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  • Current Version: 2.18.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: SNOW Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Introducing the one and only 3D avatar app - ZEPETO. With a simple click, make a character that looks just like you! Take a selfie to make your 3D avatar! ​ ◎ Dress up & Decorate Fill up your closet and dress up! Trending new styles are released every week. Decorate with the fashion and interior of your choice. Hundreds of customization options available. Check out ZEPETO-exclusive item collections collaborated with the world's hottest brands. Show your unique color in #ootd, a stylebook where everyone share their daily styles. Make sure you furnish your room as well. ◎ Capture your moment in the Photobooth! Time to change your ancient profile photo. No more struggling to take a good selfie. ZEPETO Photobooth captures the best out of you with numerous pre-set photo frames. Take photos and record videos with variety of concepts. Make your own version of memes and share them with friends! Invite your friends to your photobooth and pose with matching outfits! ◎ Play in ZEPETO WORLD! Make friends & look around. Meet friends and follow them from all over the world. Pick a virtual playground to play in from multiple choices of theme. Feel the Summer breeze at Ocean Cruise & enjoy the fun rides in ZEPETO Park! ​ The one and only 3D avatar app - ZEPETO, download NOW!

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  • Juego peligroso 1/5

    By ensie87
    Este juego es muy malo por que te espía y aparate cuando te dicen que si quieres un sticker te dicen que si tienes que usar tu fotos y cuando usas el micrófono y dice otra cosa es muy malo y te graba
  • This is not for children 2/5

    By queen rainbow ice cream
    So I was looking at the pics (picture) and I saw I wanna bro who (the F word) me and another one this time it said F me daddy holy moly and all of them wanted BF this game IS NOT FOR LESS THEN 18 YEARS OLD I’m a kid for goodness SAKE this is not for kids if your child wants this game tell them NO please ZEPETO make a update that dose not allow people to post such bad things even BAD WORDS that is why I gave it a 2!!
  • Delete this app 1/5

    By delete apps person
    You should delete this app because it tracks you down and you can hear the people breathing if you turn you valium all the way up they can see you through your camera they look in all your pictures videos even the private ones
  • bugs + suggestions 4/5

    By royqltea
    the only thing i've noticed is that there are a couple bugs: -a bug in the comments on crews where it spams your message -today profile doesn't work / i can't edit it or add any updates and stuff overall i like zepeto but here are a few suggestions to improve the app: -add a report system for crews to report innapropriate crews 😷 -add a report system in chats to report innapropriate activity / spam / cyberbullying -more matching clothes :) -help boost more zepetos with less followers instead of mostly boosting popular accounts -add a system for setting notifications on/off for specific people thank you :)
  • Ok ... read pls 3/5

    By wooopoopo
    It’s an pretty Good app But.... Everytime I try to Take a photo It takes me out of the Game and Not so good quatilly and I don’t know how to post.
  • 1 star until moderators are implemented 1/5

    By Anal pie
    DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN JOIN ZEPETO The chat forum is rampent with 7-16 year olds seeking sex, “dirty role play,” and children seeking boyfriends/girlfriends. I get how the last one may seem ok because yeah, kids date and kids explore themselves but what’s NOT ok is the amount of adult men who also use this app and solicit these kids desperate for love and attention. THE PERFECT APP FOR GROOMERS! I love the app but I’m DISGUSTED by the lack of care for their 7-16 year old audience...
  • Slow 3/5

    By lazylazuli
    I haven’t played this game in a while. I came back today and a lot has changed since i last played. I’m a bit confused and everything i click on takes forever to load.
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By shevsis
    Please don’t download this app they can here you and people can hear you and thy are ricording you talk so pls don’t download they can find we’re you live

    By amathyst pops
    Zepeto is great. It is super fun and you can create an awesome avatar and whoever you follow you can post pictures with! Yes,it is quite difficult to gain followers on this app but eventually you do. You can make so many friends and that static rumor IS NOT TRUE!! It Is just a normal and very entertaining game with super cool outfits!! But there are issues, like whenever I try to post a picture sometimes It just blacks out and goes to my home screen. And this happens often. Outfits are also VERY EXPENSIVE❗️ Yes you start off with 8,000 coins but that goes by FAST❎. Each clothing item is almost 2,000 coins or more!! I spend money in this game and then my coins just disappear after I buy like a cool shirt, some pants, shoes, and maybe a cute headband or something! So no they are not watching you, yes this game has issues, and yes it is SO FUN🔆
  • Hi 5/5

    By sadhirl 12
    Great vbbbvbb
  • Kylen 1/5

    By fbfbdhdhx
    This app is I dangerous never ever play this Game
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By softwa
    I love it a lot, you get to interact with people of different backgrounds and countries. I’ve made a lot of friends with this app. I have a suggestion, what if people could make custom clothes and accessories and a bunch of other stuff, it would be cool!
  • keeps glitching out 2/5

