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  • Current Version: 2.4.3
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Zap Surveys App

Companies all over the world need advice… your advice. They need your opinion and we will pay you to share your opinions through fun surveys! We offer guaranteed surveys every day that tell you the exact dollar amount you are going to earn before even starting a survey. When you enter the app you will have 4 options: (1) High paying surveys (minimum $1.00 per survey) where you will not only be rewarded, but we will also donate to child starvation every completed survey (2) Surveys that not only pay you, but also donate to end childhood starvation and malnutrition globally (3) Surveys that appear based on your location! (4) Daily surveys with decent payout and a ton of different surveys! Once you reach $25.00 in your account balance, you will be able to cash out via PayPal or Amazon eGift Card! And yes, you can cash out more than once! So go share your opinion directly with people that are going to use your expertise. Oh, and make some money while you’re at it! Download Zap Surveys now! A couple of notes: (1) iTunes (shown in screenshots) is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Apple Inc. does not endorse or promote the Zap Surveys application. (2) For location based surveys, you must allow a continued use of GPS running in the background and this can dramatically decrease battery life. The location feature is not required to use Zap Surveys, but is an optional feature to allow you the opportunity to complete more surveys.

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Zap Surveys app reviews

  • Can’t make money it’s always disqualifying me 1/5

    By christallopez040731
    Every time I try to go to a survey I am always disqualified or it says server can not be reached at this time. I would not recommend this app...
  • Scam alert 1/5

    By Dixiedee1030
    This app is a scam. I have been close to cashing out a few time and it continues to reset my earnings back to $0. Not only does it reset my earnings but it also resets my daily check in to 0 as well when I do not miss a day. You will not get your rewards with this app. I’m highly upset I’ve put in so much time and gotten nothing out of it. Notice I haven’t received a response from the app developer like all the good reviews did.
  • Great app. 5/5

    By Katelynlynn
    So far the app is great.
  • The app is good for the most part but 3/5

    By Sg1fan23477
    The app is good for the most part, but it takes forever to get pollfish to work, peanut labs to actually give you credits and some surveys in the tap research don’t work and don’t give you credit when you did the survey then it says “oh sorry but you have been exited out”
  • Pay more for surveys 5/5

    Some surveys take a very long time and ask the same questions OVER AND OVER AND OVER. You just word it differently. It seems if you don't like my answer you rephrase it or try to see if I'm answering honestly by changing the wording in the question.
  • Optimistic about Zap 4/5

    By TCLJServices
    I love doing surveys, unfortunately I am not able to qualify for some reason, For most of them so far. So I spend a lot of time filling out the same essential information just to receive 3¢. I’ll stay on though and see how it goes.
  • Surveys don’t pay and Pollfish does not work 1/5

    By Danielle1119
    I’ve completed plenty of surveys and was not paid for them. Then I could not contact support to receive payment.
  • Great 5/5

    By Breyerlover126
    Zapsurveys has worked great for me!
  • I love it!! 5/5

    By C K. S
    Easy way to make some extra money!!!
  • No good 1/5

    By davidp06606
    Do not use this app. I cash out $25.00 over 3 weeks ago and still haven’t receive it. I wrote to customer service and still no response. I will change this if someone will reach out. in the mean time I am still very disappointed
  • Nice 5/5

    By mouradox
    Very nice app
  • Why I gave this app a 1🌠 1/5

    By prettyluhlaii
    This app should really pay more money 😖b
  • More money 4/5

    By tarikduz
    The money you get is a little low it could be like 70-50 cents and then it will be a much better app
  • Great App 5/5

    By Gophernut
    If you take your time and have some patience,this app will pay when you reach the goal. It’s also good that it donates to children’s charities.
  • 100% Recommend this App 5/5

    By the iphone 7 dude
    This app is legit. I have redeemed a $25 amazon gift card and a $34 PayPal. In both cases, I have gotten my reward in less than 24 hours. I would highly recommend this app. Some people are giving this app 1 star because it takes a lot of time to get to the $25 amount. But really, you could get that amount in less than 2 weeks if you consistently did surveys every day. This app definitely deserves 5 stars.
  • Great but can take a while. 4/5

    By ECGamez
    This is an amazing app, I haven’t gotten too close to cashing out, I’m at 15 dollars, but considering I mainly only use the daily cash, it’s pretty good, I’m sure if I did more surveys I would cash out 1 - 2 times per month.
  • It’s okay 2/5

    By nataliexfranco
    The app rewards you some money but the pictures they uploaded at the top are false. The surveys don’t even look like that and it not that easy to get money. You have to take like 10 surveys to get like 10 cents. It would takes MONTHS to actually make $127 on this app.

