Ziner - RSS Reader that believes in simplicity

Ziner - RSS Reader that believes in simplicity

  • Category: News
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Creator3D
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ziner - RSS Reader that believes in simplicity App

No ads for the first 5 days. The most interesting features: - List view & Magazine view. - Always updated feeds. - Works smoothly when offline. - Preloads images smartly. - Search in starred articles. - Themes: Day, Sunset, Night. - Auto readability view for partial feeds. - Add/Delete/Rename feed. (Setting -> Feedly Manager) - No prompt for rating. - Fast support within 12 hours. 3rd-party services: - Send articles/images via AirDrop. - Open articles in Safari, Chrome. - Share to lots of 3rd-party services. (Constantly adding new services) Important things to know: - App Badge can be turned off: Setting -> Show/Hide UIs - Feedly account is required to use Ziner. - Article tagging is not supported yet. - You can turn ON/OFF Readability for entire feed by long press on Readability button. - When in magazine mode, you can exit article by double tapping on an article. Support: We can not respond to App Store reviews, if you need to report any bugs/feature requests, please use Setting -> Contact Support. You will receive a reply within 12 hours. Follow Ziner on Twitter: @ZinerRSS

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Ziner - RSS Reader that believes in simplicity app reviews

  • This does not work anymore 1/5

    By LJay99
    Fix the authorization or remove it from the store.
  • No update in 3 Years?! 1/5

    By ddfall
    Update the app to support the new devices and features please. ;-) Then you get 5 stars.
  • Doesn’t work with iPhone X? 4/5

    By tubastrea
    This is my favorite way to read all the blogs I subscribe to, but when I got the new iPhone X I can’t sign in with my google account?! Please fix!
  • Needs major update 2/5

    By sasky2
    Very fast RSS reader, but article font is too small and there's no option to change it.
  • What Feedly should be! 5/5

    By desoare
    The best compliment is to see your idea is being copied. Did you check Feedly lately? It took a lot of ideas from this app but it is still not as good. I hope the developer has not quite on this project and is working to iron out the small hickups. The only app I open deaily.
  • Getting long in the tooth 3/5

    By andyg17
    I love Ziner but it's now looking abandoned. Would pay again for future updates.
  • Abandonedware 1/5

    By Fixxeren
    This app is no longer being updated. Recommend using any of the other maxing RSS Readers for iOS. Try Reeder 3, Newsify, Feedly, or Fiery Feeds.
  • Simple and Perfect 5/5

    By Hans Rusch
    I love it. I've tried many RSS Feedly apps. This is my fav.
  • Some problems 3/5

    By AG1981x
    Overall a good clean reader but it has some problems and bugs that pop up from time to time. For example when I play embedded video in the article, changing phone orientation will reset video playback. Very annoying.
  • RSS Buff 5/5

    By kiravi12
    1. Simplicity in user options. 2. Beautiful interface that you expect when you purchase an iPhone. 3. Ease of navigation. 4. Ability to add feeds, read within, and save articles - exceptional. The combination - unbeatable
  • Share sheet? 3/5

    By Gravage
    I like the app overall, but it desperately needs share sheet access. I don't use the default mail app and have no way to share articles as a result.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Sgw768
    Crashed three times in the first five minutes of using it. Deleted immediately.
  • When it's not crashing, it's great 2/5

    By DJRumpy
    I used to use this app exclusively but with iOS 9, the sharing features cause constant crashing with no fix in sight.
  • iOS9 Keyboard Issues 1/5

    By Icemann655
    I can't post to Twitter anymore because the the input doesn't show up with the keyboard.
  • Still the best RSS reader 5/5

    By NDermody
    Intuitive controls (best out of all the readers). Default readability view. Multiple views. Mark read on scroll. Can automatically change background/text color by time (dark at night, light at day). This is the one you want.
  • Very Unstable - No Updates 1/5

    By sh2020
    I've been using this app as my main RSS reader over a few months. Great features, but the app constantly freezes and requires a restart. Worst yet, it hasn't been updated for over a year and a half.
  • Best minimalistic rss reader 5/5

    By Justenb31
    Tried dozens of others! This is the best clean minimal easy to use app out there! Been using for two years!
  • Grid view please 1/5

    By Christopher Marios
    doesn't fetch new feeds automatically
  • EXCELLENT But.... 3/5

    By Cellinator
    This is the reader I use the most. The only thing I cannot stand is when I leave the app for a moment and come back I lose the article that I'm reading because the app refreshes when you return. STOP THAT!!
  • Updated please 1/5

