Yoti - Your digital identity

Yoti - Your digital identity

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  • Current Version: 3.16.1
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Yoti - Your digital identity App

Yoti is your ID on your phone. Your Digital ID gives you a safe and convenient way to prove who you are to businesses. What you can do with Yoti - Prove your age online and at over 12,000 convenience stores in England and Wales. - Prove your identity to businesses. - Get an extra layer of security when you log in to online accounts. - Manage all your logins with our free password manager. Your details are safe Add details to your Yoti by scanning a government-approved ID document. We accept passports, driving licences and national ID cards from 185+ countries. We encrypt your ID details and any other personal details into unreadable data that only you can unlock. The private encryption key to your data is stored safely on your phone – only you can activate this key and access your details using your 5 digit PIN. Protecting your privacy We cannot share your details without your permission or mine or sell your data to third parties. We encourage businesses to only ask for the details they need, so when you choose to share your details with a business using Yoti, you can feel safe sharing less data. Create your Digital ID in minutes 1. Add a phone number and create a 5 digit PIN to protect your account. 2. Take a scan of your face so we can be sure you’re a real person. 3. Scan your ID document to add your details. Join over 7 million people who have already downloaded the Yoti app.

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Yoti - Your digital identity app reviews

  • I hate this app 1/5

    By LexieD.
    To get verified on Yubo you have to get verified on this app. But everytime I put my number in the stupid ass app puts different numbers in completely different from my phone number. So now some random ass person is getting my verification code.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By kingzech 90
    I guess you can say I’m kind of a public figure on Yubo with over 2,000 friends and my live gets about 1,000 views one day I went to go log in and it said I had to get this app ok that’s fine but nothing on this app works I tried to scan my ID does not up load you guys ask for a lot of personal stuff for an app I don’t feel comfortable giving you my address with my pic on it on a app and it just sits there no I’m ok I will be removing both apps this is dumb
  • You got the wrong one 1/5

    By fucallyallheauxs
    They’re deleting reviews and adding fake ones. This is literally a scam! They don’t want ppl to know how bad of an app it is. We won’t stop until this app is taken down 🥰xoxo wrong one
  • 其实还可以 5/5

    By 呀呀呀啊哈哈啦啦啦
    希望尽快找到能验证中国用户的办法, 谢谢!
  • kyc很简单不难 5/5

    By pi HK
  • What😂 1/5

    By jsvsghahajkakjjjj
    Why does all this have to be extra your driving every one away from yubo because of this how do you expect to become a big social app but you seemingly purposefully get rid of users?😂
  • aaaabbbyy 5/5

    By aaaabbbyy
    Hello, I am a PI pioneer from China. You guys are great. Better just do it yourself.
  • 非常好的第三方认证机构 5/5

    By interspay
  • For the developer 5/5

    By KRF3739
    Sorry I called the app stupid earlier. It wouldn’t approve my ID but it’s working now. Your app is good, I just didn’t have the patience for it earlier. Nothing wrong with app.
  • very good! 5/5

    By rock98989
    very good app for me!
  • Racism 1/5

    By 1237744&:'
    This app is extremely racist, I have to open my EYES WITH MY FINGERS to be able to get a reading at all and it doesn't even go through
  • Broken 1/5

    By ASTRO🗿☄️
    I have tried to verify my account but every time I try it tells me to record a video of myself saying some words. I have tried doing this for almost a whole day now and every time I submit it, in less than a minute I get a notification saying “Sorry, we couldn’t confirm that you’re a real person”. I honestly don’t know what more they want from me because I am doing everything that they suggest and say to do.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By theskategirl
    It doesn’t let me put in my phone number to send the verification code it doesn’t let me put my whole phone number.
  • Useless 1/5

    By zane_douglas
    This app has no point and will never have a point, and when you follow instructions it does not work correctly. I would not even give a star 10/10 do NOT recommend.
  • i might as well delete yubo 1/5

    By user47207
    this app asked for way too much personal information most people on downloaded it because of yubo and were all under 18 so i think this app is completely useless
  • awful❤️ 1/5

    By Create what u want
    my yubo account got reported so when i made a new account it made me get yoti and get verified for some reason. honestly so dumb bc i don’t have the time to scan my passport, i don’t have a credit card or a license. just ridiculous.
  • Idade 5/5

