Yoga-Go: Weight Loss Workouts

Yoga-Go: Weight Loss Workouts

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  • Compatibility: Android
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Yoga-Go: Weight Loss Workouts App

Yoga-Go combines customized fitness and weight loss plans, along with a healthy meal tracker, giving users an all-inclusive, anytime/anywhere solution to build a toned and sexy body, maintain balanced emotions, and harmonize their life. *** WITH YOGA-GO YOU’LL GET • Exercises focused on weight control, figure sculpting, and mind and body health • Fat burning workouts • Tracking of progress, workout time, and calories burnt • A strong and well-toned figure • Results sharing and updates from your yogi friends • Set of daily recipes ALL THE BENEFITS OF YOGA IN ONE APP • Yoga poses burn fat and calories • Yoga sculpts your body • Yoga poses make you stronger and more flexible • Yoga manages everyday stress • Yoga improves your sex life HOME-BASED YOGA WORKOUTS Yoga-Go is a source of simple home-based yoga workouts that will not take too much of your time. You can start a workout wherever you are at that moment. Yoga-Go workouts only take between 7-30 minutes, and you can burn up to 200 calories per session. HOW TO USE THE APP & SUBSCRIPTIONS: You can download and use the Yoga-Go app for free. To access the rest of the workouts, choose one of the subscription plans offered. Subscribe once for $149.99 and you won't have to worry about your workout routine again. You can also select the annual plan which costs $52.99, or the one-month option for $14.99. If you are of the “try-before-you-buy” kind, we have a free trial period that allows you to unlock everything and decide whether it works for you or not. Please keep in mind that the free trial option is automatically extended to the 12-month plan after the trial period ends, and the annual cost will be charged. When opting for a subscription, you pay the fixed price for your country, which is displayed in the app. The subscription is renewed automatically unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will be charged for the new period within the 24 hours prior to the current subscription expiration. The current period of In-App subscriptions cannot be canceled. You can disable automatic renewal via your iTunes at any time. Yoga-Go Privacy Policy: Yoga-Go Terms of Use:

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Yoga-Go: Weight Loss Workouts app reviews

  • Terrible 1/5

    By Joy6719
    I really would like to cancel my subscription but I can’t ! the charge was made unfairly Terrible

    By 0UnicornLove0
    *Update: I keep reading the other reviews. It's horrific! I had this app for less than a day and I'm already miserable. If I don't hear back and have my subscription canceled on time, I will be contacting Apple until this situation is solved. Unbelievable.* I wish I read the reviews first but I figured it’s free for the first seven days, so why not? I hardly ever write a review, but this app is bugging out so severely that I had to leave a review. 1- After putting in my information correctly the first time, I went to settings to find the image that was advertised (tap on the areas you want to work on) and found out not only was that image not there but the app deleted some of my key information and listed me as a male. I tried to change it several times, but it refused to change it. 2-I tried to tap on the contact us, but an error message kept popping up. 3-So, to get the app developers attention, I have to write a review??? Get me out of this subscription. I want to cancel it immediately!!! Too much hassle. Not worth it.
  • a friggin plus 5/5

    By makarastarnes
    Love this! The meal plans are great and simple. And the workouts make me feel very good from the inside out. The health, specifically sleep sessions, are very relaxing. Looooooveeeee.
  • No way to cancel 1/5

    By shelli chaps
    I downloaded the app to check it out. Decided within 5 minutes the app wasn’t for me. I clicked the x button throughout all of the questions to look for a way to cancel but never found one. Please cancel my subscription!!!!
  • Sounds great 5/5

    By (:;:;:;:;:)
    The instructions are easy to follow but I’m not sure how it will be farther as you have to purchase the full app to experience the full workout videos.
  • This app is great! 5/5

