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ZINIO - Magazine Newsstand

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  • Current Version: 4.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Zinio LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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ZINIO - Magazine Newsstand App

ZINIO is the world’s first and largest digital newsstand, giving you access to magazine content from the best publishers across the globe. For over a decade, ZINIO has delivered over half a billion digital issues in over 200 countries. Download ZINIO’s award-winning iOS app, trusted by millions of magazine readers around the world. With over 6,000 magazines available, you can browse magazines and articles on your favorite mobile or desktop device. Access your magazines anytime, anywhere - read them online or save them to read offline! Featuring the best in Tech & Science, Food & Home, News & Business, Art & Photography, Lifestyle & Hobbies, Fashion & Entertainment, ZINIO connects you with the stories that shape our world from the magazines that matter to you. Subscribe or buy single issues of your favorite magazines, including Hello!, T3, National Geographic, PCWorld, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Outdoor Photographer, People, Popular Mechanics, and more. KEY FEATURES: • OPTIMIZED FOR YOUR DEVICE: Easily toggle between the traditional magazine layout and the innovative text mode for a seamless reading experience, built for your iOS device • DISCOVER, SHOP, AND ENJOY: The largest collection of digital magazines from around the world • EXPLORE FREE ARTICLES: Read select articles for free, from top magazines including Forbes, Wired, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune, Rolling Stone, and many more • OFFLINE READING: Download your magazines to your device to read them whenever and wherever you want, even without an internet connection • EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS: Access deals exclusive only to ZINIO and save on your favorite magazines • BOOKMARK AND SHARE: Bookmark articles to read later, or share them with your friends • NEW ISSUE ALERT: Be the first to read the latest issues of your favorite magazines with new issue reminders • GLOBAL NEWSSTAND: Our magazines come from all of the best publishers worldwide, including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe INDUSTRY RECOGNITION: 148 Apps BestAppEver Awards "Best iOS Magazine App" iTunes “App Store Best of: Top Grossing” Lead411 "Hottest San Francisco Companies" IMA “Best Global Apps Award” WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: “Zinio has the deepest offerings of any digital newsstand” — Forbes.com “To see magazines done correctly look at Zinio” — Huffington Post “The iPad newsstand that works” — Fortune.com “Zinio is to magazines what Kindle is to books” — Engadget.com “If you're a magazine devourer, this is your app.” — PCMag.com “Zinio editions on the iPad are terrific” — Salon.com TOP ZINIO MAGAZINES: • TECH & SCIENCE: Macworld, Wired, New Scientist, Mac Life, Stuff, Popular Science • FOOD & HOME: donna hay, Real Simple, Dwell, delicious, Good Housekeeping, Food Network Magazine • NEWS & BUSINESS: The Economist, Reader’s Digest, The New Yorker, Harvard Business Review, Money, Forbes • ART & PHOTOGRAPHY: Shutterbug, Amateur Photographer, Architectural Digest, Bead&Button, Photography Week • LIFESTYLE & HOBBIES: Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, Oprah Magazine, Top Gear, Cosmopolitan, GQ • FASHION & ENTERTAINMENT: Us Weekly, InStyle, In Touch Weekly, Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair • SPORTS & FITNESS: Men’s Health, Weight Watchers, Sports Illustrated, Shape, Procycling LET’S CONNECT Like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/zinio) & follow us on Twitter (@zinio).


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ZINIO - Magazine Newsstand app reviews

  • Poorly Designed Update 1/5

    By Polar_Fire
    Did anyone who actually uses an e-magazine reader actually test or USE this before the update? Many features taken away and massively buggy. All downloaded content is gone along with all the hidden magazines reappearing which is a MAJOR pain for those that have subscribed for a long time. Cannot sort by month anymore. It seems to have frequent connection problems when that was never the case prior. A delete and reinstall didn’t fix much of it. The “we updated the back end” is a lame excuse. Why during this update did you not “update” the front end to include the features that were in original app? I have used this app for many years but I will let my subscriptions end and move to something else.
  • Zinio App Handy to Have 4/5

    By Meteor71
    The Zinio app allows me to subscribe to several Mac-related publications that I otherwise wouldn’t have access to as they are not available at newsstands. I can save them to my iPhone/Mac or just read them online. I would have rated this app higher but it has a bad habit of losing my library whenever there’s an updated version of the app. Then I need to contact Zinio customer service who magically restores it.
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By V7JBS
    Very disappointing response trying to find old purchased mags. 2 weeks and still trying to get it resolved
  • Update Disappointing 2/5

