Yubo - Live video with friends

Yubo - Live video with friends

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  • Current Version: 2.95
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Twelve APP
  • Compatibility: Android
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Yubo - Live video with friends App

Yubo is the social video app to create group video chats and make new friends all around the world and have fun. Over 15 million people have signed up for Yubo! Join the community now. 1 / LIVE VIDEO Create live group chat with up to 10 friends. 2 / FRIENDS Add people you like, go live with them and make new friends. 3/ PROFILE Create an emoji profile and add your best pictures. Questions? Suggestions? Snap: yubo.app Insta: yubo.app


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Yubo - Live video with friends app reviews

  • Like, it what could be added. 5/5

    By YoLo4oLoY
    Can I please be able to see who the hell likes me??? Like, I know there might be a few, but I wanna know ;-;
  • Banded 2/5

    By ninaa_h
    It keeps saying I’m banned? Won’t let me log in or anything.😒
  • Frustration 3/5

    By Gasper the Ghost
    So I’ve had this app for a little bit and it seemed pretty nice and I had no idea about the rules about the pictures you post because I posted a photo of me shirtless and I felt pretty confident with it but then a little while later my account gets blocked and it’s under review and I might get deleted off of the app which totally caught me off guard and its just really frustrating and kinda stupid that my account gets blocked for as little as a photo of me shirtless...
  • Paedophilioa 1/5

    By Cardi B's Better Had
    This is a very dangerous app. It's practically tinder for children. My child went on this app and was messaged nudes and lewd and pornographic videos from older men. Please keep away from this, quite unsafe. They even ask you to swipe left and right on people. Stay safe y'all.
  • Hmm 4/5

    By Instagrams de best
    I just have a wierd issue idk if anyone else has it but every time it says go to setting to see whenever you get notified but when I go to settings and I go to the app it dosent have the option to turn on notifications.
  • 😒😒 1/5

    By NiiC's_310
    J’ai été bloqué sans raison et je ne peux plus reprendre mon compte...... 😒😒 #@&*
  • Banning 1/5

    By ohshizzledd
    I logged into my friend’s banned account to see if it would work (because she asked me to). It didn’t work, so I tried to log back into my account which was unbanned, but I couldn’t because it said I had inappropriate content and that I can’t use the app anymore. I’m guessing logging into my friends banned account, banned the whole app from my phone. I don’t know what to do, how do I get unbanned because I don’t have any inappropriate content on my account.
  • Broken Audio 3/5

    By hahhjajns s
    This app is good and all it’s a fun way to meet people. But the only issue for me would be the audio. When I try going into lives I can’t hear anything. Please fix !
  • please fix this 3/5

    By Sour jellybean
    I hate that the “delete my account” option is all the way at the button and in red. i tried to simply log out but thought it was the log out option and suddenly my account got deleted and there is no way i could get it back. can you make it where the log out option is more bolded and at the bottom of the page so i dont get confused between “log out” and “delete account” because this is really annoying!
  • photos are now grainy 2/5

    By bstrand518
    i enjoyed using this app for quite some time, meeting new people and everything. it worked great! recently, however, my photos have been appearing grainy when viewing my own profile, as well as other people’s profiles. i don’t know what happened for photos to do this, but i really despise the grainy photos. if this were to get fixed, i would rate five stars and gladly use it more often again.
  • Need to work on the swipe feature 2/5

    By tyriqbrazy3
    It’s not working when I swipe people right can you please work on it ASAP ! Thanks 🙁💯
  • Won’t send verification code text 1/5

    By Okay21257
    Plz fix
  • Speechless 5/5

    By Sum guys across the street
    I didn't think much of it, a friendly tinder with no critics or a way to stereotype people. It's literally an app for either making friends or more. I've been using this for a while, and I have to say, it really opened up my mind to a new level of people. I got more social with the more friends I added and added me back. Really deserves its five stars.
  • Bugsss 2/5

    By Jjlilbuzii
    I put my matches to preferred distance so that it only swipes on peoplein the U.S, but it will show you if people swipe right on you outside of u.s. it’s always a 100% match, but recently now yubo has been glitching whenever I swipe right. Sometimes I know it’s a match bc it’s a foreigner outside of U.s but when I swipe right it doesn’t match. The swiping is sometimes rlly laggy and glitchy.
  • Yubo 5/5