    By carmen_ng
    This app is so great i don’t understand why people keep complaining about it. i guess it takes about 2 months (if you spend around 15-30mins everyday) to finish all of the excercise, so it’s not too pricey at all. Go to Setting and view your apple ID (idk about android) then look for subscriptions and you can see this app with all the options and you can choose to pay for the plan that works best for you (1 month, 3 months, 1 year...) and they will charge you after 7 days trial. I took a few daily challenge and it was great overall. The only down side is that i’m not sure what the difference between the levels is, because when i changed from Beginner to Advance it seemed that nothing was changed at all. I hope this app can be extended, i mean, more excercise, more challenges and i can subscribe for a longer time lol.
  • App Not Working 3/5

    By JacquesNT
    I like this app, it actually got me to enjoy yoga, but its not opening and sometimes glitches 😞 would love to know how to remedy this.
  • Price? 4/5

    By KyraLPS
    I would like to know how much it costs before I download any app. I enjoy the exercises though
  • App doesn’t open 1/5

    By J.A.YA
    I haven’t been able to open the app for weeks now. The app is up to date, however every time I try and click on it, it takes me back to my phone homepage. I don’t understand why it’s doing this! I would appreciate it if this issue is resolved soon because it’s useless if it doesn’t even open.
  • Problems 2/5

    By 208ID7758
    I could never get the app to display on my phone or iPad correctly. Waste of my money. 😢
  • Freezes constantly 1/5

    By Balloondeprived
    They haven’t responded to my concerns about their app freezing almost every time I try to use it. I would hardly classify the app as “yoga” anyway. This is a waste of money. Please do not pay for this app.
  • Money 1/5

    By hdbddjkslwppqoqkns
    I know they need to pay their bills but the money per mouth was so much so I tried to just do the free workouts and I searched the app and I only found one. Therefore if you are looking for a cheap good workout don’t look here. I must say though if you do not care about price I do enjoy their app. Very good workouts!
  • iPad? 2/5

    By Moe0308
    I wish I can use this app in iPad. I can download this app but not flexible as iPhone.
  • App difficulties 5/5

    By luciernaga71
    Hi, I just update phone and app is not working. I need assistance, please. Never mind! I erased the app and downloaded restoring purchase and it works!!! Yeah!
  • Cancel 5/5

    By laverine
    I just had back surgery and right hand surgery. Cancel until further notice. I have two plates and two screws in my spine and two screws on either side of my hips and I am in a cast for 10 weeks.
  • App does not recognize my purchase 1/5

    By ds20778
    I purchased an annual subscription but your app does not recognize it, no matter what I do- just tells me that a subscription was purchased but I can not restore it and that I should try again later. Either fix this or refund my money!
  • Freezes a LOT 1/5

    By Fdkdkc
    Unable to complete a single workout in the specified time. 26 minutes turns into 40 because the app freezes all of the time.
  • Refund Hassle 1/5

    By Sparkle Lynee
    I tried the app with the best of intentions; but decided against it. I thought I was still within my trail period until the subscription automatically renewed for 1 year at $52.99. If you are going to require customers to opt out then you should atomically renew for the cheapest option NOT the most expensive. I, like another reviewer, tried to request a refund through the App Store but the company did not make that feature available. So I read the company’s response and sent an email. I got an automatic email back saying that they are a start up and may take awhile to get back to me. I don’t feel comfortable with that when it comes to money. If you are going to have a long response time then make the refund option available in the App Store. It was an okay app; but I just was soured with this negative subscription experience.
  • App freezes up and kicks me off 1/5

    By Sunfoxy78
    This app is not worth $53! It’s not worth any star. The support group is from Cyprus, wherever that is. I want my money back!
  • .. 5/5

    By Sa'ed M. A.
    Ihope its free

    By Sof435
    The whole click on your problem areas and have a plan tailored to you - yeah, doesn’t exist. 15$ a month for crappy yoga videos that you could easily find for free on youtube (and they would be of better quality). Not to mention if you are looking for relaxation then you will not be pleased with the voice they chose to speak directions in the video - it sounds like the most annoying teacher you’ve ever had mixed with an overly energetic robot, lifeless and grating on the ears. The daily meal plan only offers 3 options for each meal, you can’t refresh them or change them, there is no way to put in ingredients you like or what ingredients are available to you, “tailored”? Not particularly... Also to anyone who has done vinyasa yoga before - THIS IS NOT THAT. The sort of exercises offered are repetitive and fast, do not actually offer any stretching or strengthening, literally hurt my back within the first 5 minutes following the given instructions. In conclusion, these people obviously designed an app and spent all their energy perfecting guerrilla instagram marketing without putting any actual thought or energy into the product itself, another meaningless, valueless capitalist scam that tricks people who just want help living and eating healthier. This sort of stuff makes me sick, do not give them your money.
  • Money 4/5

