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  • Current Version: 8.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Zaxby's Franchising, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Zaxby's App

Craving Zaxby’s saucy, flavor-full food? We’ve got the app to give your taste buds what they demand — fast. The NEW Zax Rewardz program puts all the Chicken Fingerz™, wings, sandwiches, Zalads®, and crinkle fries your hungry heart desires right at your fingertips. Just select your favorite local Zaxby's location if you want to pick up or get your order delivered with a few clicks. Earn points when you order and redeem them for exclusive rewards. Each dollar you spend earns 10 points towards your Flavor Bank. You'll be on your way to delicious rewards in no time!

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Zaxby's app reviews

  • Needs update 1/5

    By AllanBell1991
    Keeps making me log back in every few seconds then says to many login attempts and locks me out for 5 minutes on iPhone 14 pro
  • App doesnt work 5/5

    By HarleyHecc
    I love zaxbys, but I hate to say that the app cannot work. None of the receipts can be scanned as none of the zaxbys in my area have working wifi and are in areas with bad service. It logged me out and removed my saved password at random, and even when I changed my password the app locked me out entirely. I attempted using other accounts but kept getting the "too many attempts" message. I'm a firm believer not every restraunt needs an app, but this is insult to injury as my favorite restraunt has the worst app experience ever.
  • Incredibly frustrating and non-user friendly 1/5

    By someonewhohatestheupdate
    Waaay too hard to navigate and over-engineered. Forces me to log in every time I want to use it and the downloaded gift cards I entered are difficult to use for purchases. DO NOT load any gift cards onto this app! Use them old-school in store in person. I love Zaxby’s, but I never use the app because it’s simply too hard to operate. They need to take notes from Chick-fil-A on app development
  • Problems have been fixed 5/5

    By Rebel Yell 5
    Edited: I gave a poor review initially because the redesigned app didn't work properly. Zaxby's apparently noticed (the app at least, maybe not my review) and fixed things. It was much, much better. I do still have a minor nitpicky thing: adding a reward to an order isn't particularly intuitive. You have to actually add the item and only add the reward at checkout. It took a bit of work to figure that out. But Zaxby's deserves credit for fixing what was broken, and did it reasonably fast.
  • Rewards 1/5

    By dj mixologist
    Wow same thing happened to me. Thought I was the only one holly
  • Don’t forget your login or let it update 1/5

    By Live Wire 2
    You will never get help from the company; they will pretend to help but they will ignore you. I have sent many emails and they never responded back. I am locked out of my account and cannot get a new one. So I guess I’ll be going to Huey McGoos or Chick-fil-A from now on. Oh well. Sorry customer service = No business from me.
  • login page 1/5

    By InSureAble
    the login page is broken, everytime i attempt to log in to my account it says “forbidden” even after resetting my password.
  • Doesn’t Work. No where to apply rewards. 1/5

    By AushShua
    Just created an account after seeing the advertisement for a free big zax snack box meal. Tried to redeem the free big Zax snack meal and it says you’re supposed to apply reward at checkout but there’s no where to apply and no code to put in. Been trying to figure this out for 25 min and everytime I hit “apply” for the coupon it and customize my order with a regular fry and small drink like it says in the conditions it still tries to make me pay for It with the coupon and everytime I select a side sauce it keeps saying it’s out no matter what sauce I select. Trash app. Needs an update or something. Shouldn’t be spending 30 min trying to place an order for what seems like false advertisement.
  • Sweetest Staff 5/5

    By call me app
    The staff this evening is just the nicest and most sincere group! Another popular chicken restaurant makes their employees say a certain phrase and it feels forced and insincere. Tonight everyone said what they wanted and it sounded genuine and like it came from the heart!
  • forbidden username and password 1/5

    By adbbfjdnd
    it’s doesn’t even work
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Anon2023
    First, took me 10 mins to register to find out my phone was attached to another account. So, reset my password for my email address, 3 times, never got the email. The phone associated with my email was not mine. Constantly received the “Oops Forbidden” pop up and some pages never loaded in order to select my meal. After multiple attempts, I finally was able to get my three meals in the cart. Completed my ipay verification and got the oops message again. Paid 3 times and finally the last time, no message, but the items were still in the cart. Closed the app and back again, no item in cart and no history of an order in my account. Asked the store if they got it….nope! It should not be this hard to order a chicken sandwich. I’ll stick with the competition.
  • Won’t stay logged in 1/5

