YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

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  • Current Version: 13.10
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  • Developer: Google, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream App

Watch, stream and discover what the world is watching with YouTube. YouTube gives everyone a voice and a platform to discover the world. Explore brand new content, music, news and more with the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPad. Discover even more with the official YouTube app. Subscribe to channels with your favorite content, share them with friends or upload your very own videos for everyone to see. Get more out of your video streaming app and discover even more with YouTube. YOUTUBE FEATURES: DISCOVER BRAND NEW CONTENT - Browse YouTube’s personal recommendations on the home tab - Watch the hottest videos, from music to viral sensations on the trending tab - Like something? Tap like to save to your personal list or share with your friends! STREAM MUSIC - Find the videos of the latest hits! - Watch fresh releases from popular and trending artists LIVE STREAMS & MORE - Get the latest news or watch your favorite popular live streams right on your device! LEARN FROM THE BEST - Practice and learn alongside the best online - Watch videos and learn any skill you need - Explore thousands of videos for makeup, DIY, tips and more! CONNECT AND SHARE - Let people know how you feel with likes, comments, or shares - Directly share your friends favorite videos with your friends - Make a playlist that saves your favorite videos - See the latest from the creators you follow on the subscriptions tab Download the official YouTube app and start watching your favorite videos today! STREAM PREMIUM SHOWS WITH YOUTUBE RED: - Get 1 month of YouTube Red for free - Existing YouTube Red or Google Play Music members and users of either service who have already received this 30-day trial are not eligible - Monthly charges apply for YouTube Red membership outside of trial periods If you subscribe via iTunes: Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription. YouTube paid service terms: Privacy policy:


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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream app reviews

  • Glitching 2/5

    By Kenziebree44
    Usually the YouTube app plays really well and the new dark theme is really helpful. But... Lately it has been glitching, in a way where the videos will keep playing but I can’t pause them or touch my screen or interact with the app at all. It will glitch to the point that it will continue playing after I’ve already turned off the app and am on my main screen. It has done this continuously over the last few days and I finally needed to bring it here. I’ve never had a problem with the YouTube app till now.
  • When does it work? 1/5

    By Nauru an
    This app works less than half the time I TRY to use it. Ads have no issue loading.... weird huh...
  • تعليقات اليتيوب 4/5

    By aboyhyaa
    تطبيق جميل ولكن من عيوبة اعطاء صاحب التعليق حذف التعليق بينما المفروض يكون صلاحية حذف التعليقات على القناة فقط لصاحب القناة فهو حر بابقاء التعليق السئ او مسحة حيث لاحضنا من التعليقات مسئ ولايتردد بالاساءه لانه يعرف انه سيمسح هذا التعليق بعد يوم او يومين ولكن عندما يعلم بان التعليق السى لايمكن مسحة الا من صاحب القناة يتردد قليلا حيث ان التعليق السى يتعلق باسم قناتة فيمتنع او يناشد صاحب القناة ان يمسح تعليقة ولايكررها هذا ومن جهه اخرى تجد انه يطرح يوالا بالتعليق وعندما يردون علية جمهور كبير يقوم هو بحذف سواله ومن ثم يتم حذف جميع الاجابات التعليقات ينقصها تنظيم جديد افضل من الحالي اعيدوا النظر في التعليقات
  • It always lag (not my WiFi FAULT) 5/5

    By Barbie Ariel
  • About the youtube 5/5

    By mena wathah
    The youtube made me fell like that i can watch watever i want and the youtube is my favourit app in the hole youtube
  • Great but 5/5

    By JsvdrhIvensjev
    When I’m trying to upload a vid it says untitled when I name this is happening for some other people to please fix this
  • I more piece 5/5

    By OptimasPrime
    Overall I think your app is really amazing! When I realized you can’t live stream on your screen I was a little disappointed. So, I would be really grateful if you do add that!👌
  • YOUTUBE 5/5

    By miki9a9
    Po meni ovo je najbolja drustvena mreza carevi ste HVALA
  • xo Arriebelle 5/5

    By xoArrie
    I love it
  • Love it its really awesome 5/5

    By Rudy merchain
    I hope my channel reaches 100 subscribers and I love YouTube
  • I’m disappointed in you! 1/5

