Yubo - Make new friends

Yubo - Make new friends

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  • Current Version: 3.18
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Twelve APP
  • Compatibility: Android
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Yubo - Make new friends App

Yubo is a social app to meet new friends! Friendship is going to the next level! It's like being at a party and meeting cool people every 10 seconds. 1/ SWIPE: meet new people near you and from all over the world by swiping right. Swipe left to pass. 2/ ONE-TO-ONE CHAT: chat online with your new friends in a private conversation. Send and receive pictures and Bitmoji stickers. 3/ GO LIVE: go live with all your friends and new friends! Over 15 million people have signed up for Yubo to start making friends. Join the community now! In-App Purchase information: - Subscribe to the Yubo Power Pack for only $8.99 per months (amount in USD in US App Store). - Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged $8.99 every week after you confirm your subscription. - The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your billing period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase. - A current subscription cannot be canceled during an active subscription period. - Save 41% by subscribing to the Power Pack for $14.99 per 3 months (amount in USD in the US App store). - Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged $14.99 every 3 months after you confirm your subscription. - The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your billing period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase. - A current subscription cannot be canceled during an active subscription period. - Save 51% by subscribing to the Power Pack for $46.99 per year (amount in USD in the US App store). - Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged $46.99 every year after you confirm your subscription. - The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your billing period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase. - A current subscription cannot be canceled during an active subscription period. - You can find our Privacy Policy at privacy.yubo.live and Terms of Service at https://yubo.live/terms Questions? Suggestions? We love receiving feedback from you <3 [email protected]

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Yubo - Make new friends app reviews

  • Eh 3/5

    By 11010 Steve
    This app is ok, but they try to hard to get money. You have pay money for a premium subscription, and now there’s adds on the swipes, ridiculous!!
  • It WAS a good app (Ads) 2/5

    By ReséReviews
    Yubo was, for much of the time I used it, an amazing app. However, with what I presume to be a recent change, pop-up ads are now appearing on profiles as you swipe. Me, and seemingly everyone else on the planet who uses the app, are hating this change. When swiping on profiles (which in 98% of the time) you will often accidentally click on an ad (which is CONVENIENTLY placed where your thumb will be), redirecting you off the app and onto a page you wanted nothing to do with. As of this time, there is no way to remove the ads so you are stuck with it indefinitely. These ads should honestly be part of r/assholedesigns Until this is changed, I cannot recommend the app to anyone and will certainly not be using it as often, if at all.
  • Don’t download if you want to talk with people 1/5

    By peachtei
    Most people on the app only want to talk over Snapchat or whatever social media. The app also randomly “suspended” my account for “violating” their guidelines when I had done nothing wrong. So if you want to get banned for doing nothing wrong please be my guest and download this app!
  • really. advertisements. 4/5

    By Carrie Wallace
    not digging the advertisements. you see them EVERYWHERE now.
  • I loved Yubo before 3/5

    By Beyoncé lover101
    Okay so I loved this app before the newest update like having ads while swiping is so annoying and I’m so confused when I accidentally press one
  • Horny Teens 1/5

    By TigerOfTheEast
    Seriously just a dating app for millennial teens that vape and are complete sheep to society.
  • Do not download, please‼️ 1/5

    By Big_ballerKee
    It sucks‼️
  • ads make it crap 3/5

    By JMITTS03
    it was good at first the ads are now obnoxious as your swiping!
  • Adds and glitches 3/5

    By My.true.reviews
    The app is good when it comes to making friends. The only thing is, now, when you are tapping through people, adds pop up. It’s annoying. And, sometimes Yubo doesn’t tell me when I have unread messages. I had 5 messages that I hadn’t gotten, and then after 2 days I got them. (It said two days ago) so I don’t understand why it does that.
  • Deleted 90% of my message 2/5

    By Hacker pro345
    I was looking for an old chat today and found I now have around 30 chats in the messages section, I had well over 150 but now they are gone for some reason. What happened.
  • 1/10 1/5

    By TeXaZOuTlAw
    It does not give me the code for my phone number and tried the calling option to and it didn’t work as well.
  • I wanted to make friends, but.. 1/5

    By BadMoonArisin
    The users are nothing but horny underage teens.
  • Frustrating 5/5

    By tiff.nicole
    I’m trying to put my birth date but it will only let me put today’s date. And then says I’m not eligible to sign up!! So frustrating!!

