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  • Current Version: 1.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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YES Network App

In addition to watching YES Network’s broadcasts of live games, you will also be able to stream all of YES’ additional programming, including Pre and Post-Game Shows, Yankees Magazine, The Michael Kay Show, and more. The YES app also features access to select shows from its archives. Go back and watch full episodes of such shows as CenterStage and The Feed. Also, stream full seasons of Homegrown: The Path to Pinstripes and Homegrown: The Bridge to Brooklyn. In addition to accessing YES’ 24/7 broadcast schedule and select shows from its vault, the YES app also allows you to customize your experience to ensure you get all the latest highlights and news from the teams and players that matter most to you. The YES app also features the ability to receive notifications directly to your device so you never miss a moment of the action. On top of all that, use the YES app to stay informed on the most up-to-date scores, schedules and statistics for your favorite teams. NOTE: To stream the YES Network on your device, you will need to be a YES subscriber through a participating cable/video provider.

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YES Network app reviews

  • Hardly Ever Works 1/5

    By ekekew
    I was hesitantly excited when this rolled out. Unfortunately what I feared is true. Trying to watch a game is like trying to constantly adjust the bunny ears decades ago. The stream is constantly interrupted, freezing, requiring hard restarts, reboots, etc., etc. When it is working fragilely, you’re constantly waiting for it to chop out at any second. Makes for a terrible viewing experience and is reminiscent of early cord cutting says from like idk 7 years ago? Way to go YES, keep resting on your laurels.
  • Great potential, wish a few things could change 3/5

    By heehawman42
    I was glad when I finally saw an app that would let me watch the Yankees on my phone without an sub but I have some suggestions. 1. Provide a way to to watch the game in-picture so I don’t have to restart the stream if I want to do something else on my phone. 2. Provide stats! Let me click onto a different part of the app and see a box score or something of that nature, or something like gameday on the mlb or espn apps where I can see location of pitches, who’s on what base, summary of scoring/plays. 3. A way to see games that are on pix11 (if possible) I don’t get that channel. 4. Going off points 1 and 2, if you could rotate your phone to portrait you could have the game still going and be able to see stats
  • Constant Crashing 1/5

    By 36954268954
    Use it on my smart tv. The app takes several attempts to open before it actually opens. Then it constantly crashes and freezes. Very frustrating. Hope they figure this out before the games start to mean something.
  • Favorite teams - WORST APP EVER 1/5

    By NJ Sports Fan
  • Terrible blackout rules 1/5

    In florida and blacked out every game. Can’t even watch the press coverage.
  • Life long Yankees Fan 1/5

    By Annoyed persons
    This is a great concept, but falls short for those of us who don’t have cable and only use streaming devices. Also I live in Connecticut and games aren’t frequently broadcasted in Connecticut as much for some reason and am very disappointed in this! The last season I’ve missed many games. It would be great if you could be more like other streaming services and have a subscription per month so we can watch the live baseball games and other Yes tv shows. I’ve always loved the Yankees and grew up watching the Yes Network and would never want to change that, but it’s becoming very hard here! Any changes to make it more accessible would be wonderful! If changes are made to make it easier for us, I would gladly change my star rating. Thank you.
  • Picture in Picture 3/5

    By revieweryankees
    The App is great runs fine and smooth. I have to suggestions to improve the app. One is to enable PiP mode ASAP. Watching on my phone I want to be able to keep the game going and answer text messages and other things on my phone. This should be easy to implement on iOS utilizing the native player. Also this isn’t on the APP but more of the service, you guys did great with latency of the stream on the Apple TV it’s about a half of pitch behind live, but streaming on mobile is a full 2 pitches behind live. Thanks I’m happy to be able to stream the Yankees on YES!
  • Please add PIP 4/5

    By Iphone4lifeyea
    ASAP you need to add PIP.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Will LB
    I downloaded this app when it first came out. 3 months later they still haven’t worked out the bugs. It constantly freezes. It’s hands down the worst sports app I ever downloaded.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By every nickname is taken 0 star
    This app is horrible. Every time I try to watch a game through my fire tv it goes blank. When I try to sign back in, it won’t let me get through the verification process. It’s going to be a very long summer if we can’t watch.
  • Airplay no longer works 1/5

    By Mf24445
    Please fix airplay. This app continues to disappoint
  • Could the commercials be any louder 1/5

    By 15yankeeguy
    I rarely write reviews but I love to watch the Yankees and it’s almost impossible on this app because the commercials are 15 times louder than the broadcast. You have to immediately mute the TV when the commercials come on, so annoying. It’s not making me want to buy any of the products advertised.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By TK661
    Can you make it any more difficult to sign in on a streaming device? Be like every other app and allow sign in thru the tv.
  • Not very good for 2021..... 1/5

