Yahoo News: Live Breaking News

Yahoo News: Live Breaking News

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  • Current Version: 9.25.1
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  • Developer: Yahoo
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Yahoo News: Live Breaking News App

Yahoo News brings you the day’s most important headlines from the most respected and credible news sources available. Through our diverse news partners, we can present viewpoints and perspectives that give you all sides of the story in one easy-to-use mobile destination. See live stories develop across politics, national and local news, world affairs, and more with breaking news alerts and live video feeds. Yahoo News is your trusted source for coverage on the issues and stories that matter. - Scan the headlines of the day’s Top Stories from our trusted partner network, including the AP, Bloomberg, Time, Reuters, ABC News, HuffPost, the Guardian, CNN, Fox News, and many more - Watch the news develop with daily digests, live video feeds, press conferences, and the day’s soundbites - The 360 examines one topic at a time, as told by various publications across the political spectrum to present a 360 degree view of the issue - Never miss an important story with breaking news alerts across national and global news - Trending news stories will keep you informed with the biggest stories across the internet - We also offer premium content from our elite team of journalists, covering US politics, national security, world affairs, with deep dives into President Trump’s ongoing Russia investigation on our weekly podcast, Skullduggery, and everything you need to know leading up to the 2020 Presidential election

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Yahoo News: Live Breaking News app reviews

  • Bookmarks 1/5

    By bondoboy 1
    Lost my book marks since update
  • Stop videos 1/5

    By richboswell
    No matter what setting I have it on the videos play and blast sound. Even though I have the auto play settings set to never. It makes this app unusable.
  • One sided 1/5

    By Bill34567
    One sided as usual
  • Video autoplay bug 1/5

    This is a horrible app in many ways. I don’t even understand how they’re able to get that many users. However, I’m writing this review because of the video clip embedded on top of every story. The settings on the app won’t stop them from playing. You can’t even read the articles without the video playing. This infuriates me, and I’ve stop opening the app completely. Fail. 👎🏻
  • Not a great update. 1/5

    By Danrich_us
    The app frequently fails. When adding a comment it might work or you will see several repeats of the subject and not be able to add anything. Sometime you can make it work by backing out while other times you have to force close the app and start over.
  • Sw on e 5/5

    By Bobo07
    StswRDbldbdsddndassrblwrrd wddsw
  • Auto plays video 1/5

    By Logic_1911
    This horrible app auto-plays video and wastes your data for every single article and there is no way to turn it off. There is a setting to turn it off but it doesn’t work at all. Horrible programming.
  • Censorship 1/5

    By Dafxr
    You post stories and provide an avenue for discussion but you shuffle the responses to confuse context and even re-edit the posts to change meaning and perception. Then you replace the names with Anonymous to further confuse the dialogue. You are hypocrites to interfere with free thought and speech. You are biased in the most egregious way epitomizing the same controls levied in China or any number of Middle Eastern countries. Shame on you.
  • Loving everything abt it 5/5

    By Meaning it
    You are on top of everything . Love it
  • Still glitchy 1/5

    By KVegasMom
    Response to developer from someone’s May 1 comment - your explanation for turning off video auto play doesn’t work. Mine is on ‘never’ and still they play. Already deleted app off iPad for this reason. Considering same for iPhone
  • Great app for news and entertainment 5/5

    By User in Glendale
    Great app for news and entertainment
  • Forced into lousy app 1/5

    By V2cruise
    If you use your browser to read and comment on articles through Yahoo, you are forced to get this app...EVEN FROM A DESKTOP!!! They then make it nearly impossible to follow and comment on an ongoing conversation. It is the worst, best to avoid everything Yahoo produces.
  • Joyce A. I am very happy with Yahoo. 5/5

    By joycalex
    It’s the first place I got to in the morning for news around the world. It keeps me informed. I very happy to be with Yahoo!
  • Yahoo 5/5

    By Vanborn Neptune
    Best search app for me
  • Too much censorship 1/5

    By D Emperror
    The control of wording is getting a little out there. I see left leading comments not word censored but conservatives go through the wringer.
  • unwanted additions 1/5

    By Mjkrrs
    Take the auto play videos and the automatic music with stories and stick them somewhere!
  • Yahoo 1/5

    By Wocoolyep
    Horribly unreliable. The old yahoo format was much easier to use
  • Biased Liberal Mouthpiece 1/5

    By LightningRodF150
    Same as title
  • Factual News 5/5

    By mccmary
    As of today I have not read any news clips to be made up of comments based on views of the reporter. So daily i can click in and get breaking news reports. Today it’s so important that people can get the truth about NEWS ARTICLES and not as is known FAKE NEWS.
  • Not much diversity 1/5

    By FriscoLou
    Overwhelming one sided partisan coverage. Too much Huffington Post.
  • Yahoo oath 5/5

    By Kathleen Hepworth
  • One sided 1/5

    By keepingtrackofthetruth
    Yahoo only give one side of the story. Yahoo is not a news site it is a tabloid site.
  • I Want Control Over Subjects 3/5

    By RadioStormNY
    I had been using this app for a couple of years and had enjoyed it until recently. I decided to remove based on the simple fact that I was being bombarded with stories about President Trump. I am interested in reading stories that don’t involve him. I blocked the cable news networks for this very reason. With this in mind I took the step of removing the app. If Yahoo simply gave people control over what the stories/subjects they want to view than I might go back. But until that happens I will not.
  • Timely and relevant 5/5

    By Matt5750
    Getting news fast is always a good thing. Yahoo News is up to the minute and accurate.
  • Replies to comments are no longer chronological 1/5

    By SirNoid42
    Recently the replies to comments changed from being listed chronologically to being based on “relevance”. I can understand ordering the initial comments by “relevance” but using relevance for the replies makes it impossible to follow the thread of a conversation. I have not found an option to view the replies to a comment in chronological order. A reply to this by a developer did not address my question. Reading through the comments that are not chronological renders the comment section nearly useless.
  • Liberal Socialist for sure 1/5

    By stvan1
    Typical bias. Don’t bother unless you need more Conservative bashing.
  • Late news 2/5

    By Conservative One
    Some news is late getting posted. Under 360, that news is really stale and has been there for at least 3 weeks. We need a new news director!