    By KDub102.4
    Zinio has ALWAYS been my favorite mag app......until the latest overhaul. Not sure what prompted the changes, but I’m not a fan of those changes yet. First, when the app opens, it defaults on the SHOP page, and there is no longer the option to set my default opening page. I understand Zinio wanting me to BUY, BUY, BUY, but 90%of the time I’m there to read. That means I ALWAYS have to manually select the READ tab every time I open the app. Aaargghh! The same is the case with what used to be the (elegant) Articles listing, opened by the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen. When tapping this menu button, it opens the PAGES view by default. So, I have to select the ARTICLES tab to get to the list if articles. I wish we had a setting for which of these tabs we want to default to in this view to save the added taps to get where I want to go. While its good to have the option to view my mags in PDF view (as it was before), or in TEXT view, once again I wish we had a setting to establish which view I prefer as my default view. Again, extra taps are needed to get to my preferred way to view my mags. The point is, this update now requires more screen taps each time I use the app. Finally, the ARTICLES listing (accessed by the menu button) is now shown in a tile view rather than what used to be a very elegant, readable listing of the articles. Now, the article titles are cut cut off on most or all of the tiles, and visually the tiles seem a step down from what we had prior to the update. And this on an iPad...
  • Used to be a great app 1/5

    By ANweZA
    I use it every day since 5-6 years. I am suscribed to many magazines. The last update made this app terrible. What was one of my favorite apps, now is the symbol of disfunction. It turned slow, messy, difficult, and the worst way to organize mags. Very sad for it!
  • Update has serious issues 1/5

    By Alternative Reviews
    Ok so after taking two hours go trough over 4 years of magazines that all showed up realized magazines paid for showed up one month didn't for several other months then back then stopped again and magazines where should of seen 94 issues saw maybe 60 realizing ZINIO isn't being ethical or handling subscriptions professionally just taking money and figuring (hoping) more then not probably wouldn't notice don't notice AND you know had you not made your poorly designed update so beta maybe you'd of gotten away with more. Really is disgraceful @ Kelly Conlin you become CEO of a company in hopes of fixing mistakes of the past no doubt (well hopefully) putting a beta release of your APP into public release and jaja of course it was widely tested 😉 but seriously I doubt one of the hopes of all that "public" testing would be the discovery of how Zinio was secretly ripping customers off probably before you took over but still. Sergio Gago is this an app release you can be proud of? And what of paid subscriptions that are missing never delivered? How will you make this right? I don't believe that is just a simple app refresh. BUT on that can you make it possible share items into email that you wanna buy say with friends (or) you know maybe your kids or cousins but sadly say I wanna share Macworld with my assistant ask they purchase for nephew on birthday YOU can't on Zinio in the brand spanking shiny new updated version. Hopefully you'll address that and my missing Wired issues and Hollywood Reporter issues, Outside Magazine. Appreciate
  • Lost all downloads & bookmarks 1/5

    By Ray--T
    Years of downloads and bookmarks lost with this new “upgrade”. Why should I continue with digital content through Zinio if I can so easily loose MY content? Time to return to paper that no one can take away so arbitrarily
  • Latest update messed up filter 3/5

    By Stinga4x4
    Reading pane has filtering that shows nothing but warning to edit filter. Filter is not editable/selectable Have no way to see magazines even to download them. Found out that logging out and back in restored everything to default and then had to go through and redone load/archive all issues Unfortunately, I couldn’t select reset from the filter menu (as suggested by support) because the filter menu was not selectable and would not come up until after I logged out and back in to app. Happened on both iPad mini 4 and iPhone 7
  • Help 1/5

    By MartiGras
    None of your support links are working. I am unable to download future issues of my magazines even though I have downloaded them through RBdigital Portal. Any help,would be great and if you could fix your help links. Thank you
  • ZINIO 4.6 upgrade renders program practically unusable 1/5

    By Mrediess
    Got my first digital magazine since last huge upgrade. I can’t find controls to go back and forth between page and image views. Not finding controls to navigate. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t read my magazine. How do I go to the last version???
  • I miss the active links. 4/5

