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  • Current Version: 4.13.1
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  • Developer: Zinio LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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ZINIO is the world’s first and largest digital newsstand, giving you access to the best magazines from across the globe. For over a decade, ZINIO has delivered more than half of billion digital issues to readers in 200+ countries. Download ZINIO’s award-winning iOS app, trusted by millions of magazine readers around the world. With over 6,000 magazines available, you can browse magazines and articles on your favorite mobile or desktop device. Access your magazines anytime, anywhere - read them online or save them to read offline! Featuring the best in Tech & Science, Food & Home, News & Business, Art & Photography, Lifestyle & Hobbies, Fashion & Entertainment, ZINIO connects you with the stories that shape our world from the magazines that matter to you. Get annual subscriptions or buy the most recent issue (or past issues) of your favorite magazines, including Hello!, Time, National Geographic, PC Magazine, The Economist, The New Yorker, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Outdoor Photographer, People, Popular Mechanics, and more. KEY FEATURES: • OPTIMIZED FOR YOUR DEVICE: Easily toggle between the traditional magazine layout and the innovative text mode for a seamless reading experience, built for your iOS device • DISCOVER, SHOP, AND ENJOY: The largest collection of digital magazines from around the world • EXPLORE FREE ARTICLES: Read our curated collection of articles for free, from top magazines including Forbes, Wired, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune, Rolling Stone, and many more • OFFLINE READING: Download your magazines to your device to read them whenever and wherever you want, even without an internet connection • EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS: Access deals exclusive only to ZINIO and save on your favorite magazines • BOOKMARK AND SHARE: Bookmark articles to read later, or share them with your friends • NEW ISSUE ALERT: Be the first to read the latest issues of your favorite magazines with new issue reminders • GLOBAL NEWSSTAND: Our magazines come from all of the best publishers worldwide, including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe INDUSTRY RECOGNITION: 148 Apps BestAppEver Awards "Best iOS Magazine App" iTunes “App Store Best of: Top Grossing” Lead411 "Hottest San Francisco Companies" IMA “Best Global Apps Award” WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: “Zinio has the deepest offerings of any digital newsstand” — Forbes.com “To see magazines done correctly look at Zinio” — Huffington Post “The iPad newsstand that works” — Fortune.com “Zinio is to magazines what Kindle is to books” — Engadget.com “If you're a magazine devourer, this is your app.” — PCMag.com “Zinio editions on the iPad are terrific” — Salon.com TOP ZINIO MAGAZINES: • TECH & SCIENCE: Macworld, Wired, New Scientist, Mac Life, Popular Science, National Geographic, Smithsonian • FOOD & HOME: Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, Dwell, Good Housekeeping, Food Network Magazine, Bon Appetit, Saveur, Food & Wine • NEWS & BUSINESS: The Economist, Reader’s Digest, The New Yorker, Harvard Business Review, Money, Forbes • ART & PHOTOGRAPHY: Shutterbug, Amateur Photographer, Architectural Digest, Bead&Button, Photography Week • LIFESTYLE & HOBBIES: Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, Oprah Magazine, Top Gear, Cosmopolitan, GQ • FASHION & ENTERTAINMENT: Us Weekly, InStyle, OK!, Star, In Touch Weekly, Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair • SPORTS & FITNESS: Men’s Health, Weight Watchers, Sports Illustrated, Shape, Procycling LET’S CONNECT Like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/zinio) & follow us on Twitter (@zinio).

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ZINIO - Magazine Newsstand app reviews

  • poor product 1/5

    By B24687
    Generally can’t download an issue for at least a day after the email saying it’s available. Multiple problems with things being purchased, and then not downloadable because their file is “corrupted”. Any problem with purchases or payments? They will tell you to take it up with Apple & wash their hands of you. Poorest imaginable service.
  • Terrible update 3/5

    By giuliageranium
    Third time in two months that I’ve had to delete and reinstall to access my new subscription. And yes all archived stuff reappears (as another person comments), I’ve worked in the past with Zinio tech folk who are lovely but I should not keep having to do this. So I’m finally writing publicly. Just happened again. I’m steamed.
  • Poor update 3/5

