YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

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  • Current Version: 14.28
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream App

Make watching your favorite videos easier with the YouTube app. Explore brand new content, music, news and more with the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPad. Discover even more with the official YouTube app. Subscribe to channels with your favorite content, share them with friends or upload your very own videos for everyone to see. Get more out of your video streaming app and discover even more with YouTube. YOUTUBE FEATURES: DISCOVER BRAND NEW CONTENT - Browse YouTube’s personal recommendations on the home tab - Watch the hottest videos, from music to viral sensations on the trending tab - Like something? Tap like to save to your personal list or share with your friends! STREAM MUSIC - Find the videos of the latest hits! - Watch fresh releases from popular and trending artists LIVE STREAMS & MORE - Get the latest news or watch your favorite popular live streams right on your device! LEARN FROM THE BEST - Practice and learn alongside the best online - Watch videos and learn any skill you need - Explore thousands of videos for makeup, DIY, tips and more! CONNECT AND SHARE - Let people know how you feel with likes, comments, or shares - Directly share your friends favorite videos with your friends - Make a playlist that saves your favorite videos - See the latest from the creators you follow on the subscriptions tab Download the official YouTube app and start watching your favorite videos today! SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE CREATORS WITH CHANNEL MEMBERSHIPS - Support the channel you love with monthly recurring payments - Stand out in comments and live chat with a loyalty badge next to your username - Get access to exclusive perks from the channel WITH YOUTUBE PREMIUM, GET YOUTUBE AD-FREE, OFFLINE, AND IN THE BACKGROUND. PLUS, ACCESS TO ALL YOUTUBE ORIGINALS. - Watch the videos you love without ads! - Play videos in the background, even when you open another app - Download videos for when you're low on data or can't get online - Discover original series and movies from today's hottest talent If you subscribe via iTunes: Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription. Monthly price: $15.99 YouTube paid service terms: Privacy policy:

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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream app reviews

  • It's good app 5/5

    By A_nnetteG
    It's a good app Yeah it's a good app
  • Email problems 1/5

    By Httjvxrh
    I keep getting emails from channels I’m not subscribed too. stop, just stop, I can’t stand it anymore I just want to delete your app, I hate the clutter it causes and it’s driving me crazy. Your app isn’t worth this experience so 1 star.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Sent from my iPhone7
  • Free speech 1/5

    By Fullergraphics2003
    Hi my name is sensitive, My feelings hurt my close hurt my shoes hurt your demonetized opinions hurt. Hey why do words hurt you when you are sheltered. If you don’t like it then change channel we are not making you watch it. Who is racist you demonetizing or reporting it. Oh it affects your life because you have none. Thanks sensitive out.
  • Biased censorship 1/5

    By zaqwsxcderfvbgrt
    I hate YouTube biased censorship.
  • Fix the app!!! 1/5

    By MrRabby
    July update made the app on iPhone 7 plus laggy. Extremely slow.
  • 5years 1/5

    By Sleepylocs
    Yeah okay you tube, I really want to watch a 5 year old video that I already watched, not to mention I want to watch videos I watched yesterday. Can we have a “explore page” that has random videos? I feel like home page is not random anymore.
  • Love it but one thing 4/5

    By dogperson2222
    I love YouTube. But when it takes forever to load a video even with full WiFi. That’s the only problem. But still love it.
  • Please stop this ads 5/5

    By Billie Eillis fan#1
    YouTube is now having ads but two ads after the ad there’s another one just please fix this
  • 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 1/5

    By Jeopardyjeopardy
    This app is actually the worst thingsive ever put on my phone/computer/device. Its AI to suggest videos that you want to watch is absolutely and unequivocally awful, for example if you are watching a video on how to cook a steak in your suggestions will be videos from wwe wrestling to how the engines on a submarine work. Another major problem is is the demonitization and removal of thousands of videos. Youtube has a very very liberal outlook on things and censors anything that they do not agree with. One time while searching the app i came across a national geographic video on lions that was demonitized for showing a deceased giraffe, another example is the gun community on youtube. Youtube has been trying to push the gun topic off of its channel for years now. They have deleted and/or demonitized thousands of videos that were only for educational purposes just because they do not like them.
  • Yes 5/5

    By Esketit Monster
  • Error while adding to playlist 1/5

    By AndyZA
    This bug keeps coming back despite several updates. Every time I add a video to my watch later, I get this error.
  • This app is whack 1/5