    By Aimalohi
    I don’t like that I can only unlock one day of each workout if I don’t put my financial information in. At least give me 7 days
  • #ilovethisapp 5/5

    By 8273763950
    I am a new user and I just did my first workout. I had a great time doing the exercises, the directions were clear and easy to follow. I absolutely love this app and plan to purchase! 💪🏼❤️
  • Was skeptical 5/5

    By MamiRitz
    DL three months ago and didn’t think I’d ever do it but I’m so happy I did. So far so good. Fast and easy yoga in the morning that will start your day in the right path. I don’t know why there’s so many 1 star reviews? Maybe it’s competition or maybe the developers have fixed the bugs? Not sure why but if I were you, I’d download the app and give it a try. Hey, that rhymed.
  • Don’t do it! 1/5

    By Ndjjdnbdss
    This app offers multiple subscriptions however, they did not let me chose and simply charged my card the most expensive option. I feel extremely violated and taken advantage of. I would not recommend this app to anyone.
  • Awful 1/5

    By ../;p[i9-u907680
    So expensive and basically impossible for beginners! They don’t give enough verbal instruction and you cant possibly be staring at your phone the whole time you’re trying to work out! Not worth it at all canceled my subscription! Please read the reviews before subscribing I’m not sure who on their team is giving it a bunch of 5 stars but most of the reviews are negative.
  • They took my money 1/5

    By Fefy2002
    They told me I could purchase it and then I could restore the money if I didn’t like it and I , pressed repurchase and they don’t let me
  • Try it out now 5/5

    By cool thing makes yoy fit
    You are so very good and I am new here and it is so relaxing thank you for making this
  • Divya V 5/5

    By Divya V
    Exercises are easy and awesome , love it.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By nantsy
    Have had to reload several times. Not worth my frustration
  • Freezes sometimes 2/5

    By Sdatat
    Ive reset my phone several times to make sure it’s not the one malfunctioning but it isn’t. It’s the app. The exercises are good but agree with several users that it doesn’t allow you to review the exercises to make sure you are doing them correctly. If you do, you have to go back to the beginning. It doesn’t track the workouts correctly. The workouts state they are 10 minutes long but then one of the screens states I’ve done 20 minutes worth which is not true. Can’t review workouts beforehand without them registering to my iPhone and making it appear like I’ve worked out when all I’ve done is review them. Doesn’t recommend a warm up so I understood I didn’t have to. Big mistake. I’m stuck with it because I didn’t cancel within the time I should have. ☹️
  • Not for Me 1/5

    By LA Bup Bup
    The platform doesn’t look anything like what these images look like (at least in the free trial). I tested it out to see if I liked the app and I could not get through one minute with the instructors voice. It sounded like an infomercial or as if she was speaking to a small child. Not my thing.
  • Not clear 1/5

    By emb413
    I can’t tell if it’s an actual human performing the workout in the app and the directions throughout the workout are not clear. Which needs to be since you are not able look at screen the entire time. I also don’t feel there is a lot of options to choose from for working out/stretching.
  • Beat yoga app ever! 5/5

    By Beatrice525
    It is free app. I know it is worth to pay for.. love it!!
  • Awful app 1/5

    By ansleytatem
    U best not charge me becuz I did NOT sign up for a 7 day trial! And I will report u if u take one cent out of my acct! I tried to delete and it wouldn’t let me delete off my phone!
  • Help The App won’t open!!! 1/5