    By Nirwana
    All of my archived magazines returned. This is how I keep track of what I want to read! Now there doesn’t seem to be a way to multi select so I can rearchive many issues at once! Also, double tap zooms in way to much so I constantly have to use pinch zoom. They broke what already worked great. I see no enhancements in the overhaul. Ugh!!
  • Don’t update 1/5

    By Toomanybarts
    Current version only shows 1 page on a double page spread.
  • Not user friendly 2/5

    By Zinio On
    Why can’t I see subscription info.
  • Frustration 2/5

    By julesapollard
    This would be 5 star if the new app would allow me to delete magazines I have finished. The app only allows for archiving. Unfortunately this takes up storage. Thank you Julie Pollard
  • Great app but upgrade fail 5/5

    By Hayuanmu
    The publications on this easy to use app tend to be very well digitized with high resolution picture that allow easy and clear zooming. Unfortunately after one of the upgrades it has become impossible to open the app in your library as a default page. It insists on sending you to the store which is touting irrelevant mass consumer publications in which I have zero interest. They should fix this annoying issue.
  • Worst version 2/5

    By This game is ok...
    The new version is the worst one I have ever used, don’t know how to read my wealth invest weekly magazine. Can I have the old version back!
  • Garbage support 4/5

    By Bill Dey
    Ok, support solved my problem. It took much coordination between the magazine publisher and ZINIO. I’m sure the issue was due to transition from a publisher app, the subscription itself, and transferring that subscription from publisher to ZINIO. This shouldn’t have required the amount of personal effort to solve. They seem to have decided to not support customers whose digital subscription was forcibly transferred from another digital subscription app. Their support seems totally dependent in information unavailable to the poor subscriber of previously good companies who mistakenly fell for their sales pitch. They admit on their website that some features they used to support no longer work, so you no longer have access to issues you have rightfully own and should have access to. If you are considering getting a subscription from these people, find another way.!
  • NatGeo on Zinio: Good - but not great 3/5

    By Rosenbergs.home
    Have been using Zinio to read NG for 8 years now. Current version is reasonably good... but it ain’t great. Recent update introduced long overdue feature. You can now read NG in ‘PDF-like’ format. In other words, no multimedia, no 3D layouts, just pages of content and pictures that you can flip and read. Just like a paper magazine. Very nice! Except for one thing... Every time you scroll to the next article, a popup floats in. ‘Good news! Text view is available!’ Text view is their 3D layout with videos and other fluff. By the time I finished reading that issue of NG, I was treated to the ‘good news’ announcement over 70(!) times. Do you, guys, think 10 popups might be enough for an average reader to comprehend the ‘good news’? I know you worked hard on that ‘text view’ but still... We are not that dumb, really... Another huge annoyance is a flood of crappy titles that Zinio shoves into your personal library. Previously you could choose the titles you want and save them in ‘Read’ layout. Not any more! ‘Library’ is the new ‘Read’ and every time I open it, I find dozens of helpful new titles from WebMD to VIV and ‘Car and Truck’. Guys, pls stop it. Have your new titles in your marketplace. I’ll go there when I want to. But leave my library alone, don’t dump your junk there. It’s not cool.
  • Your app has went to hell! 1/5

    By Xama2015
    I used to love this product and service, but you changed the app to where it barely works and often doesn’t when not connected, such as airplanes. Guess what this is when I want to read a magazine. I am now giving it one last chance. Really irritating to see you take a great product and ruin it because your product developers are incompetent.
  • Latest update still awful 1/5

    By iParaglide
    Zinio took away the ability to copy and paste from text which allowed me to buy foreign language magazines and then use Google Translate. Now I have a bunch of magazines I can’t read THAT I ALREADY PAID FOR!!! Worst app ever!!!
  • Disappointed in this App 1/5

    By Dvgiubbyvyrcrcf
    Not at all happy with this App. Very difficult to retrieve new issues, history is never readily available, and the magazines hit the stands before I have access.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Mulligatawny
    Problems with this app: 1) Can’t show only one title (e.g. all Popular Mechanics issues) 2) After updates, you have to re-download all publications, by tapping and selecting “download” individually 3) No “download all” or “keep my library updated” option Overall an inconvenient, poorly designed app.
  • Zinio used to great - now it’s annoying 1/5

