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  • Current Version: 2.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: SNOW Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Imagine a cute character of yourself. It would be cuter than your imagination. Make the emojis of your character and use it in chatrooms. Take a picture of you or bring one from your Gallery. Then ZEPETO will be the one to make a character of you, cuter than your favorite animation character. You can edit your character's face or dress it up with different costumes so that you can express it in your own way. If you ask if you can only make emojis from it, you've got it wrong. Watch out for our next update.

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  • Logging In Issues 1/5

    By Jasmine3001
    The first one I got this app I thought it was great until one day it crashed and when I went to open the app again it wouldn’t let me log back into the account i had already created. I didn’t think it was THAT big of a deal so I created another account and the exact same thing happened. I made yet another account and if it logs me out one more time i’m simply deleting and never using again. I even made purchases in the game but it’s basically wasted money now because I can’t log back in. That would be my main issue with this game.
  • Forgotten 2/5

    By A. Ham- Daffodil Regiment
    Wouldn’t let me log back in. Lots of typos, rumors that this app is a tracker
  • MALWARE!!! 1/5

    By Sadstar12345
    DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! It has malware and it downloads it onto your phone and texts people from your number!! Also I couldn’t call anyone it just glitched and sent me back to my home screen!!!
  • Interesting 1/5

    By osunderdog
    Opens lots of ports.
  • LOVE but needs some adjustments 5/5

    By Billillie
    I would love to see this app get hella popular! But I think we need some Height and Weight options added to this app to make it even better!
  • Yea Right 1/5

    By Lillypokemon360
    It says compatible with iOS 9 and later and I have iOS 10.3.3 and it crashes immediately.
  • It’s fun??? 4/5

    By Mermaid Jenny
    It’s a pretty fun app but there needs to be hairstyles for people with curly hair.
  • Would love to play this game....but i can’t! 1/5

    By hannabeth8
    I have an iPhone XR and the game doesn’t work. I can’t press any of the buttons in the app because they are not on my screen...the app is zoomed in and I can only see my character on the home page...I can’t navigate anywhere else because the buttons aren’t on the screen. I’ve re-downloaded the game and cleared out all my running apps in hopes to fix it...but nothing works. PLEASE fix this bug....I really wanna play ):
  • Please Add This!! 4/5

    By TheEmoGirl
    I would love it if you could add a black hoodie or maybe some XXXTENTACION merch or rock band merch!! Also, can you make it possible to edit one's body size/shape not just the facial features.
  • Jesus Christ 1/5

    By colour.me.cookie
    Tap tap off this app cause it’s sooo frustrating. When I went back in to check on myself, the app logged out of my account. When I tried logging back in, it said that my email (that I used to make it) didn’t exist, didn’t let me reset a password, and didn’t have any other option to logging in. Hello? No way to contact anyone if you have troubles? Then just get rid of the app! They only have that knock off flappy bird game and nothing else, so might as well go on coolmathgames.com. Overall, 2/10.
  • Problems 4/5

    By MynameisJK
    The app is good and all but what I don’t understand is when ZEPETO gave coins to me but when I went to my gift box it was empty and then when I went to see how much coins I had it was the same amount .
  • Need body size modifiers pls 2/5

    By Katielsugar
    Honestly the fact that you can mod the face to look as skinny or as big as you want to, but you can’t do that for the body I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. I made my face look like mine and my face is really really chubby and now the character looks like a lemon on a stick. If I don’t make my face that chubby, then I don’t look like me. So please add some body size sliders thank you.
  • Weak passwords. 1/5

    By Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer
    App wouldn’t let allow a paste from a generated password during account creation. Therefor no account was ever created and app was promptly deleted.
  • Curly Hair? 2/5

    By hyphymermaid
    More hair options please, Bitmoji killing the game for POC hair over y’all.
  • A few glitches, but doing better. (iPhone 6S) 4/5

    By koalainhawaiianprint
    - Flying Zepeto only sometimes shows arrow pointing at "300 coins" - photobooth loading screens are in Korean "함께할 제페토를 선택하세요 (1/6)" - sometimes can't select people on the Street - (sometimes) I message myself when I'm trying to message someone new - can't select text - can't copy/paste text (except when copy/pasting ZEPETO code) - can't move I-beam (thus can't insert/delete text not at the end) - sometimes can't even see I-beam - no spellcheck/autocorrect - can't change greeting order

    By Bluflowersandragons
    The characters are super cute but I have AN IPHONE XR AND ITS NOT FITTED FOR MY SCREEN SO I CANT CLICK ANYTHING!! 😭😭😭😡😡😡
  • Won't let me play. 1/5

    By TheOnly_Saitama
    I open the app, the screen is gray, then it instantly closes. I am on iOS 10.3.3
  • greetings 3/5

    By NoImDirtyDan
    the app always deletes my greeting when I never clicked delete and I always have to make new ones too. and everytime that happens I also lose all my hearts and my messages
  • Hair 2/5

    By Fatima Kamara
    I wish there was a better variety to choose from hair because I'm African American and I just wish they had my hair texture!

