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Zelle App

Zelle® has partnered with leading banks and credit unions across the U.S. to bring you a fast, safe and easy way to send money to friends and family. Money moves quickly - directly from bank account to bank account. If your bank or credit union offers Zelle, you already have it in your mobile banking app or online banking – if they don’t, the Zelle app will make it easy for you to send money to enrolled Zelle users that already have access through their financial institution. Zelle. This is how money moves®. Using just your recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile number, you can settle up simply and safely with almost anyone you know and trust. Even better, Zelle does not charge any fees to use the service. (Mobile carrier or bank fees may apply). GET STARTED: 1. Download the Zelle app. 2. Enroll using a Visa® or Mastercard® debit card linked to a U.S. checking account; or 3. Enroll your U.S. checking account by using your online banking username and password, if your bank supports this feature*. 4. Choose a person to pay, or request money from, by entering their U.S. mobile number or email address. 5. Confirm the amount and hit send. If they’re already enrolled with Zelle, they’ll typically get the money in minutes. If they aren’t, they will be notified and can follow a few simple steps to complete the payment. *Some banks allow customers to enroll in the Zelle app using their online or mobile banking username and password. Zelle and the Zelle related marks and logos are property of Early Warning Services, LLC You must have a bank account in the U.S. to use Zelle.

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Zelle app reviews

  • Great service 5/5

    By tina selina
    Zelle has been of a great service to me. I haven’t experience any difficulties. Thanks for wonderful service.
  • No customer service 3/5

    By Alexey KH
    Bank of America integration is not working and there is no way to get support.
  • Horrible Unreliabe 1/5

    By Dancer469
    What a horrible unreliable app. Set up Zelle to receive a transfer. The sender tried multiple times but the transfer never went through. Not at any point did I receive any communication from Zelle s that a transfer was attempted or that was any problem. After weeks and stop payment fees for the sender had to resort to a paper check in the mail. Have never had a problem with the other payment apps, but If you use Zelle be prepared not to receive your funds
  • big banks only, apparently 1/5

    By Heather Noel-Clare
    I use a local credit union which means my weekly spend limit is $500. Sure, I’ll just tell my landlord I’ll pay my rent in weekly installments! A total garbage app and service.
  • Almost ... 2/5

    By Bigg Angry
    Great idea poor execution. Being limited for two days on the daily amount for only one transaction doesn’t make much sense. Not being able to schedule transfers in the future and being forced to use my bank’s app is another two negative points.
  • Does NOT like WiFi calling turned on 3/5

    By Blu-ray1972
    Big problem when WiFi calling is on. You get disconnected and the app won’t let you in. Need to fix.
  • Weekly limit 1/5

    By do hjjh
    Who do I get off the weekly limits of $500?
  • I love this app 5/5

    By NaeBabyyy
    I’m in love with the instant deposit this app just needs to handle all banksThis app is
  • Can’t get anywhere 1/5

    By Harlygrl
    I lost my card so my code was different and had to enter a new code, couldn’t get the website to send me a verification code. So couldn’t do anything with this and I ready needed this to work. Worst time not to.
  • No reason to use this 1/5

    By Scarfacey
    I only use this app because the older people I rent my house from only accept this method of payment. This app is not useful because I have a ridiculous limit of $500 weekly that can’t be changed. Is this a joke?? How do you expect people to do any kind of business on this app? This is why people use cash app and Venmo to not deal with this idiocy.
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By brapal
    This is the best way to send and to receive money!!
  • Zelle use 5/5

    By PYWMS
    Great app. Font size and characters could be more.
  • Works 1/5

    By Swedishalfrican
    LIke a joke get the cash app easy easier and way more safe and basically no charge in the game and they do except some prepaid cards
  • Envío 1/5

    By Malo mas malo
    Por qué no puedo enviar una cantidad más gran
  • new update is awful 1/5

