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  • Current Version: 21.20.101
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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YouTube Studio App

The official YouTube Studio app makes it faster and easier to manage your YouTube channels on the go. Check out your latest stats, respond to comments, create and update your video thumbnail images and account profile pictures, and get notifications so you can stay connected from anywhere. FEATURES: * Monitor channel and video performance with easy-to-use analytics * Respond to and moderate comments * Get notifications about important moments on your channel * Update video details including descriptions, titles, custom thumbnail images and monetization settings * Manage playlists * Create and update your account profile pictures * Search help content by voice PERMISSIONS NOTICE: * Photo Library Usage: Needed to allow you to select your account profile picture and thumbnail images for your videos * Camera Usage: Needed to allow you to update your account profile picture * Microphone: Needed to allow you to search help content by voice

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YouTube Studio app reviews

  • REALLY GOOD!!😍😍🥰🥰 5/5

    By Ralu😝
    I LOVE THIS APP!!😍😍 it’s sooo good!! I can check how well my videos did. I can change my thumbnail in this app. I can check how close i am to monetization and more!!! EVERY YOUTUBER SHOULD GET THIS APP!!!😍😍😊😊

    By Blustamove
    Give us the ability back to see our dislike count. What could you possibly be thinking removing such a key metric involved with user feedback of our content? You mad that mainstream media gets disliked overwhelmingly? I’m sure the clickbaiters can’t wait for the day you finally pull the plug on the dislike button altogether. Good job enabling terrible people with your terrible policies.
  • Comments 3/5

    By Ari;13
    I can’t turn on my comments
  • It's okay, but I'd like the feature to upload videos from here, too. 4/5

    By Kartana101
    Title says it all. Also, please remove rounded view counts.
  • bruh. 4/5

    By Raych Williams
    okay so, i want to add subtitles to my video. but when i go to it— IT ISNT THERE. please fix it
  • No upload option 1/5

    By minimalist tech
    Without the ability to upload videos this app is a no go for me
  • How do I post and log in 1/5

    By poop1223
    My mom is trying to log in and it won’t work
  • Pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop 1/5

    By 100106989
    This app is so trash I get virus
  • Eh 1/5

    By rshnxdfhnzfdydjdhjdadgnmbfsegk
    Soo I run a small roblox channel called chork and I donloaded this app to change thumbnail BUT I NEED TO VERIFY MY ACCOUNT
  • Please allow me to download my videos 2/5

    By lukebreezy
    Great for thumbnails but I can’t even download my own videos My suggestion is to be able to download your videos because the YouTube studio app does not edit videos
  • Can’t play videos in app 2/5

    By James Bowles
    New update Wednesday June 9 2021 cannot play videos anymore, unfortunate and senseless
  • It’s good but 1/5

    By episodes guy
    It’s. A good app to help in your videos but overall , it’s bad, the first couple months it was working but then it doesn’t have the customization and the many other stuff, I’m disappointed I tried reinstalling it but no. It’s very picky about the banners and water mark, I’ve had enough of this.
  • Can’t play videos anymore. 3/5

    By etatkins0
    As of a few days ago, I can no longer play my videos within the app. No play arrow shows on the screen.
  • An Idea... 3/5

    By PewDiePie 👾🇸🇪
    The app overall works, but I’d be interested to see the ability to upload from the app instead of having to go to the YouTube app (you can still keep it there) but so that one can isolate work from just watching videos
  • Love the app but... 4/5

    By jimmy john matt
    This app is all around amazing but unfortunately you can’t play your videos from the app. It was a great feature and I am confused why they would take it away:/
  • Show video dislikes 2/5

    By tjz67201
    Please add back the ability to view likes AND dislikes. The recent update stopped showing the number of dislikes. Why remove a feature?
  • Good Until Latest Update 2/5

    By HonestCreator
    App was great until the latest update which removed the ability to see view counts, dislikes, and comments per individual video if you go to their analytics, which is ridiculous considering those are some of the first things a creator looks at when they think of “analytics.” YT Studio creators, please restore the prior version. It wasn’t broken, there was no need to change it so drastically. App becomes nearly useless without these important stats.
  • Always changing... for the worse 2/5

    By Acemon
    YouTube Studio no longer plays my videos inside the app, throwing me instead over to YouTube. It also removed the thumbs down portion at a glance on my videos, replacing it with the monetization symbol. I’d rather know whether my videos are performing well or not. Seems like they could have included both, but as usually, every change that YouTube makes seems to be for the worse.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By totally disappointed100%
    This app needs to be able to give the user the option and ability to sign out of the app like other apps give you the option to sign out of the app.
  • Great app but... 3/5

    By Why is every nickname tooken
    For the people who don't have a phone number for verify i just wish you can use your Gmail 😔
  • Overall good app 5/5

    By UG)h
    The app is really good! I love how I can add the thumbnails to my video in such a great time! I love it so much!
  • Needs more features 3/5

    By Maddox Bouldin
    The actual website has way more features. Will probably be using the website until they add more features from the original studio.
  • How can i start creating videos 4/5

    By robthecrack
    Need help
  • I was missleaded 3/5

    By LexTheGamer246
    I do think that this app is more efficient for checking on how you’re doing on YouTube, but here’s the problem I ran into. I thought this would allow you to customize different parts of your videos, home page, etc. Soo, I was misleaded, but it’s ok. I rate this 3/5 stars
  • Sub to:PEWDIEPIE 5/5

