ZINIO - Magazine Newsstand

ZINIO - Magazine Newsstand

  • Category: Magazines & Newspapers
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  • Current Version: 4.10.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Zinio LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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ZINIO - Magazine Newsstand App

ZINIO is the world’s first and largest digital newsstand, giving you access to magazine content from the best publishers across the globe. For over a decade, ZINIO has delivered over half a billion digital issues in over 200 countries. Download ZINIO’s award-winning iOS app, trusted by millions of magazine readers around the world. With over 6,000 magazines available, you can browse magazines and articles on your favorite mobile or desktop device. Access your magazines anytime, anywhere - read them online or save them to read offline! Featuring the best in Tech & Science, Food & Home, News & Business, Art & Photography, Lifestyle & Hobbies, Fashion & Entertainment, ZINIO connects you with the stories that shape our world from the magazines that matter to you. Subscribe or buy single issues of your favorite magazines, including Hello!, T3, National Geographic, PCWorld, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Outdoor Photographer, People, Popular Mechanics, and more. KEY FEATURES: • OPTIMIZED FOR YOUR DEVICE: Easily toggle between the traditional magazine layout and the innovative text mode for a seamless reading experience, built for your iOS device • DISCOVER, SHOP, AND ENJOY: The largest collection of digital magazines from around the world • EXPLORE FREE ARTICLES: Read select articles for free, from top magazines including Forbes, Wired, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune, Rolling Stone, and many more • OFFLINE READING: Download your magazines to your device to read them whenever and wherever you want, even without an internet connection • EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS: Access deals exclusive only to ZINIO and save on your favorite magazines • BOOKMARK AND SHARE: Bookmark articles to read later, or share them with your friends • NEW ISSUE ALERT: Be the first to read the latest issues of your favorite magazines with new issue reminders • GLOBAL NEWSSTAND: Our magazines come from all of the best publishers worldwide, including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe INDUSTRY RECOGNITION: 148 Apps BestAppEver Awards "Best iOS Magazine App" iTunes “App Store Best of: Top Grossing” Lead411 "Hottest San Francisco Companies" IMA “Best Global Apps Award” WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: “Zinio has the deepest offerings of any digital newsstand” — Forbes.com “To see magazines done correctly look at Zinio” — Huffington Post “The iPad newsstand that works” — Fortune.com “Zinio is to magazines what Kindle is to books” — Engadget.com “If you're a magazine devourer, this is your app.” — PCMag.com “Zinio editions on the iPad are terrific” — Salon.com TOP ZINIO MAGAZINES: • TECH & SCIENCE: Macworld, Wired, New Scientist, Mac Life, Stuff, Popular Science • FOOD & HOME: donna hay, Real Simple, Dwell, delicious, Good Housekeeping, Food Network Magazine • NEWS & BUSINESS: The Economist, Reader’s Digest, The New Yorker, Harvard Business Review, Money, Forbes • ART & PHOTOGRAPHY: Shutterbug, Amateur Photographer, Architectural Digest, Bead&Button, Photography Week • LIFESTYLE & HOBBIES: Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, Oprah Magazine, Top Gear, Cosmopolitan, GQ • FASHION & ENTERTAINMENT: Us Weekly, InStyle, In Touch Weekly, Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair • SPORTS & FITNESS: Men’s Health, Weight Watchers, Sports Illustrated, Shape, Procycling LET’S CONNECT Like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/zinio) & follow us on Twitter (@zinio).


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ZINIO - Magazine Newsstand app reviews

  • Zinio app worthlesss 1/5

    By Yodaman70
    Now have every magazine I archived showing up with latest app. Can’t delete them or download them so just wasting space on the app. Every new version of Zinio is in wrong direction.
  • Serious problems with iMac app. iPad app great 3/5

    By pack 6224
  • Very difficult to navigate 1/5

    By PurduePilot
    It is frustrating when I want to see new issues to download then read them and then I don’t want to see them in my read area again. Impossible to reliably effect this... If there was a better reader, I would switch to it!
  • Better than Google Newstand 5/5

    By rraps68
    Better selection including back issues than found on Google News. Easier navigation and your reads load more reliably
  • Wow. Did they beta test 1/5