    By _wowbang
    So how to ffff start , in short ! In first hour 3 girls was fake catfish and ask for MONEY MONEY and send even random nudes to me
  • It’s okie 5/5

    By hahah sissss
    AHAHAH it’s so funny bc most guys ask for nudes and it’s DeFInEtlEy WhErE yOu FiNd YoUr SoUlMaTe
  • It’s good 5/5

    By BDmorsel
    Helpful, nice and easy to use
  • Can’t even try it 1/5

    By Abeyokie
    I’m trying to sign up and it won’t let me choose any other day other than January 15, 2019 as my birthday
  • Great Friend Maker! 4/5

    By Redsvehdhdd
    I met some people one the app that I have enjoyed talking to for the past past few months. All apps have there flaws but this one seems to be a good one.
  • Bro something happened 2/5

    By Ajani Brunner
    This person added me, sent a message but since I opened the app, the person is gone as well as the message, and when I try adding them once again it undoes it for whatever reason. I’d appreciate a better search or the option to message someone before adding as a friend or whatever you have in mind
  • smh 1/5

    By Eidixkacjcmx
    all my friends got deleted for some reason.
  • Yubo 2/5

    By the sik boy
    Your friends would start to disappear off your friends list
  • The friend list 1/5

    By Highxt
    I had 254 friends on this app all of sudden it shows I have 4. I don’t know what you’re doing with the friends list but y’all really pushed me off taking all those people away from me
  • Great until glitch 4/5

    By ImSpyguy
    Was great until the last update now i cant see lives on the live page at all. Please fix
  • Good but needs better location settings 3/5

    By stevestrobes
    I downloaded the app recently and have been able to get into conversations with lots of people. However most of them live very far away and I can’t actually meet them in person. I’d love location settings so it’d be easier to meet people.
  • Garbage app, don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By MangoBot
    Downloaded this app to give it a try. So, is it just me or am I seeing a lot of children on this app? (as in under 18 year olds.) I DON’T WANT TO BEFRIEND OR TALK TO FETUSES. Live doesn’t work, it’s always blank for me. This app would be subpar if it actually worked and I wasn’t recommended small babies to befriend. Deleting.
  • Not very happy 1/5

    Yubo keeps changing my age on me. I updated this about two weeks ago and the age on my profile changed to 102. I messaged them and They never fixed it. Today i updated it again and they changed my age to 16. I’m 18 and would not like to be talking to under age kids.
  • Good 4/5

    By Dhskalapsbsb
    I like the app a lot and it’s really nice and cool but for the next update you guys should add questions so everyone can answer and if you are similar with someone they be put in the swipe column. Also I think we should be able to choose which country we want to see people from. That would be cool.
  • Age 2/5

    By Grifin1954
    I like the app, you can meet some really cool people. Like I have, but one of my biggest problems with this app is the amount of children on here. I know that technically where all kids but when you change the settings in the live and change the age range of people you want to see in the suggestion thing to 18-20. You only want 18-20, but you STILL get 12 year olds trying to get into a relationship with you or trying to get nudes. It’s just a whole problem, it discourages you and now you winded up deleting the app. I don’t know if there is something that you can do about it ,but I just wanted to say something because I don’t know if anyone els has.
  • Could Improve 4/5

    By Modern_Combat_History (Insta)
    Been using Yubo for awhile. Met my girlfriend and a few previous ex’s on it. There’s a glitch where you swipe right on someone and then they appear again. But.. My main complaint is that you can ask for people within 30 miles of you but you don’t just get that. The 30 miles makes it to anyone in the world will appear. So really it doesn’t help.
  • Good app 5/5

    So I have to say that yubo is one of the best dating sites that I’ve been on, it’s so easy to use. But I do have some issues about yubo though, Issue1- racist or homophobic people being rude and bullying Issue2- the live stream lags once and in a while, where there voices become all staticky for 2 seconds Issue3- kinda a lot of accounts that are not active Other than those 3 issues I have to say yubo is a good app to find someone.
  • i wish the location actually worked 1/5

    By dickward101
    the location does not work whatsoever
  • Not the same 1/5

    By fifa_dude24
    Just a bunch of thots and hoes who want to be popular 👎🏽 not even a mutual swipe anymore
  • Capitalist BS 1/5

    By christie0303
    The old Yellow was so much better. Yubo now feeds off of fees. I find it very unfair that you require us to pay a fee to see WHO ADDED US. The whole point of this app is to meet new people. Why must we have to pay for that? Perhaps a membership fee should apply to turbo swipes and reverse swipes, but not to see who added you. Also, Yellow was created for teens. Why in hell would you believe we'd pay to see who added us? We don't got that type of money to waste. Also, please fix location algorithm. I set mine to 18 miles, and I have yet to see anyone who lives in the same state as me. I find it very hard to believe Yubo users do not exist in my area; I have many friends who own the app. Please listen to us. Don't wait till people start removing the app to make changes, because I promise you they won't come back.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Yaaaa!42
    It’s cool and interesting when your bored out of your mind and have nothing to do
  • Good and Bad about Yubo 3/5