    By littlemix1stfan!
  • studio 4/5

    By jonathan9362885
    Hi i tink you should move this to youtbe
  • Want to see actual views not 4K or 3 M. Become useless 1/5

    By Ja(Jay)
    The latest update is trash. Not seeing the actual views of each videos is terrible and why was this removed? You tubers use this to set milestones and don’t wait for another 1,000 views ? Please fix - been using everyday for years - but now the app is useless?
  • Latest update took away important data 1/5

    By Bobs fruit
    YouTube Studio is a tool for creators to view analytics and monitor your uploads.. so what did YouTube do? When you click on a specific video you can no longer see a detailed view count. You can no longer see likes or dislikes. You can no longer see the number of comments. Why? The crazy thing is.. I now have to go to the regular YouTube app and visit my own video so see those details. Please, please, please bring this data back
  • Cannot Manage Clients’ Accounts 2/5

    By dubya
    For managers of channels that the owner has giving you certain permissions to assist in managing the channel for them will not find this app useful as there is no way to access managed channels.
  • horrible update 1/5

    By amesbunny03
    why did you remove the ability for us to see dislikes? make it make sense.
  • Missing features 1/5

    By BBladem83
    Many features from the previous version are now gone. In app video play back, the ability to see dislikes, the ability to see a view count after “clicking” on one of your videos to see its info. Very disappointed. Please fix. Thank you.
  • New updated layout havent show unlike. 1/5

    By rajkumarraj
    We love to use the old layout that was very good.
  • Used to work well until it was updated 2/5

    By John Bracker
    It used worked nicely to see how many likes you got on your videos and how many dislikes. But now it will show the likes when scrolling through my videos but when I click on it I can’t see the number anymore or see how many dislikes I got if any. Please fix this. Thanks
  • hi 4/5

    By Atlas Stinebrink
  • Latest update 👎🏼 1/5

    By Tjdyo
    Removing exact views in exchange for a rounded up/down to 3M, 200k, etc is lame. I want to be able to see the exact views, I like having the ability to see a milestone coming up. Can’t even see the exact views in the detail page of a specific video. This update makes YouTube Studio worthless
  • Thumbs down removed 3/5

    By Formaset
    Updated the App. What happened to the thumbs down, now it only shows the views and thumbs up only??? And before is was nicer with black font and smaller icons. Not it’s light gray and big. I used the YT Studio app also to monitor thumbs those since the YouTube App Durant show either. BOTH Apps should show both, thumbs up and down.
  • Update 2/5

    By wofuvkel
    I dislike the most recent update as I have lost a lot of data that I had previously. Prior to the update basic information for the video i.e. views, likes, dislikes, and visibility were displayed below the video icon. Now I have an indistinct display of views and no display of dislikes. Even going into the analytics for the video is not more helpful as it just goes into the minutiae of the amount of time and interaction with each video. I would prefer to see the old set up and display with perhaps more information geared towards better tuning my content.
  • Why remove in app video playback? 1/5

    By The clashed clan
    Thanks for removing in app video playback for no reason, now you have to go to the YouTube website or app to view your own videos. Just why? It worked perfectly fine in the studio app!
  • good app but.. 4/5

    By Brvnda
    I miss when I disabled likes & this app use to not show the likes /dislikes on the very first time you open the app. update: thank you for hiding the dislikes bar!! I absolutely hate seeing how many dislikes i’ve gotten on a video , it’s really discouraging so i’m happy that I no longer see it!
  • Cant view video in app anymore 2/5

    By scopequestion
    Nice basic little app to check on your YouTube video. The newest version took away the ability to view the videos inside the app though?!
  • Why does view count go down? 1/5

    By Clavmeister
    I don’t understand how the view count on a video can go down? Also, on June 2, 2021 you changed the font and info so that I have a hard time seeing the view count. Why did you do that?
  • Wow 1/5

    By blackGhst
    Wow , Theres do much missing features , Im trying to dispute a copyright claim and its not even a option in this app, This is like a barebones version of the desktop version, Please make it like the desktop version its a dumb app. Thank you
  • Great but 4/5

    By hehadadaYT
    I love it and use it all the time but I really want y’all to bring the option to see dislikes. Like why the heck would y’all remove that
  • Banner and thumbnail problems 4/5

    By Pa12anoid_And12oid
    I like the app but it doesn’t let me change my thumbnails on my iPad I have to do it from my computer! And I to do a special (and long) trick to change my YouTube banner. Can you change this?
  • I just love it! 5/5

    By June,27
    I started youtube a few years ago and worked my way up to this day and man! I love it! It’s so good!
  • Useless 1/5

    By joseph92
    This app is basically useless because you can’t do the same things that you can through a desktop computer. You can’t edit how your page looks, change your profile pic, etc. What’s the real point besides Analytics data?!?!
  • Lacking greatly 1/5

    By el bicho azul
    This app took over the desktop version which had a lot more flexibility and important tools I can find here. I used because I need to at least used for the extremely limited editing this app can do.
  • I like it 4/5

    By AlysonRoseleach0624
    I like the app, you can change anything you need but! It would be nice if you can switch from YouTube channel cause I have to delete the app then change it, unless there is a way that I don’t know of please let me know
  • Can’t upload 1/5

    By Zachary Pieske
    Title says it all