Zero - Fasting Tracker

Zero - Fasting Tracker

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  • Current Version: 3.2.3
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  • Developer: Big Sky Health
  • Compatibility: Android
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Zero - Fasting Tracker App

Zero is a simple fasting tracker used for intermittent, circadian rhythm, and custom fasting. Choose your favorite fasting protocol and Zero will track your ongoing progress on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Export your data to a spreadsheet for complete control. Zero supports the following fasting types: 16-Hour (16:8) Intermittent Fast: Popularized by Hugh Jackman and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a fast to trim extra pounds. It is common to fast after dinner to around lunch the following day. Circadian Rhythm Fasting: Based on the research from Dr. Panda (Salk Institute), participants are encourage to fast 13 hours per day, starting each fast at or before sunset. Zero uses your location to calculate the daily sunset time for the best possible accuracy. We also support 18:6, 20:4, and 36-Hour fasts. Custom Fasting: Set up a custom program to meet your fasting goals. You choose your fasting hours, up to 7 days long. Zero is also available on Apple Watch. Zero integrates with the Health app to sync your weight data.

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Zero - Fasting Tracker app reviews

  • Loving Zero. 5/5

    By MilEB2
    This app really helps me keep on track with my fasting!
  • Great fasting tracker 5/5

    By Nyroke
    This app really help motivate me to stay on track when I’m tempted to stop a fast early!
  • Forced Sign-up 1/5

    By StopSellingOurData
    Forced sign-up usually means they are storing and collecting your data. Data has become insanely valuable and I bet they are selling your data now. Use a throw away email account and don’t use any personal data. Think about it. Why does an app that tracks your fasts need to store your name, email, birthday, reason for fasting?
  • Keeps me fasting! 5/5

    By sanja420
    Love this app and the revised version. Great articles which are helpful to keep me on track.
  • Love this application 5/5

    By Just-Ice No Soda
    I tried other fasting applications and have given up because they are too complicated. This is the perfect app so far. Can’t wait to try it out during lent season and I also do the Daniel fast. I also do a seven day fast to detox my body once a year. I drink nothing but water for seven days. 2019, so I now have to buy seven days of clean water to detox. I be updating the success of this application as I indulge in my fast.
  • New Update is Too Much 2/5

    By twpod
    New update is too much extra clicking
  • Love it!!!!!!!!🥰 4/5

    By Denaone
    In Love ❣️
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Kelly Klaes
    This is the most beneficial app I have tried for intermittent fasting. It’s extremely user friendly and makes it easy to start and stop fasts, changes the times, choose new fasts...etc. I recommend it to everyone I know who wants to try IF or has been doing it without an aid. My only complaint is you can’t go back and fix a past fast if you messed up the times. I’d be happy if I could just reopen a fast from the previous day because I’ve been known to accidentally choose AM rather than PM.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By modiemac
    The ZERO app has been such a asset on my intermittent fasting journey. ZERO helped tremendously in reaching weight loss goals so far. Highly recommend!
  • Great app but 4/5

    By Lies47382922
    Great app but I would like to have the option to manually insert a fast, because just in case I forgot to do it on the app or didn’t have my phone on me at the moment it would be nice to manually add that on otherwise very simple and easy to use!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Adif09
    This is a great app especially with reminders. I use everyday! ~~I’ve been using it for a couple weeks and it’s still awesome
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Donnie_III
    Love it
  • Keeps me motivated 5/5

    By Abourir
    Great app to keep motivated and true to intermittent fasting
  • Great app 5/5

    By Juju_13
    No complaints. Helps me reach my fasting goal.
  • Fast tracking 3/5

    By Ogram9
    I’m a huge fan of the improvements that were made during the last round of updates. My one major complaint is that you can’t go back and adjust a past fast. I hit the button too many times and I wasn’t able to update the fast time. Not a big deal, more of an annoyance that my error can’t be resolved and is now offsetting the actual data.
  • Lost 30 lbs! Ethos this app!! 5/5

    By Dave 4 Freedom N Life
    You can change what you give your attention to... and this app has helped me give more attention to making sure I start and end on time, and keeps my intentions trackable... which help me a lot. Thank You for helping me lose 30 lbs while using this app!!
  • LOVE Zero 5/5

    By 8Nanas
    I’m doing my 2nd fasting day. LOVE my Zero app❤️
  • Please add ketosis markers as an option! 5/5

    By James Baxter
    I adore this app, and love the continuous improvements. I would love it if there were an option to see typical ketogenic stages as well for some of the longer fasts.
  • Intermittent Fasting! 5/5

