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  • Current Version: 2.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: SNOW Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Imagine a cute character of yourself. It would be cuter than your imagination. Make the emojis of your character and use it in chatrooms. Take a picture of you or bring one from your Gallery. Then ZEPETO will be the one to make a character of you, cuter than your favorite animation character. You can edit your character's face or dress it up with different costumes so that you can express it in your own way. If you ask if you can only make emojis from it, you've got it wrong. Watch out for our next update.

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  • More Ways to Make Money 3/5

    By True Hetalian
    why’d you get rid of the flying zepeto thing? i was actually able to get money before this stupid scratch card scam came out. it never works and feels like a chore to do.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By l0lml
    I really enjoy this app a lot because of all the clothings and features, everything. But they should really add like face piercings, tattoos, rings, more hat options would be great. These are just suggestions I believe should be include but overall love this app!
  • pretty cool but crashes often 3/5

    By 123graciev
    zepeto is super cute and a cool idea but it crashes randomly and pretty often too. also, i wish there were more like bob-length hair choices in different textures/without bangs because none really look like mine.

    By Drpenut
    How do I send gifts
  • So bad 1/5

    By dstn1
    I hate this app it scares me 😱 when I bot it it had a white screen on my phone so I’m done with this app Ummm ya sooooo............. Don’t buy it
  • Cute Graphics 🥴 5/5

    I love this app very much. I love how you these cute little manga girls and boys. ♥️ I have a suggestion; People don’t like how the clothing are so much money maybe if you would lower the price of the clothing this app would get more 5 star ratings. ⭐️
  • huh. 3/5

    By Bella The Egg
    alright, so. i do really enjoy this app, but i’ve been having a few issues. i can’t change my bio, i can’t add greetings anymore, and i can’t make emojis anymore. what’s up with that?
  • Cute App, Wish There Were More Options 3/5

    By Dangel3272
    The design on this app is so, so cute, and I love all of the clothes and especially being able to pose with your friends, but I wish that there were more hair options for POC, and I also wish there were more body types. Even a little slider would be better than what we have currently. For the hair, I wish there were more curly types, instead of just straight/kinda wavy hair. Black ppl use this app too and wanna be able to make a character that looks like them. So do fat ppl. More diversity please!!!
  • needs multi hair colour 4/5

    By unicornshaylala
    This game is my absolute favourite but the main reason I cant give it a 5 star rating is because i can only have 1 colour in my hair. I want my character to reflect the real me my real hair is purple, blue, pink, and green. I think this game needs a multi colour hair option to add up too 6 colours in your hair. Rainbow hair rocks. Please add that in.
  • ZEPETO 1/5

    By se bemooooooooo
    THIS GAME IS HORROR DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!because I heard breathing and you can hear it too if you put your volume up all the way!if you play it at 3am it will talk to you!there is HACKERS in the game!the game is tracking your expectations....in the PHONE EVERY Single SOLID MOVEMENT YOU MAKE it will know your location and where you go!so DONT DOWNLOAD ZEPETO!!!!!!!
  • Dangerous 1/5

    By jsquires09
  • It won’t let me in! 3/5

    By your normal kpop fan
    Every time I make an acc it wont do nothing except make me a guest! I tried multiple times but still it won’t let me in! I’m angry and I have a few more acc so when I login to them it still makes me a guest or says wrong password yet I’m using the right one!
  • Cool but...no Concept 3/5

    By LeL314
    The animation for the 3D models are beautiful and they move very fluidly. The Animated Photo are really well put together and they move gorgeously. HOWEVER, there several problems with the game: 1: finding chat rooms for other users does not work with hashtags. Chat rooms should NOT have to be found with a hashtag. Most hashtags are labeled inappropriately and sometimes offensive. Once you pick a hashtag, you can’t delete it out of the search. They also give you a selection of hashtags you could use but those chat rooms don’t exist. 2: The game itself, does not let you use Bluetooth/headphones for the in-game microphone. The game can be buggy and take you out of the chat room. 3: You can’t interact with the environment. Each chat room feels empty and pointless if all you do is walk around. 4: Since no one really talks in the chat rooms, it feels as if the game has no purpose/concept. 5: Game music cuts in and out when in a chat room. There is no BGM when you open the app, causing the game to be dull and empty. And 3D models don’t have any sounds/voices.
  • I’m Very Confused 3/5

