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  • Current Version: 8.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Zaxby's Franchising, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Zaxby's App

Craving Zaxby’s indescribably good® food? We’ve got the app to give your taste buds what they demand — fast. The NEW Zax Rewardz program puts all the Chicken Fingerz™, wings, sandwiches, Zalads®, and crinkle fries your hungry heart desires right at your fingertips. Just select your favorite local Zaxby's location or your preferred delivery service, place your order with a few clicks, and start earning points to redeem for exclusive rewards. Each dollar you spend earns 10 points towards your Flavor Bank. You'll be on your way to delicious rewards in no time! Our NEW loyalty app makes enjoying Zaxby’s incredibly cravelicious™ food fast and easy. Ain’t technology delicious? Flavorful features include: ● NEW: Earn all the points! View and select the rewards you want to redeem from the Rewardz Catalog. Pro tip: Save up your points for something extra special later. ● NEW: Get Zaxby's delivered! Select your go-to delivery service in the app to have your cravings delivered straight to your door. ● Skip the wait! Place your order to grab in-store or choose curbside pickup — we’ll have it ready when you arrive. ● Order in a snap! Create a Zax Rewardz account, and we’ll save your favorite orders and store locations for next time. ● Use gift cards! Whether you want to digitize a physical gift card or send an e-gift card to your best palz, you can do it all in our NEW app. ● Feeding a crowd? Our platters and catering options have you covered!

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Zaxby's app reviews

  • Why the new app? 3/5

    By K-fed 1
    I went to order on the app I had ordered on 5-6 times over past year. It would not allow me to order and made me update. Looks like I lost info. I had to rechoose a store and had trouble getting logged in. It lost my payment method that was saved. I hope it gets better my next time or I may not eat Zaxbys as often.
  • Okay, wow. What a change! 5/5

    By X3brandellax3
    I never write reviews on the App Store, but they really made a difference and it was so positive! The whole experience is clean and easy to follow. Now I can only hope the stores get all the details correct with all the choices on my food… that’s where the difficulty is. But this app is great! Good going Zaxby’s!
  • Frustrated 2/5

    By DanaHuff17
    It’s just chicken y’all. The 47 verifications to migrate to the new app is frustrating and I might as well just have signed up for a new account for all I had to do. It took 5 minutes to choose a store. It looks pretty but it has lost all ease of use.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Falcon19734
    I have used this out three times now and every time it takes me 10 minutes or so to actually get it to work so that I can order my food. it looks me through the login screen two or three times then asked me to change my password a couple of times and then when I finally get to ordering my food I can’t find the order button or the submit button or the checkout button until I go through about four other screens and stuff I don’t want. someone really needs to go through this out and tested to see what I’m talking about and fix it I order food through the Zaxby’s app all the time and never had a problem with the old app why not just bring the old one back.
  • Why??? 1/5

    By Halawakee
    Why do companies feel the need to remove functionality and call it an enhancement? What was wrong with being able to scan once in store for payment and reward. This enhanced version only allows payment via online orders. What is the point? The few times I’ve used ordering on-line I could have gone through he drive-up faster.
  • Definite improvement 5/5

    By ALoFoSho
    This app is way better than before. Only 2 suggestions I have right now is to add option to do lite, no, or heavy ice to a drink. Also would chance wording on a button. When you edit a selection the button says add to cart, it should say something like "update" so it doesn't seem like you're adding a whole other meal or item to the cart.
  • First time orderer 4/5

    By Disgruntledplayerxyzqwe
    Can’t seem to customize so that I don’t get toast or ice, but otherwise seemed pretty simple
  • Do not get this 1/5

    Do not know why they even offer a app. It freezes and didn’t give my reward.
  • Selection review 4/5

    By YouKnowYouKnow
    There are tons of drink selection the freestyle machine has available but the app only lets you choose between 14. The old app use to have an option that said select in store which allowed you to decide/ make your own drink when you pick up in store. Please allow us to have that option on the app thanks
  • Why did you ruin a good thing? 1/5