    By Flipper88888
    Previous versions had active links to take you directly to articles when reading the table of contents in page view. That was a GREAT feature. Please bring back.
  • Better then having mags end up in a landfill 2/5

    By Jesslantz
    Still feel some of this british mags are way overpriced especially when they are delivered as electrons. But they are overpriced in the bookstore also. ******************************************** Update 4/6/2018: what the heck did you guys do to the batch download process? What a pain in the butt. I select zines to download and it downloads one and the rest stay in queue. I don’t think I will be adding any more subscriptions until I see better results.
  • Avoid Zinio: it takes your money but doesn't work 1/5

    By bennett1102
    Will add to the chorus of negative reviews for the current version of Zinio: it doesn't work. The purchased issue disappears. Help and troubleshooting are rubbish. The "explore" and "shop" functions work perfectly, but the magazine you actually want to read and have paid for is nowhere to be found.
  • One time download of saved issues is a lie 1/5

    By Chug The First
    This is the second time an update killed all my issues. To make matters worse it was just before a long flight. Now I’m returned home to limited bandwidth. The issues lost don’t even show. Can I bill them for the satellite tokens?
  • Smh 1/5

    By TreoRenegade
    This update is many things -- customer focused ain't one of 'em. No way in Hades will I indulge a tap-happy marathon to kill old zines. I will, however, kill this app. I'll purchase future zines elsewhere. This thing is too tedious to be useful. Plus, others maintain landscape view. Talk about going backwards, in 5th gear. Don't bother to write dev -- your actions have spoken volumes.
  • Old one was better 2/5

    By TerranceG
    All old deleted magazines are back in Library. New magazines don’t delete from your from your Library. Now I have to remember which magazines I’ve read, dumb.
  • Wow. Did they beta test 1/5

    By capt996
    Latest review. Just updated to latest version and now I have 8+ years of magazines I previously read showing up on my screen that I previously deleted. With the only way to delete them is one by one. I’ve got much better things to do with my time than sit and delete magazines for 2 hours. Seriously zinio creators, it’s very easy, I read a magazine and am down with it. That’s it’s, i than delete it and never read that magazine again. Very simple. Yet with your current app, it takes 2 steps to delete tat same magazine from my iPad. Why did you go through so much trouble to make your app non-user friendly? Do you want to fail? Every review says the same thing yet you did the opposite. Delete- we don’t want the magazine on our iPad or see it ever again. Archive- you don’t want to see it, but may read it later. Why make life so difficult with poor design? New review. Still have to select a magazine twice after you read in order to delete. Delete than archive. Pathetic. Why twice. F I want to delete, simply delete it. Don’t want it archived out of view. I want it deleted. just as all other sites and apps do. My wife just updated her zinio app and has 100 older magazines she previously read and have to manually select them one by one to get rid of them. Terrible. They all were previously deleted in old app, yet now appear with a thumbnail but you can’t mass delete them. Wow. Texture is looking better after each zinio app, and this is after using zinio from the beginning. Old review. 5 minutes with new update and imagine they asked a 5 year old to create this update. Archive? Delete? Which one do 8 do? Why archive a read magazine? I just want to delete. And why can’t I sort via month now? Only a general blob of magazines In one spot. Terrible, for what was a great app.
  • Sync issues 3/5

    By Harley-cat
    I am having issues with my magazine selections never getting to the app. I have only been able to get one out of five requests. I have plenty of space and try to request the magazine again and re-sync to no avail. My wife has a similar iPad and her device works most of the time. I have been forced to read my selections online on the selection page. I am using the current iOS version and current app version. I have deleted all magazines that I have read and even archived several old magazines to no avail. I wish I could use the app again.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Zini-no
    After this update every magazine I have ever downloaded is visible while the only option is to archive them one at a time. The organization is awful. Really clunky.
  • HORRIBLE update! 1/5

    By A. Bumgarner
    I’ve used this app for years, and this new update has ruined it. It’s no longer user friendly and easy to navigate. It took a while to discover how to browse for a magazine by category, then I couldn’t find a way to sort by date or marrow the topic. I’m not going to waste my time trying to figure this nonsense out.
  • Latest Updates Have Ruined App 1/5

