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ZEDGE™ Wallpapers

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  • Current Version: 4.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: ZEDGE
  • Compatibility: Android
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ZEDGE™ Wallpapers App

ZEDGE - We Make Phones Personal. The ZEDGE™ app feature free, easy to download, beautiful wallpapers and icons to personalize your home screen or lock screen. • Wallpapers designed specifically to fit your iPhone for either your home or lock screen • Icon sets to change up the look of your iPhone • Browse categories with thousands of high definition, retina supported wallpapers that match every personality • Find inspirational images, stunning scenes and abstract art for every holiday and event you can think of • Easy to download and set wallpapers to your home screen and lock screens anytime Share wallpapers with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Terms of Service: https://help.zedge.net/hc/en-us/articles/360028513632-Terms-of-Service Privacy Policy: https://help.zedge.net/hc/en-us/articles/360028821051

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ZEDGE™ Wallpapers app reviews

  • No me permite descargar fondos en movimientos 1/5

    By joedavidmr
    La aplicación está bien, es bonita. Sin embargo, no me permite descargar wallpapers en movimiento, las fotos si, pero realicé un pago y jamás se descargó el wallpaper que quería. Muy mal ahí.
  • Zedge now has in-app purchases 1/5

    By SmolTrace88
    I liked zedge when everything was free. 1 Star
  • NO 2/5

    By cougar gaming
    This app is such a rip off the wallpapers don’t even move AND IM ON IPAD I SET IT ON MY LOCK SCREEN AND NO MOVEMENT WHAT A RIPOFF
  • Not what is used to be 1/5

    By R0M3N
    Zedge used to be one of the best apps out there with a bunch of free wallpapers and content, however they have decided to change that and start charging for absolutely everything. If you want free wallpapers or ringtones, look away from Zedge it is not the same company as It used to be as they now charge for everything and nothing is free.
  • Great app 5/5

    By awesomegameyay:Dloveit
    I’ve used many other live wallpaper apps before but there’s always way to many ad’s or the wallpapers aren’t great. But when I tried this app I was very pleased with the outcome and it’s definitely worth it! 🐸💙
  • Absolutely terrible 1/5

    The freaking buttons dont even work and then again it won’t let u have the ringtone whatever you do do not get this app
  • SCAM 3/5

    By mile hates school
    Got scammed for a wallpaper
  • Not much options 1/5

    By shnra?
    Zedge in IOS is so bad, like omg. There’s very little options you have complete opposite to what android have which is a ton of options, that’s why it’s a 1 star for me. If there’s a way to like access some photo and ringtones like the one’s android have then can you tell me? I install this because I thought that android and IOS version of this app are the same.
  • Problematic 2/5

    By Taylor'sWife
    I’ve used this app for years but I’ve purchased credits to get certain wallpapers, and it deducts my credit balance but says an unexpected error occurred and they couldn’t complete the download. So I don’t end up getting what I paid for.
  • Samsung vs. Apple 4/5

    By Jagger N.
    I’ve learned that the Samsung version of this app has more options than apple. For example, I wanted the Mandalorian theme song as my ringtone, I search it up and I get no results. My dad on the other hand, who has a Samsung phone, searches it up and gets results, including the exact thing I was looking for. I had to end up spending $1.99 just for the ringtone I wanted off the apple store. The app’s good, but I don’t understand this.
  • Don’t like it 1/5

    By SloBoi36
    This new version is so stupid I can’t even get cool ringtones for free like I used to I need credits to do so bring the old version back
  • Poor Selection 1/5

    By Biomewanderer
    I had this app on my last phone and it was great. But on my iPhone the app seems so empty. When you search for anything the results show only a few items like what you were looking for. Anything good need bought by the apps special currency which can be obtained by watching adds or paying real money. The selection is small and the cost of the special currency isn’t worth the time. I typed in “Captain America” and the only 2 results that came up were not Captain America.
  • Apple zedge? 1/5

