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  • Current Version: 18.48.102
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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YouTube Studio App

The official YouTube Studio app makes it faster and easier to manage your YouTube channels on the go. Check out your latest stats, respond to comments, create and update your video thumbnail images and account profile pictures, and get notifications so you can stay connected from anywhere. FEATURES: * Monitor channel and video performance with easy-to-use analytics * Respond to and moderate comments * Get notifications about important moments on your channel * Update video details including descriptions, titles, custom thumbnail images and monetization settings * Manage playlists * Create and update your account profile pictures * Search help content by voice PERMISSIONS NOTICE: * Photo Library Usage: Needed to allow you to select your account profile picture and thumbnail images for your videos * Camera Usage: Needed to allow you to update your account profile picture * Microphone: Needed to allow you to search help content by voice

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YouTube Studio app reviews

  • Mike 5/5

    By mike2909090909200978909
    It’s great
  • UPDATED REVIEW: Custom thumbs issue fixed 5/5

    By the african elephant
    Thanks for fixing the problem. 5 stars! Custom thumbs no work perfectly.
  • Won’t let me custom a thumbnail 1/5

    By Aubryyyyyybbbbbb:)
    Every time I try to custom a thumbnail it says to verify my account which I already have. Can you please fix this ?
  • Help 5/5

    By gapatron
    Well I’m trying to get ads on my video but it’s not showing up can you please help me
  • Jesus 2/5

    By jesussmdb
    I like this app it’s that it won’t let me do a custom thumbnail and I’ve already verified
  • Ok 3/5

    By a.shleyyy
    It’s ok I am trying to edit a custom thumbnail but tie saying I need to verify my account and I already have so I don’t know what the issue is
  • Update? 3/5

    By Łana Døria
    I have used YouTube Studio before but suddenly it has stopped working. I don't know if it was just my laptop or if I missed a major update or something. If the app is supposed to be working, please let me know.
  • Question 3/5

    By Dman2345
    Why can’t I have access to the function where I can add adds to my video?
  • Upset 4/5

    By 🤠🙌👹👍🏿🤢☠️🙀🤭😑🤥😦
    It won’t let me make a thumbnail
  • Ok but... 4/5

    By Alina Deluca
    Can you make it so that you can look at your subscribers on here instead of on the computer only because I have trouble logging into my YouTube account on the computer and I would love to see my subscribers on my YouTube channel thanks 💜
  • Idk 1/5

    By Stell Nova
    I don’t like it very much, I’m trying to change the thumbnail to a custom one. But all it does is say Sign in to YouTube on computer learn more
  • Does not help with live-streaming 1/5

    By [SUB] Tarun_not
    So I live stream games but I want to Change the thumbnail through my phone and the studio doesn’t allow it nor does the regular app. I always have to use the computer
  • It won’t work! 1/5

    Hello! I am a young YouTuber who has 23 subscribers. I don’t know how to make a thumbnail or how to put it on the video. When I saw that I could change that I was very happy! But after I verified my account, the app still wouldn’t let me customize the thumbnail! This made me very sad, because the app was so cool! I will change my opinion if this issue is fixed. Thank you.

    By Hannah Mier
    Why did you remove the ability to record, edit, and upload clips? And if it's because it's in the YouTube app, then where's the ability to combine multiple clips/add music? On the other hand, if it's because you removed it in favor of new features, then let's check the basics page. "View your dashboard" It says you can view your sub count. You can do that in the MAIN app. It says you can view your videos' analytics, probably one of two useful features that aren't already available in the same exact quality in the main app. You can view recent uploads and comments. Huh. I feel like there's somewhere else we can do that besides this app. "Manage videos" You can edit details about videos that you can't change in the main app. That is, admittedly, useful. Although I don't see why you had to completely change the app beyond recognition for that. Couldn't you have added this as an extra feature or something? "Play your videos" While yes, this is important, it isn't on its own, or important enough to warrant its own tab (seeing as it's kind of a given), especially since I think there's an app for playing videos. I'd assume you know about it, considering you made it. "Moderate comments" Can't you do this in the main app? "Access analytics" Again, one of two useful features in this app, but not worth giving up the original YouTube Studio for. "Get notifications" I'm pretty sure anyone who cares enough that they want notifications should hopefully notice if they have a lot of subs. And receiving comments? I already have the gmail app, and I that already tells me when I have comments. "View Content ID & Copyright Claims" I think if you get copyrighted then you should hopefully be able to wait until you can get to a computer to sort it out Final opinion: I really don't think the new YouTube Studio is as great as the old one, and I'm only giving two stars because it has a couple useful features and one a little useful (and I personally don't use the analytics although that's just me) so yeah. Please fix this or something.
  • Boooo 1/5