    By CassyCheng
    The wrong audio keeps playing for each video. If I’m watching a video on e.g. makeup, the audio for some other video i scrolled past and did not watch is playing instead of the correct audio. Or both audios play simultaneously and then i have to exit the app and start over which is annoying and inconvenient as I have to do this multiple times.
  • Amazing experience 5/5

    By sirpeed
    YouTube is the google of today and it’s so addictive that I can’t pass my day without clicking it even once a day.
  • Muy buen app 5/5

    By jouly shedt
    Es lo mejor 👍👍👍
  • Happy 5/5

    By sandra lane
    You are the best people for making YouTube
  • Can’t comment 3/5

    By Acedegoat
    for like the past 2 months i can’t comment on videos there is no option to comment Plz fix
  • Gay ok 4/5

    By R35Kane
    U gay Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • Love ads and pop ups? You’ll love this app. 1/5

    By RenaissanceDude
    Every day there seems to be more ads and more pop ups asking to try YouTube premier. How many times do I have to click the “no” button before you stop asking?
  • Bug 2/5

    By AlucardVlad
    Everytime I open it it crashes almost immediately. I am currently using the iPhone XR
  • Lag of some sort 3/5

    By CJ 241
    I can do everything but watch a video. I get stuck on the loading screen and the video never plays please fix.
  • Display problem 5/5

    By Gonzalez5172
    My YouTube has been acting up lately and I don’t know how to fix it. When I open up the app it shows a black background and the YouTube play bottom is a plain white block in the center of the screen. I use YouTube everyday and the last few days it has been doing it.

    By Chobot
    If I could give this app 0 stars, I would! Every since I got an account any video I watch says “Restricted Mode” And I have turned it off but it just doesn’t work. One time I clicked on a video on how to make a cake and it said restricted mode! It’s so annoying!! I now only use the YouTube on safari. It actually lets me watch videos 😒 do not download this app if you are reading this, ITS TERRIBLE!!
  • ? 3/5

    By ._t_.
    So usually I go on youtube everyday but it stopped working a couple of days ago. When I tap the app it just loads but it never actually goes into my account. At first, I thought it wast just my WiFi but every other app on my phone was working properly. So I go in to my accounts and there was only one account that I was “signed into” but it was a different username. When I clicked the username, It went to a different account that was my backup account that had none of my subscriptions or liked videos on it. So when I try to go to my previous account that couldn’t load, I couldn’t because it acted as if my backup account was my only account like my previous account never existed. I know my username to my main YouTube account but I don’t know what email I used since my main email is used for my backup YouTube account.
  • Nadia 4/5

    By Itzz Nadia
    I change my picture and everything but still can’t see my picture that I change it with can y’all fix that please
  • REALLY!!! 1/5

    By darealistabn
    I love this app, been using it for years!!! But now I can’t even listen to my playlists! Add add add listen to a song, then a three minute add followed by a 45sec add then a 15 second add then another song then 4 more adds then another song then freeze, are you still listening to YouTube? No because all you play is freaking adds!!!!!!!!!
  • Why? 2/5

    By ddvskakzngk
    I’ve had YouTube red for quite awhile now. And every time I open YouTube in my phone it lags. It will scroll weird and slow. And sometimes won’t even work unless I close the app and open it again. I know it’s not my phone because YouTube is the only app that does this. And the app has been updated multiple times only to have the same problem still happen. I just think that it’s bs to pay $15.99 only to have the app work when it wants to.
  • I YouTube is dead now 3/5

    By bridcat
    I’m going to start this review on a bad note listen YouTube why did you just technically make this some kind of YouTube kids I mean YouTube kids was a good idea because honestly you do this for the more adult a part no money goes on YouTube partially I am not really a fan of these new YouTube guidelines or demonetization just because you say a couple of cursewords the old YouTube there still the six channels going around and still you have a black bows are you kidding me I really feel like you guys are slacking I really feel as if you don’t really care about you and YouTube anymore you care aboutMore money you make and the more kids to come over to your to your website the more good reviews that you’ll get I’m 10 years old and this took a lot of my courage because I always was on your app before demonetization and now I’m on YouTube and everything is blurred out it just feels guess somethings you need to be blurred out but it’s just why would you do it’s U2 was already good and why did you even start the monetization anyway that’s it
  • 😡🤬 5/5

    By Melw73
    When I opened up YouTube yesterday all my subscriptions, playlists, liked videos, and comments were gone not a single one left the message authentification error appeared and my original account was gone now I have to find all the channels I subscribed to again I can hardly remember any of them why did ya do this YouTube
  • 💯 5/5

