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YouTube Music App

YouTube Music lets you watch and listen to a nearly endless catalog in an app designed for music discovery. Enjoy music for free with ads, or get YouTube Red. A YouTube built just for music • Every video starts a non-stop station • Personalized stations learn your tastes • See concert footage and live recordings A nearly endless catalog • New artists, classic favorites, and everything in between • Classic live recordings that span decades • Official music videos, playlists, remixes, covers, and more Amplify your experience with YouTube Red • Enjoy your music without ads • The music keeps playing even when your screen is off • Take your music on-the-go with offline mixtape Get 1 month of YouTube Red for free. Existing YouTube Red or Google Play Music members and users of either service who have already received this 30 day trial are not eligible. Monthly charges auto-renew for YouTube Red membership outside of trial periods. If you subscribe via iTunes: Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription. Monthly price: $12.99 USD / $14.99 AUD / $15.99 NZD / $139 pesos MXN / $9.89 USD (KR only) YouTube paid service terms: Privacy policy:


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  • Wait Time 2/5

    By Ron Young
    When I wanna listen to my download music I have to wait hours before I can even listen!
  • Some videos/songs not available 2/5

    By @abelahlou
    I am a RED subscriber. Some videos/songs show as unavailable despite being tagged as "music". Can't browse specific channels or authors and view their playlists as it is possible on YouTube, Spotify and/or other music applications. There are a lot of podcasts and interviews I'd like to start listening to via this app. It would be a great substitute/competitor to Apple Podcasts, Spotify and others, or at least a great companion. Using the main YouTube app drains battery and cellular data. Thus this app could be strictly audio and allow access to the whole YouTube platform. Or YouTube could add an "audio only" option to save battery and data and have its content available on the go, instead of just downloading.
  • Muy buena 5/5

    By Rfundora
    Quisiera que agregaran un botón de shuffle en la lista de canciones que me gustan. Gracias.
  • non-recovery 3/5

    By PurdyComaSixGurl
    sometimes I forget when my month is over and my subscription is cancelled(which is expected) B U T. WHY. CANT. I. RECOVER. MY. DOWNLOADED. SONGS. AFTER. RE-PURCHASE. I have to go through every SINGLE song and INDIVIDUALLY re-download EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. There are 200+ songs on my downloads. For 12.99+ month- I would suspect this wouldn’t be an issue. PLEASE FIX.
  • Perfect Except... 4/5

    By Wild.Star55
    I think this is a new bug So otherwise everything in the app is PERFECT😍, the playlists, the music quality, the sound...But there is 1 problem I really want you to fix🙏 Whenever I am offline it won’t let me play my downloads no matter how many times I re download the app, close the application and run it again or press the button “downloads” I have even reset my phone to make sure it wasn’t my phone having the bug. Please fix this! I’m going to a no service country soon and I am relying on this app to bring me music!🙏🙏
  • Great app, my only problem is how expensive YouTube Red is. 4/5

    By smerd636
    This app has everything I want with YouTube Red (like downloading music, offline play, and background play), but with how much it costs every month, I would much rather buy Spotify Premium or the iTunes Premium. I would pay at most $8/month for how much it actually does.
  • Cool app but just one thing 4/5

    By Dksmdndns
    Everything works great. Love how you can make a downloaded playlist so that you can play music without using data. However, I wish that you could take songs off of your playlist by disliking the song. It usually takes a few days for it to be removed from the playlist and even puts songs back onto it that have been thumbed-down. Please fix this!
  • Apps has issues which shouldn't be there. 1/5

    By Infinity_nimish
    Not a good app at all for iPhone users.First bad app I experienced from google. 1st problem - I synced old iPhone to new one and it did not sync downloaded music from Red. In the new iphone, I see the downloaded song list but the thumbnail is just a grey box for every song and the songs don't play. In settings, download storage comes up as 0kb. I didn't see any button to redownload. That would have been great. 2nd problem- I saw that playlist could be downloaded. So I added songs from downloaded list to a new playlist. Again too cumbersome with 3 clicks per song to get job done. There should just be select tick box to just select multiple and do in one go. I don't have all the time in life to do such things. Then I opened playlist and clicked download. Once downloaded, I went to to the playlist from downloads section and now I can no longer rearrange the songs. There is just no way. I cannot also remove the song. When I swipe left I only get option to add to new playlist or share it. The only reference to remove is the remove download menu when pressing 3 dots next to playlist name and that removed my entire playlist from I have to redownload each individual song. What nonsense. I can't believe that the app can't do simple things and I pay 10$ a month for it. Also the hands free options r so incomplete. The music buttons swiping left from Control Center don't even have shuffle button. And to play downloads I have to open app, click username, click downloads, click on songs, click on shuffle button every single time. Why so many steps ? Who designed this app ? Why can't there be start downloaded songs button on main page ? It's a no brainer thing to do !!!
  • Best Music Video Source 5/5

    By Dumazzi
    Used them all now I am retired the only one I will give my social Security Administration dollars to are this one for the rest of my life
  • Perfect except... 1/5

