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On Yik Yak, connect with everyone within 5 miles. All you need to do to get started on Yik Yak is verify your humanity with a valid U.S. phone number. Inside the app, your identity is a secret. This makes it fun and easy to jump into conversations without societal labels! Everyone is equal on Yik Yak. Other people within 5 miles of your location on Yik Yak are your "herd". When you post a message (called a "yak"), it's visible to your herd. You can upvote or downvote yaks to show your like or dislike of the content! On the Hot feed, yaks from the last 24 hours are ranked by number of total upvotes! To start a conversation around any yak, you can easily comment and start a dialogue. Notifications make it easy to keep up to date with activity. To make things easy to understand, we've included awesome tutorials. Want to see what's going on all around the country? Check out the Nationwide Hot and Nationwide Top feeds to stay on top of the national pulse! To keep everyone safe on Yik Yak, make sure you review our Community Guardrails before you get started! It's finally time to Find Your Herd! The yak is back!

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  • Language Censorship! 1/5

    By NekoEsmahh
    So, I’m not allowed to speak my own language (Spanish) in my own country because….apparently it violates the guiderails? Y’all WHAT?! You need to fix this. Puerto Rico is NOT an English speaking country and you guys should be able to at least use google translate whenever something is reported or whatever. This is just lazy.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By HarmonMM
    I love how it doesn’t have a strict algorithm like TikTok and YouTube, where our freedom of expression isn’t impeded on!!! It makes it so much easier for me to speak my mind without fearing that my post will get removed.
  • Terrible!! 1/5

    By anonymous2920202929292291
    This app is only used for bullying. I wish I could give it zero stars.
  • my app will not load!! 2/5

    By devinlee99
    i have had this app for several days and it has yet to load. i have uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times. no one else i know is having this problem. please help!
  • For the love of god fix notifications 2/5

    By Mylzad
    Please just add some stacking for notifications on the same post or some better indication of which posts you've viewed already its horrible trying to navigate it, especially when you have like 5 notifications and have to check the time ago that they came in so you dont click the same one thirty times
  • great app 4/5

    By 🌹Sex video call👉8kau.com🌹仰
    I like yikyak and I think it’s fun when you live in a college town, because then you can talk to your peers on campus. The one issue though is that a lot of users are in fraternities and sororities and they leave a lot of annoying posts related I have not seen the bullying which it seems to have been previously known for, and it’s fun to get a sense of what the community is feeling So to make the app more usable for me I started blocking people who made posts related to Greek life. It was wonderful. I stopped seeing the frat posts that others would complain about. Until today when I was doing my thing I got the fatal and devastating message that I had already blocked the maximum number of people. I would love if yikyak would add the mute words feature that twitter has. Then instead of blocking individuals I could stop seeing the words “ksig”, “beta”, “pi”, “delta”, “pike”, etc. which would be A LOT more effective at filtering out the content I and many others are not interested in seeing.
  • Lost my virginity through this app 5/5

    By istg theyre all taken
    Thank you 🙏
  • Can’t open the app 1/5

    By dakota_price
    I wish I could open the the app, but unfortunately, this app will never load.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By Ashrenae63
    For the love, PLEASE fix your notifications system. It never used to be this bad. It’s horrendous. Get it together yikyak.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By fufulameshi
    Just needs the distance a little further imo, several groups of friends of mine are literally like maybe a half a mile to a mile out of range, maybe do a 7.5 mile radius? Or make it to where we can do 5 or 7.5 or 10 u know?
  • Impeccable 5/5

    By cappy-blappy
    It’s amazing
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Morgan EG
    Great way to destroy people’s mental health.
  • Yik yak cold section 3/5

    By bernardbanks
    I think Yik yak should introduce a cold section to show off yaks that we’re absolutely decimated by downvotes
  • Banned for no reason 1/5

    By not sheep34
    They banned me for no reason and when I appealed they declined my appeal. I can now never use the app because I am permanently banned.
  • Good app, but 4/5

    By flaminghorselord
    It’s pretty good, notification system needs to be a bit better and I’d love it if there was a Dm system
  • extremely buggy 1/5

    By miranda3g46
    the app is extremely bugged, it doesn’t even open.
  • Doesn’t tell you why your post got removed. 1/5

    By DaveLoves
    Seriously. It’ll just say “this yak has been removed” and I have no idea what I did wrong. They really need to update it so that it at least shows you what was said. Because I have no clue.
  • I like the app BUT 5/5

    By Rohan Preis
    I go to Furman where the creators go to so they won’t shut up about that, but the point is the app is almost un-useable on IPhone 13 because the top options such as the profile button and the map thingy are covered by the time and data window
  • CANT USE 1/5

    By coooooooddddyyyyy
    can’t even get a code sent to my number nor will it go to another page
  • Racist app 1/5

    By Dudjdkdnjwkzbxbkfkfmyou
    Someone made a post hating a certain minority and I tried to comment a reply using a word closely related to saltines and I was banned?!? I can’t talk about snacks on this app? What if I want to discuss places to get cheese and crackers.
  • Screw this app 1/5

    By spiedixon
    App crashes ans wont open
  • Great but won’t work for me anymore 1/5

    By Brebreforeva
    EDIT: nah okay I love this app but until I can actually use it, I’m giving it one star. I can’t get in at ALL it’s pissing me off. Fix your app before u add in new features likes DMs. I love this app and have gotten to know people here, but it has SO many bugs. Ever since the last update I just can’t get on anymore, the screen looks like it’s trying to load and it neeeeever does. I’ve had this issue happen a lot in the past but it’d eventually load, but now it doesn’t at all
  • Instantly crashes when opened 1/5

