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  • Current Version: 19.13.101
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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YouTube Studio App

The official YouTube Studio app makes it faster and easier to manage your YouTube channels on the go. Check out your latest stats, respond to comments, create and update your video thumbnail images and account profile pictures, and get notifications so you can stay connected from anywhere. FEATURES: * Monitor channel and video performance with easy-to-use analytics * Respond to and moderate comments * Get notifications about important moments on your channel * Update video details including descriptions, titles, custom thumbnail images and monetization settings * Manage playlists * Create and update your account profile pictures * Search help content by voice PERMISSIONS NOTICE: * Photo Library Usage: Needed to allow you to select your account profile picture and thumbnail images for your videos * Camera Usage: Needed to allow you to update your account profile picture * Microphone: Needed to allow you to search help content by voice

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  • Why can’t I put a custom thumbnail??? 4/5

    By YaBoiWantsToWatchAnime
    I can’t put a custom thumbnail, edit it works now idk why it didn’t before
  • You 5/5

    By GaryChop
    I have a YouTube channel and this app is useful for it!!! 😻😻😻

    By cristal playz
  • Exactly what I wanted 5/5

    By Awesomeman75
    I was looking for and app like this that shows my analytics and this is perfect and I also got the TubeBuddy app but it’s nowhere near as in depth on the go as this one. Thanks guys!!!
  • Why can’t you edit your channels picture? 4/5

    By GameWizard32
    I think that this app is GREAT, especially for small channels like mine. I like the analytics where you can see your most popular videos to see what you should upload more. My favorite feature is the custom thumbnails. But why can’t you edit your channels banner and picture? I find this very problematic because my computer is very slow, and when I finally get the banner I want on the computer, it isn’t even the right size. Since my computer is so slow, I can’t download any apps to make a custom banner so I can’t make the right size, or the banner I want. I have a banner editing app on my phone that is very useful and I want to use it, but I can’t edit my banner on my phone. I hope you can figure something out or tell me why I can’t edit the banner on mobile. Thanks you!
  • ? Help ? 2/5

    By hamilton is cheesy!
    Ok so idk what’s up but I can’t link my channel up even tho it’s right there, help!
  • Something this needs... 3/5

    By ro citizens
    I am a YouTuber, and this app can help for some things. But, I'm on IOS and when I try and put a custom thumbnail, and says that it's not in sync with my current web browser. So Safari was my nest choice, and I did what it said and nothing happened. And when I clicked on Safari on the YouTube studio app, it just told me about Safari. So it's really not telling me what I should do.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By TobyHoenig
    I can’t say how amazing this app is! I can see when someone comments on my videos and other things too! I’m just a small channel with 16 subscribers but I really like this app!
  • But How? 2/5

    By Shae shae kitty 123
    I’ve heard so many good things about this app but, when I signed into my account I can’t even figure out how to edit my videos. It just lets me see things about my account not to make videos. Maybe just make a video how to use the app so when somebody downloads it first thing is how to use it. Thank you.
  • Eh, it’s good enough 2/5

    By inkisa_kz
    I love this app it helped me a lot, but every time I go to the custom thumbnail thing it puts me on- I don’t even know! I have to verify from the computer and some crap but I don’t even have a computer that works! I downloaded chrome on my iPad but it still says “Download Chrome” and I cant verify it from there! Looks like I can’t make anymore thumbnails. Disappointing.
  • GREAT 5/5

    By MsLovelyToya
  • Love it But... 5/5

    By Thatmonster08
    I love it’s that I can’t change the thumbnail while live
  • Sisters fault. 😅 5/5

    By TinyKate2214
    I saw my sister using the app and i always asked her to change my thumb nails and stuff so thanks to her my videos don’t look so silly 🤪. And thanks to your AMAZING APP I might get more than 17 subscribers!!!!
  • Please read 1/5

    By Two Shoes!
    I don’t get it why is it so hard to add a thumbnail what is happening? Bring back the old one this is horrible I don’t understand anything and it doesn’t give any instructions I don’t get why I have to login on the computer this app just might make me give up on my dreams.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By gcccgkcm
    I absolutely love this app it helped me so much as a beginner at YouTube I can place thumbnails and much more
  • Great for the most part 4/5

    By Van the person
    I love everything about this app, it makes checking your status and replieing to comments so much easier. My only complaint is the total view count. One of the greatest features about this app is that you’re supposed to be able to see your total view count at any time, however it doesn’t work at all, every time I checked my view count it started to go down, which isn’t even possible. So one time when my total view Count said 86, I used a calculator and added the total views of all of my videos and got 207. That is my only complaint, other than that it’s a great app, and if your starting a YouTube channel (or if you already have one and don’t have this app) than this app is a must-have.
  • *internal frustration * 1/5

