ZAFUL - 4th Anniv. Sale Now On

ZAFUL - 4th Anniv. Sale Now On

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  • Current Version: 3.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Compatibility: Android
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ZAFUL - 4th Anniv. Sale Now On App

It is a hot summer’s day and a young girl is running along a coastal road. Nearby, the Daughter of Poseidon is basking in the Sun, working on her tan line. Girl: It’s so hot today, but I must finish this run or else I won’t get first place. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind sweeps her glasses from her face and sends them flying into the sea. Girl: OMG my glasses! I can’t run without them. I’m totally screwed! What should I do?! The girl falls to her knees and stares into the sea. Her vision is blurred, but she can just about make out the waves lapping against the shore. She begins to shout and curse the cruel sea for taking away her glasses. Daughter of Poseidon: Girl, why are you so noisy? I’m trying to nap over here. Girl: My glasses fell into the sea. They were my only pair. I am lost without them. Daughter of Poseidon: Your glasses really mean that much to you? Girl: I’m running in a competition. I’m in the lead, but without my glasses I can’t see clearly. How can I win without 20:20 vision? Daughter of Poseidon: Hmmm……Ok, I’ll take a look for you. Just wait here. The Daughter of Poseidon was annoyed at being disturbed, but if she is to get rid of the girl. She will have to help her. She disappears into the sea for a few moments and comes out with a pair of shiny sunglasses. Daughter of Poseidon: Are these your glasses? Girl: No. Those are not mine. I can't see clearly whilst wearing them. The prescription lenses are all wrong. Daughter of Poseidon: Are you sure? Can you just make do with them? Girl: No, I must have my own glasses or else I can’t win my race. Daughter of Poseidon: Ok, wait here. I’ll be back. The Daughter of Poseidon disappears into the sea again and comes back with another pair of glasses. Daughter of Poseidon: Are these your glasses? Girl: No, no! Those are not my glasses, either. The rims on these sunglasses are all wrong. Daughter of Poseidon: Why do the rims matter? Girl: I’m if going to finish first I will need to look good in the photos. Daughter of Poseidon: Ok, fine... This time I’ll get the right pair. Wait here. The Daughter of Poseidon disappears into the sea and comes back moments later with a pair of fashionable-looking sunglasses. Daughter of Poseidon: Please tell me these are your glasses… Girl: OMG, yes, yes! Those are mine! You’ve found my glasses! You are the best. Thank you so much! The girl puts on her glasses and see’s the Daughter of Poseidon clearly for the first time. Girl: Wow, your figure is so beautiful, but that style of bikini is so out of date! I have a great App, it can teach you how to dress in the latest trends. Look at these beautiful dresses, two-piece outfits, bikinis, one pieces, rompers… The Daughter of Poseidon scowls at the girl for disrespecting her so. Girl: Trust me, you will be more gorgeous and get more compliments once you start buying clothes from this App; and don't worry, there are massive discounts so that you can save more, along with free shipping, freebies, loyalty points and huge discount coupons. The Daughter of Poseidon takes out her phone and downloads the ZAFUL App. Big discounts and regular gifts are always the way to go. 18 JUNE: ZAFUL 4th Anniversary sale now on! Bundles of big discounts are ongoing between 1-24 JUNE. * Best wishes and free gifts for our 4th Anniversary. * Purchase items and receive freebies. * Super sale category. Up to 80% off. Free Standard Sale worldwide between 18-20 JUNE and unpredictable $1.99 FLASH SALES!


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ZAFUL - 4th Anniv. Sale Now On app reviews

  • Hard to return/exchange items 3/5

    By lilililililililvvvv
    But otherwise okay
  • Loveeeee it ❤️❤️ 5/5

    By trehelah
    I love this app my it’s my favorite!
  • About the app 5/5

    By kaitlyn h esquivel
    I love this app all the clothes are amazing they are amazing quality! They are always true to size and shipment is super fast!
  • More like awful 1/5

    By dwolfewolfe
    Seriously don’t order from here. The material is cheap and just not worth the price. The sizing is off. I ended up sending everything back and losing money. It’s taken them over 16 days to refund my $60. Not worth the hassle.
  • Wont be ordering again. 1/5

    By JeanMarty
    Materials are cheap and loose threads. Pictures shown were deceiving.
  • ZAFUL is um... 1/5

    By Lillllly W.
    I was on Snapchat, and I saw an ad that for ZAFUL and there was a picture of two two piece outfits, and it said they were $5.99 each. I decided to download the app, and when I went to those outfits m, they were actually 20.99 each. I was kinda bummed, so I started looking at swimsuits. There was this icon that you could click on that said, “swimsuits all 5.99!”. They were there for a limited time so I clicked on the icon and found a swimsuit I liked. It said that it was originally $20.00 and now, it would be 5.99. I put it in my cart with nothing else and free shipping and it said, total amount was $20.00. So, I am not sure I will keep this app for it’s basically lying to you.

