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Zaxby’s App

Craving Zaxby’s indescribably good ®food? We’ve got the app to give your taste buds what they demand —fast. The new Zaxby’s app puts all the chicken fingers, wings, sandwiches, Zalads®, and crinkle fries your hungry heart desires right at your fingertips. Just select the closest Zaxby’s restaurant, place your order, and prepare yourself for some seriously tasty takeout. It makes enjoying Zaxby’s incredibly cravelicious™ food fast and easy. Ain’t technology delicious? Flavorful features include: ● Skip the wait! Place your order and we’ll have it ready when you arrive. ● Order in a snap! Create an account, and we’ll save your favorite order! ● Feeding a crowd? Our platters and catering options have got you covered!

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Zaxby’s app reviews

  • Why Bother? 3/5

    By BCdude87
    The app has a great menu, but why bother offering in-app ordering and saying your food will be ready at a given time if the store won’t even start it until you arrive? (Barnesville, GA location at least.) Not much of a time saver- I spent more time entering the order on the app than I would have spent just walking in.
  • Options for extra 4/5

    By shajdkend
    Everything on the app is very easy to find and use, but I wish there was an option that allowed us to add extras on it. Like for the salads, instead of just “No this option” or “no that option” only, add options for extras if people want to add extras on something
  • App order 5/5

    By Troopule
    I love being able to order, and just run in and pick it up. The only thing I wish is you could add special sauces for your chicken to be covered in on the salads. If I ever order salad I can’t do it from the app
  • Easy and convenient 5/5

    By bundyfan
    I’m in and out
  • Annoyance 3/5

    By hopesay
    It is a huge annoyance that the stores can’t scan the app so I can pay with it. And almost every time I try to do a mobile order the system throws an error code.
  • Good Food - Clunky App 4/5

    By Sptydal Jones
    Zaxby’s has great food; good enough to put up with this clunky app. If the food was just OK I would rate it a two.
  • Online ordering 5/5

    By Tutti❤️
    The first time I ever used the app to order I was not impressed... I may as well have waited until I got there... however I decided to try it again and I was really impressed...
  • Salads are the bomb! 5/5

    By GJ's Aunt Sis
    Can’t get enough of the grilled chicken salads. Great deal for the price. My new favorite fast food place.
  • Double charged 1/5

    By florida girl106
    We placed an order for $25, the app charged us twice for a total of $50. Called to get money back and they told us someone would call in the next day or two. They also mentioned that most people don’t worry about calling a second time get their overcharged money back after not receiving the said return phone call. Basically suggesting that we should forget about it? Sketchy sketchy services here. We still haven’t received a phone call or any kind of instruction on how to get our $25 back. We already living paycheck to paycheck, I’m livid that they are completely ignoring us and seem to want to keep our money. This is bordering criminal...
  • Easy 5/5

    By Miko_d_diva
    Easy to order via phone but Everytime I go to pick up in store my good is never ready, I always wait at least 20-30 minutes no matter what location I go to.
  • Wish you can link gift cards 3/5

    By turtleandpianolover
    I am a frequent visitor to zaxbys. Especially when I’m in school, there’s one 5 minutes from my building. I always have gift cards for Zaxby’s but I also tend to loose them. Having a way to add gift card money to an account would be a big help. That way each time I get a gift card I can link it to my account. I won’t have to worry about loosing a card, or trying to figure out if said card has any money on it or not.
  • It gets the job done 2/5

    By Arburton300
    It gets the job done but it’s extremely slow.
  • Great option but can’t customization “on the side” 4/5

    By Dbrown76
    We love using apps and Zaxby’s has a really nice one but it would be very helpful if we could choose “on the side” for sauces on sandwiches. :)
  • This is not like the Chic-fil-a App 1/5

    By P.X.G
    I knew the moment I couldn’t add the types of drinks to my order I was in for a crazy experience. First time using the app and the order was wrong. There’s no way to say you want a sweet tea or coke in the app. You have to wait until you show up where they then ask. There was also some confusion to what I ordered and I asked the person to confirm and they showed me a print out of just the price I paid. They had no real clue what I ordered. Then I realized there’s no reward system. I don’t think I’ll ever use the app again. I do like Zaxbys and will just order the normal ways.
  • Online orders 5/5

    By Tina FirstLady
    I love the online ordering because this location is always busy. I can just pick up and go, no lines, no waiting!
  • App doesn’t work well 1/5