    By Army Admirer
    All the army’s probably downloaded it cuz of jungkook using it. SO I AM TOO

    By GloriousA
    I think this game is cute yes, but I can’t do ANYTHING ON IT WITHOUT IT LAGGING,FREEZING, Not only that it keeps kicking me out takes 3 times to log back in this obviously needs fixed ASAP!!
  • It’s pretty good but... 3/5

    By PugJuan17
    I think this game is pretty good overall, but there is a problem. It doesn’t fit my screen. I have an iPhone XR and idk if out her ppl have this problem but the buttons on the bottom of the app are cut off and I can’t click on them because it doesn’t fit my screen. I have to use an older phone to edit my character and get clothes which is annoying. I would love if this was fixed and would give it five stars.
  • Seriously... 1/5

    By Jaijaejay
    The app won't even open. It black screens and then completely closes out.

    By @kristen.lauren
    Every time I go into the app it just quits out.
  • Cant work with it 1/5

    By becschi
    I recently got the app because lots of my pals online told me about it. I have the iphone XR and it seems that the screen is cut off and I cant access the other functions when creating my avatar. I’m not sure why this is but its a bit of an inconvenience. I really need an update!!!! Please!!!
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Cupid AJ
    I wanted to get this app because it seemed like a fun app and all of my other friends make cute photos with it. It's been over a week since I downloaded this app and every single time I attempt to open it the app crashes. I have an iPhone 5 (which I believe may be the reason) but it's software is 10.3.3, and the required for this app is 9.0, so I'm very confused as to why the app won't load. Either way, I can't even play it or use it to begin with.
  • I can’t even get into the actual app 1/5

    By bts'littleyeeter
    So I downloaded this because my friend asked me if I had it and I wanted to see what it was. So I downloaded it and it would only show the home screen with the title “ZEPETO” and then it would stay like that. So I deleted the app and tried again and it STILL did that. Can you please fix this so I can play the ACTUAL game?!
  • Wow!! Don’t F%*@!ing play this garbage! 1/5

    By KaydenLynxisStarfall
    They ALWAYS have server maintenance going on, the app runs slower than sloths, and the glitches never get fixed! 100% deleting the app after I post this review about this garbage app.
  • So yeah- 4/5

    By K.Hern
    Okay I like the app, me and my friends are having fun with this app. But the problem is the looks. Like there’s no curly, thick hair or anything and it’s difficult for some of friends with really thick curly hair to style themselves. Yes it’s fun but not everyone has straight or wavy hair. That’s all I have to complain so far with
  • Very bad app 1/5

    By unkowned user
    When I used this app it started making suspicious noises please take caution when downloading might be a tracker
  • So little hairstyles 1/5

    By imani saadiq
    I’m a girl with natural hair and all of these straight hairstyles is a no. Do modern hairstyles like dreads wether it’s long or short, curly hairstyles, and Afro hairstyles....
  • Crashes 3/5

    By Diary31
    I really enjoy this app, it’s better than b*tmoj* tbh. For some reason it’s really fun to use! I’ve taken many pictures and bought many clothes and furniture. My only complaint is that when I want to take group photos, it always crashes ITS ANNOYING 🙂 pls fix it Thx
  • Fix the customizable options for characters of color 1/5

    Until you guys allow characters to have culturally appropriate hair (African American hair) I’m not playing it. We deserve a choice for our characters to be natural.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By clotredddd
    I’ve seen people like this app but I can’t, the hair type is not diverse at all and neither are the eye colors, or body types. It does not glitch for me but I kinda want my avatar to look like me.
  • No noin 1/5

    By i miss noin
    NOIN is is GoNe
  • Please 3/5

    By manami-san456
    they should think about putting this app like any social network, to upload the pictures but with the dolls; It would be a different idea. They should also add more games. think about my proposal, I hope you read me.
  • Won't open and the hype I heard was not the reality 3/5

