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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.2.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: NAVER Z Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN AVATAR Personalize your avatar with millions of items. From trending clothing, hairstyles, and makeup to branded collabs from companies like Disney and Nike, express yourself in any way you can imagine. PLAY TOGETHER IN ZEPETO WORLDS Explore a limitless variety of maps, from a virtual classroom to an imaginary world. Hang out where you want, and bring the party online. Invite friends or make new ones. Play mini-games together or have a photoshoot. STAY IN TOUCH WITH FRIENDS Send DMS, chat, share stories, news, and inspiration in the Feed. You can find and join Crews too. Your ZEPETO squad awaits. CREATE YOUR OWN ITEMS AND WORLDS You can even design your own unique apparel and maps. ZEPETO gives you all the tools you need -- the only limit is your imagination. Unleash your creativity with ZEPETO.

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ZEPETO app reviews

  • Hopefully it’ll be changed 4/5

    By ke24 bw23
    Ok so I love this game so much I have spent money on it and everything- the only thing I very dislike about this game is no one speaks English. I go server to server but people either speak Japanese or other things so I can’t really talk with anyone and I don’t want to delete the app because I’ve spent money on it and I enjoy it. So if there’s any way you guys can make some type of English server that’ll be super great. Because there’s no point in having the game if I can’t make any friends or have fun. But like I said the game is super amazing and I’d like to see more updates in the future and thanks to the people and creators who make the game awesome.
  • I like it but… 4/5

    By Hitgirl jackson
    The game idea is GREAT!! I love the avatar maker it’s so detailed and cute, the worlds are unique too!! My only thing is I don’t know if it’s just my game but no one is speaking English it’s not my region and 50% of the text chats are literally just “jarhejwvfixjksgjwjawh” it makes it less fun when you cant talk to people…
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Alaina Dayso
    I really love this game, it’s fun, and the clothes are cool. And also, the rumors are not true! This game is 100% safe. ZEPETO, you have my approval 💖👍
  • Can you please fix this glitch 5/5

    By Fan of ainme
    The game is really good but when I was trying on bathing suits it was glitchy others would take away my legs

    By SuperErzaScarlet
    Hello ZEPETO i need you to fix my zepeto immediately because when i open the app it always kicks me out of my account and when i leave the app and enter again it shows me that i have to put my date of birth and then it says that im not age minimum to use ZEPETO i need you to fix it because i havent been online on zepeto For a very long time since january and i want to add new posts and buy new items fix it immediately
  • This is haunted don’t play at 3am 5/5

    By kayleederoshe
    Hi this game is haunted please d9 not play this game at 3am I don’t want people getting hurt and I played it once at three am and something bad happend it glitches me out and som how it got deleted by its self and my character changed when u didn’t do it please read And of course you can play this is the day but not a night time these are the times u can not play his game at 7pm-4am and please don’t play this game at three am And I played it so many times at 3am ZEPETO CALLED ME air was scary and this is not a myth okay please don’t play this game at 3am I want you to be safe :> Have a great time and DONT PLAY THIS GAME AT 3AM !!!! I don’t want people and kids maybe dieing from this game so please please please please don’t play this game at ………..
  • Good game 5/5

    By OgreAggresive
    A lot of options for customizing characters

    By evechara
    this app is great but I wish iPhone could make clothes! But that all I LOVE THIS APP!!!
  • Glitches 1/5

    By 😔😊😊😍😍😍😍
    Every time I try talking to my friends they cant hear me or they can hear me but I can’t hear them update the sound system because I can’t even hear no one stop focusing on other things then clothing or events focus on the glitches in this game
  • Meh 5/5

    By jasminonfire9
    Hello guys this is a good game for tik tok and roblox and
  • a suggestion :D 4/5

    By moonbetzy
    i love this app and it’s fun to play and customize my character but one thing I love for this game to add is hair highlights of the color of our choice :) i know the game has some but we cant change the color of the highlights but I would be nice if we could :) <33
  • 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 1/5

    By nata11156
    Por aquí qué cámara y o sea la muñeca hace tus cosas faciales o sea que te ve eso es lo que no me gusta se me empezó a trabar mi teléfono no me quería funcionar losFiltros no pueden funcionar y mi teléfono apenas entró hace zepeto se calentó Un chorro por eso no recomiendo esta aplicación es horrible no me gusta para nada los personajes son horrendos está en mi opinión
  • Worst game ever 1/5

    By Caira W.
    It says you have to be 12+ and i'm 13 and I put in my birthday and said you aren't old enough
  • I absolutely love zepeto I have 2 accounts 5/5

    By Disappointed after 2 years
    I love zepeto it’s my fav game over the past year I have been so bored when I first found zepeto I already know this was so fun ty for making ZEPETO a thing I really appreciate it
  • One problem 3/5

    By johanna dorothy fisher
    Ok my cusion showed me this game it’s so fun I kept deleting it and then getting it again and again this morning I did that but I wouldn’t let me in but it’s a great game also !💖
  • Remeber my last one 5/5