    By likes5
    Yubo is so amazing a fun to meet new people and talk
  • :( 3/5

    By Villalba2
    I miss the old simple yellow tbh
  • Tinder for Teens 5/5

    By Bearlover101
    This app is literally awesome...that’s all there is to it! If you’re a teen looking for an easy way to meet girls(and girls for guys) then download this app I love it so much and use it pretty regularly! It’s free and actually pretty addicting...even though I got blocked without any reason once with no explanation! Other than that yubo/yellow is in my top 5 favorite apps ever
  • account removal 2/5

    By sofiaaaaaaaaav
    i want my account taken down and i no longer have access to the number used to sign up. the app if overall great but that is my main concern. please help.
  • Improve the weaknesses before adding new stuff 1/5

    By Fix Yubo
    Stopping trying to make new designs and stuff like that. We can’t go live without it kicking us out. Pay more attention to the bugs and stop saying you are fixing them when you are not. We need a real update where it actually fixes the glitches pleaseee
  • Yubo Freezes The Live and loads to low 3/5

    By Lil Drain
    On the live after like 5mins my camera would freeze on other people’s phones and i have to leave and come back everytime just fix that
  • Jus got update no change!!!!!! 1/5

    By Markeyvis
    Rant for dev Assbo 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 Now i see 2 streamers Im on the fence with yall fr Litterly if yall fix this wierd prob 5 stars neeeeeed more streams this the worst bug in the world!!!!! I gladly updated to the update the guess wat wow now i got 3streamers yay sarcasm CHANGE NAME TO ASSBO FORMER FAN SMH!!! Till my streams fixed expect a real REVIEW YEA I READ BOUT THE GUY ON HERE 10,000 friends smh he prob gotta leave like me with my 200+ DONT DOWNLOAD TILL BUGGZ FIXED IN STREAM ASSBO!!!! Give us REAL UPDATES FIRE 🔥 THE STAFF WE ARE NOT HAPPY LIKE I Wouldnt care if it waznt people i didnt talk to a yr!!! Like i got most on snap but no excuses make this app better stop bs us!!! What happen to my favorite app for my boredom this waz the best app for it
  • Yubo 5/5

    By 360Bossness
    This is a great app i have already made a lot of new friends!!!
  • dont download 1/5

    By ozonelay
    This app used to be great now it’s annoying most of the people you find on here are advertising there snapchats selling nudes and such I keep getting notifications about people going life and it wont just tell me once it will keep sending me notifications over and over again so I unadded the people that were going live and I still got a notification now I blocked them but at this point im just thinking about deleting the app dosent even deserve the one star at this point.
  • It’s a nice app! 4/5

    By Maxthefacts💓💯
    I use it cuz like I’m bored and want to chat to other teens. It’s useful knowing ppl can’t upload fake photos and that I’m looking at a real person and not a cat fisher. Though I would like people to have a spot for their race, I would like to connect with people so we can relate (or if someone wants, to date). I have no discrimination towards any race.
  • Too many bugs 3/5

    By Nick2289
    Everytime I close the app it removes friends or shows me people I’ve already swiped on. I went from 389 friends to 42 friends. I’m getting notifications for messages but when I open the app they’re not there
  • Toooo manyyyy bugsss 1/5

    By Caleb Rockwood
    Really wondering what bugs you’re fixing? The same bug with messages not showing up keeps on accruing. I’ll get a notification that someone messaged my then click on the notification and it brings me to the messaging screen. The worst bug is when you sign out and sign back in all the messages do not save which is very frustrating.
  • I can’t send a message 5/5

    By xRaenee
    Everytime I try to text someone the message won’t go through it’s very annoying
  • some flaws but great 3/5

    By Maddymaiorano
    great app, i had it when it was called Yellow, but now i cant see when people message me, i deleted the app and that made it worse.
  • Bugs 2/5

    By Veritolito
    Keeps telling me i have new friends when i don’t. Told me that this girl sent me a message saying she liked my dog but i never saw it.
  • Cool app, but blocked for stupid reason 1/5

    By Minxooo
    My account was deleted/blocked because I had a shirtless pic. Wow. No chance to talk to Yubo support to challenge it either.
  • Fix notifications 3/5