    By capt996
    07-13-18 honestly am beginning to wonder if anyone at zinio even uses their own app. With each update they create more issues for those that have used the app for years. Magazines that were archived and deleted, or is it deleted than archived, show up again In the lit of hundreds of magazines. Did I read them already or have I not. No cue cuz they all show up again. Am wondering if they just update In order to flush out bad ratings and reviews. Zinio, just listen to your customers reviews and just allow us to delete a magazine after reading. Don’t need to delete than archive in order to ever see it again. And allow us to never see the years of magazines all of us Early customers ave to always see. 6-20-18. Fixed black and white images of magazines. But nothing else. 6-19-18 Updated again 6-19-18. Once again the zinio response regarding archive versus delete. No the terminology is not confusing. How is 2 steps to delete a magazine better than 1? It’s the execution in your changes to what was a great app. Read the reviews zinio. This doesn’t work and is not what 99% of your users want. I read a magazine, I am done with it. I don’t want to see it again. I don’t want to archive it, than delete it. I simply want to delete it. Very simple. Your old app allowed that in one simple simple step. Delete should be delete. Very simple. Works on any other app, Program, etc... And yet we still cannot delete old magazines without having to delete each and every one they archive than delete. 2 steps when one step should do. No way to delete multiple old issues. Very poor customer service. 06-19-18 Still can’t delete 10 years of magazines without going through ridiculous 2 step process of archive than delete for each and e sry single magazine. Wow. Latest update, all magazine covers show in black and white. Really curious if anyone at zinio even uses their app? Obvious not based on the reviews of current app. Old app worked flawlessly. Please give us the option of using old app. And please don’t respond with the standard archive and delete old magazines copied response. It doesn’t mass delete magazines. Difficult when you are forced to have 200 + magazines show on your app. 4-9-18 Still cannot delete old magazines. Hundreds show up and you have to individually delete them. And still 2 steps required to delete and not see a magazine after you have read it. Why make it so difficult??? Customer service at zinio is fading fast despite years use. Why do some companies think fall backwards and don’t listen to their customers after what they think is an improvement? And love reading their response to deleting magazines. Wow. Yes 2 steps is a pain and useless feature. I read a magazine and am done. When I select delete I expect it to be deleted and not be shown. But nope, you decided deleting isn’t deleting and I want to still see the hundreds of magazines I have read through the years. So now I have to select delete, than select archive to finally get rid of the magazine and not see it. Wow. Painful you couldn’t keep the old way, or do something that has been on the internet for years, delete means delete. Delete means I don’t want to see it anymore. Latest review. Just updated to latest version and now I have 8+ years of magazines I previously read showing up on my screen that I previously deleted. With the only way to delete them is one by one. I’ve got much better things to do with my time than sit and delete magazines for 2 hours. Seriously zinio creators, it’s very easy, I read a magazine and am down with it. That’s it’s, i than delete it and never read that magazine again. Very simple. Yet with your current app, it takes 2 steps to delete tat same magazine from my iPad. Why did you go through so much trouble to make your app non-user friendly? Do you want to fail? Every review says the same thing yet you did the opposite. Delete- we don’t want the magazine on our iPad or see it ever again. Archive- you don’t want to see it, but may read it later. Why make life so difficult with poor design? New review. Still have to select a magazine twice after you read in order to delete. Delete than archive. Pathetic. Why twice. F I want to delete, simply delete it. Don’t want it archived out of view. I want it deleted. just as all other sites and apps do. My wife just updated her zinio app and has 100 older magazines she previously read and have to manually select them one by one to get rid of them. Terrible. They all were previously deleted in old app, yet now appear with a thumbnail but you can’t mass delete them. Wow. Texture is looking better after each zinio app, and this is after using zinio from the beginning. Old review. 5 minutes with new update and imagine they asked a 5 year old to create this update. Archive? Delete? Which one do 8 do? Why archive a read magazine? I just want to delete. And why can’t I sort via month now? Only a general blob of magazines In one spot. Terrible, for what was a great app.
  • ZINIO has gone way downhill 1/5

    By max0472
    Gone are the almost all the things which made e-magazines superior to print. Hyperlinks, text mode, and many of the old features have disappeared. When I first subscribed to Zinio it was possible to click on a movie ad, for example, and see the trailer, or watch an interview with a celebrity. I could go anywhere in the magazine thru the table of contents. I could read an article without paging thru the pictures by using text mode. All of this has disappeared without fanfare. How is this progress? Very disappointing.
  • Love MY ZINIO app! 5/5

