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  • Current Version: 2.26.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: NAVER Z Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN AVATAR Personalize your avatar with millions of items. From trending clothing, hairstyles, and makeup to branded collabs from companies like Disney and Nike, express yourself in any way you can imagine. PLAY TOGETHER IN ZEPETO WORLDS Explore a limitless variety of maps, from a virtual classroom to an imaginary world. Hang out where you want, and bring the party online. Invite friends or make new ones. Play mini-games together or have a photoshoot. STAY IN TOUCH WITH FRIENDS Send DMS, chat, share stories, news, and inspiration in the Feed. You can find and join Crews too. Your ZEPETO squad awaits. CREATE YOUR OWN ITEMS AND WORLDS You can even design your own unique apparel and maps. ZEPETO gives you all the tools you need -- the only limit is your imagination. Unleash your creativity with ZEPETO.

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ZEPETO app reviews

  • You guys are trash period 1/5

    By your 🤡💩
    You won’t even let me play you guys watch us even when we don’t know with is just 🤮 so just shut the app down
  • kinda. wired 4/5

    By zack127534
    so today i was playing zepeto and then i felt something watching me and put your ears in the thing where you charge you phone and you here stadic and this is ture
  • Crash 4/5

    By ejeushaigajauahahzhaushsisjs
    Please fix the iPod it always crashes please try if not it’s ok pls fix
  • Fun but needs sum 5/5

    By tredfgyhgft
    I would like ZEPETO to make long nail art please. Everything else is fun but I think it needs something
  • HELP 2/5

    By Momluv4
  • I love ZEPETO 5/5

    By zepetogirl557
    I love ZEPETO bc you can dress up your avatar and I love my outfit you should buy the app now bc you are real and there will be a another one in ZEPETO dress up whatever you like you can go to world and make new friends there and add more post you like there people will like your post Bye have a great day
  • again your FIXES make it worse! 1/5

    By If it ant broke dont fix it!
    Omg I HATE ZEPETO now SO much! 🤬 it’s like they r not even smart people there AT ALL! I was the one who told u about the problem w/the hot feed so what do u do to fix it? YOU TAKE ME OFF THE HOT FEED? Thanks a lot! 🤬🤬🤬And u didn’t even fix the hot feed!!! It used to be the order that people were in would always change throughout the day as people posted new posts. All u did was changed the people that r on there now but those people r still in the same order ALL the time and that is SO stupid!! But I don’t even care anymore because I am leaving ZEPETO forever now. It’s not good anymore! DONT DOWNLOAD! They r unorganized and too expensive and buggy and it is really really really really bad now! Hate ZEPETO now and I used to love it. Bye.
  • I love it but it’s not like I am a fan of urs it’s like the game 5/5

    By The whole service
    Jk I LOVE U SO MYmuch
  • I like it 5/5

    By angel kim nguyen 😇😇
    It’s cool and fun.
  • Do not download 1/5

    By GGqueen cool kid😜
    Ok so I got zopeto and I was looking around and I was herring weird noisy so I got off the app and whant back on I hard breathing in the game and when I went to my profile it was a ugly witch and it said we know that I can see you so I deleted the app and when I went in my phone it was there again I opened it and it was the same profile so i wanted to say do not DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!
  • Just some personal petitions 5/5

    By Lockelse
    1. Shopping cart (I don’t see why not, I can see how much I need to load up to purchase also I can get them all with 1 click instead of buy 1 by 1) 2. Keep the main page clean (Please, some short videos from other players are so dumb they are eyesore, there is a page where you can see them if you want to but on the main page I would really just want to see only my character and no others)if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just change back to the old Zepeto with no those stupid posts, I mean, they can post if they like but there should be an option that I can choose to see them or not 3. Keep the creators at different page (What am I talking about it, create a page solely for creators items, where you can go buy creator cloth and go creator map, this means don’t mix them together at my closet, I hate that little pink dot whenever new creator items are on sale and I have to click it, why? Idk I have OCD I guess) also because they are players, their design style doesn’t much the official cloth too much, and I don’t really like buying unofficial clothing. Also because some are just trash and they are selling for 20-50zem/each, I mean... I’m not a designer but just fill the template with 1 color and sell it for 20zems I can do that too....They are stupid and eyesore🙄 And really to be honest I don’t understand the reason for creators at the first place, but it’s fine just keep them somewhere else and don’t interfere with the official ones 4. Notifications for map accessories please? (So in Alice and haunted house map, you can do the quest to get special items, I don’t know this until now..... a heads up would be great for those events) also I just said something bad about the dinosaur this morning in app review and I immediately come here to change my review now before it’s posted, hm... I thought you guys are crazy again to make that dinosaur 200,000 coins until I saw it’s a map event item, so yeah, a heads up would be great and can prevent people go misunderstanding like me here. Besides these I really have nothing to complain about Zepeto, I’m not asking for something impossible like ‘oh please I don’t like zem please give me zem or go back to coins only’; so I think my petitions are reasonable and if you can make all my petitions come true that would be so wonderful, Thank you for reading, please make Zepeto better ;)
  • Nice but 4/5

