Yahoo Sports: Live Sports News

Yahoo Sports: Live Sports News

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  • Current Version: 9.11.1
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Yahoo Sports: Live Sports News App

Stream live NFL and NBA games, follow your favorite teams, get breaking sports news and the latest scores on all the major leagues with Yahoo Sports. Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey and more - get all of the breaking news, live scores, betting news, odds and the latest updates whenever and wherever you want! 3 reasons you’ll love Yahoo Sports: 1. Follow the teams you love - Set your favorite teams and leagues to get personalized news about the sports you want 2. Get the updates you want - Set alerts for your favorite teams and only get notifications when you want them 3. You’re always in the loop - Up to date stats mean that you never miss a second of the sports action Simply sign in with your Yahoo account to get the best experience across all devices and check out everything Yahoo Sports has to offer: • Home Set your favorite teams to get schedules, game highlights, sports news, and live updates in your own personalized news stream. You'll also find can't-miss original news from Yahoo Sports writers like Dan Wetzel, Chris Haynes, and Pete Thamel, plus a stream of top news across all sports. • Scores Keep up with this season’s football scores from kickoff to playoffs & follow other sports scores, stats, live updates from college football, NBA, NHL and more. • Watch Live Games Get live NBA & NFL games and MLB and soccer highlights when you stream sports and games directly to your phone and tablet. Throughout the season, watch sports highlights, top plays, and game recaps - all in one place. • Stories Get exclusive content from Yahoo Sports writers, along with the most important headlines in sports. • Sportsbook Our hub provides users with access to everything betting* at their fingertips. Whether it's betting odds, expert analysis, editorial content and video, Yahoo Sports users will be able to find everything in one place. New to sports betting? Yahoo Sportsbook has everything new bettors need to get started from betting guides to matchup breakdowns from trusted experts. Note: Yahoo Sports does not offer real money gaming. It includes sports betting content and data, but no gaming/betting takes place within our app. All transactional gaming/betting takes place within a separate app, BetMGM, not the Yahoo Sports app. • Play Check out Yahoo Fantasy Slate, our prediction game where you have the chance to win cash prizes every week! • Alerts Set alerts for your favorite team & get alerts to watch sports - live. Get scores, live updates & sports news when you want them. Follow every scoring play or only when a game starts. Follow and watch sports: - Football: Free live NFL football for local and primetime games on your phone or tablet local. Check out football scores, highlights, breaking news and stats and watch football - college football and NFL games - your way - College Football, College Basketball, Women’s College Basketball - MLB: Baseball scores, highlights, breaking news and stats - NBA, WNBA: Watch live NBA games, and get score and live results, highlights, breaking news - NHL: Scores, highlights, breaking news and stats - XFL: highlights, breaking news and stats - Soccer: - Premier League, League Two, League One, Championship, Scottish Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup - Champions League, Europa League, Copa America, - Ligue 1, Coupe de la Ligue, Coupe de France, Trophee des Champions, Ligue 2, - Bundesliga, German Super Cup, DFB Pokal, - MLS, Russian Premier League, Eredivisie, Brazil Serie A, - Italian Serie A, Coppa Italia, Serie B, - La Liga, Copa del Rey, Segunda Division, Spanish Super Cup - Golf - PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions, PGA, PGA European, - Auto Racing - NASCAR Sprint, NASCAR Xfinity, IndyCar, Formula 1 - MMA + Boxing - Tennis - Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis

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Yahoo Sports: Live Sports News app reviews

  • Daily glitches 3/5

    By Estone2112
    I wish this app was more reliable because it’s a good sports tracker. But it’s constantly freezing, there’s one issue after another and it’s super frustrating (the games are stuck now as I type this) Several people said in the reviews they experience delays and freezes and the developer replied with a link to a help page as though the issue is on our end.
  • NCAA Football 1/5

    By Reidja1
    So over the weekend every game for ncaa football just wouldn’t load. There’s no alerts, drives, statistics, or anything. Most games it didn’t even say that it had started even when the game would be in the second quarter. Not sure what the issue is but not having alerts or stats for ncaa football is a big deal
  • Add real widgets 2/5

    By justinsepulveda
    Seriously, how hard is it to add a widget.
  • Should be able to download this on a MacBook too 1/5

    By cpeterson12
    Should be able to download this on a Mac book too
  • They need to get the playoffs schedules right 3/5

    By keremozkan
    My gripe with this app is during the NBA playoffs, the schedule has been (a) slow to update, neglecting to remove series from the schedule if they end before seven games, and (b) incomplete, not showing upcoming series when possible. The NBA's official app, for instance, shows that the Jazz will be playing a TBD opponent at 9 on Tuesday. These are both small things, but they're enough that I'm not going to choose to use this app if I want to look ahead to what games are coming up. What I do love about this app are the box scores. You get full box scores and it doesn't require awkward scrolling left and right to see players' full lines. If they could get the schedule right, I'd be happy to use this as my one stop shop.
  • Has issues 3/5

