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zenly is the social app that maps your world :) build your very own map of the world, with the people and places that make it uniquely yours!! join the 10s of millions of people already using zenly to: KNOW WHAT YOUR FRIENDS ARE UP TO see their real-time location, if they’re at home, work, or school. see how fast they’re going if they’re on the move, or how long they’ve been pitched up at the coffee shop. check if their phone is running out of battery or if they’re charging up for the party tonight SEE YOUR WORLD zenly shows a live map of your world. see where your friends are, who’s hanging out, and keep tabs on all the places you go. share your real-time location with your people without draining battery. plus, go somewhere new and it will uncover on your map, like your own virtual scratch map CREATE CHAOS IN YOUR CONVOS bring chaos to your heartfelt 1:1s and your group chats. send voice notes with automatic transcription. say how you really feel with secret emoji combos and text-sizing. send a what’s up to a friend to see a photo or video of what they’re up to right now (ie vibe check the party before making tracks) ADD YOUR PLACES zenly automatically detects where you’re hanging, so you can add your places and personalize your map. climb the public leaderboard each time you visit a place. plus, tag friends that were there with you and get notified when the crew are hanging out somewhere cool. check out your friends’ highlights to see what they were up to over the past 24 hours SHARE YOUR WORLD share your world on your public profile to show the world who you are based on where you spend your time IRL. check out other people’s worlds to see the places they hang out and the areas they’ve uncovered FIND ANYTHING delete your map app and search for people, places, and addresses on zenly instead. find out if your friend has been to that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, if it’s a local fav, and if it’s suitable for big groups. no more anonymous reviews, just helpful info that can only be found on zenly :) GET DIRECTIONS zip it to your friend’s place or tonight’s date spot without having to search for directions. get walking, cycling and driving directions, call a car or find a scooter nearby, all without having to leave the app. plus, see public transit options, journey time, and train carriage info AND BUUUUMMMMP hanging with friends? shake your phone to experience the magic of bump, and celebrate being together :) ZENLY LIKE A PRO -> remember that your friend needs to accept your friend request before you can see each other’s live location on the map -> need some time off the map? turn on ghost mode at any time -> need some help? email [email protected] or contact the care team directly in app got it? time to zenly your world

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  • Cool but… 4/5

    By heyyo019283747
    The app is cool, but I found out one thing I don’t like is people who have my phone number, when they created a new account using their phone number, they can found my account by friend suggestion. I did turn on all of the private mode on my main account and when I testing by using my second phone number to created one new account, my main account still pop up on the testing account’s friend suggestion. Can producer fix that? Thank you so much
  • Sigh, missing the previous Zenly 3/5

    By SnowPearjuice
    The very first time to leave a comment… I love Zenly so much. However the new version make me overwhelmed. The previous features such as the friendship days calculation, wake up notifications are missing. The new functions are actually useless for me. Giving a medium score because I still look forward to user friendly updates in the future. All the best.
  • 谢谢你们 5/5

    By sokafugi
  • 48h to wait before it is supposed to be useful? 1/5

    By colorado-jim-1979
  • Effective 5/5

    By fox-trots
    Creo que es el mejor programa de location
  • Ужас 1/5

    By Наська-лето❤️❤️❤️
    Совершено не показывает местоположение. Всё время показывает : час назад, сутки назад
  • 👍👍👍🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬 5/5

    By Ажыбек
  • Pls don’t shut down zenly I beg you 5/5

    By cycy0404040
    Zenly I beg you I liderlly beg you for not shut down zenly, you can charge us , what ever amount of money we can all pay for it, but just don’t shut down I beg you please, this app is the only app I have left with my ex boyfriend pls plspls I will literally Collapse, im sorry, I literally can pay you I beg you so bad here. 😭🙏😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • It keep showing the wrong location 1/5

    By killayay
    It keep showing the wrong location
  • New update😡 1/5

    By (!)sourav(!)
    From 5 star app to straight 1. This is not zenly anymore
  • Please don’t go 5/5

    By wanxnnx
    Zenly has been the app that I always check on my phone, it can help me to find where my family members are and it’s been a really fun app. I have used this for almost 2years and I have to say it’s great for distance friends to still connect to each other. I loved the update and how it keeps track of all the places I’ve been to. It’s so sad to see news about zenly shutting down. If you guys have made a setting to ask us to pay for a monthly subscription I would definitely say yes.
  • Hide friend list from others 5/5

    By Diyorbek Makhmudov
    App overall is great but can you guys add a feature where we can hide our friend list from strangers and from my friends.
  • This app is amazing 5/5

    By sylcyyz
    Please don’t shut it down I love this app so much I use it everyday and brings me joy with the emojis
  • ? 3/5

    By ping 11123
    为什么最近看不到朋友的位置呢ping ping ping
  • No Service 3/5

    By zodin2
    Mine keeps saying no service when I try to sign up please fix it
  • Terrible design update 1/5

    By LegendaryLegendMah
    New design is so hard to use. Bring back the only please
  • Please don’t shut down zenly😭 5/5

    By miumiuquq
    I’ve been using zenly for almost 5 years and it recorded my life around the world, the precious moments spent with friends. So many memories that this app holds…. Please don’t shut it down.
  • 我会一直用zenly的😭 5/5

