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Zillow 3D Home

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  • Current Version: 3.11
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Zillow 3D Home App

Zillow 3D Home™ allows anyone to capture and share a virtual tour of a home with the support of a 360 camera or iOS device. Create an immersive experience that gives home shoppers a deeper understanding of the space as they explore the home. It’s as easy as clicking a button. Easy: Create full 360 tours within minutes with our 360 camera integration (Ricoh Theta V or Z1). Engaging: Attract online buyers to your listing by offering an immersive 3D Home experience. Fast: Immediately publish your 3D home tour on your listing after your tour has been captured. **The following devices are only supported using a supported paired 360 camera: all iPads, iPhone 5s, and iPod touches** **Supported 360 cameras are: Ricoh Theta V or Ricoh Theta Z1**

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Zillow 3D Home app reviews

  • Doesn’t support my theta 1/5

    By thiswonttakeanynicknames
    Seriously??? I bought a theta to create a 3D listing for my house and the app says it doesn’t support my version of theta. Thanks for the waste of money!!!!! Thetas aren’t cheap.
  • This app will be the death of Zillow 1/5

    By KevinJDEL
    Forcing your agents to use 3D tours which distort the photos taken of the home and will only push your agents to other platforms. Let's be honest here. Zillow is not the only place to list homes. In fact, simply creating a high definition video tour of your home and marketing it yourself on Google, will get you much further. There is just no substitute for high definition video. 3D virtual tours isn't too bad, but panoramic photos taken with an iPhone is just pathetic and doesn't show the true dimensions of the rooms and home. If Zillow doesn't allow agents to take their own videos, people will flock to other platforms.
  • Extortion 1/5

    By Ihateyouzillow
    Zillow won’t let you upload videos for clients unless you peddle this BS 3D tour for them. They used to have it for Android, but decided to ONLY have it for iOS now, so I had to buy an IPhone just for this! “It only takes like 20 minutes to do a house!” Lies! It was taking closer to that per room. I had to hold this phone up exactly in a terrible spot it made me for so long that after the first 3 rooms, O was shaking, and sweating, it had been 35 minutes, and I just gave up and told the client it doesn’t work. So sick of companies like Zillow and Apple using their corporate might to extort everyone into buying trash products, instead of spending half the same effort making better products!
  • Does not work and will not upload photos 1/5

    By Greatest, ever
    Took 40 minutes to document every room of the house. Afterwards the app spent hours trying to upload the photos. I've deleted the app, pictures and started over. Still doesn't work. Waste of time
  • Cashes constantly 1/5

    By dpburton
    99% of the time I crashes before I can complete one panorama.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By oneanddone11
    Kept telling me about new features - couldn’t actually get it to work. What a waste of time.
  • Useless for iPad alone 1/5

    By Pop up ad calc
    Don’t expect to use this with just an iPad. They make you buy the camera to be able to use it with iPad which is plain stupid if it works with the iPhone. I have an Android phone and the latest greatest iPad. Not buying the camera. Deleting the app. Make it work with all devices. Limiting to one device brand and type is idiotic.
  • New update deleted an amazing protect I made 1/5

    By ℓσиgℓαиє4
    to show the progress of a house i recently moved into and wanted to remodel. Had it since November and had no problems till now. SMH
  • Doesn’t Work - HUGE WASTE OF TIME 1/5

    By djdbdvdncjfkfbdhchfjdhfb
    I spent so much time trying to first get this to work on my Android phone. I didn’t even know it wouldn’t work until I had to contact my Zillow rep. The fact that you have to have an iPhone is stupid. You have segregated an entire set of users that hate apple products such as I do. So I decided to then download everything on an iPad that was recently given to me. I thought great I can finally get some use out of this thing. I couldn’t even get past the registration part of the app. At this point I’ve got so many hours and multiple days trying to get a stupid 3D tour bc like every other broker I’d like to have as much exposer as possible. So I circle back to the reviews sections and then learn the stupid app doesn’t work with an iPad without buying some other contraption that most likely won’t work either. This is why so many ppl hate Zillow and just affirms that further for me. Now if I want this feature I have to go and buy an iPhone which I won’t do. What happened to making things simple, easy, and user friendly? Why can’t Zillow just allow you to upload your matterport or upload your own walk thru video.
  • Doesn’t work on iPad 1/5