    By rjm544
    App works great, does cool stuff and whatever, but if I minimize it or lock my phone to save battery not running the screen, it kills the music. Why do I need a separate YouTube app specifically for music that also doesn't let me listen to the music unless I am sitting down, doing nothing but listening. Can't drive with it while navigating, hard to run with it, it's just kindof impractical. I'll probably delete the app because if I want to just sit and watch a series of videos on my phone I can already do that with the normal YouTube app. I really thought this app would let me listen to music, beings that it is the youtube music app, but I guess I have to watch the music or I'm not doing it right.
  • It’s basically just YouTube but with a subscription fee 2/5

    By H.inscore
    I’d rather buy the app for at most $8 and have just the feature to hear music outside the app w/ the sub fee to download music and no adds
  • This is a useless clickbait app to sell red subscription 1/5

    By A363636
    Useless audio player that will require paid subscription to play in the background.
  • Yeah.. 1/5

    By ASubscribble
    This is basically a copy of youtube but with less to give. It won't let you download or listen to any music outside of the app. Even if you turn off your device, it still doesn't play. You need to PAY for these privileges. This is just a waste of starage.
  • Cost prohibitive due to GREED! 1/5

    By Sabrina Que
    For $1. a month surely a good deal. $13. a month is pure GREED! Send a message to the owners, just say NO!
  • Only one recommendation for app dev team 1/5

    By Coronaboi602
    This application is amazing! By far my favorite app to listen to music! My one recommendation is to allow us to remove a song from the upcoming songs on a playlist created by the app. When I listen to a certain artist, sometimes I just want to listen to that artist; I turn the variety of the station off, but I still sometimes encounter a different artist. I still somehow encounter other artists songs. I would like to be able to remove that from what's playing next at my discretion. Also when I am listening to my station I encounter songs i don't really like, would be nice to be able to take them off before they ever play. Other than that, app is perfect. Also please add a visual equalizer. I wanna see something cool as my music plays. Another thing that can be added would be give an option to never play “clean versions” of the songs. I don’t listen to that garbage. Update: This application went from great to garbage. I used to love the less variety feature. Now when I am Listening to one artist I get other song’s by artist’s that I hate. I don’t want to be introduced to new music. They should of left it how it was when it was first released.
  • Halp 1/5

    By The frustrated reader
    Ummm.... I tried to do the free trial, and it ain’t working. There are still ads, it stops when I go out of the app, and it doesn’t work when I don’t have service. I was going to get the paid YouTube RED, but because of this, Im afraid I’ll just be waisting my money... BUH BYE~
  • Offline Mixtape is a Mess 2/5

    By Linksuper64
    The current version for the offline mixtape is horrible it adds songs I don't even listen too and even after removing them it adds them again
  • Multitask 4/5

    By Jenny<3
    Only suggestion would be to be able to multitask while using the app. Able to get to another screen or work with my phone while listening to music. 💕❤️💕❤️ but love the quality.
  • It’s great but... 1/5

    By NatTheNation
    The ads are too much. Ad when you start song, Ad when you finish song, and if you’re lucky ad in the middle of your song. Also I kept getting a 2 minute unskippable ad.
  • Why still not available in UAE 1/5

    By businada
    Please make this available in UAE
  • Worth paying for monthly subscription 5/5

    By Nash Rampy
    If you're a daily youtube watcher then paying for subscription to avoid ads, quality, preferences, offline, etc worth it.
  • A Total Joy A Bit Pricey 5/5

    By thelengendinmymind
    I enjoy this app so much I'm able to listen to any of he music I want. I have a taste in a very obscure genre so most of the music I listen to can only be found on YouTube anyway. This app was able to give me the music I wanted. It's a little too pricey but it's worth it none the less.
  • YouTube Red 3/5

    By PaychedelicSanti
    Too pricy, but if money isn’t an issue, it’s worth it.
  • Refund 3/5

    By Aidanstar123
    I am not using youtube red anymore and I want a refund because I cancelled the payment, I need this money back but other than that this app is really good except for the fact that I can’t play the music with my phone turned off
  • Great but still needs polishing. 4/5

    By Tryphondore
    The playlist feature is awesome. But the one thing I wish it had was an option to queue songs up next from multiple playlists or just from the search function. When I shuffle a playlist I have no way of knowing what the next song will be until it begins. Which is a feature most other music apps already have.
  • Wasted my time 1/5

    By mikeyBrulotte
    Went through my recommended playlist which changes all the time and downloaded like 30 songs, went to my downloads and only 1 downloaded so lost all those songs and song names as I have thousands and thousands of likes songs...
  • Love the app. Suggestions. 4/5

    By romanmestas
    Love the app and I use it often on chromecast, it would be awesome to be able to queue up songs like on YouTube and also be able to reorder songs as well as remove songs from a list.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By McgJac
  • It was okay 3/5