    By twinkledelight
    Tried to order many times and it didn't work AT ALL. Do not waste your time with this awful site!
  • Size 2/5

    By criadu
    Usually the clothes fits but its a very Thin material. Bikinis: usually only the top or the bottom fits but rarely both unless you have smaller parts. Unable to order tops & bottoms separately. ): still super cute tho.
  • Buenos articulos 5/5

    By Nanie1992
    Me encanta la app tiene buenos articulos y precios excelentes
  • Love 5/5

    By AmandaNicoleG
    I love this app! I’ve only made one order so far but plan on ordering again in the future. I ordered all plus size tops because I have a large chest and everything fit perfect! The material is great too! I’m glad I took a chance on this.
  • Zaful is the best 5/5

    By Reese_rules
    Zaful has the cutest close I have ever seen!! They are amazing. I love how when you order sonethubg it shows you everywhere you items are! They are the best online shopping site I have come across! Love you Zaful♥️
  • Great 5/5

    By V7(($($(7$(3
    There's even an online chat with an operator for help! This is my new favorite fashion app :D
  • Zaful 5/5

    By ZH ppy rall SUoryatseM
    Best Shopping Site Order everything off of here
  • only love zaful 5/5

    By JAkaraiD ivolceekih
    This app is great I get to find tons of new fashion trends and things that i want to buy.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By SAwessmeuperoon tdon' k
    Love this app where has it been all my life. Everything that I have gotten love it thanks
  • Really cute clothes for (relatively) cheap. 5/5

    By sWgjse531
    I love most of the clothes on here and usually spend around $100 and I absolutely love the outfits I buy.
  • Zaful 5/5

    By EWlahheyeWlall-y
  • Love it! Very cheap! 5/5

    By G#hucgmrgaeescatnginhfire
    thanks to Zaful they cut prices in half. i'll definitely keep using this app for sure!
  • App 5/5

    By YDefectivtIdeneity
    Amazing app asome
  • worth it 5/5

    By bkRmboa321
    I suggest you get this app so you won't miss out on the great deals they have on their amazing clothes. ❤
  • haven't order yet . 5/5

    By TG2acie4ir0rl0g
    the clothes are really cute , the reviews are very positive .hope to be ordering soon .
  • Would recommend 5/5

    By shlgmalamadingHdnoa
    Great quality clothes for great prices
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By 6ButterYly 125f433
    I love all the styles and designs they have!❤
  • Really good store 5/5

    By HSweet reams mpdyeeps!!
    I will spend on this app till I die xD I love it. Try it
  • Really cute clothes for (relatively) cheap. 5/5

    By mEaanrbaUh
    I love most of the clothes on here and usually spend around $100 and I absolutely love the outfits I buy.
  • Love Love Love ‼ 5/5

    By kCupcakeCyk y
    I've gone broke shopping here lol everything is great
  • loving it 5/5

    By j?n?ieCa??
    I'm never the one to go out & shop for clothes but when i do, it's hard to find good deals & low prices.
  • Zaful 5/5

    By ILucoauysodi
    awesome app! love the deals!!
  • I love it ❤ 5/5

    By KUat1b2y6
    I can't stop shopping. The clothes are great and I absolutely love the prices.
  • BEST APP 5/5

    By CycneL Fane
    such a good place to find your own personal style. amazing unique clothes that no one will have!!
  • Zaful is my favourite store to purchase from online. 5/5

    By NYssassqsuen
    The bathing suit selection they have is always on trend, and you can even find dupes of high-end bathing suits/other clothing items for much more affordable prices. Their shipping can take a longer amount of time depending on the area you order from, but I received all my orders within 4 weeks from order date (delivered to Canada). The bathing suits I received were great quality and looked identical to the picture on the website, some suits run small in terms of size (read website reviews for each product to ensure you order the right size). When one of the items I ordered was "back-ordered", the customer service response was timely and answered all my questions. I would definitely shop here again!"
  • I love it 5/5

    By L glhusavage hasyme
    Love everything this app has to offer
  • BEST APP 5/5