    By Spoopy04
    Why can't I just have all the things I need to edit my video WITHOUT having to get like 3 other apps!? This is absolutely RIDICULOUS!! Why can you have everything in one app for those of us that DON'T have computers!????? Your lucky I gave even one star 🤧🤧
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By brioncaaa
    This app is so great I love looking at it, it shows everything you need to know it makes me happy to see my channel consistently grow. I have had my channel for almost 2 weeks and I have 32 subscribers I love notifications when it says I have a new subscribers it’s just amazing literally. I like the custom thumbnail that’s greattttt amazinggggg. I honestly love doing YouTube and this is a great way to track your channel and I can’t wait to consistently grow my channel as I use this lovely app - Brionca Collins
  • Incomplete 3/5

    By JerryLiuFilms
    There’s no way to interact with your community section tab in your homepage and no way to adjust your home page featured video. Those are very important features for a creator, you know! Step it up, app team.
  • AMAZING!! 5/5

    By emjj13
    This app so amazing! I have not had any problems at all, no glitches or anything like that. The best part is custom thumbnail. I’m a small channel, but having custom thumbnails is good so that my videos get noticed better!
  • It’s great and all,but.. 4/5

    By Kikki Gameer
    I’ve been trying to earn money on YouTube, so I decide to search up how do I put ads in my videos, they say use YouTube studio, and so I did. I downloaded it to see nothing about any ads in there. I don’t know if it’s a troll or it’s only on iPhones and not on iPads.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By kdndjxienndkxk
    Amazing, Literally amazing
  • Can’t keep up. 3/5

    By J-Double Studios
    It’s okay but the app can’t keep up with real time activities or just flat out lies. Currently it says I’m at 181 subscribers but YouTube itself and another app called YT Tracker says I’m at 183. In fact YT Studio dropped 1 subscriber on its own. I never lost a subscriber.
  • Borderline unusable 1/5

    By SteveOnTheEdge
    This app is borderline unuseable. I’ve been working with it for months and there are many crucial features that are missing here- subtitles, end screens, etc. To access these, I had to go to the creator studio on the browser. You just recently changed the browser experience and removed all my access to these necessary features. Your new YouTube Studio beta is incompatible with my device and you offer no notification, solution, or alternative. I had to find a wonky, long workaround of link-following to find a way to get to the old browser creator studio, and even there, I have to be careful, because clicking a link that redirects to the new studio beta will open my YouTube Studio app, then open a browser window inside that app, then attempt to load a page that doesn’t load. Ridiculous. I travel on the road and my workflow revolves around my iPad. I can’t afford a laptop. Back to the app. Working with comments in this app is a nightmare. Oftentimes I don’t get the notifications I need. There’s no way to access comments for review or flagged comments. When I get notified of a comment, you don’t even show what video it’s commented on! I have to go to the comments tab and find the comment again to even see the context. And then, I can’t click on that video or on the user. There’s one function this app does ok, and that’s viewing analytics. Everything else is just... ridiculously shoddy.
  • No thumbnail 5/5

    By Iloveapex
    I don't know why but it wouldn't even let me access my photos for a thumbnail
  • Small Gacha tuber who needed help, and got it. 5/5

    By number 1 cat lover
    I’m a small gacha tuber wanting to become known on YouTube. And i was always like,”how they get da thumbnails?!?” And when I found this, it went uphill for me! I only have 25 subs now, but a week ago I only had 10 subscribers! This has helped me alot!
  • It was horrible 5/5

    By Zanerpop
  • iPhone XR user 3/5

    By TRUTH662
    App is pointless it’s called YouTube creator but u can’t create nothing or edit your YouTube on here everything you do on here you can do on the normal YouTube app
  • Making me a Creator 5/5

    By svgonzalez
    I love this app! I truly love that you can change the thumbnail and that you can make edits. I wish we could post videos from this app, it is more updated than YouTube especially when it comes to subscribers and views.
  • Crippled compared to MacOS browser experience 1/5

    By ryanflanders
    Why are we unable to annotate and mark up videos on the iOS app? It’s 2019! These are basic features that would not be difficult to implement. Get with it, Google! You want people to create quality content for you, right?
  • I LOVE IT 5/5

