Zello Walkie Talkie

Zello Walkie Talkie

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 4.32
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Zello
  • Compatibility: Android
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Zello Walkie Talkie App

Zello turns your phone into a walkie talkie and works anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet! Join millions of people who use Zello instead of texting and calls. You can use it one-on-one with a friend, for a live group call with your family or soccer team. The Zello app can even replace 2-way radios at work. Zello is the only place for live open group communication – old school CB Radio style. Create a live Zello channel for your forum or customers, or enjoy conversations from across the globe. + Free live voice over any network or Wi-Fi connection + See who’s available or busy + Send photos, text or location to friends instantly + Replay messages later, even if your phone was off + Cross-platform + Free with no ads + Won’t spam your friends + Lets you delete your account

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Zello Walkie Talkie app reviews

  • Ew 3/5

    By Username is bubbles
    I typically don’t leave reviews but, but, this does deserve something. I forgot that my apps auto update when I’m on WiFi and I went on today and it was completely different as far as channels and solos are concerned, bring back the button, this is ugly and it’s now way less organized! Or have an option to have it like this but I do not like this new update!
  • New talk button 3/5

    By Lylewells80
    The new talk button is garbage!!! How is anyone supposed to use that while driving?!
  • tremendously useless 3/5

    By adamjean
    such a huge letdown. only downloaded this app because people mept complaining about the glitches on Voxer. well, i'll take my chances. this zello app says messages are "saved" in history, but you can't actually see or listen to any of them, it only tells you the total data size of the saved messages. it's pointless to waste space "saving" messages that can't be read. though there's no need for me to complain about that since i haven't been able to actually receive any messages sent to me. So, yes, this app was a waste of my time and phone memory.
  • Kianna’s Review 5/5

    By kiannarae85
    My fiancé travels for work and right now he’s in New Orleans and I’m in PA. He is a towerhand/technician and his job is long and busy hours so we don’t get much time to text or call each other so this app is absolutely amazing and fun for us! I can’t believe how quick and easy it is! Even being so far away it’s clear and fast. We love it! U can also send pics and text 💜💚💙 Thank you to whoever created this app! My best friend and I also have a lot of fun using it!
  • Soo good! But can use some added features 5/5

    By Jmaldonado101
    This app is so good, it's super convenient and fun! There are some things they can add to make it better like being able to pressure touch the icon and start walkie talkieing, from your last convo
  • Zello 5/5

    By Chuffy71
    Been using App for years.. love it.....
  • It is really nice thank you all Zello workers 3/5

    By talk to zello
    Thank you
  • Good way to make people come together 5/5

    By Bo.Mark
    It is important to have adult supervision to have this app and I enjoy it because it’s a cool way to keep in touch of people. Got to be careful whom you talk to still. I been on Zello from way back at 2013.
  • Zello 5/5

    By skrapp5
    Great app
  • Iwatch app 4/5

    By snoopy woodstock
    Please work on a iwatch app that works from iwatch and can answer as well from iwatch , with out having iPhone on hand all the time :(
  • Delete all 3/5

    By BuyahSoujie
    Needs a ‘Populate All’ delete button.
  • Actualizaciones 1/5

    By pandorav
    No me a gustado la nueva actualización de zello porque ya no podemos ver los canales tendenciales y no se puedes reproducir la imágenes Gif y espero puedan cambiar eso porque ya no seria lo mismo de por si va decayendo ya zello espero tomen conciencia.
  • Please Fix Conversation View 3/5

    By Bieradler
    I like the fact Zello keeps getting updated to stay fresh. But please fix conversation view so that the display names of users show and not the registered Zello names. We’re all used to seeing and identifying contacts by their display name, not the registered name. Thank you.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By OICNW1968
    Great communication app.
  • Great app just wish there was an option for the Apple Watch 4/5

    By Scoopy92
    This app is awesome I use it at work all the time to keep in touch with other guys without having to make constant phone calls, just wish it was available for Apple Watch
  • Garbage now 1/5

    By ellwood1234
    Each update is worse. No trending list. Zello is destroying itself.
  • من الماضي الى الحاظر 5/5