    By laseb18
    No clue what’s goin on why isn’t there ringtones?! I just switched to an apple from Samsung and boy the Apple store is a joke! Zedge what are you doin! I have used y’all for the past 5 years on Android loved you guys the options were endless but this Apple app you have is a disaster, there is no ringtones not even half the wallpapers and u charge for each download? Seriously get it together! Just because you shouldnt drastically reduce the quality of your app... seriously you were the only place I could find ringtones and wallpapers I LoVed... no I have no clue where to turn

    By Asdfhyhhknhstblpcd
  • Wallpapers 2/5

    There is no live wallpapers of any Rappers like pop smoke or NBA Youngboy smh
  • Please make this a ringtone app for apple too 3/5

    By askyler_2005
    I love this app and used to use their ringtones and text tones all the time but I recently switched to an iPhone and the only available option for Zedge is a wallpaper app
  • Avoid [Slow] Live Wallpapers 2/5

    By Standing Deep
    Visually amazing often stunning content which simply doesn’t work for iOS. Bounce Loop and Long Exposure images definitely N o t optimiZD for iPhone so Zedge’s Live Wallpapers rarely work. So. Avoid Live Wallpapers. They’re not worth buying; stick to the cheaper static Wallpapers. - Kinda amateur tbh. -Surprising and a little saddening that Zedge; a company that made the transition from flip phones to Android & PC, stumbled so badly when making the transition to iOS. - Ask your artists to change the timing issues on these delightful images and I’ll gladly change this to an enthusiastic 5/5.
  • Used to be good ages ago 2/5

    By Dontae Knight
    There’s literally nothing good on this app anymore idk what happened 😐
  • Ringtones??? 1/5

    By MelodyM1234
    Where did the ringtones go??
  • i 1/5

    By Lily_The_Llama
    This app used to be good but then they started this coin system and now it’s just terrible. why should you charge for wall papers i can find online.
  • Not that good any more 1/5

    By joerjfjaf
    Live wallpapers won’t download as a live wallpaper for so I don’t know if anyone else has that problem but the creators of zedge fix your app!
  • Credits 3/5

    By Joel J J
    I love the app but I hate to have to get credits to get a wallpaper I used this app for years now and I never needed credits at all it was better with no credits but still a great app I hate and I love at the same time
  • Umm 1/5

    By Alygator0801
    I had this on my old phone and now I can’t find any of the sounds also everything costs money. :(
  • yikes 1/5

    By CyberProxy
    Yikes, this is awful. Search is awful, less collection than the Android version, no login, etc. One of the best apps on Android, one of the worst on iOS.
  • Used to be awesome 1/5

    By savaogangmsn
    I liked this app a lot but since everything they have done it has been terrible. You were able to get 10 credits and then get a cool wallpapers but know you can’t even do that, I am very upset with this now.
  • Shame 1/5

    By stlouis1234
    Had this app since it came out 2013ish. Used it on all my devices from android to iOS. Now they make you pay for wallpapers and bury the free ones. Also the free wallpapers are rarely updated or are poorer quality. What a shame. Will no longer use this app unless they get rid of the coin system.
  • This answers my question 2/5

    By KingDotCom
    For years I’ve wondered how so many ringtones and notification tones were able to be downloaded for free...then I got an iPhone and realized iPhone users pay so it can be free on Android, can’t wait for my Galaxy to get here.
  • It was good but eh 3/5

    By pizbabdvdjd
    It started out as an awsome app but now we have to pay for wallpapers I miss when it was free wallpapers
  • What happened to the ringtones?! It’s one of the many reasons I loved this app. 1/5

    By _chuchi
    No ringtones?! Why!
  • Really cool wallpapers! 5/5

    By Brandall9
    Can’t recommend this app enough.
  • Don’t recommend 1/5

    By edp445679
    Since the last update they have recked the old zests and the new one is so terrible I can’t find any good ringtones if you search one thing up it comes up with millions of other terrible nockoffs and it’s frustrating at this point they should just take this app down it’s no use to anyone who rather not pay for ringtones notification sounds or wallpapers.
  • Purchases 2/5

    By jcbstunts
    I remember you use to get any wallpaper you want or ringtones. But now you need to pay for credits to have specific wallpapers. That just ruined the whole app......
  • Misleading, doesn’t have content it claims to 1/5