    By Bowlcoach66606
    Today I received a first inning score from yesterdays baseball game. And then 5 minutes later I received the final score. This app can’t be trusted.
  • Has auto play videos 1/5

    By JosephFinn
    With sound. Completely unusable.
  • I am so happy for 5/5

    By stacyrick
    I love love ki
  • So convenient and easy to use! 5/5

    By Ackmanpj
    The best app for sports news and scores. I use this app minimum once a day.
  • App has become useless... 2/5

    By Moj9999
    Games are super slow to update...half hour behind…app is annoying to use now... you should fire your a developer response…check to see if I am on current iOS and app is latest release. Response as weak as app performance.
  • Great sports app 1/5

    By Bjgolfer
    For those who don’t care about significantly delayed scores this app works. Otherwise try something else.
  • Basically a constant ad for BetMGM 2/5

    By Traele
    Love getting team alerts, scores and news but every other notification has become an advertisement for BetMGM. I get it, ads keep apps free, but there should be a way to opt out of those types of ads. Definitely turning notifications off and will use ESPN for scores.
  • Please fix the videos Automatically playing! 2/5

    By RoughRomance
    I loved this app. I’ve used it for many, many years. Still do, but you have to do something about the videos in the articles. The videos at the top of Every. Single. Article. I have auto-play switched off in the app settings, yet every single time I open an article, the video plays! If you pause the video and are scrolling through the article and switch to another app, then return to Yahoo Sports and your article, the video starts playing again! So now I have to scroll to the top and stop the video again. I lose my place on the article and get so annoyed I close the app and read it somewhere else online. Fix this please.
  • Videos no longer work 1/5

    By jp9387
    The videos on the app no longer work and are always giving me and error code. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice with no luck. I have the most up to date version with the same issues
  • They are a bunch Liberals 1/5

    By Deal with Dex
    Tired of having stories pop up about liberal cop hating Colin kaperknick
  • Back 5/5

    By Bilsul
    Deleted this app because all of the political comments. Now that they got rid of the comment section, it’s back on my phone
  • Better but 4/5

    By Darkknight4evr
    It’s a little late in updating playoff spots and division titles being clinched but it’s still better
  • Sports chat 1/5

    By rickallen192
    Are the dense personnel from yahoo going to bring back chat with gifs at the bottom of the game pages? Very ignorant to remove that feature.
  • Downhill 1/5

    By Rftraveller
    The app has become a piece of garbage. You can’t get scores but you get inundated with ads for their sports book and sponsors.
  • Why even get the app if you can’t use the comment section? 3/5

    By Anonymous3.0
    Might as well stay on the internet browser
  • Incomplete soccer stats 3/5

    By Raybree
    Why aren’t yearly soccer stats for defense and midfield players available in their profiles? Makes no sense.
  • Too much Tabloid Trash 2/5

    By SilentLou
    The app itself is good but the content, both the stories and the advertisements, are very trashy and tabloid like. I finally had enough and dropped it for others.
  • Decent sport layout - horrible political agenda 1/5

    By Redragon12345
    If the app would focus on sports and less on pushing a liberal political agenda, it would be a half-decent app.
  • Keeps freezing 2/5

    By Dude748u
    Remove some ads?! Will be uninstalling and looking elsewhere. Thanks yahoo for creating garbage. Sure the developers feel great with this product.
  • Please fix this issue 3/5

    By Jeff.J.
    Trey Lance from North Dakota St is from NDSU not UND the logo is incorrect next to him.
  • Notifications not showing 2/5

    By Hmhuber
    Notifications from both of the last two Yankees games vs Braves not showing up not receiving notifications at all please update and address the issue thanks!!
  • Get rid of “Next Story” box at bottom of articles 4/5

    By Sir Perceval
    This app has come a long way in terms of stability and functionality. It was a 5-star in my mind until the last upgrade that added the “Next story” box that pops up as you near the end of an article. Maybe some folks read every single article and like not having to back out of their current article and selecting the next article. I assume more people are like me, picking a few articles of interest and happy to back out and scroll to the next one they want. That “Next Story” box forces you to do more scrolling as you read, which is really annoying on a phone. When you are reading an article that is comparing stats between a couple of players, or a player’s stats before and during a set of games, you want to see both sets of stats at once for easy comparison. That “Next Story” box cuts down on the amount of article that is visible and forces more scrolling up and down to see the two sections of interest. At least make it a Settings option we can turn off.
  • iWatch 5/5

    By MeNotSoMuch
    Will this app be available on the Apple iWatch?
  • Not my favorite sports 4/5

    By icommentNC
    Great app except that offseason, I cannot remove NHL, NFL, NCAAB/FB, etc from my favorites. It appears I have to remove the teams I follow in order to remove the league. Bummer because those four leagues show up on top even though all are out of season.
  • Live NFL is great; Yahoo! articles are garbage. 1/5