    By Brendan Kerrigan
    They legit care more about the liberty playing than the Yankees.....
  • Always has issues 2/5

    By MannyInFlorida
    -screen freezes - re-enter activation code ever few days -manual enter of url to activate screen never works. Must use bar code - no rewind - no on demand like fox sports go had Basically, it is less than before and has issues Major update is needed
  • Needs improvement!! 2/5

    By Mrsaaaaaa
    Add a Picture in Picture feature. Iphones are capable of having videos play in the background, this is much needed. ALSO, have a “watch from beginning “ option. This would be appreciated. Would love to watch The Michael Kay Show from the beginning of their broadcast!!! Or start a yankee game from the beginning. Fox sports go had both these features.
  • One of the worst apps ever 1/5

    By trainprof
    Doesn’t load the first three times. Everytime it does load I have to re sign in. It freezes all the time and I’ve made sure it isn’t the internet connection. Just terrible for a multi billion dollar corporation
  • Can’t minimize picture 3/5

    By JAJ784
    App works ok but please fix so it can be minimized (can only be open full screen or not at all) while doing other things on iPad.
  • Crashes all the time 2/5

    By Yfeldman05
    Can’t get through a game without at least 5 crashes
  • Audio not regulated Sign In does not hold 1/5

    By Gilmour1
    Commercials too hot, program audio too low. Really annoying. Have to sign out and back in each time you want to watch a game. I expect an app like this to just work.
  • Far behind other apps 1/5

    By jimoc247
    App performance and playback is terrible. Constant buffering and lag that makes it difficult to continue to use.
  • Cab 1/5

    By cab 10271954
    Worst app to navigate with Apple tv Get ready for a very frustrating experience The app is not responsive or easy to understand Don’t tell me to submit a ticket, you obviously have many problems and rushed an important app to YES fans. Did not have this problem with Fox App. Take some responsibility and fix this rushed app
  • Solid app with one nice feature missing 3/5

    By JimmySoftball
    For a new release this app is solid, however one great feature of the Fox Sports Go app was being able to view the video in the “picture in picture” minimized box on iOS. Hope they add this soon. Also, I should be able to cast the video using airplay or chrome cast.
  • i dont have any problems with it 5/5

    By bruh bhu
    i dont know why people are putting bad reviews it works just fine for me i can stream my nets and yankees and a bunch of other cool stuff
  • TRASH!!!!! 1/5

    By Mercury.T
    I used to be able to stream missed games on Fox Sports Go. Now this YES app only allows me to stream what’s LIVE on television. I go on YouTube if I want to see highlights this app is terrible and now if I miss a game I can never see it again. I’m literally deleting this as I see no use for it…
  • YES app stopped connecting to chromecast 2/5

    By lookingforsteeldrumapp
    I was able to chromecast from the YES app fine. Often however it froze or went out of focus often and slowed down. Now it won’t even connect to my chromecast. All other apps still connect to my chromecast but the YES app will not. I have rebooted my chromecast several times.
  • Doesn’t work with google chrome cast well 1/5

    By plkhvhfndmcj
    Consistently freezes and has to be recast from iPad. The cast icon also isn’t receptive to finger touch, is very finicky
  • Good but needs some refinements 3/5

    By slushman
    The ‘casting’ button for iPads (tried it on several different ones) hasn’t been working for a while now despite working previously from inception. Airplay, mute, and settings buttons all operating normally. ‘Casting’ fine on iPhone. App also consistently gets stuck/freezes during ad insertion during breaks.
  • Simply does not work 1/5

    By davem12203
    Fire your developers now. Total joke that this is a NY Yankee product. A zero.
  • Works but far from perfect 3/5

    By Kerowyn11
    Been using this to stream games on Apple TV. For the most part it gets the job done but some areas for improvement: 1) you can’t rewind/fast forward/pause. It looks like you should be able to but if you try the whole steam gets messed up and you typically end up with a stream that’s 5 min in the past with no way to catch back up. The only way to remedy this is to close the app and reopen 2) speaking of closing the app, I have to do this nearly every time between games otherwise the current stream won’t play properly 3) the stream itself seems to be 2-3 minutes behind live so I have to turn off notifications from MLB so that it doesn’t spoil it for me. No such issues when streaming from other services.
  • Now Chromecast won’t work 1/5

    By AFish58
    Ever since you guys put in the AirPlay button the chromecast button doesn’t work. And they both freeze even more than before. Awesome.
  • YES App deletes my ESPN app settings 1/5

