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Yahoo Play - Pop news & trivia

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Yahoo Play - Pop news & trivia App

Watch shows, play along and get rewarded! Yahoo Play has the latest in celebrity, pop culture and entertainment news. Answer trivia while you watch fresh original shows. Score points you can redeem for gift cards at Amazon, Nike, Whole Foods, and more. The more you play, the more you win! Your new favorite shows on Yahoo Play: THE DROP A daily roundup of the hottest celebrity gossip and pop culture news POP PLAY Get your quiz on! Hosted by Sandra Vergara, this interactive show is the place to get rewarded for your entertainment knowledge BEAT THE STREET Meet unsuspecting Londoners on the street as they answer music, film and off-the-wall trivia questions—in unconventional ways PLANET DATE A lucky singleton virtually speed-dates people from all different backgrounds from around the world throughout the week. As the week progresses, we get to see who they hit it off with and watch the two daters go on their first date! Love is in the air! NETSPEAK 101 Professor Alana schools you on stuff you actually can use IRL by breaking down the latest in internet slang. CAMP CONFESSIONS Host Shannon Coffey and celebrity guests share weird, fun and random stories & confessions you have NEVER heard before on our campsite. NAILED IT OR NEXT Rank your favorite red carpet beauty and fashion looks Download the Yahoo Play app now to start earning points and see the full list of shows.

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Yahoo Play - Pop news & trivia app reviews

  • This app is annoying by only letting you get 250 points 3/5

    By Christian Boricua life
    They will not let you get more than 250 points per day even after you miss a day
  • 1750 max point per week but cards go up to 10k 1/5

    By Luminous.vita
    How are we suppose to get cards that are 2k and up?? Do the point roll over now? Or do they still expire every Sunday?
  • Was super easy 3/5

    By Jess Greenway
    I really liked this app before they changed everything. Before, you could only get 2 gift cards a week and your points would expire every Sunday which sounds crazy but I didn’t have a problem with. I was getting $40 worth of gift cards from Starbucks every month! It was awesome! Now they changed it so your points don’t expire until the end of the year but you are only allowed to get 250 points a day AND they upped the point cost for the gift cards so instead of getting $40 a month in Starbucks I will only be getting $15 a month. Big difference! I really wish you guys would considered going back to what it was before the change, please! This momma needs her Starbucks fix 😉
  • Bored 1/5

    By helpp pleaseeee
    How many points can we do a day now ?
  • Points? 3/5

    By 🤮🤮🤢🦄
    This app overall is great but all of a sudden.. It’s not awarding points.. I understand there is a new point system but do we not get points for questions anymore? I’ve only been able to get points from “The drop”.
  • Points not given 1/5

    By unbelivablytakenname
    Used to love the app. However points have stopped being received for right answers. Instead it gives a check mark but that is not going to help me get gift cards. And it’s annoying that they are coming out with new episodes without fixing the problem and saying you can keep points now for a year when in fact no points are even given!
  • I can't achieve any points 1/5

    By Vatotheclown
    When I first started with the app, everything was great. Now, I cannot retrieve any of my points that I'm awarded on any of the games. Before you tell me to email support...I have. Nothing has been resolved. Until either the person that looks at this review fixes it or tech support resolves it, this review will stay.
  • Doesn’t want to give me points.. 3/5

    By sxths
    I loved this app, it’s not a scam at all! I answer questions then get my points, then redeem as so. The next day or two I get my reward sent to my gmail. Unfortunately I have a problem of not receiving my point when I answer my questions correctly..please fix this problem. I’ve tested this problem on three different devices and it does as told.
  • It’s good but there’s a problem 3/5

    By Isaac Da GOAT
    I love this app it’s been a good app for me with redemption and all that. It would’ve been 5 stars but recently it hasn’t been giving me any points for questions I’ve answered correctly. I emailed support and they sent a generic email that didn’t help at all. I emailed them back asking for help and they didn’t respond.
  • No prizes 1/5

    By Hornyguy28
    They only restocked the $5 prizes and they only put a couple up at a time they want you to lose your points and not get any prizes!!!
  • Don’t tell your family about it 1/5