    By Training for 5k
    l use this app to pay my roommates for our monthly expenses and since the new update, the app will no longer launch.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By kakcif
    This app is horrible. It is super confusing and runs you around in circles for forever. You are better off going around it and then telling your bank never to contract with them.
  • The Best ever for free & the fastest app out there as far as payment. 🤑 5/5

    By twndrgn
    I have
  • Give us a website! 1/5

    By Jfksl523
    I got a text saying I received money through Zelle, so I followed the link. My bank wasn’t there, so ok fine I download the app and use my phone number and debit card. Then when I log in to the account, there isn’t a transaction waiting so then I have to get the person to do it again and this time it actually works because apparently it only works when the person you’re sending it to already has an account. And don’t even get me started on the hard to find forgot password button or the fact that you have to hit sign up where it should say sign in because the main signup page literally always says login error.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By No not dowload!!.
    I got scammed which, yes, was my fault. But there is no protection offered which means nothing could be stopped from sending. I was left owing a lot of money with no line of defense. Do not recommend!
  • BEST APP!! 5/5

    By Jessica415
    It goes directly to my account and I’m not charged. What’s not to love
  • Awesome app to have 5/5

    By Rucky Bobby
    I absolutely love this app. It’s so quick and easy to use. Goes in instantly , there’s no waiting.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By absudidjwjq
    It was fine until the latest update now it won’t even open.
  • It’s trash 1/5

    By iysawasteoftime
    This app is a scam leaching with scammers. Download PayPal instead, their all about protection unlike zelle.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By kikoman56
    Every time I’m sent money through Zelle there is always a problem. The app makes me register over and over again like I’m a new customer, and when I finally set everything up it is still just way too complicated for such a simple app. It makes you accept payments but there is no option for me to accept or deny, so the money never gets to me. There is no reason to not just use Venmo or Cash App.
  • Unable to open app 1/5

    By Bsbshshsbsjsiwksbsn
    App crashes does not want to launch. I deleted the app and redownloaded the app and still nothing this app is crap and to trust this app with my financing is just be stupid. The worst app out there.
  • This app is a scam 1/5

    By zombieclone
    This is a scam app people use to purportedly send you money but then you are never able to collect it. Then when you call support they hang up on you! SCAM SCAM SCAM ALERT!!!!!! If I hadn’t loaned a family member lots of money I wouldn’t be worried about the fraction of money they are trying to send me back on here, but it’s the principle. I assume people use this app to act like they’re sending money when in reality they know no one will ever be able to collect and get it. If someone tries to send you money using this scam app, stay far far away and recommend they use something legitimate like paypal or western union. This is a complete joke and I’ll probably just let them keep the money since it isn’t worth the time or effort to try and collect from these charlatans.
  • TFCU 1/5

    By stinnns
    Why can’t I use TFCU on here?
  • Buggy 1/5

    By mmebmmeb
    No error codes, sometimes works.
  • Zelle 2/5

    By Shuggahree
    The only plus Zelle has to me is that the money goes directly to your account, but that’s not really a plus for me. What I like about other apps is that when I put notes on, I can retrieve it and look back at what a transaction was for if I need to. With Zelle, you can’t see anything after the transaction is complete.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Fatpoodle
    I need to use Zelle and after going to payment, it tells me I need an account of which I’ve signed into my account to get to where I’m currently at to use Zelle. I select OK and it doesn’t taa as key me anywhere.
  • Love it 5/5

    By little kohona
    This is great
  • This app has so Many errors 1/5

    By kosmons
    I received a payment on Zelle and downloaded the app to try to receive it. The verification code took one hour to send to my email and when I entered it the app told me there was an error. I repeated this process multiple times with the same result. I called the help line twice and neither time did they resolve the issue. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone when Venmo and PayPal work very well.
  • Happy 5/5

    By MsGaga
    Wonderful way to send and receive money!✌🏿
  • Keep getting A101 error after update 2/5

