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  • Current Version: 2.5.0
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Zap Surveys App

Companies all over the world need advice… your advice. They need your opinion and we will pay you to share your opinions through fun surveys! We offer guaranteed surveys every day that tell you the exact dollar amount you are going to earn before even starting a survey. We have tons of survey options: (1) High paying surveys where you will not only be rewarded, but we will also donate to child starvation every completed survey! (2) Logo polling - get paid to tell companies what design they should use for their next logo! (3) Surveys that appear based on your location! (4) And much more! Try out Zap Surveys now! Once you reach $25.00 in your account balance, you will be able to cash out via PayPal, Amazon eGift Card, Visa eGift Card, and many more eGift Card options! And yes, you can cash out more than once! So go share your opinion directly with people that are going to use your expertise. Oh, and make some money while you’re at it! Download Zap Surveys now! A couple of notes: (1) iTunes (shown in screenshots) is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Apple Inc. does not endorse or promote the Zap Surveys application. (2) For location based surveys, you must allow a continued use of GPS running in the background and this can dramatically decrease battery life. The location feature is not required to use Zap Surveys, but is an optional feature to allow you the opportunity to complete more surveys.

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Zap Surveys app reviews

  • Taxes 5/5

    By fatkidtricks
    Is this earned income or portfolio? I’m about to cash out for the 5th time and I’m wondering what kind of income this is considered thank you I love you ZAP
  • Amazingggggg 5/5

    By amc10636
    I love this app and almost everything about it What I don’t like is that they don’t let u cash out whenever u want U have to have 25 or 50 or 100 To get a gift card But this app is really real and u can get tons of money For real for real It’s amazing 🥰💖👍🏼😁
  • Terrible 1/5

    By terribllldddd
    This app is too slow to earn rewards and sometimes never even rewards you! $25 is too far away should be $10 or $5 instead!!!! 😡 I also got 40 day login streak then the next day after I redeemed it WENT TO DAY ONE AGAIN!! Never downloading again.
  • The surveys are long you only make 20cents or less . 5/5

    By dwesbee
    The surveys are long . You don’t make money fast. It takes forever , sometimes you don’t even qualify for the surveys . It’s time consuming. Annoying af!
  • Used to be okay be no longer practical 1/5

    By pcgreview2019
    I get rejected from 95% of the surveys and get zero money for my effort.
  • Doesn’t follow through 1/5

    By honestyiskey100987
    You only get 2 cents a survey but they never let you finish, there are no polls or location survey that I’ve seen and considering it would be the only way to actually make money I invite a lot of people and in return there supposed to give you like 45 cents to a dollar (depending where you click invite friends) and then once they joined nobody was actually given anything. Not to mention it take 2 days to hear back from contact support. Waste of time if you ask me
  • Good 4/5

    By Cole0034
    Received $6.40 for my first survey.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By karriemadias
    It works and it is a great app
  • glitchy 3/5

    By CollinAndSerenaTV
    the new inBrain option is very glitchy for me. if i don’t qualify for a survey, it will usually give me an option to continue to another survey or to go back. whenever i click on either option, it freezes and will force me to close the app in order for it to begin working again; but i do not get the credit for attempted survey. also, if i click on continue to different surveys it will just keep bringing me back to the page with the continue on or not option. please fix, it is very annoying and almost makes me not want to use the app. i was already frustrated enough when i learned i couldn’t even earn money for attempting surveys on tap research after spending 20-40 on a survey just to get disqualified.
  • Scam 1/5

    By likes you heheh
    Giving stalkers ur location and age and gender just for pennies smh
  • App is legit 5/5

    By Carlos8404
    so far ive made $30 $25 of which ive cashed
  • I like zap survey but 2/5

    By greene223
    I like zap survey a lot but I have some problems with the app I cashed out on zap survey on the 27 of July it been 14 days since I cashed out i should been paid by now so all I saying is download at your own risk because you don’t know if you will be paid for me if I get paid I will give a update with a new rating here a update I contact support 4 times but no reply I can’t believe it they don’t respond at all and that not all I waited and I hope I get paid and so I change my rating but if I get paid I we’ll give another update and new rating
  • Had few issues but they solve their mistake 5/5

    By kalv777
    It took them little time but they at the end solve issues they had. But they don’t really reply to their email so I would not send them emails. Messenger is only way and show them proof with screen shot.
  • They don t pay you. Twice we cashed out not one penny on PayPal account. PayPal says scam 3/5

    By Zichael1
    Made more money from this app than all the other survey apps together.they don t all go through but the obed that do are well worth the time invested.cashed out twice no paypal payment. Scam
  • Don’t pay like they promise 1/5

    By Wsclower
    I requested payment and did not pay and ignore all attempts to contact them. I finally got a reply and because of their error they kept 25.00 of my earning I had worked on for several months. Very disappointed. I was finally told because of zaps error I would not get paid after working on this for several months. They also lied and said they had sent me an email telling that because of their system error I would only get 11 dollars. They are a fraud
  • A survey app that actually works! 5/5