    By A Good T Design
    I have been a big fan of Zinio for somewhere between 6-8 years and maybe even longer. I’ve updated iPads and iPhones over the years, and it’s alway there. It is so easy to reinstall when you get new devices. I’ve recommended it to several if my friends. I won’t use anything else.
  • ZINIO 1/5

    By louisthe2nd
    The recent changes make ZINIO a pain. Magazine is fully downloaded, yet pages do not show. I much preferred the more user friendly older version.
  • Slower than the previous version 3/5

    By Militarmusik
    This last update has make the app slower. Update was down loaded May2018. When I scroll from one page to the next it takes a second for the new page to load even if I’ve downloaded the magazine. I hope this will be fixed in the next update.
  • Negative progress 2/5

    By negative progress
    The old ZINIO app was excellent. The new one is far less intuitive and changing the page in any magazine results in an annoying black blip that briefly takes over the screen.
  • Dumb and stupid 2/5

    By Jackin' Bears
    Who wrote the app? Feels like a mentally challenge. Good will can only go so far in this modern advanced age. First app ever to wipe off all account info during update. DON'T EVER UPDATE!!! I was forced to... OR DON'T USE THIS D U M B APP!!! Don't late for me. Got issues from the past. At least I'm not buying anymore via this app! Who knows how long I can have access. Rules change. Greed takes over.
  • Convenient, but not perfect 4/5

    By Txpayer
    Good selection of magazines. Lots of sales to get good deals. Reliable stable app. Some magazines have a text mode for easy reading without pics. Biggest problem- constantly wants an internet signal. I have already downloaded the magazine. If I am in a dead zone, the app wants to sync and I cant read anything. Prior app version was fine. Please fix.
  • This app is worthless 1/5

    By VoyagerTim
    I got my first magazine of a subscription. No more issues would load, and I’ve gone back and forth with support with no luck. I’m just writing off the $33 I spent on a subscription.
  • Missing basic features 1/5

    By travtrav3145
    Literally cannot delete search history.
  • Old magazines cannot be deleted. 4/5

    By Wildernesshike
    The feature that is supposed to make it possible to delete old magazines does not work. Please fix that.
  • Nice app, when it works 5/5

    By Ardent7337
    The app update gives and the app update takes; such is life in iOS. I spell disappointment: Apple iPhone Old review: Bad update Says I have no internet connection.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Meteor71
    The latest version of the ZINIO Reader offers all of your magazine subscriptions in an easy to use app which displays your magazine subscriptions just as soon as they are published. My only complaint would be that the iOS app’s “My Library” contents are not the same as what’s displayed at the ZINIO.COM web site and when using my Mac’s ZINIO Reader app for some reason. In particular, the June 2018 issue of Macworld is part of “My Library” at ZINIO.COM and the Mac app, but not the iOS app. There is no way to refresh the contents of “My Library” in order to correct this. You have to use the Search command to find the June issue and then and only then are you able to read it.
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By KaoriG
    I recently had two issues with my purchases and both times I received an email right away on how they were working on to fix it. I’ve had Zinio for several years and recommend it for anyone who loves collecting magazines.
  • From 5 to 1 stars with new update 1/5

    By WinkingBuddha
    I was an early supporter of Zino when you were a freebie trial sample on a very old MacBook. Loved being able read real magazines right on my devices. Well, your new upgrade ruined everything. All past purchases from the the last 9 years are all showing up on my IPad. And many publications I purchased and saved or archived are no where to be found. Plus your FAQs says: “...the ability to archive/hide and most importantly restore magazines is not currently available on our current version of zinio.com. If you archived/hid magazine issues on our previous version of zinio.com (through the option in the library to hide and restore magazines) then these magazines are currently not visible” Thanks a lot! All the magazines I deleted are visible and those I archived to permanently save are gone. Plus I’m again subscribed to magazines I cancelled years ago. NO WARNING. This is NOT the convenience I thought I purchased with Zino and as an early supporter of your app, I’m angry and shocked. Maybe I need to sign up for magazines using their own proprietary applications and toss yours in the “nevermore” bin. Apps are suppose to make it easier for users—customers—- not create headaches. Get rid of all these publications dating back to 2009 now on my IPad and return to me the ones I’ve now subscribe to and those I saved. I can no longer use — let alone — recommend your application, which use to be beautiful and a favorite. Obviously, your new upgrade is NOT ready for prime time!
  • App works great 2/5