    By GMak
    If you’ve been using Zinio for a while, beware about uploading the new version, as it will require you to re-download every single magazine you’ve ever downloaded since it’s not compatible with previous versions. That’s very annoying. Worse, there are no instructions anywhere about how to download the magazines in batches without having to wait there and download every single one one at a time. There is away, but they don’t tell you. Very annoying. Next, you’ll find that the new app does not open on your magazines-it opens on the new magazine sales page, bombarding you every time with offers, forcing you to click out of that page just to get back to the previous magazine that you were reading. That’s very annoying. Next, and this I find it unbelievable – but there’s no way to know when your magazine subscription is running or has run out! One would think that this would be the most fundamental of features in any kind of magazine program to make sure that you don’t lapse in your subscription. This is just plain common sense both from a business perspective of revenue, and the reader’s perspective of not losing an issue of the magazine. Often you’ll end up months behind because by the time you realize you haven’t gotten this month‘s magazine, you figure it could be just they’ve done one of those “10 issues per year” subscriptions and this is the month they skip. That’s very annoying. Finally there is no link between subscribing and Zinio. That means that not only don’t you know when the magazine is running out, but there is no mechanism on Zinio to renew the subscription. Does any of this makes sense for a product that is geared specifically to magazine subscriptions?! This is extremely annoying. In short, I’m not sure what the purpose of this brand new version of Zinio was for - it certainly didn’t improve anything from a consumer perspective, and made things worse from a functionality and utility perspective. Nonetheless, if you want to start reading your magazines on an iPad or very large iPhone, there aren’t too many other alternatives. That’s very sad. That’s also very annoying.
  • Old version was so much better 1/5

    By capt996
    After how many updates to this new version we still cannot mass delete years of old magazines despite it being requested time and time again. Years of magazines simply sit in the app taking up needless space on the screen. And still to get rid of a magazine that you have already read, you have to select delete, ok to delete, than archive. Ridiculous. I’ve read it, and I’m done with it. Delete and get rid of it. Zinio makes easy difficult.
  • I wish there was a way to go right to the library screen 4/5

    By ichavis
    I wish there was a way to go right to the library screen so I don’t have to see the all the magazines I can buy !
  • Update FAILED 1/5

    By AWC-01
    I just downloaded the most recent update but it won’t open up for use. I clicked on “Support” and was told that page didn’t exist....Useless!!
  • New Toolbar is GREAT! 5/5

    By JasonTM1
    Great job on the new Reader toolbar, its fantastic!
  • Always something... 3/5

    By mkubota1
    I’ve been using this app for 5-6 years and you’d think for something so simple they’d have all of the bugs worked out by now. It’s actually pretty stable but the latest issues won’t appear unless you go to the store and find the magazine you want to update. They should test this app before submitting it.
  • Good app 4/5

    By George d jungle
    Only frustrating thing is sometimes pages don’t load as you’re moving through pages
  • Convenient, but just not quite as convenient as it should be 2/5

    By Ted in NC
    Too much lack of consistency and too little ease of use, as compared with a stack of magazines on your nightstand. Someone will figure out how to do digital magazines, but after several years of trying, doesn’t appear that it’s gonna be Zinio. They just don’t get it.
  • Do not like current app 2/5

    By tlap3542
    I do not like your current app. Way to hard to search for magazines I want. I’ve now gone to pocketmags for my magazines. Please bring back your old app or switch to a user friendly app.
  • Works well if you already made a purchase 1/5

    By Dansker for Beer
    Still the best magazine stand out there, but lately it’s virtually impossible to make a purchase. And when they fail to process the purchase you get charged by iTunes and they tell you to address this with iTunes rather than them who are the source of the problem. Oh and the annoying pop ups never stops, always pushing today’s special, along with littering my library with magazines I never purchased... pleased ZINIO, make a option for no spam already. It’s getting old, in a guy and don’t care about woman’s products magazines, frankly I don’t want ANY of the free promo magazines littering my account, just remove the junk already.
  • Unbearably slow 1/5

    By The AV Guy
    I've been using Zinio since the first iPad and used to love it. Recently it has become so slow on my iPad Pro (12.9") that I am considering switching to Kindle magazines. What a shame...
  • Unfair ratings 2/5

