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Yahoo News: Live Breaking News

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Yahoo News: Live Breaking News App

Yahoo News brings you the day’s most important headlines from the most respected and credible news sources available. Through our diverse news partners, we can present viewpoints and perspectives that give you all sides of the story in one easy-to-use mobile destination. See live stories develop across politics, national and local news, world affairs, and more with breaking news alerts and live video feeds. Yahoo News is your trusted source for coverage on the issues and stories that matter. - Scan the headlines of the day’s Top Stories from our trusted partner network, including the AP, Bloomberg, Time, Reuters, ABC News, HuffPost, the Guardian, CNN, Fox News, and many more - Watch the news develop with daily digests, live video feeds, press conferences, and the day’s soundbites - The 360 examines one topic at a time, as told by various publications across the political spectrum to present a 360 degree view of the issue - Never miss an important story with breaking news alerts across national and global news - Trending news stories will keep you informed with the biggest stories across the internet - We also offer premium content from our elite team of journalists, covering US politics, national security, world affairs, with deep dives into President Trump’s ongoing Russia investigation on our weekly podcast, Skullduggery

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Yahoo News: Live Breaking News app reviews

  • Improved 2/5

    By Sydney's Pipi
    The stories are now more news and less liberal opinion. It is almost what you should expect from a news site. This site used to be so liberal, it turned my stomach. It appears an attempt is being made to balance what is reproduced. Now the editors must attempt to report news and much less opinion.
  • stupid app 1/5

    By realviraj
    this stupid app auto play video even if I turned it off to never auto play i’m setting. that’s annoying.
  • Yahoo news digest 1/5

    By jhtdfhitdch
    Yahoo! News digest was a far superior product 😞
  • Review 1/5

    By Caradimi
    This is news is liberal. Just report the news and stop slanting it
  • Thanks for the liberal viewpoint! 5/5

    By Mb5001
    After reading all of the reviews slamming this app for its liberal bias, I just had to download it! I’m enjoying reading about all those liberal topics like science and the rule of law. Keep up the good work!
  • Biased to the Rotten Core 1/5

    By Sde176
    The application itself works ok but a little glitchy. What I don’t like is the liberal loony tune articles that are clearly pushing a leftist agenda. Yes, fake news has been published on yahoo until it was exposed by conservative news outlets: the Covington fiasco, the BuzzFeed Mueller lie, Smollett to name a few. Be warned that yahoo will rarely post anything from conservative networks or news sites; they have no problem admitting they are a bias left news outlet. If they say otherwise, they lie. And most liberals like it because it is a place for them to vent their frustration against conservatives even if the news is manipulative or full of half truths.
  • Just Stop Pushing Liberal Propoganda 1/5

    By Eric987123
    Yahoo as a website looks good. It’s very user friendly. Their content belongs in the sewer. They are a left wing propaganda peddler. They often pedal Huffpo pieces smearinfbthe right. Their own writers: Knowles, Isikoff, and Stableford are not journalists but democrat operatives. Knowles wrote a piece yesterday about how Robert Francis O’Rourke was partly responsible for Democrats winning the house ... despite losing a senate election. Stableford has Trump Derangement Syndrome. Michael Isikoff is linked to the Steele Dossier, the made up puff piece that started this “Russian Meddling” nonsense. Stop pretending to be journalists. Just forecast to everyone that you are democrat operatives. Just be honest!
  • Until Yahoo fixes comment review, it gets one star. 1/5

    By Mikeyz3
    So tired of the constant tweaks to the app, where in the process of making something supposedly better, they wreck something indispensable that persists until the next update. If you’re lucky. This time it’s the loss of ability to review your own comments. Tapping on your, or anyone else’s, circular icon fails to bring up the post history like it did previously. You get one star until it’s fixed.
  • Liberal 2/5

    By 11330066
    Your new stories your way to slanted liberal. I need to consider there are still conservative people out here that like to hear about something other than the liberal agenda.
  • My posts 2/5

    By Tony111487
    I wish I could look up the old post to see the post around it.
  • Liberal 1/5

    By lokidawg
    Not very much about news mostly opinion
  • Kam 4/5

    By tamekamcho
    Keep it short and unbiased.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By angiebr69
    The app works but yahoo is so left leaning it can hardly be considered a news outlet. This is not journalism it’s liberal propaganda. They don’t even try to hide it
  • Yahoo app 2/5

    By Alyia Wyrd
    You can no longer go back to see your past posts or others. This is very annoying and makes it extremely difficult to keep up with conversations. Also Yahoo has become notorious for immediately deleting posts that have a conservative viewpoint. They have ‘trigger words’ flagged that will auto delete your comment if used. Update: this issue still isn’t fixed. They’ve obviously updated the app but I still cannot see previous posts and comments.
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By gramlisa
    How about a lot LESS Kardashians!!!! It’s annoying all the stories about what they are wearing -no one cares.
  • Fake news central 2/5

    By yahhoo isfake noose
    Yahoo news liberal minions favorite source for biased bs
  • March 2019 - review. Biased Yahoop Mainstream Media 2/5

    By Pathogorean
    Yahoop is biased Why can’t we view our top comments and replies anymore? Get some articles that support the USA! Build the wall! Why do you have a door on your front house. So strangers don’t come in! We don’t want people climbing through the windows. We want them to ring the doorbell.
  • Evaluation 5/5

    By onyisi
    Excellent app,the best by far-comprehensive and truthful Thanks Emmanuel
  • Too liberal 1/5

    By BS indicator
    Very one sided. Way to many liberal articles or more to the point opinions disguised as factual reporting.
  • Review 3/5

    By Lolabow
    Too many commercials and storylines that drag on .
  • It freezes a lot 2/5

    By bmtcat
    The news has extremely leftist writers and news . It doesn’t hold the Democrats to account for any of the outrageous claims or behavior. In fact it give cover to the communist AOC OF TGE DEMOCRATS alongside of the other who have came out and said they are here to dismantle our government and our way of life to set up a socialist government. Every socialist government ever set up has murdered it citizens right after disarming them. The media has been complacent in this . Including yahoo. .