    By Ravenclaw's Head Girl
    Unfortunately, this system won’t let me choose zero stars. This “upgraded” app is the worst. It most certainly is not user friendly (very hard to navigate) and the design looks like a kindergartner was turned loose with some crayons. Whoever did this redesign should be charged with theft since they stole a lot of your money for nothing in return.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By Capt-Steve
    I use several restaurant apps and this one is the worst of the bunch. I eat at Zaxby’s most due to its close proximity of my house. Every time I get points they vanish and I constantly have issues logging in while I’m there ordering.
  • Previous reward points and todays 1/5

    By Sggkkjj
    I have 0 rewards points. I’m not happy.
  • New app update is trash 1/5

    By Pookie_dimples
    I updated the app and the update signed me out of the app. When I went to use the Forgot Password function it never sends a password reset link. I’ve tried from the app and the browser website. App is useless to me now. I see other users have mentioned the same thing. Fix this!! I’ve deleted the app as well and re-added it. No luck with the password reset feature.
  • AMAZING!!! 5/5

    By Hdfhdpandgdjsndcvjsisndcrheu
    the new interface is sooo easy to navigate and really makes the experience faster!! so glad they listen to their costumers!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By sputnikSF
    App is fun to use. Rewards are cool. Keep them coming! Only prob is app makes me more hungry as I use it and then I order more 😋.
  • Free Reward Disappeared 1/5

    By meridasdad
    So I updated the app and it said there would be free meal. I went to order and do pick up. It was still going to charge me. Said “pay 7.89.” So I went back out and was just going to use it at store. Then the reward had disappeared. It just really aggravated me and won’t be using the app.
  • From a designer - 5/5

    By sugahhglow
    Zaxby’s, thank you for updating your app! Your lil brand refresh is so nice and lovely. I am so impressed and happy for you!
  • New update… 4/5

    By QueenJay4
    I really do love the look and the features, but it was moving a little slow. Overall great updates!
  • New app 4/5

    By jggder
    Have been waiting for this for a while now have always used the old app and never got any rewards. I frequent Zaxby’s and was interested in the rewards side of the app as I’m getting rewards at other restaurants I patron. Well they finally came out with the new app and while it’s updated and fresh the rewards will have to be seen in the future. I do appreciate that they did give me a big Zac snack for the merging from the old one to this one. I guess time will tell.
  • My favorite place 5/5

    By mayramrr2
    I love Zaxby’s. You have to tried. What Indo not like from the location that I frequent in Winter Haven Florida is one of the employees, Joseph, he’s not good on customer service. He’s rude.
  • Not bad! 5/5

    By HHslayer
    A few bugs but love the look of the new app! I hope the rewards actually work now!
  • New App is Fire 5/5

    By Beedy26
    The new App is so because you can actually customize your items now. You can get your tenders sauced or regular. The fries seasoned or not. This is so much better than the old App. Let’s hope that it continues to work right!
  • Buggy 3/5

    By SavC1415
    Needs a lot of work to get up and running- lots of frozen screens and needing restarts to place an order. Free meal when you sign up though— so that’s cool.
  • Ok Zaxby 5/5

    By Tab will
    Love the new app update!
  • Good, but Drinks menu could use some work 4/5

    By JamHan9904
    I was excited for the updated app. It has a nice look to it and I think it’s easier to find what I’m looking for. But you still can’t tell them no or light ice in your drink, and now you can’t even select to decide at store.
  • Update deleted my gift cards 1/5

    By Jimmygina
    Update deleted my gift card. Reached out to Zaxby’s and no response.
  • I need time to adjust 3/5

    By Auvonni
    I’m guessing it will just take some time to adjust to the new app but right now it seems harder to navigate than the old one. But the biggest problem is that there’s no longer an option to “decide at store” for my drink choice and the options they give are very limited.
  • 🥴 1/5

    By ayeareess
  • App is bad 1/5

    By Lndz123
    Locked out of my account and every time I do forgot password it won’t send an email. Have checked junk folder and email is correct. Guess I won’t be ordering any zaxbys.
  • Fewer Options 2/5

    By HeyItsRichy
    With the update there are fewer options when placing an order. Allow me to select no drink, or “decide at store” again… I would also like options to select ice amounts.
  • Wayyy better! 5/5

    By Lng145
    App is way better and easier to place orders. Only hassle is resetting favorites and payment method. Excited to actually understand the reward program… the last one didn’t have many perks to it.
  • Confusing 1/5

    By fingerville
    I don’t like the new app. Takes way to long and is confusing.
  • SMH BRUH 1/5