    By Yavhpubpspbjdjbdjb
    almost every time i go into a room the app glitches out and im at my home screen. It's seriously annoying. other than that i like the app.
  • Bad app 2/5

    By poojjgh
    This is a fun app but it’s nasty because people are asking for nudes if you join a group they trying to have sec and date but that’s not all they cuss u out when you don’t do what they want🤬🤬
  • read to end!! 1/5

    By 💖😵🙃🤗
    This game is really fun! I understand that it’s really fun to dress your character up and make crews and join them but play the games but there’s some problems..First every time I join the game I hear this static noise and somebody breathing it got me really freaked out! So I immediately went to my settings and turned off my photos and my microphone.Another thing is about photos I feel like they or somebody can access your photos and I have a lot of personal stuff on there so I went to settings and turned it off.Another reason is when you join the games to play with other people you can use your microphone but that got me really creeped out because I felt like SOMEBODY other then the people could hear you.But another reason is the scratch things do not work I’ve tried it at least three times in a row and then I waited hours to try again and it still does not work even if you try all of them.And it’s really hard to get gems or the diamonds it says watch an ad but it just waste your money or it says to play a game but it still does not give you it.And another IMPORTANT part is when I would just play it like usual it would turn black and log me out of the game so I would go back on it because I didn’t think much of it so I would do it at least 4 times and it still wouldn’t work.But I really like this game but I think I’m gonna end up deleting it.
  • I love it but... 5/5

    By its amazingly cool
    This app is amazing but they could make the boys a little taller because when I’m wearing heals it makes me look really tall.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By hxhshhsjMabdbyb
    This app should be banned their are tracking us if you turn your volume up it sound like breathing I saw this on YouTube but I didn’t believe it cause they probably want clout but i did what I saw on YouTube it was true I heard status and breathing don’t download this app
  • Hackers in app 1/5

    By Androydeighteen
  • This game kinda DUMB 1/5

    Bc u now why it won’t let me sign in an dits just dumb text me back, if u tell me how and and any support pls this game is dumb, if right back pls tell me HOW U SIGN IN
  • DONT DOWNLOAD!!! 1/5

    By Emmagirlbuttfacw
    This app is terrifying! This game seems to be listening to you-or watching you-! A while ago I downloaded this game, but honestly, he first timed I played it already seemed sketchy...it will then soon ask to access your microphone.DONT.ENABLE. about a week later I was just on my computer until I heard a loud breath, I looked over at my phone and it stopped...I just ignored it. The next day I went onto the app and heard it again, after that I didn't take chances and immediately deleted...from all these conspiracy theories I'm not gonna risk it...neither should you....
  • It’s kinda boring 1/5

    By brooklyn24655
    I mean people say that zepeto is not dangerous but I watched a video about ZEPETO being dangerous
  • It’s a dope app but... 3/5

    By shhiiiiiiii
    My only problem is the hair I would love more diverse hair styles like Bantu not dreadlocks of different length and style box braids just stuff to show some sort of representation for the black community
  • Email 3/5

    By Niua♫
    It’s great. But I don’t get why you need to verify an email account.

    By Cali85326
    I love Zepeto, it's a great app! Me and my friends have each made characters, and we love dressing them up and playing around with them. To be honest though, there are a couple of things that make this app lose its 5th star. 1. RELOADING I hate when I open a new tab, and then when I open the Zepeto tab again, it reloads! Sometimes it doesn't bother me as much, but let's say I'm designing a new character and a get a text message. I open the message, reply, and then go to recent tabs and open Zepeto. All my progress in designing the character is gone! It's a real pain, and I wish there was a way to prevent that. If there isn't, it's ok, just annoying. 2. COINS Why is it so hard to get coins? Playing games doesn't give you many coins, neither does quests, and doing scratch offs make me lose more points than I gain. Please find and easier way to earn coins and gems, considering so many things are so expensive. 3. WISH LISTS A suggestion I have, is having a wishlists section for the stores. If you see and outfit you like, but don't have enough money for, there should be an "add to wishlist" button of some sorts, so it would be easier to find it when you are able to afford it. If these things are unable to be changed, I understand, but it would definitely make the app just a little bit better. And a little bit is better than none at all.
  • I really don’t like the update 2/5

    By haileyrw
    I don’t understand why we have to chose a starting character, it really limits how I want MY character to look like. Yes you can tweak it but it still just looks off, I can’t make anything I like anymore and it makes me sad because I loved this app. I’d also add the option to just have that default face so we can freely edit our own character.Thanks (:
  • Couples videos 5/5

    By justcancel
    Still using the app but still NOT ENOUGH COUPLES CHOICES. WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE OF THIS. IT FREEZES A LOT AS OF LATELY TOO. I love the app but it would be nice to have more couples videos. That is one of the reasons I started using this app. Mine crashes as well from time to time.
  • Pls put more I love it 🥰 5/5