    By wmac79
    App is strange the way it handles credit card info; you have to remove one to add another... strange you can’t just store and select. Also, the app takes a terribly long time to update with every action you make. There is also not a good way to customize special order items. Makes me less likely to use Zaxby’s. I do like using apps to order food, that way my order is actually taken correctly. I find at the counter often times people don’t listen well and I end up getting something other than what I ordered.... I suppose that’s a review for a different place. 🙂
  • Almost there 3/5

    By HKAllDay60
    The app seems to be good. However I do not get drinks with my orders and I cannot customize the order in the app to remove the drink and subsequent cost. Five stars potentially if you can make that update
  • Zax app 3/5

    By Percyp35
    App does everything you need it to and has great functions just very slow and twitchy.
  • Worked great until it didn’t 1/5

    By Rossy892004
    I was using this app for a while then all of a sudden it stopped working. It’s been to days now. Telling me to “check my pick up time ( i always picked up at the same time with no issues) or “network not working” or “state of rejection “. Really frustrating
  • The worst online ordering app ever. 1/5

    By kent_neal
    Please do not be confused by the title. I love Zaxby’s restaurants, food, and service. I have not complaint with any of the above mentioned. My issue is with ordering through this app. If there is an error you have to wait to be refunded. The last time it happened months went by before I was refunded.
  • Need to update 1/5

    By mad hispanic
    Has huge amount of bugs and is slow. Every time we use it the restaurant forgets our order.
  • Blank stares . . . 1/5

    By ryan.frazier
    No one at the store even knew there was a Zaxby’s app.
  • Hit or Miss 1/5

    By Knuckles43
    The last two times I’ve used this app, I’ve received my food 45 minutes and 20 minutes after the time I was told it would be ready. The first time I used it my order never showed up at the store. I have ordered two times and everything went well, but overall I’ve had more negative experiences than positive. They take your money with no problem tho.
  • Special orders 2/5

    By el zorzal
    I wish there was a place for special instructions for an order or that you would please leave all toast on the OUTSIDE of the salad orders.
  • Rewards System? 4/5

    By Shibby_Dude :D
    I’m a huge fan. The grilled chicken sandwiches are amazing and honestly even bigger and better than Chick-Fil-A’s. I’ve cut back eating at CFA in favor of Zaxby’s for that reason. The mobile ordering is also top-notch because our location is ALWAYS busy and it keeps me from standing in line. That being said, it would be nice if you guys would consider implementing a rewards system. My coworker and I have spent a lot of money in Zaxby’s over the last several months. We eat there maybe twice a week or so. I feel by now I should’ve earned something for free.
  • Can not remove drinks from orders 3/5

    By filletbuster
    Come on, really? You have all of the customizations except the one to remove a drink from the order? I don’t want your crappy, overpriced, unhealthy drinks. Fix it or I will go to Chick Fil A.
  • Worked great, but then.... 2/5

    By Mikeyknows518
    I’ve used the app many times with no issues. However, in the past week the local store seems to have decided online ordering isn’t for them. No matter how many times I check, they “aren’t accepting online orders at this time”. The whole reason for having the app is to avoid the long lines. ... I won’t be going to Zaxby’s nearly as often as I had been. How sad.

    By WyvetteR
    The only use for this app is so that the developer can sell your location history & other data. Other than that it is useless. Cashiers don’t know how to find mobile orders in the computer. Manager is clueless when asked why order isn’t ready when you arrive. When order is found and acknowledged, then your order is placed in queue as if you didn’t even order and pay before you arrived. To top it off, no apologies or accommodations. Poorest customer service I have ever witnessed. The App Store should flag this as GARBAGE! Forced to give one star in order to send my review. I would prefer NEGATIVE 5 stars.
  • Wait time 1/5

    By alex epidode
    The service has always been great but lately 30 minutes wait
  • Order not ready 1/5

    By AppDoesntFixCrapService
    What’s the point of online ordering when you have to still wait 10 minutes in store bc the order isn’t ready. I could have waited when I ordered in store
  • Amazing Quick and Easy 5/5

    By SoldierlyCloud
    I don’t even have to wait ☺️
  • Use all the time. 4/5

    By DarthJasper
    Only issue it has is if you don’t always go to the same location. BE VERY CAREFUL to make sure the order is placed for the right location.
  • Chicken, chicken, chicken 4/5