    By IncompetentYahoo
    The app tracks your IP so only one person in your household can use the app. They’ll accuse you of having multiple accounts. Get off your high horse, Yahoo. Nobody cares for Yahoo that much to have more than one Yahoo account. More than one Google account I get but two Yahoo accounts is laughable. Why have “manage accounts” if you’re going to accuse people of trying to redeem using different email accounts. People share tables you know. Nobody likes Yahoo that much to just watch the content. You expect people to sit through mindless celebrity crap for fun and not for the gift cards? Haha! Better yet for coupons nobody uses. They don’t have Amazon gift cards. They lie. They never restock Amazon gift cards. It’s a trick to get you to sign use the app.
  • bring back camera test! 5/5

    By Courtsol
    what happened to my favorite show, camera test? the app isn’t the same without new episodes :(
  • Ugh 2/5

    By HahahaJoe366
    At first when I heard about it I thought it was a cool concept. I redeemed enough points to get what I wanted and I chose to get sunglasses. Earlier in the day I bought a coupon and had no issues but when I redeemed the sunglasses all of a sudden a message pops up saying there was unusual activity on my account which makes literally no sense. Like I was able to redeem a coupon a few hours ago and now I can’t redeem something high quality like I just don’t understand. I emailed them but they were no help they literally just sent emails that didn’t help at all.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By trulyabby94
    I’ve been playing for almost a week now and have enough for a $5 gift card but they’re always sold out. It says to check back the next day and I’ve checked several times at different times (starting at midnight) and it’s always the same. So basically you choose between some 15% off discounts for places almost no one shops at or if you have the time to play ALL day EVERY day you might just get enough for the ray bans (unlikely). Overall good concept but waste of time if you’re wanting to get gift cards for your points.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Fofo24
    I earned 6 rewards . Never received a email . Or the award . I am confused. Please help. Thank u
  • SCAM 1/5

    By CharChar0508
    I saved up points for one of there prizes and they claimed that they would send it through email within 3 days (I never got the email) it was a scam.
  • Never got my $5 iTunes gift card 1/5

    By treytrey2319
    I exchanged my points for a $5 iTunes gift card over two weeks ago and I still haven’t got it. I tried complaining to yahoo about it before but nothing happened.
  • Nevermind 2/5

    By QWlion
    Before I wrote this, my review was a 5 star: why is it 2 stars now? This morning, I got up, and played Yahoo Play (gotta get em points). It’s evening now and I went to redeem my points because the prize I wanted was added. I redeemed it, then it gave me the message: There has been unusual activity on your account, or something like that. I was confused, so I just pressed ‘Okay’ hoping it was a glitch or something. IT TOOK AWAY ALL MY POINTS. I am so mad. I spent an hour earning the points for nothing? This app is trash now I guess. 😐
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By G&Cmom
    I rarely leave reviews especially ones like this but I am having a blast with this app. I get all my pop culture news in one place and I get points for knowing my stuff! Seriously this is a fantastic app. Thank you!
  • Amazing fun and easy! 4/5

    By Peytenrocks
    I love this Yahoo app so much it is a great way to get a nice little prizes and gift cards really fast really fun and the easy way I would’ve gave us at five stars but there was this one time when I redeem your prize and I thought I was someone else and I had to have a little back-and-forth email fight proving that I wasn’t someone else but overall I had a great experience with the Yahoo play app! And I love the host of pop play Sandra this app is just overall really really amazing and a nice way to get gift cards By literally just having fun
  • it’s a bit annoying 3/5

    By sighkaren
    the app is fun overall but everything is always sold out. you could spend the whole week to save up your points to 10k but it won’t even matter because most of the stuff are sold out and it’s like you just wasted all your time. i understand things are obviously gonna be sold out once in a while but this is like every single day and they barely restock.
  • Where’s the Ebay Gift cards? 5/5

    By Noriega02
    Amazing, interactive app! I love learning about what’s new with celebrities. Gift cards are a nice incentive but I gotta ask, are the Ebay gift cards coming back?
  • Good app just needs a little work. 3/5

    By Me_Clarkie
    I actually would give this app a 3 1/2 because its really fun and good but it’s just that I don’t like how after two days they erase your points. I want to save up for 7,000 points for something but I can’t. And if they except me to reach 1,000 points in a day then it may not be worth it cause after all those quizzes and questions you only get a $5 gift card. Plus, literally you can’t buy anything at Sephora or Ulta for $5, so.... ya. Overall, it’s ok. Maybe I guess you just got to be better at answering questions.
  • Good Stuff 4/5