    By Skylark 8
    I have been using Zinio for several years. It was always a great app. I would “checkout and Download”magazines without any problems. Now, with the latest updates, the App is useless. Checked out magazines do not show up for several days, if at all. I have emailed tech support several times, but they have not been able to resolve the issue. They have me uninstall the app, but nothing seems to work. A bad review is my last resort.
  • New update going in wrong direction 1/5

    By PC Answerman
    This is a terrible update. The magazines used to be able to list by month. Now every magazine is only listed by issue name useless information. Like others have mentioned if you were saving issue to reread they are no longer marked. Please return to the old style whoever thought this was an improvement should be fired. Mike
  • Newly Awful 1/5

    By Negotiableterms
    The recent “update” took this app from 5 stars to 1. The old version organized your magazines by your choice of methods, like month and year, or title. The new one has the same choices, but they’re all displayed at once in a giant list of covers. The old one allowed you to track your subscriptions, the new one doesn’t. Worst, the new app will only open to the sales catalog, and not to your magazines. In other words, it’s now devoted to selling you new subscriptions, and makes reading your existing ones annoying. Time to say good-bye.
  • Skip this version does not work 1/5

    By Nadine900
    Obnoxious always dumps you on the explorer page No longer downloads magazines for my library - just doesn't do it for some reason Open and close the app try and refresh etc. just doesn't work I had downloaded this version on the hope that it would stop crashing periodically now we have all these " improvements " and it does not work But hey if you're able to push people to buy more magazines that's fine I'll get them free from my library
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Wdsy484
    What an awesome e-zine reader! Don’t have a bad thing to say. Please don’t change a thing.
  • Upgrade amnesia 3/5

    By Snelldog 5/9
    Quite annoying that the new upgrade isn’t smart enough to know which magazines I archived on previous versions. Every magazine I’ve ever read is back in my library for download and I need to archive each one individually. Quite annoying. Otherwise still a good app.
  • Latest version is a step backward 2/5

    By gmgould
    I’ve used Zinio for years, but the latest version is a big disappointment because functionality has been reduced. Gone is the ability to tap on a story in a magazine’s table of contents to jump to that article. Auto downloading seems to have been eliminated. And now, when you launch the app, you can’t set it to alway open to your library instead of the shopping page. Please bring the old Zinio back.
  • Bad upgrade 1/5

    By CodyGreyhound
    I lost all my downloaded material. New downloads erase if you turn off device. There is no storage, no offline reading. Many many other problems. Please refund my 4 subscriptions ASAP. ZINIO is no longer an alternative to hard copies. I would suggest to all prospective customers save your money. Avoid zinio at all cost. I am writing to the publishers of all the periodicals I subscribe to and demanding a refund.
  • Upgrade=downgrade 1/5

    By Helloshark
    The functionality in the new version removes reader controls and brought back every magazine I've ever read. Ugh. Now I have to weed through hundreds of old mags and find which ones I've read, then "archive" them one by one. In the old app, you could quickly delete magazines. Not a fan. Huge waste of time for this power reader.
  • Terrible update!!! Don't update this App!! 1/5

    By EyedocSA
    When you do the update you have to DOWNLOAD ALL YOUR MAGAZINES AGAIN!!!! Ridiculous!!! They have NO consideration for people who don't have free wifi and have spent a FORTUNE ON DOWNLOADING MAGAZINE CONTENT ON 3G ONLY TO HAVE ALL THE CONTENT DELETED AND THEN HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT ALL AGAIN!!!! SO ANGRY I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE!! It is theft basically! Who a going to pay for all the data I will have to buy to re download over a 100 magazines I already was happily reading on my device???!!! Pathetic!!!
  • Customer service - WIN! 5/5

    By TooBossy
    I’ve used ZINIO for years, and enjoyed it. I recently had trouble with syncing a new subscription (a first), so I sent a message to Customer Service. Mark returned my form email that afternoon, asking for some more details, and by the next day, had me completely fixed up! Thank you, ZINIO, for having people like Mark to keep your customers happy. Really makes a difference!
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Kemiror
    I subscribe to one magazine, and with the new update I can no longer filter out the magazines I don’t subscribe to. I have to sift through all the titles that I don’t subscribe to and don’t care about. Please let me filter by my subscriptions.
  • Update March 2018 2/5

