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  • Current Version: 19.08.100
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YouTube Studio App

The official YouTube Studio app makes it faster and easier to manage your YouTube channels on the go. Check out your latest stats, respond to comments, create and update your video thumbnail images and account profile pictures, and get notifications so you can stay connected from anywhere. FEATURES: * Monitor channel and video performance with easy-to-use analytics * Respond to and moderate comments * Get notifications about important moments on your channel * Update video details including descriptions, titles, custom thumbnail images and monetization settings * Manage playlists * Create and update your account profile pictures * Search help content by voice PERMISSIONS NOTICE: * Photo Library Usage: Needed to allow you to select your account profile picture and thumbnail images for your videos * Camera Usage: Needed to allow you to update your account profile picture * Microphone: Needed to allow you to search help content by voice

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  • Need help 5/5

    By verbalnapalm0013
    Just started my page and Ned a lot of help setting up and what options do what.. if u can help or have time to help please contact me
  • Nice 4/5

    By Storm Speed
    This app is awesome at what it does but i think they need to add this. Im on a apple ( of course ) and I cant find any way to change my youtube banner/art or profile picture. I downloaded this thinking they would have to have this but they didn’t (unless I didn’t see it). Youtube, if you read this, please add that ability since you can’t do it from the app anymore!
  • If you are looking for something to edit video this app does the trick. 5/5

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!👌👌😊🤩but only for YouTube?🤔
  • GREAT! But... 4/5

    By Project_Wolfie_xX
    So I’m just a tiny Gacha channel with 59 subscribers (at the time of writing this video) and I think YouTube Studio is pretty great! I did have a few expectations that did not happen, but that’s ok! I just have a few complaints on this app. First of all, it’s basically YouTube, but you can only view your videos. I can reply to comments and all that, but, being the lil child I am, doesn’t really look at the analysis stuff or anything. I like it, I guess, but there isn’t that much I can do on it. Second thing, and it makes me really angry: the thumbnail. I just want to add a thumbnail, ok? That’s IT. Why do I have to go through this verification stuff? I JUST WANT TO ADD A THUMBNAIL ;~; THATS IT. PLEASE. WHY DO YOU REQUIRE IT? Ok, that’s it. Overall, this app is great and very useful, and I really recommend it. It’s just those things that I wish were fixed. If they were, then this app would be perfect. If your reading this to see if you should get this app, I seriously recommend it. It’s very useful and you should use it :) ok that’s it
  • Helpful! 5/5

    By Xx_yourboitoei_xX
    I downloaded this app it it was very helpful! It taut me how to do custom thumbnails! It’s overall a great managing app!
  • Can you guys let us upload our thumbnails! 3/5

    By LobinhaGamer
    The only reason why I can’t put 5 star is because I can’t ad my thumbnails, which means at teh start of the video People will see spoiler from my thumbnail that this makes me use! So I hope you guys can fix this!
  • I struggle with the app but it is good 5/5

    By Lightsaber32101
    Pls help idk how to upload videos
  • having trouble adding thumbnail 3/5

    Ok so, when I try to add a thumbnail onto a video, it said “To add custom thumbnails, verify your account on your computer LEARN MORE” And I have completely verified my account, but it still will not let me add a custom thumbnail, and I’m currently in a Ronald McDonald House due to my little brother and his serious heart issue’s, so I don’t have a computer. Yet we have some here at the Ronald McDonald House. So I’ve tried verifying my account there and it still will not work. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong! Thx!
  • I dislike it 3/5

    By mckenzie plays
    I do not like it I wish I should go to my pictures and pick a thumbnail from there but you made it so I can’t pls pls pls can you make it so I can go into my pictures and thumbnail pls and thank you
  • My Channel 5/5

    By Watermonkey Life
    I love it! It has helped my channel look extremely professional, and I hoe that it continues to grow!!
  • 10 TIMES BETTER 5/5

    By PedroG36
    Omg I cant believe what has just happened with my YouTube channel because once I downloaded this app it changed my whole YouTube channel because now the camera is much brighter and the voice is more clear to hear and when I edit my vids I can also have a countdown to record! I love this app and I hope most you tubers use it and also to help me get my one million subs and for my YouTube channel be the most vied channels in the future
  • Asmr videos good and fun!! 5/5

    By Bubbblegumsweety
    I am 11 years of age I am trying to pursue my YouTube career and make Mukbangs and talk to get to know people and I am glad I found this😂🤗💯
  • Channel art? 4/5

    By Potato 135792468pie
    This is a really great YouTube studio for you tubers! You can even edit thumbnails! One thing however is that I wish it were possible to change your profile pic and channel art.
  • A-MAZING! 5/5

    By Orange flames
    This app can let you view your comments and make thumbnails which I love because I get to put in thumbnails for my videos, I’m kind of a small YouTuber with about 3K subscribers and this helps me with my videos for my fans!
  • Profile and Banner 3/5

    By yurrrrr wassup snap
    I think there should be a way to change your profile and banner from the studio. Doing it from the computer means I have to do a bunch of downloading and resizing. It would just be easier if you could do it on a mobile device.
  • Needs Closed Captioning Editor 2/5