    By Jaz K Boi
    Before downloading apps like this I usually read the reviews and it seemed like all good things. It’s easy to earn points and a self explanatory system. My one issue is I redeemed on Sunday and have yet to receive my gift cards.
  • Great app 5/5

    By lg121805
    Love the rewards!
  • Too Popular 2/5

    By alexajones0616
    I really loved this app until I guess it got more popular. All of the gift cards are taken the first day they become available and there’s no opportunity to get anything. They either need more gift cards or more companies participating. There’s too many people for this app.
  • Waisted my time 1/5

    By Pooh~bear3293
    There is 3 rewards that i wasited my time playing this app on, i keeo getting the message that only one account is allowed per person if that's the case the apo shouldnt say manage your accounts. Such a waste of my time i never got the rewards i spent time on this app for. Wish i could rate it a zero. It was such a good app too
  • Runs out to quick 3/5

    By kindones
    For some reason my phone auto logs me in and I can’t log out and use my new account I want to use with my other email but it also runs out of rewards way to quick. You can’t earn a A lot a week and basically have to be on it non stop all the first day to even be close to getting an award before they sell out.
  • Literal Scam 1/5

    By ChocolateThePug
    This app is such a scam/knockoff. I saw an ad for this app on Snapchat or some other social media platform, and I decided to download it out of curiosity. The app interface is clunky, and was difficult to navigate at first. After I managed to figure it out, it wasn’t too bad. I redeemed my points for 2 Groupon gift cards a month ago, and I still haven’t received it. I sent a message to support after waiting over 12 days for my reward, and got a generic email from an agent stating “please wait 48 hours, check your junk/spam, and email us back in 48 hours if you still haven’t received it.” 4-5 days after their email, I still didn’t receive anything. I emailed them back informing them that I still haven’t received my rewards, and they never responded. It’s been over a month since I initially redeemed my points. Don’t download this scam of an app.
  • I really enjoy the content UPDATE 1/5

    By avcm97
    I was happy with the app until they decided that i violated the t&c of the app! I played all week to save my points for gifts cards that never arrived! When I decided to write to customer service they said that i could not use the app anymore. I don’t understand why the app has a MANAGE ACCOUNTS if this violates the terms. I usually share my devices and this got me banned. Again why the app has a manage account option if this violates the contract! I am very happy with this app, shows are very fun, and I watch the content daily because it’s fun. I contacted customer service when I didn’t receive my gift card and they emailed it to me very quickly. I just would like that they made restock from the 50$ amazon gift card more often. I would also like that the app had some kind of count so I know how many point did i earned that day. It would be nice a feauture that shows what shows did I watch. Overall, great app!
  • Rewards always sold out, and fail to send when you do earn them 1/5

    By Erin3452
    90% of the time the rewards sell out before Tuesday, so it’s kind of pointless. I was going for the $50 Amazon card (which, of course, “sold out” as soon as I got close) so I turned in for a $25 Fandango card instead. It never came, despite emailing yahoo support (which they make very difficult to find if you don’t have a yahoo email). Hard pass.
  • A little misleading 3/5

    By LRP7119
    Everything was great until A: they suddenly raised the points to redeem and B: they don’t give you your redemptions for using another email. In the manage accounts section it states Use these “accounts” (plural) in yahoo play but if you do then they mark you for violating their terms and do not give you the card you selected. Why is it an option to add accounts then? For the people who have been using and are caught up you will never get a higher card unless you don’t play for a month or two and save your games up.
  • No gift cards 3/5

    By kindones
    They sell out
  • Eh 3/5

    By EricPan123
    I’m not really sure how I feel about it even though I redeemed my gift cards some would come through and some won’t, it’s pretty sus to be honest. I’ve waited sometimes for the $10 amazon and it wouldn’t come because too many people are trying to get it. Think they should always have the shop in stock or have more variety like adding PayPal, other than that it’s pretty good, just make sure you give us our gift card though - Thanks :)
  • Why didn’t I receive my rewards? 5/5

    By unknown5009
    Ok I spent all of my time on this app to redeem a 5 dollar iTunes gift card and I didn’t get the code in my email.
  • Didn’t get a chance to redeem at all 1/5

