ZETSU by Orion

ZETSU by Orion

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Orion uwu
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
223 Ratings
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ZETSU by Orion App

ZETSU It's an app that allows the user to load modules and get data from different short of APIs and websites and use it display its data on a reading Format. Features: - Intuitive UI. - Confortable Reader. - Different Sizes Support. - Manga, Manhwa & Light Novels Support. - Notch IPhones Support. - Search Section. - InfoPage. - Multi Language Support. - Save to favorites. - Track Content. And much more! What are you waiting for?

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ZETSU by Orion app reviews

  • Perfect Manga App 5/5

    By XariaLashae
    I absolutely love this app! I didn’t know about it until I had downloaded KATSU and began to watch a lot of anime that I was interested in on there. I wrote this review as a way to show my appreciation to the app developers for the time and work they have obviously put into creating this app. It’s perfect! I also wanted to call out another reviewer that I just read when checking the app for updates. This person has a problem with ads after switching chapters, and first, I just want to say that I do understand that, but there IS a way to bypass that: just download the chapters. I think this is the one thing that kind of makes the app tiring, to have to download every chapter one by one. I still do it, however, since I hate the ads and as well since you can read them offline. But it does get tiring if there is over a hundred or two hundred chapters. Can it be made where you can download the amount of chapters depending on the amount of tickets you have, maybe? But aside from this, everything else is good. Please keep up the great work, developers!
  • To much ads 1/5

    By bandoANIME
    This really bothers me like I thought it was a good app had all the manga for free but everytime i click to go to next page it shows a add all the time. Not even sometimes literally every time u click to next page. It would have been way better if u show a add every 3 or 5 pages. Not every time u click next it just makes u not want to read the manga anymore because ur spending more time looking at ads
  • Swipe from left to right 4/5

    By ASadHorse
    I like every thing about the app except this one thing, the lack of the option to swipe from left to right. I am not sure if I just can’t find that option. But if such an option doesn’t exist, could it be added. The reason I want it is because I mainly use this app to read manga and the format is more convenient to read when swiping from right to left.
  • Its good, but 4/5

    By BigPapaDallipoo
    When you download a new chapter it downloads the wrong one, it’s either a couple of chapters early or late, never the right chapter
  • Some big problems 4/5

    By nwhevejsbekenejrbrjejsoak
    So I since last year I was using this app and really enjoyed it, but one day when I searched for a manga that contained 18+ stuff, it wouldn’t open it, I thought it was problem with only that manga, so I decided to open another one up, but it wouldn’t open either, why are all of the mangas that contain some 18+ stuff won’t open? for example Bj Alex and others like this
  • wonderful for manga reading, would love an option to remove ads. 5/5

    The interface is really clean and does a nice job of only showing ads when you finish the chapter. I’d love an option for a one-time fee that lets me remove the ads, however.
  • Needs one thing 4/5

    By LefToFi
    I don’t really search for specific mangas personally. But if this app somehow incorporated a feature that allowed you to search by genres. That be 5star imo of course.
  • It seems nice, buuuuuut... 1/5

    By 虎猫ちゃん
    I like the look and feel of this app, and I really wish that I could use it as my go-to app for manga and webtoons, but I can’t for the following reasons: • There is no option to continuously scroll to get through the chapter. This is not a good app to read webtoons on. • Getting from chapter to chapter is incredibly annoying. After reaching the end of a chapter this app will not automatically take you to the next chapter. You have to click back to go back to the list of chapters, then select the next chapter from there. But every time you go back to the chapter list you are forced to sit through a 5+ second ad. And then after that, whenever you click on a chapter you’re asked if you want to read or download it. (By the way, downloading a series chapter-by-chapter sounds really tedious.) • There is no zoom-in feature, but you can zoom-out. Descriptions are also broken. This has far too many features missing and has too many bugs for me to really say this is good at what it says it does. I hope improvements are made to fix these issues soon.
  • What you guys could do to make it better 3/5

    By Best app ever 56090
    You have stop putting ads every page people will see how good it is and download it just like KATSU so you should only puts ads when your done reading that chapter and then you will get the best ratings ever trust me.
  • Needs to keep progress 2/5