    By hesham ly
    After the iOS 8.3 update is crashing iphone 6
  • Nice clean reader 4/5

    By Brynf
    This is a nice clean way to read my feedly feeds. No progress bar so it can make you think it's hung up syncing on slow connections. I wish it let you choose a folder to start in or start in last folder rather than all items. Also I miss the tap along the side interface of nextgen reader on windows phone. Less work on the finger joints than swiping each entry to mark as read.
  • Hands down the best 5/5

    By TroyKirin
    Clean intuitive fast and simple
  • Review by an actual user. 3/5

    By Wdav
    No connection to developer at all... App is okay as is with a few exceptions: 1. While you can change the font in the summary display you can't change the excruciatingly small article font. For this reason alone I'm going to find another reader. 2. The UI needs tweaking to more easily select and control read, save, share, mark all etc. Right now it is like an Easter egg hunt to find any controls. Good start but needs polishing.
  • Best RSS reader for the iPhone 6+ 5/5

    By domino3574
    Awesome feedly client for iPhone 6+.
  • The best just got better! 5/5

    By Neill Cohen
    Display is now iPhone 6+ optimized. Graphics are stunning, with automatic display options. The developer is actively working on enhancements and responsive via Twitter. I discovered that a double-tap on an article headline will return me to the article list Would be helpful to include this in the directions that appear on the interface when installed.
  • Best reader buy far 5/5

    By thegreatdavid
    This is the perfect reader app. Perfected for iPhone 6 now.
  • Perfect RSS reader 5/5

    By letitbeman
    I have tried many RSS apps and this one is my favorite. I love the gesture based navigation and the minimalistic design. It does almost everything you need. The only thing I miss is the ability to use tags in Feedly (but I use this so rarely that it's not worth having a different app that does). It even shows mouse over text from popular sites like xkcd. It's well worth paying for the pro version, especially now that it supports iOS 8 and the iPhone 6's.
  • Need to optimized for iPhone 6 plus!!! 3/5

    By ctshop
    Can we have it?
  • Very Good Apo 5/5

    By Samuel Abad
    I would like a "search" in the App like you have in the favorites section.
  • Solid RSS triage/reader 4/5

    By QuarterSwede
    Very nice list view with image previews. It's got a lot of options to change how it looks like an auto day/sunset/dark mode, moving image previews to the right, disabling list view, and using a larger format view. I also love that you can have readability on for an entire feed instead of having to manually turn it on for every feed like in Reeder 2. The only thing I don't like is that it sometimes doesn't use the natural iOS gestures and instead a little swipe to right will cause it jump back instead of smoothly following your finger like iOS does.
  • Ziner nice but needs a bug fix 3/5

    By Zerpineas
    Ziner has a lot of promise, but a bug hinders it! Many articles have portions missing or blocked and there is no sense upgrading until that is fixed! I'd like to see the ability to select a particular feed as the default view instead of all as an option! I like the fact that you have a choice between list view and magazine view! I use it and others to replace Zite which Flipboard is letting decline! I don't use Flipboard because the flow is disjointed and screwed up from my perspective! I like a clean magazine view! That's why I rarely use pulse also! Fix Ziner developers!
  • Figuring it out 5/5

    By Dead Write
    Interaction with this app doesn't seem obvious. I keep accidentally finding things I didn't know were there. But the more I use it, the better it gets. It has replaced Reeder on my devices. Agree with review that said the swipes from left side are erratic. Also note inconsistency between iPad & iPhone on swipe from right: in iPad, it marks the item as read, while in iPhone, it turns on readability. I prefer the former.
  • Great but a few changes need to be made 4/5

    By cfitzgerald11
    1. YouTube functions incorrectly when a full screen video playing through the app is rotated to landscape. The video closes and upon returning to portrait mode the app content shifts up and becomes unusable until the app is closed and restarted. 2. The edge swiping gesture is very unpredictable and needs to be addressed. There seems to be an indistinguishable difference in gestures required to make the app go back to the article list vs switching between articles. This could easily be addressed by setting the top half of the screen to take you between articles and the bottom back to the article list. I would also like to see a toggle-able option in settings to turn of article-article swiping all together 3. This one is small, but you should consider incorporating the sync notifications that drops down into the system bar instead of having the overhang which affects visibility and usability to see how this would work while fitting into existing iOS design guidelines check out how the Mailbox app by Dropbox refreshes
  • This app used to be good. Now it's very bad :( 1/5