    By MitchsGirl
    Updates have made this app useless for commenters. Feedback has been submitted about this since November 2018 - several updates later nothing has changed and no status. If you’re getting this to exchange comments and ideas, look further. Several versions ago, a commenter could review replies to those comments. A commenter could sign in, go into the account and all replies would be in a readable thread. If a vote was received, following the notification link took you directly to that story and comment - the comment was even shaded. Now there’s no access to your previous comments, replies are not attached to relevant comments, and if you want to see the number of votes you scroll through all of the comments.
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By lab626
    Left leaning and slanted. Yahoo is only relevant up and until a more fair and balanced search engine is found. Then it’s adios muchachos.
  • Lousy format 1/5

    By better 2020 no socialism
    You need to go back to the old format where you can chose your link to look at previous activity.
  • Not fair and balanced 2/5

    By wingmet
    Just another form of media that leans toward the left. Over the past several months reading Yahoo news all I see is negative information and reports against the conservatives. Typical news organization.
  • Extremely biased 4/5

    By myankee
    Shame on yahoo as yes I gave it 4 stars until I read other reviews. I’ve begun to Hate the press as they no longer report the news but are QUICK to knock one down n be extremely critical ,,, especially our President. I must tell u I know the man thru buisness in nyc . Yes he’s arrogant pompous n possibly spreads the truth, aka lies . However he’s my president of this great country . I could tell u stories of his hard hard difficult personality in buisness but my opinion serves no purpose.He personally offended me on the great WingFoot Golf course in Mamaronek NY . I can tell u all He’s NOT A RACIST I’m tired of self hating Americans ripping him apart . They r clueless of the long term goals . Matter of fact, I’m now done as I think of Social Media as destroying the love of mankind. 80% I read is full of hate Read AON for real unbiased news
  • Yahoo news is better than Twitter! 5/5

    By susietacoma
    Yahoo news brings information from a variety of news sources and allows people to add comments. Better than Twitter! Twitter blocks people, not allowing everyone to read tweets. Switch to Yahoo for news and FREE email.
  • Response to inquirie 5/5

    By Eh bob
    Very good and informative. It appears you tried to report the news correctly. Keep up the good work and keep the news real and not fake news. Enough of that type of news comes from the other news source especially CNN.
  • Mr Andrés Alberto Núñez Sr 5/5

    By andreson66
    An excellent river of brand new information that I check daily two or three times a day. Thank you Yahoo
  • Great 5/5

    By VC from SD
    Love getting my news
  • News is not olds 5/5

    By Fairy person
    I like new news not old news. When I read red news it gives me the blues. Your feet are leather get some new shoes.
  • My Yahoo 5/5

    By Nessame2
    You always give updates in a timely manner with accurate information.
  • Nice news 4/5

    By joesparky
    All the news you need. I don’t believe, sorry Donald trump, it’s all fake news.....
  • News The Way I Like It! 5/5

    By Pedrowap
    Yahoo News gives me the news the way I like it. Very information, gets right to the point of the news, and great format!
  • My favorite news station 5/5

    By Goldenchains
    I love Yahoo right to the point genuine and on the money when it comes to daily news love my Yahoo ! Cheers to all tune in ASAP
  • Infotainment 4/5

    By Blackdollarz1
    Very interesting information
  • Love it 5/5

    By Full Service
    I drive 12 hours a day. Yahoo news with iPhone drop down allows me know all current news.
  • 360 didn’t change bias 1/5

    By never buying a nissan again
    Still completely ignoring to post multiple press conferences when the narrative is bad for liberals. Only posting the one side. Did we need a 360 on human trafficking?? I think we all’s think it’s bad. Gave it another try. When you brought our 360. But it didn’t help. It’s Still another partisan new outlet.
  • My favorite news app 5/5

    By OncoAmerica
    I enjoy reading a quick and concise group of the news to f the day in one place.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Deep fog
    Very informative I get lots of news , love it....
  • Great news app 5/5

    By Stone Kisses
    A good collection of news stories.
  • Concise 3/5

    By jgpohio
    Really hope yahoo can keep it more consistent and concise.
  • Ok 3/5

    By whiszzzzz
    I liked the app better before. Seems to have deleted the pics that go along with the article. Most are visual and that’s what catches the eye. Some of the top headlines have pics but only a few as you scroll down. Bring back all pics and that will do it!
  • Pretty Good Collection 5/5

    By NCmtnman64
    I’d never stick to only one or two news sources but I like using Yahoo as part of my reference collection.
  • Yahoo 5/5

    By Gremant
    It a good app
  • Kerry 19 5/5

    By khred19
    It a good app to have for news
  • Not a news source 1/5

    By witchparker
    Yahoo “news” is misnomer. They are no where near the center and most articles are blatantly tabloid style. They jump on the wagon in cases, like police shootings, the white kids at Lincoln’s memorial etc to proclaim the people are quilty and to appease SJWs. Then when it’s shown that they’re incorrect, they don’t have the integrity to apologize and will, in fact, try to continue the incorrect information by declaring that “THIS article is maybe wrong, but it REALLY shows...”
  • Concise and to the point 5/5

    By 7C 9X12k
    Great platform to obtain information on current events issues and newsworthy items.
  • Have you thought about hiring a conservative?? 4/5

    By little1569
    Does every article have to be liberal? I just wish we could read news and not always a biased opinion. Be fair

Yahoo News: Live Breaking News app comments

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