    By Bearysleepy
    All 6000 of my points expired on Sunday, which is today. I kept checking and hoping the gift card I wanted would come back in stock, but it never did. You have to scramble and fight to redeem what you want, otherwise you either redeem a gift card you don’t want, or you just let your points expire. Not worth it.
  • Never got my reward 1/5

    By Yo.grl.angel
    It’s been 18 days now since I’ve redeemed the Verizon $10 coupon and I never got the email for the information. I have screenshots of me redeeming it on your app but I still haven’t received the email. Please contact me back.
  • Rewards Not Delivered 1/5

    By Madi Sweere
    I never received my 3 Groupon coupons for $5 off. Will update this review once I have received them!
  • Not able to cash out 1/5

    By jffdsljssuhxxf
    It’s a nice app but cash out is every Sunday night and they run out of gift cards. I’ve been waiting for 4 days for them to reload. No luck so far, I guess it’s time to stop referring.
  • Gift 5/5

    What time do u update the gift cards Great app
  • What’s going on 2/5

    By im_stewie_griffin
    I haven’t been rewarded even though I answered correct questions and watched videos
  • Not sure 3/5

    By miawilliams629
    I redeemed one gift card everything was fine then I try to redeem the second and there are all these comments about not receiving and I’ve been waiting around all day for it worried because of all these reviews how long does it usually take how often do people not receive I love the app but hope it wasn’t just giving me the small gc and scamming on the big ones will give five stars and revise if I receive my gc...
  • All the gift cards are sold out. 1/5

    By Lexidolllv
    Most of the rewards with the exception of the 6250 point or higher are already sold out. Meaning unavailable. It’s been that way since Monday night and there are 6 more days in the week to play with almost all the gift cards sold out. No point in even playing and accruing points because all the lower end point rewards are unavailable and it’s only a matter of a day or so before even the higher gift cards are unavailable. You can only accrue 5000 points a day so by the time I spend all day playing there is nothing left to redeem.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Bam422
    Redeemed two rewards in my first week. Lots of great shows to come back to each day. Only complaint so far is that there is no way to tell if you have already watched/played a video so sometimes it’s hard to remember where you left off.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Darkslayer24
    This app is perfect and getting rewards for modern trivia is perfect match
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By 3m0l33
    At first I was able to redeem rewards, but now they’re ripping me off. 2 of my $10 bath and body works cards haven’t arrived in my email. It’s been over 5 days. I’ve contacted them several times nicely, and in one of the emails one of the workers didn’t even know what I was talking about, and said to be more specific 😂. Idk how specific I have to get to explain I’m not receiving my rewards.
  • Fun game, but... 3/5

    By ASmithee123
    Don’t mind grinding for points, but it would be nice when I actually submit for a reward that I actually receive it. Fix that issue and I’ll 5-star it, because there’s some fun shows on here.
  • Didn’t get my gift card 3/5

    By Katlyn_l
    Okay so basically last week I found this app and I bought two amazon gift cards and got them. This week I played for awhile and bought two amazon gift cards again at a time and they DID NOT COME in my email in 24 hours. I’m going to email but I would like the gift cards.
  • 😡😫 1/5

    By 😺😼🤗
    I wish there was a bigger variety of rewards. Like a PayPal option and more theaters. I don’t have AMC theaters where I live, just Regal. Walmart gift cards would be cool too. Or Red Robin gift cards! Basically restaurants in general. Otherwise it’s a super fun app. Kinda bummed that the amazon gift cards sold out so quickly though. 😢 Update: Earned enough for the $50 amazon gift card. Now I play the waiting game. I have high hopes for this app. It was such grueling work to earn that many points since I only downloaded this in the middle of the week. Hoping it was worth it. ☺️ Update #2: Still haven’t received my gift card. Have reached out to everyone I could. No answer yet. It’s been 3 days. Update #3: Received a response. Tango never got the order for the card in the first place. Scam?? Note to Developers: I’ve contacted both sides. Tango said they never got the order for it. Yahoo support said it was still processing. I did file a separate claim on the yahoo website and have yet to hear a response. I do not have a record of my case number. Note to Developers 2: I literally only have one account.

Yahoo Play - Pop news & trivia app comments

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