    By grapes are sourrrr
    My last one was about the DMs and posts but now I’m glitching everytime I join a group thingy it glitches
  • This should happen 3/5

    By Hdisgekdub
    So I saw this game on TikTok so I wanted to play it and apparently you have to be twelve to play it so I was supper mad I think that ten year olds should be able to play this game like I would have put 5 stars if I was able to play the game so please zepeto can you update the game
  • The problem 1/5

    By Ibis Potrait
    I never win any of the lucky scratches ,not even once! I try all the time but I never win any.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Kisskiss5602
    I love this app so much I used to spend every day on it but I deleted then reinstalled it and I tried to log in I did everything right I put in my phone number and password witch was both write and it kept saying phone number or password wrong then I tried password and email and it did the same thing so I tried “I forgot my password” and I put my email in and it didn’t send to me so I did my phone number and it still didn’t send and I’m still really sad still this day and again it’s a really good game but it has some issues
  • Overwhelming 1/5

    By Maii Xiong
    I left Zepeto for a bit but when I came back, it was overwhelming. Back then it was small, a couple rooms so it was easier to find people to talk to but now its just very messy. I wish they would just expand maps instead of having a whole bunch of people create new ones. I wish Zepeto focused on adding clothes and poses more, now its just too overwhelming. Very often when I go to a room and I’m the only one there, theres just way too many maps now.
  • A full essay 3/5

    By Green Rising
    Introduction: ZEPETO is a amazing app I have to start off with. when the whole “controversy” started about the game tracking you it became a smash hit and everyone was joining the game, I wanted to get in the action so I made a account and started playing. Something you should know about before playing is that ZEPETO is a app about kpop (Korean pop) kpop has made a following of people not liking it and memeing it for no reason so if you are one of those people I do not recommend getting the app as the game has kpop dances and promotions from big kpop companies. What can you do?: in ZEPETO you can dress up your own virtual avatar and met friends in game most commonly in the world feature where you can put your avatar in world map models. The game features a tik tok like System where you can put you irl or your virtual ZEPETO Avatar and make shorts up to 10 second long periods, (the game also features taking pictures, dancing videos etc.) How good are the updates in ZEPETO?: The updates as far as I can tell have always been pretty standard, you would have updates for clothing and new world maps or if a popular kpop artist makes a new MV they will make a special thing for that. Is ZEPETO pay to win?: I would not say necessarily, if you do the daily tasks and training levels in jump master and save up you should be able to buy whatever you want whoever diamonds (the special currency) are a little harder to find and are really just a scam, you can use diamonds to buy special clothing (clothing from a kpop group etc.) The problem is that you have to play luck games to get diamonds or lots of coins witch is just a waste of time if you ask me. Why did you rate 3 stars?: My big issue in ZEPETO is that there is no servers for each Country. After the whole scandal died down the whole game has been taking over by Koreans now you can’t find basically anyone who speaks basic English so it becomes impossible to make any friends and I’m guessing you reading this speak English because you are on the American App Store. I’m not racist I just want someone who actually I can make friends with. So if your looking for a social game for you to make friends ZEPETO is not the game for you. If the game does not make servers for countries I do not see a future for me in ZEPETO, however I’m sure you could like this way more then me thanks for listening 🙏
  • I really want to play but I’m born in 2012… 1/5

    By 조엘:)ze
    Can I play?
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By good good game tho
    It’s ok but it says 12 and up but when you but 12 in your not at the age requirements
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By tsnzkzn
  • I love this app but…. 4/5

    By kenzerbenzer129382929
    I absolutely love ZEPETO but I’ve seen lots of reviews that say it takes your info and sells it on the dark web…and I also saw that when I leave the app the cover is an X and it’s really creepy..if you don’t want you info to be soled on the dark web please don’t play I have seen no sighs that it takes your info but I’ve seen reviews that say so. ZEPETO is an amazing game with lots of worlds but it is a bit creepy.
  • Cutie 5/5

    By destenie0113
    This game is great 👍🏼
  • :) 4/5

    By braelynn!
    I’m in LOVE with this game but does it give you viruses? I got a notification on my phone last night saying I got a virus, other than that keep the amazing work up live for ur game!! Overall my only complaint is online daters, it’s getting really annoying and I think that this game wasn’t really made for that, and yes I am fully aware of the poses there are for the oders.
  • Rating 5/5

    By Twilight lee
    Love the game so so sooo much. Made so many friends, Great ways to meet people from different countries!
  • zepeto rating ★★★★★★★★★★★★ 5/5

    By asmr.cottoncandy
    hii add me i’m 2872UG. okay so, i love this app sm its rly fun and i’ve made a lot of friends:)) i also like to film videos on it for my tiktok: hannahagrestezepeto! i also used to have another account that blew up so i gained followers on zepeto too which is sooo fun and awesome. i love that i can customize my avatar as much as i want its so great tbh. and i also think it’s cool how i can play the games to gain coins and stuff! i purchased coins too for my account which is nice. and i wish i could earn more gems but its all okay. also the fact you can make your own clothing is amazing. keep up the amazing work developers i love ur game 💕💕
  • A m a z I n g 5/5