    By ابوخريان
    معنى هذا الموضوع ياساده ياكرام ... بحر لا اوصفه بكلمة او بجمله . يجب ان نحصل علو كتاب لأجل ان نسطّر فيه الماضي الجميل الى التطوير الحديث . كنّا قبل ما اتت التّكنلوجي والتطورات التي حصلت . ندرك تماماً انّ كان تواصلنا في المحيط كان شاقّاً جداً ولكن ليس لدينا خيارات كما الآن بأيدينا أوسع طرق التواصل وحصلت منافسات جديرت المستوى لكي أن يظهروا ويفرضون هيبتهم امام الجميع . و من ضمن هذه المنافسات برنامج Zello لقد اجتاز الكثير من البرامج وجدد خلايا الجسد التي قد انتهى لعصرٍ ما يشابه البعيد استقلّا zello هذا الموروث الذي من تاريخ آباءنا واجدادنا في مثل هذه البرامج وتم ربط التواصل الماضي الى الحاظر و عوّض عن الماضي الى الحاظر الأجمل والأسهل بإذن الله عذراً ان قصّرت في الكلام أو خانني التعبير فا لكّل بدايةٍ سطر نهاية ، شكراً لكم أيّها البرنامج الفخم دمتم بود.
  • Программа вылетает, падает!!!..((( 2/5

    By Pogoretskiy
    Срочно исправьте программу, невозможно говорить и слушать, это просто ужассссс!!!((( С каждым обновлением все хуже и хуже, а теперь ещё и фильтры удалили . Одно разочарование ... :(((
  • Fantastic app 5/5

    By castlefan514
    This app works great now with the recent fix! Will there be an Apple Watch app?
  • Awesome & useful app 5/5

    By Ivan Aguilera
    I love the fact that you get to listen automatically messages on speaker even when the app is close and phone locked.
  • Muy buen app 5/5

    By el compa chuy acosta
    Muy divertido
  • Lack of support 1/5

    By TennVol2001
    Zello work user here and the last update broke a few things. Have tried to reach out to support but nothing. Looks like it’s off to try Motorola Wave
  • I want to see who’s is subscribe to my channel. 4/5

    By Beverly Shackelford
    I love the app and use it every day. However, I need to see who is subscribe to my channel. I have over 100 people but only a few top. I would like to eliminate the lurkers, but since I can’t see who is subscribe to the channel, there is no way for me to do that. Other than that, I love the app!!
  • Love it. 5/5

    By MD291088
    It’s really easy to use. It kinda remains me of when I was younger. My best friend lived down the street had a walkie-talkie and I had the other one, and we would stay up later and talk to each other.
  • Perfect App. 5/5

    By T. Heaney
    PERFECT. It’s like the Builders Network we had through Motorola as kids. It’s FANTASTIC. Our kids, 25 and 15, think it’s the best!! Thanks Zello. You’re GREAT!!!!
  • Best channel to visit 5/5

    By THE L.A Hollywood party line
    .thebullying Come get roasted
  • need VOX on ios asap! (pls) 3/5

    By jo2jo
    while I have only played around with Zillow walkie-talkie with the few friends when we are all in the same room to test it, the only thing keeping me and others from actually using Zello is that it’s still missing VOX on iOS / iphone (vox= voice activated push to talk). zello on android and on PC has had VOX for many years now . VOX is the only way zello can be useful to me and others when we are work troubleshooting Wi-Fi or other networking related jobs. Until then we will have to keep using regular phone calls with speakerphone on both sides. I did see a blog post from June 2018 that said vox for iOS is coming but no ETA or info since then. thanks (will update this to 5* when vox is enabled on ios)
  • Ok 5/5

    By jr7----
  • Great 5/5

    By JamminBear
    Love the app easy to use! Will you be bringing out a version that works with the watch?
  • Side Volume PTT button??? 4/5

    By stephkpalmer1
    Ok so I remember when I had an Android that I could use the side volume button as a PTT button. Why not here?? I loved that but I love iPhone! Let’s make it happen!! 😂😂😁😁
  • Trolling is fun and there is lots of hackers 5/5

    By Ajtbear
    Its fun because it works with discord and there is hackers
  • Smart phone walke-talke 5/5

    By bigsheff04
    Close to the kinds of radios you would buy on the internet or in a store. Coolest thing are the fray in the app, good fun around the house or neighborhood.
  • You are not available for us 5/5

    By Mahdiomidi68
    Hi I am an iranian user, last year my government, blocked your app for us. Now we can use just with vpn proxy. Its not good. Can you make a proxy on your app look like telegram??? Please, we love tour app.😢😢😢😢😢😢
  • One of the best apps ever!!! 5/5