    By I_P.K.E.K.A_BOY_
    such a good place to find your own personal style. amazing unique clothes that no one will have!!
  • I love it ❤ 5/5

    By tYeeh4rotJerb4
    I can't stop shopping. The clothes are great and I absolutely love the prices.
  • I love it 5/5

    By AJortexVsmaGaznig
    Love everything this app has to offer
  • Slow delivery 3/5

    By emaree r'shea
    They have really cute things but I ordered my stuff like a month ago and I still don’t have it and they said it would be here in 6 days 🙄 they would be a good app if people actually got there stuff when it says they will get it.
  • Excitement to disappointment 1/5

    By Kb late reviewer 16
    I was actually really excited to try this app had some good reviews of the clothing, so I ordered three items. Nine days later still no tracking information, I contacted the company via fb who said the reason my item wasn’t shipped was due to one not being in stock. So when exactly was I going to be notified of this? They then attempted to have me switch the item which came up to more than I initially paid so I asked for a refund. I was really looking forward to the items but they are quick to take your money but not to give it back, to those who were lucky enough to get what they ordered great and to those who are thinking of trying think long and hard.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Jdudbcudhcudhsuvbrjc
    Worlds worst app do not buy anything from this place!!!!!! It’s so bad and awful and they have horrible customer service!!!!!
  • This is a SCAM!!! 1/5

    By EmilyHenry98
    I received a $35 fee from FedEX due to my Items being shipped from Malaysia. When I made my purchase I was promised to have free shipping but was changed $35 for it to get to the United States AND it took over a month. This is ridiculous that Zaful never sent a notice about this charge and that it would even occur upon their promise to provide free shipping, when in reality that’s a lie. After reading other reviews I’ve realized that this happens often and the customers never receive their money back. I will never make another purchase from here again and will do everything in my power to prevent future customers from making the same mistakes. The clothes from this website are cheap and way overpriced for their quality, I’d suggest buying from ROMWE instead.
  • Bad 1/5

    By bloodybritt14
    This app absolutely is terrible . I ordered two things in January , I finally got a conformation number saying it will ship out as soon as we pay. We payed .. they took it out of the account . We messaged them many times saying to send it to us or else we will get PayPal involved . They didn’t listen or care . So finally we got PayPal involved .. finally just finally they sent me one of my shirts . That was Bc of PayPal only . I never received my other bodysuit I had ordered . So I wasted my $25 on nothing ( literally nothing ) when I could have went somewhere else to get the clothes . When we told them that we hadn’t received any of the items they said we hadn’t paid , yet we even sent them a screenshot of the confirmation that Zaful took out of the bank . But they said nope . So not only did we never get my one body suit , but they also basically said we were liars with proof . I absolutely do NOT recommend buying from here . It’s terrible .
  • I literally love it 5/5

    By nyrs2795
    I was looking for a website and found this one !!!! love it
  • Great 5/5

    By lexisssssssssssss
    Take advantage of this app!
  • Click Bate 1/5

    By Cyn343
    You’ll never be able to find what they are advertising
  • I love Zaful!! 5/5

    By mirandgcarter
    I have been shopping with Zaful for a while now and I love everything I’ve purchased! The prices are fantastic and the customer service is great!!! I have contacted customer service when I get the wrong size and they have fixed my issues right away. I will never stop shopping with Zaful!
  • Not cool. 1/5

    By CaliJoann
    They give you nice coupons but if you apply it to an order to see what the total will come to and decide you don’t want it, your coupon gets taken away. For example there was a swim suit I applied a coupon to so I could see how much the total would be. I then decided I wanted to get a shirt I had seen and the coupon was not usable. When I messaged them they said if you apply it to an item and you don’t buy that item it gets taken away. BOGUS. Not using this app anymore.
  • 1 star reviews are crazy! 5/5

    By Auriana911 is my name on msp
    I order here non-stop. Not once have a got a wrong order. The clothes are true to size and very comfortable. Would recommend this 100%
  • Bang for your buck 5/5

    By katiemadison5254
    I a certified swimsuit addict. And I am an advocate for spending money on an expensive suit that will flatter you and last years. This site has proven me wrong. The quality is excellent and the prices are low! Go get you some.
  • سيّء 1/5

    By Bashs99999
    ما انصح بتحميله
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By Retrocrochet
    Bought an item and it was never delivered. They offered no refund or any replacement of the item. Piss poor customer service. Don’t waste your time or money.
  • I love it 5/5

    By Grace Macadamq
    Well made, couldn’t be happier with this app.

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