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  • Current Version: 3.9.27
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Kenny Sun
  • Compatibility: Android
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"Triangle ... Triangle ... Triangle" 5/5 - Touch Arcade YANKAI'S TRIANGLE is a love letter to TRIANGLES. A puzzling puzzle game about the beauty and joy of infinitely tapping on TRIANGLES for some reason. With an elegant innovative revolutionary TRIANGLE-first approach to interface, YANKAI'S TRIANGLE lets you tap on TRIANGLES to spin them and stuff. Colors play a part in gameplay too I think. Bring TRIANGLES to a forgotten TRIANGLE, and uncover a TRIANGLE hidden deep beneath the YANKAI. • Pretty Fun Gameplay (it's all right) • No Filler - A Veritable Infinity of Meticulously Definitely Handcrafted TRIANGLES • Over 1.74 x 10^26 Possible Levels (all definitely handcrafted) • Color • An Inscrutable Three-Pronged Scoring System • A 'Happy Sounds' Option (woohoo!) • A 'Colorblind' Option if You Are Colorblind (it's not great tbh) • A Cool Film Grain Effect (some people don't like it but i think it's cool) • A Cool Tiled TRIANGLE Background Effect • Also there are Leaderboards • And some Achievements A Game By Kenny Sun (YAN rhymes with KEN and KAI rhymes with EYE by the way)

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  • Triangles 4/5

    By cdkii
    It’s a fun game, but could really benefit from iCloud game saves. I don’t particularly feel like starting over to play on a new device.
  • Lacks Basic Game Instructions 1/5

    By reviewer60
    Disappointing App in that I couldn’t find some basic instructions on what I was supposed to do. I found it to be boring without knowing the basics. The developer’s website contained no information at all - just screen shots.
  • Clever, relaxing, fun, and sometimes hard. 5/5

    By AwesomeCooker
    An amazing game, I loved it from the very start with its relaxing gameplay and interesting hard and easy levels. I love playing this game so much, I wish I was able to get yankais peak but I don’t have money. Anyway this game is so fun and a great stress reliever. Been playing for such a long time and love it.
  • Great 5/5

    By ttump
    This game is not like the others. The difference is that if you hate this game, it will hate you right back.
  • First impressions 2/5

    By Djdixhdnjakakdoekenjririfj
    I had a few concerns before purchasing this game: 1) can I mute sounds to minimize the creepiness? (I wanted a peaceful game, not a creepy one) and can I listen to my own music while playing? 2) are the visuals bothersome? 3) do the puzzles get repetitive? 4) does the playtime justify the price? I’m a picky buyer. I look through reviews for days before picking something up. Yanki’s Triangle seemed pretty cool and it’s an endless, procedurally generated puzzle. I like endless puzzles and high score puzzles, so I was interested. Here are my answers: 1) yes and yes. It’s in the settings. Muting the background noises will also mute the noises of the turning and clicking triangles, though (they’re indistinguishable, so you get complete silence). Play your own music by swiping up and pressing play. This also mutes all sound effects, even with the volume up. There are also a few bugs with playing your own music. It’ll freeze and you have to start over (on that level, not the game!!!) 2) I was not bothered by the visuals. The grainy effect was meh. May get tiring after a while. The triangles get slightly larger and smaller, as if they are breathing. 3) I have not played long enough to justify answering this question. Levels zoom by like nothing, though. I slammed through 30 of them in 40 minutes. I’m sure the later ones take longer, but that’s a warning to be wary despite people claiming to be on level 600 or whatever. Still impressive though :) 4) again, haven’t played long enough. I’m going on a trip (no wifi! Which is why I was looking for a good no-WiFi game) for a week or so. I will update my review when I come back. Other notes: it seems like a fast addiction kind of game. I’ve read that new mechanics are introduced hundreds of levels in, though. I don’t have a good stamina for puzzlers (Threes lasted the longest for me) but we’ll see. I’ve been dissatisfied with puzzles lately. Twofold Inc. was a disappointment, and I was upset I couldn’t refund it; but Alto’s Adventure (an infinite runner) was fantastic. Maybe I should take a break from puzzlers lol. So, the praise I’m giving to this game is probably due to the new game high I’m experiencing right now (that initial excitement of playing something new). I’ll update once that fades. Update: the more I played the game, the more I felt something was missing. Ive finally realized: this game has no atmosphere. The difficulty curve is broken. There is no score to chase — I can’t understand the scoring system and my research has come up with nothing. It’s not soothing like most puzzlers; while I appreciate the uniqueness and respect the creepy tone I think the developer wanted to show, the lack of music makes it seem somewhat bland. That is, I’m not feeling the creepy vibes. If there were equally intoxicating music, I would appreciate it more. I’m stuck on a level and nothing is urging me to finish it. I don’t feel a sense of satisfaction; lack of scoring and lack of atmosphere (music) keeps me from satisfaction. -2 stars
  • Not what you're expecting 5/5