    By SomeoneYouHate
    This app just amazing. I hope everyone sees this so they can download this app it’s worth it trust me! You can do tiktoks with these animation thingys. And you can make your own items for other people to use.
  • Love it 5/5

    By ushux
    I love this game and I love the way it’s like TickTock where you can have social media and I like the way there’s this game called Roblox it’s just like that but I don’t like that when you do an we sometimes it glitches a little but I totally recommend this game a lot of fun people there and there is plenty of character to dress through I love this game and I love the way it’s like TickTock where you can have social media and I like the way there’s this game called Roblox it’s just like that but I don’t like that when you do an Abi sometimes it glitches a little but I totally recommend this game a lot of fun people there and there’s plenty of characters to dress through plenty of cute outfits plenty of cute stuff there’s even a little cute world plenty of everything I love it I totally recommend you getting this!
  • Crews 4/5

    By 🦋sakura🦋
    Please fix the entire crew section.... Myself and others are being badgered with notifications from stuff that isnt even there even if notifications are turned off. I even left a crew and Im still getting notifcations from them.
  • Tec issues 5/5

    By Projectfred
    I love this app but there is one problem I think I have a bad glitch with zepeto because people told me I reached my second goal 1.1k followers but I see on 1.0k also when can a shirt be approved because it’s taking a long time.
  • This is Amazing 5/5

    By DottieFaith
    I love this app so much!!
  • Don’t have to if you don’t want to just thought I’d ask 5/5

    By glytter kytten
    I was wondering if you could add some Harry Potter outfits or my hero academia outfits for are avatars or maybe sailor moon?again don’t have to if you don’t want to just thought I’d ask.keep up the good work this game is amazing
  • One tiny problem 5/5

    By IsryBekah
    I love the game so far but a problem I keep running into is the clothes. The clothes look very weird on plus size characters and I hope this is getting fixed
  • I like the but….. 4/5

    By sher832
    This is a good game but I wish u could customize the body like u can customize the face That’s it🧚‍♀️👏✨✨
  • Fun. But I have suggestions 3/5

    By 000countrygirl000
    So I like the game. It’s cool. It’s fun. But I wish instead of taking pictures and using everyone else’s ideas on our posts that we can make our own dance! Like on the AR thing. Instead of just our expressions moving, how ab our whole body so we can make up a dance or trend!
  • About zem🤡💔 5/5

    By Jessica zepeto
    The thing idont like it the zem some people cant get zem like me😔
  • Update App 5/5

    By helloimnone
    So I was trying to make a private room and invite my bestie, but the app said “The Older Version of this app is different”. And I really need help, so maybe if you can update the ZEPETO app version. It would mean a lot, thanks!
  • I need answers! 2/5

    By supreme/gucci
    Hi so I have two accounts and I logged out to one and I’m trying to get into the other account but I forgot the password and I pressed forgot password and I don’t see the code in my messages?
  • I do not understand how to post 4/5

    By Iloveanime✌️
    I love ZEPETO but it’s a bit confusing for me on how to post since I just recently joined and I’ve also seen others who have the same trouble. Hopefullly you could make it easier or instruct me thank you.
  • Amazing game but a few problems 5/5

    By great game but just one prob
    The game is amazing I love how you can chat with friends and have fun! But…when ever I play I can only see black and the only thing I see is me and glowing things. For this problem I can’t play with a black screen. Whenever I play I guess where I go to. It’s a big problem that I hope you can fix but overall the game is… GREAT

    By Blueair187
    So cool and epic! 😎wayyyyy better than Funimation, crunchyroll, and other anime viewing apps!
  • Great game, buttttt….😵‍💫 4/5

    By PickleRick97
    I’m giving this 4 of out 5 stars just because it’s a cool and great game but why make it hard to earn coins?? And on the little scratch things, you never win good money on it. If you could fix that and maybe allow other ways to earn coins easier, I’d give it a 5 star rating. Other than that, the game is great! 🤩

    By Hello i am mck
    everytime i try to make a crew it says contains a word thats not allowed i reworded everything and it still says that im not allowed to create it
  • This game is great 5/5

    By Lovelyprincessel
  • I’m upset 3/5

    By caydie cat
    Y’all need to let us just get in without signing in because some of us have to devise and want to different accounts so fix it or I will never play again
  • Zems 4/5

    By Wolfdude04
    I would have given this app a five star rating.. but I have to go with a four star rating. The zems are really hard to get and I don’t have the money to buy them. There are so many people like me who really want things and can’t get them because they don’t have the money for it. If you could, please add more opportunities for zems to be collected. Watching a daily set of ads or playing mini games with a reasonable time period would be great! The jump master zems are impossible to get. Maybe extending the time to reach the finish line could help? Anyway, I hope you read this and have a nice day :) -Alex from Zepeto

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