    By daniiiiiiiii987654321
    It got the job done but the selection isn't great when it comes to a lot of my favorite artists. I don't like that you can't remove songs from playlists they make, and that you can't just listen to 'recently played' as a playlist. I switched back to Apple Music cause it works way better.
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By Jsienkiewicz
    How can it get any better?! Well, It has! It’s awesome. Sounds better. Looks better. Operates better. Thank you. Keep the updates coming. We love YouTube music.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Gflgckrgkghhcdhfxb
    You can only listen to instrumental covers unless you pay
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By jake ras
    Idk how it could get better :)
  • Playlist management is cumbersome! 3/5

    By Chaitu B
    Few suggestions to playlist management 1) Not able to delete a song from playlist directly. This has to be simple like swipe left directly instead select edit and delete since we’re not using traditional computer to make multiple selections! 2) Songs additions to be simple and easy like Apple Music 3) When user selects a playlist it’s directly playing songs instead it’s showing up the playlist items to play. I personal don’t like to start from beginning every time when I chose the playlist. 4) Song lyrical information is totally missing, not even singers and Music director information is displayed currently. I’ve moved to Google Music recently from Apple Music for platform independence. I will add more suggestions periodically.
  • YouTube music 4/5

    By 🎷🎼🎹🎸🎶
    I love the app the only suggestion I’ll make is that for to fix how the music turns off when we turn off our screen so in other words for music to keep playing while the cell phone is off
  • Dislike 4/5

    By Bossboy13245
    When I dislike a song/video it should show up and more while it has become more and more common in my feeds
  • Could be better 4/5

    By everdymoney
    Not enough song content. The regular YouTube app has more of a selection. The app doesn’t push enough sound frequencies. It doesn’t give the quality in the price. The app Needs an equalizer. Sound isolation would be better too. This app needs more music. The search algorithm needs to be upgraded. The current algorithm is very week. Needs a faster way of processing songs; for stronger sound waves.
  • Great to set and forget 5/5

    By Stephus
    I like how I can select a few songs and it more or less makes a list of similar music to listen to so I don’t have to set a playlist.
  • Useless app with Apple TV 1/5

    By stop making me your pawn
    I can’t use AirPlay to send to my big screen and home audio, so what good is this? Works fine on my regular YouTube app I suppose until you guys screw that up too. Get your negotiations with apple and those problems OFF my tv and into your boardrooms where they belong. Fix it. By the way my YouTube app on my Apple TV just freezes and hangs me all the time, that’s why I know the YouTube app on my phone works so well. It’s the ONLY way I can see YouTube on my main screen and audio at home. Great job. Again.
  • Love the app but... 4/5

    By rupedog88
    It’s a great app I love how it suggest songs related to the song I just played!!! But there’s one flaw....I downloaded this app so I could turn off my phone and still listen to the music playing or go to my phones home page without the music stopping. ( like I like going into Pinterest while a song is playing) it would make a huge improvement if that was added to the app. Other than that the app is great!
  • Wont let it play in background unless you pay 1/5

    By jeannie22
    Pretty greedy way to get subs Google! “We will burn out your battery unless you PAY!!!!!”
  • Opinion 4/5

    By @HiggyT
    I think it’s a great app for someone who spends lots of time on YouTube watching videos and listening to music if you have YouTube red.
  • Wait... this could probably just be my phone tho... 4/5

    By Hayorhailey
    I LOVE this app but u could have an easier way finding stuff, I’m always trying to get to a playlist but I loose the way there almost all of the times, or at least make it easier to to add a playlist
  • Number #1 app 5/5

    By Mirospeedy
    Chooses songs for you matching the one you choose to listen excellent app highly recomend
  • Cant watch a single video now 1/5

    By ;)&(,))
    Wont let me tap on a video to watch it Everything loads like at home but when i go to tap any video nothing happens Was working fine until i updated
  • Question 5/5

    By arrington75
    Question ? Can you play music while phone is locked
  • Pointless without YouTube Red 2/5

    By Great!!!!!!!!:!:
    Why would I get this app without YouTube red??? There is no background play so it is literally the exact same thing as just playing songs on regular YouTube since you have to leave the page up the whole time and can’t turn your phone off. I understand the personalized playlists and everything but it’s basically useless if you don’t have Red
  • My 1 music app 5/5

    By Ozcer
    Only thing I have to mention is, could the downloads be out under music ? Instead of clicking on my picture account ? It's confusing I didn't even know where to find my downloads
  • Sign in error 1/5

    By Glorya12
    When ever I open this app WiFi or no WiFi it says sign in error please fix
  • 😢 in love ❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Shaun6!!!
    Honestly better then Spotify and Apple Music in a way helped me find songs from a years back that’s touch my heart 😢😔 I thank just one thing to fix make it more portable as in keep settings sinked as shuffle when you close the app and also include a search bar in playlists or favorites👌🏾
  • This app is amazing 5/5

    By ultimate_CJ
    I love this app especially with YouTube red because it has all my favorite music and with red I can listen to them without being on the screen!!!

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