    By BelieberBizzle
    It’s a good app but sometimes i don't get the notifications and every time I remove someone from my friends list they end up showing up again
  • Bugs 3/5

    By andrewburridge
    Great app if it didn’t have so many bugs and glitches
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jquintice22
    It’s awesome
  • 🔥Teenage Tinder🔥 5/5

    By reviieewerr02
    I used it for a couple of weeks and I met a handful of people who share the same interests as I do. However, some users do not abide by the rules (i.e. language) so it was a little bit upsetting. It’s also kinda sketchy and a lot of thots on this social platform. But if you want to fill up your SnapMap™️ with people from all over the world, then this is a good place to add up your new homies.
  • Annoying Bugz 1/5

    By OG BOOBY John
    Can’t send any messages to no one
  • Why it only work on WiFi 4/5

    By bbg365
    Like I have LTE data and it lets me text but I can’t watch or start my own live without internet and heat hard cause where I live the internet goes down a lot but other than that it’s a great app and I actually met some of the people on here in person.
  • Be patient .... I deleted a fairly cool app after one day. 1/5

    By Whoadere
    I deleted your app because I downloaded last night before traveling. I thought the app seemed interesting and decided to create a profile but I did not have a chance to finish last night. Welp, I open the app today and it says “you’ve been blocked” which is something daunting to see when you’ve done nothing wrong but not had a chance to finish the profile. Give people a chance to get to know the app before they just give you all of their data and photos....do you think Facebook got where they are by blocking users without giving them a notice or a period of time to finish the profile. No....in fact, Facebook wants users so they don’t care if someone doesn’t want to show everyone their picture. The app just lost a user and I’m sure more soon. People can’t always build their whole profile in one siting.
  • bug fix please.... 1/5

    By ppluver
    the same message from the same person keeps showing up in my notifications and it’s starting to tick me off!! i’ve already viewed the conversation so idk why it keeps popping up
  • Location & Bio 4/5

    By Thirdowl Ga
    I wish the location was more accurate!!! ALSO! I wish the bios were able to be pulled up while swiping!! That’s all!!! Otherwise good app!
  • Not As Good As Yellow 2/5

    By 😐Just No😐
    Before the major update (and minor bug fixed there after), I was able to watch people go live. However, I can no longer see or hear people live streaming. Also, whenever I want to swipe left or right on people’s profiles, some people that I already swiped on reappear. This app used to be great, but I’m disappointed in these updates, which seem to complicate the app. ://
  • Fix it please 2/5

    By Hahdjdmenwbzks
    I loved the app but it keeps blocking my account and saying I’ve done something inappropriate when that’s not the case. It says to change it but it doesn’t let me as well.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Swag shriek
    It’s really fun for nesting new ppl and friends
  • Nudes🤦🏻‍♀️ 1/5

    By ildanka11
    If you’re looking to send or receive nudes this is the app. It’s the only reason anyone’s on this app, it’s not the make “friends”. It’s dumb.
  • I want to speak with support! 1/5

    By JJLink1
    It won’t lemme go live or anything like I think you fixed it for everyone but me and now it says I’m banned for no reason I didn’t even do anything
  • It was better when it was Yellow long ago 2/5

    By Reborn1217
    The app was so much better long ago it had style and it was unique at the time and now it’s just a combination of Live.me and I guess Tinder? I don’t know. What happened to the Snapchat button? That used to be so useful it would open snap for you and you could add a person. I don’t remember if they had a Instagram button, but that would be really nice too.
  • Good 4/5

    By JuliaBucky
    I like the app it’s easy to use and no adds. However it’s not 5 stars because they tend to give me people from different states and sometimes countries when I want to meet people closer to my town.
  • aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh 5/5

    By hdhehekndidjd
    You are so cute to be able I think you’re in my life right here I am not sure how much you mean so you can’t get a good night or anything like I did with my family for you guys so you could come back
  • Notification Issue 2/5

    By Pandapeople09
    I never get notifications even though I have them on in settings. I know a lot of other people have the same problem. It makes it kind of hard to use the app because I never know if anyone is messaging me at all. I just end up forgetting about it. I don’t think that’s good!!
  • .. 2/5

    By kdistina
    Can yall make a sign in with email please? Ill change my rating to a 5 and tell all my friends to get this app and rate it.
  • Good 5/5

    By Cooooooooool dudes

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