    By VininhoMilGrau
    Botei que tinha menos de 13, mas esqueci que fiz aniversário ontem kkkk e to com 13 anos kkkkkk agora não consigo trocar 🤣😭
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Mexican Jimbo
    I wish I could give a lower rating this app was terrible for the following reasons. While the first few steps were simple enough what with my birthday and picture I was not at all pleased when I was asked to show my identification to an app. Another reason I was highly displeased with this app is because the only reason I downloaded it in the first place was because I had to further prove I wasn’t a bot even more which to me makes absolutely no sense because I hand already had multiple conversations via phone or video chat plus the only reason I had to do this was because I said the same thing multiple times even though I was far from the only one doing it. Overall this was a terrible identification app and would not recommend it to anyone and I will definitely be deleting this app along with Yubo which is also awful.
  • Hate this stupid app 1/5

    By ewthisappishorrible
    This is so frustrating to use
  • Qustion 1/5

    By dannymyballsitch69
    What happens if we don’t have our id’s if we lost them and yubos making us do this?
  • Didn’t send my verification code 1/5

    By Beth My Boi
    When entering the app it told me to put my phone number in and it will text me a code, like how a lot of apps do. I pressed resend code at least 4 times and refreshed the app at least 6. I never was texted a code.
  • horrible app 1/5

    By YOTI is so bad
    app is so dumb, it asks for way to much information. lower your stupid security method levels
  • kinda sus 1/5

    By pyt.isabellaa_
    so i downloaded this app because i wanted to get verified on yubo or whatever but it seems oddly sketchy. it asks for so much info that’s unnecessary in my opinion. i don’t mind filling out my name birthday age stuff like that but an id? idk thought it was weird
  • i use this for colleges 5/5

    By Trevors_Awesome_2015
    i had to verify myself for college I use this for college :)
  • This is a SCAM!! 1/5

    By 3mb2013
    I had yubo for only a week and every time I try to log in I get this screen that says I need to get this app and scan my stuff on it. I’ve sent multiple pictures when they were clear and everything and they don’t work. I’m done with this app and yubo. 1 STAR!!!
  • Why 2/5

    By Jahmai Foresight Artist
    What is this really about why the hell I have to use my I’d to make a profile this is ridiculous and this is not for sales where is this app made China????
  • Why use it? 3/5

    By theplainface
    Yoti may seem like a good ideal on paper but not the best especially when considering how easy it is to get someone’s information with having minimal information. Now I see where if you would want the convenience of not having to carry around all these legal documents with you you would use it but a lot of the times if you do need a legal document you need to have a paper copy or a fax and bring it in but you know I thought in the case of traveling there’s always that but to be honest you would need your passport if you got into trouble with authorities in another country. That being said I see no practical use for it. Not only am dumbfounded as to what the use is, I would be VERY scared to give out a ton of personal information including legal documents to a third-party application. Now don’t get me wrong we do it everyday giving information about ourselves to the web and etc. but this is quite extensive. You have legal documents, personal details and passwords all at the fingertips of a person, who if nosy enough, can easily gain access to it. Forget about data breaches because those are inevitable but just simple social engineering could get me into this app. Which is why it’s safer to keep your legal documents both paper and digital, at home local. The odds of someone stealing personal documents on an offline storage device safeguarded by a password are much lower than a data breach of course using the AES 256 bit encryption there would never be one but still I’d personally rather take that chance. At the end of the day it’s just my two cents but if you love Yoti then go for it! Side note it’s a lot easier to read stuff on screen than paper idk maybe it’s just me
  • Won’t accept my passport 1/5

    By Rough_Sapphire
    I’ve tried scanning it like 5 times different parts of my room (for different lighting) even cleaned my camera several times and it always gives me the excuse that “We couldn’t approve your passport because we don’t accept this type of document. Please try again adding a different one” as if they let my try my ID card... Also I got bored and tried scanning my moms passport to see if they at least gave me a different excuse and they didn’t... DO THEY EVEN REALLY SCAN FACES TO SEE IF YOU’RE THE PERSON IN YOUR ID. It’s a terrible app.
  • Dumb 1/5

    By ch_jaxx
    It’s really unnecessary that you have to verify your identity all for a teenagers dating or friend making app. I’m not trying to work for the CIA I’m just trying to talk to females. What if u don’t have a passport and ur app supports 13 year olds. Do y’all think a 13 year old has a drivers license.
  • this app is stupid 1/5

    By ubinutb
    when i opened yubo it said i was locked out for security reasons and that’s never happened before so i had to download yoti and i filled out the first steps but when it came to the face verification it wasn’t working and it didn’t approve so i couldn’t get passed anything else so know i’m just locked out for no reason .
  • yoti problems 1/5