    By js707jj
    Does not work on iPad gets stuck in trying to sell you a Camera
  • Makes no sense... 1/5

    By Merlin18
    This app is for the iPhone, not the iPad. How senseless to send Zillow users here. Go figure.
  • Eh needs improvements and options 2/5

    By Sundance Rabbit
    360 view is not necessary for every room, 180 views would work just fine for smaller rooms/areas
  • App won’t open on iPad 1/5

    By BrokerJane
    Very frustrating, you get funneled into a Ricoh ad and there is no way to proceed unless you want to connect your Ricoh camera.
  • Absolutely worthless waste of time 1/5

    By skymasteres
    Downloaded the app and installed. Followed the step by step instructions on the support site and it gets stuck I’m step 1. WILL NOT get past recommending that you purchase a 3D camera. No way to acknowledge and continue with the iPad camera. Zero help from FAQ or website. They don’t even recognize the issue.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By VRguide
    Worked great for my first tour shoot but now crashes a minute after opening the app for my second tour photo shoot.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By lakegirlanna
    Can’t get past the register part. Then it made phone go crazy. Very frustrating.
  • Incredibly confused 1/5

    By ahfjwnxnejf
    Why is there an iPad version if they don’t allow you to use an iPad to capture photos? It’s the app to nowhere, if you’re into that sort of thing
  • Not worth the download. 1/5

    By hilllaguna
    Drives you to buy another module before you can actually do anything.
  • Misnamed but not bad for a free app 3/5

    By Beeblebrox
    This is actually a “360° Panorama” photo app, not 3D. It has promise and works with a decent iPhone.it takes time and a good eye, which many people won’t have. The UI is missing important features however: — If there is a problem with a pano capture you won’t know it until after you try to process then get a dialog that says that one or more of the panoramas is missing a photo and this will mean the problematic panorama will not be included in the walk-through. Well, then allow me to reshoot that panorama again then! But no, there is no way to know which pano is the issue so you either start all over again shooting every room or you upload with the missing pano. How hard would it be to tell us which pano to reshoot? — The navigation walkthrough creation is clunky. The app will drop in the panorama hotspot waypoints (directional arrows) for you but puts them all in one spot or in random locations. You then must go into the waypoint editor and delete them or reposition them. It’s needlessly tedious. — There is no way to add a panorama once you’ve uploaded the walkthrough. I haven’t tried deleting an existing upload then redoing the panorama to see if that’s possible without a lot of hassle. — Even if you start each panorama looking at a specific preferred point, the final version will randomly position the view. Thus, when the final audience is walking through the home, as they go room to room they may get a first impression of the next room on the tour that you walk into a room looking at a blank wall or a toilet. I haven’t found a way to set the initial view for a panorama to make the walkthrough more natural. All in all, if you have experience with apps like QuickTime VR or other 360° apps, you can drive this one. It just needs some polishing.
  • Awesome opportunity for those without high tech gadgets 5/5

    By mguinn14
    This is perfect for me and my apartment. The app was very simple to use and the process is fairly short. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to make your listing more interactive for FREE.
  • Not 3D and not even a good 360° 1/5

    By Thertst
    I downloaded the app in hopes of boosting interest on my home listing. After reading the tutorial and looking at the examples I painstakingly went room to room to take the 360s. Each individual room took all day to process and I have a very good WiFi bandwidth. Once I saw the actual renders there was obvious overlap and alignment issues and it actually made the rooms feel much smaller. I’m not even going to bother to use them they’re so bad I think it would hurt my listing rather than help it.
  • Not 3D 1/5

    By camera55
    How is this 3D. Matterport is 3D not this
  • No record button 1/5

    By lqucnriszvt
    This is a one star rating but I couldn’t post it with one star! Opened and closed the app several times and same result. I see the lines to show that the camera is level, a pic of a phone in the middle of the screen, and “hold phone in front of you”. That’s it. I have tapped all over the screen but no record button. Also, I have looked at all the tutorials and help/support but nothing addresses this. If someone can help me find it, I may be able to give the app a better rating but not the support.
  • NOT a 3D Capture App 1/5

    By TrustedPhotoDC
    There is nothing 3D about this app. Zillow should be ashamed for naming it something it isn’t. There are much easier ways to create 360 degree photospheres and connecting them, than this app.

Zillow 3D Home app comments

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