    By lovemychicken
    Love the app and the food, chicken fingers are great.
  • Love 5/5

    By beniann45
    Love this app
  • Great, but I’m being nit-picky 3/5

    By KaneAndrew
    I love the app and being able to skip crowded lines by ordering ahead. BUT my pet peeve is there isn’t an option (unless I’m somehow missing it) to add one extra piece of toast. I like to get the Big Zax snack with one extra piece of toast, but there isn’t an option to add one which I find annoying. Other than that, the app is very helpful.
  • Per Usual 1/5

    By marvel goose
    Zaxby’s app continues their long time tradition of being terrible at the internet. Their website is/are/was/were terrible and their on site people never got an order right, so, I quit the website. Tonight, first time on the app and at the end — it told me that merchant had changed menu. Refused to complete order. Maybe tell you that site is off line before you waste your time? Complete garbage. Going to try the drive through lottery to see how bad they screw the pooch. If it wasn’t for my wife, I would never go there.
  • App Great, Service Inside is iffy 5/5

    By MKW10
    App is great, but I do it to avoid lines yet when I go to the restaurant, I generally have to wait in the regular line to get my order.
  • Narrative 4/5

    By marmarmar2018
    Your app does not have a screen on the ordering process that allows the customer to write a narrative request. For example , tea without ice.
  • If you jump on the bandwagon do it right 2/5

    By gwenger32
    I understand that fast food places are having to add mobile apps to stay with times, but it’s a waste of their time and money and our time if the app doesn’t communicate with employees. I successfully created an account in the Zaxby’s app, added my card, placed an order, all without a hitch. I was told by the app that my order would be ready in approximately 15 minutes, and I gave it permission to use my location with the app open. I drove to Zaxby’s, and went inside (another frustration - there is no drive through option. That’s half the point of ordering ahead: minimal human interaction). The app said to find the pick-up counter and ask if I didn’t know where it was. I have eyes and my location has a label so I found the counter and waited. And waited. And waited. 15 minutes AFTER my estimated time, an employee made eye contact and asked which number I was. I had heard some kitchen staff talking about mobile orders, but couldn’t hear enough to know I should step in and settle confusion. I was still functioning under the assumption that with my GPS location and info from the app they should know I had arrived. I told her I had a mobile order, and clarified that I thought I was supposed to wait by the sign as told by the app. She explained that mobile orders have to check in. To her credit, it was busy, she was rushed, and I was cranky and she still tried to be polite. But Zaxby’s, please update your app. Change your instructions or keep up with the technology you ask for, because there is no reason for me let you use my location now and there is frankly no reason to use your app for me until it’s updated, which is a shame, since I like your food.
  • Worthless 1/5

    Money is way too tight to have an app that NEVER has any specials. I cannot even order ahead of time unless I register a card?? I love your chicken.... but this app is for the birds.
  • What’s the point of this? 3/5

    By Danidee78
    Correct me if I’m wrong but, I thought that the whole point to the “order ahead” thing meant that your order would be ready to pick up as soon as you get there, as long as you arrive at or before the given time? Also, why can’t customers pick up their order in the drive thru??? Why make people come inside??? I get that the app is new to the chain, however this is certainly NOT a new concept. Get it together if you expect for this to bring in more business.
  • Level Up Network 1/5

    Because I am/was a user of another Level Up app I can’t sign up via Facebook, required to use same log in credentials for Zax and get an error.
  • Great app 5/5

    By DevynnG
    Love the app makes ordering easy!
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Toyo066
    Always have an issue with this app. Won’t use it again.
  • App malfunction 1/5

    By Frustrared mom
    This app constantly tells me that I have items in the cart that are not on the menu when I couldn’t have added them to my purchase if they aren’t from the menu. This particularly happens with the kids meals.
  • Inelegant design 1/5

    By Mr Mxyzpdlk
    All I wanted was to look at the calories on your menu, but I can’t see anything unless I sign up/in. This is atrocious design, and a poor marketing decision on your part.
  • Zax 5/5

    By e-dub swagwalk
    Yeah that’s rights
  • Love this app 5/5

    By justin loves zaxbys
    Makes ordering and pick up so convenient it’s little or no wait
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By j.Breazziie<3
    I enjoy ordering ahead of time but I wish you could pick up in the drive thru

Zaxby’s app comments

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