    By D08OL4
    So, you've picked up this game. Great! I am currently around level 500 something and I can tell you this: once you figure out the pattern to completing the puzzles, most of them will be a cake walk. But after you get to somewhere in the 100 levels area, the game is going to become much more difficult. Watch out. Seriously, bottom line is, get this game if you like puzzlers, don't get this game if you hate games that hate you back.
  • This is the abstract game!!! 5/5

    By Scallop Holden
    This the nicest game ever and this is great in vision terms and it sounds great. Also it plays very well I am proud of this app.😆
  • good puzzles but unplayable visual effects 2/5

    By corianderbunlet
    I usually enjoy these kinds of puzzles, but the "film grain effect" dithering makes it unplayable for me. I can't look at the screen without getting headachy and nauseous. If you offered a setting to turn it off and give me a solid colored background without the random quivering I would give this game at least four stars, and I only managed to play through the first three puzzles before I had to stop.
  • KingNova__ On IG 5/5

    By ZaddyNova
    I Love This Game. I've Played So Many Games On The App Store But None Like This. It's Unique In Creativity & The Puzzles Are Tough But Additive. The Background Noise, Multiple Triangles, Locking & Interchanging As You Advance Is Flawless. Definitely A Cool Way To Tease Your Brain & Id Suggest It To Anyone Looking For Something Different.
  • Puzzling and eerie 5/5

    By Whysus
    This game honestly sounds simple and it theory, it is. But. It get harder. And the puzzles are random. You could spend an hour on one and the next one spend less than one minute. The game itself as a very eerie feel to it. But other than that, it a very unique and addictive.
  • Awesome game! 5/5

    By Cberg67
    When I first started playing this game I thought it was going to be boring.I played a little longer and realized it was just right- not boring, but not too hard. Some of the levels have you tearing your hair out trying to figure it out, while others take just a few movements to solve. This game is so unique and so well thought out, it's a pleasure to play.
  • What's up with the static? 1/5

    By Zygarin
    The static background noise makes the game painful to play. I mean... really?
  • Level 278 5/5

    By 1geraldine
    This Level has a pattern I haven't deciphered yet. Any clues?
  • Meh 3/5

    By gumbright
    Been playing for a while now and have yet to find any sort of challenge in it. Nicely made app (if a little hard on the eyes) but not really any fun.
  • Great but... 4/5

    By jujuxjules
    Great game, really fun to play. However if I try to go to another app or leave the game for a minute, going back to the game will make it freeze up and then crash :/
  • A Different Game 5/5

    By mvcancik
    Well made game except for the constant noise filter over the whole game
  • A literal and metaphorical embodiment of pieces falling together 5/5

    By Umpelty
    This puzzle game is intimidating at first, with its discordant soundtrack and constantly ticking counters of moves and seconds, but the play itself is both straightforward and complicated: make the colors on the edges of the triangles match so they can glom together. Which is incredibly satisfying - especially (to me) when I have to run backwards, deeper into the triangle, to make the outermost edges fit ... and then can simply fly outwards from the center watching everything snap into place exactly as I planned. Good game.
  • Good but not for the visually impaired 3/5