    By yfytvfgf
    When I want A map they waiting me in 91%100 why every game when I like it they make something wrong just why please you fax for me. And for everyone please please The game awesome but this just fix it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍒🍒
  • Constant Crash In World 3/5

    By ccmaestas
    Nearly every time I go into World, even when I create my own room, the app force closes on me. It’s not a WiFi problem.
  • Hi 5/5

    By dadmombrother
    You may not see this because it wouldn’t never let me write a review in my life but I had to sadly delete the app because of the hacker watching you and listening to you from the mic idk if this is real or not I’m to scared to even download it again please see this and I just want to be safe before I download it again I want to be safe because I really don’t want people to track my phone if you look up ZEPETO 3 am you might see what I’m talking about I really want to download the app again so please I mean PLEASSEEE respond to this review because I really want to download it again thank you for taking your time to right this I hope this works if it does please be safe!
  • Lisa 3/5

    By lisa_craftmen
    I love this app. I love how they have Blackpink outfits. But I don’t like how they cost so much. I wish that things still didn’t cost that much. And I wished that we can make a other person in this game. It’s fine but I just wished that it would happened. I have made so many friends on this app. I have made a best friend on it. Thank yo for making it. 🤗

    By MarichatQueen
    Zepeto is a fun and cool app, but it will hack and stalk you. If you turn your volume all the way up and put your device close to your ear you will hear static noises like you hear when no one is talking on FaceTime, and if you listen long enough yo can hear someone breathing. It’s really creepy considering someone is listening to you while losing the app. People have been stalked and chased in real life and don’t be next.
  • :( 5/5

    By Crystal Dynamite
    When I first downloaded Zepeto I was so happy because I wanted to make a character that looked like me but then when I took a picture...I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!!! It just loaded it took super long. Sadly I had to delete it. Pls fix that!
  • Zems 5/5

    By angιe 👀
    Hello!, I have a lot of fun playing with this app. It’s very fun creating a character, making outfits, and meeting other people there. Love this app! However, I’ve been having troubles with the Free Zems. Every time I click on it, it always shows a blank screen. I emailed TapJoy about it multiple times and follows the directions to try to fix it, however, it doesn’t work. I would like to know if it’s just a glitch on the app.
  • Really creepy 1/5

    By i don't rly know
    I use to like this game and even wrote a great review but I went to change it one day but it had red eyes and claws witch I did not put on and I heared static and breathing 😃✨
  • Don’t get this!!! 1/5

    By bid___bid
    This app listens to if listen closely in the app there is a white noise which means they are using your microphone so plz DON’T INSTALL THIS APP!!!
  • Zems 5/5

    By issAfVuCkiNf KioL
    So it been like this for awhile and every time I click the get free gems things it says coins and it never shows the things it always says to go to an other website 😔 and yea n sorry for my other old review I have issues 👁👁💧 n ya
  • You need to add refunds 1/5

    By littlecat0474
    I accidentally bought something on the keto and now I can’t get my money back.
  • Sick 1/5

    By 0.0 õ.õ ù.ú girl
    I hate it when it change my character and every time i play a other game.I here this ‘’ I know where you live ‘’ in a small voice and I hate it jhgvhgfugfjytftftyjutfvtyuftvhvthffyvhfjytftfyijygfgyfjtjyftfyjygfjfytjygtjyjyfftyjfyutftyufyjtfyufyutfuytfuytfuytfytufuytfutyuytfuyffytuyuftr9292’256hvgjhgjgvghvgjghgjfhgjjfghfgjhfhgjgfjhgfjhghjhghjgvhggjyhgjjtffjyfjgfvytjyvjtjtyjvfhgvyjg 0.0 HE119
  • Keeps Crashing 4/5

    By 😢😝😢😝😪
    Hello! I love this app so much and it keeps me entertained. Although recently whenever I go into a world it crashes and it happens at least 4-5 times. I’ve tried restarting my iPad, closing the app and even un-installing it but nothing works. I don’t want to hate this app but it doesn’t allow me to do anything!!! Is this like an update or something?
  • yes 5/5

    By ᎬNᎪ
    gret gret gret
  • Spooky don’t download it!!!! 1/5

    By lofty amiley
    I have been watching YouTube videos Shane Dawson even said this this game is watching you if you turn the sound all the way up you can hear her breathing never download this game don’t download it please don’t it’s just like Tom and Angela their predators
  • Leave Me Alone! 3/5

    By 𝗠𝗼𝗻𝗶𝗲
    (10-17-20/7:31-35am) Why won't you people just let me skip w/ an ad in peace? I don't WANT to do the quest activities. I want to skip w/ an ad (some of the activities don't even work). The ads are suddenly not working. Like, stop. 😡
  • Crashing 😰 3/5