    By Peter Dudzik
    Recently I found Zello on the app store and I'm glad I did! It's a lot of fun using it..Now I can talk to peaple all around the world on the many different chanells.. It's a very stable app that perfectly works even on the slow and outdated 2G internet connection.. Highly recommended!!
  • Requires Wi-Fi or internet connection 3/5

    By AMCarter3
    This app works great... but only if you have Wi-Fi or a cellular internet connection. They do not make this requirement clear.
  • Bullying issue 1/5

    By Caro E B
    Even though I explained why my voice sounds younger than my age to a user(Tesla), he remained ignorant on purpose.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Rainbow Manticorn
    Great app- hoping it can be adapted for use with Apple Watch soon!
  • I loved it!!!!! 5/5

    By curlyfries121324
    It worked so well.... although it’s not done downloading yet 😂😂😂.... it still looks like a good app and works good on my friends phone, I think, but overall it’s good.... well it might be if it’s done downloading....
  • Continuing problem! 3/5

    By As1258ghrr
    Update! Pulling some stars as app is still broken! Hard to believe after all the updates but app still continues to run in the background after closing! This is a well polished app with much coding effort but wanted to mention that there is a bug here whereby the app continues to play even when it has been unloaded... The only way to kill the app and it’s persistent audio is to make sure it’s unloaded and restart the phone... Running the new iOS 12 and that in itself may or may not be contributing to the problem otherwise it is a really great app!
  • Where’s the Apple Watch and iPad app?! 1/5

    By Alejandropf44
    There used to be an Apple Watch app, but no more. Very disappointing.
  • Unexpectedly logged out 1/5

    By kimmi1711
    I was getting ready to respond to a friend a and I pick up my phone and I was logged out and it said username or password wrong so I made a hole new user name and yet again logged me out on its own yet once again finding a diff app I guess
  • Complaint 1/5

    By cheybabe22
    I just went went threw hurricane Michael and was told that this app was supposed to work with out any service...as soon as the storm hit I lost service well zello that was supposed to work with no service didn't work as well no one was able to use zello...if I’m told to get an app that works with out service then it better work with no service I will no longer use this app in any storm again...honestly would not give this app a star at all
  • Warning 1/5

    By warningpsa
    If I could give this app zero stars I would this is just a psa if you are thinking of downloading this app beware of the hackers that send voice messages and write to you out of no where they don’t stop and they take no for an answer it’s truly disgusting also the app notes it’s for kids ages 12 and up this is NOT a safe app just something to think about it’s happened to me a couple times and to other people I know of.
  • Worse than Voxer 1/5

    By Van Vleet!
    I downloaded this because it had better reviews than voxer. I have no idea why this has such good reviews. The design is sure adequate at best because it's not very intuitive. My biggest beef is that there's this problem when somebody you're talking to doesn't have great service, the so will only send part of a voice message. And that's it! I contacted support and they said there's nothing more you can do. If they actually want you to hear what they said they have to take their voice message and serve it to you in an email or text. Wouldn't be so bad if it were a rare occurrence but it happened regularly.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By abdesignoriginal
    They need to do a better job really /pushing/ the fact that you need WiFi. Everyone who told me about this app said its perfect for when the power goes out and cellphone towers are down and you can’t communicate with the outside world. That is when WiFi is down so uhhhh yeah. Very frustrating. I was just in Hurricane Florence and then Hurricane Matthew. Florence I thought it was just a glitch but then it also didn’t work during Michael so I just am very upset because that’s when I need it most 🙃 and when you click help, instead of taking you to like an FAQ page or something, it takes you to a website, which also needs internet 🙃 But outside of internet issues, the app is great. It really is like a walkie talkie for your phone and the basic UI is great.
  • Is there a way to designate Bluetooth speaker/mic? 4/5

    By Hemmy!!
    Is there a way to designate Bluetooth speaker/mic? Instead of system default or phone call Bluetooth? I have connected 2 Bluetooth speaker/handset all the time, could like to designated which one use as Zello. Thanks
  • Spam 1/5

    By 31.teresaclark
    Days after we installed this app my husband and I have received sexually related texts and calls from numbers we do not know, at least 10 a day. My husband installed using android and I using Apple. Boils down to that they sell your number to spammers.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Scott's Big Toe
    Good on the job site and with the family.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By blahbhhh
    This app used to work great on an iPhone and now is crap. We use it for work and if my screen goes to lock screen I do not get messages. I have done everything I know if to fix the issue in the settings and nothing is working. If you have an Android he talk button constantly gets stuck

Zello Walkie Talkie app comments

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