    By Help meh ;-;
    I can’t do a thumbnail! I’ve verified my account and stuff and it’s not working! I can’t figure it out ughhh
  • Good but confused??? 3/5

    By Uehshsjsjabavhssg
    So everytime I check my subscribers on this and my subscribers on YouTube it’s always off by 5 subscribers? Anyone else have this problem? Please fix!
  • I’m stupid😂 5/5

    By Megan+Minecraft
    I’ve been looking for how to do this forever and this whole time it’s a separate app😂 this is the best and I can finally edit my videos!
  • I’m going to be homiest 1/5

    By Vampire_lord
    I have no computer And this app is only way I can manage channel I have this app installed on a iPhone 5s but also installed on a iPhone X .so I can give to different reviews (iPhone 5s & iPhone X )both get network errors (I know it’s not my device why kinda rules that out when iPhone X is brand new and only 5 days outa its box for 2 devices to get same issue but 1 device be brand new it rules out issue of it being the device(next will go to my network on my gaming console we have a download speed of 523.6mbps and a upload speed of 325.6mbps (we all know a gaming console caps so this tells you my internet connection is problem faster then listed)so I’d say it’s a good Anough connection to download a 49gb game in under 20min so you would think it be good anough to run a app on a phone with (WiFi,cell data and a hotspot feature )so when 2 devices say network timed out this tells me it’s the app and not my device or network ) This is a serious bug that needs fixing I will continue a 1star Intill it’s fixed The other reason is I have 2 videos on YouTube in YouTube app 1 says 78veiws the other says 274 views But in studio apps the 78 view YouTube video says it has 106veiws And the YouTube video that says 274veiws in studio app it says 320veiws these are just 2 I notic so who knows how many studio has listed wrong or many how many YouTube has wrong that studio has right
  • I can’t add my thumbnail 3/5

    By Krystan😛
    I recently began my channel and I downloaded this app because I wanted to add a thumbnail to my first video. The app has helped me with a lot but when I try to add a “custom thumbnail” the app says I must verify my account to do this and says read more.. I can’t tell you how many times I have read over what it tells me on that page and it says nothing about verifying my account. I have also verified my account so I honestly don’t know what to do. I’d truly appreciate it if I could get some help.
  • No “create” in iOS app 5/5

    By Lorrieis
    I wanted to add you tube music to my video. I use my iPad for everything. I have the You Tube Studio App loaded. Online, in the You Tube creator there is “create” but not in You Tube Studio...what’s up?
  • Really really great, but things could be added... 5/5

    By AwesomeDudeYTChannel
    Know don’t get me wrong I love YouTube studio, and it has been really handy for simple things like the description, title, video genre, etc. but I think it would be great to be able to do more thing on this app such as info cards, and screens, etc. (things that need to be completed on a computer). I feel like it would just help out a lot and make things a lot easier and faster to do. I do HIGHLY recommend this app though if you’re starting a YouTube channel or if you’re already doing pretty good... it is fast and easy to use, I just hope to see more updates coming in the near future! 👍
  • Great but... 5/5

    By Thaumarturgus
    So Ive been using this app for a few days now and I see no problems statistics, editing, and all other aspects wise but the thing that confuses me the most is that in the studio it says I have more followers than in the regular Youtube app? I would like to think that the number in the studio is correct but is that just a bug or is the studio just more current than the regular app?
  • Descárguense esta aplicación es la official de YouTube 5/5

    By Update the app is slow
  • the Best! 5/5

    By Pelos1991
    This app helps you do everything on YouTube so I recommend people to install this app if they want to improve their videos on YouTube!
  • Most likely not going to read this 3/5

    By Redpand Host
    It won’t let me save my changes, youtube needs to fix the save option
  • This app It’s very good for me! 5/5

    By Maria CDM
    I like how they do all the options and, PHEW! I don’t have to sign in for the thumbnail like you need too in computer, It’s just free..Amazing! 👏
  • Idk 1/5

    By hggdgef
    I wanted to make a thumbnail so I went to create my own thumbnail and it said please put email so I did. After that it said this google doesn’t recognize this email and I’m like “ok I can make a new one!” So I tried to make a new one, and I used my email and it said this acc already exists try again. For a second I thought someone already took it when I tried to put my email so I went back to use my iCloud email so I did it said this email doesn’t exist. What should I do??? It’s making me frustrated.
  • Thumbnail HUGE problem 3/5