    By Bbostich
    You made a mistake banning all these firearm channels.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By cmillurrrrrr707
    This is the best thing to watch videos on
  • YouTube 5/5

    By yoboi brandon
    I love this app so dam much
  • youtube forces me to keep the application open 1/5

    By engel cuccioloto
    i want to go to other app but can’t with this youtube app because forces us to keep the aplication open. It’s so simple but you can not repair this error ? i will rate five stars if you update this solution
  • I love Youtube 5/5

    By Joeybagahdoughnuts
    I love your guys software and I use Youtube whenever I am not busy. I am a little disappointed that I was Demonetized because I am just not popular enough, I wish the bar could be dropped a little but otherwise I love you guys and I love youtube, thank you for what you guys have created and I look forward to being apart of YouTube’s Future.
  • Politics and YouTube 1/5

    By nilmadic
    By YouTube taking a political stance with their recent policy update regarding firearms videos, they have marginalized a large portion of our society. The stuff that is available on YouTube, and you are concerned with law abiding citizens demonstrating and teaching about their legal firearms, in a legal manor!? One star; because I can’t give no stars.
  • Cowards 1/5

    By Coolguywannabe18
    They can’t seem to get it through their heads that people hate their new guidelines? You can’t help anyone by censoring people’s opinions.
  • Amazing!!!!! 5/5

    By Jecm3
    I am always on YouTube and I never get disappointed with what I see
  • Home screen 3/5

    By Y,nh
    I use this app all the time good way to keep track of sports, news and for entertainment. But the hone screen I think should display more than just suggestions and shouldn’t only display channels or genres you watch in the regular. It should rather display videos uploaded by channels your subscribed to like in the news feed on social media. I think the subscription and activity feed should be removed and simply use a news feed for displaying uploads for you channel subscriptions.
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Miguel37385937193948
    It’s a very good app, one of my favorites by far but there are too many ads in my opinion.
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By C33563666
    I use this app every day and I love YouTubers and their amazing videos (NOT LOGAN PAUL)
  • One more thing. 5/5

    By SophiaKermit
    If somebody likes or reply’s on your comment or video can it please say who did that (liked or replied)? Please, thanks!
  • Can’t name my video😡😡 2/5

    By 99.3 for life
    Everytime i try to name my video it says error video pls fix it
  • it used to be good before the update 3/5

    By WINTER2369
    I would've given the app 5 stars, but I subtracted 1 because notifications are no longer available on my saved playlists, and thus I am no longer notified of new videos that have been added to them. I subtracted 1 more star due to my saved playlists not appearing on a single page like they used to. Instead of going to "Library" and seeing them all there, I must go to "Settings" and then "My Channel" in order to see them. It's inconvenient. I love the "Dark theme" mode, but I also loved being notified about newly added videos in my saved playlists. Hopefully I'll see this feature again in the next update or so.
  • Night Mode 5/5

    By BryanBarra
    I like the night mode because the normal one used to be so bright but the new update is great!
  • YOUTUBE BETTER n' fb 5/5

    By Joeboyart
    I love YOUTUBE! I have a channel . I'm free to subscribe to whom I want. I don't feel the gestapo is after me as in other social media sites. I enjoy uploading videos to more than one channel. I have privacy and I play by the rules. If you're tired of the rest, choose the best! 💯
  • Discriminatory practices on a supposed “open platform”. 1/5

    By Jawkneemusic
    In light of the news that YouTube has decided its best to stifle the speech of content creators such as Prager University and firearms channels providing educational material on lawful activities, not to mention the mass demonetization of many of these creators, I have to give YouTube a very poor rating. They claim to be an open platform but it’s painfully clear they’re nothing but a leftwing propaganda organ who pretends to care about free speech but really only protects the left.
  • Review 5/5

    By 00DerekC
    It is very good to watch videos on. Occasionally the video freezes and the audio continues to run, but that could be my internet or it could be a YouTube problem.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Noble, King
    This is what keeps me out of trouble :)
  • اللون الداكن 5/5