    By tro1017
    The recent update changed the way one views the magazines. Unless I’m missing something, Before you had the option Title A-Z, simplified and you only view the magazines whatever letter selected.Now it displays ALL the magazines even if it’s alphabetical. Looks cluttered and they are all out in front of you and displayed. I hope they put that option back.
  • Latest update is total garbage! 1/5

    By iParaglide
    I have been a Zinio user and subscriber for years, ever since the first iPad came to market. One of the features I enjoyed the most was the ability to turn articles in magazines I purchased in other languages other than English into “Text” in order to copy and paste and translate in Google Translator. Well, this feature is gone. I just purchased a magazine in German and it is totally useless as I cannot translate it unless I am willing to type letter by letter on Google Translator. So Zinio has lost my business. I wish there was a way to go back to the last version... Update: So I got a response from their developer and it seems they did not understand the reason for my review. It is not about whether I can switch between PDF and Text or not. I am aware I can still switch to either in this version. The problem is: I used to be able to copy and past from the Text mode in order to translate in Google Translator magazine articles in languages others than English. I regularly purchase a Magazine named Thermik which is in German and after purchasing the magazine I would copy and paste articles of interest to translate these articles to English. The ability to copy and paste was excluded from the latest update which makes Zinio useless to me. I will now use Amazon Prime to enjoy my magazines.
  • Zero interest in this app 1/5

    By Fredqwertyuioplkkjhf
    It requires updates when it is not even installed, it doesn't keep magazines, they just disappear, I will never ever buy anything from these folk
  • Update is Awful 1/5

    By Dar Bar
    The new update redownloaded all old magazines and its nearly impossible to permanently remove them. Do you know how long it takes to delete more than 500 issues? It was so much easier to delete issues with the old version. It’s a pain to have to download all magazines in order to delete them. Bad move by ZINIO.
  • Buyer Beware....Fraudulent App 1/5

    By CruisinCali
    Ordered digital magazine, paid for and confirmed with email receipt from iTunes Store. Never received item or ever contacted by this fraudulent company. If ripped off by Zinio, google “FBI internet fraud complaint center” and file a complaint. This will hopefully get this app taken down from the Apple store and stop stealing people’s money.
  • latest update a dud 1/5

    By dew222
    have ipad with ios9. apple is up to ios11. app updated 2 weeks ago (3/10/18) and i lost my library. had to download it again. very slow. have to pick a magazine and then close app, reopen app before download starts. have 3 years of magazines to reupload. all the icons need several taps to respond. when app opens it goes to shop for new magazines. cant change it to go to library, zinio knows about it. will go back to paper if this is not fixed
  • Hate new format 1/5

    By Jnahvi
    This latest update has ruined one of my favorite apps. I wish I could go back to the old format. All of my bookmarks have disappeared. None of my magazines are downloaded anymore, so I have no idea which ones I have read. They are all grouped together instead of organized by month. I must choose between chronological order or alphabetical, but can’t alphabetize by month. I’m sure there are more annoying things that I just haven’t discovered yet. Almost makes me want to go back to paper.
  • Latest “update” is horrible 1/5

    This lastest update won’t restore purchases and says “we are currently experiencing problems, please check back later.”. Great...
  • New version pretty....useless 2/5

    By Sichuanbob1
    One of the frustrating things about Zinio is that it didn’t let you print an article. You had to change it to text only to print. Now, with the new version they even removed that feature! So yet, the new version is prettier but it has taken a step backwards in usefulness. Please join me in encouraging Zinio to make articles printable, at least in text form if not also including the photographs and tables etc.
  • Version 4.5.3 is a disaster 1/5

    By JackStraw777
    After downloading the issue the pages stall. If you try to flip through too fast you get a spinning blue pinwheel. I know the magazine is fully downloaded by the blue bar under the cover page. I even deleted the app and reinstalled. It’s obvious this app wasn’t debugged. Apple should pull this version and have Zinio go back to the previous version. I sent a complaint to Zinio and they told me to wait for the next version. There was absolutely nothing wrong with app to begin with. My iPad is ME906LL/A with the latest iOS and almost 59gb of space so memory is not the issue. If others are having similar problems post a review.
  • 4.5.3 update introduces many awful “features” 1/5