    By Xo_Keke
    It’s easy to come across scams or even challenging sites that promise money in exchange for surveys. However, this app isn’t one of them. I didn’t take it seriously so it took me awhile at first. But once I took out the time to take the surveys, login everyday, and participate in the Zap notifications, I started making money fairly quickly. I will admit it gets annoying sometimes but in comparison to other websites and apps it’s not that bad.
  • Good 5/5

    By duban888
    Good survey place to make easy money
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By ugavzpr
    You can’t cash out till you reach $25 and only get 2 cents at a time. Diligently completing multiple surveys a day for a couple weeks and only at $10. I give up. Too much effort for nothing.
  • So far so good! 5/5

    By NekaTarver
    I’ve used the app for about a month so far. As of now I can say it’s legit and better than the others I’ve used for a few extra dollars. I haven’t been booted off or limited in surveys and the location surveys are he bomb even for a few cent since I travel so much. Give it a go I’d say!
  • Scam Alert!!😡 1/5

    By car77d
    When you get close to $25 they will log you out and won’t return your emails in support! I got up to $18.01 and after reading other reviews, This is definitely a scam!!! So many hours doing surveys for them and now they don’t want to pay up. I pray that this app will never prosper from this day forward, until it does right by everyone it has scammed! In Jesus name Amen!!!
  • Very relaxing personally 5/5

    By teddiberr
    I am able to relax and see that I am making at least a little money from the surveys, I have a little relief.
  • Updated Review: Cash-out DOES work 3/5

    By Sonic and Ari G fan
    Most surveys you don’t qualify for and you get 2¢. The peanut lab surveys can get you 35¢ or higher sometimes, but it isn’t often you can get that far into the surveys without getting disqualified. I’ve gotten 7¢ just for passing certain stores in a car that “zap” you, which is cool. I’ve made a little over $100 from this app in just over a month because I’ve been doing tons of 2¢ surveys. Out of the 4 times so far ($25 to cash out), 3 of them have been sent to my paypal the same day I cashed out, the other one took 8 days. It adds up. Just be patient.
  • K 5/5

    By Beautifulangel9013
    I like the app but maybe you should let people cash out at 10 not 25

    By Sammsmom
    I’ve written them 3 times since August 9th and have received no response whatsoever. They say you’ll be contacted within 1-2 days, but I’ve heard nothing. When I first started using this app, it was my favorite survey app. It was awesome. Lately, there have been periods of 2 days at a time where I have received no compensation for surveys taken, or for surveys I don’t qualify for... other times, the app will work for an hour or two, then, again, for the next few hours, I get no compensation for any work I’ve done. When I’ve had problems with other survey sites or apps, oftentimes I receive a response from them within a matter of minutes after contacting them, and I receive compensation due me 30 minutes later and an assurance that my problem has been taken care of. Zap surveys has the absolute worst tech support/customer service I have ever seen. If this continues, I will be forced to contact the BBB. Fortunately, I’ve only had to do that once before, with a different survey app. They (the BBB) are very quick to respond to problems and resolve issues on your behalf (in case anyone else is having problems).
  • Dear creator 2/5

    By blex1234567
    I’ve only ever finished one surgery completely through and received the reward. Even if I’m in a survey for 10 minutes I still only receive 2 cents. Which doesn’t seem fair to me.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By aj mariamm
    Very good it’s not bad it’s been o e day and I already made $8 so by the end of the week I’ll probably make $20
  • Missing Cash Payout 1/5

    By oozii
    When I started using this app, I thought it was amazing. I have completed several surveys per day until recently. I asked for a Amazon Cashout when I reached $38. The date of the request was July 29, 2019. After 8 business days I reached out to customer support and have not received a response. So, I'm taking the time to share my rating that went from 5 stars to 1 star due to lack of customer service. If there is an issue, take the time to communicate with your customer.
  • Never got my cashout 2/5

    By Me5754me
    I cashed out on 7/29 with $32 and never received any of the money. Seems to be a scam.
  • Most the surveys are picky and low pay 3/5

    By Gabe10987845
    I wouldn’t waste your time with this.
  • Trash app 1/5

    By Burned toast
    Dont waste your time with this app. Youd make more money finding change on the street than these surveys
  • Not working 1/5

    By Arphilly2000215
    App was working fine until I got Close to cash out. Now all the surveys I take just disqualified me, doesn’t give any rewards or anything. Contacted the support plenty of times and still seems not to work or haven’t gotten any information back.
  • Payouts are low and it takes a long time!! 3/5