    By Crazy dog lady99
    Fun game but if you're dyslexic (like me) or have other vision impairments you're gonna have a lot less fun. For me most levels are fine but there's some with changing colors that make tracking which triangles match essentially impossible. I really wish they would add an option to skip a level or play a version that's vision impairment friendly. Great atmosphere but making it more accessible to folks like me would be nice.
  • Horrible (I think) 2/5

    By 600D 1D3AS
    The details sound (like a like ) unsure (like I think) child who (I think) hasn't seen it before and (like I think) dont get me started witn the game (I think) Hope that wasn't too painful to read but that is somewhat what the description beholds (I think)
  • all the way down it's triangles 5/5

    By Tbreezey
    it's triangles all the way down we're all triangles metaphysical triangles rotate me... US... until it fits so it can be over finally
  • Time relaxer 5/5

    By JUA VAJ
    Great design overall of a puzzle game! Easy to play and understand. Kenny Sun did a great job!
  • Creepy 1/5

    By Jayiccolo
    Eye in a triangle... wired white noise background music... extra almost inaudible voices... yah, no thanks.
  • This game is art 5/5

    By Jak33
    This is one of the most mesmerizing and atmospheric puzzle games I've ever played. It does so much with so little: the auditory landscapes, the level transitions, the visual style—they all give an eerie glimpse into a world that you feel like you cannot understand. The gameplay is simple to catch on to, but surprisingly deep. I found myself constantly surprised with how far the designers pushed such a simple mechanic. This is the game I've been looking for, a rare gem that throws back to the early days of the app store when creative developers could make simple games with love and attention to detail, games like tiny wings, super hexagon, and async corp. Thanks for this.
  • Not Good 1/5

    By DevilsReject1026
    This is not an entertaining game. All you do is spin triangles until you match. You don't chose which way to spin so you just tap the screen until the fit. No way to replay levels to try and get less spins. It's just not fun.
  • Illuminati Much? 5/5

    By artistic.chloe
    lol it looks like the All seeing Eye in the game but it is fun and addicting to play. Maybe they're using hypnosis.. oooo lol jk (:
  • If you look close it's the illuminati 4/5

    By AJOY1017
    Lol i downloaded the game to write this review the game isn't even installed and I'm writing this 🤣
  • Intriguing 5/5

    By 0828663
    I found this game really intriguing. The puzzles were cool and I like the concept in general. The sounds used for some of the levels were interesting. In general, It's a really fun game to play and I recommend it to anyone interested.
  • game is amazing 5/5

    By Corday latta
    i thought this game was gonna be some regular puzzle but when i played it i started to see it was something more
  • Fun but creepy 1/5

    By S2js2j
    Fun concept but badly performed and creepy
  • One of the best 5/5

    By Elmer101023
    This might be the only puzzle game I would actually play since I really hate playing puzzle games but this one is amazing I love the background noise btw
  • Level 82? 4/5

    By anichai
    I have throughly enjoyed your game but I too, after several days, am unable to solve level 82! I would love to continue playing but this is frustrating. If this is a glitch, please fix it. If not, please had a skip or hint option.
  • Love the secret ending! 5/5

    By Chrisg1010
    This game is really cool, the puzzle type is really original, I've never seen anything like it, plus the secret ending! I won't say how to get to it or what it is, but I can tell u the normal ending isn't as exiting....😋
  • Something Different 4/5

    By evarivers
    This game is definitely different. The whole "amateur" and "creepy" complaint is done purposefully and sets the game apart from everything else in the App Store. It would be nice to have a few more settings, like a skip level option, or the ability to turn off the background animation that annoys some players. 4 stars because of the credits before every level. I'm at level 80 and it has become unnecessary, frustrating, egotistical and takes away from the atmosphere the developer is trying to create.
  • Enjoyable at first then totally frustrating 3/5