    By Anh405
    Since the update last week the app will sign you in and then immediately kick you out and give a message about it can’t read property ‘CDPID’ undefined.
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By lawchic64
    Doesn’t work well all the time. Doesn’t work at all for the location closest to my house.
  • Forbidden 1/5

    By Player 152724
    That’s all it says when I try to sign up on the app.
  • Stuck in login new password loop 1/5

    By 4726448583
    Tried to place order. Logged in with password. 2FA code via text. Promoted me to change password which I did. Rinse lather repeat. I’m eating somewhere else today.
  • App is terrible!!! 1/5

    By Doge258796
    It does not work 4 ur mom
  • Great employee 5/5

    By Susankarenblue
    Justin is a great employee! Very professional
  • What’s wrong with the app?? 2/5

    By Deonte 16
    I’m trying to order my food and it says I have to log in. But every time I try it keeps saying forbidden even after I change the password. Pls fix this.
  • Reward points don’t work 1/5

    By Unhappy Zaxbys App User
    The app doesn’t work to enter points. I eat at Zaxbys weekly and I can’t ever get the app to accept my code on the receipt. Also I have some points from when the app first came out but I can’t use the points because the scanner at the store never works. So this app is useless!!!
  • “Forbidden” 1/5

    By Crayycraay
    Tried to log in and add rewards and order, but now it says forbidden after I enter everything. Guess I’ll go to canes.
  • Good but… 3/5

    By Cajunchk
    Would be great if you could customize your order more. For instance, you can take stuff off of your salad but you can’t add to it. I have to place the order then call with the stuff to add and the whole point is order as you want, run in, grab your order and go for contactless and frictionless ordering!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jaydubbbbz
    This app is the worst. It literally doesn’t let you do anything without it just pooping out on itself. 0/10
  • More options in the app 5/5

    By bob09876325
    Please add blue cheese as a choice when wings are ordered. Always have to switch out the ranch once I arrive at the store for pickup. Also more of the Coke freestyle options should be available in the app.
  • Unable to Pick Diff Drinks for Kiddie Cheese Meal 3/5

    By cjbf to kgknc
    Only offered 3 options whereas the kiddie chicken meal offers a wider variety for drink options.
  • Crashes all the time 1/5

    By 🎃🤡🍁🍂
    It crashes all the time. I try to add my adress it crashes i try to add payment method it crashes. When i was trying to sign up for the app IT CRASHED SO MANY TIMES. I have a up to date 14 pro max so its not my phones problem its a app problem.
  • The Old App was better 2/5

    By FairytalesOfForever
    Zaxby’s changed their app a while ago. The new app is worse. It’s slower and more complicated to order than the old app and doesn’t offer real in-app signin. It takes you to a web page to sign in, and you have to sign in much more frequently than the old app. Also it’s broken. I was trying to reorder a past order and it would only add the first item of the old order. So the reorder function is useless if you are trying to reorder more than one item
  • Annoying process 3/5

    By Babyapparently3327
    It was raining. Drive-through was empty. They would not give me my mobile order at the window and made me come inside to get it. Otherwise it’s fine.
  • No access 1/5

    By wKj578
    Wont allow me to login even after successfully migrating account. Keeps sending verification code & asking to change password over & over
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By Falcon13372
    Barely works, logs you out every time you close it even if you check keep me logged in. The rewards program is a joke compared to other restaurants. None of the locations ever offer anything other than in-store pickup, which is often inconvenient. And even selecting a different store to order from is a pain. CFAs app auto-detects where you are and asks if you’ll be ordering from a new location. It’s obviously not hard to do. Why is this app so clunky?
  • Do not download 1/5

    By ChainsmokerSC
    Crap app. Locks you in a cycle of signing in, sending code, entering code, resetting password, and then repeats it all over again and again, never logging you in. Stupid. Will never use again.
  • App is never working 1/5