    By Teamsavage906
    They don’t even give me money. They don’t even let me do any survey and there is never a new survey
  • nice 5/5

    By tokenu
  • Appmazing 5/5

    By moudyboi
    This app is amazing
  • Works 5/5

    By CALFilms
    Works as it’s supposed to just wish surveys were more available
  • No thing to do 1/5

    By Io5
    Since I signed up to this app I couldn’t find any survey to earn my points , is it possible that there’s a malfunctioning problem with it ?
  • Love 5/5

    By knwdnm17
    I love it
  • No Zap in this anymore!! 1/5

    By SrikanthRises
    Logs out daily. Can’t sign in as we forget how we signed up since we are just humans. Claim reward now isn’t actually daily reward but some sort of buggy updates. This isn't called updating the app to remove bugs!
  • Zap Survey 5/5

    By KyleHuggies
    It’s amazing!
  • So far great 5/5

    By cfyuvv
    Just earned $6.40 best app so far'
  • A good way to make money fast an easy! 5/5

    By vn k
    I love it
  • Uh 2/5

    By yes i do fo $
  • ?? 5/5

    By ilyy💍
    How I get more money with dollars not cents tho ?
  • Customer service 1/5

    By Butrfly099
    I cashed twice and didn’t receive payments. I email Custer service and never responded.
  • Highly recommend !! 5/5

    By HaleyH222
    It takes a little bit of time and dedication to earn the $25 cash out but it’s really fun to be able to take all these kinds of surveys and for each dollar earned they donate to help children in need , but you’re getting paid to literally sit there and fill out a few surveys , definitely worth the time !!
  • Great app 4/5

    By Mihelle Baker
    I have had this app for about a year now and I really enjoy doing the surveys on this app. I like that even though you don’t qualify for a survey, you still get 2 or 3 cents for trying. The pollfish doesn’t work a lot of the time but I’m not complaining because there are other surveys available.I have never had any issues with the payouts and the surveys are always quite easy to do. This is one of the best apps for doing surveys.
  • Review 5/5

    By Zappyalpaca
    Seems legit so far just downloaded waiting to cash out and see if it really works
  • It’s real finally 4/5

    By Alyson850
    I use a lot of survey apps and sites. This one I log into each day and try to do the goals. Some take a bit but at least they are achievable! Only thing is the app says on one page $1 for referrals. Then you go to refer and it says $.45. Kind of misleading.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By pwl1987
    Keeps asking same questions and doesn’t really pay anything.

    By perkseyuser
    Don’t get this app... it’s a waste of time. After having it for OVER 6 months, I only have a little over $17. This is after taking many surveys for which I received no credit. The one cent button has disappeared, so I now have no way of increasing my balance :/ Update: they have just fixed the 1 cent button... for now
  • Just Wow... 4/5

    By IWFDT
    This app is very cool, I’ve been using it on my free time to earn a little cash in order to cash out on PayPal. My plan was to buy my friend a gift. But anyway, about 2 months into using this app I managed to earn about 8 dollars. Upon signing in this morning I was shocked to see all of my money and hard work was gone! I really don’t know what to do and I’m asking for help on this problem. Please help me I’m really freaking out.
  • Communication, please! 2/5

    By cjabbott
    First of all, the app works! I have taken, or at least been disqualified, from hundreds (maybe more) surveys. I’ve gotten payments twice and am near a third. But I have some issues... Biggest issue: I’ve been suspended from Peanut Labs and I don’t know why. I’ve reached out several times and gotten no response. It might be that my employment situation is a bit unusual (I am a musician and music teacher, so I work in multiple capacities) which makes my answers look contradictory, but not everyone works in one single job capacity! I’m an honest man who has NEVER tried to deliberately scam the survey system (my integrity is worth more than a $0.25 survey!) Second issue: It’s very frustrating to start a survey only to be disqualified and be taken straight into another survey without the $0.02 or $0.03 compensation for a disqualification. I understand that disqualifications happen, but end the session (even without compensation, if necessary) and let the user decide where to proceed. Otherwise it feels like being taken advantage of (ESPECIALLY if a user is given the $0.03 incentive after five or six disqualifications!) Third issue: Pollfish has NEVER worked for me.
  • Bad 2/5