    No logic to it. Spin triangles and sometimes they snap together, others don't. No explanation or system to follow. Have deleted and reinstalled to get off a level that is inexplicably unsolved
  • Interesting yet creepy 3/5

    By Neo Kitti
    The concept is simple enough to pick up and play and is pretty fun. However visually it's lackluster, some levels were pretty off putting actually, paired with the strange background noises. Noises not music. Definitely does not inspire me to play at night or alone. I suppose creepy is the theme.
  • Creepy illuminati/polybius inspired game 5/5

    By gjorge110
    I love how this game has its creepy imagery with the addition of its erre soundtrack. With those stated, it makes the game very fun and addicting while at the same time, makes you wonder if you are being mind controlled by the games developer :P
  • Okay I got it copy 5/5

    By yesake
    20 20 but I can't see nobody One eye open illuminati This might be the verse that make them drop me
  • fun! gave me a form of horrified nostalgia! 4/5

    By ♥MCR♥
    The game is really fun, but I have to admit the constant static covering the screen and the poor color theory makes it somewhat of an eyesore. While the background noise did make my anxiety incredibly hyped, it reminded me on a nightmare I had where I was in a labyrinth solving puzzles and being watched. Being that sense of stress and confusion to life actually make me more at peace with the dream. So yeah, this ugly puzzle game helped my anxiety!
  • A M A Z I N G ! 5/5

    By yeehawcactusman
    great game, great style. Its pretty easy at the start with some difficult levels, but once you really get into it the game gets more difficult and more fun.
  • Meh. It's ok. 3/5

    By tominco
    Interesting idea, but kind of easy and boring.
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Gamali464
    Omg. This game is awesome! Best sound ever and cool gameplay I've ever seen.
  • illumaniti confirmed 5/5

    By 123123123122123
    Why does this game have to do with the illumaniti??!!! But it's LIT MAN! 10/10 Lit
  • Now I'm freaked out 4/5

    By Cpt. Dunningham
    While a decent puzzle that forces you to learn all methods of solving it, including reverse-engineering some links, this game it horrifying. It's got that old-timey emptiness feeling to it. Think the atmosphere to Day-Z or Dark Meadow. Between the visuals, ambience, and the overall feel of the game, I can't do it.
  • Don't play if you have photosensitive epilepsy 4/5

    By slyalys
    Gets kinda repetitive once you learn the pattern. Then it is kinda zen. Wish there was a way to change the color scheme. Some levels mess with me.
  • Fun, but kinda glitchy. 4/5

    By JustSomePersonYouDon'tKnow
    Addictive, difficult, and fun. When I switch from this app to another, it freezes and the home button won't work. It's extremely annoying, but not enough to delete it(yet)
  • Personality 5/5

    By Bobarth
    I really like this. It presents challenges on its own terms with a propped up surrealism guided by Kenny Sun's self-aware auteur approach. The follow-up, Peak, drives this home even more. Maybe you need to have the right wavelength to appreciate what's going on here but I'm so glad I didn't miss this one.
  • I Love Puzzle Games 2/5

    By KnobHustler
    I figured this would be a great Puzzle Game especially since it was "pick of the week" what the heck?! I deleted it right after working the first two puzzles. Between the awful intro music that I'm not sure if it's supposed to be creepy or what but it's just annoying. Just feels very basic. Sorry, back to the drawing board. The only reason I gave 2 stars is because I couldn't make a sucky app so what do I know
  • Not particularly engaging or interesting 2/5

    By ferenyx
    Get it only while it's free
  • Clear a lot of people don't "get it" 5/5

    By StrayWolfZ
    Lotta people complaining about the noises and how weird it is. That's kinda the point, that's Kenny's style, which you would know if you played Circa Infinity. Guy makes really great games with simple concepts but nightmarish presentation. Don't like it, cool, but a lot of you clearly have no clue what you're talking about.