    By munchkym
    There is no way to add or edit closed captioning on this app. Considering how many YouTubers use their tablets to upload and edit these days, it’s really not okay. How can we move toward accessibility if we can’t add or edit closed captioning with the device we use to publish?
  • Completely useless 1/5

    By Inhaledfarts
    This is utterly ridiculous that I have to download an entirely different app just to change the thumbnail photo of a video I uploaded which is a BASIC feature that should be intuitively installed in the preexisting edit features. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Not to mention when a video is uploaded it should automatically choose the first frame. I'm positive this is all orchestrated to force people to download this wasted app for those just trying to do the most miniscule of video edits and YouTube just wants to see if they can get away with it. EDIT: Furthermore now that I've downloaded the app it STILL won't allow me to change my thumbnail as it doesn't give me ANY of the first 5 seconds of the video as an option and when I select custom thumbnail it says the PAGE DOESN'T EXIST to learn more! Complete waste of time. Great design everyone really. Way to not be able to do the one simple thing I need. ANOTHER EDIT: So I signed into my Google account allowing me access to the page and had to VERIFY my account through the desktop page it DID NOT ALLOW ME TO DO IT THROUGH MOBILE. Once I verified through the desktop page I was able to access custom thumbnail but my image was too large and i had to take a Screenshot of it and upload that image. Then i hit save changes on the right and it didn't show the change so i opened my creator studio app which did FINALLY. So after all that i was able to change an image which already EXISTED IN the first 5 seconds of my VIDEO.
  • I’m going to be homiest 1/5

    By Vampire_lord
    I have no computer And this app is only way I can manage channel I have this app installed on a iPhone 5s but also installed on a iPhone X .so I can give to different reviews (iPhone 5s & iPhone X )both get network errors (I know it’s not my device why kinda rules that out when iPhone X is brand new and only 5 days outa its box for 2 devices to get same issue but 1 device be brand new it rules out issue of it being the device(next will go to my network on my gaming console we have a download speed of 523.6mbps and a upload speed of 325.6mbps (we all know a gaming console caps so this tells you my internet connection is probley faster then listed)so I’d say it’s a good Anough connection to download a 49gb game in under 20min so you would think it be good anough to run a app on a phone with (WiFi,cell data and a hotspot feature )so when 2 devices say network timed out this tells me it’s the app and not my device or network ) This is a serious bug that needs fixing I will continue a 1star Intill it’s fixed The other reason is I have 2 videos on YouTube in YouTube app 1 says 78veiws the other says 274 views But in studio apps the 78 view YouTube video says it has 106veiws And the YouTube video that says 274veiws in studio app it says 320veiws these are just 2 I notic so who knows how many studio has listed wrong or many how many YouTube has wrong that studio has right my sub count is off to (studio app 157 ,youtube search 92,youtube webdash bord 95 )

    By rippoffffffff
    Good app and all but the app shows you your views and 2 months ago it said I have 600 views but now it shows me that I have 197?! Come on I think they could have done a way better job if this was not a thing.
  • Fix Thumbnails Pls! 4/5

    By Sicotic Scorpion
    Only reason this gets 4 stars is bc when I went to edit my thumbnail in the app, it works (thumbnail saves in the app). But then it doesn’t carry over to YouTube. Pls fix or am I doing something wrong?
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By AppLovee67
    Because of all the positive review, I thought this app would be good. But sadly this app is awful. My subscriber count is always 20-30 subs off which is so annoying. I can never see accurate info about my account. And if the sub count is THAT off, I’m assuming all the other info is off too... very disappointing
  • Bring back the YouTube video editor 3/5

    By skylight Braille
    While I think this app is very helpful, I also think that we need the YouTube video editor back. I want to be able to access the YouTube audio library, cards, end screens and all the other amazing features that YouTube has to offer comfortably on my mobile device. Practically everyone is using mobile these days, and these features are not available on this app. That doesn't seem like a very practical to move to me
  • Hello I have problem 2/5

    By DEADland
    Ok so basically I have a small channel I have recently found out about yt Studios for all my videos I have no thumb nail so I wanted to change that I downloaded yt Studios and watched a tour on how to change the thumb nails I went to dash board and clicked on one of my videos and clicked customize photo or something like that and I didn’t work I thought it was just jammed so I reset and did it again and again and it never worked so I tried to delete the app and redownload it but my iPad had been acting up every since I cracked it so I would like to know what you can do for me and thank you for your time.
  • Can’t seem to find how to change banner image or even profile image 1/5

    By AprilMckay
    I have click everything and still can’t seem to find change banner for profile. If it’s there, it’s not easy to find
  • My opinion 1/5

    By I have a youtube chanle
    This is the worst app!!! Every time I press the “select” button , nothing happens!!!!!!! This is a terrible app!!!! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By determined veteran
    Downloaded the app today and I’m super impressed , I’m new to creating content and I can say it’s already improved my editing process. Thanks, Determined Veteran!
  • Was a good option... 1/5