    By laini-do
    They skimped me out of my rewards points. I ordered a meal today and forgot to scan my app. I have the receipt so i of course went to manually put in the code under the QR scan and it claimed to have gifted me the 110 points. I went in my rewards shortly after to see what I could acquire with that amount and it said 0 points. Then I tried putting the code in again due to the error and it read that the code has expired because it had been over the 72 hour mark to add points after a purchase. Make it make sense…
  • Nice redesign, but… 4/5

    By KJPod
    I love the new design of the, it’s a lot easier to use and the ApplePay option is great, but there’s just one little issue. Why is Decide At Store gone from the drink options? My family all have their Freestyle favorites and now I have to pour out what I’m served before refilling them. Which works, but really feels wasteful. Please bring back Decide at Store or better yet, let me specify my special Freestyle preferences the first time.
  • It was good before 2/5

    By Brittnie8113
    I don’t like the new app. Miss the simplicity of the old one.
  • Unnecessary cosmetic changes 4/5

    By Sciacca96
    Not sure why Zaxby’s wanted to redo the app and make it uglier, messier, and more difficult to place an order. But hopefully the rewards will work this time.
  • Confusing! 3/5

    By BillP15
    I was at home working on a mobile order, trying to figure out how to redeem my rewards. I touched redeem in store for instructions on how to use it. It started counting down and only gave me 2:30 minutes to complete my order and I was at home. I still don’t know how I was able to stop it and complete a mobile order.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Dr.EJ
    Love the app and the only thing that I would add is a drive through option for mobile order.
  • Big step backwards from previous app 1/5

    By InspiredByTheTech
    New app takes much longer to load vs old app. Scanning option does not work as well at register with new app. New app no longer allows customers to pay when scanning the rewards code at the register. Why make things less convenient for customers? Where did all my rewards point go? All previous rewards points are gone after upgrade to new app. Unable to even contact Zaxby’s Customer Service from within new app to provide positive (or negative) feedback to help Zaxby’s improve service.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By momaxi89
    New app Logged me out and won’t send me a code to reset my password therefor I can’t use it
  • I love zaxbye 5/5

    By Kamandnoah
    5 star wish I could give a 100,00 stars
  • AWESOME 5/5

    App is awesome and updates are great. Very easy to work. Love it!!
  • Newest app not intuitive 2/5

    By briannehebert
    The horizontal sliders are not user friendly. The tap space for the selections between 4,5,6 count isn’t nearly enough and I have normal sized fingers. The only clear CTA is the add button and if you didn’t know those other selections were tapable the quick add type function doesn’t make sense. Most people ordering want to see what comes with their order. Drink size, subbing coleslaw for fries etc. it doesn’t make sense to not have a second button that says “view details” to get them to the pdp. I’m surprised anyone who did testing on this passed it.
  • Lost reward points 3/5

    By the whistling teacher
    I’ve used the app for as long as I can remember. When the app updated, all of my reward points disappeared. Quite annoying!!
  • preferred old app 3/5

    By SavvyG2
    This new app isn’t as user friendly. It won’t scan my payment in the app like the old one. I can’t just order at the drive thru and have them scan a barcode for the payment and rewards. There isn’t a barcode to scan for rewards unless you order from the app. If there is one, it is not user friendly to find it quickly.
  • So much easier 5/5

    By DTnTAZ
    I love the new app, this one is so much easier to use. Easy to find items & choose the options. Thank you for making it more user friendly.
  • Lost my rewards with this new app 2/5

    By wwisehart
    I tried to use my reward and it was no longer there also the scan button is gone too!! Can’t scan at the store for points!!!
  • Drink options not available 1/5

    By allthenicknamesaretaken1956
    The app used to let you decide on drinks at the store since the freestyle drink machines have so many options. The update removed that feature and now you have to pick one of the basic options provided before it will let you submit your order.
  • Lost features, Does not work with ApplePay 1/5

    By MonteCarlo1984
    I used the previous version of this app all of the time to order ahead. I would choose “Decide at store” for my drink option and would pay with ApplePay. “Decide at store” is no longer an option. ApplePay always tells me that my billing address is incorrect and that I must add a shipping address, regardless of which card I choose or the fact that all addresses are correct. Why do I need to add a shipping address? ApplePay worked great on the previous version, so what broke?