    By cCanoeDave
    In the app, I got a window, showing 5 stars, and a message asking that I rate it 5 stars. The only link was ‘tap to rate’. When I clicked that, it apparently gave it an inadvertent 5 star rating. If that’s how they are getting 5 star ratings, that seems fraudulent to me. The app is challenging to use. Navigation within publications is not intuitive. For some reason, deleted publications remain on the My Magazines screen, even though they have to be redownloaded to be accessed. The reader screens are clear, but navigation and usability could be much improved.
  • Slow page loading 1/5

    By Crboren
    I'm not sure what's happened to my favorite reading app. For the last several months I have been having issues with turning pages on downloaded magazines. Every magazine I try to read is the same thing. The first two or three pages work just like usual every page after that it looks like the page is made up of 9-12 squares that load one at a time. Sometimes it takes 2-3 seconds to turn the page and wait for it to be fully displayed. Another new issue is the occasional blurry page that seems to take a few seconds to fully sharpen. I have a current generation iPad pro, my wife has an older iPad air 3 and we both have the same issues.
  • A number of new features in this update (March, 2018)... 1/5

    By GybeTack
    1) You can no longer limit the view of your magazines to an individual month 2) You can no longer open your app to the Read module -you are forced to open to the “Shopping”section 3) You can’t search for new magazines by specific types: if you want to search fo motorcycle magazines, for example, you have to wade through cars, model railroads, etc. 4) Pop-up advertisements when you access your library 5) Zinio has never made any effort to address the “commercialization” of the app - they don’t care about your reading experience - they just want to use intrusive marketing to sell you more magazines - no way to turn off the blatant promotional features.
  • Nice content but library mgmt issues 2/5

    By crizoo
    I’ve used Zinio for a long time but I’m really getting tired of the poor library management. And what’s with the spam/free VIV mag. It’s like a vampire-magazine that just won’t die.
  • Can’t mark a magazine as read 1/5

    By Krzm
    Once a magazine has been read put a green check mark on it. With a bunch of subscriptions that would make it easy to visually and quickly determine which ones I’ve finished reading.
  • One Word....Easy! 5/5

    By Killmoovez
    It’s so easy to find all the magazines you want, your favorites, and have instant access to them any where, anytime! Bonus: NO CLUTTER, NO TRASH, NO LEG WORK!!! No chasing from Store to store to find! All in one place!
  • Disappearing magazines 1/5

    By Seyfarth
    I had a recurring subscription to Cycle World magazine. It changed format to a bi-monthly during my subscription and I have not received any issues since. I subscribed to Hot Rod magazine at the SEMA show in Las Vegas last November 2017. I only received the January 2018 issue, and none since. I contacted ZINIO Customer Support and nothing happened. I have not heard anything back. The IOS apps do not have a link for support nor help. There is no way to check on subscription status or to manage subscriptions. This used to be a great app, but now I am seriously considering returning to hard copy subscriptions. I do not like getting ripped off.
  • Great app 5/5

    By jenncb1976
    Great app just wish the pricing was better, I have a subscription to another magazine app that is 10/month and I have access too very a hundred different magazines plus all of the backissues only thing is they don't carry a lot of the metal smithing magazines I like that you guys do!
  • Difficult to track 3/5

    By jochemsss
    I find it difficult to see how long my prescriptions run
  • No service 1/5

    I have been trying for about two weeks for ZINIO to load the back issues of my magazine when they unfortunately started using ZINIO as there digital provider. If it does get resolved soon I will cancel my subscription.
  • Pc world magazine 1/5

    By Deane7777
    I ordered pc world 3 times, each time I would get the magazine only one time and after that no magazines! I would like to get what I pay for!!!
  • Great but needs a few things 4/5

    By DeansDesk
    Love Zino and we all wish more magazines would jump on board but for the ones you can find, it’s fantastic. The app could make some improvements however: 1. Make it easier to delete or archive issues you’ve already read. The functionality is inconsistent with this. 2. Better bookmarking and topic searches within each publication would be great. 3. And what’s with being unable, apparently, to stop a subscription (Golf Digest for example) once you don’t want it anymore. Otherwise, very happy user.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Mike's Ding Dong
    The best mag. Reader. All I need in one place. Thanks.
  • Great reader 5/5