    By Memo Rai
    شكراً للون الداكن .
  • 5 stars but having a little problem 5/5

    By justagalwholovesyoutube
    i literally watch youtube 24/7 and i’ve had the app for a very long time and never had any complaints until just recently every time i pause a video to answer a text real quick i’ll click back into the app and the whole app just restarts and i lose the video i was watching this happens every time i click out and sometimes i’ll click out for not even 10 seconds so idk what’s up ?? pls help i love my youtube and can’t live without it
  • AMAZING ! 5/5

    By iknowdewey
    It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.
  • Anti free thought company 1/5

    By TexasTheTexan
    I don’t like the company’s discriminatory policies toward gun owners. They are violating the civil liberties of millions of Americans and go against everything the Internet currently stands for. Totally disgusting. Good if you want to turn zombie for a few hours.
  • YouTube has been deleting my views 1/5

    By suvoking
    Everyday I send feed about my views and I send screenshots no response
  • suggestion 5/5

    By Glidkiwbkxchh
    maybe add a sleep timer for users with youtube red
  • Trash now 2/5

    By Ajlock14
    :( Fix the “Untitled” bug error
  • Love YouTube 5/5

    By Shai4748
    I love YouTube sooo much❤️ But please remove dirty videos from my phone love YouTube 💓
  • It doesn’t let me download it 1/5

    By crookedspirit
    I can’t download it anymore plz fix this because I this is the only device I can stream on
  • YoutubE 5/5

    By SpeedSamurai
    YouTube is a great place to see stuff and see streams.for example Coryxkenshin is really funny and Daily Dose Of Internet has well...interesting.ok well that’s it
  • This is awsome 5/5

    By brockepp
    I love YouTube because you can find anything you want it is so fun and you can post stuff I even post stuff at my channel tristaneppvlogs you can collab share with your friends save video you can get rewards and you can just watch videos and every day of my life I watch YouTube this is why I love YouTube. FROM: Tristan/ Tristan Epp VLogs. To:? Or to YouTube
  • Gun channels 1/5

    By Orange County 714 real talk
    Put back gun channels I’m a liberal and I happen to like guns very sad they getting strikes then you eliminating them very not cool would be nice if you put them back on
  • YouTube begone 1/5

    By TheDuede
    Since YouTube decided they wish to no longer support the 2A, I no longer support them as a company. If you have a problem with anyone showing off certain inalienable rights, I cannot in good conscience support a company that supports racism, slavery, human trafficking and child exploitation- because that is the true end of repealing basic human rights.
  • Darnell 5/5

    By Dantefromdevilmaycry
    I think this app is great! My biggest problem though is that if the captions are to long they get cut off and I can’t read them.
  • Fine app, but draconian policies 1/5

    By Txoutdoors9
    As everyone knows, the app works great. Unfortunately, the owners - Google - have a monopolistic hold on content distribution and enact bizarre, draconian policies that get tighter and tighter every month. Google doesn’t know how to place ads appropriate with the video content. They disagree with the Founding Fathers with regard to freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms. Apologists will say that YT is a commercial platform and they can do whatever they want. The truth is that Google/YouTube is a monopoly they own web searches and content distribution means for most small video content makers. Honestly, the govt needs to bust them up and reestablish freedom of speech in the worlds largest video hosting platform. You get the point. Write your elected officials today.
  • Search ia bad on its iPhone x 1/5

    By Zaiiimh
    When I search on YouTube on iPhone x the views text doesn't show it correctly!!!
  • Game changer 5/5

    By Shy144
    I love it, it pick me up when I’m down and levels me when I soar to dam high
  • Editing 3/5

    By Lionooooooi
    I cant edit my vids on this app. It just keeps saying “error your settings could not be saved.” And no its not the tags and yes i have verified my YouTube account. I dont know why its acting out . Can you guys tell me what I should do?
  • Video ban 1/5

    By Saltzusmc
    Recently YouTube took it on there own behalf to start limiting and banning videos that displayed firearms (some of which I use for work) from the party that calls people like me a Nazi, they sure are acting like Nazis. "Every opinion matters until we disagree with you"
  • YouTube 5/5

    By MLGPigMan
    YouTube is the best app ever!!!! (No other info needed) 😂😂
  • You tube 3/5

    By RonnDaDonn
    Getting better

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