    By sam is sad.
    When I 1st got ZEPETO I was pretty happy that I got to use it with my friends that had told me about, however when I tried opening up the app it kept closing onto a black screen then going back to my home screen. I re-installed the app over 8 times.😤I was furious. I do still look forward to playing ZEPETO but not if it won't work obviously
  • Crashes 1/5

    By ElanoarElizabeth
    This app crashes every time I tried to open it. Doesn't even go to the loading screen. Would not recommend. Other people also say it's suuuuuuper slow.
  • Malfunction 1/5

    By imma giraffe
    I had an account on this app that had a decent amount of coins and a bunch of my friends on the account and it’s no longer to be found. They deleted my account when I did nothing wrong! And then they made me a new account with my email that I had on my old one! I don’t recommend this app. I’m deleting it!
  • Crashes 1/5

    By manymorehhh
    Can't open
  • needs improvements 😥 1/5

    By @cloud_slimes_2004 on ig
    when i first got this i was like ooo yeah it seems cool but i can’t set up my password- it won’t even let me. it just says “please enter at least 8 digits including letters, numbers, and special characters.” but i did and my first attempt was homie$licepepperoni72 and it didn’t accept it each time i tried. the other thing that disappointed me was that when i was making the avatar it didn’t let you choose your body type so it’s kinda idk weird for body types like myself and stuff which really left me uncomfortable bc im trying to make my avatar look like me but it doesn’t really look like me bc i dont have many options to choose from. so if you wanna download this then maybe this will change ur perspective 🤠🤠
  • is zepeto a safe app? 2/5

    By audrey:)
    So there’s a few things to say. First, people on Funimate keep saying that zepeto is a non-safe app. They say that it’s not safe. But, I kinda think it’s an ok app. Some people (or everyone) might hear a static noise I guess. It kinda bothers people and it’s pretty sketchy. Idk if the rumors are true...
  • This app is great, but i have some questions. 5/5

    By RobynMoon
    This app is so fun to mess around with and it’s so cool to make a character that looks like you, but there are some rumors going around. Supposedly it tracks your location WITHOUT your permission. Is this true? Please let me know, thank you.
  • Love it but.... 5/5

    By Sayristilist
    I love this app... there is just one issue THE DAILY QUEST aren’t working. Okay also there is such a big gap in how long you have to wait to get coins in ‘Flying ZEPETO’ it take forever just to get 1000 coins. I wish you could change stuff like chest size, waist size, and hip size. Other then that the app is great.
  • I can't open the app 1/5

    By Xen Gunner
    I can't even open the app and I've tried restarting, shutting down, deleting and downloading. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • A bit of advice. 3/5

    By MadisonKA
    So I decided to download this app because of how it’s starting to to trend on instagram. The app is fun but my quests have been on hold for a few days, and the minigame takes far too long. Another thing, is that there is no way to modify your body type. People who wish to make their characters look more like themselves cannot do that, it’s just a default tall skinny person. Not everyone has that body type, some people are short, and some people are more curvy/chubbier.
  • More things? 3/5

    By Awkward Tomboy
    I think there should be more games to play to earn coins, more clothing items, customizable things would be amazing to have in this game and just overall there’s a lot to improve but I do enjoy this game. The quests have been down for awhile and I stopped getting on the app in hopes it’d help but it doesn’t. I do believe that the fact there is slowly stuff being added is a great thing!
  • Boring so far, but has potential 3/5

    By LynnWasHere
    The characters are cute and all and I love that we have the ability to make custom face features. But what about the body? Realistically, not everyone has a thin figure. I think we should be able to customize our body shapes! :) (Add more accessories such as bracelets and earrings too!) Also, I really hope there’s more ways to get coins, such as mini games and such. Some of the clothes are super overpriced. 3,000 for just a shirt? That is like a week or two’s worth of earning. I would also appreciate more styles! Maybe even add a daily gacha or something. Plus, the daily quests are broken, so I can’t get a single coin today. Lastly, what is the point of this app aside from taking pictures, customizing your character, and making emojis? There should be more options to interact with others aside from messaging, such as: - Trading items - Sending gifts Here’s just some other suggestions to make the game more fun: - Dress up competitions and other contests where players vote - Maybe a clothing design competition - Giveaways? - The ability to change the colors of our clothes - Pets and the option to take care of them - Much more daily quests and ways to earn coins instead of buying them Overall, the style of the characters are adorable! I just wish there were more things to do. :(
  • Great game but laggy. 4/5

    By 💕Isa💕
    Zepeto is a very fun game where you get to dress your character, make a space for them, and make new friends! But boy I have to say. It is extremely laggy. It took me more than 10 minutes just to load the game! I love this game but they do NEED to fix it.

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