    Excuse me I like the app a lot but there’s a lot of issues FRIST when I make my custom thumbnail I don’t need to verify because I already did it when I hit save and go to check the video it’s still a random part of the video which I was so confused I tried reuploading it and doing the same thing and it didn’t work so I would like you to fix this thank you 3 star rating for the issue
  • Good but...😑 1/5

    By Alacorn_Queenz
    The app is amazing I love everything about it.but when I try to add a custom thumbnail it says I have to sign in when I already did🙄
  • So confusing 1/5

    By TangTrash
    This app is so confusing! I just started a small channel with little animations on it and I hopped a lot from it, when I tried to put thumbnails I had to verify my account. I did. And it still wouldn't let me have my own thumbnail! I've had to make a whole new email and channel, I haven't seen if it had worked yet but I do not have high hopes. I'm on IOS 12 I do not see any reason why it should be this confusing.
  • It’s cool but confused 3/5

    By Courtney&MasonEdits
    I uploaded a video I wanted to change the thumbnail but it said I have to verify my account or something and I think I did then it said looking for the dashboard thing then it took me to this app i mean it’s good but I’m confused please help 😖
  • Thanks! 5/5

    By Heavenlyultratnt
    I’m a small channel that needed the abilities to edit, and this was a life saver!
  • That’s it!! 5/5

    By aabbass
    This is what I need exactly, many thanks
  • Ok what the heck 2/5

    By treechovy
    I’ve been trying for an hour now and whenever I try to custom a thumbnail, it won’t let me. It brings me in a full circle. I hate it
  • I need help 4/5

    By frozen officer
    Please make it easier to monitize
  • 🤷🏼‍♀️ 1/5

    By daddysn8ke
    I verified my acc. And its still not letting me choose a thumbnail of my own. idk about this app.
  • Utter crap 1/5

    By ninja turtle fan 101
    Worst app ever doesn’t even deserve zero stars!!! Every time I try to download a custom thumbnail it won’t let me and theres no other use to it!!!!!!!!!! Dont download I’m wasting my time just writing this review!!!’ 😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • I ❤️ it 5/5

    By Malitp
  • Thumbnails these days.. 4/5

    By Samnatha Dobre
    I’m a YouTuber that records videos on a game called “Star Stable Online.” I had posted my first video and went to put a thumbnail up on my video. If your on Desktop, I bet you’ve heard of this, you can’t add a custom thumbnail, but’s that’s not what I saying!! On this app, I figured out how to transfer photos from my laptop to my IPhone 6s using Discord. I went on the app and signed in. I managed to find my way to where you add thumbnails! I added my custom thumbnail to my video. The next day, I filmed another video. I did the same thing I did with my last video, filmed, edited, and worked on the thumbnail. I went to this to find that the thumbnail on my other video, saved. So, I added my thumbnail to my new video. The next day, I was on YouTube and I managed to stubble to my account. I saw that the thumbnails on both videos weren’t saved. I am not posting anymore until I figure out what is wrong.
  • WOW 5/5

    By sas:3
    I love it
  • Pretty decent app 4/5

    By cmencookie
    I only wish they would add the ability to add end screen annotations. I don’t always have my computer available and it makes my outro look a little stupid without other videos linked.
  • Not very helpful 1/5

    By kvivtn
    It will not let me upload a thumbnail and it is very annoying
  • Must have for any channel, big or small! 5/5

    By CDub Stuff
    When I started my channel off, I always wondered what the best way to manage a my videos, comments, and subscribers was. But I didn't have to look far, because this app has everything you need to manage your channel!
  • Please tell me we’re menu is! 4/5

    So I really wanna add thumbnails to my videos but I just find menu /three dots I would appreciate it if u told me, Good day
  • !!! 1/5

    By cyinm
  • No working 1/5

    By ᗷᑌᗷᗷᒪEᘔ
    Even after I signed in and did everything the directions told me to do, I still wasn’t able to change my thumbnail. Why won’t it work? It was like an hour wasted trying to find out how to change it...
  • Cool 5/5

    By jacksitty

    By squishywish
    I don’t get it I want to have a custom thumbnail but it says verify your YouTube account and I already did but it still said that SO FIX THIS PROBLEM NOW
  • It’s great but it’s not letting me do a custom thumbnail 3/5

    By agtecno
    I have verified my YouTube account online, but it keeps saying I have to verify my account in order to add a custom thumbnail.

YouTube Studio app comments

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