    By Drawde99
    I enjoy reading with the ZINIO app but every other month I have to contact ZINIO because my magazines don’t show up. They always promptly fix the problem with no explanation of why I’m having this issue. I’m questioning if I want to subscribe to any more magazines using ZINIO.
  • Bad Version 1/5

    By Vulcanlm
    I have had Zinio for years and loved it until now! This new version has managed to lose every purchase I have ever made including tonight's. Zinio should never have rolled out a new version of their app that people had no choice in getting (it was included in the last ios update). I have subscriptions that I look forward to reading but now I cannot access them and there appears to be no one to complain to, or get direct help from. I am extremely disappointed!!!
  • Some purchases will not download 2/5

    By nabooboo64
    I just recently got this app a d loved that i can get some great art magazines for inspiration. I have been having trouble with one magazine, America Art Collector. I bought a back issue to check out the publication and had a problem. Sows up in the library, but if i try to read it, I get a. error message. Sent email to support and they said there was a problem with the file and it would take a week to fix. Got it open a week later, so i purchased another back issue and got the same issue. wrote to customer support, this time the wanted screenshots of error messages. Somehow, it resolved itself in. a few hours. So then i subscribed to the the magazine, had no problem with the first issue, but the next month got an error message with that months issue, then i noticed that all the other previous issues of this magazine were in my library but were now showing as not being downloaded.( no green bar under the cover thumbnail. So i tried to download them and got error messages for 3 out of the 5 issues. The will not open in the app, but if i go to zinio.com i can log into the website and open them there. So something is wrong with the zinio app. i prefer the app as it runs smoother than the website.
  • Hate the new format 1/5

    By munstenteiger
    I used to be able to easily download, retrieve, read my magazines. With the updated app I can’t find anything. Disgusting!!!
  • Active Table of Contents - gone 4/5

    By bread2u
    It used to be so nice that I could click on a featured article and it would take me to the article. I could click on an article in the Table of Contents and it would take me to it. Alas, that is gone.
  • Junk 1/5

    By BobG.
    I fight this think every month to get my issue downloaded. They need to star fining you $1000 a day for the frustration this thing causes. The really weird thing is that it works great on my Samsung phone.
  • Lost subscriptions, twice 1/5

    By bnb773
    Don’t bother. There are some internal issues with restoring purchases and archived subscriptions. You’re better off buying actual paper printed magazines than using this app.
  • Poor customer service 2/5

    By GSSR1
    App works pretty good. The company, not so much. They included a magazine on the site which it turns out had already shut down. Zinio happily took my money for a nonexistent magazine. Refund, maybe, if I committed to spending hours jumping through hoops. No thanks, I’m done with this ethical challenged co.
  • Update Does not Allow new subscriptions 3/5

    By S31J;#jks
    The update has eliminated all of my existing subscriptions. It will not allow me to get current issues of subscriptions I have had for years. Customer support does not respond and my subscriptions do not show up so I can’t download.
  • Update has ruined the app 1/5

    By ZippyInAz
    There are so many ways this app has been ruined. First all downloads were removed. Second downloads stay stuck in a queued state. Worse if you open the app with a poor or non-existent internet connection the app hangs and becomes useless. What’s the point if you can’t read offline???
  • Upgrade Degrade 1/5

    By Ready for Reading
    I have been with ZINIO from the beginning. Now I can’t access my magazines from years ago; there’s no information about purchases or anything before the “new” app; the “enhanced” layout options are jumbled and nonsensical; I am being charged for zinio pass which they discontinued without notice AND am not receiving my e-mags. Now I have gone to read logged in which wastes my data and I can’t access my mags although. Can see them. They also admit e-mags from the library are unavailable. I absolutely am going to find an alternative because this arrogant attitude toward the customer during this overhaul is symptomatic of more to come.
  • New update going in wrong direction 1/5

    By PC Answerman
    This is a terrible update. The magazines used to be able to list by month. Now every magazine is only listed by issue name useless information. Like others have mentioned if you were saving issue to reread they are no longer marked. Please return to the old style whoever thought this was an improvement should be fired. Mike I guess all of the complaints that I’ve been reading about this update fell on deaf ears. In other responses it’s noted that you care about customer service. Apparently that’s not the case. I like others will be looking for a better platform. If I could give this app less then 1 star I would. Mike
  • One Step Forward, Three Steps Back 2/5