    By ttjfnfngnn
    So whenever I start reading a manga and exit the app the next time I come in to read again it doesn’t show up as I’ve ever read it and it’s very annoying
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Milkman~
    The app is simplistic and easy to use; however, there’s just too much ads. I think it would be more user friendly if you were to lessen them, maybe put an ad after 5 chapters? Another suggestion is to create an update notification within the app. For example, a manga has a new chapter, perhaps put a little star symbol next to it to indicate that it has updated. Please take my suggestion into account and thank you for creating this app for many to enjoy.
  • Two problems 4/5

    By dhdndnfj
    This app is really good but one of the problem is that and ad comes every time you try and go to the next chapter. The second problem is when you read a chapter the same part you just read comes again.
  • 1 probelm 3/5

    By austin10284
    So i downloaded this app because i wanted to read some manga and im in ipad but then i realized i couldn’t turn my screen and that was really annoying for me since im always use to a sideways screen please fix this problem but i do enjoy the app of course.
  • its good 5/5

    By HYAHG
    but that poker advertisement, i can never exit out of it. it always brings me to the site, then directs me to the app store. it's aggravating
  • Add mangadex, manga123, mangapark and mangawindow 5/5

    By rdean156
    Add mangadex, manga123, mangapark and mangawindow
  • Light Novels 5/5

    By Goggles are fun
    I love the fact that there is a specific module to find light novels, that is, if it worked. I used to read web novels (not light novels) on the ReadLightNovel module, but then it looks like it got replaced? by something called LightNovelWorld. This is impossible to exit, because once you get into the novel, it drags you in by saying “Human Verification Required.” It’s basically a captcha, that’s not a captcha. When you click the close button, it forces you to go back to the “captcha” because technically you are still in that module leading in an ever ending loop until you close the app.
  • human verification 4/5

    By 3xcal18ur
    not sure if this is a problem with other people but the human verification is not working and is forcing me to continue redoing this without stop. i love this app and have recommended to many of my friends and really don’t mind the ads but it isn’t working with the human verification thing
  • ads 3/5

    By pablo..p
    I like this app but it has too many ads
  • . 5/5

    By bananaboy86372
    I love u
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  • Great 5/5

    By Xdxdxdxdxdxddxfsfefsdwdwd
    Hell yeah after using katsu for a few months i found this and yeah add are a thing but you’re getting a service you’d otherwise be paying for so its fine, i love that you can download them overall 10/10
  • Add a zoom feature 4/5

    By OP-FADE
    Its very hard to read without zoom feature. Zoom and Vertical feature would be the ultimate way to read a manga in this app.
  • adding notifications 4/5

    By problems with saving vids
    I suggest adding notifications to new chapters! i think it helps people to not miss their favorite mangas and having a notification option will be great
  • Language 4/5

    By no..... but yes.......
    I honestly would love this app if the language was one I could read. so if anyone knows how to switch the language to English that would be grate.
  • TO MANY ADS 3/5

    By Rain🎷🐄
    There are so many ads each time you try and read another page or chapter
  • Need to fix! 2/5

    By hlperezzz
    So I just got the app and I when I was trying to read the my hero academia manga there where other chapters of it that never came out like it had 317 chapters which in reality it has 289 chapters in total so I really don’t get that and the chapters are all out of order for a lot of the shonen manga not just this one please fix this bug!!!
  • Stop adding extra unnecessary chapters 4/5

    By osbsod wow de
    So I have read some mangas and sometimes I get like some of the same chapters in the middle of nowhere when I’m reading it kinda gets me annoyed but other than that this is a good app.
  • Manga Issue 4/5

    By plz add it back
    When it comes to manga this app has them all but I don’t know if it’s just me. It’s just that some pages in the manga are kinda hard to read due to the tiny font. When I also zoom in it also barely makes a difference and I have to hold my fingers on the screen to keep it zoomed in too. So my fingers also get in the way as well. So all I’m suggesting is that when reading manga we are able to zoom in more further on the pages to get clearer view.
  • Good Apps but some stuff would need to be added 4/5

    By 8poolballistrash
    This app is good for watching anime. But i’m tired of having to go back to the part i was on if I exit out of KATSU. And having a different layout for watching Anime or Reading Manga on ZETSU / KATSU would be cool. And also shows like My Hero Academia Seasons should be with each other instead of it being like “MHA S2” “MHA S3”. And the app should have you just instantly watch the show instead of it being like “Cloud9” and all that. And they should added a list for each anime Description such as “Romantic” “Action” ETC. But overall a good app
  • 3 things that are missing from this app 4/5