    By wizbang2008
    This application is a great reminder for me because sometimes I forget when I stopped eating and sets a goal for me to accomplish daily.
  • Big Fan 5/5

    By sober_sally
    Love this app. Helps me stay on top of my eating schedule and the info links are GREAT!
  • Simple is best. 5/5

    By P-rad yeah
    Great timer to keep track and give you a little motivation by also having visual feed back. Learning articles are a nice bonus.
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By Taxlaw00
    I love the simplicity and functionality of the app. Keeps me on point and focused throughout the fast.
  • The best App ever on health and fasting 5/5

    By nicole uyanga
    Its is so easy for me to fast because it manages and pushes me to do it. It's encouraging and super easy to follow.
  • 5 star 5/5

    By FitMai
    Love this app! Helps stick to my OMAD Fast!
  • Great 4/5

    By DopeItsTW
    Love this app. It would be nice if it had an alarm feature to remind you when to fast or when a fast is complete. Other than that I love it
  • ❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By familycircus
    Great Fasting app! No complaints from me. Easy to use.
  • 👍🏻 5/5

    By alexpgates
  • A wonderful App 5/5

    By sneilk1
    How great to find an app that is so useful. I have so many apps but actually use so very few. This app I use daily and find it super helpful. It helps me to log in when to begin fasting and keeps time for me. It gives one the options of several different fasting schedules and keeps track of time fasted and let’s me know when each fast ends. It makes it all so easy. The app is simple and very easy to use. I can’t imagine how I managed without it.
  • Simple! 5/5

    By Aesquivel
    Easy to use. Love this app!
  • Does just what you want it to 5/5

    By ElbowDeep3261
    Tracks casts plus provides great articles and insights
  • Great app. 4/5

    By Harshh29
    Great app, no joke. Helps me restrict myself to the timeframe.
  • Logging in fasts 4/5

    By 060512gl
    It would be great if one could log in past fasts (start/end time), as sometimes the phone or the app may not be accessible. Thanks!
  • Keto Dieter 5/5

    By JennyJennJenna
    Great app.
  • Keeps me accountable! 5/5

    By CathBob
    Love this app.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Sweetsnp
  • Wonderfully minimalistic 5/5

    By Carliberi
    This app has transformed my fasting regimen. On day 3 of organized, documented 16:8 hour fasts and I must say, for the first time since I read into the benefits of fasting I feel like I’m u licking its full potential. Awesomely clean app interface and usability. And it’s free? COME ON ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
  • Excellent user interface. Keeping me going... 5/5

    By Colorado 14er Guy
    I love it.
  • Brilliant app 5/5

    By Maegistrall
    I noticed this app had no ads on it and figured this would be the best way for me to repay the developers for the value their app brings to my life. They have a very straightforward and attractive UI (and a dark mode alternative), and give you full control of how many reminders you want to be given. It also makes it super easy to keep a track of my fasts which was the reason for getting it to begin with. Overall, the app delivers way more than I expected and it feels like a steal that I get to use it for free
  • Can’t add a fast you’ve already done or set an earlier start time 1/5

    By Lose2Win!
    Disappointing that you can’t add your own history, or enter an earlier start time for a current fast. I always forget to hit “start” on the timer and wish I could go back and start the timer when I truly started fasting.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Cathy77379
    Great for IF! Easy to use! Simple yet practical. Hope they add more badges, they’re frun to earn and great for Motivation.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By LeVanM
    Super easy and intuitive. Motivating. Wish it could sync with Fitbit and MyFitnessPal apps. And wish I could add my weight without another app
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By Molmorjak
    Great way to keep track of your fast! Easy and convenient! I love this app!
  • Has all the features I need! 5/5

    By User711
    I'd pay for this app!!
  • Needs a notification reminder for when the fasting window ends 4/5

    By brownsugahbaeee
    I love this app I do. I just wish it had an notification that alerted me to when my fasting time has ended.
  • Great app 5/5

    By EagleEggs
    Great app helps me stay on track!
  • Great 5/5

    By Yfm Empire
    Love this app
  • Best Fasting App ever 5/5

    By Alkwon
    Best app ever
  • Improvements needed 3/5

    By Hlittle70
    I like this app however you can not modify the data if you mess up, the history is rather limiting, etc. I hope there are some enhancements
  • Fabulous app! 5/5

    By Catylief
    Could not fast and keep my time straight without this fabulous app! It keeps me on schedule, motivates me to continue when I think I can’t. Get it! It will make a huge impact on your IF. As soon as I started using this app, my IF schedule and structure fell into place. You’ll thank yourself you got it! Good luck❤️!

Zero - Fasting Tracker app comments

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