    By jacktru
    What is this error ? No meaningful explanation. What should I do?
  • ZelleTASTIC! 5/5

    By Skicastles
    Awesome app! ❤️
  • A 1/5

    By aj00000000000000
    I created this account an I didn’t even get to use it yet it logged me out San now I can’t get In
  • Unhappy Consumer 3/5

    By R.Zoe
    I would like to see an option to dispute a payment. I have purchased items from sellers and they product was damaged/not was described. As a consumer you shouldn’t have to loose out on your payment.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Louyd
    I love this app
  • This app is horrible 1/5

    By RoscoDetroit
    Why do you have someone link their debit card to the app and then say you can’t use it unless it’s through one of our banking partners? If you can only use the app through a banking partner, why provide a stand alone app? This is so stupid!!!
  • No fees! Instantly in your bank account 5/5

    By Real fruit slush fan
    Every bank and money service could do this. To bad they don’t
  • App works, Company doesn’t. 1/5

    By ThatDudeThatRuns
    After making multiple transfers without an account, Zelle gave me a bogus link to accept my money (routed me to my own online banking app) and is making me register an account. A small inconvenience, but it shows how much they care about customer service. DONT USE ZELLE IF YOU CAN HELP IT.
  • Just get cash app 1/5

    By Jskeifbdjsosshdbskxbdj
    This is the worst money transferring app ever. It there’s a 8/10 chance it won’t have your bank listed. If not just delete it. It’s not worth it. I’ve spent hours trying to get some money from my uncle and it’s just been a hassle.
  • Great 5/5

    By Jewelz121813
    Very convenient/useful app! Never had a problem!
  • Sketchy 1/5

    By ...jbl...
    Ten days ago a friend sent me a payment via Zelle from their bank. I didn’t have the Zelle app and my bank wasn’t listed on their site, so I downloaded the app and followed the steps listed on their site to receive my funds. The app froze twice as I was trying to register. In most cases this would be a warning flag to me that something was sketchy - for an app to freeze up after I’ve provided my debut info and password. On the third try it took. I waited for the payment being sent to me to show up on the activity tab. Two days and nothing, so I call. I’m told the money will go through to my bank in two to three days. The customer support guy made no effort to look up the transaction, my account, or explain anything at all other than to say it will happen. A week after receiving the payment text from my friend I still hadn’t received the funds and nothing showed on my activity screen of the app. Yet the app has my phone number, emails, and debit card info correct. Again, sketchy. If not for the reviews and apparent fact that many banks utilize this app, I’d delete it and put in an alert with my bank. Now, ten days since this initiated, I’ve yet to receive my money or hear back from Zelle in response to my email from four days ago.
  • Stick to Venmo or CashApp or Apple Pay 1/5

    By hi.im.mo_
    One of my friends only has this app for whatever reason and when we go out we take turns paying on one tab then send each other our portion of the bill. Well, for some reason it doesn’t let me send money to her regardless of how many times I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, restart my phone, or reenter my payment information. It won’t send so I then have to go to an atm and pay the crazy $3-$4 fees in order to pay her back because of this app. Very frustrating and not user friendly. I deleted this and told her she can either Apple Pay me or give me cash from now on because this app is infuriating.
  • Loving it so far. 5/5

    By Hawk gold emboss
  • App freezes 2/5

    By bad zelle app
    Sometimes won’t let me login or send money.
  • Horrible, difficult to use, terrible customer service 1/5

    By matthewg84
    Don’t waist your time with this dumpster fire app. It redirects you to a different link every time you try to accept money from someone, on your phone it uses the text message app, Zelle app, bank app, and safari app, for 1 transaction. Use Venmo it does it all in one place and is super easy.
  • Won’t accept my phone number at sign up 1/5

    By AnonymousSK
    Trying to sign up but it’s not accepting my phone number and doesn’t offer any help or info at all

Zelle app comments

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