    By hkdgfds
    I like this manga but there are 3 things that are making it not perfect one is the ads every time I go to the next chapter there is always and add that constantly gets my attention if you would kindly remove them that would be great. Second constant slow when I touch a manga I would like to read the loading system keeps acting up can it be a bit faster. And the third one is the source of the manga I’m tired of always choosing another manga that isn’t on another page could you guys combine them into one. This is all the things that your app has not yet been perfected
  • eh 2/5

    By pls try it its good
    it’s pretty good but the ads don’t load properly i’ll keep the app it’s pretty good br fix the problem it’s really annoying
  • BUGS 5/5

    By Issalolo2020
    I can’t open All the manga i tried all the servers but nothing
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Giules.
    This app truly is a gem, it’s amazing and I love it, the only problem is, sometimes ads don’t load, and it leaves the screen frozen. Also sometimes I can’t swipe to continue reading as it just freezes, but the other controls on the screen works. But those are minimal prices to pay for such a lovely app, thank you !!!!!
  • Enjoy 3/5

    By Taranec
    I would enjoy the app more if you could actually zoom in more so you could read the manga better could you please add this as a feature
  • Bugs 3/5

    By ig Papi-Jxnior
    I just happened to came on a bug, all the mangas, manhwas, etc, would not work, I tried different servers like Taad but it would always be blank, it doesn’t show the page nor the chapter like usually on the top right corner, another bug is that when using Vertical manga (I think it’s called that, it’s the second vertical choice) sometimes there would be a bug where the page won’t load up correcting, or it repeats the same page.
  • It’s a great app but.... 4/5

    By fidnels482
    It’s an amazing app I love it, but the only problem is the x button to exit the add is SUPER small and I have to close the app and go back in..so PLEASE MAKE AN UPDATE plz I beg you MAKE IT BIGGER.
  • Idk 5/5

    By xscxold
    Add demon slayer
  • Need updated 5/5

    By Mekha16
    This a good app but it need some updating
  • Fix the ad problem 4/5

    By gamer103slater
    I’ve been trying to download manga on ZETSU but it just keep saying you don’t have ads or you need turn off limit ads I did that and I still don’t get ads pls fix this
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Muzummil
    It’s a good app but the thing is every time I close out of a chapter to read the next one a ad plays and it dosent fully load so it just stays there, then I have to close the tab out of my phone and open the app again Wich is a big pain, plz fix the problem we’re the adds can load properly
  • 3 3/5

    By cooljhon12
    I find myself having the urge to read manga, and as glad as I am to have an entire app devoted to free manga, the chapters aren’t working like they should from time to time. I only see the app logo (Orion) instead of hw actual words and illustrations
  • It great but keep taking me off 5/5

    By Animeyaoilover
    It awesome but it seem it keep crashing did you guys delete it or it just acting slow we’ll sorry if my sentence is not corrected I might improve
  • It won’t work 2/5

    By Cynthia2024
    So I searched up the most common anime NARUTO just to see if everything. I do that with every anime app. I love KATSU so when I heard abt this app I got excited downloaded and it never worked. I tried different modules and deleting the app and downloading it again but nothing worked. So if u could help me with this problem I will be more than happier to change my review for this app.
  • It’s doesn’t work on certain mangas 3/5

    By hshemhskswk
    It’s a great app don’t get me wrong but, there’s a lot of manga that I can’t read. Yes they are +18 rated but I’m not sure if that’s why. Can this be fixed or is there some way I can fix this myself?
  • It doesn’t work in my region 2/5

    By althology
    The only way it works is it I use VPN
  • 🥰😍😘 5/5

    By Dotty_Mendoza
    Iam soo happy that you made this app and also KATSU because I could never find the manga or anime but once I found the apps you made 😍😍. I just would spend hours on KATSU so now ima spend hours on Zetsu
  • Amazing 4/5

    By ʍαʀλɸƞ
    Ive been using the KATSU app for my anime. I just started to use ZETSU because I wantef to start to read manga. These apps are great, but its just that KATSU has a problem where if you watch a certain episode, the audio is a bit lowered. I know you guys use anime websites for the app to run, but it would be cool if you guys could find a way to change if.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By ash 8691
    The only issue with this app is that it doesn’t have the accurate amount of chapters for snow manga besides that the app is great thanks for AnimeGT, KATSU and note ZETSU
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