    By Yevled
    I’ve used this app on a daily basis for at least 7 years. It just works simply and efficiently.
  • Zinio Who? 1/5

    By johnnaryry
    UPDATE (28 August 2018): I have moved onto Amazon Kindle for my magazine needs. Things are so much easier and more convenient now. See what happens when you fail/refuse to meet the needs of your customers? They become somebody else’s customers! UPDATE (17. March 2018): Version 4.5.3 still hasn’t restored offline reading. Customer Service/Tech Support from Zinio continues to be tone-deaf and useless, apparently nobody there actually READS my emails or the review I posted here. PREVIOUS REVIEW: I’ve been a dedicated Zinio customer for at least 4 years. Zinio was my first thought and destination anytime I need to buy magazines, the convenience and utility were unbeatable. I’ve been a magazine junkie for all of my reading life and digital editions have been a godsend for me, relieving me and my house of the resultant physical clutter. Fast-forward to last week when Zinio released version 4.5.0. First, I find out that the update wiped out my entire downloaded library, there was no ability/option to bulk re-download it. Each item had to be individually and manually replaced. The second big issue is the numerous missing items from my Zinio library on my iPad. This includes stand alone issues and subscriptions. When I go to Zinio.com and login to my account, there they are. But I normally read my magazines via my iPad, not my desktop computer. Zinio responded to my support inquiry on this issue with the explanation that age-restricted material couldn’t be displayed on iOS devices. There was no mention of that restriction in the change-log for version 4.5. Interestingly, Amazon’s Kindle app for iOS seemingly has no problem with this (nor does Netflix or HBOGo). I’ve subscribed to “Maxim” (one of the so-called age-restricted publications) for over 3 years and read it on my iPad via the Zinio app until last week! The third HUGE issue is that the ability to access my DOWNLOADED content for offline reading seems to have been removed. I cannot understand this at all. I do most of my magazine reading in situations where I have no connectivity: during flights and at work. Times and places where wifi is, at best, unreliable and, most often, completely unavailable. So why on earth would Zinio remove this option? Once again, there is no mention of this VITAL change in the notes for this update. The No Offline Reading issue is a fatal dealbreaker for me and in response I’m voting with my feet and my wallet. I have set all of my recurring Zinio subscriptions to end and have started new replacement subscriptions at Amazon. Until they restore offline reading, I will not purchase any new content from Zinio. Zinio’s customer/tech support response to my concerns has been pathetic at best. The tone of their correspondence has been belittling and condescending. My true rating for Zinio is ZERO stars, but because the App Store doesn’t allow that, they’re getting one. Not that they earned it.
  • Great app and fast support 5/5

    By Tturboo
    Works better than all other magazine viewers I am using and the support works quick.
  • Can no longer get the app. on my android tablet. As they changed the software version. 1/5

    By orange lake
    Can no longer get the app. on my android tablet. As they changed the software version.
  • Responsive developers 5/5

    By nlvdave
    Quick to fix issues.
  • Was Better 3/5

    By want tech that works for me
    This app ought to be as easy to use as opening and reading a hard copy magazine, but it’s not. It’s too hard to find newly published issues and flipping between “archive” and downloaded issues is confusing. Please make it simple (KISS method) for those of us who want to use it. I’m ready to switch back to hard copy.
  • Poor platform 3/5

    By danf39
    Constantly have issues downloading magazines. Every other update looses all my past issues and I spend all day retrieving them. Wish other option existed.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By sbbstuarto
    terrible ap, hate it, changed whole interface with total disregard for past library which needs individual re-download
  • Can’t download new issues anymore 1/5

    By sfgr12345
    I just keep getting errors when trying to download new issues. Nothing I’ve tried will fix the problem. The app is now useless.
  • Trouble 1/5

    By marcioops
    It Is too hard to delete issues. I just tried a call of my new magazines disappeared. How do I get them back?
  • latest update killed the app 1/5

    By dew222
    update 4.11 killed the app. download doesn't work. i cant open magazine if connected to internet. wants to download it when it is already in memory. also doesn't work on imac as well as ipad. should go back a version or two to one that was working until they fix problem

ZINIO - Magazine Newsstand app comments

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