    By TheSarcasticClown
    I like this app but am I the only one who has this problem? This is my first time using it and I tried making my character but it won’t save. I’m not sure if I have to verify my zepeto to save the look. So if this is a bug or me being clueless I need feedback of some sort. I just want to make a mini me :,(!
  • Face Recognition Fail 1/5

    By efegal1974
    Can’t sign up.
  • I cant even make one 1/5

    By ?random person
    So I can’t seem to even get close to making a charecter every time I try it says face recognition failed ZIPITO could you try and fix this it never works for me
  • I'm in disgust 1/5

    By jessicaplays
    Hate it and here are reasons why 1. Too pricy clothes and items. I have 13k coins and 1 outfit would have me down to 12k 2. I had a old account and ZEPETO wouldn’t let me back in so i had to make a new. But that’s pretty much it
  • race recognition failed 1/5

    By SmileyGirl😄
    i can’t even use the app. i’ve tried my face, my cat’s face, faces from books, and faces from tv with the front and back camera of my phone. nothing will work. ridiculous. by the way, apps like shazam and the instagram camera make a static noise too. it’s not a human trafficking app.
  • Help 1/5

    By whyhasyou
    The face thing dose not work I tried everything can u please fix it
  • A honest review 2/5

    By kayleighsunshine
    My friend has the app but I can get past the login because it says “face recognition failed”!! So yeah like does my face look like an animal I mean really?
  • Help me 3/5

    By shebajbsiaouafwuaiavuabav
    It will not let me get in ugh
  • I cant make s ZEPETO 1/5

    By Thespeakerbom
    I can’t even make a ZEPETO a take a picture and it says failed recognition
  • So stupid 1/5

    By Selaubach
    I couldn’t even get into the game first I put in my email and I said it was already signed in (I have never had this app) then my 2nd email and said the same thing. So I had to make one up. Then it takes a picture of your face and I couldn’t get that to work at all. And you can go on without doing that. So f you🥴🥴
  • More romantic poses 5/5

    By ibhubhub
    Pls I love the app and I would like mor romantic poses because there’s not that many and more bff poses please
  • SCAM! 2/5

    By tiffmcgriff1
    The game is fun and all, but when your use your coins, it’s pretty hard to get more. For example I have to wait a day to get a decent amount of money. All the scratch cards are a scam. My friend has been playing for a year and never won. I’ve been playing for a while and have never won. We did it at the same time and neither of us won and got a different amount of money.
  • Disappointed 5/5

    By Beautyxpills
    App worked for the first couple weeks then the bottom tab for EVERYTHING disappeared. When I’m in my room the tab on the bottom is gone. If I’m shopping it’s gone and also when ion in customization it’s gone. I’m very disappointed
  • Still needs some fixer uppers 4/5

    By hi my name is braaaaad
    This app is so cute! I absolutely love being on it and doing the things the app has, but ever since the latest update my greeting and emoji thing has been acting up. I can't make any new emojis and I can't rearrange my greetings. I'm hoping you guys will fix this in the future. Also don't listen to the idiots in the reviews saying that this apps follows you. There's no factual evidence to back any of that up and these rumors were literally debunked a long time ago.
  • Still can’t access features 1/5

    By Quinn Black
    Update, April 15, 2019: scratch off games STILL do not work, and each futile attempt leaves me 500 coins lower and with absolutely Nothing To show for it! Also, it’s spring. Can we please get something other than athletic wear?? I am unable to contact your devs, so I’m dropping my two star review to a one star. Please fix the bugs!
  • Very g a n g s t g e r indeed 3/5

    By jJsbsnakka
    Very cool; you get to take virtual pictures with friends and choose different outfits. The only thing that could be fixed is how buggy it can be.
  • A few errors 3/5

    By ViviansReviews
    As much as I love this app every time I do scratch cards and win coins it subtracts hundreds of coins away from what I originally had. Instead giving me the coins I earned it takes triple the amount away.
  • my legs 😓 4/5