    By RosaEst1988
    I gave a three star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ because... I’ve got 14$ and some cents to go until I am able to cash out. I’ve had the app for a few months now which isn’t too bad I am half way there and it’s not like I have to go out of my way to make a few cents here and there. The thing that makes me upset and I loose my patience and interest is how long it takes just to make 8 cents give or take depending on which app you qualify for. So be prepared to take a half hour long survey for a few cents but if you have nothing to lose and time hey why not go for it!!
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By michymtocuyo
    I been trying to reach them and haven’t had any response about my payment. I put a lot of effort in this app cause extra money is always good. It’s been almost a month a no response.
  • No payout as of yet... 1/5

    By lookingtoearnmoney
    I will change my review once I get paid. I’ve sent them several emails about this and still haven’t received a response. I requested payout about 3 weeks ago and still nothing.
  • No credit 2/5

    By ginny1001
    I would rate this higher however for the last month every time I get zapped and hit the notifications I don’t get my .07 credit. I have emailed them numerous times with no answer. I would say it is a rip off however other people get credit. My problem is the customer service they say they will get back in 1-2 business days but NEVER do.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By fletcher245947);;!2&/&
    This is a great app but it does have a few glitches .. I can’t share my referral code and the inbrain surveys make my app force close everyone so often and I lose my surveys
  • Eh 3/5

    By BMWs4God
    The app is okay, you do earn money but it took me over a year to earn $25.
  • Takes to long 3/5

    By Impactdrill24
    The app does pay you for taking surveys. However it has taken me 49 days to get to $25. Most of my surveys would stop after entering basic info and give .02. Will not continue now that I’ve hit enough to cash out. But if you don’t mind a long slow process then it’s ok
  • Love it 5/5

    By justinLana17
    I love Zap
  • Fine for some, I would imagine 3/5

    By Matt2599HaloPlayer
    This isn’t the app’s fault, per se, but if you’re a white male, don’t even bother. None of the surveys want to hear from you. I’ve been using for hours now and not been able to complete a single survey, they’ve all kicked me off and told me they weren’t interested, giving me $.02 for my time. Not worth it to me. I came here to answer more than my age, race, and gender over and over and over again.
  • Good way to earn a little more cash 4/5

    By xXEndeRXx
    Although it does take a while to get through enough surveys to cash out at 25$ it is a good way to spend some free time and earn some money in the process. The surveys don’t force you to answer if you don’t want to and they are timed, so however long you spend on that one server the more it will reward you. I like this app it’s interesting, I don’t use it very often but when I do it normally takes me a few days until I can cash out. Overall good app and would recommend it.
  • Glitches on surveys over 35 cents 2/5

    By Siia.Ane
    I did the small change surveys with no problems. I tried all the $1 and above. After qualifying for them, about half way in, nothing. I can’t get it to forward to the next question. I waited, tried in vain to refresh... nothing. I gave in and back tabbed. Lost it all. Go figure. Whatever. I do this to kill time when watching tv. So I’ll keep it. These aren’t meant to make us rich, and it’s something to do. Just know that you’ll probably not get much per survey. I feel that anything over 35cent is bait.
  • Takes a while 5/5

    By KetosisJunky
    But works
  • My go to app 5/5

    By Underjazzsskin
    I love this app. You have to put in a lot of time & effort into it but it’s worth it, especially if you get free money.
  • Bad update- Long time user 2/5

    By miketod010
    I get the rewards were raised to account for the no reward for not qualifying for w survey. In my opinion it used to be zap surveys strength but now a huge weakness. 2 cents for not qualifying is a perfect amount. Maybe 1 cents if the rewards are raised. When I go through several surveys for 15-20 minutes and don’t qualify for any of them and don’t receive anything is exhausting. Used to use this app on and off all throughout most days of the week. Definitely going to start scaling down or not using zap all together. Hope y’all take it with a grain of salt and either change it back or a 1 cent back for not qualifying. Thanks.
  • Great survey app 5/5

    By AmandaleeCasey
    My favorite part of this app is the location zaps. I get 7 cents just for being in the vicinity of several stores, Costco, Walgreens, Ulta, etc. Getting paid for nada! Also they have great surveys and incentives to sign in daily (bonuses for hitting certain number of day streaks) Easy to use, and after a few weeks I’m nearly to my $25 cash out. Highly rated.

    By Treeseeee
    I’m guessing all of these good reviews are fake, I’ve had this app for 6 months and made $50 and never got paid.... the surveys take extremely long & 90% of them cut you out before you finish & you don’t get anything. This app is a waste of time! They’re really making money off you .
  • SCAM!!! 1/5

    By akurtt
    I just cash out $720 a week ago and they requested me to fill out taxpayer form because it’s huge value money. They said they’ll sent the money to my PayPal ASAP but until now they haven’t email me yet and didn’t sent my money. I spent 2 years on this app to and now they took all my hardworking money . Please don’t download this app!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Thái Monster
    But you can add some iTunes and Appstore gift card please. That would be perfect

Zap Surveys app comments

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