    By layla nafe
    i was told to download this app to fix an issue within yubo and it has done nothing for me. i was told to verify my birthdate after trying to fix it in settings on yubo bc i noticed i accidentally put the wrong month. instead, my account is suspended and yoti will not let me fix it without an ID or passport. my ID did not work after 8 scans and i do not have a passport. i just need to fix this issue to get my account unsuspended and continue with my life .
  • No good reviews for a reason 1/5

    By Christian fall
    Trying to use yubo and not 18 yet and won’t let me NEVER GET THIS APP EVER
  • A trusted app and organisation. 5/5

    By gOSSIPTASTI get
    Handy app to carry your ID with you around with the need for extra documentation.
  • Very convenient and simple and safe to use 5/5

    By skieredia bel
    Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Painless process, well worth it in my opinion.
  • Great idea! 5/5

    By MUSENSIE vi
    Great app and a great idea! Saves you carrying your wallet. Hopefully more places will accept it in the future.
  • All in one place, revolutionary idea! 5/5

    By JoeBroman 2/fe
    Great way of identification. So quick and easy to bring up and have scanned.
  • The ID verification works flawlessly! 5/5

    By SWIM bio
    I feel like I know exactly what's going with my information and how it's being used! Super clean and intuitive as well
  • Useless 1/5

    By Addison moun
    This app is really sketchy and I’ve only had it for 4 minutes. I only downloaded it to un suspend my Yubo account and it didn’t even work
  • It’s trash 1/5

    By Dr. J and the Women
    I just wanna be on yubo for a bit and the app tells me to download this filth. Everything is cool until the stupid app doesn’t wanna take my picture even tho I followed the rules
  • This app is sketchy!! 1/5

    By isisoteri
    This app is sketchy!! I just got it to verify my account on yubo but this app needs my documents like passport or drivers license both of which I don’t have. Way too sketchy and too much work just to be able to use an app to find some friends
  • Yoti 2/5

    By tellybeam
    hi, yes i was wondering if there were anyway i can delete the account i made on yoti
  • leaked 2/5

    By Maddiethebadt
    will your info be leaked?
  • okay 4/5

    By duhggjcgjh
    not that bad but it’s kind of a pain to have to do this to get verified on yubo.
  • Verification text 1/5

    By Drew lane 1 2004
    I put my phone number and hit send code and it never sent a code, I hit resend code and I never got a code. I’ve given it at least 1 minute between each resend. This is horrible like all I wanna do is use yubo
  • This app is awful 1/5

    By user1667737737673
    it’s so bad you have to put in personal info for just your birthdate it’s awful like if i could just type my birthdate in i would keep the app and yubo is the same was i do not recommend to not download either of them they’re awful there both getting deleted and i’m not recommended them to anyone!
  • Doesn't work properly 1/5

    By Stone Badgley
    I downloaded this to verify myself on Yubo, but it just loops the intro animation with the five bubbles, and then shows the blank white screen with its logo ad infinitum. Doesn't work at all.
  • Other reviews are right 1/5

    By Swiddles
    Alright so I’m not one for listening to other people’s reviews for things so the 2 star rating didn’t bother me too much. I downloaded the app and open it up and you know those weird evil apps you see in movies? The opening animation truly gave me that vibe. Continuing on, I wanted the yellow check next to my name on Yubo so I kept going for a little while. It was up until it asked me to take a photo of my personal items that I started to feel uneasy. Procrastinating on that I decided to just take a picture of my face because that was the first step. At the time when I first downloaded the app it was around 4:30am bc quarantine schedule and it asked to take my photo and I didn’t turn on the light bc it had a flash. Move on to the second photo I turn on a light bc it requires a green circle to take the photo on Jesus Christ it really is as horrible as everyone else says. Apparently my face doesn’t match with my own face. The green circle hardly picks up but even when it does it still doesn’t work. At this point my hands are shaking and I don’t have the patience to keep this up. About to uninstall and wanted to warn everyone else from Yubo; it’s not worth the headache.
  • dumb 1/5

    By Alberto686
    It says 13+ when you Inter the app but ask for driving license state ID and etc like be more pacific 🤦‍♂️ and then if you have yubo it says to come here and add all this just to get verified 🤦‍♂️
  • Useless app wouldn’t even accept my Drivers license 1/5

    By Thomas Forsd
    I have tried for 2 whole days now emailing back and forth with what seems like bots I get the same message over and over with now actual support or help this is a useless app and they do not care about their users.

Yoti - Your digital identity app comments

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