    By doeman99
  • Way too left and one sided 1/5

    By midbulldog
    WAy too anti trump and very biased in what stories they print
  • Worst App Ever! 1/5

    By April72120
    Hands down the worst news app. I get article updates and then when I click to read them it says “oops try again” EVERY SINGLE TIME!
  • Sendyb 5/5

    By sendyb
    I love reading all the news items.
  • Video Problems 3/5

    By Logging me out
    I use this app to watch the news and normally do not have problems , however this time I wanted to watch a video that is part of an article and it tells me: “due to license restrictions, this video cannot be play on a tablet. To view the video, use a mobile phone instead “. I am using a mobile phone, not a table...I am using using the app that installed on my iphone.
  • Extreme Bias 1/5

    By disgusted1972
    Yahoo News is rooted in extreme leftwing bias. At times, the articles are strictly opinion. That’s not what the news is about.
  • Fox 1/5

    By scout 1946
    It’s like its run by Fox News
  • Up to date with the news 4/5

    By nikki the spear chucker
    I feel that your up to date with all your news articles. They are well written and quick and to the point. I also wish you had my local news city by city that you can choose.
  • Aggravating Forced Videos 1/5

    By Bpxyzzyx
    Yahoo! News has become useless. Click on a topic of interest and you get a video with annoying music instead of the news story that you expected to read. This might impress the MTV generation, but it annoys the people who can actually read. So long.
  • Mute the Video 1/5

    By Flexette
    I want to read news stories and do not want videos to start without warning.
  • Manager 5/5

    By tissest
    App gets 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟😀
  • Video auto play bug 5/5

    By Kronis010rift$
    In the iOS version of Yahoo news the video auto play still plays when turned off.
  • Yahoo News= Bias 1/5

    By NegativeNews
    People are getting tired of the creative, yet so obvious and obnoxious one sided narrative of hate towards President Trump. Obama incited so much racial separation. I honestly thought he was going to bring the nation together. I felt guilty for voting him in.
  • Not objective 2/5

    By skipper514
    Consistent bias against republican positions and leaders Not fair and balanced
  • Improved 2/5

    By Sydney's Pipi
    The stories are now more news and less liberal opinion. It is almost what you should expect from a news site. This site used to be so liberal, it turned my stomach. It appears an attempt is being made to balance what is reproduced. Now the editors must attempt to report news and much less opinion.
  • stupid app 1/5

    By realviraj
    this stupid app auto play video even if I turned it off to never auto play i’m setting. that’s annoying.
  • Yahoo news digest 1/5

    By jhtdfhitdch
    Yahoo! News digest was a far superior product 😞
  • Review 1/5

    By Caradimi
    This is news is liberal. Just report the news and stop slanting it
  • Thanks for the liberal viewpoint! 5/5

    By Mb5001
    After reading all of the reviews slamming this app for its liberal bias, I just had to download it! I’m enjoying reading about all those liberal topics like science and the rule of law. Keep up the good work!
  • Biased to the Rotten Core 1/5

    By Sde176
    The application itself works ok but a little glitchy. What I don’t like is the liberal loony tune articles that are clearly pushing a leftist agenda. Yes, fake news has been published on yahoo until it was exposed by conservative news outlets: the Covington fiasco, the BuzzFeed Mueller lie, Smollett to name a few. Be warned that yahoo will rarely post anything from conservative networks or news sites; they have no problem admitting they are a bias left news outlet. If they say otherwise, they lie. And most liberals like it because it is a place for them to vent their frustration against conservatives even if the news is manipulative or full of half truths.
  • Just Stop Pushing Liberal Propoganda 1/5

    By Eric987123
    Yahoo as a website looks good. It’s very user friendly. Their content belongs in the sewer. They are a left wing propaganda peddler. They often pedal Huffpo pieces smearinfbthe right. Their own writers: Knowles, Isikoff, and Stableford are not journalists but democrat operatives. Knowles wrote a piece yesterday about how Robert Francis O’Rourke was partly responsible for Democrats winning the house ... despite losing a senate election. Stableford has Trump Derangement Syndrome. Michael Isikoff is linked to the Steele Dossier, the made up puff piece that started this “Russian Meddling” nonsense. Stop pretending to be journalists. Just forecast to everyone that you are democrat operatives. Just be honest!
  • Until Yahoo fixes comment review, it gets one star. 1/5

    By Mikeyz3
    So tired of the constant tweaks to the app, where in the process of making something supposedly better, they wreck something indispensable that persists until the next update. If you’re lucky. This time it’s the loss of ability to review your own comments. Tapping on your, or anyone else’s, circular icon fails to bring up the post history like it did previously. You get one star until it’s fixed.

Yahoo News: Live Breaking News app comments

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