    By Rich swann
    Cannot see the amount of subs you have when going to your channel. love YouTube tho
  • Obvious radical leftist bias at YOU TUBE 2/5

    By Montag!451
    Come on guys, it seems like you would have learned something after being shown to the world for the fact that you guys support pedophilia. It seems that your app would do better to stop playing the extreme progressive politics. If not you will end up going to the same slow demise as FB. Allow people to speak the truth and stop shutting down people who do.
  • Fix this app already, it’s pathetic 1/5

    By Just listen168372)2&2)282&
    App always crashes in general and hasn’t even worked in 2 days. Literally can’t even load my downloaded music.
  • Do not like the swipe to next video feature. 3/5

    By oaxaca213
    Very frustrating when I’m watching a video in landscape mode and I accidentally swipe the screen and it takes me to a different one and instantly starts playing an ad and won’t let me swipe back to the original video. Very annoying.
  • Agradecimiento 5/5

    By Lolita Corazon
    Gracias por ofrecer tanta informacion para la educación aprecio mucho este canal personalmente y lo comparto como con 20 personas gracias att. Dolores Rivero
  • HATE! HATE! HATE! Stupid interruptions!! 1/5

    By jkinmsn
    Why YouTube?! Why did you have to put two ads in one stupid interruption in a video?!!!
  • Abnormal screen; 4/5

    By JS7320
    Normally when I boot this app, the normal YouTube logo is displayed; Over the past 3 weeks, a black screen with a white background was displayed instead. Otherwise, the app works fine, but that screen is bugging the heck out of me; Please fix! It’s probably just a very simple bug in the system.
  • Poorly designed 1/5

    By will stonier1
    Poorly designed and counter intuitive. I do not recommend this application to anyone.
  • Kids get kiddnap my momo 1/5

    By feaxtfqxeyqwxywxv
    I like it but it teaches kids how to kill people when they play it and they don’t know how to play games like that they have to play but they i want them to play safe games not like killing people and killing there selfs it’s just like a scary movie and I don’t want any of the kids that doll momo telling kids that they can kill they self or get on youtube or like a virus and people get in they stuff like my kid got on youtube I was too mad but my husband told me to stop so don’t get on youtube so kids don’t get on youtube and make a bad thing
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Mariomaster12
    I updated because the audio was cutting in and out but now the only thing it does is crash.
  • Duros 5/5

    By elmalentendido
    La mejjor app
  • Explore 5/5

    By jhon cema
    Elpoler anything
  • Homescapes 5/5

    By angie$&
    Love it
  • My best teacher 5/5

    By nursemochi
    The best way to learn about almost everything :)
  • Hi 5/5

    By inogoodmusik.
    It always saves my best videos
  • PLEASE HELP!!!!!! 1/5

    By TheLovelyBlue
    How do you watch videos and portrait mode it only works sometimes!!!!!!! please answer!!!!!!!!!! It so annoying that I can’t find anything about his online!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Same stuff every time 1/5

    By Mona Reese
    Google has ruined YT. I am constantly scrolling past videos I’ve already watched. I even mark them as already watched and they somehow continue to pop up, sometimes even after I scrolled past and marked it as viewed. Millions of videos all over YT and I keep getting the same 7 recommendations on my feed. It is so annoying and makes the app redundant and unusable.
  • Treat your creators better 2/5

    By SaminLatif
    Not so much a problem with the app itself; it works. The main issues come when looking at how YouTube favors certain content over other, even going so far as to prevent certain videos from reaching your recommended section. YouTube themselves have been practicing questionable business by copyright claiming videos with an extremely minor detail and letting others with large copyright strikes going on with no trouble. There have even been false claims that cause irreversible damage to certain channels. The point I’m trying to make is that gamers are the most oppressed group.
  • YouTube is dead 1/5

    By nickle bonker
    Advertising is out of control. I hear endless whining from content creators about restrictions-especially pertaining to ad’s and I have issue with seeing two ad’s back to back. YouTube has gone down
  • App is junk 1/5

    By Guitartek
    The new ads have ruined this app. Try to watch a video and an Add pops up, Ok I get that but the Add buffers and buffers, then another Add follows that, then my iPhone 6 craps out,have to reboot. Boy they have sure screwed this app, and their locking out content providers who use to make a buck or two, which is the best part of YouTube.

YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream app comments

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