    By Queen of galaxys
    Hello Zepteo it’s me your one user I’m sorry that I write a lot of reviews you must be getting pretty tired of reading my reviews over and over again I am truly sorry that I’m wasteing your time it’s just when you just updated the app it keeps kicking me out I never get a chance to even open the app last time it did this I couldn’t even send any pictures or post them and when I even try to text one of my friends it limits my time to fully complete my text then the app takes my back to my home screen. Just to let you know..P.S I use a phone 😅
  • crashing 1/5

    By Sese3390
    everytime i open the app it crashes.
  • Hi i love ZEPETO i can chat with my friends 5/5

    By Navla112_sissy
  • I'M DONE WITH THIS APP!! 😡😡😡🤬 1/5

    By queen bee 👑👑👑🐝🐝🐝
  • Isnt Fair. 3/5

    By adorellz
    Overall this is a good app but the main thing is that it costs 2 dollars per slot and I personally dont think that’s fair. You should at least make like a 10 slot for 5$
  • nice 4/5

    By youting12
    Fun, although I also downloaded the Chinese version. But it's really interesting, hahahaha
  • Can I be in the zepeto game please 5/5

    By the_epic_leslie
    Hi am Leslie and I was gust asking if I can have my own dance please
  • .. 3/5

    By catsaresocute
    I really REALLY liked this game but when i wasn’t in the world I heard static and I don’t even use my mice which really freaked me out I deleted it right away now I’m making a choice if I wanna download it again or not can someone please reach out for me and tell me what’s happening .
  • It’s good 4/5

    By i dont know LOL sorry
    I think it’s a great game and really fun what I don’t like about it is that you can’t sigh in with a google account
  • Pay to Get a Decent Outfit 2/5

    By ekamik
    I'm amazed at how shamelessly full of microtransactions this game has become. I can understand watching ads every so often because there has to be money coming in from the game, but every new design that's added that's actually worth buying is 30zems or some shameless price like that. The minigames have also become just watching ads 10 times a day for a measly reward that isn't worth it. Basically, greedy developers which are making the game something that it's not - adding a lot of features that are hard to use, an interface that's hard to understand and don't even get me started on all the crashing problems. It doesn't run well at all. Miss how it used to be.
  • Please read 3/5

    By Little nos x
    So I am playing and I want some zems when I got o the thing where you get free zems if you answer a survey and I do one I don get anything when I got them all right and did the while thing
  • Update 5/5

    By cnncbc BF ng
    I would like for ZEPETO to come out with a update like something that would make me wanna play allot so respond k bai!.
  • I love zeepto 5/5

    By PastelSunflower
    It’s so amazing it’s like Tik tok and roblox combined this app is amazing :3
  • I love it but... 5/5

    By RedLikeRoses142
    I absolutely love ZEPETO. I’ve been using it for almost a year and it keeps getting better. I’m happily surprised at how inclusive the game is, with the variety of skin tones and different hairstyles, including some black hair styles! They even had a clothing series for Black History Month which I thought was cool. There is also a ton of collaborations they do with Disney, BlackPink, and others! They did a charity event to help the Australian fires back in January and I think they should do more of those bc it would be effective considering how large the community is. There’s so much room to be creative on here and I think that’s amazing! Seeing what people are able to create and the worlds they are able to make is amazing and I think it’s a great way to use your creativity. It crashes from time to time and most recently, it crashes whenever I try and do the BP fansign. Today is the last day for it so I’m sure there’s an influx of people trying to do it at the same time, therefore crashing. The crashing problem is the only real issue I have with the app, other than that I love it.
  • Suggestions 5/5

    By r0sewaterr
    I love this app, but I really wish you could add custom belts, tucked in or not tucked in shirt button, and cuffed or not cuffed pants button. I hope you guys add this!!! It would make my year.
  • Wow 🤩 😅 5/5

    By tiktokfoxyfyp
    I really like the game it’s very fun but one thing is I changed my gender to my correct gender which is male but I can’t seem to change the way of like how I still look like a girl which bothers me a bit but it’s okay💖
  • Idk it’s Fun 5/5

    By bdhsjsbbdjwk
    I was told it was haunted but it’s actually kind of fun not Gonna lie
  • 👍 4/5

    By caypoof
    This is a awesome app my only complaint is when u try to get extra coins and stuff the ads wont work and then u dont get the extra and sometimes the ads just dont work in general, but other than that it is an awesome app! Also i wish that u could get more gems bc u barely ever get gems.
  • ZEPETO 5/5

    By kitty_cake_XD
    I think ZEPETO is a good game because it’s fun and it is like super fun and for those of u people who don’t like it that’s is ok we are different
  • I can you stop playing this game 5/5

    By cr. ,.?/.:
    This is so good
  • -_- 5/5

    By dhdgdhdud
    When are they going to add a Halloween
  • Awesome!!!!! 5/5

    By mermaid🧜🏼‍♀️307
    Amazing I just got it and I cannot stop playing! It is so fun! And I like how iris not just for girls my brother got it and he loves!

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