    By NandaKure
    This was one of the fastest rss news readers out there. I loved it. Now it's very slow and all I see is the " loading articles" spinner. I am deleting it now
  • Best rss reader 5/5

    By FreshChewyPasta
    This is my favorite rss reader on the iPhone, and I own reeder 2, unread, feedly, newsify, and a host of others. It syncs amazingly fast and has a much more natural interface. I wish it had native iPhone 6 support and updated the unread count badge when doing a background refresh. Otherwise, it's great.
  • Very good! 5/5

    By minpower
    this is very good. I love this app.
  • Does not work at all 1/5

    By TPB, Esq.
    Crashes on startup on latest generation iPad and iPhone 5s.
  • Best RSS/Feedly reader, but data consumption is out of control 4/5

    By GalileoFLN
    Want to give this app 5 stars, but it's a data hog. I've looked all over the settings to see what can be changed, but haven't found a solution yet. In 2 weeks of use on my commutes (only time I use it on my cell network) it consumed over 900MB of data. Other than that, it applies easy to learn gestures and doesn't try to complicate things like most other readers.
  • iOS 8 broke my favorite RSS reader - FIXED!!! 5/5

    By DocCombs
    {22 September update: AND WE'RE BACK!!!} Looks like all is well with iOS 8 now and my favorite reader is back in action. Thanks! ------ And I really am bummed. Zinger was the only RSS reader that I use. Great functionality and a good looking app; however, it is now only good at one thing, listing the articles in your feeds. Try to read an article and the app crashes. This is true on every iOS device I own. Worse yet, after the app crashes, you lose that article you wanted to read. Let's get to work developers. As a paying user, I really would like to use the app. 😂
  • Good stuff 4/5

    By SilverRubicon
    iOS8 bugs have been resolved. All is well. Strikes a nice balance between apps the present articles as a magazine and those that are merely lists. Readability integration provides a quick way to read an entire article without visiting the website.
  • The best with must have features 5/5

    By ansel4
    Fixed for iOS8 now. Still the best rss reader out there!
  • Not working with iOS 8 5/5

    By Ivanesh
    The app is really great but never following system updates. That happened with ios 7 and now with 8.
  • Great but super buggy on iOS 8 1/5

    By Ben Sloan
    Crashes constantly
  • Originally Loved it Buuuut... 2/5

    By wasim of nazareth
    Here’s my original review: "The RSS reader I've been waiting years for. Simple, clean, elegant, smooth. Someone was finally listening! I'm in!" I was so excited to finally find an app like this, even bought the Pro version. But within the last few weeks, it’s crashed a few times and froze. I’ve emailed support, no response at all. And since iOS 8 was installed on my phone, it crashes every time I try to open an article. Again, sent to support, no response at all. Until it gets fixed or updated, I wouldn’t recommend this app at all, especially if you’re running iOS 8.
  • Crash!!! 1/5

    By mehdi123m
    It Was a very good app but, Force close and crash after updated to iOS 8, plz fix this soon I really need this app !
  • Very nice but a few features would make it great 1/5

    By Top L
    Sep 18, 2014: a day later after install iOS 8, the app keeps crashing after opening first article. This is the same on both the iPhone and the iPad. This has to be fixed for it to be usable on ios 8. Hence I'm lowering my rating to 1 from 4 until this is fixed. Sep 17, 2014: I've been using this app for a bit now both on the iPhone and iPad, and find that it generally provides a really nice experience. Having said that, there are a couple of features that I think would elevate the app further. 1. Ability to organize the folders/categories in the feed. Now the top level is alphabetically sorted. Most of the other apps I've used provides this feature and I'd love to see the same here. 2. A way to see the folders/categories for the starred items rather than grouping all starred items into one group, "Starred". This is something that Reeder provides and it's really useful. Thanks for all the work making this app as good as it is today.
  • All problems, all the time. 1/5

    By App ReviewOr
    I really want to love this app. It unfortunately crashes all the time.
  • I need ios8 update asap! 4/5

    By Youtol
    It's really good app. Especially auto readerbility function is very useful. I want just one more feature that can make designating front page when i open the app. And please updete it asap for ios8. I use this app everyday life. But it shut down accidentally on ios8. Anyway thanks for making this app!
  • Best feed app 5/5

    By nibaq
    Ziner is simple, visual and fast. I've tried and paid for many feed apps and just get annoyed with them after a while and stop using it. Ziner I haven't stopped using. The 4 day trial was a great way to test it out and really appreciate the thought and design of it.

Ziner - RSS Reader that believes in simplicity app comments

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