    By Aidan Javidpour
    title ^
  • Why 1/5

    By piercedoppler
    I was on this app for 32 seconds before my faith in humanity took a nosedive. The idea and execution are sound, it works fine. Probably could use some better monitoring software because what was being posted…ugh. The one star is more for humans than it is for the app. I really expected better.
  • needs better moderation 1/5

    By pAtty8800
    A lot of people are being verbally harassed because moderation is just up to the community upvoting or downvoting, horrible idea

    By GlitterBugSalad_æ
    This app is so funny and awesome it really is. But one the main thing that could improve this app would be a system where we can message others. This app is mainly used by college students all within the same area. There should be a way for people to privately exchange messages with someone who comments on ur yik yaks if you don’t want ur reply public, or even a private messaging system. This app has the potential to bring many people together lol please consider!!!!
  • Doesn't even open 1/5

    By ashburystreet
    Version history keeps saying "bug fixes/improvements." Any plans to fix the issue where the app closes itself within a second of being opened? I'd probably give a better review if it had that bare minimum of functionality.
  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 3/5

    By Caroline Carbaugh
    As someone who is blind, I have noticed that I can no longer hit the upvote button most likely because of a voiceover bug. Therefore, in a future update, I would like the buttons for up and down voting to be more accessible thank you. update, I sometimes confine that notification button to see comments I got a Miyax and ones that I’ve commented on that I can also look at but not all the time and I can’t even access settings like everybody else can on this app so please make it more accessible with voiceover thank you
  • Fun Fun 5/5

    By Fun999999
  • Spaceship 3/5

    By 1536
    Spaceship doesn’t work properly
  • Needs to do a better job of filtering out kids under 18 2/5

    By zayzayzay9
    App was fun until an influx of high school kids from 3 cities within my radius started posting 😐 I’ve reached my # of users blocked limit so now I’m just stuck and tend to use the app less…I wish there was some way to filter out specific words, locations (you can see these kids posting from a high school location 90% of the time!) or the app did a better job of monitoring yaks with people’s real names in them because that’s all these kids post… Until I see some improvements or less literal children on my feed, I’ll be using this app way less.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By cc99976578
    App crashes once I open it
  • nothing loading 3/5

    By RainbowLoL!
    my app is not working at all right now :(. i just updated it and since then nothing is working. it shows me a black screen with the bar going across as if the yaks are loading but it’s not. there’s nothing in the world or notification tabs and i can’t look at anything. i do really like yik yak but i do think they should fix certain things. i wish they catered it to college students rather than promote it as a family friendly app because they know what sort of stuff gets posted. also it’d be so cool if they added a dm feature. i know they already had one and it didn’t work out, but it could be better if it was an accept and request thing. it would also be nice if when you blocked someone they couldn’t see any of your posts and vice versa, otherwise it’s sort of pointless. i do think this app is fun though.
  • won't load 3/5

    By Aoraogahxfpuwsghpkfjdd
    got this app like 3 hours ago and now it won't load and let me see what is even being posted. big bug issues
  • Fix the app :/ 1/5

    Can’t even use the app, the update did nothing. It just loads and loads but nothing happens.
  • Yik yak 3/5

    By hcfgbnj
    It won’t load
  • Should be zero 1/5

    By Terrible Yik Make me yal
    As a public school administrator, this is one of the worst problematic ideas for an app that’s out there. Anyone can anonymously bully freely other students without any possible chance of repercussions for negative choices. Social media is bad enough but to give anyone, even outside of the school itself, free range access to our students, is crazy.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By @Worldchanging.person
    The moment the app opens, it crashes.
  • Doesn’t load 1/5

    By jjjkkkkxd
    App doesn’t load
  • Horrible 1/5

    By bransternibba
    Ever since they made the new update if won’t even let me get on the app without crashing
  • App glitch 1/5

    By keep the old snapchat
    My app keeps glitching every time I open it. I open it and a second later it kicks me out. It’s happening constantly and it’s extremely annoying and bothersome. Please fix this, I can’t stand it anymore
  • Awesome app but insane crashes 3/5

    By Sharks + Star Wars
    This app is awesome and a really good concept and the only problem is that it crashes ALL THE TIME. Restarting the app, redownloading, and restarting my phone won’t fix the crashing. I just have to get lucky and hope it doesn’t crash whenever I open it.
  • its okay.. 1/5

    By habwnwjahbsbs
    this app is a gateway for bullying and its needs deleted my friend said she was going to kill herself over it. do something about it or at least censor words. i try my best reporting every inappropriate one i see.
  • Crashes on startup 1/5

    By gsvb2000
    app refuses to stay open for more than 2 seconds, i’ve un-downloaded, re-downloaded, restarted my phone. nothing is working.
  • It crashes 24/7 1/5

    By blaxkman7268
    Like bro I need my Yik yak
  • Love this app 5/5

    By nuggets 245
    It’s so funny
  • Crashes instantly 1/5

    By Bearsplitz
    It was fun for an afternoon until I decided to post a picture. Then my app crashed. Now it crashes a few seconds after I open it. Restarting my phone didn’t work. Redownloading Yik Yak didn’t work. It’s totally unusable now.
  • Lots of crashes/bugs 1/5

    By Flaming hot cheeto
    Love the app but can’t even use it most of the time because it crashes the second I open it
  • App keeps crashing FIX IT 2/5

    By Doctor who132
    This is insane. Yall updated the app less than 24 hours ago and the app keeps crashing like its their job or something! FIX IT NOW
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