    By TheChongler
    Downloaded the app to get a ringtone listed on their website, searched ALL OVER the app and couldn’t find a single instance of the tone I wanted even though multiple iterations were on the Zedge site. I looked up the exact tone name, the same search I used on the full Zedge site, and the username of the tone creators. Don’t waste my time or phone memory with false advertising. Boo 👎👎
  • Not worth it 4/5

    By VixieVixin
    I have used Zedge for along time now but that was when I had an android and now that I have an iPhone I have been really disappointed. All the ringtones I had I can’t even find anymore, to top it off you have to buy credits if you find a decent ringtone or wallpaper. While on Android everything is free and well just better....
  • If only 5/5

    By Babytom09
    I know other users have stuff like the ringtones but why not iOS why do we only get the wallpapers I just feel if we download the app what’s the point of just using the website you get ringtones and things
  • Garbage male ware 1/5

    By Gndalls
    Don’t download this crap app app crap super crap
  • I hate it 1/5

    By KristyGraves
    I got scammed. There were no ringtones
  • NO 1/5

    By jimbos fam
    Terrible app
  • I mainly use the site 5/5

    By Bluebanni
    Sure the UI can use some work but the site and the app still work together
  • Micro transactions for wallpapers!?? 1/5

    By Raimonzi
    I’ve had Zedge for years. Years. 5+ years. A few years ago I found the backgrounds I was happy with and haven’t had to go back to the app for a long time. I also don’t auto update. After finally getting a new phone I decide to update and open the app again. What’s this? A point system? Wallpapers are now worth certain “points” in order to purchase/download? But don’t worry, if you don’t have points you can buy some for as little as 99cents! How shameless can people be? I’m deleting this app. There is no way people are seriously paying for this. No. Way. Is this what the app and smart technology world is turning into? Finding a way to charge you for ANYTHING. This is laughable. Do what we did as young kids and go back to using the Google search. Absolutely ridiculous that they think this is acceptable. Never coming back. Microtransactions are an absolute spreading cancer.
  • 🤦🏻‍♀️ 1/5

    By squishy333
    I have NO idea what on earth happened to this app. I was recommending it to EVERYONE but now it’s just not worth it. I don’t like writing reviews like this but it is NOT worth it anymore and I will definitely deleting it.
  • What heck happened? 1/5

    By ArchitectofDreams
    Zedge used to be the best ringtone/wallpaper app out there. Used it for years and it was indeed a 5 star then. I’m not even writing this because of the monetization model. I’m writing this because where did all the good content go? Do a basic search for certain things and instead you’re giving a whole bunch of irrelevant garbage. Search up attack on titan, you get giants and some football stuff. Anime opening and endings in general don’t seem to exist anymore. This app is literally useless now.
  • help 2/5

    By fidgets queen
    I’m 11 and I have to pay for everything I have a iPhone se 2020 version and it’s not working and I’m actually disappointed on my other phone it worked like it does on my best friends phone and It doesn’t look like that for me I don’t know what’s happening but if anyone has any comments pls help
  • Disgusting 1/5

    By Starlove075
    This app used to have a lot of wallpapers/ringtones all for free and now there is hardly a selection and almost all the wallpapers cost more than $5 what’s the point of this app when I can download some other one and have a great selection as well as it be free to download all the wallpaper/ringtones I want I definitely do not recommend this app
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Emily10472962926
    This app was amazing but now you need to pay for everything and they don’t have nearly as many sounds. Not a single popular song is on here anymore.
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By becksibecks93
    Literally the worst app. So misleading. Most the ringtones you can’t even hear and cost currency. Not worth it at all.
  • Audio Performance 2/5

    By Black Tao
    When I go to the ringtones section of this app I can not hear any of the songs that are being played so I don’t know if it sound good or not.
  • Trash 1/5

    By manchaperez
    Don not download this app is trash
  • This is Trash now... 1/5

    By Li3eral69
    There is no content for the iPhone now which disappoints me cause I pay for premium and now gotta cancel