    By sharonsobadD
    为什么听说要关掉了 不要关掉 我真的不嫌丑 你可以收费 可以改版本 但请不要关掉
  • Amazing 5/5

    By navynblue
    I think it’s soooo wonderful! I can use it for tracking my best friend or cousin or my parents even!!!😂😁😁
  • Please I need this app 5/5

    By 99561089
    I can not live without this app
  • Don’t shutting down Zenly 5/5

    By Cindy249898
    Zenly is very useful App. Please don’t shut down the Zenly app!
  • зенли 5/5

    By аришка228
    супер приложение 😋
  • 添加好友 3/5

    By zhangji2486842
    朋友发过来添加好友的链接,为什么点击进去后就是让自己下载zenly 可是我已经下载完成了,也找不到在哪里可以添加好友
  • Zenly I love you 5/5

    By ADCherAM3
    Зенли не уходи от нас мы тебя так любим и я тебя люблю. Знай об это ;) ❤️🥹
  • Прикольно) 4/5

    By Uskdidn
    Новость про ваш уход меня немного потрясло, правда ли это, что вы уходите?
  • “Spyware.” 1/5

    By The Sonic God
    This app *refuses* to allow me to use it without enabling “always allow location” turned on. I don’t need this app eating my battery. I also don’t need my friends knowing where I’m at 24/7. Just for conventions and road trips. Super annoying.
  • Hope they could have both version:(( 5/5

    By dbehdnjs
    I’ve been using this app for a while and I really hope they could bring back the numbers of views:((( Finger crossed🤞🤞🤞
  • My feedback 3/5

    By Singh2190
    Previously app is better no after updates design change and lots of all gets bad I like it old style
  • poop 1/5

    By nnninii
    sabas 3200 ixvs vugzavnidi da gacheda appma 3k ixvi kiara 30000009 tona kuki dagecet tavze😀
  • 希望可以出一个看谁浏览了你并看了几次 4/5

    By 帅哥凯K😎
    旧版本可以看几个人看了你并看了几次 并不能看是谁看了你 新版本能看是谁看了你 却并不能看那人看了你几次 希望可以结合一下 更新后能看谁看了你并看了几次
  • Dookie 1/5

    Straight dookie very finicky
  • Recent UI is super clunky 3/5

    By techtonix
    What happened! Why did your ruin the User Interface? Now I have to fumble and click around 10 things until I get what I need, which is finding out where my friends are. The one thing this app was good for is now half broketh. Also... Please keep north UP!!! So disorienting!
  • Don’t like the New Version 2/5

    By Chay892
    The new version of Zenly is difficult to navigate. It use to be so easy and now it’s clunky. Not all changes are good
  • Давай 1/5

    By crxjfxrutxt
    Мать теперь следит где я нахожусь удалите зенли суки и за то что мне на 28к с мегаящика не выпало ничего
  • Making progress 5/5

    By Mondragon916
    I love to see the progression of this app I’ve been here from what almost seems the start of it I’ll love to see what will be added
  • верните старый зенли 5/5

    By ало 2288
    верните старое обновление ,мне это не нрав
  • Что-то не так? 2/5

    By laymer 120611
    В начале у меня перестали быть видными друзья Попробовал переустановить приложение Захожу в него и получаю «что-то не так» Пытался заходить и с мобильного интернета И с вай фая разницы нет
  • Ху*та 1/5

    By аноним Анастасия
    Старая версия была НАМНОГО ЛУЧШЕ!!!!!!!!!!!!! Верните ее пожалуйста!
  • Where is the ski trail 2/5

    By bnuuycat
    What happened to the ski trail? Why remove ?
  • Обновление не очень 1/5

    By fiwgger
    До обновления тема Зенли очень нравилась, после обновления она стала такой ужасной, будто бы включил инверсию цветов. Новые фишки по типу обозначения мест и то, что видно теперь кто за тобой смотрел прикольные и полезные, но тему либо верните, либо поменяйте
  • A shadow of its previous self 1/5

    By 60DeviceGuy
    Me and my family has been avid zenly users since the first time the app came out on iPhone, recently they changed the UI, and have basically ruined the app, I am guessing they hired a consultant who told them they need to make the app more about social networking and less about tracking , and I guess the app at this point is unable to do anything in a nice cohesive fashion , it’s no longer obvious in the front end how you will go back to seeing the list of family members you have , instead you are shown how many friends you and the family member you are tracking has “in common”, how is that information relevant ? Please fire your product owner and the consulting firm that taking you on this path to obsolescence.
  • обновлёние говно 1/5

    By surpina elya
    верните прошлую версию
  • Отзыв 3/5

    By ❤️❤️❤️❤️🗿🗿🥰🗿🗿
    Здравствуйте,произошла не большая ошибка с приложением,я захожу в зенли и меня просто выкидывает с аккаунта,пытаюсь зайти и пишут,что ошибка.Пожалуйста постарайтесь это исправить☺️😉
  • La amo me encanta mucho 5/5

    By Costeño Sabroson
    La amo me encanta mucho
  • Five stars 5/5

    By 2007 babe
    great app! me and my friends use it to message alllll the time!
  • The new update is trash and confusing I like the old one better 3/5

    By silvia previado
  • ужасно 1/5

    By гагм
  • Still poor 1/5

    By Shomusabi
    New update is still the ugly black with a pink/green overlay. This is not nice You guys had a good thing going with the cute, quirky UI in vibrant colors with retro icons - now it’s just poor looking.
  • Отслеживается 1/5

    By mosdigg