    By Rawson819
    I was quite happy with the state of the app until this last update. Like others, I was annoyed that I lost all my downloads, not because I had to re-download them, but rather because I relied on the app to assist me in recalling what I had not yet read. A little communication (I.E. an email) that this was going to happen would have gone a long way - I would have simply clicked a few screenshots. Even more annoying, is the need re-archive multiple years of magazines ONE AT A TIME! The ability to bulk delete downloaded magazines is present, but not bulk archive. Issues also seem slower to download since the update. Lastly, I was a HUGE fan of the ability to view/sort magazines by year and months - PLEASE restore this feature. I was also partial to the dark background and hope that if you won’t dump the white completely, you’ll at least consider giving users the option. I now understand night mode is only for text mode, but still would prefer a dark background when viewing the magazine covers. Update 04/13/18 Today, I had to log out and back in, as my new issues were not updating and when I did, I discovered that all of my previously archived issues were no longer archived. I spent a ridiculous amount of time archiving all of these, as I simply want to view magazine issues that I haven’t yet read. I don’t think this is a radical idea and in fact, was easily possible before the last major update. If you’re not going to restore this ability, than at least give users the ability to bulk archive!!! Yes there is a filter for downloaded issues, but when a new issue is available, you won’t see it appear with this filter engaged.
  • Slow and not user friendly 1/5

    By belugababe
    Used to love ZINIO but recently with the update, it has started to slow down and made downloading new issues impossible. The downloaded pauses and doesn’t fully load so the magazine is fuzzy and can’t be read properly. I tried reinstalling the app and re-downloading the new issues but it would still pause. Will have to switch over to Texture which is so much easier to use.
  • I must recant my negative review of the latest zinio update. 5/5

    By Camden Guurll
    I have decided to change my negative review to a positive one for a very good reason. The support department contacted me with regards to my issues downloading and seeing past purchases. They not only responded in a reasonable amount of time but showed me step by step how to access my magazines. Thank you zinio, you are again my favorite way to see my magazines.
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By L Hallie
    I have had ZINIO for about a year. The latest update removed every one of my subscriptions. In talking to ZINIO, they have not solved the problem and don’t seem to be in any hurry to restore the number of subscriptions and magazines that I have paid for and cannot access. I’m pretty angry about having my money stolen in this manner. Use another subscription provider. These people just steel your money. Update: At least a week later and I am still getting the run around from this company, meanwhile, it’s been almost a month since I’ve been able to read magazines that I am paying for yet cannot access. It’s too bad one cannot leave minus stars on a review.
  • Annoying Ads 3/5

    By abuimad
    It’s too easy to click on an ad and get taken to safari, some magazines have pages after pages of ads, every time I click on a page to display the table of contents, it takes you to an ad, very frustrating, there needs to be a way to disable that
  • Efficient 5/5

    By Sheenelee
    The new update is huge improvement over previous versions. Very convenient & efficient to have your magazine subscriptions available on all your different devices.
  • Lost legacy support 1/5

    By mutmo
    I'm not happy at all that I have an older iPad running iOS 8.4 & can no longer download new issues that I have already purchased. This renders the app completely useless. All of us can't afford new devices. I've also got an older iPhone running iOS 9, the app is very unstable on that device.
  • was great, now bad 2/5

    By Ayberk Kuday
    zinio was my favorite app on my ipad. i stopped buying printed magazines many years ago after zinio became avaiable on Ipad. i’ve been using it since the earliest version. however, Zinio with the latest update, became horrible. Texts are still being rendered clear however pictures are now blurry. if you zoom into them, they even become more blurry. i miss a lot of little features like filters.for exeample I can not filter or sort my magazines by month now. a lot of new little things made once a great app consideribly worse. In short the biggest deal breaker for me is the rendering of the pictures. now I go to printed magazines.
  • Refresh problems 2/5

    By Shitzenhaus
    When I check out magazines via DBdigital, they may or may not show up in my ZINIO library. ZINIO help doesn’t seem to understand this. I can refresh over and over but the latest editions of Astronomy, Men’s Health and Family Handyman don’t appear. There doesn’t appear any rhyme or reason for the as other new magazine editions appear right away.
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By V7JBS
    Very disappointing response trying to find old purchased mags. 2 weeks and still trying to get it resolved
  • Update Disappointing 2/5