    By JB66457a
    I’ve used this app for about 4 years and though it had some bugs, it was a decent way to read magazines on my iPad. At this point, I’d suggest looking elsewhere. The most recent update deleted all the magazines off of my iPad and in fact the app wouldn’t even start because it couldn’t connect to the Internet. (I guess Zinio product development teams never travel anywhere? Or don’t think their customers do...) Now it appears the magazines that I’ve paid for are stuck in “the cloud” forever unless I re-download all of them. Also it seems everything that I’ve ever looked at is in my library with no way to remove it. Since I’ve already paid for some subscriptions I’ll probably use it until those run out, but after that, I don’t see any reason to continue. They’ve made it very clear people like me who download and read magazines are not their target market.
  • Horrible support 1/5

    By abuimad
    Had this app for 5 years, a few updates ago they broke it, the app became buggy and wouldn’t login, I notified their support team of the problem, after over a month with no update to my problem besides “be patient”, I had to cancel my subscriptions, good app, horrible, horrible support
  • Stop bugging me! 1/5

    By mierdabreath
    Stop asking me if you have fixed the app. If you want my review, pay me for my time - as I do for yours.
  • Lack of imagination 3/5

    By luiss
    UPDATE: Thank you you fixed the issue and giving an additional star. Pls keep improving the app. This app could be much more but the developers choose to be average. Hope they improve search and categories. Moving back and forth when searching (I have a very large library from many years actually since the service began.) instead of going to the same spot where you found the magazine, it resets to the top making it frustrating to scroll back down to find what you where looking for.
  • Great app; run around trying to cancel 1/5

    By Chookaroo1
    This is a great app, it’s a shame the company operates like a scam business that gives you the runaround—DO NOT BUY OR SUBSCRIBE TO MAGAZINES THROUGH THEM. I would have returned as a subscriber at some point, but not after this experience. There is no information on the app to process or submit a subscription cancellation. When I submitted a request to cancel my subscriptions through a message portal (I would have preferred to have my own control to cancel within my own account settings), I received a communique back asking why I wished to cancel. I then responded back with my reason (no time to read)—which is really none of their business—if I choose to cancel, just process the cancellation, but if it helped them in some way and expedited my cancellation, so be it. They then responded that I must seek a refund through iTunes. I then had to provide a third follow-up response that I wasn’t seeking a refund (their first two responses clearly understood I wasn’t seeking a refund as they specifically asked why I was seeking a “cancellation”). Additionally, the instructions they did provide were not valid even if I had been seeking a refund. I then had to send a FOURTH message that I had enough of their nonsense and if another transaction occurs I’ll be submitting a complaint to my credit card along with notice of having canceled and that their business practices are deceptive. Only THEN did I receive a confirmation they would process the cancellation along with a patronizing closing in the message from a company representative to “Have a lovely day.”
  • Last Update So Bad it Prompted My First Ever App Review Since IOS Lanched 1/5

    By 5l4nt
    The last update (March 2018) is just a dreadful user experience. It broke everything. Hundreds of dollars and almost 10 years of magazines are gone. I have start over. But I can’t because it’s so slow. And I don’t want archived covers to be hidden. I want to see them alongside downloaded issues with an icon notifying me they’re archived. I want to stack titles by date again but I can’t. I hate it all and I’m a little sad about it all. I think I need a safe place. One where I can read by myself. Oh wait... I can’t because my favorite magazine app is broken. 😔
  • New app interface is horrible 2/5

    By Nickx1
    The old app interface allowed me to sort by month and showed all new magazines very nicely. The new interface does not sort well by month, does not seem to download - or prompt me to download new material, and it doesn’t even seem do a good job of indicating when new subscriptions are available for download. This is not progress!
  • A number of new features in this update (March, 2018)... 1/5

    By GybeTack
    1) You will have to download every magazine you have saved to your library all over again 2) You can no longer limit the view of your magazines to an individual month 3) You can no longer open your app to the Read module -you are forced to open to the “Shopping”section 4) Let’s say you’re interested in buying magazines on the topic of “motorcycling”. In order to shop for motorcycle magazines you will have to wade through all the automobile titles as well, with some model railroading magazines and other miscellaneous irrelevant titles thrown in as well. Any moron with a basic understanding of databases and tagging could set this up so that only motorcycling magazines would show up in a search. Obviously there are no morons working for Zinio.

ZINIO - Magazine Newsstand app comments


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