    By Aseret Nodlew
    Not happy!
  • Definitely for beginners 5/5

    By Kathyed22
    I’m over 50 and want to do yoga but found studios and other programs too difficult for me. I 💕 this program! If I can do it, anyone can! It’s short but focused on small stretches in short bursts of time! I feel good and already can feel the benefits from doing yoga stretches! I’m excited to do this everyday and can’t wait to see how strong I become this year! Seriously, try this!!
  • Read the entire AD it’s not a free app 1/5

    By un happy purchase
    Very disappointed. No, I don’t want a free trial... then I will have to cancel. No thank you. I wish I had never downloaded it. Now it’s forever in my cloud, if I get charged for anything I will be very upset. 😔
  • Scam 1/5

    By JWW72
    DON’T FALL FOR THE FREE TRIAL!! They take your money even after you IMMEDIATELY CANCEL. I was curious about this app. In order to even see it, you must sign up for the free trial. To get the free trial, I had to give account information, so it would automatically charge if I didn’t cancel before the two week trial ended. After about 10 MINUTES, I realized the app was not for me. I immediately sent app support a message, wishing to cancel. They sent me the link to cancel in my iPhone. I did that. I checked my bank account and realized the app HAD ALREADY CHARGED MY ACCOUNT FOR ONE YEAR. I sent Apple support my information, telling them to GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. I’ve heard nothing. It’s been 4 days. I had to cancel the transaction at my bank and get a whole new account because Apple/the app are still trying to TAKE MY MONEY. They ran the transaction two days after I cancel the app.
  • Not enough 3/5

    By KayLove94
    You get ONE free class. And honestly it’s not enough to tell if it’s worth it. And since the only other review I can see is a one star...not keeping the app
  • Great App 4/5

    By idolrose
    The app is great and effective in combination with my weightlifting. I just want to know what the difference is between the $14.99 monthly subscription and the $9.99 monthly subscription? What I am investing in would be a good thing to know. Thank you!
  • Excelente app 5/5

    By Cianya
    Muy recomendable
  • Great! 5/5

    By Kimbug21
    Great experience and awesome meditation at the end!
  • needs improvement 1/5

    By Dessi5900
    I can’t update the app which means I paid for the year of nothing😡
  • Buggy and inadequate voice prompts 3/5

    By $3$:&2
    Following work out in series often launches automatically immediately after finishing a previous workout. Doesn’t accurately track workouts. Many get missed. Seems to have reset my profile losing a whole series of completed workout. No option to toggle within a workout, you can only go back or forwards to a certain point in the video. This way, when you don’t understand a movement and want to start over you’ll have to go way back into the video and repeat or sit there and wait. In terms of the workouts they are very good however: They simply don’t give enough prompts during the workouts and it’s just impossible to always be looking at the screen while you are bending about, as it is impossible to always look at a live teacher. If it’s the last one in a series say LAST ONE! If you transitioning to a new position say MOVING ON or something to that effect, don’t wait until you are always completely in said position. Please say LEFT or RIGHT more clearly and emphatically. I’m sure there are other prompts that would be helpful that I have not mentioned here.
  • Don’t want it 1/5

    By Josi Pulgar
    Didn’t give me the chance to avoid the purchase. Bought it by mistake and can find how to cancel the subscription. Besides the app is very poor compared with Yoga practice. How can I cancel and being refund
  • Not free 1/5

    By guyverblade
    This app makes it look like it’s free or some part is free with some in app purchases, so you download and start to sign up and then get to a payment plan. You can’t even try the app without it wanting your info. No thanks.
  • Charged me even though I cancelled my subscription 1/5

    By BehleBehle
    I am extremely upset. My free trial ended today so I cancelled, and I see I have been charged anyways. I am beyond disgusted and expecting a full refund for an updated review.
  • How are we supposed to watch it on our phone? 1/5

    By Excellente appli
    No chromecast to be able to watch it on tv, no app available on ipad when it says there is on the iphone app description! Super frustrated, I was motivated, what a motivation killer! Uninstalling!

Yoga-Go: Weight Loss Workouts app comments

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