    By KDub102.4
    Zinio has ALWAYS been my favorite mag app......until the latest overhaul. Not sure what prompted the changes, but I’m not a fan of those changes yet. First, when the app opens, it defaults on the SHOP page, and there is no longer the option to set my default opening page. I understand Zinio wanting me to BUY, BUY, BUY, but 90%of the time I’m there to read. That means I ALWAYS have to manually select the READ tab every time I open the app. Aaargghh! The same is the case with what used to be the (elegant) Articles listing, opened by the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen. When tapping this menu button, it opens the PAGES view by default. So, I have to select the ARTICLES tab to get to the list if articles. I wish we had a setting for which of these tabs we want to default to in this view to save the added taps to get where I want to go. While its good to have the option to view my mags in PDF view (as it was before), or in TEXT view, once again I wish we had a setting to establish which view I prefer as my default view. Again, extra taps are needed to get to my preferred way to view my mags. The point is, this update now requires more screen taps each time I use the app. Finally, the ARTICLES listing (accessed by the menu button) is now shown in a tile view rather than what used to be a very elegant, readable listing of the articles. Now, the article titles are cut cut off on most or all of the tiles, and visually the tiles seem a step down from what we had prior to the update. And this on an iPad...
  • Used to be a great app 1/5

    By ANweZA
    I use it every day since 5-6 years. I am suscribed to many magazines. The last update made this app terrible. What was one of my favorite apps, now is the symbol of disfunction. It turned slow, messy, difficult, and the worst way to organize mags. Very sad for it!
  • Update has serious issues 1/5

    By Alternative Reviews
    Ok so after taking two hours go trough over 4 years of magazines that all showed up realized magazines paid for showed up one month didn't for several other months then back then stopped again and magazines where should of seen 94 issues saw maybe 60 realizing ZINIO isn't being ethical or handling subscriptions professionally just taking money and figuring (hoping) more then not probably wouldn't notice don't notice AND you know had you not made your poorly designed update so beta maybe you'd of gotten away with more. Really is disgraceful @ Kelly Conlin you become CEO of a company in hopes of fixing mistakes of the past no doubt (well hopefully) putting a beta release of your APP into public release and jaja of course it was widely tested 😉 but seriously I doubt one of the hopes of all that "public" testing would be the discovery of how Zinio was secretly ripping customers off probably before you took over but still. Sergio Gago is this an app release you can be proud of? And what of paid subscriptions that are missing never delivered? How will you make this right? I don't believe that is just a simple app refresh. BUT on that can you make it possible share items into email that you wanna buy say with friends (or) you know maybe your kids or cousins but sadly say I wanna share Macworld with my assistant ask they purchase for nephew on birthday YOU can't on Zinio in the brand spanking shiny new updated version. Hopefully you'll address that and my missing Wired issues and Hollywood Reporter issues, Outside Magazine. Appreciate
  • Lost all downloads & bookmarks 1/5

    By Ray--T
    Years of downloads and bookmarks lost with this new “upgrade”. Why should I continue with digital content through Zinio if I can so easily loose MY content? Time to return to paper that no one can take away so arbitrarily
  • Latest update messed up filter 3/5

    By Stinga4x4
    Reading pane has filtering that shows nothing but warning to edit filter. Filter is not editable/selectable Have no way to see magazines even to download them. Found out that logging out and back in restored everything to default and then had to go through and redone load/archive all issues Unfortunately, I couldn’t select reset from the filter menu (as suggested by support) because the filter menu was not selectable and would not come up until after I logged out and back in to app. Happened on both iPad mini 4 and iPhone 7
  • Help 1/5

    By MartiGras
    None of your support links are working. I am unable to download future issues of my magazines even though I have downloaded them through RBdigital Portal. Any help,would be great and if you could fix your help links. Thank you
  • ZINIO 4.6 upgrade renders program practically unusable 1/5

    By Mrediess
    Got my first digital magazine since last huge upgrade. I can’t find controls to go back and forth between page and image views. Not finding controls to navigate. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t read my magazine. How do I go to the last version???
  • I miss the active links. 4/5

    By Flipper88888
    Previous versions had active links to take you directly to articles when reading the table of contents in page view. That was a GREAT feature. Please bring back.
  • Better then having mags end up in a landfill 2/5

    By Jesslantz
    Still feel some of this british mags are way overpriced especially when they are delivered as electrons. But they are overpriced in the bookstore also. ******************************************** Update 4/6/2018: what the heck did you guys do to the batch download process? What a pain in the butt. I select zines to download and it downloads one and the rest stay in queue. I don’t think I will be adding any more subscriptions until I see better results.

ZINIO - Magazine Newsstand app comments


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