    By TheOblivousNinja
    I am a youtuber with 6 subs I do gaming on my channel and 1 year ago on my iPad I wanted to install YouTube studio but then I got to the App Store and I was on iOS 9 and to get it I had to be on iOS 10 but now I have a iPod touch and created my channel 3 weeks ago and this app is very useful I love the real-time views and watch time and how I can switch my accounts around But I have a suggestion You should add a real-time sub count like socialblade and others you find on the internet because refreshing the page is a slow process But I love the app keep up the amazing work.
  • Tried to download. Won’t download. 2/5

    By ALB454
    So, a bit of backstory here, I needed to make a thumbnail for one of my videos, so I looked up “how to add thumbnails to YouTube videos” and heard about this app. I thought I’d try it, since it had high reviews and everyone says it’s great. Now, just to say, my device I am using to download this is a rather new iPad Mini 4 with LOTS of storage space on it. I tried to download it, but it was taking a while, so I plugged in my device to make sure it wouldn’t die while it was loading and went to go watch some YouTube in the meantime. It’s been going for a full 3 hours, the amount of the circle thing filled in to show how much has downloaded has stayed the same the whole time. It’s just the tiniest sliver, meaning it’s barely done. I’m not sure if it’s the app or my device, but whichever one it happens to be, I’m still pretty upset. At least it was free.
  • ? 1/5

    By Its pizza
    I wanted to use this app to try and do thumbnails I signed in verifying I was me and I still can’t make custom thumbnails
  • Good. 5/5

    By Tw13ted Mind
    Does what I need it to... Although, is there a way you could please add a way to add, remove or fix your end cards? Thanks!
  • Phenomenal! 5/5

    By Chicly monkey
    I am starting a YouTube channel and this app really helps me see who searches try videos and how well they do! Thanks YouTube!
  • Notifications aren’t popping up 3/5

    By nascarfan48
    I like this app and I want to keep it, but I also want to see notifications popping up every time I get a like, subscriber, or comment. That doesn’t happen. Nothing is popping up on notifications and I want to see that change.
  • Why can’t people comment on my video 2/5

    By cdgahed
    I keep putting allow comments and when I save it and go back it never allows it. Please please please fix this.
  • Hey 3/5

    By tyb flako95
    Can somebody help me mines at doing nothing I can find the $ sign mines just looks plan... and sub to my channel tyb flako95 🥰 thx u
  • Idk 1/5

    By svovin
    I can’t sign in.
  • Missing couple of things 4/5

    By xoycyx
    Some of the stuff that you use on the computer won’t be here but other than that it’s a really good app my YT is BMX 2 it’s not the video game but other than that I think it has improved my channel
  • Cannot upload video 3/5

    By LastStarfytr
    This app is fine for viewing analytics but there is no function for editing or uploading video as some of the reviews state they have done. Also, currently the iPhone will not even allow you to upload videos to YouTube, period so that needs to be fixed. In the past, before updates about a year ago, this was available
  • Can you fix this? 3/5

    By DoveBirds:3
    I’m sorry, I like this app, but do I HAVE to go through a large proses to put the thumbnail I made into the video? I don’t have a computer, so this is on my phone. It’s really upsetting, so can you give free access to choosing the thumbnail you like and putting it on? The “verification” thing is is what is holding me back, and it’s distressing... It’s a good app overall
  • youtube 4/5

    By k9talina
    love the app but i had a question how do i check my estimated revenue?
  • No Video Publish Date and Community Tab 1/5

    By Comment approval error
    In YouTube studio iOS app There is no option to see the date on which the videos are posted. And there is no option to post anything in the YouTube community. I mean there is no community tab in the ios app. Please do add these features in the next update.
  • YouTube Studio theme 5/5

    By Leon767
    Can you guys add a theme to the studio also?
  • Please fix! 4/5

    By twin2 Tv
    It will not let me change my thumbnail
  • Can you help promote my channel on suggestions 4/5

    By fabird mac
    I like this app and I would really like my channel to be promoted in suggestions if there is anyway that is possible.. I will like to change my thumbnails..
  • What the heck is going on? 3/5

    By An Anonymous Coaster
    Is this app used to be a 5, but suddenly I noticed some features that you can’t do on this app, There’s absolutely nowhere to go to edit your background channel art, if I’m just losing my mind then please let me know cause I’ve been trying to edit my background for over 20 minutes and I still cannot doing anything. Everything else has been working just fine except for that.
  • Tags 3/5

    By anecbs
    Thanks for the app, it’s handy while on the road without a laptop. My only significant gripe is how tags are input. Each individual tag requires an explicit return/enter keystroke to enter/register the tag. This makes it impossible to copy/paste tags (which may be a really long list) from another app. I’d like to be able to enter tags in a CSV format, as is possible with YouTube Studio in a desktop browser. Thanks!

YouTube Studio app comments

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