69
    You get the news but it’s so left leaning and amounts to nothing more than extreme liberal propaganda and don’t try to comment unless you are a liberal. Yahoo won’t post comments they don't agree with or that don’t match their liberal agenda. They probably won’t post this one.
  • Update 4/5

    By disappointed amd broke
    Message says to update. I request update and nothing happens. Cannot,read news with this on page as it,stops me
  • Top Notch 4/5

    By Ejaazi
    Very good news app but needs more news sources, especially for middle east coverage. But where is the new swipe through articles function? The latest update didn’t change anything. Update: Found the swipe function but it is not apparent and not smooth.
  • I’m sick of yahoo trashing trump kiss off 2/5

    By dipsquat
    I’m sick of you trashing trump kiss off who do you really represent lazy liberals
  • Great app 5/5

    By imtz86
    Thanks yahoo for giving live streaming!!!
  • Terrible message board layout 1/5

    By NuWyrldDave
    Why can’t they sync the mobile message boards with the desktop message boards? If I post on my phone I can’t go to the board on my PC. Instead it goes to an advertisement for the app. The app stinks for message boards because nothing is chronological and replies are organized by the number of thumbs up. It’s an idiotic layout and renders the mobile boards useless.

Yahoo News: Live, Breaking, US app comments

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