    By POGIFresh
    The good thing about the app is that it’s good to make friends all around the world. I became friends with so many people on the app. The bad thing about the app is that I got banned for some odd reason. I used it for a while but I stopped using the app cause it got boring. After I heard that the app was good again, I tried to sign back in but it said that I was banned for some odd reason. One another reason why it got boring is that people there are catfishing, using it to promote themselves like premium snapchats for inappropriate content, asking for money for S*X, and people being rude for reasons like people not buying there premium snaps and other things too.
  • Really good for making friends 5/5

    By Atomic_Claw
    At first I thought this app will be full of f boys wanting nudes from 15 unheard old girls, I was not wrong. There are plenty but blocking is really easy on this app, plus u can put up filters for swiping like what country you want to see or the age groups 14-17 or less also you can meet a lot of new people, usually I just put up the setting for swiping is to only see females idly I just want more female friends. But I do recommend it literally I made 3 friends in about an hour, now I’m snapping them everyday lol. Plus security on this app is really good. My experience was good I hope yours is as well.
  • It’s pretty good 4/5

    By PrincessEva0407
    I personally enjoy this app. It has a lot of different people. But when I log out I still get notifications, can you fix that?
  • I’m really loving the app but.. 4/5

    By Popfizzyyrah
    Yubo should have a feature were it shows a list of everyone you added , including people that didn’t add you back. This small feature would surely improve the app , and I , and most likely others would love to have it added into the app. Thanks for making the app great!
  • i love the app but it wont let me login 1/5

    By help me yubo
    I'm so mad. I had the app a while ago and decided to reinstall it recently. however when I try to login it says "Please check your internet connection and try again" This has happened so many times and i've tried all the ways of logging in and even tried to make a new account. I've tried on multiple wifis and data. but the same message pops up. im getting frustrated because i love ur app but i cant use it. please help. my username is paytonyolo14
  • Seriously annoyed 2/5

    By JazzBerryTigerCandy
    Was excited when I heard about the app. The swipe feature continually moves so you can’t ever look at photos or read bios without your screen shaking. Also your ages should be very obvious next to your name. I’m 20 years old, some younger profiles as young as 13 try to message me not realizing I’m a young adult. It’s set up in a way that make it easy for predators to access teens. The whole thing reminds me of tic toc and has a strange setup. I’ll keep using it and see if I end up liking it.
  • Make swipes infinite again 1/5

    By Shelikemyhoney
    This isn’t tinder or any other dating app, it is an app for teens to make friends with other teens and vice versa with adults. Swipes should be infinite AS A WAY TO MAKE FRIENDS AND NOT JUST FOR THE COMPANY PROFIT.
  • Please let me just find friends without paying 2/5

    By Young Man P
    I don’t wanna pay to not be lonely :(
  • eh 3/5

    By Drake is bae💕
    would be better if i could swipe only on people in my state because i can’t really meet anyone that i meet on the app which is sad because a lot of them are really cool but they just live in other states
  • Let us copy and paste. 3/5

    By TheGoman21
    Sometimes copy and paste can be used for good things Yellow. Yes I’m still going to call you by your old name which felt better to say and when I had better experiences on this app. Thanks.
  • Smh 4/5

    By airwrick
    This is a boolin app but I don’t like how I have to pay to see who actually swiped right on my picture thats a bummer
  • have to pay for to add people 1/5

    By Master epix
    you have to pay money just to see who has added you
  • Good but then... wow 2/5

    By Jossilin
    I was loving this app and started talking to so many people and I was enjoying this app and making friends as you are supposed to do.. then, the next day I went on to talk to my friends and maybe make more and it logged me out.. so I though it was just a glitch.. so I try to log back in and it says I’m banned from using this app.... I haven’t done anything wrong unless making new friends is wrong.. smh, I honestly don’t understand what I did.
  • Sold my phone number 1/5

    By Bbbbbebbbebbebeb
    Might just be a coincidence but the day I downloaded Yubo I started receiving at least 6 telemarketing calls a day on my cell phone while before I signed up I received at most once a week.
  • Easy to get bullied on 4/5

    By Unicorns are my spirit animal
    I was having fun on a live when someone started saying really mean things about me and I told them to stop but they wouldn’t and I didn’t know who was changing the room name. Maybe start putting who changed the room name

Yubo - Make new friends app comments

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