    By mary_929813#bt21
    I love it but I would love if you put some tik tok dances in there that would be more fun pls ❤️❤️❤️🥰😊
  • App hack 1/5

    By citen tictoc
    Is I you you spying This app
  • Great game but.. 2/5

    By RawrtheKiwi
    This is a good game but the new soulmate and today feature is really bad. I can’t edit my account or send messages to anyone. Other than that, great app
  • I Luv ZEPETO 5/5

    By Irlelyn
    ZEPETO is a fun and very creative game. I use most of my screen time on ZEPETO and TikTok.I use ZEPETO for Tiktok vids.
  • ZEPETO is Creepy 1/5

    By ilovepoke12345678910
    They listen to what u say it even hacked my phone and deleted a game and took my robux
  • 💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥 5/5

    By Zombsking
    I know this is not support but I got nothing to say but go and check and like my videos and pictures and my name is king jr and I got died hair so y’all know who I am🔥🔥🔥.
  • suggestion 4/5

    By jjk.lorennn
    I would like to ask if in the future the player could customize their character’s body so it could look more like them and not how society what’s them to look. Thank you, please consider. :)
  • Zepeto is dangerous delete it 1/5

    By gfchxvh
    If you turn your volume all the way up you can hear real breathing and it might know your home address or phone number so delete it if you have it
  • DO NOT PLAY 1/5

    By jkobugh
    I have been watching scary stuff on tv but I just hate when people track you down I have been having night mares about ZEPETO so please don’t play this and I mean it!!!
  • Love the game 5/5

    By good but an issue
    I love this game I made a lot of friends and followers and the update is good too
  • I Like-it but it’s something in this game.. 2/5

    By •Makenzie•
    Every time I go on it every time it gets black then When I texting my best friend it went on Zepto.. I said it was a glitch? Maybe? Then U went to home it got stuck.. so I did never got on it
  • Love it 5/5

    By realfoxey2
    This is one of my favorite apps me and my sister love playing it
  • Hmmm... Idk. 1/5

    By JuiceeManguee
    I think I’m about to be the second ever zepeto rating ( I haven’t seen anymore ). I really liked this app because it was really cute and the pics u could take with ur character and friends, those pics were so cute. I was enjoying this app sm and then I started to hear some bad stuff about this app right as I was really starting to LOVE and enjoy this app. Noises being heard while playing? Tested that out, correct. I don’t know if I want to delete this app now but every time I get on this app.... I’m scared that this app is maybe listening to me, or that something is going on. If this is true, that’s disgusting and all of you should be aware right now before you download this app. I will be deleting soon.
  • Love it but one thing 4/5

    By AbbyAndTheHorses
    So I just got this game and I really love it but it costs irl money to buy a second character slot which sorta annoys me. But love the game overall ❤️!
  • Used to be gold, now it’s just trash. 1/5

    By KittyKatlover369
    You have to PAY to interact with some things in ZEPETO world now. Horribly trashy and cheap cash grab. You had a good app here before your greed ruined it. Go screw yourselves.
  • Look it up on YouTube 1/5

    By opsit tom
    I heard that zepto watches u and hears u and put ur volume all the way up and u can hear them breathing and all that stuff
  • Ok... 1/5

    By CjCatGairl2010
    So do you remember all the beaf that went on about zepeto well......it’s true we have herd people breathing,talking,whispering,and just white noise....static and other scary noises and we just deleted it as fast as possible. Me and my friend where worried sick...we where scared we where going to die or something but.....so...yeah we where scared....just delete this
  • Please read until the end 5/5

    By ahmed emam98
    This zepeto app IS AMAZING but i am have trouble with getting money😬
  • It good 4/5

    By yamar sonin togloom ve
    I am afraid its hacking into my phone but if not it is great
  • help 2/5

    By why !?!?
    I was about to download ZEPETO when I remembered a while back ago people says it tracks you and hacks your wifi? I’m scared please reply, thank you.
  • Love 4/5

    By Amelianomura
    I love this app, I only rated it 4 stars cuz sometimes things don’t load and I have to restart the app to get them to work. Not a big deal and I think it’s a 5 star app I just wonder if eating 4 stars might draw attention to this issue.
  • It’s fun and addictive and safe 5/5

    By Lumi flowers
    Honestly, I’ve been playing this for hours everyday and it’s so fun, I’ve never experienced such stalking, so I don’t know why people are spreading rumors. This app is great, it’s easy to get coins. I started around December and my zepetos are already looking amazing💓 Thanks Zepeto for making things fun and affordable💖 Also, idols do use this app and Zepeto is connected to SNOW, idols use that too. As long as my idols use this app than it’s safe, people...stop spreading groundless rumors.
  • 어떻게 해야 할까요? 5/5

    By 원잇❣️❣️
    제페토 투데이 들어가서 제 카드 쓰고 체크 표시도 눌렀는데 제가 작성한 게 안 뜨고 먹고 싶은 음식이랑 기분이 클릭이 안되네요 ㅠ

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