    By Thebouncer79's
    I have been able to log in once since I downloaded the app. Ever since then I get the forbidden word when I try to log in or create new account. App needs a lot of improvement.
  • Unsatisfied 2/5

    By subject
    I asked for lettuce and tomatoes and didn’t receive it also the bread looked soggy
  • App rewards not worth the headache it gives you…. 1/5

    By AlkalineThunder
    This app is abysmally slow and often bugs out. Most of the times when I’d attempt to use it, it would fail to place an order or give me error messages constantly. I love Zaxby’s but the rewards don’t justify the use of this app. Needs massive fixes or else they should just take it down.
  • Not completely thought out 2/5

    By hightechum
    The app works but the order status does not exist. They need to look at papa John’s pizza app I want to know when my order is ready for pickup. I like the pickup scheduler but when you don’t select anything the store may call to confirm that the default one hour it suggests is what you really wanted. In short you need to provide better order history info with current status.
  • Need customer service 3/5

    By Class of '78
    Help! I cannot create id in loyalty program. No one to call, no contact available. No login code comes to email. Cannot get in.
  • Old app better 2/5

    By walkedone
    Sorry, The old app was better at locating what you wanted and options. Developers clearly don’t care about user feedback as they still have not fixed the drink option to choose at the store. It logs me out constantly. Ever since the new rewards system came out the other incentives have gone away. Oh well. Saves me money in the long run.
  • Trash lowkey 3/5

    By spacebeem
    L app L website
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By LAdawgATL
    This app is so inconsistent and doesn’t scan in store or allow me to submit my receipts. Very frustrating
  • Rewards 5/5

    By indigogeechie
    The reward of the free big snack comes a hour after app has been downloaded.
  • Not having a good time 1/5

    By kelleemporta
    Can’t log into my account for the last few days. App not working at all
  • Password reset 1/5

    By mr33!
    If the app isn’t going to have a password reset option and you are unable to sign in to order your basically window shopping and it’s useless.
  • Love zaxbys and the new rewards 4/5

    By Guest5555
    Huge fan of zaxbys and I love the expansion of the rewards program. Only feedback is that when you place an order on the app, you don’t have the option to select inside pickup versus drive thru.
  • Bad 1/5

    By samirbee
    They said we can download the app and you get free meal. Anyways, the meal shows on the reward but when I went to get it nothing happens. Employees said there is nothing they can do and I was just waiting outside trying to get it but they did not seem helpful and the app did not seemed working well. It was just an advertising that means nothing.
  • Prices are wrong 2/5

    By cdrgh
    When I add items to a cart to order, the prices are mixed up. For a sandwich only it’s charging the price of a meal and vice versa. The only reason I’m not ordering is because I don’t want to get to the restaurant and they overcharged me for a single sandwich so I might as well go place it in person 🙄
  • Updated app but my points are gone. 2/5

    By BeatsKilla
    Recently installed an update for the app. Later noticed all of my rewards points were gone. Looked into history for my account and there’s nothing there. I just want my points back.
  • Just awful 1/5

    By AmandaHuggginkisss
    I installed a while back but didn't save the password. So when I entered what I thought it might be I get "invalid credentials." Ok, no problem. Did "forgot password" and the last 4 of a phone number I don't recognize pops up for verification. Weird. So I have it emailed. Never received the code. So I start fresh. I sign up using the same email thinking it will give me a "account already exists" but it didn't. Ok. Maybe I didn't fully set it up. Used the strong password apple suggested and automatically saves. Logged in on another device using the auto saved password that I airdropped to the 2nd device..."invalid credentials." Waste of space.
  • Lost after app update 1/5

    After the app was updated I am unable to log on. When I try to reset the password the app gives me a phone number to have the code sent to that is Not my phone number. How did an unknown number get attached to my account? When I try to have the code sent to my e mail no code ever arrives. I get no answers from customer service. So the app is useless to me and all reward progress is lost.
  • TAX IS SO HIGH 3/5

    By kdjrbbdbskenbrbx
  • Why do I have to sign in? It’s so unnecessary 1/5

    By Good app skype
    Every time I have to sign in to make an order, I just close the app and go to chick fil a.