    By The Tasty Treat
    I have a small channel where I upload animations. I do this strictly on my phone, and this combined with the original creator studio (desktop version) was enough. Now, with the beta studio replacing the old one, I have no way to add end cards to my video because I cannot access the “beta studio.” I would love for this problem to be fixed by adding the ability to put on cards and end screens. Thank you if this ever gets seen or considered by YouTube.
  • Just great and amazing 5/5

    By milodaperson
    I cant thank youtube enough for a guy that makes videos on mobile and has a trash pc this is great for managing your videos thank you YT
  • Nothing Negative! 5/5

    By Italian16Stallion
    This app is amazing! It lets me and my clan easily ask and answer questions with our fans anywhere we are! Our channel is about 3.5 weeks old and we are already growing somewhat of a following! Keep up the things you do Google! (...and don’t forget to subscribe: Official Brontide YT)

    By Builderman40015
    Logan did nothing wrong he just wanted to entertain us he is mad about it i hate to see him mad un do it or i will sue YouTube!!
  • Well, make it better! 3/5

    By Yusuf TPG
    So, I personally only use this to import my thumbnail, because for endscreens and Info cards I use the Chrome version! BECAUSE THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS endscreens in this app! Please add all the features from Chrome Creator Studio to this app or I would rather delete this and go for Chrome one!
  • Wow 5/5

    By linkster🙂🙂
    I just started a YouTube channel last month and I already have 103 subs this app definitely helped me.
  • Won’t let me edit thumbnails 4/5

    By Hanansdvhdxjsjs
    I’m verified but it still won’t let me edit thumbnails other than that it’s great
  • Stupid 1/5

    By fhzkghsnbssdh
    You have to sign into Google and I’ve been sitting there for an hour trying everything and nothing works absolutely waste of my time.
  • More features please 4/5

    By Edgaaar
    Wish it had more features such as the ability to edit video information (title, tags, etc).
  • Banner 5/5

    By chickencefatun
    It’s a good app, although I wish you could change the banner and the profile picture from the app
  • Wow 5/5

    By justda man
    Honestly I haven’t downloaded this yet but I can already tell it’s gonna be amazing
  • Monitoring every single video uploaded is NECESSARY 1/5

    By Alismiles
    Please do not get YouTube kids. This momo character is telling kiddos how to kill them selves and to do such things and put a fork in and outlet, to turn on the stove when parents are sleeping if not that stupid character will come to their house an kill them. Not only that but they don’t check every uploaded video that contains sexual and violent content onto their platforms. If no stars were possible I would. My two year old doesn’t need this at her age DONT GET THIS FOR YOU KIDS.

    By The_Spooky_Kid
    Your notifications system and how they are updated are not working and comes in out of sync. FIRE your mobile devs and hire proper ones.
  • No video views 1/5

    By Comment approval error
    The Ios YouTube studio app in my iPhone 6 is not showing the views of my latest uploaded videos. Whereas, in my desktop in realtime it is showing. Even in YouTube it is showing zero. Please help.
  • It’s good but.. 4/5

    By duanelys
    It’s good but since I updated it I can’t put any ads in my vids 🤧🤧
  • This app is absolutely amazing!! 5/5

    By Viralgamer58
    This app is absolutely amazing! I don’t think there’s anything negative to say besides one thing which isn’t a big deal. I was wondering why YouTube studio shows a different amount of subscribers and views on some of my videos? I’m currently a small channel I have about 130 subscribers but it says I have 149 on YouTube studio which doesn’t make any since. And on some videos it says I have more views than the YouTube app says I have. Other than that the app is amazing and absolutely perfect!
  • I can’t change picture of the video 3/5

    By d7oom pro
    How can I change the picture of the video
  • Bugs. 1/5

    By PR elevators
    Custom thumbnail won’t upload to YouTube. I’m angry.
  • This is an awesome app! 5/5

    By kmanee
    If you are reading this, sub to my channel Kalvin Smith. I do fortnite vids. Thx
  • I can’t add thumbnails 1/5

    By I'm reviewing the game
    Ok I downloaded this app for 1 reason, so I could add thumbnails to my videos but that didn’t work. I would really appreciate it if you were to give an option to go to photos and add a thumbnail.
  • Amazing! Just one problem 5/5

    By Gaming with Snowii
    The app overall is amazing. No crashes, no nothing. I really love the app, but for some reason, I can’t put a custom thumbnail. When I checked, my YouTube account is verified, but I still can’t put a custom thumbnail. I deleted the app and got it again, but it still won’t work. Please help!
  • Great interface, but counts are out of sync 3/5

    By cba20k
    Love all the detail I’m getting with this app but stats don’t match up with what I see when I’m using chrome on my desktop so I don’t know which to believe. View counts and subscriber counts are the two main stats where there are discrepancies.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By fjfjdjfjfkdjd
    Hi I have a small channel with 80 subs called collin Hancock go sub please anyways this app is amazing it helps know my analytics and who commented 5 stars

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