    By etet123123
    A lot of features don’t work on the app, plus over half the surveys don’t reward you, and you always get disqualified.
  • Keeps crashing and Pollfish doesn’t work 1/5

    By Bellahew
    I have to admit I like this app. It’s a nice way to earn a little extra income. However, my app keeps crashing and I keep losing my daily login streak. While that my not seem important I lose the streak not because I can’t log in but the button to click just isn’t there. I also can not get Pollfish to work with the app so I can’t take those surveys at all. I hope that these problems are fixed soon because these issues are becoming increasingly frustrating, and if not I will have to delete the app.
  • Waste of time!! 1/5

    By -G-Wiz-
    Serious issues with this app! It seems fine until you reach a certain amount of money. Then it just won’t open up itself up at one point. So you can’t continue with login on your daily checkin, and that my friend is a serious issue! Due to that you can’t continue to make money with out checking in everyday. Up until this point this app was great but once it gets locked up on you that’s it. At that point it totally stops responding to you! It’s a major disappointment. I was getting really close to achieving enough money to actually cash out and this happened. All that time and energy I put into this app and it yanks it out for under you! I recommend you do t get this app and even waste anytime with it! I’m upset this happened!!! It’s been a month and it’s still locked up on me! But yet everyday it notifies me to checkin to get my daily money, but you try to open the app or login and nothing. I’ve deleted it off my device completely. What a waste of time!!
  • Surveys 3/5

    By Don't like you
    i have made some earnings with this app & i abosutely love it. the only problem i have is it’s really hard to find a survey that you’d end up getting qualified for, most of the time i get disqualified but the good thing about it is that i still get rewards from it. but i’ve noticed that from tap research i don’t get the $0.2 that i would get if i was disqualified, i don’t really think that’s fair to a lot of people & it honestly made me use the app more knowing that i’d get a cent or two but now i barely get anything. so please try to bring that back & make surveys that people can be more qualified for & also surveys that are appealing two different people, thanks.
  • Zap to zip 4/5

    By zena2sc
    I was loving zap until goal 6. It requires me to refer 2 people. It is out of my hands whether or not people choose to work this. I guess that means I may be stuck on goal 6!
  • Previously LOVED this app. Now, not so sure.. 2/5

    By aespo4
    I’ve had great success with this app in the past. Multiple payouts with no issues receiving the rewards on a timely basis. Recently, for NO reason at all, I have been suspended from the Peanuts Lab section. This is very disappointing as I have been nothing but honest with my surveytaking. On top of that, I’ve reached out to customer service 4 times and haven’t heard a peep. Do they even exist?? Sad, because this was definitely my favorite survey app
  • Used to love 2/5

    By isjero2
    I used to make this app part of my daily (almost hourly) routine. I am at level 15 on the goal list. But the app glitched and my progress bar has slid mostly off screen and it’s not registering. I have earned more than the amount and nothing is changing. I have reached out multiple times to the company and no response. I am very disappointed. Gotta say this borderline ruins it for me.
  • Review on zap survey 4/5

    By michelehayes
    I like Zap surveys but more then once I cashed out of over 30.00 each and never revived those payments .
  • Ok 3/5

    By Ccreedfggddfjggftgfbfhnvsww
    Several ways to earn but most of them are pretty awful. You can earn a couple cents each day by signing in and clicking the daily button. You can supposedly collect money for doing that every day but it keeps resetting. I had a streak going and I absolutely logged in yesterday but I’m back to zero now. That’s the fourth time it’s happened. So don’t even plan on getting that. Then there’s daily tickets and supposedly you can win at the end of the month but I don’t know what the odds of that are. Probably very low. And they have surveys and occasionally there is something decent but almost all of them are Incredibly low payout. So probably the only worthwhile thing is to click the daily button and get an easy couple of cents. It also doesn’t give you any log of your activity so I don’t know if I actually got six dollars for the first survey I did, like they promise. Plus they never respond when you try to contact them. It would be a far better app if your daily streak didn’t get reset, the Surveys paid much better, and the amount to cash out was much lower. Then I would be really happy with the app. — and… it happened again. Even though I clicked the daily Login and received two cents Yesterday I am now back to zero days. It would be a decent app if it worked right.
  • And privacy ? 1/5

    By andy_nson
    We are in front of an app that pay you only cents , but ask you about you own car, insurance , address , car loans , alot of private things , that really , this app should be ilegal .
  • I love this app 5/5

    By gracepitel
    Sit down in the morning and take 3-4 surveys while I have coffee during the day when I take a smoke break.

Zap Surveys app comments

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