    By LynnPVaz
    I stream the Yankee games via Xfinity app without issues. YES app does not allow me to stream Yankee games. YES app also changed the settings in my ESPN app to not alert me about Yankee games & scoring. YES app is deleted.
  • Lack of Information 1/5

    By Woody117
    I signed up to the YES App and when I tried to watch the game today this is what I saw. You either have not subscribed to Yes or authorized to view the content. Please refer to FAQ section. What I’d like to know where is the FAQ section? Please advise???
  • Cast Button Not Working 1/5

    By mcia65
    When “cast” icon appears on screen to send to my Chromecast, pressing it does nothing. The “settings” and “airplay” buttons work, but trying to press “cast” does nothing!
  • Lousy 1/5

    By ewg956
    I constantly have to delete the app and then reinstall it. It is always telling me I’m not authorize to have the app. Not worth the frustration it is putting me through.
  • Very Frustrated! 1/5

    By CRASH917
    Nothing but issues while casting to Chromecast from my phone. Constant screen freezes forcing a reboot and then it happens again. I pay for the YES network, I should have the option to cast to my TV. What’s the timeframe on a resolution??
  • Broken 1/5

    By IWDA4
    Can you leave more than a generic description in version history? Writing “added unnecessary improvements and completely broke chromecast” would have been more insightful.
  • Blacked out in my area, and service provider 1/5

    By LegendaryJRN
    Most useless app I ever used in my life. Yes app is completely blacked out in my area and cannot connect to my provider and watch games. This app is a complete waste of space. FIX IT NOW!!!!!
  • Blacked out in NJ!!! Horrible!! 1/5

    By Brownstown23
    I live in Central New Jersey and never had a problem using the Fox Sports go app to watch games the first time I try to watch a game on the yes network app it tells me sorry blacked out in my local area!! Absolutely pathetic disgraceful not what you expect from the Yankees!! What a disappointment and worthless if I can’t watch a New York Yankee game in the tri-state area on the yes app!! I can’t even tell you how disappointing this is! Shameful! Embarrassing for the Yankees to release a product like this when The one it replaced was flawless and never had a problem!
  • Too many bugs, not worth the time 1/5

    By Jeremy R..
    This is the worst app I can possibly imagine. Doesnt recognize when you’ve logged in with a TV provider, has never worked on my Roku and is now not working on Apple TV. I was excited when they announced the app but I find myself watching the Yankees less and less since trying to use this app just isn’t worth the time.
  • Chromecast broken 1/5

    By nfjsigsjfje739392751
    Today’s update makes the cast to Chromecast no longer work
  • Getting annoyed 1/5

    By $elltheProphet
    This app works great 75% of the time. Then every so often out of the blue it tells me im not a subscriber! Come on man. Fix this please! Im 100% authorized to watch yes on this app so why every so often does it deny me access??
  • Very loud Commercials 1/5

    By Beatstotheryme
    Good app but the commericals are so loud. Very annoying!
  • Worst App I’ve Ever Used 1/5

    By nugsdotnetsucks
    The single worst app I’ve ever used. Consistently crashes when casting and is consistently horrible quality when casting and I have fiber internet. No other sports app works as poorly as this one!!!!!!!!
  • Please figure out the commercial glitch 3/5

    By lizpercival
    I’m generally happy with the app but whenever the game goes to commercial while I’m using my Chromecast, I have to disconnect and reconnect almost every single commercial break because the stream freezes. This is a huge issue.
  • Nice to be able to stream while off of WiFi. 3/5

    By Matt Micdee
    Cool app but maybe address the volume level of the commercials. It triples the volume when the commercials come on. So unnecessary. I cannot stress enough how obnoxious that is when you pay for the service. Maybe look into it. Thanks for the app besides that.
  • No iPod touch version 1/5

    By tozzophoto
    Poor development if you can’t make a version for the iPod.
  • Fox sports go worked flawlessly. This one doesn’t! 1/5

    By Purebassfury
    Works every now and then but mostly when you try to watch the game in its entirety, it fails to load. You can watch highlights but full game doesn’t load, just get the spinning wheel of death. Why take away a perfectly working app and replace it with a clunker?
  • App Hardly works 1/5

    By sleepyboi99
    This app is a piece of garbage. Takes forever to open and constantly tells me I have no internet connection when I have full service. I am on an iPhone 12 and everything is up to date so I really shouldn’t have any of these problems. Worst of all the Picture in Picture feature doesn’t work for this app so anytime I try to do something else the whole app closes basically and I have start from the beginning just to send a text. If there was any other way to watch the Yankees I would do it the other way. 0/5 stars

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