    By yana uh
    my legs are see through when I wear thigh highs please fix this I miss my legs so much
  • FIX YOUR APP 1/5

    By Mwigs2006
    This app is so buggy I wouldn’t download it even if they had African American hair. Or bigger body types!
  • Ugh 1/5

    By I♥️texting!
    I hate this app!! I heard it watches you through your device and looks through your phone at EVERYTHING!!!!! Also I had this app but didn’t use it I don’t remember why!! Don’t download!!!!!!!! 😱😱
  • Fun but.... 1/5

    By ohboiIstoleyoman
    ITS SO FUN ID GIVE IT 4STARS BUT....it kidnaps people you see it almost kidnapped people ITS A TRACKER I FOUND OUT maybe it’s a rumor

    By Turtle012
    APP IS DANGEROUS!!!! People be tracking you nonstop! You can here breathing from the app and it’s like people are watching you!
  • This is scary 1/5

    Ok so it’s so scary well at first I thought it was ok it is cute but then I heard static and people in the eyes then news so listen DONT GET THIS APP it has your location it will STEAL you don’t get it 😕

    By Marianasveil
    Every time i try to pose with 5 or more people the app crashes. I love the app but man this is annoying
  • Can’t use earphones 3/5

    By Gabyappleseed
    It doesn’t work with my Bluetooth earbuds I haven’t had any glitches except that
  • Update? (face & other piercings) 5/5

    By shakevncksje
    Please please make an update where you can add face piercings because i have 2 nose piercings and my zepeto just does not look like me without them :(( VERY GOOD APP!
  • I have an idea 5/5

    By Eliana Philps
    I love this app it’s so fun but I had an idea you guys should make it kinda like Instagram like for everyone’s avatar so you can do cool photo shoots 😊
  • This listens to your conversations 2/5

    By ImortalOnion
    After walking on the BT21 Street I heard a weird static noise from my phone as I listen I knew that's not supposed to happen unless you're talking with someone OVER the phone after this incident I deleted the app (I want no harm to this company I just wanted to let people know I really enjoyed this app but I got freaked out if in being over dramatic my apologies again I mean no harm to the company)
  • Doesn’t work on my iPhone XR 2/5

    By ℓρѕ ωιℓℓσω
    I’ve tried many times to use this app, but when I go to edit my character, the whole bottom of the screen is blocked off and I don’t see the option to edit the face and other features. It worked just fine on my other phone, but since I have no home button in enlarges the screen and takes away options. Please fix this.
  • add emo/scene hair 4/5

    By i love robert smith
  • Do not get this app 1/5

    By honestlykk
    Don’t do it if u turn up your volume it sounds like some is recording u I tired it and I heard something it will track u I’m warning u
  • Needs Some Things 4/5

    By Mahiddikeourcijejej
    Love it, however I'm feeling a little underrepresented. I'm somewhat okay with the average body type, but actually being able to add diversity would be a HUGE plus. Previously, I was extremely bothered by the lack of curly hair selection...and yes, there is a few now. But its still really lacking. It think it would be really helpful in general id you could adjust the size of the hair? Make it longer, shorter, wider, thinner...
  • ITS ALL A LIE 1/5

  • I'm addicted!!! Wish there was less bugs tho... 4/5

    By Burgmomma
    With one of the quests there is a task to take a video of your zepeto but Everytime I try to take the video, the app crashes. I also wish there was better ways to get the coins besides rigged scratch tickets. Other than that, this app is so much fun and basically like an actually good and fun animoji in some ways.
  • I tried it :3 really scary 1/5

    By iufohuwr
    It wanted to see my photos an hear me talking through the microphone
  • I hear static and white noise 😟 4/5

    By Sweetchoclate123
    So when I was playing zepeto I putted my iPad near my ear When I did that I hear white noise and Static which is creepy... When I get out of zepeto I don’t hear anything I tested my games and I don’t hear no static or white noise so It’s creepy... But I rlly like this game since it’s fun although it’s like a spying game... If you want to download zepeto make sure you don’t access microphone and stay safe!

ZEPETO app comments

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