    By professoraloof
    Pros: I’ll keep it for the live NFL games during the season and score updates. I normally delete after football is over with and reinstall. Cons: Writing staff puts out weekly articles to make you feel guilty if you don’t support specific political themes. Some Yahoo! writers don’t cite sources on certain points, and they don’t research enough when making generalizations. Some articles are edited poorly or not proofread at all for grammar or spelling. However, they do link articles from your local media sources or other sources connected to your favorite teams, which are written much better. So, keep the app for a season of sports that you like and only read the articles from non-Yahoo staff. Grade: D
  • Political App 1/5

    By jlout95
    I into politics as much as the next guy, that’s what I have CNN, Fox, and my local paper news app. I didn’t download this app to get more involved in politics or read about politics. I will be seething this app shortly
  • Too political. 1/5

    By BlueGreenTeal
    Too many articles stray from sports into politics. I don’t appreciate being told what I should think with little facts versus opinions.
  • NO PICKS!!!! 1/5

    By arc9970
    the application crashes and you can no longer choose the favorites to win as before. IT DOES NOT WORK!
  • Fav sports app 5/5

    By mjdagr67
    This app far exceeds any other sports app, hands down ‼️
  • Complete garbage 1/5

    By Maine39
    Not sure why but the Standings screen never has the updates or any stats on there. Example go look at the standings for MLB. No stats. Happens every year. NASCAR has wrong times or no times for the races. Football was kept up pretty good. Basketball same things.
  • App Fixes 1/5

    By nkcoleman40
    World Cup qualifying games would be great. Plus on the widget. When there is a soccer match the team on the left that logo is “stretched” out and looks bad.
  • Best sports app, needs small update 4/5

    By Markybix
    Please update the app to include World Cup qualifiers.
  • Where’s the women’s bracket? 1/5

    By txhawk11
    Would like a women’s bracket, like u have for the men. Be better.
  • They Broke The NCAA Tournament User Experience 1/5

    By Nick.B1221
    Used to be able to see your bracket group and everyone’s champion, sort by potential points and have all within one long list. Now there’s no sorting, no display of champion picks and pagination at the bottom. What’s worse and should be a fireable offense for QA or Design is on mobile IOS if you scroll to the bottom you can’t click on the page 2 link because they have a banner for Fantasy Sportsbet on top of it. Millions of users not able to go to the next page?!?! Looking at your bracket picks is even worse by separating views of regions. Please... let me see my entire bracket in one view. Like I know that UCLA / BYU is in the East region... The entire modal experience handling the NCAA tournament is garbage... it’s like it was built by some separate team who never used any of the rest of the Yahoo Fantasy App. Where’s the consistent design language?!? Yahoo should be leader in fantasy and display of data.... Do better!
  • Terrible. Nonstop advertisement notifications. 1/5

    By JokerGonk
    In the last four hours I received three notifications for betmgm advertising. The app is worthless if I can’t get news notifications for my favorite teams without being constantly pinged with advertisements. Showing ads in the stories is perfectly acceptable, but not as notifications! App uninstalled.
  • Newest version stopped live updates 1/5

    By Dp220
    Just had an app update and now scores are not refreshing. Maybe servers are down or maybe it’s bugs in the latest version. Either way app is useless if it’s faster to google scores.
  • Can’t access NBA League Pass! 1/5

    By Bryanjtm
    I activated my NBA league pass and can’t get access to it. Very annoying!
  • Autoplay 1/5

    By sempersuck
    Annoying auto-play on videos is an instant 0-star. Can't rate zero so 1 will do. And yes, it is set to "NEVER" in app "Video/Audio Settings."
  • Betting notifications 1/5

    By koisttx
    I have betting notifications disabled, yet, I’m still receiving them.
  • Loved app 1/5

    By Herbooo
    Please let me know why I have to 13 or higher to now use this application I have an iPhone 6 with updates that only go to 12.4 please let me know why?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By HockeyBoi0202
    Ok I’m going to get to the point. I wanted to watch ice hockey games like the app said it would do, but it couldn’t I ended up deleting this app right after I got it. I read some reviews about the bugs but I still wanted it. Until it would only show me highlights and scores. It is very annoying that I’m not able to watch the games and that ended up so a customer deleting the app. My advice, just don’t download this app.
  • Golf 5/5

    By Hdujcvkhfdyjb
    Great app. For golf, can you please put rounds by score to par on the leaderboard instead of the total shot count. Hard to compare people you have golfer X at like 44 shots through 11 holes where golfer Y is at 37 through 10. Thanks. Much easier to show -1 versus -3
  • Yahoo sports 1/5

    By NCMountaingirl
    No notifications
  • Terrible sports analysis 1/5

    The people they have hired to do their sports analysis and game recaps are terrible. It’s very evident they don’t watch the games they review, and their biases for the big market teams is just as bad as their analysis. Download Bleacher Report or anything else... don’t waste your time.